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Card Battle FAQ by saberstar84

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/26/2002

<><><><><><><><><><> *****************
<> Digital world 3<> *Card Battle FAQ*
<><><><><><><><><><> *****************

This FAQ is written by ME, saberstar84.
Version 1.0 (finished)(July 16, 2002)
**new update on program cards decription, but took out the tamers decks**

This FAQ can be printed or seen on the internet for private and personal 
use ONLY. This FAQ may not be placed in a magazine, CD, be sold for a 
price, copied or anything else than above. Any questions please e-mail 
me at mantrap05@aol.com, or fayloken@aol.com also you can contact me by 
AIM KennyL84. I prefer people e-mail me through Fayloken@aol.com since 
there are less mail in that address. 

**                                            **    
I.	Brief review on card battles               
II.	My own opinion                            
III.	All 314 card list**UPDATE**+descriptions                       
IV.	Available booster + locations              
V.	Side quest                                
VI.	Secret's on legendary (rare) cards         
VII.	My card deck and other's in the forum.     
VIII.	Credits                                  
**                                            **    

I) Brief review on card battles

When you first begin the game, what you should do is get a folder.
It allows you to store cards. The folder can be obtained in the yellow 
cruiser, in Asuka city. Card battles aren't hard. The best way to win is 
by doing combos. Combos can be done when you have 3 of the same digimon on
the field. Also rookies do not need any S-energy to be summon, but as for
other levels they do. Champion need's 1 S-energy, ultimate 2, and mega 3.
These energies are listed on the bottom when you card battle. If you want
to find out more information, talk to the 2 people in yellow cruiser. Talk
to the kid with the red shirt and the guy in the counter. Booster can be
obtained from card battle. The battler gives you booster that has an "a" at
the end of the number. You can also fight cardmon for booster, which has
a "b" after the number. You can either use your kick boot to knock cardmon
out of the tree or fish them out.

II) My own opinion

It is best if you make your deck with the same colored energy. It is best if
your deck is full of red digimons, blue, etc. This way when when you want to
summon a high level digimon, it would make it a lot easier. Aside of that I
recommend not putting that many mega digimon in your deck. This is because
they cannot do combo. One more thing, it is wise to stock up program
cards, such as freeze bug. Program cards can help out a lot, especially
when fighting strong card player.

III) All 314 card list

Here is a list of all the cards. The left side shows a list of all cards,
while the number on the far right shows which booster they can obtain. 
I think this will make things a lot easier. 15 of the cards can only be 
obtain through side quest, and is listed in the secret's section.

     Page 1------------------------------------------
1. Sacred spear- Put all non-white digimon to trash     **SECRETS**   
2. Summon Angemon- Bring 2 angemon to field             8b, 11a, 13b
3. Gold Aura-  +10 AP & HP to all digimon               6b
4. Protect Aura- +30 HP to one digimon                  9b, 13b
5. White Power- get 1 white S-energy point              7b
6. Summon Patamon- Bring patamon to field               5b
7. Tidal Wave- Return all non-blue digimon to trash     **SECRETS**
8. Control Parts- control 1 of your oppnt's digimon     8b, 15b
9. Freeze Bug- Put a drawn PG card to trash             7b, 15b
10. Eclipse Undo- return 1 digimon back to its hand     5b, 14b, R-02
11. Blue Power- get 1 blue S-enery point                2b
12. Summon Gomamon- Bring gomamon to field              2b, R-02
Page 2 -----------------------------------------                       
13. Wield Aura- +50 AP & HP to all green digimon        **SECRETS**
14. Ecoly Cycle- pick a card from trash                 9b, 13b, R-04 
15. Green Force- Get 2 green S-Energy points            5b
16. Beast Energy- +20 AP & HP to one digimon            6b
17. Green Power- get 1 green S-Energy point             4b
18. Summon Palmon- bring palmon to the filef            4b
19. Volcanic Gatlin- 60 damage to all non-red digimon   **SECRETS**
20. Blazing Chaos- Put all brown digimon to trash       8b, 15b
21. Flame Gatlin- 15 damage to all digimon              9b, 11b
22. Fire Cannon- 30 damage to an oppnt's digimon        6b, R-03
23. Red Power- Get 1 red S-Energy point                 4b        
24. Summon Goburimon- Bring Goburimon to field          3b
    Page 3 -----------------------------------------
25. Darness Gale- Put all oppnt non-black cards to trash **SECRETS**
26. Deceive cloak- pick 1 card from deck                15b, R-04
27. Chaos Virus- put 1 non-black card to trash          7b
28. Vicious Hacking-pick a card from oppnt hand to trash 9b, 13b, R-03
29. Black Power- Get 1 Black S-Energy point             4b
30. Summon Devimon- Bring devimon to field              2b
31. Delete Matrix- Put all digimon to trash             **SECRETS**
32. Fortune Gate- Exchange AP & HP from oppnt           **SECRETS**
33. Misery Gate- Pick 3 cards from oppnt deck to trash  **SECRETS**
34. Desire Access- Put all hand in trash, draw 6 cards  **SECRETS**
35. Anti-power- Reduce all S-Energy to zero             **SECRETS**
36. Revival Charge- Return all trashed card to deck     8b, 11a, 13b
Page 4 -----------------------------------------
37. Chrono Balance- Make both player have 3 cards       8b, 15b
38. Security Hall- Put 5 card from oppnt deck to trash  7b
39. Absolute Barrier- Reduce oppnt AP to zero           R-05
40. Scramble Up- Bring a digimon from hand to field     12b,R-05
41. Power Super Metal- +30 AP & HP o a brown digimon    9b, 12b, R-03
42. Charge Terminal- draws 2 card from deck to hand     5b
43. Digimon Charge- Choose a DG from deck to hand       6a
44. Program Charge- Choose a PG from card to hand       2b
45. Trade Charge- draw one card, put one to trash       7b
46. Illegal Access- Put 2 cards from oppnt deck to trash 7b
47. Break Launcher- 30 damage to a brown digimon        4b, R-02
48. Cancel Wheel- Put a drawn PG brown card to trash    4b
Page 5 ------------------------------------------------
49. Rusty Dust- Put 1 brown DG from oppnt hand to trash  5b, 15b, R-03
50. Summon Hagurumon- Bring Hagurumon to field          4b
51. White Remove- Subtract 2 white S-Energy             5b
52. Blue Remove- Subtract 2 blue S-Energy               5b
53. Green Remove- Subtract 2 green S-Energy             2b
54. Red Remove- Subtract 2 red S-Energy                 5b
55. Black Remove- Subtract 2 black S-Energy             3a, 3b
56. Summon Cancel- return a brown DG to hand            2b, 4a
57. Berserk Energy- +10 AP and -10 HP to a digimon      1b
58. Disturb Gear- Put a brown DG from field to trash    3b, 12b
59. Protect Armor- +10 HP to a digimon                  1b
60. Assault Armor- +10 AP to a digimon                  3a, 14b
Page 6  ------------------------------------------------
61.	Imperialdramon-P  62/70           15b, R-05
62.	GuardiAngemon     55/55           15b, R-05
63.	WarGreymon        52/52           13b, R-05
64.	ImperialdramonII  50/55            R-05          
65.	Seraphimon        46/50           15b
66.	Magnadramon       45/48           13b
67.	Valkrymon         42/45           11a
68.	PrinceMamemon     40/42           14b
69.	RosemonII         0/0             SECRETS
70.	PaildramonII      33/33           12b, 13a
71.	MagnaAngemon      31/33            8b, 12a, 15b, R-04
72.	Angewomon         31/33            8b, 13b, R-04
Page 7 -------------------------------------------------
73.	Kyukimon          30/30           10b, 11a, 12b, R-04
74.	Panjyamon         28/28            9b, 13b
75.	Silphymon         26/28            7b, R-03
76.	Knightmon         25/27           11b, 12a
77.	MetalMamemon      24/24            8b, 11a
78.	Mamemon           22/26            8b
79.	Piximon           20/24            7b
80.	Dinohumon         15/15            5b, 11b, R-02
81.	Angemon           14/16            5b, 12b, R-02
82.	Stingmon          14/14            5b
83.	Gatomon           13/14            4a, R-02
84.	Piddomon          13/13            2b
Page 8 ------------------------------------------------
85.	Apemon            13/11            5b
86.	Centarumon        12/13            6a, 6b
87.	Snimon            12/12            4b
88.	Thundermon        12/10            6b
89.	Unimon            11/12            9b
90.	ShimaUnimon       11/11            9b
91.	Ankylomon         10/13            2b, R-02
92.	Guruurmon         10/10            4b
93.	Tortomon           9/11            3a, 3b
94.	Zassomon           7/7             6b
95.	Yanmamon           6/8             3a, 3b
96.	Kotemon            5/5             3a, 3b, 6b
Page 9 -----------------------------------------------
97.	Armadillomon       2/3             1b, 3a
98.	Psychemon          2/2             3a, 4b
99.	Elecmon            2/1             3b, 12b
100.	Patamon            1/4             1b, 7b
101.	Wormmon            1/3             1b
102.	Kunemon            1/1             1b
103.	Salamon            0/5             1b
104.	Cannondramon      55/55            8b, 13b, 15b, R-04, R-05
105.	Sakuyamon         50/50           13b
106.	Vikemon           45/43           13b
107.	MetalSeadramon    42/38           15b
108.	Pukumon           40/42           12b
Page 10 -------------------------------------------------
109.	SuperStarmon      39/35           12b, 13a
110.	Preciomon         35/35            8b, 11a, 13b, R-04
111.	Babamon           35/30            8b, 12a, 15b
112.	MarineAngemon     10/10           SECRETS
113.	Zudomon           34/30            7b, R-04
114.	MegaSeadramon     32/32           12b
115.	Taomon            32/30            8b, 12b, R-04
116.	Armormon          30/30            8b
117.	BlueMeramon       27/25           12a, 12b
118.	ShogunGekomon     24/22           12a, 12b
119.	Scorpiomon        24/26           12b
120.	Brachiomon        23/26            8b, 11a
Page 11 ------------------------------------------------
121.	WaruSeadramon     21/21            7b
122.	Divermon          20/15            7b
123.	Whamon            18/18            8b
124.	Seadramon         16/15            7b
125.	Kyubimon          15/16            2b, R-02
126.	Hookmon           15/15            R-02
127.	IceDevimon        14/12            8b
128.	Shellmon          13/15            5b
129.	Ikkakumon         13/13            2b, R-02
130.	Frigimon          12/13            2b
131.	Ebidramon         12/11            8b
132.	Icemon            12/10            7b
Page 12 ----------------------------------------------
133.	Mojyamon          11/12            7b
134.	Ninjamon          11/10            2b
135.	Starmon           11/9             5b
136.	Coelamon          10/9             1b, 3a
137.	Dolphmon           9/7             2b, 4a
138.	Gekomon            7/5             1b, 3a
139.	Monmon             5/5             1b
140.	Renamon            4/4             1b, 3a
141.	Gomamon            2/3             1b
142.	SnowAgumon         2/2             1b
143.	Gizamon            1/1             1b
144.	Otamamon           1/1             2b
Page 13 ---------------------------------------------
145.	Crabmon            0/3             1b
146.	Syakomon           0/2             1b
147.	OmnimonII         61/61           14b, R-04
148.	Marsmon           55/55            9b, 11b, R-05
149.	MetalGarurumon    51/51           14b, R-05
150.	H-Kabuterimon     50/50           14b
151.	GrandKuwagamon    49/49           14b
152.	RosemonI          40/40           10b, 14b
153.	KingEtemon        38/35           10b
154.	MetalEtemon       35/35           10b
155.	SaberLeomon       10/10           SECRETS
156.	MegaKabuterimon   33/36           11b, 13a
Page 14 --------------------------------------------
157.	WereGarurumon     32/30           10b, 14b
158.	GrapLeomon        30/30           11b
159.	Okuwamon          29/33           11b, 13a
160.	Lilymon           27/25            6b
161.	Etemon            25/25           10b, 11a
162.	Triceramon        26/28           11b, 12a
163.	Cherrymon         28/22           11b
164.	Blossomon         22/20            6b
165.	Deramon           21/18           10b
166.	Leomon            16/18            9b, 10b
167.	Grizzmon          15/15            7b
168.	Kabuterimon       14/16            4b,R-02
Page 15 ---------------------------------------------
169.	Garurumon         14/14            6b
170.	Tuskmon           14/12            6b
171.	Monochromon       13/13            9b
172.	MoriShellmon      13/15            9b
173.	Kuwagamon         13/10            4b
174.	J-Mojyamon        12/13            5b
175.	Togemon           12/12            4b
176.	Flymon            12/11            9b
177.	Saberdramon       11/10            6b
178.	Dokugumon         10/9             3b, 12b
179.	Kiwimon            9/7             4b
180.	Woodmon            8/8             6b
Page 16 ----------------------------------------------
181.	Vegiemon           7/7             3a, 3b
182.	Kumamon            5/5             3b, 6b
183.	Gabumon            4/3             3b, 4b
184.	Tentomon           2/3             3b, 5b
185.	Palmon             2/2             3a, 7b
186.	Betamon            2/1             1b
187.	Kokuwamon          1/3             3b, 14b
188.	Floramon           1/1             1b
189.	Mushroomon         0/2             1b
190.	OmnimonI          60/62           15b, R-05
191.	Gallantmon        56/52           12b, 13a, R-05
192.	Imperialdramon-F  55/55           14b
Page 17 ----------------------------------------------
193.	ImperialdramonI   53/50           11b
194.	MegaGargomon      50/50           13b
195.	Machinedramon     50/49           15b
196.	Phoenixmon        45/43           14b
197.	SkullMammothmon   44/40           14b
198.	Gryphonomon        0/0            SECRETS
199.	PaildramonI       35/30           10b, 12a, 13b
200.	MetalGreymon      34/32           11b
201.	WarGrowlmon       33/30           10b, 12a, 12b
202.	Garudamon         30/25            9b, 11b, R-03
203.	Kimeramon         29/27            9b, 15b
204.	MasterTyrannomon  29/26           10b
Page 18 -----------------------------------------------
205.	Gigadramon        28/22            8b, 13b
206.	Megadramon        26/20           10b
207.	MetalTyrannomon   25/25            9b, 10b, 11a
208.	Mammothmon        20/18            6b
209.	Greymon           20/20            5b, R-03
210.	Growlmon          18/20            4b,R-02
211.	ExVeemon          17/16            6b, R-03
212.	Veedramon         15/16            4b
213.	Airdramon         15/15            6b
214.	Ogremon           14/12            4b
215.	Minotarumon       13/12            6a, 6b
216.	Fugamon           13/11            5b
Page 19 ------------------------------------------------
217.	Tyrannomon        12/11            9b
218.	Aquilamon         12/10            4b,R-02
219.	Meramon           11/10            6a, 6b
220.	Birdramon         11/9             4b,R-02
221.	Flarerizamon      10/9             6b
222.	RedVegiemon        8/6             4b
223.	Akatorimon         7/7             3a, 3b
224.	SandYanmamon       7/6             3a, 4b
225.	Agumon             5/3             1b
226.	Veemon             4/4             3b, 6b
227.	Guilmon            3/3             1b
228.	Hawkmon            2/3             1b
Page 20 -----------------------------------------------
229.	Biyomon            2/2             3a, 3b, 5b
230.	Goburimon          2/1             3b, 14b
231.	Sharmamon          1/2             4b
232.	Penguinmon         1/1             3b
233.	Armageddemon      65/62           14b
234.	VenomMyotismon    60/50           15b       
235.	Diaboromon        58/58           15b
236.	MaloMyotismon     53/53           14b
237.	Beelzemon         51/51           14b
238.	Apokarimon        50/51           15b
239.	Ghoulmon          43/40           13b
240.	Piedmon           42/40           14b
Page 21 -----------------------------------------------
241.	Creeymon          10/10           SECRETS
242.	Myotismon         35/36           11b
243.	Inferimon         34/35           12b
244.	Dragomon          33/33           13b
245.	SkullSatamon      32/32            9b, 14b
246.	SkullGreymon      32/28           12b, 13a
247.	Mummymon          31/26           12b
248.	Arukenimon        31/31           11b, 13a
249.	LadyDevimon       30/28            7b
250.	SkullMeramon      28/26           13b
251.	WaruMonzaemon     26/22            9b, 10b, 11a
252.	Devimon           19/18            5b, 11b, R-05
Page 22 ------------------------------------------------
253.	Kurisarimon       16/15            5b
254.	Raremon           15/15            7b
255.	MarineDevimon     15/13            8b
256.	Musyamon          14/12           10b
257.	Wizardmon         13/11            4b
258.	DarkTyrannomon    12/13            2b
259.	Devidramon        12/12            2b
260.	Vilemon           12/11            7b
261.	Hyogamon          12/10            7b
262.	Darkrizamon       11/11            2b, 7b
263.	Octomon           11/9             2b, 6a
264.	Gesomon           11/8             1b, 3a
Page 23 -----------------------------------------------
265.	Soulmon           10/10            3a, 3b, 7b, 15b
266.	Bakemon           10/9             7b
267.	Roachmon           9/8             4b
268.	DemiDevimon        3/3             1b
269.	Gazimon            2/4             3a, 3b
270.	Aruraumon          2/2             2b
271.	Tsukaimon          2/1             2b
272.	ModokiBetamon      1/2             3b
273.	Tapirmon           1/2             4b
274.	Candlemon          1/1             1b
275.	Muchomon           1/1             1b
276.	BK WarGreymon     60/55           15b
Page 24 -----------------------------------------------
277.	BK Imperialdramon 50/40           14b
278.	BK MegaGargomon   47/37           15b
279.	BK Seraphimon     46/36           13b
280.	BK WarGrowlmon    45/30           11b
281.	BK KingNumemon    43/30           12b, 13a, R-05
282.	HiAndromon        42/35           12b
283.	Boltmon           39/32           14b
284.	Puppetmon         36/30           10b, 12a
285.	Shakkoumon        32/34           12b, 13a
286.	Andromon          31/29           11b, 12a
287.	Giromon           29/29            9b, 15b
288.	Datamon           28/22           11b, 13a
Page 25 ----------------------------------------------
289.	ExTyrannomon      26/28           11b
290.	Monzaemon         25/25            8b, 11a
291.	Digitamamon       24/28           12b
292.	Vademon           24/22           13b
293.	Garbagemon        22/20            6b
294.	Meteormon         21/23            6b
295.	Cyclonemon        16/16            6b
296.	Rockmon           15/18            9b, 10b
297.	Deltamon          14/14            9b, 10b  
298.	Guardromon        13/15            4b
299.	Tankmon           13/13            4a, 4b
300.	Clockmon          12/12            4a, 5b
Page 26 ---------------------------------------------
301.	MudFrigimon       12/11            9b
302.	PlatinumSukamon   12/10            9b
303.	BomberNanimon     12/9             5b
304.	Drimogenmon       11/12            6b
305.	NiseDrimogenmon   11/11            7b
306.	Sukamon           11/10            5b
307.	Geremon           11/9             2b
308.	Kokatorimon       10/9             7b
309.	Numemon           10/7             5b
310.	ShellNumemon       9/9             5b
311.	ClearAgumon        3/4             1b
312.	ToyAgumon          3/3             1b
Page 27 --------------------------------------------
313.	Gotsumon           2/3             3b, 14b
314.	Hagurumon          1/2             2b

IV)	Available boosters and locations

These are a list of booster of where cardmon may be found.
There are other booster as well, which has an "a" at the end.
Those boosters, you get them from trainers. I will not list        
The trainer's since there Level and booster changes when 
You get the trophy from king divermon. Plus, if I were to 
List them, I will need to start another new game. Which will
take another week to do.

ASS= asuka server
AMS= Amaterasu server
1b- can be found in east sector. Both fishing and kicking trees (ASS)
2b- found in south sector by fishing (ASS)
3b- kick trees in kicking forest, east sector. (ASS)
4b- kick trees in west sector (ASS)
5b- fish in west sector (ASS)
6b- Kick trees in east sector, except in kicking forest (AMS)
7b- Found by fishing in east sector (AMS)
8b- fish in south sector (AMS)
9b- kick trees in the kicking forest, east sector (AMS)
10b- kick trees in south sector (AMS)
11b- Kick trees in North sector (ASS)
12b- fish in North sector (ASS)
13b- fish in west sector (AMS)
14b- kick trees in both west and north sector (AMS)
15b- fish in north sector (AMS)

R-01 these booster are rarely dropped by fishing cardmon that has 
booster 1b-3b (I think)
R-02 these booster are rarely dropped by fishing cardmon that has 
booster 4b-6b (I think)
R-03 these booster are rarely dropped by fishing cardmon that has 
booster 7b-11b (I think)
R-04 these booster are rarely dropped by fishing cardmon that has 
booster 11b-13b (I think)
R-05 these booster are rarely dropped by fishing cardmon that has 
booster 14b and 15b

V)	sidequest

Not much to say here but you can get trophy in both server. To do so you 
must battle both king divermon and king etemon. There really isn't much to
say about the divermon's. As for king etemon, once you reach the 4th etemon,
he will ask you to get his mic back. He tell's you that a BK agumon has it.
The BK agumon that stole etemon's mic is in south sector (asuka server). 
The hole is near where you first met Zanbamon in Jungle grave. After 
beating him in card battle, he tell's you that BK king has it. BK king is 
located in the Amaterasu server. The hole which you have to dug is in central 
park. The hole is near the entrance of plug cape. Once you meet him and beat 
him in card battle, he gives you the mic. Now that everything is set, it's 
to go return the mic, and get your trophy.
**note, the hole is in central park not plug cape. I am just giving a 
description. It is near Panjyamon's gym**

VI)	Secret's on legendary (rare) cards
These are cards given by BK agumon and numemon's. They are hidden in 
the circuit board which you have to card battle them. These cards are
one of a kind. Meaning you can only get one throughout the whole entire
game. I'm not the one who found them all, i only found 3. Couple of 
my friends in the message board founded the others. See the credit 
section to see who found what.

------------------BK Agumon-----------------------

Noise Desert(ASS) - R-B1 and Fortune Gate

Freeze Mountain (ASS) - R-B2 and Anti-Power
--freeze mnt, high top hole, hole next to rosemonII--

Freeze mountain(AMS)- R-B3 and Misery Gate
--Similar to where you got your anti-power but different server.--

Plug Cape (AMS) - R-B4 and Delete Matrix
--Hole near the entrance, below the top hole at the highest point.--

South Badlands(ASS) - R-B5 and Desired Access 
--The hole is in the middle I think--


North Badland W (AMS) - R-B1 and Marine Angemon
--entered the hole in Am Plug cape (high hole)--

Boot Mountain (AMS) - R-B2 and SaberLeomon
--the hole at the left in Amaterasu Boot Mountain, you'll need to climb 
up then jump down once at the left, inside there's an Agumon who tell 
you that this hole only connected to Amaterasu Server, go west from 
him, continue north and you'll find the Numemon w/ King of the Forest 

 Freeze Mountain (ASS) - R-B3 RosemonII 
--freeze mnt, high top hole--

Freeze mountain(AMS) - R-B4 and Gryphonmon
--same as rosemon,freeze mnt, high top hole. --

Snow Mountain (ASS) - R-B5 and Creepymon 
--West of the inn..in snow mnt-

       -----------Tamers'-All are in Asuka Server------------

**note** Throughout the whole entire game, you can only card battle them twice.
First time you card battle them is after you get the trophy from divermob king.
The second time they card battle you will be near the end of the game. This 
requires your charmisa to be very high. Therefore i recommend you all to card
battle them once everyone in AM Server has become normal. Due to this you can 
now go to the black market in AM City and buy charmisa chips to raise it's
status. I'm not too sure but there average should be 2500 or higher. Well
once you have that requirement go to yellow cruiser in AM server and see
if the people there will card battle you. If they happen to card battle
you then that means the ones with the other 5 legendary cards will as well.

1)Tamer Mitch: Gives you Wield Aura. He is in Wire Forest. B-04a
2)Tamer Bob: Gives you Tidal Wave. He is in Kicking Forest. B-05a
3)Tamer Jessica:Gives you Volcanic Cannon. She is in Tranquil Swamp.B-06a
4)Tamer Nakano: Gives you Sacred Spear. He is in Mirage Tower. B-09a
5)Tamer Mitaka: Gives you Darkness Gale. He is in Kulon Pit. B-10a

VII)	My card deck 

Here I will give an example of some of my fellow friends deck. I will of 
course rate it too. I am not too good at it but will try my best. If 
anyone in the board wanted me to rate there deck, tell me.

This is my deck:
My 3 decks don't have much digimon since I have control parts. Aside of
that I can use some of the program cards to discard his/her cards. My 
max combo that I did was over 400/400. I can rate you deck if you want 
me too. I am no expert, but I can give few comments. 

holy moly
summon angemon x2
gold aura x2
control parts x3
freeze bug x3
beast energy x2
deceive cloak x3
vicious hacking x3
desire access x1
Delete Matrix x1
Fortune gate x1
Sacred Spear x1
revival charge x1 
scramble up x2
charge terminal x3
Imperialdramon-P x2
RosemonII x1
paildramon II x4
angewomon x4
Creepymon x1

dark chaos
summon devimon x4
black power x1
gold aura x2
control parts x4
freeze bug x4
beast energy x2
deceive cloak x3
vicious hacking x3
Fortune gate x1
desire access x1
Darkness Gale x1
revival charge x1 
scramble up x2
charge terminal x3
Marineangemon x1
armageddemon x3
Myotismon x4
creepymon x1

Nature Z
gold aura x2
control parts x3
freeze bug x3
Ecoly cycle x2
beast energy x2
deceive cloak x3
vicious hacking x3
desire access x1
Fortune gate x1
Wield Aura x1
revival charge x1 
scramble up x2
charge terminal x3
green force x1
Marineangemon x1
omnimon II x3
SaberLeomon x1
Mega-Kabuterimon x4
Creepymon x1
BK Wargreymon x2

-------------------Tamer Dbzlean┬┤s Deck---------------------

Hmm well I think this is an unbalance deck. This is because the 
digimon cards has different colors. Since you have 3 green 
force. I recommed building a deck with just green digimon cards.

Omnidevimon Deck
2 Gold Aura
3 Freeze bug
3 Green Force
1 Beasty Energy
1 Deceive Cloak
2 Vicius hacking
3 Summon Devimon
1 Delete Matrix
1 Fortune Gate
1 Mistery Gate
1 Desire Access
2 Absolute barrier
3 Charge terminal
1 Digimon Charge
1 Program Charge
3 Omnimons
3 W. Garurumons
4 Devimons
3 BK Imperialdramon

----------------Tamer Yellow13 deck-----------------

Nice deck. But if you have 2 armageddemon, then I recommend replace it
with the diaboromon card. Also if you have any summon devimon card, I
would put few in the deck. This is because when you use summon 
devimon, you will not lose S-energy. Update your deck by adding control
parts too, If you have them. And replace it with the 2 megagargomon. 
Also put creepymon in the deck since it's very useful. It almost always
have 99/99 but depends on the number of discard cards in the bin.

Gold Aura
Freeze Bug x 2
Eclipse Undo x 2
Decieve Cloak x 2
Choas Virus x 2
Vicious Hacking
Misery gate
Desire Acess
Scramble Up x 2
Charge Terminal x 2
Program Charge
Myotismon x 3
Infermon x 3
Devimon x 4
BK Wargreymon x 2
BK Imperialdramon x 4
BK Wargrowlmon x 2
BK MegaGargomon x 2

Hmm I recommed having just white digimon cards, rather than a 
mix of 2. And replace megaGargomon and some other card such 
as whamon with summon angemon.

Ocean Angel
Summon Angemon x 2
Gold aura
Freeze Bug x 2
Eclipse Undo x 4
Deceive Cloak x 2
Vicious Hacking
Misery Gate
Desire Acess
Scramble Up x 2
Charge terminal x 2
Program Charge 
Imperialdramon Paladin mode
Angemon x 4
MegaSeadramon x 3
Whamon x 3
Bk Imperialdramon x 3
Bk Wargreymon x 2
Bk MegaGargomon

---------------Tamer Dreadnaught-------------

Nice deck. I think it's one of the best I've seen so far. But if your
digimon can cream your enemies' deck easily then I don't think it's 
necessary to have 2 absolute barriers. I rather have 4-charge terminal.
Also it really isn't necessary to have that many mega's in your deck 
since they can't do combo. I think you should put 4 paildramon.

Holy Call Folder
4x Gold Aura
2x Eclipse Undo
2x Control Part
4x Deceive Cloak
4x Freeze Bug
4x Summon Angemon
2x Program Charge
2x Digimon Charge
2x Charge Terminal
2x Absolute Barrier
4x Vicious Hacking
4x Angemon
2x GuardiAngemon
1x RosemonII
1x Imperialdramon P

Another good one, I would keep 2 armageddemon rather than 4. 
Also take out 2 devimon and the 2 armageddemon and replace it with 4 
ultimate. I recommend myotismon.

Evil Plan Folder

4x Vicious Hacking
4x Freeze Bug
4x Chaos Virus
4x Eclipse Undo
2x Control Part
2x Absolute Barrier
4x Deceive Cloak
4x Summon Devimon
1x Desire Access
2x Digimon Charge
1x Creepymon
4x Devimon
4x Armageddemon

-------------------------   credits-----------------------

Thanks to:

Dreadnaught: he found the Desire Access, Fortune Gate and Misery Gate 
card and also the location of saberleomon's card. He also helped me out
on finding the cards that are in Booster 8b.

mercenary1983: he found out where to get marine-angemon

dbzlean: he found the Gryphonomon digimon card. He also helped me out 
on finding the cards that are in Booster 1b, 2b and 3b.

Megazanbamon: he found the Delete Matrix program card.

xxx555: well he found the SaberLeomon card.

I also have to thank:

GameFaqs for submitting this FAQ of mine.

Bandai for making this game.

Yellow13, Med Jai, and, gigax for there support.
They also helped me a lot. Thanks
AND others that I have missed.

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