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by handryspoof

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Story Chart by handryspoof

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 09/22/14

by veeshadow/handryspoof

copyright 2014 by Handry

All rights from Bandai

This file only hosted by GameFAQs and pastebin website, if you seen this elsewhere without credits do tell me or gameFAQs website !!

This FAQ is about completing Digimon: Digital Card Battle, a game for PS1 about trading card game with Digimon. One main part that people often not completed about this game is 100% story while they can get 100% cards and 100% digi-parts. While I replaying this game, people who got 100% story recently discovered things here and there during 2012 until now so my job is to compile them for easier read and easier access with English (dude, one of my sources comes from Spanish and Japanese)

Proceed with caution, this FAQ has major spoilers to the game !!

TIPS AND NOTES (Read this please)

- If you found any mistake, please search me as Veeshadow/Exvee/Handryspoof on gaming forums and youtube then PM me. However, this note is compilation from many guides so at least 95% of guide are correct.

- 100% story is well for story, 100% cards not affected by this and vice versa. Digi-part is still debatable.

- Always check Beginner city to check your % completion (later, Sky city and Wiseman Tower), reload the game if it's not matching

- Any partner doesn't matter for 100% story but if you want 100% story, cards, and digi-parts together and you choose Veemon as partner keep in mind you will stuck 1 missed card that can only obtained from very last enemy (BlackWarGreymon), which is Magnamon. In my opinion, Veemon, Patamon, and Wormmon are best trio for this 100% file, mainly because fire DV are strong and some good effects against Analogman even when they hacked to the most bottom of your deck.

- This note doesn't contain strategy or walkthrough, this game is about your strategy and your deck really. It's not fun if you copycat someone's deck unless you want to speedrunning.

- SAVE, SAVE, AND SAVE. You also maybe need multiple memory cards for this file.

- If you play on emulator, you can save states mostly before a match or when a partner Digimon almost reaching level 5 and its increment. This is to play RNG, to reduce unnecessary reward cards you don't want, and manipulate the stat increase when a partner level up to lv 5,10, and so on

- Don't do any card fusion until 3rd Andromon shows up (I think it's on Wiseman Tower), after this every time a same card reach maximum number (like 6 Agumon for example), fuse them or dump them to partner Digimon.

- For some reason I'm using Japanese name for the chosen childs :p

- Turn off polygon battle to save time, battle animations actually nice but eventually you will get bored from it.

100% CHART

  • Clear Betamon's tutorial and Beginner City (4.2%).
    • You must battle Betamon as well by talking to him in cafe then answer "No", then "Yes" (this battle increase your win count)
    • If you don't mind to reset the game or save states, keep reloading and playing the game until you get Meteormon or MasterTyrannomon. You can also get these on each city until Junk City
  • Clear Flame City and talk to Daisuke for Armor DV (7.8%)
  • Clear Jungle city and get passcode from Veedramon (11.4%)
    • RE-DO THE BATTLE ARENA WITH VEEDRAMON AS THE BOSS AFTER THIS !! This optional part is one of suspects that causing you can't get 100% story.
    • If you choose Veemon as partner, try to summon Tyrannomon for Naturex3 effect or Veemon itself (use armor DV)
  • Clear Iglo City, get 2nd partner, and defeat Garurumon (16.2%)
    • If you choose Veemon as partner and have a hard time, switch some of your fire cards to nature/green cards or Summon Meramon if you have it.
  • Clear Junk City twice (21%)
  • Clear Dark City twice (be careful the 2nd one is optional so many players could skip it, just like Jungle and Iglo City) (25.9%)
    • If you don't mind to reset the game or save states (reset/save states from now on), keep reloading and playing the game until you get RealMetalGreymon, Garudamon, or Paildramon.
  • Clear Pyramid city and get Armor DV(29.5%)
    • The 29.5% assumes if you pick Patamon as partner and get his armor DV from Takeru. If you choose Tailmon, you'll miss 0.6% that covered from Hikari in Sky city.
    • By reset/save states, try get Lilymon, Jijimon, or Piximon (or one of above cards you don't get yet)
  • Clear Sky City (33.1%), the reward from battle arena is same random set as Pyramid so you can do reset/save states to get card that you want.
  • Pick 3rd partner from Ken, Clear Steep Road twice (39.1%)
  • Clear Wiseman Tower (43.3%)
    • Get the hack card from WereGarurumon and put it to your deck !!
    • Get the passcode and armor DV from MetalGreymon
    • Save the game if the checkpoint is correct. You'll want to do some free battles or card fusions for Infinity Tower.
    • For battle against A or "him" aka Analogman collect cards that contains O counter, Golden Banana, Garurumon, SandYanmamon, Jijimon, Partner Finder, and Discard effect cards (not all type of those cards needed, find cards that you want to I simply mention every card types that can beat him). I win battle against him by using Another Dimension and Digimon Grave and he lose because he has 0 card left. Always use Digimon that get O counter and use Garurumon/SandYanmamon as support effect. If you get digi-parts that also get O counter effect, equip it to your partners beside Veemon (if you got Veemon, if you use him as last resort or draw it by Partner Finder, always armor DV to Flamedramon)
    • Here is some easy fusion cards for Analogman battle :
      • Another Dimension = Meteormon+Agumon, Togemon+Vegiemon
      • Penguinmon = Kunemon+Zassomon
      • SandYanmamon = Shellmon+Elecmon, Yanmamon+Betamon (could wrong for Betamon but check the card numbers near him, should be one of them)
    • Check out my personal strategy for Analogman here:http://pastebin.com/W2X4pPpr
  • Clear Infinity Tower and save the game (46.3%)

NOTE : After continuing from A, Babamon will disappear forever after you clear Desert Island for first time, I don't know if she carry things that make you lost 100% of anything (story/card/digi-part) but if you worried copy your save file to another memory card and keep it so you don't start over.

  • Input 10 password on Wizardmon in Sky City (52.4%)
  6. OMNIMON-1
  7. OMNIMON-2
  • Talk to Taichi in Beginner City (53%)
  • Beat Nanimon 10 times (54.8%)
    • Junk City: 1st and 8th battle
    • Dark City : 4th and 9th battle
    • Steep Road: 2nd and 7th battle
    • Infinity Tower: 5th and 10th battle
    • Desert Island: 3th and 6th battle
  • Beat all five 2nd season anime chosen-child's deck multiple times (9 times for Daisuke, 6 times for others if you can't get it beat them more times you'll eventually get their digi-parts), always use their deck if they offer you. If you don't choose their partner, their card data will be recorded for 100% card data. Each child gives 1.2% so total 6% (60.8%). Some digi-parts and mystic seven card also included as reward

NOTE: I think you don't need to beat them in one-go, but you need to defeat them WITHOUT RESET THE GAME, Rosemon in other story she needs to be defeated in a row without leaving the cafe,.

  • Clear Desert Island (63.8%)
  • Clear Haunted Arena in Dark city (64.4%)
  • Beat Rosemon 10 times in a row in Beginner City (65.6%) read the note above
  • Clear the Renewal Battle Arena in Beginner City (66.2%)
  • Clear Extra Arena/Renewal Battle Arena in the cities where 2nd season childs stay plus Junk City (70.4%) Each city give 0.6%, please note that Jungle Arena has another Beet Arena and counts 0.6%. Also from a Spanish source, Tailmon got different decks depend on you challenge her from cafe or battle arena (might affects card you'll get from her for 100% card collector)
  • Another renewed Battle Arena in Beginner City takes place (71%)
  • Get another armor DV from Taichi (if it's for Patamon and your 1st partner is Veemon then you get the most powerful two armor DV in the game, Flamedramon and Baronmon) then defeat Taichi in card battle (72.2%)
  • Defeat Garudamon and Sora in Flame City Cafe, Clear Extra Arena as well (74%)
  • Defeat Lilymon and Mimi in Jungle City Cafe, Clear Extra Arena as well (75.9%)
  • Next to Iglo city, I suggest to do following in Iglo city in this order to prevent your story screwed : Defeat MetalGarurumon, BEAT THE RENEWAL BATTLE ARENA, Defeat Yamato, BEAT EXTRA ARENA (77.7%) what a lucky seven there...
  • Defeat Zudomon and Joe in Junk City Cafe (78.9%)
  • Defeat MegaKabuterimon in Dark City Cafe (79.5%). DON'T EVER TALK TO KOSHIRO/IZZY UNLESS YOU DON'T CARE FOR 100% CARD !!
  • Beat Extra Arena in Pyramid and Sky City (80.7%)
  • Beat GranKuwagamon in Steep Road Cafe 5 times in a row without leaving the cafe!!! (81.9%)
  • Beat Ken 6 times in same cafe as well but you can do it without reset the game instead (I separate this since you need to battle both multiple times) (83.1%), Accept his deck when he offers to obtain Wormmon's card data if you don't pick him as partner.
  • Extra Arenas updated for Flame, Jungle, Iglo, Pyramid, and Sky City. Also beat Seraphimon 5 times in a row without leaving the cafe !! (86.7%)
    • After this if everything is okay save your game and make a back up file to another memory card. Now if you want 100% card, you'll need tons of ultimate level cards and fuse them in Andromon's fusion shop and keep checking until you get mutations (12 digi jewel and fake seven). If you don't care about it or if you just curious continue the game and beat Izzy. Another way is start new game with different partners and different name, see if you can get some cards you can't get in your main file and transfer them.
  • Defeat Izzy in Dark city (87.9%)
  • clear Infinity Tower (88.5%)
  • Defeat Piximon in Steep Road Cafe (89.7%)
  • Beat Piedmon 5 times in a row without leaving the cafe in Infinity Tower (90.3%)
  • Clear the Renewal Battle Arena for Wiseman Tower, Infinity Tower, and Wiseman Tower again (92.1%)
  • Talk to Omnimon in Wiseman Tower Cafe to get another armor DV (92.7%)
  • Clear Infinity Tower again then visit Iglo City and talk to everyone in Cafe, CHECK YOUR % NOW !! (93.9%)
  • Clear the Renewal Extra Arena for Flame City, then defeat Imperialdramon 5 times in a row without leaving the cafe !! (95.1%)
  • Extra Arenas updated for Jungle and Iglo City (96.3%)
  • Defeat Apokarimon at Infinity Tower cafe and get his card (96.9%) After this he will randomly appeared in some cities after your wins near increment of 10 (get ready and search him if you have 279/289/299 wins, something like that). Everytime you beat him you'll get his card again.
  • Beat The Renewal Battle Arena in Iglo City then beat BlackMetalGarurumon in the cafe as well (98.7%)
    • Now if you don't do optional battles then you already passed around 258 battles so you'll need another 42 wins to make BlackWarGreymon appear (these battles should be covered if you grind for Analogman or collecting for mutation before Izzy). I suggest to battle those final evolutions (Omnimon, Imperialdramon, etc) for better cards.
    • I don't know when exactly, but Betamon should update his deck with more Seven cards now. His battle will be not like when we are still in 0% story but should you beat him you'll get tons EXP for your partner Digimon.
    • If you get everything and level up all partners to lv 99 then you should get 99.3% story, 99.6% card, and 100% digi-parts. I hope you don't screwed somewhere.
  • Getting 300 win will get you to 99.3% story
  • Defeat BlackWargreymon in battle arena in Beginner city and talk to him at Cafe for the last card (for Veemon). Congratulations !!


- Bandai for making this awesome game

- RYakuto, the most informative FAQ in the past as my reference and the basic of fusion cards, you should read his basic for fusion too so you can aim your wanted cards.

- B.Skull, providing good checkpoints for each battles. I wish you posted your timeline on English so I don't need to compile many things here.

- Japanese website that I couldn't read what it is, but it's from Digimon wiki community.