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FAQ/Move List by necropenguin

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 11/15/2002

Gundam Battle Assault 2
Platform: Sony Playstation
Genre: 2-D Fighting Game

Version 1.4
Written by Necropenguin

Started: July 26, 2002
Last Updated: November 15, 2002

Versions History:
Version 1.0
-Finally finished! Yeah!

Version 1.1
-Fixing some minor screw-ups that have been bugging me.
-Added a move for Bolt Gundam.

Version 1.2
-Added Victory Quotes section.
-Added a new move for Wing Zero.
-Changed a few move names for RX-78-2 and Altron so they make sense.
-Fixed some more annoying grammatical errors.

Version 1.3
- Added a move for GPO-2A. Can't freaking believe I missed it, I use it 
all the time!

Version 1.4
-God smiles upon the Earth! Thanks to a Gameshark hack discovered by 
Master ZED there are now four new characters. So I added the Gameshark 
codes to get them and a moves list for all four.
-Revised Version History List setup.
-Organized moves list a little better
-Added notes for certain suits to advise more effective play.

This document is copyrighted to Necropenguin@yahoo.com, that's me, and 
this document may NOT be altered, reproduced, sold for profit, or 
especially plagiarized in any way shape or form without my permission, 
which you won't get so don't ask. As of tonight August 13, 2002, 
GameFaqs is authorized by my decree to display this document for public 
use. If I find out that my hard work (well not really hard, but you sit 
here and try doing this) is being ripped off I will be forced to take a 
rather unhappy legal action, plus Ill just plain find you and hurt you.



1) Introduction
2) Game Basics 
3) Game Screen
4) The Cast of Characters/ Moves List
-Zaku IIS
-Zaku II
-Neue Ziel
-(hacked character) Zeta Gundam
-(hacked character) Qubeley
-(hacked character) The-O
-Full Armor Double Zeta Gundam (FAZZ)
-(hacked character) Hamma Hamma
-Quin Mantha
-V (Nu) Gundam
-Wing Zero
-Heavy Arms
-Tallgeese III
-God (Burning)
-Devil (Dark)
-Psyco Mk III
5) Game Modes and Options
6) Street Mode
-Wing Zero
-Tallgeese III
-God (Burning)
-Zaku IIS
7) Time Attack Mode
-Time Attack A
-Time Attack B
8) Survival Battle
9) Victory Quotes
10) Game Secrets and Screw Ups
    -Change Mobile Suit Color
    -Gameshark MS Hack Codes
    -Unlock Game Modes
    -Unlock Street Mode Mobile Suits
    -Unlock Versus Mode Mobile Suits
    -Screw Ups
11) Legal Junk and Thanks


(Taken from Instruction Manual)

In this game, you can experience several Gundam Universes!

In Future Century 61, Domon Kasshu is on a quest to find his brother. 
With an array of Gundam fighters in his path, Domon must combat his 
brother, who has been infected with evil DG Cells.

Heero Yuy is back with all the Gundam customs from Gundam Wing Endless 
Waltz. Can they put an end to Treize Khushrenada's evil plans?

Use Amuro Ray to fight the popular mobile suits of Universal Century 
0079. Take Gundam RX-78 to its limits to stop Char "The Red Comet" 
Aznable and the Principality of Zeon!

Get ready for the ultimate in Gundam Fighting action!! 


This game is truly impressive. After being subjected to the horror that 
was Gundam Battle Assault 1, I was speculating on whether I should 
purchase it. My intuitive nature and life long love for all things 
Gundam finally won me over and I am thankful. This game far surpasses 
the original. With a gaggle of suits at your disposal, 30 to be precise 
(29 if you count the Zaku II and Zaku IIS as the same thing, like I 
do), and a sweet variety of metal pounding moves to bash your friends 
into the ground with, this game is worth every penny. The graphics are 
awesome, keeping in mind the fact that it is just a PSX game. Overall a 
great game. Thanks Bandai!

]=============================[Game Basics]===========================[

Start: Pauses the game.

-Movement Buttons-
D-pad forward: mobile suit walks forward
D-pad back: mobile suit dashes or jumps back
D-pad up: mobile suit does a small jump upwards
D-pad down: mobile suit ducks

-Attack Buttons-
Square: weak punch
Triangle: strong punch
Circle: Strong kick
Cross(X): weak kick

R1: Thruster jump. These are large jumps powered by a suits vernier 
thrusters. Each suit jumps differently. When you do a thrust jump you 
use a bar from the thrust gauge. You have three bars on your thrust 
gauge giving you a total of three jumps. The thrust gauge will 
replenish itself while the thrusters are not in use. Results may vary, 
some suits operate differently than others, jump power varies, and 
thruster power and timing is different for every suit.

Vernier Mode: By pressing down, forward and R1 you activate vernier 
mode. When vernier mode is active you will be in a period of free 
flight. As you fly around, the Thrust Gauge will slowly deplete and 
once it is empty you will no longer be able to fly and you will fall 
like a rock. The downside to flying is you can't block against attacks 
while flying, but on the other hand you can't be knocked down or 
tripped, and all your attacks are considered aerial attacks.

Dashing: Pressing either left or right twice quickly will result in 
your mobile suit doing a dash or run forward, or jumping or hovering 

Defending: Holding the back button on the D-pad will cause the mobile 
suit to assume a defensive stance when an opposing suit attacks it. 
When in a defensive stance the damage caused by the enemy suit is 
greatly reduced. Some attacks cannot be blocked though, and will pierce 
right through your shield to inflict maximum damage; mostly attacks 
from beam sabers have this effect.

Dodging: Dodging can be accomplished by pressing any two of the attack 
buttons at the same time. Doing so will cause your suit to either dodge 
sideways or activate a shield. Doing this will use one bar from your 
thrust gauge so in order for this to work you have to have at least one 
bar on your thrust gauge or you cant dodge or shield. If you press up 
while you hit the two attack buttons the dodge will become an aerial 

Stun: By pressing forward and triangle while standing next to your 
opponent you can deliver a blow that will stun your opponents suit. The 
suit will bounce back and will have green sparks run across its body. 
This time can be used to land some cheap attacks or even a mega special 
if you're lucky, but stuns can be dodged and blocked like normal 

MEGA SPECIAL: The coup de grace of robot crushing madness, the mega 
special is accomplished by pressing down, forward, and two of the 
attack buttons at the same time. The resulting graphically glorified 
attack will be unique to each suit but they are more often than not a 
very powerful testament to the suits power. They are your most powerful 
attack and should be used wisely. If the move is blocked or you miss 
it's a huge waste. Not all suits have a mega special.

]============================[Game Screen]============================[

During the fight there are several numbers and gauges that you should 
be aware of.

The first thing on top of the screen will be the mobile suits name.

Under the suits name is the armor gauge. Depending on the suit the 
armor gauges will vary in number and color. The Neue Ziel has five 
armor levels, the most in the game, and the Big-Zam has four. Every 
other suit in the game has three armor levels. The armor gauge will 
deplete as you take damage. When a gauge is empty your suit "overheats" 
and your suit stops functioning for a few seconds. When your last gauge 
is empty your suit is destroyed and you lose the fight. The colors to 
the gauges are as follows:

Gauge 1: red
Gauge 2: yellow
Gauge 3: green
Gauge 4: blue
Gauge 5: purple

Under the armor gauge are the Mega Special Attack indicators. These are 
three red squares. When you use a Mega Special you lose one of the red 
squares. You are limited to three uses only, after that you cannot use 
the mega special anymore in that fight.

Right next to the Mega Special gauge is the Ammo Gauge. The gauge 
starts at 500, and will deplete as you use ammo-consuming techniques. 
Different suits use ammo faster than others do.

In between the two armor gauges is the time limit. It counts down from 
the beginning of the match and when it counts down to zero the mobile 
suit with the most armor lost loses the match.

At the very bottom of the screen is a headshot of the pilot inside the 
mobile suit. This serves no real purpose, but it will start to flash 
red when the suit is almost defeated.

]================[The Cast of Characters/ Moves List]=================[

Here is the layout of the following mobile suit's descriptions.

Mobile Suit Name
Mobile Suit Model Number
Mobile Suit Pilot (In game only)
Brief description of the suit and the pilot
Attack Commands
Skill Moves
Mega Special Attack
Notes on move use for certain suits, or quirks about the suit.

*All suit controls and moves assume you are facing right!

 G=Ground technique only
 C=Ammunition consuming attack
 U=Unblockable Technique
 *=Mega Special

===[Universal Century 0079]===

Amuro Ray
Star of the original Mobile Suit Gundam, this wonderboy soon discovers 
his psychic prowess as a newtype, and with the help of his friends on 
White Base, becomes a major key figure in ending the Zeon War for 

Beam Rifle: down, forward + punch (C)
Hammer Punch: back, down, forward + punch (G)
Beam Saber Plunge: down, back + punch (G,U)
Beam Saber: forward, down, back + punch (G,U)
Gundam Javelin: forward, down, back + punch (in the air,U)
Head Vulcans: forward, back, forward + punch (G)
Charged Shield Uppercut: forward, down, forward + punch (G)

Diagonal Kick: down + Circle (in the air)
Rising Kick: down + Circle

*Gundam Hammer

-The Gundam Hammer mega special has a very small area of effect, just 
at the end of the ball and chain, but it will deal an entire armor 
gauge of damage.
-Tap the punch button to extend the fire duration of the Head Vulcans.

Zaku IIS
Char Aznable (Casbal Daikun, Quattro Bajina)
Chars personalized Zaku II, which boasts capabilities far beyond those 
of a normal Zaku.

Zaku Machine Gun: down, forward + punch (C)
Cracker Grenades: down, back + punch
Heat Hawk: forward, down, back + punch (U)
Rising Tackle: down, forward + kick

Shoulder Tackle: forward + Circle (G)
Stomping: down + Circle (in the air)

*Cracker Special

Zaku II
A normal Zaku, and a waste of a character slot in my opinion. They 
could have put in a completely different mobile suit over having a copy 
that isn't even as good as the original, or an original with a better 

Zaku Machine Gun: down, forward + punch (C)
Cracker Grenades: down, back + punch
Heat Hawk: forward, down, back + punch (U)
Rising Tackle: down, forward + kick

Shoulder Tackle: forward + Circle (G)
Stomping: down + Circle (in the air)

*Cracker Special

Use Zaku IIS!

One of the numerous Zeon mobile suits created for underwater usage. The 
fastest suit in the game despite its goofy, squat appearance.

Acguy Machine Gun: down, forward + punch (C)
Jump Uppercut: forward, down, forward + punch
Claw Rush: down, back + punch
Drill Claw: toward, down, back + punch (U)

Dropping Knee: down + X (in the air)
Handstand Kick: toward + Circle

*Acguy Rolling Maximum

Dozul Zabi
One of the monstrous mobile armors featured in the game, this guy 
stands well over a screen tall. Driven by Dozul Zabi during the Battle 
of Solomon, he destroyed several federal troops only to be brought down 
by Gundam. So far my combo king with a staggering 111 hit combo.

Homing Missiles: down, forward + punch (C)

Air lasers: Triangle
Ground Lasers: Square
Walking Attack: Hold toward
Backwards Kick: back + X
Boost Tackle: down + Circle
Body Press: Circle (in the air)
Jumping Knee: down + Triangle

*Mega Particle Cannon

-Big-Zam has four armor gauges.
-Big-Zam can not turn around.
-Big-Zam can not block.
-Big-Zam takes reduced damage because of its massive size.

Char Aznable (Casbal Daikun, Quattro Bajina)
Although some may scoff at the Zeong's appearance this mobile armor 
forever earned its place in the Gundam Universe in the last scenes of 
Mobile Suit Gundam as Char and Amuro battled it out. Although 
originally supposed to have legs, it was taken out before completion.

Hand Beam: down, forward + punch (C)
Punch Rush: down, back + punch
Energy Blast: toward, down, back + punch (U)

Vertical Punch: back + Triangle
Sweep Punch: down + Triangle (in the air)
Down Burner: down + X (in the air)
Double Down Burner: down + Circle (in the air)

*Psycho Mu Attack

Shiro Amada
Once again the hero of Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team, Shiro, has been 
stripped of his glory and crammed into the pathetic ball he used to 
take down Aina Saheline's Zaku II custom in the first episode of Gundam 
08th MS Team, to wage war once again. Most people think he deserves an 
upgrade after all this time. I think being set loose in a Gundam G unit 
would do some justice, if not that than the EZ-8. But face it the ball 
is like the underdog character, and its not all that bad. Were all 
secretly rooting for it and the day the take him out of it a great 
injustice will be done.

Beam Cannon: down, toward + punch (C)
Jackhammer: down, back + punch
Rising Spin: down, back + kick

-Because it is small; Ball takes extra damage from attacks.
-Ball has no mega special attack.

Mikhail Kaminsky
Another aquatic Zeon mobile suit. Seen assaulting a Federation Base in 
the first episode of Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket.

Hand Machine Gun: down, toward + punch (C)
Homing Missiles: down, back + punch
Hand Burners: toward, down, back + punch (U)
Jumping Tackle: down, toward + kick

Tackle: toward + Circle

*Hell Burner Rush

===[Universal Century 0083]===

Gundam Unit 2 (Physalis)
Anevel Gato
Anevel Gato, The Nightmare of Solomon from Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory 
in his stolen Federation mobile suit. Using this suit he is able to 
utterly destroy almost half of the Earth Federations entire space force 
with one well timed nuclear assault.

Hyper Bazooka: down, forward + punch (C)
Bazooka Rain: down, back + punch (G)
Beam Saber: forward, down, back + punch (G,U)
Shield Buster: down, forward + kick

Shield Smash: forward + Triangle (G)
Shield Tackle: down + X (G)
Shield Turn: down + Triangle (in the air)

*Atomic Bazooka

-The Atomic Bazooka Special is hard to hit with due to the fact that it 
is fired into the air. You can hit enemies into the air before or after 
firing it with Shield Buster move to maximize its effect.

Neue Ziel
Anevel Gato
Gato's final mobile armor, the very impressive Neue Ziel. 
Standing...ahem, hovering two screens tall this suit is a force to be 
reckoned with. Used in the final episodes of Stardust Memory, Gato uses 
this suit to decimate Federal forces and to defeat Kou Urake's Gundam 
Unit 3, The Dendrobium, sparing him at the last moment. He died when he 
crashed the Neue Ziel into the Federations capital ship thus allowing 
his Zeon allies to escape in the confusion.

Hand Lasers: down, forward + punch (C)
Homing Missiles: down, back + punch
Hand Beam Saber: toward, back, down + punch (U)
Rushing Tackle: down, toward + kick

*Mega Particle Cannon

-You can turn around by using the Rushing Tackle when an enemy is 
behind you.
-Neue Ziel has five armor gauges.
-Neue Ziel can not block.
-Neue Ziel has an infinite thrust gauge.

===[Universal Century 0087]===

Zeta Gundam (must use Gameshark to play as this character)
Zeta Gundam is in GBA2, but isn't it a pity you have to stare at that 
ugly goon Akahana if you want to play as it. What ever happened to poor 
Camille? Still in the coma I guess? Oh well just remember, this is why 
they give you the option to turn off the character portraits.

Beam Rifle: down, forward + punch (C)
Beam Saber: forward, down, back + punch (U,G)
Jump Dash: down, forward + kick
Horizontal Jump Kick: down, back + kick

High Punch: up + Triangle (in the air)
Spin Kick: Triangle (in the air)

*Wave Rider Attack

-You must be very close to the opponent or the Wave Rider mega special 
will miss on its initial attack and not finish the move.

Qubeley (must use Gameshark to play as this character)
Domon Kasshu
Well Domon gets to pilot a sweet new suit. But I didn't think he was a 
newtype. Who cares it's a secret character! Originally piloted by Zeon 
fanatic and real mean person to boot Haman Karn, the Qubeley is later 
mass-produced as the suit for an army of Elpe Peru clones.

Hand Beam Cannons: down, forward + punch (C)
Beam Saber: forward, down, back + punch (U,G)
Funnel Dispatch: back, down, forward + punch
Funnel Attack (after funnel dispatch): down, forward + punch
Double Kick: down, forward + kick (G)
Flip Kick: down, forward + kick (in the air)
Flying Kick: down, back + kick

*Full Funnel Assault

The-O (must use Gameshark to play as this character)
Paptimus Scirocco
The only hacked suit that has its real pilot, the massive The-O has 
been discovered for your playing enjoyment. The-O was the last mobile 
suit piloted by the Man from Jupiter during the Gryps War. To cover 
against attacks on its massive frame from all sides, it has a pair of 
hidden arms, which it can use in conjunction with its real arms.

Beam Rifle: forward, down + punch (C,G)
Hidden Arm Sabers: down, back + punch (U,G)
Beam Saber: forward, down, back + punch (U)
Rifle Slap Charge: down, forward + kick

Hidden Arm: forward + Square
Rifle Slap: forward + Triangle
Anti-Air Hidden Arms: back + Triangle
Hidden Arms Sweep: down + Square

*Beam Saber Attack (U)

-The-O's Mega Special will do nothing on it's own. Press any punch or 
kick button after performing it to make it do an unblockable saber 
attack in place of standard punches or kicks.

===[Universal Century 0088]===

Full Armor Double Zeta Gundam
Judua Ashta
The hero of Gundam ZZ, in his constantly stolen Gundam.

Mega Beam Cannon: forward, down + punch (C)
Missile Barrage: down, back + punch
Beam Saber: toward, down, back + punch (U)
Knee Lift Shot: down, toward + kick (C)

Particle Cannon: Circle
Guard Punch: Back + punch

*Hyper Mega Particle Cannon

Hamma Hamma (must use Gameshark to play as this character)
Domon Kasshu 
Thanks to the character hack code this green monster is now available. 
Although instead of its real pilot, Domon Kasshu seems to have taken 
the wheel of this suit. The Hamma Hamma is an attempt to make a normal 
human able to carry out the all range attacks of a newtypes bit 
weapons, but with its limited weaponry it was ultimately destroyed and 
its concept proved ineffective.

Hand Beam Cannon: down, forward + punch (C)
Hide Bombs: down, back + punch
Beam Saber: forward, down, back + punch (U,G)
Jump Attack: down, back + kick

Dual Claw: down + Triangle

*Plasma Ball Cannon

Quin Mantha
Puru Two
Just one of a hell of a lot of artificial newtype clones of Elpe Puru, 
young child prodigy newtype ace, and her custom mobile suit the Quin 
Mantha. The only female-looking character in the game, but since Puru 
Two is a clone it has no sex.

Beam Launcher: down, forward + punch (C)
Beam Shower: down, back + punch (in the air)
Funnel Dispatch: back, down, toward + punch
Funnel Attack (after funnel dispatch): down, toward + punch
Beam Saber: toward, down, back + punch (U)
Upwards Throw: forward, down, forward + punch

Tackle: toward + Circle
Elbow Drop: toward + Triangle
Body Press: down + Triangle (in the air)
Heel Kick: down + X (in the air)

*Mega Beam Cannon

-Because of the Quin Mantha's height it is hard o connect a solid 
number of hits with its mega special. Use the Upwards Throw move 
followed by the mega special. If timed correctly you can manage for all 
the beams to hit.

===[Universal Century 0093]===

V (Nu) Gundam
Amuro Ray
In 0093 when Char Aznable leads his new war against the people of 
Earth, Amuro inlists in a special taskforce called Londo Bell to fight 
the Neo-Zeon leader. When he arrives at Anaheim Electronics he is 
surprised to discover they have constructed a new Gundam for him. What 
Amuro doesn't know is that that suit was actually built for him by the 
special request of Char Aznable so they could finally end their years 
of conflict.

Beam Rifle: down, forward + punch (C)
Beam Saber: forward, down, back + punch (G,U)
Funnel Dispatch: back, down, forward + punch
Funnel Attack (after funnel dispatch): down, forward + punch
Jumping Knee: down, forward + kick

-Unlike all the other funnels in the game, the Nu Gundam's funnels can 
not be destroyed and will block projectiles.
-Nu Gundam has no mega special attack.

Char Aznable (Casbal Daikun, Quattro Bajina)
Specially made by Anaheim, like the Nu Gundam, the Sazabi is specially 
fit with a psychoframe enabling the newtype pilot inside to control the 
suit by mere thought. Amuro and Char eventually duel to the death all 
the while still blaming each other for the death of Lalah fifteen years 

Beam Shot Rifle: down, forward + punch (C)
Beam Axe: forward, down, back + punch (G,U)
Funnel Dispatch: back, down, forward + punch
Funnel Attack (after funnel dispatch): down, forward + punch
Spin Kick: down, back + kick

Hover Slide Kick: down + Circle (G)

*Beam Shot Flush

-The Beam Shot Flush mega special works best at very close range 
because all the beams will hit.

===[After Colony 195]===

Gundam Epyon
Treize Khushranada
The perfect suit for the perfect warrior. The Epyon excels in close 
range combat, but completely lacks any means of ranged combat. Equipped 
with the Zero System, an experimental unit that drives the pilot far 
beyond their limitations by removing all their fears the Gundam Epyon 
is the ultimate weapon. Anyone who has ever played Gundam Wing: Endless 
Duel will be familiar with the moves, they are almost identical, except 
for that annoying green laser orb super attack.

Torpedo Rush: down, toward + punch
Rising Wing: down, back + punch
Beam Saber: forward, down, back + punch (G,U)
Flying Knee: down, back + kick

Heat Rod Stab: forward + Triangle
Epyon Claw: forward + Square

*Beam Saber Rush (U)

-Epyon cannot be damaged while performing its torpedo rush.
-You can choose what direction to move while performing the Torpedo 
Rush by pressing the desired direction on the D-pad during the move's 
start up.

Hydra Gundam
Valdor Farkill
From a little known side story from the Gundam Wing universe comes the 
villain of the series in the Hydra Gundam. The series was entitled G-
Unit and was a manga that was split into different sections and each 
section was sold as a bonus for buying a G-Unit model kit. I for one 
didn't want to spend a hundred bucks to read a book so anyone who knows 
the whole story feel free to fill me in.

Beam Cannon: forward: down, forward + punch (C)
Double Hydra Laser: down, back + punch
Beam Saber Double Slash: forward, down, back + punch (U)

Flip Kick: forward + Triangle

*Hydra Punch Rush

-By pressing back to defend, Hydra will erect a beam barrier making it 
completely invincible while blocking.

===[After Colony 196]===

Wing Gundam Zero Custom
Heero Yuy
The main character of the hit series Gundam Wing, and Gundam Wing: 
Endless Waltz makes his return in the very fruity looking angel-motif 
Wing Gundam Zero Custom. Equipped with the Zero System this suit also 
can draw out a pilots potential at the cost of their sanity. Heero was 
always a mercenary and was given the code name Heero Yuy after the 
martyred pacifist, his real name is never revealed. And no it isn't 
Owin Lowe Jr. That's a fake name too.

Machine Cannon: down, forward + punch (C)
Twin Buster Rifle: down, back + punch
Charged Scatter Shot: back, down, forward + punch
Beam Saber: forward, down, back + punch (G,U)
Rising Bird Tackle: forward, down, forward + kick
Bird Tackle: down, back + kick

Hovering: down (while in the air)

*Final Twin Buster Rifle

-Wing Zero is invincible while performing either Bird Tackle attack.
-The spark at the tip of the gun while the Charged Scatter Shot move 
charges will damage opponents. Use it at close range for full effect.

Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom
Duo Maxwell
The supreme destroyer is back again, and this time even cooler looking 
than before. The sleek, and sinister looking Deathscythe Hell is enough 
to give anybody a heart attack, but couple that with a array of 
unblockable physical attacks and you've got something any god of death 
would be proud of. Originally named Solo, Duo was the leader of a band 
of street orphans, but during an outbreak of the plague he broke into a 
lab and stole just enough vaccine for his gang, but there wasn't enough 
for him, so he selflessly sacrificed himself and "died". He was found 
by the church and was raised up by the nuns, but during a riot in the 
colony the entire congregation was massacred. Luckily Duo escaped death 
once more, donning the slain priests outfit Duo became a scrap dealer 
before he came across the Gundam he now pilots.

Vulcan Guns: forward, down + punch (C)
Scissor Up: forward, down, forward + punch (G,U)
Beam Sickle: down, back + punch
Flying Kick: down, forward + kick
Cloaked Teleport: down, back + kick

Sickle Swing Down: Triangle (U)
Sickle Swing Up: down + Triangle (U)
Air Sickle Swing: Triangle (in the air,U)

*Hell Scissors (U)

Gundam Heavy Arms Custom
Trowa Barton
The nameless soldier returns in his newly designed suit. The only thing 
it's missing is the clown mask from the movie, but still with more 
ranged attacks than you can shake a stick at. This suit is a real 
powerhouse, but when its out of ammo it's all over. Not that it matters 
since in the game, the missiles are limitless. Trowa was a soldier 
since birth, not even knowing his own name. While working on the Heavy 
Arms for the Barton family "No Name" witnessed the murder of the real 
Trowa Barton and decided to take his name, and mission.

Double Gattling Guns: down, forward + punch (C)
Anti-air Shot: forward, down, forward + punch (G)
Spark Missile: forward, down, back + punch (G,U)
Homing Missiles: down, back + punch
Flying Knee: down, back + kick

Stay Missile: back + Square
Anti-Air Missiles: Square
Chest Vulcan: Triangle
Gattling Press: down + Triangle

*Full Fire

Gundam Sandrock Custom
Quatre Winner
Well its purple. But still don't let its appearance fool you this thing 
has a huge assortment of devastating physical attacks that will leave 
your foes crying, but I still think it needs a new paint job. Quatre 
was the only naturally born child in his family, the first boy in a 
family of about thirty girls, and when his father died he became the 
head of his family at a very young age.

Vulcan Guns: down, forward + punch (C)
Shotel Slice: down, back + punch
Shotel Throw: forward, down, forward + punch (G)
Shotel Hunt: forward, down, back + punch (G,U)
Shotel Carnival: down, back + kick (G)
Shotel Flip: down, forward + kick (in the air)

Blazer End: X or Circle (Mid-Shotel Carnival)

*Earth Slash

Gundam Altron Shenlong Custom (Nataku)
Wufei Chang
The confused fifth hero of Gundam Wing makes his return in the 
serpentine Nataku, a great all around suit but excelling in close 
combat. Wufei who fights for his destroyed home colony has always been 
confused about the methods of peace, and once peace has been attained 
finds himself having trouble dealing with a world where his services 
are no longer needed. Thus he joins the Mariemaia army and assists in 
starting his own conflict to finish.

Vulcan: down, forward + punch (C)
Dragon Fang: down, back + punch
Beam Glaive Dive: forward, down, back + punch (G,U)
Beam Glaive Assault: forward, down, forward + punch (G,U)
Guard Jump: down, back + kick

Long Punch: forward + Triangle (G)

*Altron Claw (G)

Tallgeese III
Zechs Marquise (Milliardo Peacecraft, Preventer Wind)
The alter ego Oz officer turn White Fang leader turn Preventer enforcer 
returns in the supped up Tallgeese. With a mega cannon that rivals the 
destructive capacity of the Wing Zero's twin buster rifle, this old 
suit has some real power in its third installment. A rumor has been 
flying around that in the game the Tallgeese III actually has the head 
of the Tallgeese II. These people are obviously insane, because the 
rumor is false, at least in my game.

Mega Canon: down, forward + punch (C)
Heat Rod: down, back + punch (G)
Beam Saber: forward, down, back + punch (G,U)
Flying Tackle: forward, down, forward + punch
Mega Canon Plus: down, forward + kick (C)
Flying Tackle Cannon: forward, down, forward + kick

Hammer Knuckle: down + Triangle

*Mega Canon Max Mode

-The shots fired during the Mega Canon Plus move will continue to move 
after hitting objects, including funnels (even Nu Gundams), other 
projectiles, and your opponent.
-Tallgeese III has a very long and quick beam saber attack.

===[Future Century 61]===

God (Burning) Gundam
Domon Kasshu
One of the name changes done to one of the suits, done so nobody gets 
upset I guess. The second Gundam piloted by Domon Kasshu for the colony 
of Neo-Japan in the series G Gundam. It is given to Domon to replace 
his battered Shinning Gundam. Because of his brother's theft of the 
Devil Gundam, Domon's mother was killed and his father was put into 
cryo-stasis as a hostage. In order to free his father Domon was sent to 
Earth on a double mission, to win the 13th Gundam Fight in the name of 
Japan, and to eliminate the Devil Gundam.

Vulcan Guns: down, forward + punch (C)
Burning Finger: down, back + punch
Tenkyoken: back, down, forward + punch
Burning Finger Sword: forward, down, back + punch (G,U)
Burning Finger Uppercut: forward, down, forward + punch (G)
Heat End: back, down, forward, back + punch (G)
Thrust Knee: down, back + kick (in the air)

Knee Kick: down + X (in the air)
High Kick: down + Circle (in the air)

*Sekiha Tenkyoken (G)

-The Thrust Knee move will not do anything on its on, but can be linked 
into other moves.

Gundam Maxter
Chibodee Crocket
Representing Neo-America in the 13th Gundam Fights, Chibodee is a true 
symbol of the American dream, fighting his way up from the wasteland of 
Earth to finally win the chance to pilot the football 
player/boxer/cowboy/surfer styled Gundam Maxter.

Twin Magnums: down, forward + punch (C)
Burning Punch: down, back + punch (G)
Gigantic Magnum: forward, down, back + punch (G,U)
Cyclone Punch: forward, down, forward + punch (G)
Double Step: down, back + kick
Forward Dash: forward, down, forward + kick

Step Up: forward + Circle (G)
Mid-air Jab: up + Square (in the air)
Mid-air Uppercut: up + Triangle (in the air)

*Machine Gun Punch (G)

-On its own Double Step does nothing but move Maxter forward or 
backwards, but it can be linked into other moves.
-The Forward dash does nothing on its own either bur can also be linked 
into any other attack.

Dragon Gundam
Sai Sici (Saisaishi)
Representing Neo-China and the Shaolin monks, this mischievous little 
brat is a trouble to every one, but a great cook none the less.

Dragon Fire: down, forward + punch (C)
Dragon Flame: down, back + punch
Fei Long Attack: forward, down, back + punch (G,U)
Fei Long Drop: forward, down, back + punch (in the air, U)
Fei Long Flag: down, forward + kick (G)
Flying Kick: forward, down, forward + kick (G)

Dragon Punch: forward + Triangle (G)
Stomping: down + Circle (in the air)

*Shin Ryusei Kockoken

-You can angle the fire stream during the Dragon Flame attack by 
pressing either up or down on the D-Pad.

Gundam Rose
George de Sand
Piloting the Gundam Rose for Neo-France, an eccentric young man who is 
the head of his family at the young age of 20.

Vulcan Guns: down, forward + punch (C)
Lightening Shoot: down, back + punch
Kick & Saber: back, down, forward + punch
Saber Rondo: forward, down, back + punch (G,U)
Saber Rise: forward, down, forward + punch
Funnel Dispatch: back, down, forward + kick
Funnel Attack (after funnel dispatch): down, forward + punch

Step Up: forward + Triangle (G)
Down Slash: down + Triangle (G)
Up Slash: up + Triangle
Saber Lunge: Square or Triangle (mid Saber Rise)

*Rose Hurricane (G)

-The purple barrier that Rose creates with the Lightning Shoot move can 
be used to block projectiles.

Bolt Gundam
Argo Gulskii
Argo Gulskii, a space pirate forced to fight for Neo-Russia. He agreed 
to pilot the Bolt Gundam in an agreement to spare the lives of his 
fellow pirates in prison. He is kept in line by a bomb strapped over 
his chest 24 hours a day and his strict prison guard, Natasha.

Vulcan Guns: down, forward + punch (C)
Graviton Hammer: down, back + punch (G)
Double Punch: forward, down, back + punch (G,U)
Slam Throw: forward, down, forward + punch (G)
Crush Tackle: forward, down, forward + kick

Straight Punch: forward + Triangle (G)
Dash Shot Kick: forward + Circle (G)
Heavy Press: down + Circle (in the air)

*Gaia Crusher

-To swing the Graviton Hammer a second time, perform the move again 
while the first swing is in progress.

Master Gundam
Tohou Fuhai "Master Asia"
Winner of the 12th Gundam Fight and the mentor of Domon Kasshu, the old 
King of Hearts he relinquished his title to his student. Master Asia is 
an expert fighter and piloting the sinister Master Gundam.

Darkness Finger: down, forward + punch (G)
Tenkyoken: back, down, forward + punch
Darkness Wave: forward, down, back + punch (G,U)
Rising Tenkyoken: forward, down, forward + punch (G)
Master Block: down, back + punch
Horizontal Kick: down, forward + kick (G)
Flying Stomp Kick: down, back + kick (G)

Standing Trip: back + circle (G)
Trample: down + Circle (in the air)
Continuous Knee Kick: Circle continual (in the air)

*Sekiha Tenkyoken

-Master is completely invincible during the duration of the Master 
Block move.
-The Master Block can be canceled into any other move.

Devil (Dark) Gundam
Kyoji Kasshu
Designed during the Ultimate Gundam project, it was stolen by Kyoji 
Kasshu, brother of Domon. The Devil Gundam incorporates a new system of 
nanocomputers that are in a constant state of change, and self-repair 
to keep itself top of the line.

Lightning Web: down, forward + punch
Punch Assault: forward, down, forward + punch (G)
Tri Laser: down, back + punch (G)
Twin Lasers: forward, down, back + punch (G,U)
Metal Worms (far): down, forward + kick
Metal Worms (near): down, back + kick
Lightning Shell: forward, down, forward + kick (G)

*Triple Gundam Head


Psyco Gundam Mk. III
Major Ulube Ishikawa
This Gundam is a complete mystery to me. The only other appearance that 
I've seen this suit make is in Gundam Battle Assault 1, where it was 
piloted by Valdor, since Treize was in the Hydra Gundam. The suit takes 
after the original Psyco Gundam, and Psyco Gundam Mk. II in appearance, 
but where exactly it comes from is a mystery to all. As for the pilot, 
Ulube is from G Gundam, so why he would be piloting a suit whose 
predecessors are from Zeta Gundam is beyond my imagination. Another 
thing is Ulube would have to be a newtype to pilot the suit because it 
must be quipped with a Psyco frame like the other two. This is just 
confusing, but then again who really cares. It's an awesome suit. Just 
get it and do some hurting.

Shoulder Cannons: down, forward + punch (C)
Beam Saber: back, down, forward + punch (U)
Grab: down, back + punch (G)
Giant Uppercut: forward, down, forward + punch (G)

Falling Fists: down + Triangle (in the air)

*Mega Cannon Scatter Shot
]========================[Game Modes and Options]=====================[

On the main menu there are several game modes to play in the beginning, 
and once you start playing through the game there are more to unlock.

Street Mode: The basic story mode. You start off with five mobile suits 
to play out of story mode and as you play through you eventually unlock 
all eight story mode characters. There are eight fights in each story 
and they usually in some way or another revolve around the characters 
specific show. This is the basic way to unlock most of the characters.

Versus CPU: This is a 1 on 1 match. You against a suit of your choice. 
You control the opponent's difficulty so it is a good way to get some 
practice so you can pound your friends.

Versus 2P: A two player free for all against your friends.

Time Attack A: The object of this is to completely defeat eight random 
mobile suits as fast as you can, playing as the suit of your choice.

Time Attack B: Just like Time Attack A, except this time the fights 
aren't random. The task at hand is to defeat the "boss" mobile suits.

Survival: The point of this mode is to defeat as many Mobile Suits as 
possible with your choice mobile suit without dying.

Record: A list of the top best times for time attack and survival mode.

Options: Changes the game settings, controller configuration, and save 
or load data on the memory card. 

]=============================[Street Mode]===========================[

Street Mode is the basic story line mode. You start with five suits and 
eventually unlock three more by playing through with the original 
characters. My advice is set the difficulty to Hard the first time you 
play so you don't have to go through story mode more than once. If the 
fights are too hard for you the easiest way to beat story mode is to 
set the match to 30 seconds and do as much damage to the other suit and 
not get hit. With some luck you will win the match by default but 
that's kind of cheap.

"Endless Waltz" 
Pilot: Heero Yuy
Heero: "Mission Accepted"
Fight #1
Mobile Suit: Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom
Pilot: Duo Maxwell

This is a pretty easy fight, use the time to get used to playing as 
Wing Zero cause Deathscythe wont do much in the way of retaliation.

After the fight:
Duo: "C'mon! Give me a break!"
Heero: "I only execute my missions."


Fight #2
Mobile Suit: Gundam Sandrock Custom
Pilot: Quatre Winner

Before the fight:
Quatre: "I will fight for what I believe in."
Heero: "Oh really?"
Quatre: "So you wont back off after all?"

Another straightforward fight just beat him down by using your basic 
special attacks. You shouldn't have any trouble.

After the fight:
Quatre: "We shouldn't fight."
Heero: "I protest, I must fight."


Fight #3
Mobile Suit: Hygogg 
Pilot: Mikhail Kaminsky

What the? How did this guy sneak into the Gundam Wing universe? No 
matter, time for him to die. Try and stay away from him cause his arms 
have a good bit of range. Stay back and keep him hitting him with the 
buster rifle attacks. He shouldn't be much trouble as long as you keep 
away from him.

After the fight:
Heero: "Why do you fight me?"


Fight #4
Mobile Suit: Gundam Altron Custom
Pilot: Wufei Chang

Before the fight:
Wufei: "Our only purpose in life is to fight! Heero, show me what true 
justice is!"
Heero: "Wufei..."

Wufei will put up a good fight. He has a long reach with the dragon 
fangs and the beam glaive is unblockable. You need to end this fight 
quickly. Try and stay away from him and hit him with your buster rifle 
and vulcan guns. If he gets really close you can try and use your mega 
for some huge damage but its wasted if he blocks.

After the fight:
Heero: "How many more will be destroyed?"


Fight #5
Mobile Armor: Neue Ziel
Pilot: Anevel Gato

This fight will be easy compared to the others. Just get behind him and 
unload your mega attacks. As long as you stay behind him you will be 
able to avoid most of his attacks. If he tries to get you back in front 
of him try your best to get back behind him. With a little patience 
this should be an easy match.

After the fight:
Heero: "Whoever gets in my way is the enemy."


Fight #6
Mobile Suit: Gundam Heavy Arms Custom
Pilot: Trowa Barton

This might be the most trouble out of all the fights in this story. 
Trowa is fast and his attacks are all ranged and do good damage. Try 
and stay close to him so you can hit him out of his attacks. It night 
take a few tries but persistence will pay off.

After the fight:
Heero: "Let your emotions guide you."
Trowa: "Emotions?"


Fight #7
Mobile Suit: Tallgeese III
Pilot: Zechs Marquise

Before the fight:
Zechs: "This battle will mean nothing, but as a true warrior I must 
taste battle with you."
Heero: "All right, come on."

Zechs is not an easy match. He is great all around and if you let him 
can get the bast of you. He will tend to stay in the air so you can try 
and knock him down and get in some hits before he gets back up. This is 
gonna be tough, the beam saber works well here since it is unblockable.

After the fight:
Heero: "What will the future be like in my hands?"


Final Battle
Mobile Suit: Gundam Epyon
Pilot Treize Khushranada

Before the fight:
Treize: "Its not whether you win or lose, but how you fight."
Heero: "I only do as I am ordered."

The Gundam Epyon usually wont put up a great fight. Since it is 
completely dependent on being up close staying away will do good. Just 
stay away and hit it with the beam rifle and vulcans and the fight will 
go your way.

After the fight:
Treize: "The path of mankind is selfish, but I will not speak of what 
lies ahead."
Heero: "Peace settled by violence will not last, we should be the only 
ones to die."

Heero: Mission Accomplished

"Black Death"
Pilot: Duo Maxwell
Duo: "Heh heh, slice and dice!"

Fight #1
Mobile Suit: Gundam Sandrock Custom
Pilot: Quatre Winner

Quatre is an easy fight; he just stands there and begs you to try out 
your new moves.

After the fight:
Duo: "Hey! Sorry! I'm in a hurry!"
Quatre: "He's gone, why do we always resort to violence."


Fight #2
Mobile Suit: Sazabi
Pilot: Char Aznable

I was disappointed. My favorite mecha in the entire Gundam universe, 
and it put up no fight what so ever. He shouldn't be a problem just 
continue to develop your basic moves.

After the fight:
Duo: "Your all going to die! Anyone in my way will perish!"


Fight #3
Mobile Suit: Gundam Altron Custom
Pilot: Wufei Chang

Wufei wont put up nearly as much of a fight as last time, since you 
fight him earlier this time. Try to stay out of the reach of his dragon 
fangs and pelt him with your guns. If he is still alive when you run 
out of ammo get up close and try and throw your mega specials at him. 
If he is STILL alive just start throwing unblockable attacks at him.

After the fight:
Wufei: "The just must be strong."
Duo: "Cant we relax? C'mon, loosen up!"


Fight #4
Mobile Suit: Heavy Arms Custom
Pilot: Trowa Barton

Before the fight:
Duo: "Trowa! What do you think you are doing? Get outta the way!"
Trowa: "I have some business to take care of myself."
Duo: "Oh yeah? Well Ill have to force my way through!"

Once again Trowa will prove to be a pain. Since Deathscythe is a close 
range fighter and Heavyarms is a ranged fighter, this could prove to be 
tricky. His attacks can interrupt yours and they all do good damage. 
Try to get behind him as often as possible. Jumping works well cause he 
tends to stay on the ground. Make use of Deathscythe Hell's nifty 
teleport to get around Heavyarms and his bullets.

After the fight:
Duo: "You tricked me into fighting you!"
Trowa: "They'll get suspicious if I don't act this way."
Duo: "You haven't changed at all."


Fight #5
Mobile Armor: Neue Ziel
Pilot: Anevel Gato

This fight will become much harder now that you are playing as the 
Deathscythe. The same basics apply, get behind him and let loose your 
mega special. After that just swat him with the scythe, it will double 
as a source of damage and will destroy the missiles Gato fires at you. 
Persistence will pay off.

After the fight:
Duo: "Better than I expected."


Fight #6
Mobile Suit: Wing Gundam Zero Custom
Pilot: Heero Yuy

Before the fight:
Duo: "I never thought I'd fight you like this!"
Heero: "Are those your final words."
Duo: "Heh! You know, you're as friendly as ever!"

Pay attention. Make sure you block when he uses the buster rifle. And 
make darn sure you block if he uses his mega special because it can 
turn the fight around. Don't challenge him in the air he has an 
advantage, just stay on the ground and either use the scythe to swat 
out the little pest, or shoot him down with your head vulcans. You're 
going to want to use your mega. It's not really that hard of a fight 
over all.

After the fight:
Heero: "I don't need your pity."
Duo: "You say the wrong things at the wrong time. Don't you want to 


Fight #7
Mobile Suit: Tallgeese III
Pilot: Zechs Marquise

Before the fight:
Zechs: "Welcome Gundam pilot, I have a feeling this is going to be my 
lucky day."
Duo: "Oh yeah, is that your greeting? Well let this be mine in return!"

Zechs is another wonderful example of how different things can go when 
piloting a different suit. He tends to use his mega special a lot, 
which isn't to great considering its power. Just try and use the beam 
sickle and vulcans to full effect. If you think you have the slightest 
opening for the "Slash, slash, slash" mega special use it. With a 
little luck he will go down.

After the fight:
Duo: "That was close!"
Zechs: "How could I lose?"

Final Battle
Mobile Suit: Gundam Epyon
Pilot: Treize Khushranada

Before the fight:
Duo: "So you're the one they call Treize huh? I guess Ill just have to 
find out."
Treize: "I'm honored you know my name, show me your strength as a 
gundam pilot!"

Epyon will tend to eat you alive in this fight. Try and use your 
vulcans the best you can before you close the gap into close combat. 
Once you're in the fray just use the same scythe moves you against 
Zechs. Try like mad to finish this before Epyon starts doing mega 
specials, cause if he catches you off guard your gonna feel it. Just 
keep at it.

After the fight:
Treize: "Losers are many in the history of war, we only need to be the 
foundation of peace."
Duo: "Though our aims are the same, this is the only way we can 
accomplish it."

Duo: "We are the greatest partners! Aren't we Deathscythe!"

"Peace Craft"
Pilot: Zechs Marquise
Zechs: "For you, who have forgotten to fight."

Fight #1
Mobile Suit: Gundam Altron Shenlong Custom
Pilot: Wufei Chang

This fight isn't that difficult. Nataku is easily kept at bay with the 
Tallgeese's cannons.

After the fight:
Wufei: "I cant even deliver justice! How pathetic!"


Fight #2
Mobile Suit: Gundam Heavy Arms Custom
Pilot: Trowa Barton

Try and get this fight over with ASAP. Stay up close and personal and 
hammer him with the tripping attacks just to hit him with the beam 
cannon when he gets up. This isn't so tough as you fight him early on.

After the fight:
Zechs: "We need you now. Don't waste your lives."
Trowa: "You...need us?"


Battle #3
Mobile Suit: Full Armor Double Zeta Gundam
Pilot: Judua Ashta

This is an incredibly easy fight. Just stay up his arse and hammer him 
nonstop. Use your mega special if you need a five-second break to rest 
your thumbs. It should be over in no time. That'll teach those losers 
to stay out this alternate universe.

After the fight:
Zechs: "Leave me alone!"


Fight #4
Mobile Suit: Gundam Sandrock Custom
Pilot: Quatre Winner

Just bust him up. He won't be hard. Shoot him from afar before moving 
in close where he has more of an advantage. There are harder fights 
coming, don't worry.

After the fight:
Quatre: "Weakness...my weakness invites evil?"
Zechs: "Such a young kid in combat...is this a sign of the times?"


Fight #5
Mobile Suit: Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom
Pilot: Duo Maxwell

This fight isn't anything to worry about either. Beware the scythe is 
unblockable, but it takes so long to swing you should well be out of 
the way or have knocked him out of the move before you get hit. Just 
beat him down as quick as possible and get on to the next fight.

After the fight:
Duo: "Hurry up and finish me off!"


Fight #6
Mobile Suit: Gundam Epyon
Pilot: Treize Khushranada

Before the fight:
Zechs: "Treize, I can never be your friend."
Treize: "That's too bad. Its sad we live in such times."

As per usual if you let it this fight can go down the tubes quite 
quickly. Epyon is a close range deity. Try and keep him away and pelt 
him with the beam cannon for as long as possible. When that fails you 
really don't have much choice but to rush him. Try and stun him and hit 
him with your Mega Special. Unable to defend he will feel the full 
effect. Just don't get trapped in a corner, doing so could prove fatal.

After the fight:
Zechs: "Another place, another time we could have been best friends."
Treize: "Things do not always go as you wish."


Fight #7
Mobile Suit: Wing Gundam Zero Custom
Pilot: Heero Yuy

Before the Fight:
Heero: "Ill kill you."
Zechs: "Come on, pray this fight will mean something."

Stay out of the air where Wing Zero has an advantage, and since it has 
a gun it can shoot back so charge in for a close range fight. Pound him 
flat, don't use your gun or mega special until you think you need it. 
If you have him at least halfway down, try to stun him and use a mega 
special. It shouldn't be difficult. I hope this didn't give you 
trouble, if so the next fight will be a doozy.

After the fight: 
Heero: "I don't understand. Is there peace at the end of battle?"
Zechs: "After our battles, people must have courage to attain peace."


Final Battle
Mobile Suit: Hydra Gundam
Pilot: Valdor Farkill

Before the fight:
Zechs: "Is that really the Hydra Gundam?"
Valdor: "There are so many unexpected things in this world, what you 
see before you is reality."

Awwww man this fight is hard. The Hydra is one mean sucker, be prepared 
to use up a lot of continues. Thank God they are infinite. You have to 
make sure you land your mega attacks cause if you don't just let him 
beat you into another continue. Try and stun him before you use them. 
He dodges and blocks a lot. Almost all of you attacks will be either 
dodged or blocked, and when this happens to your precious few ammo 
consuming techs this is a huge insult. Try and end it quick or he will 
put the hurt on you, usually with that quadruple green laser blasts 
from the hydra heads on its back. Just be patient, it took me nineteen 
tries on hard but I got it.

After the fight:
Zechs: "No, we don't have to fight anymore, the world does not need us 

Zechs: My mission is finished. I will leave the rest for the next 

"King of Hearts"
Pilot: Domon Kasshu
Domon: "Gundam Fight! Ready! GO!"

Fight #1
Mobile Suit: Gundam Rose
Pilot George de Sand

As far as first fights go this one proves to be a wee bit of a pain in 
the arse. He is constantly jumping around like an idiot swinging that 
sword around. This is not a fight you want to take your time on cause 
he gets pretty mean, especially on hard. One of the best strategies is 
just to back him into a corner and just keep chipping away at him with 
a flurry of weak punches and maybe a strong punch uppercut to finish of 
his life bar. Stun him and use your mega special. That will put the 
hurt on him. Just keep up your attacks and don't give an inch.

After the fight:
Domon: "Do you know the guy in this picture?"
George: "You have my apologies, for I do not know him."


Fight #2
Mobile Suit: Gundam Maxter
Pilot: Chibodee Crocket

Before the Fight:
Domon: "Hey do you know who this guy is?"
Chibodee: "Well, if you can beat me, then Ill tell you what you want to 
Domon: "Let's go for it, then! Gundam Fight!"
Chibodee: "Ready! Go!"

Well if you were feeling robbed of a warm up during the first fight you 
can make up for it in this round. The Maxter is a close range fighter, 
except for his vulcans and long range cyclone punch he is a strictly 
proximal fighter. Even his mega can be dodged easily. So just pound him 
with your guns, and practice your pink Tenkyoken fireball attack. Stay 
away from the beam sword, its speed is deathly slow and you can do 
better damage with the burning finger. Stun before you mega, blah blah 
blah you've heard it all before.

After the fight:
Chibodee: "Who do you think you are? How dare you!"
Domon: "Wait, do you know this guy?"
Chibodee: "Huh, never seen him before."


Fight #3
Mobile Suit: GPO-2A Physalis
Pilot: Anavel Gato

Stay in Gato's face and beat the tar out of him. This will go quick if 
you don't ease up. Just don't let up. Watch out for his bazooka attacks 
they can prove quite painful, but they take a while to fire, therefore 
staying close will enable you to knock him out of it.

After the fight:
Domon: "You know anything about the guy in this picture?"


Fight #4
Mobile Suit: Bolt Gundam
Pilot Argo Gulskii

Before the fight:
Argo: "Gundam!? What are you doing here?"
Domon: "I'm searching for this man. Do you know where he is?"
Argo: "Why should I trust you? Here's the deal: If you can defeat me I 
will answer you."

This guy will hurt you plenty. He has the tendency to block, a lot. So 
just charge him and start landing weak punches. If he blocks back off 
and try again. When you finally land some hits cancel the weak punches 
into the mega special. Repeat to your liking. Watch out from the 
shoulder ram attack. Its easy enough to dodge but the graviton hammer 
attack will be a thorn in you side due to its long range, and the sound 
it makes is annoying too.

After the fight:
Argo: "Well, you seem like a good guy. I can tell by the way you handle 
your saber."
Domon: "I'm looking for this guy, have you seen him?"
Argo: "No. He hasn't come around here, but I hope you can find him."


Fight #5
Mobile Armor: Big-Zam
Pilot: Dozul Zabi

Well. If you're following this guide this is the first time you will 
fight this giant frog looking monstrosity. ARRRRRG. You will grow to 
hate this guy. Trust me. Try to stay behind him to avoid his mega 
special. If you get hit by anything he throws at you and don't block 
your looking to lose at least a third of your life bar. So blocking is 
a must. As soon as the fight begins hop back and launch your mega. He 
can't block it so as long as he doesn't hit you out of it your going to 
do some damage, much needed damage. If you do get hit out of your mega 
you've pretty much already lost the fight. You need to stack as much 
hurting as possible. After you use your mega jump over him, and hope 
you don't get shot by the lasers he will throw your way. Don't kick or 
punch him on the way down, you'll just stall in the air and he will 
shoot you with his lasers. After you land you can either stay back and 
throw pink Tenkyokens at his legs, or close the distance with a burning 
finger and start pressing strong punch like a mad man. If he shoots 
missiles by all costs avoid them or block. They hurt a lot. At some 
point he will jump into the air and hover over to the corner of the 
screen you are in and drop like a rock. Run under him while he is still 
in the air; block because he always shoots a ground laser before he 
lands, then jump back behind him. After you've robbed him of his first 
life bar, launch your second mega. And then bash him out of the second 
bar and repeat a third time. Save all your ammo for the last life bar 
and pelt him to death with your vulcans for the kill.

After the fight:
Domon: "Brother...Kyoji! Where in the world are you?"


Fight #6
Mobile Suit: Dragon Gundam
Pilot: Sai Sici

Well this guy will be a much needed vacation after what Big-Zam did to 
you. Lucky for you he doesn't block much, but still don't over estimate 
this bugger. Immediately try and close the gap, he may do a low kick 
and trip you first off but just try again. Pound him with weak punches 
into a corner, and when you start to push back use a strong punch and 
finish with your mega while he is still stunned, repeat as necessary.

After the fight:
Sai: "Hey, bro. Take it easy on me."
Domon: "You first."


Fight #7
Mobile Suit: Master Gundam
Pilot: Master Asia

Before the fight:
Asia: "School of Touhou Fuhai! The winds of the king! Zenshin! 
Domon: "Tenpakyouran!"
Asia: "Look! The east..."
Domon: "...is burning red!"

This fight will go either really good, or really bad. Master can be 
annoying, and when the "Oh jeez I'm getting whooped" AI kicks in he can 
prove very cheap. Try and stick to the same flurry of punches you use 
with Sai, but don't hit him so many times before you finish with your 
mega. And make sure they always hit cause Master has a huge tendency to 
block. If you see his hand glow pink and the announcer says, "You can't 
defend", fire your mega at him immediately. If he goes into his Master 
Block, meaning when the wings close into a cape and he is invincible, 
jump back because he will usually come out of it with a Darkness 

After the fight:
Asia: "Domon, my dear student, don't tarnish the name of "King of 
Domon: "Master? Of course, Master!"


Final Battle
Mobile Suit Devil (Dark) Gundam
Pilot: Kyoji Kasshu

Before the fight:
Kyoji: "Welcome my dear little brother. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, 
ha... ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"
Domon: "Enough! You think you're so funny. Because of you mother is 
dead, and father is in suspended animation, I've waited for this day 
you're not gonna get away with this!"

All right thirteen has are way to many, its time for this guy to die. 
This is a tough one. No wonder he is a boss. He will block EVERYTHING! 
Just keep swinging at him and save your megas. The worms will make you 
very unhappy, they will be nipping at your heels the entire fight. If 
he ever goes and uses that lightning barrier attack, the one that 
surrounds his top half, use your mega while he is paused. He also has a 
habit of using his vernier mode, if he does use your mega while he is 
flying and cant block. Don't neglect your head vulcans either. Even if 
he blocks every shot you can still get rid of 3/fourths of a life bar. 
That's all the help I can really be, this fight is a killer, but just 
beat it so you can witness the only real end scene in the game.

Domon: "Now Rain, our hands glow together! Love, Love Tenkyoken!"

Domon: "I love you, I want to be with you! Rain!"

"Big Dream"
Pilot: Chibodee Crocket
Chibodee: "Gundam Fight! Ready! Go!"

Fight #1
Mobile Suit: Dragon Gundam
Pilot: Sai Sici

Before the fight:
Sai: "So, it's come to this: The fate of the Shaolin Temple depends on 
Chibodee: "You're not the only one with big dreams! Machinegun Punch 

Oh my God I hate this guy's story mode! What now I gotta play through 
it again and document every little butt kicking I get in a well-aligned 
FAQ format. AHHHH! Well since you probably haven't played with Maxter 
yet you will get your arse handed to you this match. Dragon Gundam will 
whip you in close range, so try to stay back and hit him with your six-
shooters to buy yourself some time and cheap damage. Look for openings 
to try and use your mega: like when he is coming down from doing that 
upward handstand kick attack, or just try and stun him and make your 
own opening. Burning Punch is a nifty attack to get you up close to 
him, not to mention the damage is good. When you get him critical, he 
has the tendency to activate flight mode a lot. Use this as an 
opportunity to unload any megas you may have left. Well wasn't that a 
huge pain in one's ass. Don't worry there are seven more fights coming 
up that will make that look like a cake walk.

After the fight:
Sai: "Damn! I almost had you!"
Chibodee: "Yeah! That's the way to go!"


Fight #2
Mobile Suit: Bolt Gundam
Pilot: Argo Gulskii

This fight may sometimes be a little easier than the first but just 
when you though every thing was going well, the enemies desperation 
mode kicks in and your looking at a game over screen when you could've 
sworn 3.746 seconds ago you had full life. That stupid Graviton Hammer 
attack will have you cursing in your sleep, it will pummel the snot out 
of you the whole fight. It's basically all he will use, except for a 
shoulder tackle here and there. So here's what you do, stick to the 
air, look at him, does he look like he flies well? But you do! Jump 
into the air and use your down + Circle headbutt attack. If it connects 
right it will do up to three hits, and you will do a backflip away so 
you can set up another one. But a word of warning if you miss you will 
kiss the pavement, and hard! You will be down and open to any cheap 
hits for about two seconds. Don't even try your mega here, it's almost 
more of a liability than a savior.

After the fight:
Chibodee: "That was intense!"
Argo: "I won't make any excuses. You win."


Fight #3
Mobile Suit: V (Nu) Gundam
Pilot: Amuro Ray

Stupid Feddies! They win one war and suddenly they think they can 
trounce around in whatever alternate universe they please. Stay far 
back, he doesn't have many shots with his beam rifle so block them all, 
cause they hurt! He is an insane blocker, and will block almost 
everything you throw at him, so wait for an opening. He has a huge 
tendency to do his Flying Knee attack, especially when you're no where 
near him. You'll recognize it; the suits knee will glow yellow and he 
will jump into the air with his knee out. This provides a great chance 
for cheap shots with you trusty six-shooters. Block and dodge as much 
as you can, this suit can put the hurt on you fast. Sometimes he will 
activate vernier mode, not too often though, but this is a great time 
to unload ammo since he cant block. This also makes the down + Circle 
aerial headbutt you used on Bolt Gundam very effective. It will take 
some time but he will fall eventually.

After the fight:
Chibodee: "You should've checked who I was before challenging me!"


Fight #4
Mobile Suit: Gundam Rose
Pilot: George de Sand

Before the fight:
George: "Chibodee. Let's settle this once and for all!"
Chibodee: "Gladly! Let's go!"

This is one fight I found a little easier. You'll still get slaughtered 
though, just not as fast. Try and stay in the air and avoid his attacks 
only to come down with the ol' faithful down + Circle headbutt. He has 
a mean habit of linking all his sword techs into a huge prolonged move 
just to finish it off with an unblockable thrust so avoid his attacks. 
Block like made, and don't use your mega. The cowboy six-shooters and 
the falling headbutt are your best friend.

After the fight:
George: "Maria Louise, I have lost!"
Chibodee: "I can feel it! My dream is finally within my grasp!"


Fight #5
Mobile Armor: Big-Zam
Pilot: Dozul Zabi

My one word of advice...don't let your parents hear you cursing this 
thing out, you might get punished kids. Oh and trust me. Curse it you 
will. This thing is a jerk! This is the hardest story fight in the game 
so if you beat this in one try you pretty much have the game under your 
thumb from here on, but if you could do that why would you be reading 
this. So since I'm assuming you may need some help with this, Ill give 
it. When the fight begins jump over behind him and pray he doesn't 
snipe you with an air laser. When you land get up close and connect a 
mega into his back leg. Hope you don't get hit out of it cause you 
definitely need all the damage you can get. He will probably try to 
jump over you, or he may allow you to stay back there for now. If he 
jumps, run under him and block when you get on the other side cause he 
always will shoot a ground laser before he lands. If he stays put and 
doesn't try and get you onto the other side, keep jumping and using 
everybody's favorite down + Circle headbutt. If he uses his mega-super 
particle beam hope that you are close enough that the beam wont hit 
you, cause if you aren't your dead, but if you are it is the perfect 
time to unleash your own mega on him. Another good time to use it is 
right after he lands from trying to jump in the air and squash you on 
the way down. While he is still crouched from the impact of trying to 
land on you use your mega. Chances are you'll run out of time before 
you beat him so before time runs out use all the ammo in your guns for 
last minute damage, just try and get in as much hurt as possible while 
restricting your own damage, and when time runs out you might win.

After the fight:
Chibodee: "Get out of my way!"


Fight #6
Mobile Suit: Master Gundam
Pilot: Master Asia

Well anything is easier than what you just did; hoping you did it 
anyway. So lets pummel Asia into the ground and get this story over 
with. Just keep using the burning punch in close range, he won't block 
much, he attacks too much. If you get far away from him, pummel him 
with your six-shooters. It should be an easy fight.

After the fight:
Asia: "I don't understand how you could become so strong."
Chibodee: "I can tell! You really are Domon's master!"


Fight #7
Mobile Suit: God (Burning) Gundam
Pilot: Domon Kasshu

Chibodee: "Ive been waiting for this moment, Domon. At last feel my 
Domon: "Well today is your lucky day, Chibodee! Let's go!"

This is another pretty easy match. Stick with the burning punch and 
just keep it up. Variation doesn't matter, were trying to win here. 
Burning punch and the guns are all you need to win.

Chibodee: "I told you I was going to win!"
Domon: "I finally understand what your dream was all about!"


Final Battle
Mobile Suit: Devil (Dark) Gundam
Pilot: Kyoji Kasshu

Before the fight:
Chibodee: Ah, there it is! The Dark Gundam! You're going to your 
Kyoji: "Ha! ha! ha!!

Why wont this guy stop laughing! Did I miss a joke, here's the joke 
this fight! Just keep using the Burning Punch. Don't let up, that's all 
you need. No megas, no guns, no headbutt. From the beginning of the 
fight on just use the burning punch, this will force him into the 
corner where you repeat the move thirty to forty times to your 
satisfaction. Even if he blocks he will still lose a little bit of 
life. If he should somehow escape the serious ground pounding he is 
receiving just corner him the same way and put him back in it. That's 
all you need to do. Congratulations you've just beaten the hardest 
street mode of them all.

Chibodee: "Why can't I stop shivering? The fight is over."

Chibodee: "I'm number one, and don't you forget it!"

"School of Touhou Fuhai"
Pilot: Master Asia
Asia: "School of Touhou Fuhai, the Master is here."

Fight #1
Mobile Suit: Gundam Rose
Pilot: George de Sand

Well back to the basics, this is an easy fight. Just don't let him back 
you into a corner or he will fence the bloody heck out of you. Try and 
get a hang of the basic moves and beat this guy up.

After the fight:
George: I am no match for you!
Asia: You need some serious training!


Fight #2
Mobile Suit: Dragon Gundam
Pilot: Sai Sici

Sai doesn't seem to block a lot. Just stun him and use your mega. 
Practice your kicks they work well. Stay out the air, he will rule you 
up there. Just keep practicing the basics and find what works.

After the fight:
Sai: "Can I have another chance, master?"
Asia: "What? You wish to try your hand against me again?"


Fight #3
Mobile Suit: Quin Mantha
Pilot: Peru Two

This is an annoying fight. On hard all the stupid thing does is shoot, 
shoot, and shoot some more! Just keep up the blocking, and that 
shouldn't bother you. Eventually it will engage you in close combat; 
there you can pound it in relative ease. Stun before you use your megas 
just to get the full affect. It isn't even a light workout.

After the fight:
Asia: "That wasn't even a light workout!"


Fight #4
Mobile Suit: Bolt Gundam
Pilot: Argo Gulskii

This fight is just as easy as the last one. If he does the shoulder 
charge, jump over him and connect a mega into his back. Just watch out 
for the stupid ball and chain. It's rather quick and hurts a lot. This 
shouldn't take to long. Just keep him back, Darkness Finger works well 
for this along with the various kicks.

After the fight:
Asia: What a shame! Heh heh!


Fight #5
Mobile Armor: Big-Zam
Pilot: Dozul Zabi

Well at least it isn't bad as last time, but it's still a hard fight. 
Like always stay behind him to avoid his pesky mega-particle cannon. 
Try and block or avoid the missiles and lasers. After the fight begins 
hit him with your mega, and than two darkness fingers will take care of 
his first armor level. Repeat the process for the next two armor 
levels, and for his last one just rush in and hit Triangle like mad for 
a three hit uppercut that will chip him into oblivion.

After the fight:
Asia: "What's wrong? I'm still waiting for you to start."


Fight #6
Mobile Suit: Gundam Maxter
Pilot: Chibodee Crocket

After Zam, this is a pushover. Just pound him.

After the fight:
Chibodee: "Great work!"
Asia: "You bear the crest of the Shuffle Alliance and lose? Pathetic!"


Fight #7
Mobile Suit: God (Burning) Gundam
Pilot: Domon Kasshu

Before the fight:
Domon: "Master, why are you getting in my way? Tell me!"
Asia: "Things are not as easy as you think. I will teach you a lesson!"

Stick to using your kicks and Darkness Finger. Let him get too close 
and he will put the hurt down quickly. So you need to keep him away and 
your blocking needs to be done or you are done for. He tries to use his 
slow as hell beam sword attack a lot, that is a HUGE opening for a 
mega. Other than that stick to the flying kicks and this shouldn't be 
that much of a problem.

After the fight:
Domon: "Why? Why can't I ever win?"
Asia: "You idiot! I couldn't lose to someone who is so shortsighted!"


Final Battle
Mobile Suit: Devil (Dark) Gundam
Pilot: Kyoji Kasshu

Before the fight:
Kyoji: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaa, ha, ha, ha, ha!
Asia: "So, you've been completely taken over by DG Cells? Don't worry. 
I will set you free!"

I don't know about you but I think that laughing needs to freaking 
stop. This is the hardest fight you will have against the Devil Gundam. 
With the other two suits you could just cheese him out but not this 
time. He will block almost everything so don't try and go all out. 
Don't stay too close to him, but not to far away. Just keep close 
enough to where he will try to use a close range attack, but it will 
just miss you. Make sure you keep your blocking up or the little worms 
will eat you alive. Keep hitting him with the Darkness Finger so you 
don't need to get close, and if he puts up his lightning barrier hit 
him with a mega while he is dead open. If he does the attack where he 
keeps on punching use your mega. Other than that just keep using the 
Darkness Finger. With a little luck you should whip this on your first 

After the fight:
Asia: "Rest in peace! It was just to powerful for a human being to 

Asia: "East, west, south, north - unbeaten in every path! I am Master 

"One Year War"
Pilot: Amuro Ray
Amuro: "Gundam, lets do it!"

Fight #1
Mobile Suit: Zaku II
Pilot: Denim

A pretty basic first fight against the Zeon's standard "blow me up 
please" mobile suit. Just get used to how the Gundam plays, try messing 
around with the hard to use, but super powerful Gundam Hammer mega, and 
then scroll down and move on to a fight that might challenge you.

After the fight:
Denim: A white mobile suit... is that the Federation's new model?"
Amuro: "I did it!"


Fight #2
Mobile Suit: Zaku IIS
Pilot: Char Aznable

Before the fight:
Char: "I'm going to teach you that your mobile suit has its limits, 
when it goes up against the Red Comet."
Amuro: "A red mobile suit?"

This is exactly like the last fight, except on steroids. Char's Zaku 
has all the moves of the other Zaku except much faster. But he is 
pretty much a push over, even on hard, but don't worry kids Char will 
be back, again and again.

After the fight:
Char: "The Federation's mobile suit is a monster!"
Amuro: "Did I do it?"


Fight #3
Mobile Suit: Hygogg
Pilot: Mikhail Kaminsky

This guy always sucks no matter what difficulty so just put down some 
standard hurting and get on to the next match.

After the fight:
Amuro: "Nobody told me about that model."


Fight #4
Mobile Suit: Acguy
Pilot: Akahana

His guy is fast and he likes to stick to the air. If you don't watch 
out you can lose, but as long as you block he is a pushover. It's cool 
to use your mega on this guy just to watch all the shrapnel fly off 
that huge noggin.

After the fight:
Amuro: "Idiot!"


Fight #5
Mobile Suit: Zaku IIS
Pilot: Char Aznable

Before the fight:
Char: "I was careless to let you get this close!"
Amuro: "Is that him?"

I told you he would be back. Just whoop him, its nothing new.

After the fight:
Char: "Who is the Gundam pilot?!"
Amuro: "Is Char a Newtype?"


Fight #6
Mobile Suit: Ball
Pilot: Shiro Amada

Arrrg these fights get lamer and lamer as you go along. Just shoot him.

After the fight:
Amuro: "I am the best pilot for Gundam!"


Fight #7
Mobile Armor: Big-Zam
Pilot: Dozul Zabi

Before the fight:
Amuro: "You monster, its too much!"
Dozul: "Once the Big-Zam is mass produced, we'll put an end to the 
Federation in no time."

Well time to kill this guy, yippee! All the basics still apply; make 
sure you block, or he will kill you quick. But this time don't worry 
about getting behind him. Well start of by nailing him with the Gundam 
Hammer. It will take off more than half of its life bar, after that, 
run up close and just strong kick the hell out of it. Four strong kicks 
will remove the rest of that life bar. Repeat the Gundam Hammer mega, 
kick like mad until he loses his second bar, good, use your last mega 
kick him out of that last armor level. All right now for the last bar 
jump behind Big-Zam, and shoot off all your Beam Rifle shots. If he is 
still alive, just kick the crap out of him some more. There that was 
easy, huh.

After the fight:
Dozul: "For the glory of Zeon!"
Amuro: "Will this never end?"


Final Battle
Mobile Suit: Zeong
Pilot: Char Aznable

Before the fight:
Amuro: "You should know that our true enemy is the Zabi Family! Why are 
you getting in my way?"
Char: "You're the strongest soldier. That's why."

Ugh! This makes the Big-Zam seem like a cakewalk. He doesn't stay 
still, NEVER.  He is fast and blocks like mad. He will use his hand 
lasers constantly. Block them all. Stay away from him, far away because 
his bit arms will fly out to smack you, and the burners have a good 
range too. So block them or just stay far enough away so they wont hit 
you. Save your beam shots for when he is defenseless, otherwise he will 
just block these much needed hits. Landing your megas will be insanely 
difficult. You cant stun him and get back far enough to hit him before 
he snaps out of it, so you just need to try for a time when he is 
preoccupied, or fingers crossed he may go into vernier mode leaving 
himself open for beam shots and the gundam hammer. Just keep at it, 
maybe you'll catch him on a bad day.

After the fight:
Char: "I could never forgive the Zabi family. I will settle this."
Amuro: "Char..."

Amuro: "Sorry, Lalah. I still have a place to go home to."

"Red Comet"
Pilot: Char Aznable
"War is hard business."

Fight #1
Mobile Suit: Ball
Pilot: Shiro Amada

Just get it over with quick. Stop wasting your time."

After the fight:
Shiro: "Damn!"
Char: "They must be cornered if they're going to use that kind of 
mobile suit."


Fight #2
Mobile Suit: Zaku II
Pilot: Denim

Hey! Isn't he on your side? Oh well kick his butt. So this is tough, a 
normal Zaku versus a pumped up super Zaku. It's like racing a Pinto 
against a Ferrari. Make him pay for his insubordination. There is no 
strategy, stun then mega special! Just pound him!

After the fight:
Char: "Get back. Your Zaku won't do."


Fight #3
Mobile Suit: Full Armor Double Zeta Gundam
Pilot: Judua Ashta

This fight is easy; he is so big and clumsy. Just use punching combos, 
stun him and use your mega. This is an easy fight, even on hard.

After the fight:
Char: "Because you are a brat..."


Fight #4
Mobile Suit: Acguy
Pilot: Akahana

Another laughable fight. Pound him, shoot him, bomb him. Get some 
practice, take out some suppressed anger, move on to the next fight.

After the fight:
Char: "Akahana! What are you up to?"


Fight #5
Mobile Armor: Big-Zam
Pilot: Dozul Zabi

Before the fight:
Char: "That's the Big...Big-Zam?!"
Dozul: "I think I will test the power of my Big-Zam. Are you ready to 

Ha, this fight is surprisingly easy. It's the Zaku's sheer speed. It is 
insane, and it screws the Big-Zam big-time. Jet behind his arse, laugh 
as he tries to retaliate, and send a mega-special into his legs. Kick 
the rest of the bar away; repeat the process on the next bar, and the 
next one. And for the last armor level, drain your 100mm machine gun 
into his hull, and for a finish, KICK HIM!

After the fight:
Dozul: "All of Zeon will laugh at us..."
Char: "What an idiot...he has no idea how to use such force."


Fight #6
Mobile Suit: Quin Mantha
Pilot: Puru Two

Another easy fight. Keep up the same act you've played for every other 

After the fight:
Char: "Just a fool."


Fight #7
Mobile Armor: Neue Ziel
Pilot: Anevel Gato

From the start hammer him with all of your megas. Each one should 
relieve him of one. Try and stay behind him to avoid those killer bit 
arms, lasers, and mega-special. Unload your 100mm machine gun, and than 
just kick him to death.

After the fight:
Char: "Where did you develop from?"


Final Battle
Mobile Suit: RX-78-2 Gundam
Pilot: Amuro Ray

Before the fight:
Amuro: "Char, I had a feeling you would be coming!"
Char: "So, I guess you are a Newtype, but are you good enough to take 
on my new mobile suit?"

SWEET! A new ride! This is a really easy fight. Just stun him and use 
your mega for some quick damage. Blast him with your palm lasers, and 
use the burners to fry him. It shouldn't be too difficult.

After the fight:
Amuro: "Stand up Gundam, stand!"
Char: "Your Newtype pride is your weakness."

Char: "Lalah, please show me how..."

]==========================[Time Attack Modes]========================[

===[Time Attack A]===

The objective of this is to completely defeat eight mobile suits, as 
fast as you can. The mobile suits you fight are completely random and 
excludes all of the incredibly powerful 'boss' mobile suits. The 
easiest way to beat this mode is to use Psyco Gundam. But it's really 
cheesy. But hey, your not going for style your going to win. Beat it in 
under five minutes and get a special treat. The Big-Zam to be precise.

===[Time Attack B]===

This time you get to fight the four completely un-random 'boss' suits. 
The best way I think to achieve this is to use the GPO-2A and it's 
high-powered bazooka, or use the Heavy Arms Custom to cheese your 
opponents to their graves, also Devil (Dark) Gundam's extremely cheesy 
unblockable duel hand laser attack will make short work of this mode. 
Beat this and less than three minutes and the Psyco Gundam is yours to 
play. Here's the order of your opponents.
#1 Big-Zam
#2 Devil Gundam
#3 Neue Ziel
#4 Psyco Gundam Mk. III
Have fun with these guys!

]===========================[Survival Battle]=========================[

Oh this mode is fun. You get to play in a no holds bar fight to the 
death, in a suit of your choice. Against all the suits in the game. The 
suits are chosen randomly, except the 'boss' suits are dispatched on 
increments of six. Meaning every six fights is a 'boss' suit. Starting 
with Big-Zam, then the Neue Ziel, than the Devil (Dark) Gundam, and 
finally the Psyco Gundam Mk. III, only to start the list over on the 
next sixth multiple. Your health is refilled after every fight, but if 
you should lose an armor level it will NOT be replaced. Your life bar 
is only filled up to the top of your current armor level. Your 
ammunition is refilled after every fight, but if you use your megas you 
only get one back at the end of each fight. So conserve them and use 
them sparingly. As your number of beaten fights increases so does the 
difficulty of your next opponent. Changing the game difficulty will not 
change the suits difficulty in Survival Mode.

My current high score:
Sazabi: 97 wins

]===========================[Victory Quotes]==========================[

Here it is the last section in this guide. A listing of the taunts, 
jeers, praises, drunken ramblings, and general arrangement of words 
that form the victory quotes of the games characters after you 
slaughter your buddies. Some are witty, some are weird, and is it just 
me or is Mikhail EXTREMELY drunk. The mobile suit names in parenthesis 
is the specific pilot you need to win against to get that quote, if 
there is no specific suit name then they may say it after any fight. 
Also certain quotes only trigger when time runs out against a specific 
opponent, if this is the case TIME RUNS OUT will be in the parenthesis 
in front the opponents.

Gundam RX-78-2

Amuro: "I am the best pilot for Gundam."
Amuro: "They're well trained pilots, but once I know their maneuver 
patterns, it's easy."
Amuro: "I can see. I can see the movement."
(Zeong/Zaku IIS) Amuro: "Char. I know what you are trying to do."
(Nu Gundam) Amuro: "Do you still want to continue?"
(Sazabi) Amuro: "Char, this is unacceptable!"

Zaku IIS

Char: "In a war, you must always be at least one step ahead."
Char: "We'll be fine as long as were not hit."
Char: "I will teach you that mobile suit performance has nothing to do 
with its capability!"
(Nu Gundam) Char: "We will always be rivals."
(Sazabi) Char: "You sure have changed."
(Gundam) Char: "You are getting better Gundam."

Zaku II

Denim: "I may just be a Zaku, but I can beat you!"
Denim: "Too bad, my mission is to kill you."
(Zaku IIS, Zeong) Denim: "Lieutenant, you've lost your fine touch."
(Gundam) Denim: "Did I actually beat the white mobile suit?"


Akahana: "Well done, Acguy."
Akahana: "That was close! No more dangers for me!"
Akahana: "I told you to quit."
(Zaku IIS/Zeong) Akahana: "You really shouldn't be snobbish like that."


Dozul: "Glorious Zeon...my pride...you will not succeed!"
(Zaku IIS/Zeong) Dozul: "Garma, I have avenged you!"
(Gundam) Dozul: "I won't let you...No! I won't let you, not you!"


Char: "Never underestimate this Zeong!"
Char: "You must be joking."
(Gundam) Char: "A newtype like yourself is too dangerous. I will have 
to kill you."


Shiro: "You though this was just a Ball."
Shiro: "Even a Ball can do it!"
Shiro: "Time to let go!"
Shiro: "I am going to live! I am going to marry Aina and we will live a 
happy life together!"


Mikhail: "Ha hah, Cheers to our victory!"
Mikhail: "You don't usually get beaten by an old man."
Mikhail: "Here's to the dying man..."
Mikhail: "Why'd you have to ruin a perfectly good day?"
Mikhail: "Let's go home and party some more."
Mikhail: "Damn...You made me feel young again."
Mikhail: "Huh, I think I've had enough already."

GPO-2A Physalis

Gato: "You cheated!"
Gato: "My heart is trembling like space."
Gato: "Is that it?"
Gato: "You shouldn't fight with me...amateurs!"

Neue Ziel

Gato: "Let future generations hear of our true battles!"
Gato: "I will never be defeated by a dishonorable soul!"
Gato: "Amen!"

Full Armor Double Zeta Gundam

Judua: "What the...!"
Judua: "I won't let you hold others back for your own amusement!"
(Quin Mantha) Judua: "Puru Two, don't ride on such a wreck."

Quin Mantha

Puru: "Run! Run! Get out of the way!"
Puru: "That is no ordinary fighter!"
Puru: "How rude!"
(Full Armor Double Zeta Gundam) Puru: "Judua, you're in the way!"

V (Nu) Gundam

Amuro: "I don't have time to mess with you!"
Amuro: "V (Nu) Gundam is not a toy!"
(Zaku IIS/Zeong) Amuro: "Red Comet, you were good."
(Sazabi) Amuro: "A man like you...How could you be so ruthless!"
(Gundam) Amuro: "You are quick, but too immature."


Char: "Fools."
Char: "I do what I believe to be right."
(Zaku IIS/ Zeong) Char: A shame, you are still so inexperienced..."
(Gundam) Char: "You should have come to my side..."
(Nu Gundam) Char: "I can't just be a pilot like you!"


Treize: "That's useless."
Treize: "See you in battle."
(Tallgeese III) Treize: "If times were different we could have been 
good friends."
(Wing Zero/ Deathscythe/ Sandrock/ Heavyarms/ Altron) Treize: "I only 
hope our fights will lead to a better future."


Valdor: Though it was inevitable, you're pitiful..."
Valdor: Isn't it a little late to ask for forgiveness?"

Wing Gundam Zero Custom

Heero: "Move over."
(Sandrock/ Deathscythe/ Heavyarms) Heero: "I will punish all who 
(Wing Zero/ Altron) Heero: "Tell me...How many more must we kill...?"

Deathscythe Hell Custom

Duo: "Excuse me!"
Duo: "Slash, slash, slash!!!"
Duo: "Those who see me will perish!"
(Wing Zero/ Altron/ Sandrock/ Heavyarms/ Deathscythe) Duo: "Peace...for 
peace I will gladly be Death."

Heavy Arms Custom

Trowa: "Where is the next target?"
Trowa: "Since you've seen the Gundam I can't let you leave."
(Heavyarms/ Deathscythe/ Sandrock) Trowa: "Don't worry."
(Wing Zero/ Altron) Trowa: We're just a bunch of tools."

Sandrock Custom

Quatre: "I told you to surrender!"
Quatre: "The world needs peace."
(Wing Zero/ Heavyarms/ Sandrock/ Deathscythe/ Altron) Quatre: "It 
hurts. My body, my soul."

Altron Shenlong Custom

Wufei: "The weak should not fight!"
Wufei: "Cowards should not mess around!"
(Wing Zero/ Deathscythe/ Sandrock/ Heavyarms/ Altron) Wufei: "All 
right, I will go alone."

Tallgeese III

Zechs: "That's not a way to fight!"
Zechs: "You better start over again!"
(Wing Zero/ Deathscythe/ Heavyarms/ Sandrock/ Altron) Zechs: "We must 
fight for peace with our own bare hands!"
(Epyon) Zechs: "Treize, I can never be your friend."

God (Burning) Gundam

Domon: "Stop pretending!"
Domon: "No one will stand in my way!"
(TIME RUNS OUT Bolt/ Rose/ Dragon/ Maxter/ Burning) Domon: "Forget 
about it! We could go on fighting forever!"
(Bolt/ Rose/ Dragon/ Burning) Domon: "I'm on fire!"
(Maxter) Domon: "Chibodee Crocket. You are the man!"
(Dark) Domon: "Kyoji, please speak to me!"

Gundam Maxter

Chibodee: "I am the best!"
Chibodee: "Nothing can stop my punches!"
Chibodee: "My fist is the mightiest!"
(Maxter/ Burning/ Bolt/ Rose/ Dragon) Chibodee: "Sorry, I am just too 
good for you!"
(TIME RUNS OUT Maxter/ Burning/ Bolt/ Rose/ Dragon) Chibodee: "How 
about I teach you a lesson!"

Dragon Gundam

Sai: "I can't watch!"
Sai: "You are in the way of the revival of the Shaolin School!"
(Burning/ Dragon/ Rose/ Bolt) Sai: "I was serious, you know."
(Maxter) Sai: "Can you do it over again?"

Gundam Rose

George: "Please stand up. That was a good match."
George: "You don't seem to have any manners..."
(Bolt/ Rose/ Burning/ Dragon/ Maxter) George: "Thank you for a stunning 
(TIME RUNS OUT Bolt/ Rose/ Burning/ Dragon/ Maxter) George: 
"Surprisingly enough, I am exhausted. Hah!

Bolt Gundam

Argo: "I won't lose this is for all my friends!"
Argo: "Take my advice. Quit now."
Argo: "I didn't mean it. Sorry."
(Bolt/ Rose/ Burning/ Dragon/ Maxter) Argo: "It's good to have friends 
at a time like this."

Master Gundam

Asia: "Don't you know your capabilities! You fool!
Asia: "My victory was destined before battle."
(Burning) Asia: "I told you, you are an idiot!"

Devil (Dark) Gundam

Kyoji: "Haa, ha, ha ha, haa!!"
Kyoji: "I will engulf you into the Dark Gundam!"
(Burning) Kyoji: "Now you will also gain power from the DG Cells!"

Psyco Gundam Mk. III

Ulube: "I am the greatest!"
Ulube: "I tried to fight gently, but look what happened!"
(Burning) "Huh huh, I don't need your help!"

]======================[Game Secrets and Screw Ups]===================[


Change the color of the mobile suits:
To change the color of your suit, hold R1 and press start to select 
your suit.

Some of the changes are apparent like green changing to blue, others 
not so apparent like the colors just fading or getting a little 
brighter, but none the less here's a big long useless list of every 
mobile suit's alternate colors.

-Acguy: Black with a green sensor eye.

-Altron: Green armor is brighter, legs are light tan.

-Ball: Light brown, windows are red.

-Big-Zam: Its blue.

-Bolt: Armor is faded gray, white parts are tan.

-Deathscythe: The chest armor is a little bluer, you'll barely notice a 

-Devil (Dark): All the normal colors, but faded a little. The goatee on 
the giant Gundam head is pink.

-Dragon: The green armor turns dark blue and the yellow armor turns 

-Full Armor ZZ Gundam: The blue chest armor and the gun turn bright 
green, and the red on the feet and arms turns bright blue.

-Epyon: A very faded pink, you cant really notice a change.

-God (Burning): The blue on the chest and arms gets brighter, can 
barely notice it.

-GPO-2A: Blue chest is darker, and the shoulder binders are dark gray.

-Hamma Hamma: The green becomes light brown.

-Heavy Arms: The chest and shoulder armor is orange and red, like the 
original Heavy Arms.

-Hydra: The normal colors except with a faded green over it.

-Hygogg: It turns a pale green.

-Master: The basic colors are darkened, can't really notice a change.

-Maxter: All of the red chest and shoulder armor is orange.

-Neue Ziel: Its white. 

-V (Nu) Gundam: The chest is a grayish-blue.

-Psyco: The armor is a lighter shade of gray, and the feet are orange.

-Qubeley: All of the white becomes black.

-Quin Mantha: All of the green is now white.

-Rose: All the blue is a little darker, barely noticeable.

-RX-78-2 Gundam: The chest's blue armor is faded, the feet are orange.

-Sandrock: All of the purple armor is now a dark green.

-Sazabi: It's a light blue.

-Tallgeese: Its bright gold. Looks like the Hyaku-shiki from Z Gundam.

-The-O: It becomes tan.

-Wing Zero: The blue is a little faded, not very noticeable.

-Zaku II: A drab tan, colored like a Zaku Desert Variant.

-Zaku IIS: Bright gold.

-Zeong: It dons Char's usual light red color scheme.

-Zeta Gundam: The normal colors with a light blue sheen over them.


Gameshark Mobile Suit Hack Codes
(Discovered by Master ZED)

Thanks to these wonderful codes you can now unlock four new characters. 
God only knows why they were left on the game disc, but not made 
playable by normal means. THE ONLY WAY TO ACCESS THESE FOUR NEW 
CHARACTERS IS WITH A GAMESHARK. That's the only way. What the code does 
is make it that no matter what character you select, the one you chose 
with the game shark code will be automatically used instead. A 
different code must be entered depending on whether you are using the 
first or second player controller. Replace the two 'xx's at the end of 
the code with the value for the desired mobile suit.

-Suit Modifier Code for Player 1:
800DF844 00xx

-Suit Modifier Code for Player 2:
800DF85E 00xx

-Mobile Suit Values
00: Zaku II
01: Hygogg
02: Zeong
03: Sazabi
04: Quin Mantha
05: Big Zam
06: The-O
07: Neue Ziel
08: Nu Gundam
09: Psycho Gundam Mk. III
0A: RX-78
0B: GP-O2A
0C: Double Zeta Gundam
0D: Zeta Gundam
0E: Acguy
0F: Qubeley
10: Hamma Hamma
11: Hydra
12: Ball
13: Zaku IIS
14: God (Burning)
15: Maxter
16: Rose
17: Bolt
18: Dragon
19: Wing Zero Custom
1A: Deathscythe Hell Custom
1B: Heavy Arms Custom
1C: Sandrock Custom
1D: Altron Shenlong Custom
1E: Devil (Dark)
1F: Master
20: Epyon
21: Tallgeese III
Unlock Time Attack A: Beat Street Mode with any four suits.

Unlock Survival Mode: Beat Street Mode with all eight suits.

Unlock Time Attack B: Beat Street Mode on hard with all eight suits.

Unlock Game Music and Voice Test: Beat Street Mode with all eight 
suits, it is under the Sound Options menu.


Unlocking Suits in Street Mode:

-Tallgeese III: Beat Street Mode with Gundam Wing Zero Custom and 
Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom.

-Master Gundam: Beat Street Mode with God (Burning) Gundam and Gundam 

-Zaku IIS: Beat Street Mode with Gundam RX-78-2.


How to unlock suits for Versus Mode:

-Acguy: Complete Street Mode with Gundam RX-78-2.

-Ball: Complete Street Mode with Gundam RX-78-2.

-Big-Zam: Complete Street Mode with all eight suits on hard then beat 
Time Attack A in under five minutes.

-Devil (Dark) Gundam: Play as at least 20 different suits in Versus CPU 

-Full Armor ZZ Gundam: Complete Street Mode with Tallgeese III.

-Gundam Epyon: Complete Street Mode with all eight mobile suits.

-Gundam GPO-2A: Complete Street Mode with God (Burning) Gundam.

-Heavy Arms Custom: Complete Street Mode with Deathscythe Hell Custom.

-Hydra Gundam: Complete Street Mode with Tallgeese III.

-Hygogg: Complete Street Mode with Wing Gundam Zero Custom.

-Master Gundam: Complete street mode with God (Burning) Gundam, and 
Gundam Maxter to access Master Gundam in Street Mode, than beat Street 
Mode with Master Gundam.

-Neue Ziel: Win at least 20 nonconsecutive fights in survival mode.

-Psyco Gundam: Complete Street Mode on hard with all eight suits, than 
beat Time Attack B in under three minutes.

-Quin Mantha: Complete Street Mode with Master Gundam.

-Tallgeese III: Complete Street Mode on hard with Deathscythe Hell 
Custom and Wing Gundam Zero Custom, then Beat Street Mode on hard with 
Tallgeese III.

-Zaku IIS: Complete Street Mode on hard with Gundam RX-78-2, than 
complete Street Mode with Zaku IIS.

-Zeong: Complete Street Mode on hard with Zaku IIS.


===[Screw Ups]===

It's a great game, but even the best have their flaws. Here are all the 
mistakes I have found so far in list format, some are being fixed with 
later game versions but I'm finding more as I go along.

-On the side of the CD case, the word Gundam is spelled Gundum; this 
has been corrected in newer versions though.

-On some versions of the game in Heero's story mode, before the fight 
between him and Zechs, Zechs says he must 'tastle' battle with him.

-In the Voice Test menu, the speaking lines of Trowa are listed under 

-In the Voice Test menu, the speaking lines of Treize are listed under 

-Shiro Amada's name is spelled wrong, instead listing it as Shiroh.

-Domon Kasshu is the pilot of the Qubeley instead of Haman Karn.

-Domon Kasshu also is the glitch pilot of the Hamma Hamma.

-The ugly jerk Akahana somehow weaseled his way into the Zeta Gundam, 
instead of its normal pilot Camille Bidan.

]=====================[Legal Junk and Thanks]=========================[

-Thanks to Bandai for making this great game, GBA3 better be coming out 

-Yoshiyuki Tomino for creating the Mobile Suit Gundam universe!

-To GameFaqs for kicking that much ass! And hopefully posting this FAQ.

-A huge thanks to Master ZED for discovering the hack to unlock Zeta 
Gundam, Qubeley, Hamma Hamma, and The-O.

-The muse which inspired me to write this jibberish.

-And especially you, who are reading this. I hope it helps!


This document is copyrighted to Necropenguin@yahoo.com, that's me, and 
this document may NOT be altered, reproduced, sold for profit, or 
especially plagiarized in any way shape or form without my permission, 
which you won't get so don't ask. As of tonight August 13, 2002, 
GameFaqs is authorized by my decree to display this document for public 
use. If I find out that my hard work (well not really hard, but you sit 
here and try doing this) is being ripped off I will be forced to take a 
rather unhappy legal action, plus Ill just plain find you and hurt you.


Well it seems my work here is done!

Well it's time for a cryptic closing quote:
"Wealth and glory to the Winner!"

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