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Reviewed: 11/02/01 | Updated: 11/02/01

Really big drops in this game. Yup. This game is so cool. Yup.

This game is awesome! Seriously. Well Activision got the point after THPS! These people want more, more, more. And they got more. THPS2. That wasn't enough. So they released THPS3. This game kicks butt. You get a whole new set of levels like Tokyo and Los Angeles. They even threw in another skater! New moves too like the cannonball. The best part is better graphics and new MUSIC! Lets take a look.

The graphics are still kind of rubbery in the back. The grinds look perfect and the characters faces look real. The levels look soooooooooooooo cool! They are enlarged and the halfpipes, rails, and ramps look very realistic. the liquids that appear in the first course look solid too. The intro looks impressive, the skateboard designs look very real but slighty sharper on the edge. The graphics are just plain good.

MUSIC: 10/10
The music is awesome! Some of the songs are maybe a little too hard core for some of the younger viewers but that's why it's rated T (Teen). The music goes along well with the souroundings if you choose the corect tune. You'll never get bored with it as it's a mix of different tunes.

SOUND: 7/10
The sounds in this game are good. Although for every character the moaning when you fall seems to be the same (no change in the voices from the last two versions). The grinding sounds fairly realistic also. The sounds of the skateboard wheels against the surface newer seem to change though even if you move to a rougher surface. Another flaw is you still make a weird noise when you do an air trick.

This game is extremely difficult. There are ten objectives for every level and almost always different. Clasic objectives return like high score, pro scroe, sick score, find the hidden tape, and 100% goals. The thing that makes this game really challenging is that after you get 100% with one character then you can do it waith all the other skaters which will make this game take at least a year and a half to finish for people who are familiar with this game. Begginers should start out with something like free skater so they can learn the moves. This game will keep you busy for a while.

You can never get sick of this game. Each time you play it you find out different things and hidden areas. You can also try to improve your high scores until you become almost unbeatable! This game will last a long time.

For most part the controls are pretty good but very hard to memorize. You'll learn the basics quickly like the ollie and the kickflip but there are over 50 different tricks and you'll have trouble memorizing all the different button combinations. As a starter, almost everyone will just go off ramps and press buttons but that won't help you turn better. I suggest for you to study the moves by choosing free skate.


Thank you for reading my review.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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