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If you do not know what the word "flabbergasted" means, it means to completely amaze someone. This game completely amazed me when I was playing. This game has loads of cool stuff; one of them is how most FF's have things you can summon. Like 7 you have summons, 8 you have GF's, 10 you have Aeons. In this one you get the Espers which the system is similar to FFVIII where you equip the esper and you gain abilities from that Esper. And here we go on to the review.



This game is extremely fun to play you will have fun battling with your cool abilities and leveling up your characters and listening to the cool battle music.

The difficulty I think is normal or hard. If you are somewhat prepared and at a good level that you should be at then this difficulty will be normal. If you are not really prepared in level wise then this game should be pretty difficult since your characters are not ready to battle the boss.

The controls are simple one button to do one command; there aren't any combos that you need to do in order to complete a certain combination.



Well any story that has a good plot I think is an excellent story; anyway this story is about an empire that pretty much wants to take over the world. And they are looking for Espers (I mentioned this in the introduction) which have magic and they are trying to claim the Espers for there own dirty purposes. But the Espers do not live on the same planet as the humans do (I believe the planet is Earth) because they live in there own world that was closed about 15 or so years.

So you have heroes that try to stop the empire, your main character's name is TERRA yes the main character is a girl which having female main characters once in awhile is good. You get about 10-14 more characters in the game but I will tell you the next 2 characters that you get. You get LOCKE he is a thief/treasure hunter person and the next person is EDGAR he is a king of Firago. I think I have gave little too much with the beginning of the game characters.



The graphics aren't best mainly because this game was first released for the SNES which this is very close to FFIII or it is exactly like FFIII. But I think that this game was just updated or just modified from cartridge to cd. The images of the characters are pretty close to the character portraits in the start menu but a couple look different from the portrait from the one you see when you move around. The monsters are nice clear and sharp images. The scenery when you fight is detailed enough to give you an idea of where you are battling, so once get into a battle when you are in a desert you will battle in a scenery of the desert as you fight.



In my opinion this is one of the things that made this game awesome. When you get into battle the battle theme is excellent song I got the song stuck in my head because it is such an awesome song, when you get to some of the places and towns there will be some awesome music. The sound effect when you use your sword fits perfectly with the action of the sword slicing your opponent.



The learning curve to play this game is about 15 minutes because you should get how to use the controls during the battle phase and when you are in the world map. Once you have beaten the game you can do loads of stuff you can train all of your characters to the usual level 99, or you can purchase every item in the game with the money that you collect from leveling up from all the battles that you have been battling. Then you go and get all the Espers and have everyone master them which I think is hard for some of them since it might take you awhile for some of the Espers to be mastered because they don't grow as fast as other ones grow. And there are two secret characters that you can get that I do not know how and where to get them so if you want to know you can go look at a FAQ or Walkthrough about the secret characters.


I recommend that you buy this game because for ample of reasons. 1. Because it is such an awesome game. 2. This game you cannot get separately unless you buy Final Fantasy III for the SNES, but if you get the one that is for the Playstation then you have to buy Final Fantasy Anthology that includes FFV (Final Fantasy five) in a two disc set. 3. If you liked FFVII then I would pick this game too because this game is very similar to Final Fantasy Seven.


- Good graphics
- Cool and awesome music
- The way you get magic is very creative with using Espers

- Loading up the menu is slow

= 50/50


Rating: 10

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