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Reviewed: 04/18/11

Whats the big deal?

* Introduction - When I first bought this game, I expected it to be one of the greatest gaming experiences of my life.... people build this game up and up and for the love of god I can't fathom why? Let me go into what I view as a mediocre game and why it deserves 3/10 not 10/10 like so many other people have reviewed it.

* Gameplay - hmm... I have read that alot of people have slammed other games like say... VII for being a blank slate and that the only difference is that they have different limit breaks... what I don't understand is why that should be considered a bad thing, if you like x character over y character then you do not have to use him/her, in this game you could probably complete the game alone with a decent powered up Gau... I mean cmon, a game that is so broken that a 1 boy (yes boy not man) team can defeat Kefka in his all powerful form... yes as far as gameplay goes it is quite broken imo.

* Story - the first half of the game you spend gathering all your team across the far flung reaches of the game and IMO Terra seems to be the main character of the game, yet one "that" happens you team is split up and Terra is no where to be seen... its like the game said "Yea, we used you and now you dumped" of course people are going to be like "but you can go get her if you want to"... to me its like the people who made this game didn't care one way or another and for me it changed the game completely, one minutes we have a crack fighting team who is fighting at all costs to stop the bad happening, a group of people determined to stop the wrongdoing and then all of a sudden they change their mind and are "meh, I don't care what happens to the world, sure I have the ability to do something about it but who cares if the other people around me are suffering... I just cba" I mean seriously what on earth were these guys thinking when they decided to make the game in such a fashion, what would happen if say for instance, Tidus and the rest of the group just decided to stop fighting sin half way through the game, or if Kuja had defeated Brahn and you team just disbanded on the spot and not carried on... everyone in their right mind would say the game sucks... so why is this game so different. I shall tell you why, cause its an old game, it came out before VII and alot of people started playing the series, I myself have played every final fantasy in the numbered series including XIV and I have to say I have no idea why some people hail this game as the Epitome of Final Fantasy Experiences, seriously, some guy just "decides" to destroy the world, just for the fun of it... that once again (to me atleast) smacks of the writers of the game are like Writer1: "hmm, why are we making him evil" Writer2: "I really cba to think of a decent reason, lets just say he is evil for the sheer hell of it".... for the hell of it, thats the reason Kefka is evil, the reason he kills so many people. I don't understand how so many people can like this.

* Graphics - Well what can I say, I have seen one reviewer slam FFVII for its graphics then go on to say that the graphics for this game are amazing, the very same reviewer said this... I mean cmon honestly, the graphics in this game were good for back then I guess... but saying the graphics in VII sucked then go on to say that the graphics in this game were amazing all I can say is that they really need to take another look at the backgrounds of FFVII... they were stunning, its something that I come across often, but that something different to talk about for another day. The graphics for this game were ok imo, nothing special just standard SNES graphics.

* Replayability - Well what can I say, if you a final fantasy gamer who is determined to play the game then play it, know it drags out and once you have completed it if you cam to the series after this instalment you are used to something different then you most likely will not pick this game up again, 1 playthrough is enough, though if your determined to get everything the game has then I would recommend you do it before you go to the final boss, I know once I completed it I had absolutely no interest in going back to the game again.

* Final Recommendation - To any thinking of getting this game, rent/borrow it if you can, its definitely not worth buying play it once then hand it back to its owner... not a remarkable game in the slightest, I honestly detest the story and the way the writers handled the crew after the middle of the game.

Final Score: 3/10

Rating: 3

Product Release: Final Fantasy VI (w/ FFX Demo) (EU, 03/01/02)

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