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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by winnie the poop 2

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/15/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    'Final Fantasy Origins Spoiler-Free Walkthrough' Version 1.0 (7/15/03)
    by Martin Dale-Hench
    Table of Contents
      1. Introduction
      2. Final Fantasy I
      3. Final Fantasy II
      4. Disclaimer/Thanks
    1. Introduction
    Hi, people.
    For your information, this is not exactly a true non-spoiler walkthrough. It
    is more like a quick guide through the game. Most people who come to FAQs that
    we FAQers make only need that ONE tidbit of information and that's it. They
    will never use that walkthrough again, ever. Yet they have to go through 300+
    KB guides (like mine! ^_^ I'm guilty, yay) and find that damn thing, cramped
    within a 300+ pound haystack. Therefore, I will still state the names, the
    key terms, the bosses, the places, you name it like it is a regular walk-
    through.  If you're one of those people, I think you will find this guide 
    VERY helpful! BUT I won't tell you what levels/HP you should be/have. The 
    games aren't even that hard so no worries. Shopping are your problem too.
    A few tips in using this guide: Know which place you just was in and skim to
    that position and you should know what to do! Use the items I submitted as a
    checklist, so you won't miss anything. That items thing is for the players who
    want 100% in their Collections, so they know they have found every item in 
    that castle/dungeon/floor and move on. Also, I will NOT tell you when you
    should heal or go back to heal, that's your problem so you figure it out.
    As for Final Fantasy II, I have added a few 'checkpoints' (should be obvious
    to you) around so you can detect where in the guide you're looking at. FF2
    has a LOT of encounters with Altair and Fynn Castle that you could be confused
    where you're at. FF1 doesn't have that problem so it doesn't need those. 
    REMEMBER: you figure out when to heal/save by yourself. This is a HELPING
    HAND, not a BABY-SITTER.
    This is Fox, over and out.
    2. Final Fantasy I (ONE! not TWO!)
     ____|_)             |   ____|           |                     _ _|
     |     | __ \   _` | |   |    _` | __ \  __|  _` |  __| |   |    | 
     __|   | |   | (   | |   __| (   | |   | |   (   |\__ \ |   |    | 
    _|    _|_|  _|\__,_|_|  _|  \__,_|_|  _|\__|\__,_|____/\__, |  ___|
    Cornelia/Temple of Chaos
    -Talk to the King in his throne room, in the castle.
    -Learn about her kidnapped daughter and Garland.
    -Temple of Chaos is to the north, past some forests.
    -Get the Leather Cap; Tent; Potion in the Temple.
    -Fight Garland in the middle of the Temple.
    -Go back to the Temple and the King will build the bridge for you.
    -Cross the bridge and head west and dip down to a town surrounded by a wall.
    -In Pravoca, go to the northwest to find Bikke and his gang.
    -Defeat the Pirates.
    -Get the Ship.
    -On your ship, ride the waves to the south and land on a port directly south
     of Cornelia's port.
    -Walk south to Elfheim.
    -In the Castle, talk to the Prince in his bed.
    -Go west and into the ring of mountains. Find an opening in the western side.
     and walk until you hit the shoreline. Walk to the south to find the Marsh
    Marsh Cave
    -To the north of the entrance, a staurs leads to 680 Gil, a Dagger, 620 Gil,
     and a Broadsword.
    -Go south of the entrance to drop down to B2F, with 680 Gil and Broadsword.
     The stairs to B3F is to the southeast.
    -Get the Sleet Plate; 295 Gil; Copper Armlet; Cottage; 385 Gil; and the Crown.
    -Fight a squad of Piscodemons for the Crown.
    -Get out.
    -*Note: the chests with the Broadsword or Steel Plate or 680 Gil are linked so
     when you get one, the other chest with the same thing will be empty.*
    Western Keep
    -Heal if necessary, in Elfheim.
    -Go into the ring of mountains to the east.
    -Walk to the northeast to find a broken-down castle.
    -In the Western Keep, enter the room in the heart.
    -Defeat the King, Astos, to get the Crystal Eye.
    Matoya's Cave
    -Go back to your ship and travel north, to Cornelia.
    -Cross the bridge and continue walking to the north to find the Cave.
    -In Matoya's Cave, talk to the crazy woman in the room and give her the
     Crystal Eye in exchange for her Jolt Tonic.
    Elfheim Castle
    -Back in the castle, give the Prince the Jolt Tonic to wake him up.
    -Get the Mystic Key from him.
    -Get the Mythril Hammer, Bronze Gloves, and 730 Gil in the Castle with your
     new Key.
    -If you want, go back to the Western Keep for a Power Staff, a Falchion, and
     a Steel Gloves.
    -If you want, go back to the Marsh Cave for a Silver Armlet, a Mythril Knife,
     and 1020 Gil.
    -If you want, go back to the Temple of Chaos for a Werebane, Rune Blade, and
     Gold Needle.
    Cornelia Castle
    -You HAVE to go here, despute the places stated above.
    -Go to the back of the castle and shimmy to a pathway leading to six chests:
     Steel Plate; Iron Shield; Crosier; Saber; Mythril Knife; and the key item
     Nitro Powder.
    -Get on the ship again and ride to the northwest of the Cornelia's port. Land
     on the next port you find. Walk to the southwest to find a band of mountains.
     Find the cave there.
    Mt. Duergar
    -Get all items: 450 Gil; 575 Gil; Tent; Grand Helm; Wyrmkiller; Mythril 
     Knife; Helmet; Mythril Mail; 575 Gil; and Cottage.
    -Talk to the Dwarf standing on the southern passages. He will take your Nitro
     Powder and form a canal for you.
    -Get back to your ship AGAIN.
    -Pass through the new canal and go northwest to find Melmond by a wharf.
    -Go west and turn south the first chance you got to find a triangular island/
     mountain. Enter the cave.
    Terra Cavern
    -B1F: 1975 Gil; Antidote; 795 Gil; Potion; 880 Gil
    -B2F: Coral Sword; Tent; 330 Gil; 5000 Gil; Leather Shield; 575 Gil
    -B3F: Sleeping Bag; Potion; 3400 Gil; 1020 Gil
    -At the final room of B3F, you will fight a Vampire. Defeat him and leave.
    Titan's Cave/Sage's Cave
    -Go to the northwest and follow the shoreline to the north to some mountains.
     Another cave lies there.
    -In the Titan's Cave, give the Golem blocking the way the Star Ruby.
    -Go down to find a room with a Mythril Helm, 450 Gil, 620 Gil, and a Great Axe
    -Go up the stairs to the north.
    -In the Sage's Cave, talk to the Sage to get the Earth Rod. 
    -Go back to the Terra Cavern.
    Terra Cavern
    -Fight your way to B3F and enter the room where you fought the Vampire.
    -Use the Earth Rod on the stone slab to open a path.
    -Go down to B4F.
    -B4F: 3400 Gil; Staff; 1520 Gil; 5450 Gil; 1455 Gil; Mythril Shield; Tent;
     1250 Gil
    -B5F: Go to the west and defeat Lich, the Earth Fiend.
    -Re-kindle the Earth Crystal!
    Crescent Lake
    -Get on the ship and start sailing west.
    -Past the peninsula of Terra Cavern, hang on for a LONG ride to the east,
     directly east. Once you finally hit land, go down and find two ports. Take
     the second port (southern) and walk to the west again. Find a town surrounded
     by a lake.
    -In the Crescent Lake, head to the northern path and go east and south to find
     a secret ring of Wise Men. Talk to the guy on the second row, right side to
     receive a Canoe.
    -Use the canoe to ride the river to the north and into the mountains to the
     west. Go west, north, northeast, north, and west on the upcoming forks to
     find Mt. Gulg.
    Mt. Gulg
    -B1F: None.
    -B2F: 1520 Gil; Mythril Helm; 4150 Gil; Claymore; 750 Gil; 795 Gil; Mythril 
         Shield; 1455 Gil; Mythril Axe; Potion; Antidote; 1975 Gil; Tent; Potion; 
         Mythril Helm; Mythril Gloves; 1520 Gil; 1760 Gil. Wow...
    -B3F: None, the stairs are to the east.
    -B4F: None.
    -B5F: Another nothing.
    -B6F: Gold Needle; 2750 Gil; 1760 Gil; 880 Gil; Ice Brand; Flame Shield; 7340
         Gil; Antidote; 10 Gil; 155 Gil; Cottage; 2000 Gil; Staff; 1250 Gil
    -B7F: Gold Needle; Flame Mail.
    -At the SW corner of B7F, you find Marilith, the Fire Fiend. Defeat her.
    -Light your Fire Crystal up!
    Ice Cavern
    -Go back to your ship and find the next port to the north. Ride the canoe to
     the west, on a nearby river.
    -On the forks, just follow the path that sticks to the east side of the 
     mountains. Take the upper path to the west and transport tp the lower path to
     the cave.
    -B1F: None for now.
    -B2FB: None.
    -B3F: Bah.
    -B2FA: Don't step on the cracks and pick up the Shirt and Flame Sword. Now you
     can drop through the cracks.
    -B4F: Mythril Gloves, Ice Armor, 7900 Gil, 5454 Gil, 180 Gil, 12350 Gil, 5000
     Gil, 9900 Gil
    -B1F: Back! Potion, 10000 Gil, 9500 Gil, Sleeping Bag, Ice Shield. Drop down
     through the crack in the east room.
    -B2FB: Fight the Evil Eye and win. Grab the Levistone afterwards. Drop down a
     hole and fight all of the way to B1F and leave (use the stairs to leave)
    -Ship down to Crescent Lake again.
    -Use your Canoe on the river to the south of the town and go east and south.
    -Get on the desert and use the Levistone to get the Airship!
    Citadel of Trials/Dragon Caves
    -On your Airship, go to the northeastern continent and find a white castle
     sitting all alone. Find the closest landing spot, to the northwest. It is a
     small spot on the very point/edge of the peninsula.
    -Walk around the bay to the Castle.
    -1F: Show the guy your Crown and go to the northwestern room and sit on the
    -2F: You get the Gauntlets here. As for the warps... When you see two warps
     that you have to choose between for the first time, take the lower one. The
     next selection will be lower again. After that, pick the left one over the
     right one. Pick the Gauntlets up before taking the left warp.
    -3F: Healing Staff; Ruby Armlet; Ice Brand; Steel Gloves; Cottage; 7340 Gil;
     1455 Gil.
    -At the end of 3F, get the Rat's Tail and beat the guardians, the Zombie
     Dragons. Step on the throne to warp back.
    -Fly over to the chain of islands to the southwest of the Citadel. The
     islands should have some holes in them. If you see them, it's the right ones.
    -Get those items that are available to you: 1455 Gil; 2000 Gil; 2750 Gil;
     9500 Gil; 160 Gil; 2750 Gil; 1520 Gil; 10 Gil; Cottage; 500 Gil; Tent; Gold
     Needle; 575 Gil.
    -When you see a long, long hall... follow it to meet Bahamut himself. Show him
     the Rat's Tail and receive the Class Change!
    -Go to the northwest to find a gray-marked town in the mountains, Gaia.
    -Learn about some kind of a Faerie.
    -Get out of here and fly again!
    -Go to the near east to find a desert. Land on a grassy plain and walk to
     the isolated/seperated small desert in the northern part. Walk around that
     place to find the caravan.
    -Buy the Bottled Faerie for 50000 Gil.
    -Go back to Gaia.
    -Go to the west and follow the path to the north and west to find a pond. Use
     the Faerie on that pond to get Oxyale.
    Waterfall Cavern
    -Below the Desert where you got the Faerie, find a landing spot by the river/
     lake and use your canoe to go up the river. Enter the cave on the end.
    -Get the Spellbinder, Ribbon, 13450 Gil, 6400 Gil, 5000 Gil, and Defender
     from the chests to the southwest. Talk to the weird monster for a Warp Cube.
    -The town is to the right of that big desert, over the mountains. You have to
     find a landing spot by the river and walk through the trees to get there.
    -In Onlak, head straight to the southeast to find a Mermaid guarding a barrel.
     Show her your Oxyale and she'll let you use the sub.
    -Ride the sub down to the Shrine.
    Sunken Shrine
    -3F: 2000 Gil and 9900 Gil are found here. Take the stairs to the northeast
    -4F: Diamond Armor; 20 Gil; Light Axe; Mage's Staff; 12350 Gil.
    -5F: Diamond Armlet; 9000 Gil; 1760 Gil; Antidote; Diamond Shield; 4150 Gil;
     5000 Gil; 2750 Gil; 10000 Gil; 10 Gil; Diamond Gloves; Diamond Helm; 
     Rosetta Stone. 
    -To get the last three items, go to the northwestern corner and find a path
     that leads to the left. It will lead you to those three items, including the
     Rosetta Stone, which you have to pick up.
    -Get back to 3F. How you get back is your problem.
    -3F: Take the northwestern stairs.
    -2F: Can't access the items yet.
    -3FC: Meh.
    -4FA: Nothing happening.
    -3FB: 100 Gil; 450 Gil.
    -2F: NOW you can get the items! 7690 Gil; 8135 Gil; Giant's Gloves; 385 Gil;
     5450 Gil; 2750 Gil; 7340 Gil; 9900 Gil; Ribbon; Light Axe.
    -1F: Fight Kraken to the northwest! After the victory, you get to re-awaken
     your water crystal!
    -Fly over to Melmond for a quickie ;)
    -Talk to Dr. Unne on the eastern side.
    -Learn about the Rosetta Stone and he will investigate the Stone.
    -Learn the Lufenian language
    -Find Lufenia on a inlet/peninsula on the eastern side of the globe. North-
     east of Pravoca and south of Gaia. 
    -After finding it, fly to the north to a small lake and find a landing spot
     to the north of the pond.
    -Yep, walk all of the way to the town.
    -In Lufenia, talk to the guy in a block east of you to get a Lufenia Bell.
    -Get out.
    Tower of Mirage
    -Fly to the northwest of Lufenia to find a desert (not the same one as the
     Faerie thing)
    -Find a landing spot (southeast side is the best) and walk to the middle of
     the desert. Enter the Tower of Mirage.
    -1F: Vorpal Sword; Healing Helm; 800 Gil; 3400 Gil; 2750 Gil; Aegis Shield;
     Tent; 18010 Gil.
    -2F: Cottage; 7600 Gil; Sunblade; 10000 Gil; Dragon Mail; 8135 Gil; 7900
     Gil; Thor's Hammer; 12350 Gil; 13000 Gil.
    -3F: Defeat the Blue Dragon and step on the portal and use the Warp Cube
     that you got from the Waterfall Cavern. (if you don't have it... bad boy!)
    Flying Fortress
    -1F: Potion; 9900 Gil; 4150 Gil; 7900 Gil; 6720 Gil; Healing Helm; Protect
     Ring; 180 Gil; 5000 Gil; Venom Blade.
    -2F: Mythril Helm; Cottage; 13000 Gil; 880 Gil; Adamanite; Diamond Gloves;
     Ribbeon; Diamond Shield; White Robe; Black Robe.
    -3F: 9000 Gil; Potion; Protect Ring; 5450 Gil; Gold Needle; 9500 Gil; 8135
     Gil; 6400 Gil; Shirt; Protect Cloak; 4150 Gil; Sasuke; Gold Needle; 3400 Gil.
    -4F: Two lefts/rights and two downs to find the stairs.
    -5F: Defeat the guardian, Tiamat!
    -You've lighted up all 4 Crystals!
    Temple of Chaos
    -All of the way back in the Temple, enter the same room where you fought
     Garland. Insert the Crystals to the stone slabs to warp back 2000 years.
    -1F: Take the southeast stairs.
    -2F: Meh.
    -3F: Enter the central room and fight a Death Eye. Kick his ass and get
     45000 Gil and 65000 Gil. Use the Lute on the stone in the middle to reveal
     a path down to 1F:
    -2F: No items.
    -1F: Go to the new stairs down to the basement.
    -B1F: Go to the southeast stairs to fight the first Fiend, Lich.
    -B2F: Protect Cloak; 26000 Gil; Protect Ring; Sasuke. By the stairs, you have
     to battle the second Fiend, Marilith.
    -B3F: Stairs are to the southeast. Fiend: Kraken.
    -B4F: Get the Masamune and go to the northeastern block. Defeat Tiamat before
     moving on.
    -B5F: Go around the room to enter a smaller one in the middle. Talk to the
     guy in the room (Garland) to fight Chaos, the final boss!
    Defeat him and you're done!
    3. Final Fantasy II (Yes, TWO!!!)
     ____|_)             |   ____|           |                     _ _|_ _|
     |     | __ \   _` | |   |    _` | __ \  __|  _` |  __| |   |    |   | 
     __|   | |   | (   | |   __| (   | |   | |   (   |\__ \ |   |    |   | 
    _|    _|_|  _|\__,_|_|  _|  \__,_|_|  _|\__|\__,_|____/\__, |  ___|___|
    The Beginning of the Rebellion
    -Watch the opening scene.
    -Lose the battle against the Knights.
    -Get transported to Altair.
    -Talk to Hilda and learn about various stuff. Learn the keyword WILD ROSE.
    -Go north to Fynn.
    -On the way, you see a small town: Gatera. Once there, go west and stick to
     the shoreline and follow that shore around to the east.
    -Fynn is on the end.
    -Once there (in town), go to the back of the town but don't go too far. One
     step past the fence is enough. Tip-toe to the right and down, to a pub. 
    -Talk to the guy in the northeast corner and tell him the password: Wild Rose.
    -Enter the secret passage.
    -Talk to the fallen man on bed.
    -Receive his Ring.
    -Go back to Altair.
    -Report to Princess Hilda. Learn the keyword MYTHRIL.
    -Talk to Mindu to recruit him into your party. Receive the Canoe.
    -Talk to the Princess again for the keyword DREADNOUGHT. Ask her about it for
     yet another one: AIRSHIP.
    -Head north to a lake and use the canoe to get across, to Paloom.
    -In Paloom, talk to the first sailor you see and pay him some Gil to use his 
    -Ride the ship to Poft.
    -Do whatever you like here and leave to the north.
    -Hit the mountain range to the north and travel left to Salamand.
    -Learn about the slaves in Semitt Falls. Talk to Josef if you like (east-most
    -Get out and walk further to the west. Do not go north, just continue until
     the mountain range to the south ends. When it does, get on the river that
     appears and ride it to the east.
    -Enter the cave, the Semitt Falls.
    Semitt Falls
    -B1F: 10 Gil; 200 Gil.
    -B2F: Eye drops; Potion; Potion. Enter the left door to the northeast.
    -B3F: 1 Gil; 50 Gil. The northwestmost door goes futher down.
    -Save the prisoners!
    -B4F: Fire Scroll.
    -B5F: Warp Scroll. The path down is the door to the left of the entrance.
    -Defeat the Sergeant to get the Mythril!
    -Go back to Altair.
    -Go to the weapon shop and talk to Tobul to give him the Mythril. The shops
     now have Mythril equipment.
    -Talk to Hilda yet again to receive new information about the Dreadnought.
    -Head to Bafsk, east of Poft.
    -Once in Poft, head east, around the mountains to find Bafsk.
    -Go to the southwest and find a man blocking a path. He is an agent so ask him
     about Dreadnought. He will let you pass.
    -Enter the cave.
    Bafsk Cave
    -B1F: Long Sword; Longbow.
    -B2F: None, just watch as the Dreadnought takes off.
    -At the fork, go right to find a door leading to a room with a Pass and a 
    -Before going back to Altair, talk to Cid to learn a new keyword: SUNFIRE.
    -Yep, talk to Hilda. Learn this keyword: GODDESS'S BELL. Learn about the
     Egil's Torch, Kai'son. Ask Hilda about the Bell and she directs you to Josef,
     in Salamand.
    Getting the Snowcraft
    Salamand/Semitt Falls
    -Go to the right side and enter the house of Josef.
    -Recruit him.
    -Walk to the west and ride the river to Semitt Falls again.
    -Click on the northeastern wall on the same area as the blue gem to reveal a
     hidden passage.
    -Take the Snowcraft and get out.
    Snow Cavern
    -Go west of Salamand and go north to find an entrance to the snowfield. Use
     your Snowcraft to get across.
    -Find the Snow Cavern on the extreme end.
    -B1F: 100 Gil; 150 Gil.
    -B2F: (accessed by other staircase) Mythril Mace; Antidote; Battle Axe.
    -B3F: Notus.
    -B4F: Potion; Ice Scroll; Mythril Spear; Potion.
    -B5F: Mythril Shield; Ancient Sword.
    -At the room with the beavers (or whatever), talk to the only beaver standing
     on ground for a scene including Gus. Go to the northeast wall and face east
     to find a secret passage.
    -Continue and get the Silver Plate. Defeat Adamantoise to get the Goddess's
    -Go up the stairs to B1F.
    -Defeat Borghen.
    Castle Kai'son
    -Go back to Salamand/Poft to heal if needed.
    -Two ways to Kai'son: talk to Cid's assistant for a ride (400 Gil) to Kai'son
     OR walk southeast (long walk) from Bafsk.
    -Once in the Castle Kai'son, use the Bell to open the sealed door in 1F.
    -2F: Recruit your newest member, Gordon!
    -1F: Cure Scroll.
    -3F: 300 Gil.
    -4F: Gold Shield.
    -5F: Mythril Axe, Werebane, Mythril Sword in the central-northern door.
    -6F: Golden Mail; Mallet; Antidote; Eye Drops.
    -At the final room, fight Shriker for the rights of the Egil's Torch.
    -Go back to 1F and use the Torch on the Sunfire.
    -Back at your home base, you see that the Princess is missing. Go to the
     upper right room to find King in his bed. Talk to Mindu about Dreadnought.
    -Talk to the townspeople about the Dreadnought's landing spot if you like.
    -Go north, past Fynn.
    -Continue all of the way until you find the airship.
    -Either give the guard the Pass to go through freely or tell him the pass-
     word to fight him.
    -1F: 400 Gil. The stairs in the middle leads to Crescent, a sword. To get it,
     go through a secret passage in the east wall (of the cell).
    -Back at 1F, take the northeast stairs to get those items: Shade Bow; Thief's
     Gloves; Potion; Potion.
    -1F again: southeast stairs.
    -2F: Nothing.
    -3F: Main Gauche; Trident; Ice Shield; Titan's Helm.
    -2F: Nope.
    -4F: Maze like... just avoid the guards and you should eventually find the 
     next staircase.
    -Throw the Torch and the fire into the engine!
    The Wind Drake
    -Not again. Go to the King and learn about the Wind Drake and the Dragoons.
     Your next mission is to get the Dragoons' aid for the war.
    -Go to the throne room and talk to Gordon to learn those keywords: DRAGOON and
    -Go to Paloom again. Talk to the first lady you see for a ride to Deist.
    -Go outside and get on her ship, to the northeast.
    -After a while, the ship stops and you have to fight a bunch of pirates. Kill
     them all and recruit Leila into your party!
    -Use the ship to get to the island of Deist, which is directly east of Bafsk
     and Poft (use the world map: Circle + Select)
    Deist Castle
    -Talk to the lone boy in the castle to make him go for his mommy, literally.
    -Before doing anything in the castle, you should look around to get those 
     items: Eye Drops; Antidote; Cross; Mallet; Wing Blade; Saint's Spirit; 
     Sage's Wisdom; Gold Needle; Stop Scroll; Stun Scroll; Curse Scroll; Unicorn 
     Horn; Phoenix Down; Cottage. Yep, a lot!
    -Talk to the mother of the boy to learn how to communicate with the Wind 
    -Go outside and walk to the north to find a cave.
    Deist Cavern
    -Just go right, to the northeast and find a stairs leading down. Get the 
     Pendant from a Dragoon.
    -Go back to the Castle again.
    Deist Castle
    -Talk to the Wind Drake, since you have the Pendant now.
    -He gives you the last Dragon Egg and requests you to lay the egg into the
     spring at the bottom of the cave.
    -Of course, go back to the cave AGAIN.
    Deist Cavern
    -B1F: 30 Gil. Go to the southwestern stairs first if you want all of the
     items. Then after you've gotten all items you can possibly get, go back to
     1F again and take the southeastern one. I will signal if the item if it is
     found by the SW stairs or SE stairs.
    -B2F: Potion (SW); Mythril helm (SE); Mythril Mail (SE); Mage's Staff (SE).
    -B3F: DO NOT CROSS THE BRIDGE!!! Mythril Gloves (SE); Mythril Mirror (SE);
     Mythril Shield (SE).
    -B4F: Acid Bottle.
    -B5F: Sage's Wisdom; Flame Bow; Saint's Spirit; Knight's Armor (all SW).
    -Take the second door from right to face a squad of Chimeras. Defeat them all
     to pave the way to the spring. Put the Egg into the spring.
    -Go into the southeastern room to find Hilda in her bed.
    -After a short conversation, you will fight Queen Lamia, the false version of
     Hilda. Make her pay.
    -Gordon and one of his soldiers comes in, telling you about Palamecia and its
     reward: Hilda.
    -In the main room, learn about Palamecia's location: south of Kai'son.
    Saving Hilda
    -Find a good landing spot by the desert. 
    -Walk all of the way to Palamecia.
    -In the Coliseum, go up to the Emperor and get trapped.
    -Fight and defeat Behemoth.
    -Get captured.
    -Watch as Pavel saves your sorry ass from prison.
    -B2F: Antidote; Ether; Elixir; Cottage.
    -B1F: Save Hilda!
    -1F: Just get out.
    Altair (this is the last time, I guarantee this! yay!)
    -Talk to the lone soldier to learn about the secret base by Gatera, to attempt
     to throw the Commander's reign of Fynn.
    -Go north, to Gatera. Go a bit left of Gatera to find a small secret base.
    -Talk to Gordon to get another mission: to eliminate the Commander.
    -Go into the Castle Fynn!
    Castle Fynn
    -I recommmend you to go straight ahead every time to the boss and win then go
     back for the chests because after the victory, there's no monster encounters!
     But anyway... here's the items.
    -1F: Get Leila back! Items: 1000 Gil; 2000 Gil; 1000 Gil.
    -2F: Aura Scroll; Werebane; Potion; Titan's Gloves.
    -3F: Break Scroll; Doom Scroll; Toad Scroll.
    -Go to the top floor and face the Commander! KILL HIM AND WIN!
    -Watch as Hilda and Gordon gets their thrones back.
    -Talk to them several times to learn the following keywords: MYSIDIA, MASK,
    -Enter the town of Fynn and go to the southwestern house, Pavel's house.
    -Talk to Pavel about the White Mask. Tell him the password (EKMET TELOEZ) The
     secret path is in the northeast corner in the thron room.
    -Go back to the throne room in the castle again. Examine the upper right
     corner to discover a secret path.
    -On 1F, exmaine the east wall for a secret path to a GOLDEN MAIL, GOLD SHIELD,
     and a GOLD PLATE.
    Fynn Castle (Underground)
    -B1F: Knife; Shirt; Eye Drops.
    -B2F: Potion; Potion; Maiden's Kiss.
    -B3F: Potion; Flame Shield; Silk Web.
    -B4F: Blood Sword; Flame Mail; Backstabber.
    -B5F: Orichaldagger.
    -Go to the upper right corner and enter the second door from right to find a
     secret room.
    -Just take the unguarded White Mask and step onto the portal!
    The Masks
    -You should have learned about Mysidia from Hilda. If not, talk to her about
    -Get on your ship and go south of Altair. Land to the right of the mountain
     range that borders the sea. Walk to the southwest to Mysidia.
    -Go to the bottom part of the town to find a set of stairs going down.
    -Place the White Mask on the statue.
    -That's all for this town (don't forget the magic shop!).
    -You have to get the Black Mask, in the Tropical Island. Bring your Map up
     (Circle + Select) and look for the lone island out in the sea (southern
     part). That's the Tropical Island. Get on your ship and go there.
    Tropical Island
    -This place has several branching paths so make sure you check them all.
    -B1F: Eye Drops; Ether; Hi-Potion; Hi-Potion; Silk Web.
    -B2F: Blind Scroll; Poison Scroll; Blind Scroll; Poison Scroll; Slumber Stalk.
    -B3F: Silk Web; Garlic; Phoenix Down.
    -B4F: 1000 Gil.
    -B5F: Sleep Scroll; Thantos; Gaia Drum; Slumber Stalk. Enter the door.
    -Fight the Gigan Rhino and pick the Black Mask up.
    Mysidian Cave
    -From Mysidia, go right along the mountains until you find a break. Go 
     southwest when this happens and you should eventually find the cave.
    -From the Tropical Island, just go northwest and find a landing spot. Walk to
     the west, between two mountain ranges. 
    -If from elsewhere, it is southeast of Mysidia.
    -B1F: Ninja Suit; Gold Hairpin. Use the Black Mask on the doppleganger to make
     him disappear.
    -B2F: Ice Bow (hidden passage on the east wall of that alcove); Ogrekiller.
     The door is located left of the middle of the room.
    -B3F: Potion; Phoenix Down; Mute Bell; Gold Needle (middle door). SE door goes
    -B4F: Drain Scroll; Mini Scroll; Potion; Potion; Potion; Potion. The hidden
     passage to 5 of the items is on the east wall.
    -Go to the northwest to find a door to those items: Drain Scroll; Osmose
     Scroll AND... the Crystal Rod, of course!
    The Ultima Scroll (Mysidian Tower)
    -Heal up or whatever beforehand.
    -Go north of Mysidia (SW of Altair) to find a small crescent-shaped island.
    -Go into the ring and you will get sucked down and lose Leila!
    -Intestines: Headband; Power Sash.
    -Stomach: Power Armlet. Recruit the Dragoon, Gareth by showing him the Crystal
    -Mouth: Diamond Shield; Terra Sword. Defeat the boss, Barrel Worm to claim the
     ship again!
    Mysidian Tower
    -Go north of Leviathan to find a Tower. Use the Rod to enter.
    -1F: Staff; Staff; Staff. White Robe: secret passage on the west wall.
    -2F: Flame Bow; Flame Lance; Flame Shield.
    -3F: Enter the left door to get to the upper part. Flame Sword; Flame Mail;
     Flame Helm are all here.
    -Defeat the Fire Gigas to move on.
    -4F: Ice Mail; Ice Shield; Ice Gloves. The left stairs leads to an Ice Lance.
     Take the right one to go up to 5F.
    -5F: Ice Brand.
    -Ice Gigas! Burn his cold ass.
    -6F: Potion; Spellbinder.
    -7F: Silk Web; Hermes; Unicorn Horn.
    -One more Gigas: Thunder.
    -8F: Flare Scroll.
    -9F: Hourglass; Cross; Black Robe (guarded by White Dragon).
    -Still on 9F, take the second door from left to find Mindu.
    -Watch as Mindu breaks the seal to the scroll for you.
    -Take the upgrade orbs BEFORE getting the Ultima Scroll (the middle one)!
    Castle Fynn
    -Talk to Hilda to learn a new Keyword: CYCLONE. Ask Leila and Hilda about that
     and they explain to you that the Emperor is indeed in the tornado. 
    -Go to 3F via the SW stairs in 1F and find the mirror. Click on the Pendant to
     bring up the Wind Drake! Looks like that Egg had some use after all...
    -Go back to pavel's house and tell him about the Cyclone and he will tell you
     the whereabouts of his treasures. Take them all, including the Blood Sword!
    -Go to the Cyclone and the Wind Drake will bring you into the dungeon.
    -1F: Nope.
    -2F: Ripper.
    -3F: Venom Axe.
    -4F: Diamond Gloves; Diamond Helm.
    -5F: Defender; Diamond Mail.
    -6F: Zephyr's Flute (guarded by a Green Dragon).
    -Go up and up and face the Emperor, at last! Fight two squads of Royal Guards
     as a warm-up and fight the Emperor, two Guards, and a Wood Golem for the 
     boss battle!
    -Celebrate with a uber-lame dance... yay.
    -Leon has over-taken the position as the Emperor in Palamecia!
    -Learn the keyword PALAMECIA from Hilda.
    -Go to Pavel's house again and ask him how to go to Palamecia.
    -Talk to Cid in Pavel's House to get his Airship!!!
    -Go to Poft to claim the Airship!
    -Fly over to Palamecia (same place as before-Coliseum).
    -Instead of landing on land, land on the top of the Castle in the mountains.
    Castle Palamecia
    -You land on 7F but you have to go back to 1F via the door above, sorry! :(
    -1F: Diamond Plate; Garlic. Take the first stairs you see to get a Hourglass.
    -2F: Knife; Buckler.
    -3F: Thunder Spear.
    -4F: Saint's Spirit; Slumber Stalk. In the door in SW: Mage's Staff; Healing
     Staff; Spellbinder.
    -5F: The stairs to the left goes to a Sunblade on 6F and 3 Elixirs on 7F.
     Take the other stairs here on 5F after you get those items.
    -6F: Just shoo to 7F.
    -7F: Back up!
    -8F: Go to the NW corner forst for a Hellfire and a Zephyr's Flute. Confront
     Leon and watch the show.
    Fynn Castle
    -Talk to Hilda to learn about JADE PASSAGE. Ask Leila and Gordon about it and
     learn about its location, which is on the same continent as Mysidia.
    -Level up, buy whatever, do whatever and go to the NE corern of the southern
     continent to find a black lake. Walk to it to get sucked into the Jade 
    The Final Run
    Jade Passage
    -B1F: Diamond Mace; Hellfire. Door: SE corner.
    -B2F: Hellfire; Notus; Cat Claw (guarded by Blue Dragon. Door: NE corner.
    -B3F: Rune Axe (guarded by King Behemoth). Door: SE corner.
    -B4F: Backstabber; Aegis Shield; Dragon Mail; Holy Lance (north door);
     Yoichi's Bow (guarded by Red Dragon). Door: SE.
    -B5F: Hi-Potion; Protect Ring; Hi-Potion. Door: at the end of the path.
    -B6F: Ta-da! Onward to the Pandaemonium!
    -1F: Nothing really.
    -2F: Ether.
    -3F: Eye Drops.
    -4F: Four doors here... 
    -LEFT DOOR: Genji Gloves to the NW, guarded by Zombie Borghen. Go to the
     NE corner and examine the east wall to find a passage to a Masamune, THE
    -SECOND FROM LEFT: Genji Helm (guarded by Tiamat).
    -SECOND FROM RIGHT: Do this one last if you want all of the items. It has
     the next portal and a chest guarded by Astaroth: Ribbon.
    -RIGHT: Genji Armor, Beelzebub is the guardian.
    -Take the second door from right and continue until you find the portal back
     to 4F.
    -4F: Just take the next portal, that's all.
    -7F: Sage's Wisdom.
    -8F: Acid Bottle; Hellfire.
    -9F: Two rights/lefts and two down=next portal.
    -10F: BOO! Heal and save for the FINAL BOSS! HYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don't forget to save afterwards!
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    Thanks to: 
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