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Reviewed: 12/28/01 | Updated: 12/28/01

This game is pretty good but ...

When I heard Activision and Shaba were releasing THPS3 I was thrilled! I had high expectations for the game since the other two parts were cool. I was disappointed in some aspects but not completely.

Graphics B-
Although almost nothing changed in the graphics category from THPS2 some graphics are horrible while others are pretty good. Lots of glitches though like sometimes pieces of the scenery will go black all of a sudden and I have gotten frozen and not able to move in a place lots of times.

Toughness C+
In THPS 1 and 2 I took a while to pass it the first time. Although I'll admit I'm pretty good :) the game didn't challenge me as much as I had hoped for. It took me about 8 and a half hours to pass it the first time, compared to days with THPS2 it was extremely quick. The goals are way to simple and in my opinion THPS2's goals are tougher.

Music A+
The tracks in this game are cool and I got no problem with that.

Sound D
Yet again every skaters moans and groans sound the same, there isn't that many variations in grinding noises. When you fall you always here the same noise which hasn't improved from last time.

Controls A+
The controls are the same which make it easier to adjust from THPS2 to this game.

The Cities A-
The places to skate now are pretty cool also but aren't that large. Great jobs on the Airport and Canada!

The Skaters A+
The list now is a little bit longer which is great.

The Tricks B-
This time there is more tricks than before but not that many. Great job on the Reemo and Misty Flip! More tricks would really improve the game.

The Grinding Places A-
Nice places to grind and nice rails. You can pretty much grind on anything which is great!

Replay Value B
You do get tired of this after passing it about three times but the first three times it rocks!

Rent or Buy?
Rent it out and after you play it you decide if I were I would then decide if you want to buy it.

Nice game but I strongly doubt if they would make a THPS4 for PSX so here are some things I would like to see in THPS4 for PS2,XBOX or Gamecube:
- More skaters (Daewong Song and maybe Willy Santos?)
- More tricks (Primos and Darkslides basic tricks?)
- Tougher Gameplay
- More places to skate (How about NY,Germany and Australia)

Overall B+
The gameplay is pretty good ... the tricks are cool and and the places are awesome. Just what us TONY HAWK PRO SKATER fans really need to satisfy our urge after part 2.

Special thanks to the makers of THPS3 for keeping me busy!
Till next time ...

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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