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Trading Sorrow for a Sword, A Boy Travels Through Time...

The World Tree Yggdrasil is the great provider-the source of the mana that powers the world's magic. Seeking to control that power, the Demon King Dhaos launches an invasion that ends with him being sealed away.

A century later, the World Tree has withered, the world has lost its mana, and a fallen knight named Mars has seized the opportunity to free Dhaos. Cress, the son of the heroes who had previously sealed Dhaos away, joins Mint, a healer, in using a time manipulation arte to travel back in time 102 years.

There they join the summoning artes researcher Claus and the half-elf Arche in preventing the withering of the World Tree, before turning to the present to battle Dhaos.

It is a grand tale of adventure that spans the world's past, present, and future.

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