What is the deal with Terra's Morph?

  1. Can someone please tell me the details of Terra's morph ability. Is she invincible? Is her power doubled? How do I increase the time she stays in Morph? etc. Thanks.

    User Info: Aldamis

    Aldamis - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. *From Terii senshi's algorithms FAQ*

    "While morphed, the character deals double normal damage, and receives half normal damage from magical attacks. The length of time you can stay morphed is based on the number of magic points you have gained (the kind of magic points that are gained after battles)".

    For a more in-depth / technical explanation, check out his FAQ on the FFIII (SNES) board.

    User Info: armorvil

    armorvil - 10 years ago 3   0

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