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Reviewed: 12/02/01 | Updated: 12/02/01

Yo dudes, this game takes getting used to, but after that, you'll realise that you have gold......

Gameplay: Now I have 2 say, THIS GAME ROCKS! It pretty much uses the same controls as the other 2 versions which makes old time fans right at home and for any new fans, the controls aren't too tricky to start off with either. So then, the level designs aren't the greatest in the world but they can make for some challenging skateboarding, which brings me on to my next point, this game is not for people who are looking for the easiest game in the world, THIS GAME IS HARD unless you know what you're doing. 10/10

Graphics: Ok so it isn't the prettiest game in the world but for a grey box which is only 32 bits (or whatever it is, I cant remember but I know its 32 something) and on easily scratchable discs, this game looks good, damn good for the Playstation, you'd be fooled into thinking that this is on the N64 at points, I think the only point the Graphics can be bad is if you for some reason think this is supposed to look like the PS2 version. 9/10

Audio: Their isn't much to say about the sound effects because they're exactly the same as THPS2. I think the tunes are OK, nothing more, it may include Motorhead, AAF and Xzibit but the music doesn't really set the mood for skateboarding (except for ''Ace of Spades'' for some reason) but the tunes are still nice to listen to. 7/10

Replay value: This game keeps you coming back for more, it is that addictive. Trust me, yesterday I thought it was rubbish and was prepared to take it back but this morning I just had a craving to play on it. Turns out that this game can last you for months I'm guessing (provided that the disc doesn't get too scratched).9/10

So is it worth buying?: You damn right it's worth buying! It's worth renting first though, just incase you play on the game for a couple of hours, realize that the game isn't for you and can't return it because the disc is too scratched. ?/10

Overall: This game is damn good, if you have a PS2 or if you're lucky enough to not live in Europe (I do though) and have a Gamecube, (unlike me, and I probably wont get one until sometime between... it doesn't matter) I suggest that you get that version instead because of the better.....everything about it really but otherwise, if you like the classic Tony Hawk style (deserted cities and skate parks) this game is definitely for you. 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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