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Reviewed: 12/14/01 | Updated: 12/14/01

A absoloute masterpiece!

Let me just start off by saying that once again, Neversoft and Activision have created a cracking game. If you've played either Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games on the Playstation before, then you can jump straight in. It is really easy to play, but difficult to put down.


For a Playstation game, this looks good. The animation is great, the levels are large and detailed, the skaters look realistic and all the scenery looks fabulous. It looks similar to Tony Hawk's 2, but plays better. Neversoft and Activision have made this game look good, and the skater's videos are cool, too.


This is where the THPS games have excelled. These games have been fun to play, with imaginative level design and great challenges. The new revert move, which can be done while hitting R2 while coming down a ramp allows your skater to do a 180 ''wheel slide'', then manual, continuing your line up to a different ramp, or onto a ledge or a rail. This allows for imaginative combos, allowing you to get those all-important high scores. The controls have also remained the same as previous titles, which is really good, as I loved the control system. The levels are really good, and I couldn't wait to play them after mastering THPS2.


Hmmm. The sound effects are the same, brilliant. But I don't really like the sound. Rap is not my thing, I prefer rock. But...I suppose you can't please everyone. I preferred THPS2, with bands such as Bad Religion and Rage Against The Machine. What I do is turn off the music in-game and put the sound effects on full. Then, I turned on my stereo and blasted some decent music. This, I think is the only bad point about the game.


I think this takes the mickey here. It has taken the THPS2 park editor, and slopped it in this game, just changing the themes. No extra pieces, nothing. I think the create-a-skater is also unchanged, but I haven't fully checked it out yet. The cheats are good so far, but I wont spoil nothing for you. The characters movies are great too (just wait till you see Rodney Mullen's: what a skater).


Considering myself a Tony Hawks's master, I found this game quite easy. The thing the THPS series have relied on here is to go over a specific gap to get a goal. The stat points add a little more challenge to the game. To upgrade your character, you must find out the 5 stat points hidden around the level. Once you've found one, you can spend it on one of the 10 stats. It's vital to upgrade, in order for you to be able to complete the harder levels. You earn new trick by getting 100% on the level (completing all goals), and earn new decks by finding them. Then, after doing the game 100% with a skater, you must go do it with another one. This can get tedious, and Neversoft and Activision should have made different challenges for different skaters. Also, I was really looking forward to seeing people walk around on screen. But, this is only available in the PS2 version, which I have yet to play. The gaps also add a challenge element to the game.

To buy or to rent?

I would recommend buying this game, as it has tons of replay value. It's an awesome game.


This game is awesome. I think this is a essential purchase for PS1 owners. There is only a few niggles here, as mentioned above. Perfect game

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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