Make team in memory card japan gain level up continuously ?

  1. Halo, I want playing japan gain level up until high level or status A for the japan. How i can do it for my japan until limit gained level up ? In memory card and how ?

    User Info: firewallridho

    firewallridho - 5 years ago


  1. you have to play against the COM or A friend then try to decrease the power of the player until he can't run anymore by running ( O ) or pressing tringale to cross the enemy or performing special shoot, after the match end you will see the player that you made him tried before in the level up section, do it with the others until the team get an A rating after any match you can save the team by choosing Save , and you can choose it back from the team select menu by entering the memory card.
    don't forget that Tsubasa team has a lot of player so it will be a lot Difficult to achieve A rating

    sorry if i didn't write wall i speak arabic only :(

    User Info: iSoulHacker

    iSoulHacker - 4 years ago 0   0

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