PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File01/02/03Chrono Mana Man131K
All Cards (5 or more of each... Used GS) and all but Seto (2nd)
Save Game File06/13/02MAnani128K
Almost all cards and a very powerful deck
Save Game File02/18/05SailorCallie131K
Beaten game twice to acquire all Duelists, (second time to unlock Seto 2) and used GS to acquire all 722 cards.
Save Game File11/08/02A B C128K
Every card. Has the ultimate dragon deck. Game is almost completely beaten. Tested against Seto3 (the strongest duelist in the game).
Save Game File02/02/09WhiteDragonSM131K
Finished game! All 722 cards!
Save Game File02/07/03A B C128K
Has all 722 cards (sharked). Also has a powerful deck that can take down Seto3, an extremely powerful duelist. Game is almost complete (Just need Seto2).
Save Game File05/02/02lobo131K
Have all 722 cards! Used some gameshark codes and bought most of them. Defeated all high mages
Save Game File08/31/01Izaac131K
The best deck its unbeatable/my collection as of 08/31/02
Save Game File04/21/02PhoenixFyre19K
The following is my collection of cards as of 4/21/2002. Some medium powered dragons and plenty of other critters. No Game Shark has been used and a few cards were bought with Star Chips. Saved at the Battling of High Mages.
Save Game File05/02/02Emerald|Weapon19K
This is my cards collection as of May 2nd 2002. It has an awesome deck which is unbeatable.
Save Game File04/24/02Emerald|Weapon131K
This save contains good cards, used gameshark codes.

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File01/06/11Overlordtico1K
Strongest Power Deck Completed with all Duelists unlocked. Happy hunting.
Save Game File02/19/15alejoarconte1K
Ultimate deck with more cards and starships (60.000)

PlayStation DexDrive Save (Europe)

Save Game File06/14/08DARKSC131K
A good save game with good cards : 3 jirai gumo (2200atk) 3 dark elf (2000 atk) and 3 thunder dragons (fusion two to make a monster 2800 at ) the game is after gathering the millenium items and getting back to the past !

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File04/11/18jhnpap700K
All 722 cards available. The game is at the beginning (no enemies are unlocked in Free Duel). It features an all-female monsters Deck.
Save Game File04/02/09zecalarecaa1K
ultimate deck game compleated 1 time not EVEN 1 code in it

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