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Reviewed: 11/07/02 | Updated: 02/09/03

Awesome, import friendly first person Anime RPG that never made it the US!

This game ROCKS.

I was fully prepared to play this game once and then shelve it like most import games I get, but Crime Crackers 2 actually held and is still holding my attention. Media Vision is the company that made this game, and they also made the first and third Wild Arms games, so I'd have to say they are now one of my favorite companys. The art style, presentation, and polish in the their games is top notch, easily rivaling the best out there. Anyway, on to the review.

Crime Crackers 2 (and I assume the first one also) is a 3d, first person hybrid shooter/RPG. Basically you have 4 characters at a time (out of I believe 8 total you can pick from depending on where you are in the story) that you can switch between with the select button. The first person in the formation is the character whos weapons you use. Each character has a main weapon, such a laser gun, plasma gun, etc, that has unlimited ammo, and a secondary more powerful weapon or healing item that has limited ammo (think magic points). The game plays much like you'd imagine a Doom RPG. You run around space stations, ships, and other levels blasting enemies and gaining experience points and money. There are shops to buy stuff, and you can find lots of new weapons and armor either in the levels or at shops.

The game is laid out by a route system, the first time through you play route one, then when you beat that you go through again and try to take different routes. There are a ton of different levels to play, and you can check your progress any time in the menu screen. In between most levels you even get a windowed anime movie, and the movies are actual MOVIES with voices, full animation, etc, none of that still screen crap you get with most games. The presentation is TOP notch, you can tell they put alot of money into this game, and it every possible area.

The graphics are all fully 3D, no stupid looking paper cut out sprites like in Doom. Everything really reminds me of how Mega Man Legends looked, but this game came first so I guess Mega Man Legends reminds me of Crime Crackers. It's first person so you don't see the character you're using, but all the enemies are nicely detailed. The environments look really good, no excessive pixilization or warping textures like you get in the majority of playstation games. One really cool feature is that you can hold down the fire button and you get a target on the screen so you can just mow everything in your path down if you have a nice weapon equiped! They made all the weapons look different, so you can see the plasma balls, missiles, machine gun bullets, all that good stuff.

... is pretty much non-existant. All the dialogue between characters is in Japanese of course, and most all the item and weapon names, but seriously the story probably sucks anyway so who cares. Most RPGs have the same cliched, stupid storyline so personally I don't even pay attention most of the time, it takes a really good or unique story to grab my attention anymore. All the menu screens are in english, along with a other things here and there so that if you get stuck, you are a retard. I'm a TOTAL retard and I figured everything out super easy. Honestly this is one of the most import friendly games I've ever played, especially for anything with RPG somewhere in the genre.

Crime Crackers 2 successfully blends first person shooting, role-playing, exploration, anime, and sci fi into one freakin AWESOME game. If you are looking for an RPG that is so import friendly even a chimp or my good friend Bill Gersztyn could play it, you've found it. There's tons of replay value here so you definitely get your moneys worth! Go to Ebay, special order it, whatever, but play this game, you'll thank me.

Rating: 9

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