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Reviewed: 12/06/01 | Updated: 12/06/01

It could have had a few more changes/additions, but great overall.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 is a great game. The producers did a great job making the levels and all that good stuff, but I would have liked to see some more actual landmarks, such as having the leap of faith in the Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3. This game definitely soars above all other skating games on playstation and other systems, but the way the THPS series has been moving along, it goes without saying. The game is a bit on the easy side in comparison to the previous pro skater game. It also has pretty good music. Not a big jump in the graphics department, but its decent. And now for the in-depth sections.....

Gameplay- The gameplay is very much similar to that of THPS 2. Its smooth for the most part, with occasional glitches which leave you stuck helplessly in the corner of a building, free to get all the points your little heart desires, but never being able to get down. There are also a few cool new tricks like primo slides and anti-caspers. It’s a quantum leap from the original, but a small step from the second.


Graphics- The Graphics have pretty much the same deal as the gameplay. They are very similar to THPS 2’s graphics. Graphics, however, are not that important to me, and I believe it is the same with many others, too. I can’t say anything bad about the game's graphics though; they are good enough for me.


Music- The music is great, in my opinion. A perfect mix of rap and rock, and with new stuff and old stuff. One of the problems with the playstation version is that they took a lot of songs out. So the selection is limited, but good.


Replay Value- The game has excellent replay value. You can beat the game once, and you still wont be satisfied. You can beat the game multiple times with different characters and unlock cheats. Another couple of motives for beating the game more than once are the videos. By getting three gold medals, you unlock the video of the skater you are playing as, just like Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 and 1 I believe.


Buy or Rent- This category can go either way. With a rent, you can beat it a few times, watch a few of the videos, then return it. For the average gamer, I would say it takes about 50-75 minutes to beat the game entirely with a single skater. But if you are motivated enough to earn all the videos and cheats by beating the game with everyone, its worth every last penny. For most people, I would recommend a buy. It’s a great game to play if you have a couple friends over, especially with some of the cheats on.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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