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FAQ/Walkthrough by Leandro

Updated: 11/24/02

HARRY POTTER - The Chamber of Secrets - Playstation

Written By: Leandro
E-Mail: leovenancio123@yahoo.com


1.) Introduction
2.) Control Keys
3.) Characters
4.) Walkthrough/Guide
5.) Personal Tips
6.) Credits


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is in my opinion a better 
version than The Sorcerer's Stone was. As an example, during the first 
game you start off already inside Hogwarts School. On the Chamber of 
Secrets, however, you get to perform many enjoyable tasks at The Burrow 
along with Ron and his family. Harry also talks on this game, and it 
makes the adventure more amusing. There are a lot more Wizard Cards to 
collect in this game, which you will use mainly to unlock the Founder's 
Tower after dueling each House Champion. Okay, now that you have a 
little idea on the game, let's get going.


During this guide you will often see symbols, which will represent each 
action key:

Triangle = Triangle Button
O = Circle Button
X = X Button
Square = Square Button

All The "R" and "L" Keys (R1, R2, L1, L2)

   3.) CHARACTERS (Main)

The main character of the game. 

Your best friend. Saves you from the Dursleys and helps you through your 
adventure at Hogwarts.

Your other best friend. Does most of the brainwork, such as brewing the 
Polyjuice Potion.

Your enemy, like last year. Will challenge you at the Dueling Club and 
become the new Slytherin Seeker. 

Ron's young sister, starting her first year at Hogwarts.

Will sell you Wizard Cards if you give them 50 beans each time. However, 
they do not sell you all the ones you need. Most of them you must find 
around the castle.

The new Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher. Very conceited, but could 
he be a fraud? Hermione thinks he's great.

A House Elf who just doesn't know how to save people's lives.

Your BIG friend who lives in the hut at the Castle Grounds. He will help 
you cure Ron when he curses himself, and will ask you to free his 
pumpkin patch from gnomes.

The mysterious owner of the enchanted diary. Guides you through his 
memory and reveals his secret at the end.

A ghost of a girl living in the girl's bathroom. Reveals to be killed by 
the Basilisk 50 years ago.

An annoying little first year who won't leave you alone until he has 
enough pictures.

The Gryffindor House Ghost again. Will invite you to his Deathday Party.


After the Story Book has ended, you will appear at The Burrow along with 
Ron. He'll welcome you to his house and then you will hear Mrs. Weasley 
ordering him to rid the attic of a ghoul. To get up the attic, you will 
have to use your Flipendo Knock-Back Jinx by pressing the X button and 
push the crates into place. Then, climb up the smaller one and auto-jump 
to the next. Follow Ron up the window to the attic.

Getting the Ghoul!
The repulsive ghoul will be throwing pipes all over the floor. You will 
have to use the chest Ron gives you to try and catch each pipe before 
you it hits the floor. If you can get all pipes into the chest before 
time runs out, the ghoul will fly into the attic closet and Mrs. Weasley 
will finally stop screaming at Ron. She, however, will then ask you to 
de-gnome her garden by finding Mr. Weasley first. 

De-Gnoming The Garden
Destroy the barrels on your way with a charged Flipendo by holding down 
the X button until a bright sphere forms on top of your wand, then 
letting go of the button. Follow Ron and you will then find Ginny 
Weasley. Ron will tell you to talk to her. She will tell you to guide 
her Puffskein through a few bushes to feed it, revealing Bertie Bott's 
Beans. After you get a few beans, Ginny will give you your first Famous 
Witches and Wizards Card. Then, you will go through the door she tells 
you to and you will find Mr. Weasley. He will tell you to levitate each 
of his crates and smash them into some rocks at the far end of the small 
barn he is in. Press the X button to cast the Levitation Charm, and then 
guide the crates and junk over the rocks. Press the Triangle button to 
drop them on the rocks. The very last junk you crush will reveal you the 
De-Gnoming Gloves you will need.
Follow Ron through the next door. You're now ready to De-Gnome his 
mother's garden. Tap the Square Button as quickly as you can according 
to how far you want to throw the gnome. Harry will start spinning with 
it. Try to hit any of the targets set for you by pressing the Triangle 
Button when the arrow below you points to it. Repeat the same pattern 
until all five gnomes are gone. If you get lots of extra points (I got 
more than 800 at first for this) you will get a Wizard Card.

Fred will now ask you if you want to get into a Wizard's Duel (hooray!) 
so you can train yourself. He will take you to The Burrow's Dueling 
Arena. All you have to do is try to hit him with a Flipendo. The more 
you charge it, the more energy it'll take away from Fred. Remember to 
move around quickly so you can dodge his spell. When you win both rounds 
you need to, Harry will do Expelliarmus and disarm Fred.
Now you can get special jinxes from the sparkling TV to your right. Hide 
behind it a few times and when Fred shoots his spell, it will hit the 
TV. A glowing blue sphere will pop out. Run over it to pick it up. Then, 
press the O button to shoot that special jinx. (You can also charge 
these jinxes by holding the O button.) When you win, you will disarm 
Fred again.

Ron now needs your help to find his sister Ginny. You can choose to 
follow his path or the other one. It doesn't make a difference, because 
you will wind up in the same place. Mr. Weasley's charmed junk will be 
all around the place, so you need to keep ready to charm or hit 
anything. When you have to battle a Washing Machine (sounds silly when 
you say it) it is a good tip to press the R1 Button and lock your target 
on it. Charged Flipendos will take more energy away from it then regular 
You need to make sure you visit every single area of the little 
"jungle." Some areas, which you would find otherwise unimportant, 
contain many Bertie Bott's Beans and even some Wizard Cards!
When you get through the "jungle" you will find Ginny near her Puffskein 
again. She will ask you to Flipendo the Puffskein so that he can spit 
out her Remembrall. She will let you keep it. Press the Start Button 
anytime after now to see what the Remembrall is reminding you to do.

Now you'll have to get to Diagon Alley by Floo Powder. Harry will be 
sliding down a very long roadway-like slide. It is not a very good idea 
to press the X button, because it will cause you to slide down faster, 
making you miss lots of Bertie Botts Beans and even causing you to fall 

Now you have to fly the flying car to Hogwarts. You will enter a tunnel, 
and the Hogwarts Express will pop-up right behind you. Watch out! You 
will need to pick up as many Speed Boosts as you can along the way to 
keep ahead of the train. Do not worry about steering the car left and 
right-this will happen automatically.
After you drive a while, you will continue, but this time you can 
collect a few pickups to repair the car, thus rewarding you with more 
energy. Do your best to keep away from the train and make it out of the 

The car will then crash into the Whomping Willow at the Grounds of 
Hogwarts. You will be thrown out of the car, but Ron will be stuck 
inside. You will have to cast a Flipendo Spell at the mouth of the tree. 
Avoid each swing from the tree branches. While the Willow's branch is 
still pounding the ground, start charging your Flipendo. When the branch 
rises up again, walk closer and shoot the spell.
Once in a while the willow will take the car and Ron on its branches and 
smash it into the floor. Then a few red rings will shoot from the area 
where it hit towards you. Walk away from the rings, charge your 
Flipendo, get closer when the branch raises the car again, and shoot.
Repeat this pattern until the Whomping Willow lets you go and you run 

The Story Book will appear again. When it is over, you have to follow 
Ron through the castle and get to the Gryffindor Common Room. Get all 
the beans in the beginning. Then you will meet Colin Creevey. He will 
take your picture. Then walk through the door he went through. Continue 
to climb the stairs and you will get to another area with Colin there 
again. He starts taking snapshots. Just ignore him. On the wall to the 
far left will be a flat, small bookcase. Go near it and press the Square 
button to enter the secret passage. Get all you can in there.
When you come out, go through the next door and follow Ron up the main 
stairway. He will lead you to a door on your left. Follow him. 
When you get to the Fat Lady's Portrait, you and Ron will realize you 
don't know the password. Guide Harry up the stairs behind him and then 
go through the first door you see into the Library.
Now you're going to find Nick. After he talks to you about his 
application for the Headless Hunt, climb on the small bookcase to your 
left, then jump onto the other ones collecting all Bertie Botts Beans. 
Press R1 (optional) when you get to the flying books and cast Flipendo 
on them. Then get the beans around the pole near you and enter your 
left. Go straight and you will find Hermione. She is going to scold you 
and then tell you're the password.
Note a secret passage as you leave. Turn back and walk ahead, then turn 
left. Another little bookcase will be a secret passage.
Leave the library through the same way you came. Go to the Fat Lady and 
tell her the password. Enter the Common Room. 
When you get inside Ron will present you to the Cups they are awarding 
this year for Herbology, Defense Against the Dark Arts and Quidditch 
Training. Fred & George are inside, and they will explain about the 
Founder's Tower. They tell you the passage to the House Duelist 
Champions (a statue behind them) and that you need a certain amount of 
Wizard Cards to get into the portraits and battle each House Champion. 
Beating them all will reveal the entrance to the Founder's Tower.
Now you have to attend your Herbology Class. 

Follow Ron and the other students out of the Common Room and up the 
stairs. After you pass the place where there are two Chocolate frogs, go 
straight-ahead and turn right, and ahead again. There will be a 
discolored part on the wall. It is a secret passage. Walk in. You'll 
find a large pillar across from you. Flipendo it on its left. Climb it 
after it slides down. Enter the door and battle the two walking armors 
inside. Come back out. Then Flipendo the right of the pillar. Climb up. 
Enter the door and shrink the two large rats inside by casting Flipendo 
on them as many times as requires. Leave. A door will be unlocked across 
from the pillar. Enter it. After you rise up the pad in front of the 
pillar, climb the bookcase, jump onto the pillar, and onto the pad with 
the Wizard Card on it. Get it.
Get out of the secret passage and turn left. Run ahead. Follow Ron 
Run besides all the students until you reach the Herbology Door. Enter 
Now you have to get to Herbology Class on time. Run through the floating 
magical hourglasses. When the timer starts, leap onto the leaves that 
appear. Enter the next door. Fall down and climb up the steps across 
from you. Enter the next door above. Jump on the leaves again, then onto 
where Professor Sprout is. If you got there before the timer passed the 
red arrow on the time bar, you will win the Herbology Race Cup.

Professor Sprout is going to teach you the Incendio Duo spell. As in 
last year's adventure, hit the correct control symbols as Professor 
Sprout's wand's beam hits it. If you press the correct buttons at the 
exact time as hers repetitively, you will get an "A" grade and win the 
Herbology Lesson Cup.
Professor Sprout will ask you to do a little task for her. On the next 
room, she will explain to you about Mandrakes and ask you to get her 
three or more. Go on the right path. Hermione will point to you that 
some ugly fat slugs are attacking a Mandrake. Conjure your Incendio Duo 
Spell by holding the X button and releasing it onto the slugs. Black 
slugs need two hits to disappear, and the yellow ones need four. After 
you beat all the slugs, use Wingardium Leviosa to pull the Mandrake out 
of the earth. Walk to it to collect it.
Continue through the next path. Defeat the slugs and collect the 
Mandrakes you find. If you are in doubt if you are going the right way, 
remember this hint: there are many different flowery doors on your way. 
They have different names on them. If the doors you enter each have a 
different name than the last, then you can rest assure you have the 
right path.
I have collected up to five mandrakes so far. Hand Professor Sprout the 
plants and she will give you points.

When you get out of your Herbology Class, Hedwig will come and drop a 
letter from Oliver Wood to you. Wood will be requesting your presence at 
Quidditch Training, which is located across from the bridge from the 
Hogwarts Main Entrance. Before you follow Hedwig to the Training Pitch, 
turn left. Enter the gap between the tress towards Hagrid's Hut. Follow 
the path located across from his hut's door. Collect the beans you find 
and destroy the giant orange snails with Flipendo. Move straight ahead 
and enter a secret passage to your left. Collect the beans in there. 
Before you leave, you should enter a second passageway to your left, 
also represented by a discolored area on the stonewall. Once there, you 
will find a note from Dean Thomas challenging you to a soccer practice. 
You will see a small soccer ball on the floor, which you have to get 
through the poles before time runs out. It is hard to control that ball, 
and I suggest you walk slowly towards it. If you run too fast, it'll be 
kicked too hard and out of the way. If you make it, lots of beans will 
fall down for you to collect. 
After collecting the beans inside, you can leave. Get out of the path 
and out of Hagrid's Hut, back to the Herbology area. Now follow Hedwig 
to the Quidditch Training Pitch. 
As you follow him, keep a lookout for beans. You will meet with Neville, 
who will tell you he missed Herbology because he got lost inside a 
secret passage behind him. Enter it. There you will find some small 
purple Bouncing Bulbs, which you can Flipendo for beans. But there is 
also a larger Bulb which gets red and attacks you when you Flipendo it. 
I still don't know how to kill that thing! If you know how, e-mail me. I 
am getting angry at it.
Read a second letter from Wood saying he is still waiting, and hurry 
into the pitch Hedwig leads you to.

Wood's training is very similar to your last training on The Sorcerer's 
Stone. You have to fly through ten rings at first. You also must choose 
what broom you like. The options are: an up-and-down broom, where fly up 
by pressing "up" on the controller and down by pressing "down," or the 
second one, where you fly up by pressing "down" and down by pressing 
"up." Now you have to fly through rings and grab the Snitch, in a 
different way. A hand with a Quidditch Glove will appear on the screen. 
Move it around the screen with the directional buttons. Once you move it 
over the snitch, press the X button to catch it. Do your best and you 
can win all Golden Wings and all the points for Gryffindor.

Now Ron will suggest a Wizard's Duel so that you can get better and beat 
the House Champions. Battle him the same way you battled George, and get 
him to Flipendo the sparkling flower to your right for special jinxes.
When you win, Ron will announce Slytherin has a new Seeker. Malfoy will 
boast about it being him. Hermione will diss him and he'll call her a 
Mudblood. (How dare he?) Ron is going to try and curse Malfoy, but his 
broken wand will shoot the curse at himself. Malfoy is going to leave 
laughing his pale head off, and Hermione will ask you to follow Ron to 
Hagrid's Hut, not letting him out of your sight.

Ron will run very rapidly along a path to Hagrid's Hut. You have to run 
after him, keeping up, or you will lose him. He will be burping slugs, 
which will make certain areas where you run very slippery. Be very 
careful not to fall down on narrow places, and turn and steer very 
carefully, as the slightest stop might cause him to run out of your 
sight. Follow him all the way to Hagrid's Hut. Try hard to get the beans 
you need, but be careful. Worrying too much about them will help you 
lose Ron.

Hagrid will ask you to take Fang's bowl and, just like you did with the 
Ghoul back at The Burrow, collect Ron's slugs as they pelt to the floor. 
The bowl will fill up and not allow any more slugs after you have 
collected exactly five of them. When that happens, steer the bowl over 
to the barrel on the left and hold down the Square Button to empty it. 
Then start collecting more. Be quick and pay attention to how many slugs 
are falling into your bowl!

You, Ron and Hermione will appear back in the castle. Hermione will 
announce Defense Against the Dark Arts time. Ron will run to the Common 
Room to brush his teeth again, and you have to follow Hermione to 
Lockhart's spell lesson room.
Run after Hermione to the new unlocked door. Collect as many beans as 
you need and check for flat bookcases and discolored wall areas. When 
you get to the door where Professor Lockhart is waiting, Ron will come 
along. He and Hermione will enter the door. Don't go yet! There are a 
few places you really should visit first. Turn right on Lockhart's room. 
The bookcase in there is a secret passage. Run in and take the pathway 
inside, collecting everything you need, such as beans and chocolate 
After you leave the secret passage, you should go straight ahead. There 
are a few more secret passageways in there, represented by discolored 
areas on the wall and also the flat bookcases. They all contain pickups, 
and you will get your next Wizard Card. However, there is a place where 
you can only get the Card after you have learned your Verdimillious Duo 
Spell. When you have no more places to go, go back and enter the Defense 
Against the Dark Arts Room.
You have to get to Lockhart's class on time. Run through the hourglasses 
and then climb up the floating table in front of you. When you climb it, 
more tables will appear. When you reach the third table, DO NOT jump on 
the room that will be across from you! You must face left and jump onto 
the next table, then onto the next room in front of you.
Run through the corridor dodging the armors Dobby did the "favor" to 
charm to hit you. Continue through that path. Run up the curved stone 
hill on the coming entrance and jump onto the next floating pads, and 
then enter the door. Jump onto the next. At the very last room, you will 
see Lockhart waving at you from the huge gap in the middle of the place, 
yelling "Come on, Harry!" Wait until the moving pad journeys to the 
center of the gap, the jump onto it. Jump again to where Lockhart is. If 
you got there before the time bar passed the red arrow, you will win the 
Defense Against the Dark Arts Race Cup.

Professor Lockhart will start his class by boasting about his five-time 
winning of Witch Weekly's most charming smile. Then he will teach the 
class the Full Body-Bind spell Petrificus Totalus. As you did during 
Herbology Class, follow his so-called "expensive" wand as it hits the 
symbols on the screen. Try, as in your last class, to hit the symbols 
right when his wand hits it, so that you may win another "A" and get 
Lockhart's Lesson Cup.
Now, Lockhart will show you one of your "worst fears." A freshly caught 
Cornish Pixie. The pixie will fly out of its cage and Professor Lockhart 
will run away. Hermione will show you how to put the Pixie back in its 
cage, by casting Petrificus Totalus (hold down the X Button, then 
release it) and casting Wingardium Leviosa on it, steering it back into 
its place. Defeat the next pixie to come, then turn back and run to the 
staircases. Professor Lockhart will congratulate you, then tell you to 
check up on Ron on the next floor, and run away again. Go up the stairs 
and into the door.
Defeat the pixies inside this door the same way as you defeated your 
last one. When they are all in their cage, the next door will unlock, 
and you may proceed.
The next room will have more pixies. Put them back in their cage as 
quickly as you can, or they will fly off again one at a time. Rapidly 
lock them up and go into the next unlocked door.
You will pop-up in a corridor with a very slippery-waxed floor. Steer 
Harry slowly down on it, picking up the Every Flavor Beans you need. Go 
onto the next door.
Rid the next room of the next amount of pixies.
When you have finally gotten through all the doors, you will show up 
with Lockhart, Ron and Hermione on the room you started in. Lockhart 
will award you 20 House Points, then say he could have defeated the 
pixies in a twirl of his wand, the show-off!

Nearly Headless Nick will now invite you, Hermione and Ron to attend his 
Deathday Party. After the three of you accept, you will come down to 
Potions Class.
You have to mix a Winggendwelld Potion again, just like last year...(why 
couldn't it be something new?) Snape will scold you, Ron and Neville 
about disobedience and then you have to follow the same instructions as 
last year to prepare your potion. It is really very simple.
Snape will then just dismiss the class.

Nick will appear just outside the common room at Gryffindor Tower and 
tell you hurry to his party. Ron and Hermione will already be down there 
on the dungeons. Follow Nick down the stairs and into the door he goes 
You really have to keep an eye now on secret passages you haven't 
visited before. This is your chance to get many beans, frogs and Wizard 
Cards! You will need to know Verdimillious Duo to get one of them, 
however, as mentioned before. 
When you get to the dungeons with Nick, he's going to glide through a 
huge pinkish lake of boiling potion water or something, which is 
something you can't do.
Peeves will pop-up and taunt you. Turn right, the left, and enter the 
door. You will show up in a disgusting slug pit, where the floor is full 
of slippery slug mucus. (Could it get any more pitiful?) Slowly enter 
and make an Incendio spell to defeat the slugs inside. You will get more 
house points for that, too. Run up the stairway across from you. Peeves 
will fly in and talk about you having an ugly face. Just ignore him and 
enter the room to your right. Pull the lever and leave. Now, enter the 
room that was to your left. Pull the lever.
Go back to the beginning of the dungeons. There will be two floating 
pads, which you have to jump on and make your way to the other end of 
the boiling lake. Enter the door and you will now get into the Deathday 
party with your friends.

There's going to be a whole mess of ghosts in Nick's party. Peeves will 
then steal the present Ron got for him, and once again it's your job to 
get it back. 
You will appear in view mode. (Mode when all you see on the screen is 
your opponent, the background behind him, and a red little circle to aim 
your spell.) Peeves will keep hiding behind the food counter, then fly 
up again and throw some food at you. My tip is to first destroy the food 
he throws at you, and THEN shoot him. Keep this process up until Peeves 
runs out of energy.
When Peeves throws back Ron's gift, Harry will hear the Basilisk's 
voice. He will run out and Ron and Hermione will run after him. The 
storybook is going to show up again.

Ron will say he thinks Malfoy is the heir of Slytherin. Hermione will 
announce that with a Polyjuice Potion, they could make Malfoy confess. 
She tells you the ingredients for the potion. Ron will tell you to get 
the shredded boomslang skin, leeches (ugh...) and some flies. The rest of 
the ingredients are then up for Ron and Hermione to find.
Hagrid is now going to ask you to de-gnome his pumpkin patch for him. In 
return, he will give some boomslang skin. You accept.

This is exactly the same process you followed when you de-gnomed Mrs. 
Weasley's garden. Gather speed by pressing the Square Button rapidly 
according to how far you wand to throw. Press the Triangle Button when 
the arrow below you points to where you want to throw the gnome. Try 
again to get a Wizard's Card, and Hagrid will award you with boomslang 

Now it's time for your Quidditch Match against Slytherin House. Malfoy 
is the new seeker as you already found out. You will start off being 
chased by the Rogue Bludger and Malfoy is going to tease you about it. 
The Snitch will pop-up and head for below the stands. Malfoy will dive 
to it and you have to follow.
Malfoy is going to be chasing the snitch below the stands. Chase after 
him. Keep the X Button held! If you slow down the Bludger is going to 
hit you. Steer well and dodge the obstacles in your way, mainly the wood 
poles holding the stands. 
When you pass Malfoy, he will start chasing YOU. Now the Golden Snitch 
will give off speed rings. Go through as many as you can to keep ahead 
of Malfoy. When you get close enough to the snitch, the hand with the 
Quidditch glove will appear on the screen. As in your practice, steer it 
over the snitch and press the X Button to catch it. The Bludger will now 
hit your arm and the storybook will appear again.

To get the leeches and the flies for Hermione's Polyjuice Potion, Hagrid 
will go with you to Diagon Alley. The first shop you visit, the 
Apothecary, will have Malfoy waiting at the door. He is going to tease 
you about your earmuffs, and you're going to diss him by saying he's as 
funny as Filch. Malfoy will say he left a surprise for you at the shop. 
You're going to find out Malfoy's surprise was that he left a bunch of 
pixies at the shop. You will come to view mode. The pixies are going to 
fly up and down the counter, and you have to Flipendo each of them 
before time runs out. If you can manage to rid the shop of the little 
things, the shop owner will let you have the leeches for free.
Now you should go to the next open shop. The owner in there will 
transform the shop into Christmas style at your request. Then he will 
ask you to get the flies for yourself by casting Flipendo on the boxes 
behind him and on the next floor until you have all the flies you need.
Walk to the boxes behind him. Briefly stop near each of the boxes. One 
of the boxes will have a buzzing sound on it and shake slightly. 
Flipendo that box and the flies will fly out. Flipendo the flies and one 
of them will fall to the floor. Collect it. Now go to the floor above, 
up the stairs to the right of the shop. Find the next shaking and 
buzzing box and repeat the process. Keep it up until you get all the 
flies you need before time runs out.
Now you are going to meet Hagrid again. He will bring you back to 

Hermione will meet you and Ron at the girl's bathroom. There, she will 
tell you that you need a hairpiece of Crabbe and Goyle to transform into 
them. When you are about to leave, Moaning Myrtle is going to pop-up and 
yell at you because you are in a girl's bathroom. After she screams at 
you to get out, you're going to leave. 
Ron is going to tell you Crabbe and Goyle went down to the Great Hall 
along with Malfoy for the Dueling Club. Follow Ron down there. Remember 
to check for any secret passages you haven't gone to yet.
When you get to the door of the Great Hall, some students are going to 
tell you Malfoy is challenging everybody for a dueling match. You should 
go in the Great Hall and accept the challenge.
When you get there, Malfoy will talk to you and tell you the candles are 
sparkling. They have the special jinxes when they fall down. Now, you 
have to duel Malfoy.
Move around as much as you can, casting your Flipendo spells at him. 
Remember to make Malfoy Flipendo a candle when they glide down, then 
carefully collect the special jinx to throw at him. Once you defeat the 
rotten little Slytherin, he will do the Serpensortia Spell and make a 
huge snake appear.
Battle the snake! Move around quickly again to avoid its poison attacks, 
which may be a little difficult as it always seems to fall where you are 
about to walk on. After it spits its poison, cast Flipendo (a charged 
one is always better) at it. Repeat the process until the snake is 
Now everyone is going to find out you are a Parselmouth. 

You and Ron are going to give Hermione the ingredients you got, and she 
will dump hers on the cauldron. You will then add the hairs and drink 
the potion. You will transform into Goyle and Ron will become Crabbe. 
Hermione will tell you to go to the Slytherin Common Room by yourself, 
because she had a slight problem.
Now you have to find the entrance to the Slytherin common room. You and 
Ron (or Crabbe and Goyle) will talk in a very slow, dumb voice now...it 
would be better to press the Square Button to skip it if you're as 
impatient as I got hearing them talking like that! A Slytherin boy is 
going to run by. You are going to have to follow him around the dungeon 
corridors to find his common room. Ron will try to follow you at first 
but he will fall down. :D
You are going to walk slower than usual because Goyle is huger than 
Harry. Try not to fall down on the narrow paths you are going to 
encounter, and just like you did when you followed Ron to Hagrid's Hut, 
don't let the boy out of your sight. When you get to the common room, 
you're going to find out Malfoy didn't open the Chamber of Secrets.

You're going to enter the girl's bathroom to talk to Hermione. But 
Myrtle is going to get totally furious to have more boys entering her 
washroom, and will scream at you. "GET OUT! THIS IS A GIRL'S BATHROOM!" 
Then she's going to start throwing toilet paper and other bathroom 
things at your head. After Ron announces she's gone "mental" on his dumb 
Crabbe voice, start to cast Flipendo on the things Myrtle throws at you. 
You don't exactly need to Flipendo her, just keep blowing up the things 
she throws until time runs out. When it does, you and Ron are going to 
transform back into yourselves and Myrtle is going to stop when she 
recognizes you. Now you're going to find Tom Riddle's Diary.

Lockhart is going to send you a letter saying he's very displeased you 
missed his second class, and that he wants you to go to his office for a 
special lesson. Ron goes to check up on Hermione while you have to get 
to Lockhart's.
Go down the same way you went when Nick was going to his party. If you 
remember well, Ron told you at the very beginning where Lockhart's 
office was, and that he is surprised he can get his huge head through 
the door.
When you get to Lockhart's office, he will be waiting for you to teach 
you the Verdimillious Duo spell.
Again hit the correct symbols as soon as his wand hits it to get another 
"A" grade. There is no "get there on time race" anymore. After you learn 
Verdimillious Duo, follow Lockhart to the next room, where you will have 
to cast Verdimillious to reveal the floating pads you have to jump onto 
to leave the room. He'll award you points.

Professor McGonagall will announce to you and Ron Hermione has been 
petrified also. (Aw...) Now that you think Hagrid opened the Chamber last 
time, you have to sneak out of the castle and get to his hut. Doing this 
might get very annoying, so be patient.
You and Ron are going to split up. First you'll encounter Filch. Pick up 
the Invisibility tokens you see around, and when they run out, make sure 
you climb up somewhere or hide behind something to avoid getting caught. 
The next area will have Snape in it. There will be a big tree in the 
middle of this area. Pick up a token and climb up the stone pads, and 
then jump onto each of them until you reach their end. When you get 
there, jump onto the small place that will be across from you. Once 
there, cast Wingardium Leviosa on a vase and drop it on the pad to 
unlock the door.
Now, come back until you get to the pad near the tree. Then, jump onto 
the tree. Don't mind if Snape asks "Who's there?" That doesn't mean 
you're caught, he just heard a sound. Once on top of the tree, jump to 
the unlocked door and go through.
Professor McGonagall is here now. There will be a big bush in the center 
of the place, which she will keep walking around. Always stay on the 
other side of the bush away from her, and then pick up the invisibility 
token. Get through the exit by unlocking it the same way you did with 
Snape's area.
Now, Filch and Snape are together. You will first see Snape walking past 
a little stone roof. Keep a good distance behind him, wait for him to 
turn right, then run up to a tall bush across from you and climb it. Now 
it is a good idea to switch to view mode. Keep a sharp lookout at Snape 
and Filch. Wait until Snape goes back through the first place he walked 
past at first and disappear. After that, Filch will go through a pathway 
at the end of the area. Jump down and run to your left. You will find a 
pad there. Cast the Levitation Spell again at a vase and press the pad 
down by dropping it on it to unlock the exit. Come back up the bush. 
When they are both out of sight, jump down and quickly grab an 
invisibility token hidden in a little circle near where Filch was. Now 
follow the path Filch went through. Run past him. Get out through the 
Now, you have to slowly walk near the leafy wall to your left. 
McGonagall will be in a wider area right in front of you, and you don't 
want to let her see you. Switch to view mode and look at her. Wait until 
she walks to your left and turn her back to you. Then, run straight 
ahead. You will find Snape next on another wide area. There will be 
another large bush to your right. When Snape isn't looking at you, run 
near the bush and quickly climb up. Now, here is the tricky part. 
The pad that unlocks the exit to this place is different from all 
others. When you step on it, a timer will start. The exit, located down 
a pathway near Snape, will open. You have to run down that pathway and 
get out before the timer runs out. But you have to get the timing right. 
Here is how I did it. I waited until up the bush until Snape got near 
it. When he did and turned his back to me, I ran quickly to the pad and 
pressed it. The timer started. Then I rapidly dashed out and through the 
pathway to the exit, when Snape was with his back to me. 
Finally, you get to Hagrid's Hut. You'll meet Ron in there. You're going 
to here Cornelius Fudge explaining to Dumbledore he has to take Hagrid 
down to Azkaban. Then Hagrid will say that if anyone wanted to find 
anything out, all they'd have to do would be to follow the spiders.

The small black little spiders will point you the way. Follow them all 
the way. Sometimes you will come upon areas that have two exits. 
Remember that the one the spiders go through are the right ones. 
However, on the other exits, you might find special pickups, so it is 
good to check both out. 
You will have to fight some very large spiders as well. Lock your target 
on them with the R1 Button. When they rise up on their hind legs to spit 
venom at you, cast a charged Flipendo at their mouth, dodging the 
poison. Two of these might destroy them.
You will also encounter some trolls walking around. Always remember to 
walk down when they have their back to you or aren't looking right at 
you. Otherwise, they are going to grunt and moan and you're going to 
reappear where you were before. Keep an eye on the little spiders to 
find the right way, then wait until the coast is clear and follow it. 
Repeat this same process every time you see a bunch of trolls.
Soon you're going to end up on Aragog's Lair. The gigantic Acromantula 
is gonna explain to you that Hagrid never opened the Chamber of Secrets 
and that he is innocent, and also that the muggle-born who was killed 
last time was found in a bathroom! (Ah-ha!) He will then tell you the 
real killer beast is one that spiders fear the most, and dare not to say 
its name. When Harry says nervously he's gonna go, Aragog won't let you. 
He will send his children to attack you. They are the same spiders you 
were fighting with before you got there. Use your target lock on the 
spiders. Every time you kill a group of spiders, Aragog is going to jump 
out of his little, (I mean, HUGE) spider web and try to attack you. When 
he is about to do this, keep circling around his web and you will dodge 
him. When he misses you, cast a charged Flipendo on the four little 
pieces of wood hanging his web together. Repeat this process until you 
crush all of the pieces of wood.
Now, Aragog will fall down and go through a hole on the ground. Fall 
along with him and go through the hole as well. The storybook is going 
to come up. 

After you talk to Ron about what you discovered, you're going to go find 
Lockhart since he is the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Ron 
thinks the idea is stupid. 
When you get to Lockhart's office, you will find out the door is locked. 
Go on the door behind you.
You're going to come up against a huge floor full of some small tornados 
that will take your energy away. You have to know the right squares to 
walk on and when to do so. Here is the solution I found for the first 

1.)	A space to your left will be free, and after that, a space to 
your right. Enter the space to your right.
2.)	Turn left when free.
3.)	Walk one straight.
4.)	Turn right.
5.)	Straight again.
6.)	Turn Left.
7.)	Follow the last free square out the door.

And here is the solution to the second room:

1.)	Enter the space to your right again when it is free. Don't stay 
on the first square! Walk two squares ahead, then stay.
2.)	Turn left.
3.)	Straight ahead.
4.)	Right.
5.)	Straight ahead.
6.)	Now, two squares to your right will be freed. Run quickly on them 
both and then you can be on your way out the door.

On this next room, cast Verdimillious. Jump onto the pads that are going 
to appear and then follow into the door across from you. Once there, 
pull the lever and unlock the back door to Lockhart's office.
Come down again and turn left. Enter the door. 
Now there are two doors. The one in front of you will lead you to 
Lockhart's office. You may go to the one on your right. It is a secret 
passage, which will lead you to an award.
Once in Lockhart's office, Lockhart will try to get rid of you by saying 
he's quite busy. You're going to tell him you think you know the 
entrance to the chamber of secrets. He will be very nervous and agree to 
go with you.

Moaning Myrtle will reveal to you how she died. She was the girl who was 
killed by the Basilisk last time the chamber was opened. You will 
discover the entrance to the chamber is through a sink on the bathroom. 
You will say "open" in Parseltongue and you will all enter the chamber.
Once down there, Lockhart will be all happy and Ron will think he's 
nuts. (Surprise...) Lockhart will then say his plan is to use his memory 
charm on you and Ron and then say it was too late to save Ginny from the 
chamber. Now you're gonna have to duel Gilderoy.
Duel him the same way as you dueled everyone else. Watch out for his 
special attack, the "Obliviate" Memory Charm. When you beat Lockhart, 
he's going to get hit by his own charm and lose his memory. A lot of 
rocks will tumble down and you will tell Ron to try and shift them away 
while you enter the chamber alone. Go ahead, then! >:)

I think this part was VERY annoying! You have to go into three doors and 
get to the end of it, where you will find a pad you can press down to 
rise up blocks you can jump onto to get to the last room of the chamber.
All doors will have practically the same obstacles. Here they are and 
how to get past each of them:

1.)	Slugs - Cast Incendio on their slimy bodies do destroy them.
2.)	Black Walking Armor - Lock your target on it with R1. Wait until 
he swings his ax on you. Dodge it. Then he'll do a movement like 
he's going to hug you, and that's when you should cast a charged 
Flipendo. Two times and he's history!
3.)	White Walking Armor - Lock your target on him and walk in 
circles, keeping yourself close to him. Cast a charged Flipendo 
when his shield is not on his face. Two times and you will kill 
4.)	Blocked Holes - These are like small sewer entrances you can find 
on the floor. Levitate whatever heavy object is near it, then 
drop it on it to break it open. Fall down on it.
5.)	Obscured Exits - Just cast Verdimillious when you see the red 
sparkle on a foggy wall to reveal an exit.
6.)	Trolls - Just like in the Dark Forest. Move away from them when 
they are not looking.

When you get past all three doors, just jump on the blocks and open the 
door to The Chamber of Secrets.

Inside you're going to find Tom Riddle and Ginny, lying on the floor 
unconscious. Riddle will explain to you that he is Voldemort. Then, he 
is going to conjure he Basilisk to kill you. 
Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix, will blind the gigantic snake so that it 
won't kill you to look at it. The Basilisk is quite an easy opponent if 
you pay attention. 
It will start off spitting venom at you, which you have to dodge 
quickly. After it spits, it is going to open its mouth really wide, and 
as you might have already guessed, you must cast a Charged Flipendo on 
his mouth. Repeat this process until the snake runs out of energy.
You still haven't killed it yet! Now Fawkes will drop the Sorting Hat 
near you and you have Godric Gryffindor's sword. The Basilisk is going 
to suck a lot of air into its mouth, which will push you towards him. 
Keep the X Button held to fight back the air. Then the snake will shoot 
two green power rays from its huge fangs. If you still have the X Button 
pressed, you will deflect the rays. When you do that, use your 
directional buttons to guide the ray on the Basilisk. Do this until its 
energy ends once again, then the snake will fall down.
Harry is going to take its fang and smash it into the diary. All the ink 
will come out and Tom Riddle (Voldemort) will disappear. You're going to 
pass out. (Yes, again...just like last year when you defeated Voldemort...)

If you got enough points for Gryffindor during your adventure, then 
Dumbledore's voice will announce Gryffindor winning the House Cup. Now, 
you are going to appear back in your common room. You can use Colin's 
Photo Album to go back to past levels and collect cards you haven't 
gotten yet or just to have fun. Try to defeat the House Duelist 
Champions! Here are a few personal tips.

I hope these tips help you on difficult parts of the game.

1.)	When you are following Ron to Hagrid's Hut, you should notice it 
is divided into three parts. On the beginning of the third part, 
when you have to run up the small little hill, run on the very 
right corner to avoid being slowed down by the slug slime.
2.)	When Dueling, not only move left to right, but also front to 
back. Varying your moves can help to dodge your opponent's shots.
3.)	When fighting the pixies at Defense Against the Dark Arts, when 
you get to the slippery corridor, keep the down directional 
button pressed while steering Harry. That will help you to 
collect more beans.
4.)	When in Quidditch Training, instead of keeping your eyes on the 
rings so much, you should keep your sight locked on the snitch, 
so that you are aware of where the next ring will pop up.
5.)	When doing something in View Mode, such as getting Peeves or the 
Pixies, keep the red aiming circle about three centimeters or so 
over the counter they are hiding behind. That way you have more 
time to shoot and still get them.
6.)	When you are battling the Pixies and the spiders at the Dark 
Forest, keep away from them! Since you have your target locked on 
them, it doesn't matter where you are. Cast your magic from far 
away to avoid being hit.

   6.) CREDITS

Me - For writing this FAQ... Whoo! It was a lot! 
You - For reading this FAQ! Hope it helped...
J.K. Rowling - As author of the HP Books, she contributed to everything 
made from it.
E.A. Games - Well...they DID make the games!
Chris - For making the movies, of course.
GOD - Cause I'm thankfully alive to be typing on my keyboard right now. 

E-mail me if you need any extra help on the game! I'll be sure to reply 
to you with help!

Thank you. The end!     




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