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Sidequest FAQ by MonMaster Julian

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/02/02

DD  DD   II   GG   GG   II   MM MMMM MM  OO  OO   NNNN   NN 
DD   DD  II  GG         II   MM  MM  MM  OO  OO   NN NN  NN
DD  DD   II  GG  GGGG   II   MM      MM  OO  OO   NN  NN NN
DD DD    II   GG  GG    II   MM      MM  OO  OO   NN   NNNN
DDDD     II    GGG      II   MM      MM   OOOO    NN     NN

WW  WW  WW  OO  OO   RR    RR  LL      DD  DD    II  II  II
WW  WW  WW  OO  OO   RRRRRRR   LL      DD   DD   II  II  II
WW  WW  WW  OO  OO   RR RR     LL      DD   DD   II  II  II 
WWWW  WWWW  OO  OO   RR  RR    LL      DD  DD    II  II  II
                    == SIDE QUESTS ==

Julian W. (aka MonMaster Julian)
Started: July 1st
Version 1.0
Latest Update:

If you wish to make a contribution to this FAQ please 
contact me at tpmjulian@hotmail.com or on AOL Instant 
Messenger at SummonerJulian. You may also submit any errors 
you find. If you are searching for a certain side-quest, 
hit CTRL+F and put in a key word like MIC to find what you 
need faster.

=-------[ Table of Contents]--------=

1. Updates
2. Copyright
3. Side-Quests
a.	DRI Agents
1.	Guilmon
2.	Agumon
3.	Patamon
4.	Kotemon
5.	Monmon
6.	Kumamon
7.	Renamon
8.	Veemon
b.	Fishing Rod
c.	Kicking Boot
d.	Etemon's MIC
4. Credits

=-----------[ 1.Updates ]-----------=

7/2/02 - Version 1.1 - Just fixed some things up, I am 
currently working on the other DRI agents, if you would 
like to help me save some time, go ahead and send me some 
info, you will be credited of course. (Remember that more 
then 1 person might send it, so I might get somebody else's 
info first and give them credit.) 

7/1/02 - Version 1.0 - Started typing it up, and finished 
most of the DRI agents, also sending it to GameFAQs today.

=----------[ 2.Copyright ]----------=

This Side-Quest FAQ was typed up by Julian W. and is not to 
be sold or displayed anywhere else other then 
www.gamefaqs.com and other websites that have received 
permission.  This FAQ may be printed for __PERSONAL USE 
ONLY__.  IF you wish to use this FAQ in your personal 
website, please contact me at tpmjulian@hotmail.com or via 
AOL Instant Messenger, where you can contact me at 

The game itself is copyright of Bandai 2002.

=--------[ 3. Side-Quests ]---------=

This is the Side-Quests section, Side-Quests are quests you 
can do that drift off the story line. Side-Quests usually 
give rare items as rewards, some examples would be 
searching for the main character's strongest weapon, you 
would have to go to a forest, find something there, have 
someone example it, etc. This was just an example of a 

=---------[ A.DRI Agents ]----------=

DRI agents are selected people that are located somewhere 
in the Digimon World, they will ask you for the DDNA of a 
certain digimon, DDNA is Digital DNA, when you return to 
them with that digimon's DDNA, they will let you have that 
certain Digimon as a partner. But to find the DDNA you will 
have to battle one of that digimon's digivolutions to 
receive the DDNA, so for Guilmon, you will have to battle 
WarGrowlmon and win to receive Guilmon's DDNA. The Guilmon 
you receive can be put into your party at Piximon or the 
Doctor. The digimon you receive starts at Level 1.

=-----------[ 1.Guilmon ]-----------=

A.	DRI Agent Location: Seiryuu City, down the ladder in 
the back of the city.
B.	DDNA Location: Wargrowlmon is found in Ether Jungle in 
South Sector, go forward and take a right and pass all 
the vines an you will reach Wargrowlmon.

=-----------[ 2.Agumon ]------------=

A.	DRI Agent Location: Tyranno Valley, South Sector
B.	DDNA Location: Metalgreymon is found in Bulk Swamp, 
South Sector.

=-----------[ 3.Patamon ]-----------=

A.	DRI Agent Location: Central Park, Central Sector
B.	DDNA Location: Magnaangemon is found in South badland, 
in the West Sector.

=-----------[ 4.Kotemon ]-----------=

A.	DRI Agent Location: Mobius Desert, by 3 pillars in the 
bottom part of the desert screen, West Sector.
B.	DDNA Location: Kyukimon is found at the Suzaku 
UnderGround Lake, you can reach there by taking the 
path that Renamon blocks until you beat the Suzaku 
leader. Use submarimon to get to the UG Lake.

=-----------[ 5.Monmon ]------------=

A.	DRI Agent Location:  Mobius Desert, by the 2 cactuses 
in the top left, take the lower left 3 times to reach 
him, West Sector.
B.	DDNA Location: Armormon is located in Duel Island, go 
to Divermon's lake and summon Submarimon to reach Duel 

=----------[ 6. Kumamon ]-----------=


=----------[ 7. Renamon ]-----------=


=----------[ 8. Veemon ]------------=


=--------[ B.Fishing Rod ]----------=

To get the fishing rod, go to divermon's lake and talk to 
the divermon near the dock, he will give you the red 
snapper, now go near the protocol ruins, walk around in the 
part that isn't inside the maze, and fight the dokugumon, 
it should drop a spider web, if not, try again. Then head 
to Asuka city and buy a bamboo spear, and go to central 
park, and head south one screen and you will be in shell 
beach, talk to the guy by the water and he will make a 
fishing pole, you might need to talk to him 2 times.

To use the fishing rod, just go by the water and hit X, now 
the little indicator will be moving around the bar, the 
purple color means nothing, the green is a random battle, 
and the yellow is a cardmon.

=--------[ C.Kicking Boots ]--------=

Go to central park, and go to the left (facing asuka city) 
and you will be in plug cape, talk to the kid and he will 
tell you about the kicking boots and he will ask to find 
his gabumon card. Head to Asuka city and go inside the inn, 
go down the ladder, and look in the pile of junk, you will 
find the card, now head back to plug cape and talk to the 
kid. He will tell you about becoming friends with Veemon, 
so head back to Asuka city, talk to the lady in the pub, 
and then go to the forest inn, and talk to the girl in the 
room, then head back to asuka city and talk to the lady in 
the pub one more time, now go to wind prairie and by the 
entrance to kicking forest you will see veemon, talk to him 
and he will ask if you want to play with him, so you will 
play hide and seek with him, you will count to 10, then go 
in. To save you time searching, go to the patch of trees 
right by you in the bottom before the bridge, just keep on 
walking around hitting X and you will find him easily. He 
is hiding behind the trunk of a tree (so you cant see him 
in the direction you are looking at the screen) Do not go 
near the entrance because your character will automatically 
give up, and it wont even ask you if you want to give up! 
If that happens, just go back and repeat from the part of 
talking to the lady in the pub and Veemon will be in the 
entrance of kicking forest again.

To use the kicking boots, just go up to a tree and hit X 
and you will kick it, then it will show a radar, if its 
regular purple, then there is nothing in that area, if it's 
a blueish color and is vibrating a bit, you are near, if 
it's a pink color and is vibrating a lot, then you are very 
close, just keep kicking different trees and cardmon will 
pop up.

=---------[ D.Etemon's MIC]---------=

Once you reach the Amaterasu server, you can go to Duel 
island via submarimon from divermon's lake. When you reach 
there you will find out that etemons have taken over here. 
Don't worry, you wont have to do anything to help the 
divermons, in this server etemon is just better and owns 
this island. If you play cards you will go and duel them, 
but the forth etemon wont battle you because a blackagumon 
has his MIC, and this part tell you were to find the 
blackagumon to get his MIC.

Go to the Asuka server, and head to jungle grave in the 
south sector, and go to the place where you ran from 
Zanbamon the first time, there is a hole near there. This 
hole leads no where, but you will find blackagumon in 
there, I happened to find this myself when I first got the 
digiegg of knowledge, anyway, the blackagumon will say his 
boss has it, you can find him in the other server, just go 
to central park and look for the hole closest to plug cape, 
this one I didn't find myself, and I want to give credit to 
cadd from the message boards for finding this. I am trying 
this now, and you should get the mic and be able to fight 
etemon now, good luck!

=-----------[ 4.Credits ]-----------= 

=-= Julian W.
-=- Me! I typed this FAQ! Duh =P

=-= cadd from the GameFAQs messageboard
-=- well, he found out about the blackagumons, he deserves 
the credit for it!

=-= Bandai
-=- Well, they made the game..

=-= GameFAQs
-=- For being a great website and putting my FAQs up to 
help other people.

If you would like to contribute to this FAQs, please e-mail 
me at tpmjulian@hotmail.com or instant message me on AIM at 

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