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Full throttle, three wide.
The most cars, stars, and tracks

RACE THE ORIGINAL DAYTONA BEACH: Exclusive to EA Sports, blast along the beach that started it all.

23 NASCAR WINSTON CUP SERIES TRACKS & 13 FANTASY ROAD COURSES: DAYTONA to Sears Point For the first time in history, only EA Sports delivers every track on the circuit.

OVER 30 NASCAR STARS: Gordon, Earnhardt Jr., Waltrip, Labonte, Stewart, Marlin, Jarrett, Petty and more.

EARN THUNDER CARS: Unlock tracks and offensive and defensive power-ups like better fuel mileage, horsepower, tire durability, and braking power

CHAMPIONSHIP CAREER: Create a driver and a legendary career See if you can triumph as NASCAR Winston Cup Series Campion and defend your title over multiple seasons.

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