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FAQ/Walkthrough by Yefri S

Version: 6.0 | Updated: 10/29/01

                            Digimon : Digital Card Battle
                            This document Copyright  2001 
                                       Yefri S.
                                        ver 6.0

Disclaimer : 
I am getting very tired of writing these, if you're using
this guide anywhere, please notify me (you MUST do it). 
And DON'T change my names with YOUR names. BTW this guide, related
with gamefaqs and you can't delete "gamefaqs" words here.
If you do that, those gamefaqs dudes will bring you to the 
deppest hell. And GOD will punish you with HIS own way. And you'll
receive NIGHTMARE everytime you sleep. Now, is that clear ? :-)

This game are very addictive (IMHO) :) and fun.


Explanation :   
O = Circle
X = X
T = Triangle
[]= Square

If you play this game in PC (with VGS), lets trade our memory card. 
I can help you to add some cards and you can help me too. I'll wait.
Also I'll try to send you another data from another player who trade with me. 

Choose "Battle with friend" menu to trade cards, you can't trade cards
from same data. Also you must defeat Battle Arena in Wiseman Tower to activate 
the trade option (thanks to Joe Guendert <jtguendert@hotmail.com>  for remind me about 
this). You CAN'T TRADE when just starting a new game !!!
AND Trade DOESN'T mean take and give. You can take only, you know.
Press START button.
Note : Pls send your save game when you already has a Digi-Jewel. Even just 1 its ok.
       But if you want my save game and the other dudes that has send me just 
       mail me. I'm very happy to help you (I make my card 100% also because trade
       with other player, see? I'm not that good in this game).


*  GOD (for beautiful life) and my parents (electric cost sure not cheap).
1. www.gamefaqs.com and gamewinners.com (you won't read this guide without them).
2. All people from gamefaqs massageboard. So many of them.
   Also for everyone that already helped me by contribute in my polling in gamefaqs
3. "Ronald Pascal" <jack_van_burace@hotmail.com> for his MUCH (I mean very much)
   help. About cards fusion (read this, it is very interesting) and Completed Card 
   List. Since he give so much help, i can say that this guide NOT only owned by me. 
   I'm 50% owner, Ronald Pascal 30% (though i never see him f2f), and 20% for other 
   people who helped me and gamefaqs massageboard dudes. Sounds like a corporation eh?
4. Agnes, reginna1609@yahoo.com. For her info about so many things.
5. For Cipto Adiguno (power_of_mars@yahoo.com) and Fumiya Ando (fumiya_ando@yahoo.com) 
   for their info about SuperStarmon (um...yup I'm SuperStupid since I don't know 
   about it).
   And there are some more who tell me about this, but I can't write you all.
   They're the first one telling me this. BTW thank you very very muchie again for
   all who already help me.
6. And for anyone who has send me their great memory card. 
   Try to ask Fumiya Ando. IMHO he is better than me (thats true).
   And if you still not receive my mem cards (and others mem cards), pls remind
   me again since maybe you type wrong address or i lost it or anything. Pls read
   "Mail Problem" Section.
7. ... (sorry i lost your mail address) for his info about MetalSeadramon Card's Bug. 
8. For "Ronald Pascal" <jack_van_burace@hotmail.com> and  "Archie Manila" 
   <manila_archie@yahoo.com> for their info about Aquilamon Cards bugs.
9. For  "Ronald Pascal" <jack_van_burace@hotmail.com> again for his info about
   Dolphmon Cards bugs.
10.<supremebangirasu@aol.com> and Erwin Pagan <digierwin@yahoo.com> for their info 
   about Digiparts. 
11.Thithi Tirakungovit <gaia7@thailand.com> for his help in exp bonus section.
12.Eon Strife" <eon_strife@yahoo.com> for his nice chart in Cards Fusion.
13.Joe Guendert <jtguendert@hotmail.com> for his help in trading (I made a mistake before)
14.Joey Carlos <joey171589@hotmail.com> for his help in bugs.
15.Everyone who read it.
16.Everyone who send me hate mails (it help too, trust me).
17.BANDAI for making this game and for so much bugs in it.
And finally this guide almost complete already. Thanks again for everyone. And if you
just start playing this game, this guide will hopefully help you, since this guide is
the result from hardwork all of Digimon BC freaks (Ronald, Agnes, Cipto, Fumiya, Thiti, me 
and much more).

1. Starting A New Game...........(*)
2. Menu Explanation..............(*)
3. Decks
4. Short Walkthrough                    
5. Experience....................(*)               
6. Bugs (you must see this)......(*)
7. Cards Fusion..................(*)
8. Special Cards (Fusion)    
9. Card Fusion Rules
10.Support Effect Rules..........(*)
11.Complete Cards List by  
12.More Things to Know...........(*)        
13.Titles / Nicknames
14.Other Digiparts...............(*)
15.Closing Comments
16.Mail Problem..................(NEW!)
   (pls read this if you want contact me)

(*)    = correction
(NEW!) = New section


First you must choose a partner card, you can choose only 1 partner now.
But later you can choose 1 more from this list (so you must forget 1 of these
Veemon has a strong attack (Fire)    - Flamedramon/F 
Hawkmon for fast digivolve (Nature)  - Halsemon/N 
Armadillomon for good defense (Rare) - Digmon/R

* What's digivolve ?
  Digivolve : there are 4 rank cards in Digimon BC. R(Rookie), C(Champion) and 
  U(Ultimate). R the lowest and U is the highest rank. So, using Hawkmon means
  that you can move from R to C to U faster. 
  A(Armored) rank only for partner.

Later in the games there are 3 more partners. This time you only can choose
1 partner:
Wormmon (Darkness) - Shadramon/D
Patomon (Nature)   - Pegasusmon/N 
Gatomon (Nature)   - Nefertimon/N 
So, total partners that you had in this game will be 3 partners.

All partners has 2 eggs (armor), except Veemon has 3 eggs.
During the game, you only can use 3 Partner Cards ! Choose wisely.
They all have own advantages and weakness. Choose which one suits you.

And to complete their eggs, read this :
Thanks to gamefaqs massageboard to "Mwfillman" posted at(10/2/2001 11:42:57 PM)
from "can sumebody help me ?" topics. 

2nd Partner's first digi-egg : talk to TK.
3rd Partner's first digi-egg : talk to MetalGreymon.
2nd Partner's second digi-egg: talk to Tai.
3rd Partner's second digi-egg: talk to Omnimon.
And Veemon 3rd eggs: talk to BlackWarGreymon after defeat him once.


Learn the basic from Betamon (I can't teach you). Its very useful for beginners.
There are 5 types of cards plus Option Cards in this game , they are :
Fire, Ice, Nature, Darkness and Rare 
Each has it own advantages and weakness.

Explanation about Specialties (Advantages and Weakness)

FIRE/RED       : Strong attack but Low HP.
ICE/BLUE       : High HP but Weak attack.
NATURE/GREEN   : Fast digivolving from R to C to U, but bad support effect.
                 Also don't forget, some bugs in nature cards. See Bugs section.
                 But Nature can kill darkness deck very fast (if you can use it).
                 IMHO Nature is Darkness Slayer.
DARKNESS/BLACK : Weak in R level, strong in C level and VERY strong in U level.
                 But very slow in digivolving. Also Risky support.
                 Its your NIGHTMARE, once it digivolve to U level. 
RARE/YELLOW    : Average allround but it has great support effect.
                 (Well, com said its average alround, but IMO its weak. Low HP,
                 also weak attack power. Its really hard to mastering this type)
You should have max. 10 OPTION CARD in each deck. More will makes you
in big trouble (but, its up to you of course).
* So, it depends on you which specialties do you like. BTW many people very
  like using fire/red and no one like to use rare/yellow. So I truly admire
  anyone who can use rare/yellow.
* From mails that I've received and polling in gamefaqs messageboards, almost
  40% player using Fire, 25% using Nature, 20% using Ice and 10% using Darkness.
  Only 5% using Rare and its only for support, not to fight. 
BATTLE MAP (Delete this part if you already understand)

----  -------------------------  ----
|W4|  |     |     |     |     |  |  |
----  |     |     |     |     |  |03|
|W5|  |  B  |  B  |  B  |  B  |  ----
----  |     |     |     |     |  |  |
|W6|  |     |     |     |     |  |04|
----  -------------------------  ----
----    ----         ----        ----
|  |    |  |         |  |        |  |
|07|    |05|         |06|        |08|
----    ----         ----        ----
----  -------------------------  ----
|  |  |     |     |     |     |  |W1|
|01|  |     |     |     |     |  ----
----  |  A  |  A  |  A  |  A  |  |W2|
|  |  |     |     |     |     |  ----
|02|  |     |     |     |     |  |W3|
---- --------------------------  ----

Explanation : 
01. Player Offline Pile
02. Player Online Card Deck
03. Opponent Offline Pile
04. Opponent Online Card Deck
05. Player Digimon Entrance
06. Opponent Digimon Entrance
07. Player DP Slot
08. Opponent DP Slot
W1, W2, W3. Player winning mark.
W4, W5, W6. Opponent winning mark.
A.  Player's On-Hand Cards
B.  Opponent's On-Hand Cards

Winning Condition :
1. Win 3 times.
2. Opponent Online Card zero, so he can't entrance other digimon card 
   when defeated.
*  There is no Draw/Tie in Digimon BC.

You can turn ON/OFF battle animation by pressing START
when in battle. Also you can read explanation about special support.
You MUST read those special support explanation !!!


CARDS :  Here you can see all cards that you have. Also you can create your own
-----    decks in here. Each deck contain 30 cards. But only 3 decks that you can
* Create A Deck : This is the normal portion for a deck -> it contains 10 R lv Digimon,
  7 C lv Digimon, 3 U lv Digimon and 10 Option Cards. Of course you can adjust it
  as you like. Also each deck only can have 4 same cards inside it.
  DON'T FORGET to use your partner(s) inside. If there is no partner inside that deck,
  you won't receive any exp. and your partner level won't raise and you won't get
  digiparts. The only way to make your partner stronger is always use them in battle.
* When your card has a star sign like this *, it means :
  - You have full set of those card (6) OR
  - you only have it 1 or 0 (so it means few or rare, not "?" this rare, but real rare).
* When viewing you deck, you can press SELECT to sort it.
* What's the meaning of 2000/1000 in my card stat ?
  1000 is the real Attack Power of those card, 2000 is the highest Attack that you've 
  ever made with this card by using support card like Doubled AP etc. So 2000 just
  a note for the highest attack that you can made with those card.
  Example : Agumon's O attack is 380. When in battle you use Agumon to entrance and
            using support card "O Attack Power Tripled". Now in Agumon Card stat you
            will see Agumon O Attack Power is 1140/380. If you NEVER USE Agumon Card it
            will show 0/380, this happend if you just starting a new game.
* MAXIMUM amount for each cards is 6. So, if you already has 6 cards, use them
  for fusion. This Fusion will available once you defeated Battle Arena in Flame
  City. But always keep 4 cards for each cards. Read the below if you want to know why.
  Sevens Cards, Rosemon Lure and Download Digivolve is Special Cards. You can have
  them 1 each and you CAN'T TRADE them.
  You'll get them later. Read "Special Cards" section if you want to know more.
* You can use another opponent decks by pressing [] when selecting
  decks before battle. You can use his / her deck after defeat him / her once.
  NOTE : If you still can't use his / her decks, it means you don't have enough
  card(s) for those deck(s).
  EXAMPLE : Tutorial Deck (from Betamon) has 2 Agumon cards inside. IF you DON'T
  HAVE 2 (or more) Agumon Cards you can't use this deck. 
  So try to always have 4 (from maximum 6) cards each. 
  BTW this isn't very important since you'll love your own decks :-P
* Your cards collection precentage won't decrease even if you Fusioning a card
  until 0.
  EXAMPLE: You have 1 Wargreymon Card, and you fusion it. Now you have 0 Wargreymon
  Card. But your Cards Collection Precentage won't decrease.

PARTNER :Here you can modify your partner. Equip it with appropriate digiparts.
-------  If you have 2 digi-eggs, you can change your partner's armor by pressing
         L1 or R1. 
* You can change the game background. Just go to Partner Menu and choose any 
  Partner, the background will change directly. 
* Never asking me "where i can get Digiparts no.xx?"
  You'll receive it after raising partners level. Just keep playing with your
  partner cards inside your decks. But you can read about "Other Digiparts" section.

SAVE :  Save your game here. Pls remember that you can't save when in battle arena.
----    But Save game available in some battle arena that has more than 3 enemies.

        This only available in Beginner City, Sky City and Wiseman Tower. It shows
        some of your stat. , game completion, card collection etc.
        Later after beat BlackWarGreymon (that's the last boss), you can press O
        button here and see a complete stat of yours. Including your title/nickname.

3. DECKS (You may ignore this part, delete it also okay)

Here are some of my lovely deck (try it), 
1. It contain all level Rookie cards, but don't
   underestimate its power !
   Weak againts trashing deck.
R-Revival Deck
027 028 028 031 031 031 064 066 066 066
131 165 165 167 167 170 170 171 Prt 191
231 234 234 234 289 290 293 296 296 296

How to use this deck :
Use X attack first, hacking when your HP very low than use O attack.
Digivolve in danger situation. Thats it, but its not fast in defeating.
And use the support wisely!
With this deck you'll have some chance to get Rainbow Exp Bonus
(See Experience Section).

2. Thanks for De@thSh@dow (insgnficnt@edsamail.com.ph)for giving me the idea to make this 
   kind of deck. Also see his guide !
   Yes this deck become my favourites now. BTW I make some change from
   the original that created by him. 
   And again thanks to him.
   The weakness : This deck almost never get a perfect win. Also careful with counter X.
   And you'll dead when facing first attack based deck. Fortunately, only few opponents
   having such kind of deck.
   The advantages : Can kill in ONE BLOW. And can defeat ANY enemies, but not first 
   attack based decks and support void based decks(like Omnimon). 
   BTW why there is no digiparts for Crash ?

Kaboom Deck
025 025 025 025 028 028 028 028 103 105
105 124 124 124 125 125 166 166 170 170
170 170 171 171 171 171 256 256 256 256

How to use this deck:
Simple. Always use card with CRASH to entrance.
Crash everytime you're first move.
And use the option card. Card with no crash shouldn't entrance.
Since this deck attack concentrated on crash, its okay to entrance
even lv.U Digimon for the first time.

3. This called Anti-Betamon Deck. From Fumiya Ando (Fumiya_ando@yahoo.com)
   Used to fight Betamon in Beginner City's Cafe, after defeat BlackWarGreymon.
Anti-Betamon Deck
Prt Prt Prt 193 193 193 193 199 199 199
221 221 221 221 235 235 235 235 255 255
255 255 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292

How to use this deck:
You'll know it by yourself !
It looks strange, but it will make Betamon DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!
And make your partners increase their level VERY FAST !
But what if all your partners in the bottom? 
In that case ask to yourself, what sin you've made today? :-) 

* Now as you can see from my sample decks, that create deck may not
  based with specialties or lv. Any deck that you created, as long can
  defeat any enemies it was a great deck.



Actually there is not necessary to have a guide for this game. 
Just play in every arena until Infinity Tower,  fight A and
voila..!! you "finished" this game.
You may have big problem when fight againts A. Here's my help, use
four (that's maximum) Hacking Card, and some Chain Saw Card.
Also four ToyAgumon Card. And now...it depend on your luck.
OR you can use crash based deck (see "Decks" Section).
You can make a better decks of course if you're not agree with me.

BUT after you "finished" this game there are still a lot of things can 
be done to get the REAL Ending (so, the one before was a fake or illusion?)
BTW before doing this, see Special Card Section first.
And since this is a card game and need your own strategy to defeat opponent, I 
won't write how to beat any opponent. Just find your own way and never give up. 
Also, my strategy might not work for you.  
But if you still want to know about brief explanation about opponent, just open
Robert Jennings's walkthrough in this same site. It's very good.

1. Return to Beginner City and talk with Tai.
2. Go to Desert Island, and win the arena. Can't use Option Card !
   Crash based deck might come in handy this time.
3. Back again to Beginner City and talk with Tai than Rosemon.
4. Go to Dark City and win the Haunted Arena.
5. Back to Beginner City and talk with Rosemon than Greymon.
6. Now you must fight again from one arena to another just like before.
   There are new arena in each city. Fight until you reach Wiseman Tower.
   After win from Wiseman Tower battle arena, talk with Metalgreymon twice to 
   receive Digi-egg.
7. Back to Beginner City. Now you must fight with :
   * Tai - Beginner City, don't forget to talk with him again after defeat 
     him, he'll give you digi-egg. Ignore Paildramon for now.
   * Garudamon and Sora - Flame City.
   * Lilymon and Mimi - Jungle City.
   * MetalGarurumon and Matt - Igloo City, than Battle Arena - Igloo City.
   * Zudomon and Joe - Junk City.
   * MegaKabuterimon and Izzy - Dark City.
8. Go to Infinity Tower to fight Piedmon in Battle Arena.
   And now you can fight Pixymon in Step Road to receive Speed Sevens Card.
9. Return to Flame City again. In Cafe you'll meet Paildramon, but you can't
   fight him. Fight the extra arena to defeat Paildramon.
   And now every town will have one new opponent (like those Paildramon),
   just fight in this order : Flame City-Jungle City-Igloo City-Pyramid Town-
   Sky City.
10.Continue to Steep Road. Fight GrandKuwagamon in Cafe than fight Ken.
11.Next is Infinity Tower. Diaboromon open a new arena, defeat him there.
12.Back again to Flame City. New opponent appear in Cafe. Fight him in Extra
   Arena (again). And just like before, new opponent appear again in every city.
13.Hold on, it almost end :-)
   Continue to Wiseman Tower, Omnimon open a new arena. Defeat him in battle 
14.BACK AGAIN (fiuuhh) to Flame City. ImperialDramon already wait in cafe.
   Fight him in Extra Arena. And in Igloo City new opponent have wait for you.
   Fight him in Extra Arena.
15.Now go directly to Infinity Tower, yup...a new digimon have wait you. 
   Its Apokarimon. Defeat him in battle arena. And ATTENTION PLS ?
   Use your best deck to beat him. He has all sevens cards and other special
   cards like Download Digivolve and Apokarimon (himself) Card. All black
   coloured (a little spoiler).
16.Back again to Igloo City. Talk with BKMetalGarurumon in cafe and defeat him
   in Battle Arena.
17.LAST: Beginner City. Talk with BlackWarGreymon, he open new arena. Defeat him
   in Battle Arena. And that's it, THE END.
   No movie after this.
   NOTE: To meet BlackWarGreymon you must win 300 times or more.
18.Collect all cards, fight all people in Digi World. And have a good rank.
   And have 100 % card collection, story and digiparts.

My Stat. (If you think I lie)
You can see this all after win from BlackWarGreymon, go to Players Room and press
O button.
Fusion Info : Used Cards      1211
              Fused Cards      404
              Fusion Mutations  60
Players Attack Rate : 
              O - 55.4%
              T - 15.3% 
              X - 29.1%
Specialty Data of Each Cards : 
              Nature   : W-801 L-118
              Fire     : W-630 L-105
              Ice      : W-473 L-108
              Darkness : W-221 L- 51
              Rare     : W- 89 L- 40
Com Battle Result :  W-761 L-  0

Mostly card win battle : Garurumon / Ice - 122 wins, 23 loss

My strongest attack made by HerculesKabuterimon with X attack for 5600
damage (i'll send you my mem card right away if you think i lies !)

I'm a "Wild Hunter" (See TITLES / NICKNAMES Section)
After Win from BlackWarGreymon :

* You'll see all statistic you've made during the game. 
  And on the last part you receive a title / nicknames.
  (See TITLES / NICKNAMES Section)
* And IF you have Veemon as partner, BlackWarGreymon will give you the third egg
  for Veemon. Just talk with him in Cafe, after you defeat him once.
* You can go to Players Room and press O.
  You'll see ALL of your statistic during this game, including your title.
* Fight Betamon in Beginner City's Cafe, you'll surprise to see his new deck.
  Its full sevens cards (more than 7) and has so much Download Digivolve (but he
  never use it. I wonder why ?).
  And much Rosemon Lure. This one's INCREDIBLE !! But it isn't Imposibble to
  beat him. Actually he just piece of cake, but he's worth for 33 points exp when you 
  win. And with other bonus exp, he might give 40-50 exp. He can raise your partners 
  level VERY FAST ! HINT : All of his Digimon Cards are U lv., without R or C lv.
  That's his weak point ! (If you're sharp enough, those hint will help you)

Others :

1. You can talk with Wizardmon in Sky City and get some U level card.
   These are some codes I know :
(This are the result from hard work from all people in gamefaqs, gamewinners and
gamefaqs massageboard)
So thanks to them. :)
2. Fight Nanimon in ?
   You can find Nanimon in random. Once you win fight him try other city.
   If you still can't find him just fight with other player and wait.
3. After enough long play, some human opponent (like Davis, Izzy etc.)
   will give you their deck in battle. It worst decks, but it will help
   to complete your card collection (specially partner cards).
   You'll see your partner cards in card list but can't use them. You only
   can use 3 partners (remember ?). Some of them also give you digipart.


Thanks to Thithi Tirakungovit <gaia7@thailand.com> for helping me in this part, 
(#1) sign means its from him.
You'll receive some experience each time you win a battle.
And a some bonus experiences, they are:

1. Exp From Opponent (*)
   It depends on the enemy. More difficult means more exp.
   Like when you win againts A, you'll receive 30 points.
2. All O attack win (3)
   You always use O attack to defeat all cards.
3. All T attack win (3)
   You always use T attack to defeat all cards.
4. All X attack win (3)
   You always use X attack to defeat all cards.
5. All or Nothing Gamble Win (?)
   Same with #6, but opponent also loss all his card	
6. Last Chance Gamble Win (2)	
   Using gambling support card to achieve the last win.	
7. No Support Card Win (5)
   Never use support or option card in battle.
8. No Digivolve Win (3)
   Win without any digivolving. Using Armor means digivolve!
9. No Discard Win (1)
   Never discarding cards on hand when battle.
10.4-of-a-kind Win
11.0 Online Card Left Win (2)
   Opponent online card 0 when you win.
12.Partner Win (1)
   Using partner card and he win at least one round.
13.No Loos Win (3)
   Never loose any round in battle.
14.Come-Back Win (3)
   Defeated in the first two round, but win at last.
15.Desperate Win
16.All Gone Win (2)
   Win with your Online Deck 0.
17.Ultimate Level Win (3)
   Kill one enemies U level cards.
18.Option Maniac Win (?)
19.8 DP Cards Win (8)
   Have 8 cards in DP Slot when you win. This is very HARD I tell you !
20.Lucky Seven Win
   Last Win using counter attack.
21.Just Enough Attack Win (3)
   Last attack power have same amount with opponent HP.
22.12 S-Jewel Cards Win (?)
   Using 12 different Digi-Jewel during battle.
23.Choked Loss (2) (#1) 
   Opponent defeated in the first two round, but opponent win at last.
   Also happened if you give up after win two rounds, really weird isn't it ?
   Why should I give up when I win ?
24.Loss By Gamble (?)
   Computer using Gamble Support Card to defeat you.
25.Total Loss (1) (#1)
   Loss a battle in direct 3 rounds. (I never let com do it)
26.Rainbow (2)
   Use 5 different colour in entrance Digimon. It means your deck
   must have 5 different colour inside. It so little exp., not worthy
   enough with the difficulties you'll get to receive this bonus.
   Mutant Digivolve or Special Digivolve needed to get this bonus.
   (I receive this bonus in my 451st games)
27.Damage Fever (5) (10) (15)
   You make 1110, 2220 etc. damage point.
   Note: You can receive this bonus more than once in one battle.
   Ex: 075-MagnaAngemon can deal 1110 damage to Darkness enemies.
       008-MasterTyrannomon can deal 1110 damage to Ice enemies.
28.HP Fever (7)
   Have HP 1110, 2220, 3330 etc
29.3 Partners (?) (#1)
   Your On-Hand Deck has 3 of your partners.
30.3 Partners Plus (?)
31.Partner Normal Digivolve (3)
   Your partner digivolving to U level.
   Please remember that you must begin with R level partner, not A.
32.Super Bonus (10) (#1)
   Have 8 different exp bonus.
*  Pls help if you know how to get the rest exp bonus.

*  You WON'T receive Exp IF in you don't use your partner in the deck.

6. BUGS !!! (Attention please)

1. 295-Special Digivolve (Option)
It has a different effect between comp and player when use it.
IT SAYS you can digivolve to any specialties by "ADDING" 20 DP.
SO IT SHOULD BE when some card need 40 DP to digivolve it means you 
must has at least 60 DP's.
BUT COMPUTER can digivolving WITHOUT ANY DP , even if those Card
need 70 DP TO DIGIVOLVE !!.
MEANWHILE YOU must "ADD" 20 DP like it says. WHAT A JERK !!!
Wanna see ? Just fight Sora in Flame City, Piedmon in Infinity Tower 
or Wargreymon in Wiseman Tower. You will HURT seeing Sora can use
Special Digivolve JUST LIKE Download Digivolve.
And you'll HATE this card if you already fight Piedmon 10 times straight.

2. 072-AeroVeedramon & 081-Veedramon (Both Nature)	
IT SAYS if your level U, own AP is doubled.
When COMPUTER use it, it will WORKS just like it says, his AP still doubled 
EVEN if his level is R or C (DISGUSTING!!! *#@!!!).
BUT IF YOU use it, NOTHING will happend even your card has U level.
All Nature cards supports was weird anyway. :) That's why I hate Nature.
NOTE : This is from Joey Carlos <joey171589@hotmail.com>. Veedramon Support 
Effect still work when u use Angemon and your opponent is MetalSeadramon.
This is kinda funny since MetalSedarmon itself is a bug card. Is this bugs
can kill another bugs? This making me more confuse.

3. 036-MetalSeadramon (Ice)
   from ??? (sorry for losing your mail, or is it Fumiya Ando perhaps?) 
IT SAYS if your specialty Ice, opponent suppot effect voided.
And AGAIN, NOTHING happend if YOU use it (correctly).
But when COMPUTER use it, tada...it WORKS!! Huh? What's wrong here?
I'm not hate this card (YET). Since I never use it, and only few opponent
use it.  

4. 048-Dolphmon (Ice) 
   from "Ronald Pascal"<jack_van_burace@hotmail.com>
IT SAYS "If own attack is NOT O, recover own HP by +300".
I (Ronald) tried ALL of my attack (circle, triangle, cross) but it still didn’t work.
And I don't know if this happend to com or not. Bur IMHO, com can use
it just like it says.
NOTE : I've try this card as support, and suprisingly it WORKS when I used
       O attack (recover my HP for 300). W..wha...what's this..??!! Ooucchhh...
       Dear BANDAI, this is a very funny joke (perhaps they made this game on April 1st)

5. 013-Aquilamon (Fire)
   from "Ronald Pascal<jack_van_burace@hotmail.com> AND "Archie Manila" 
Aquilamon support effect also doesn’t work. It says "If own attack is triangle, 
attack first". I tried ALL of my attack (circle, triangle, cross) but it still 
didn’t work. I also don't know if this is happend to com ? Tell me if you know it.
NOTE : Yeah, it didn't work for me too. This card has ruined all my plan to make
       a 1st attack based deck. It might be a good card.

6. Betamon (after win from BlackWarGreymon)
   This is NOT a card bug, but a little weird things in game. Here, if you have
   Download Digivolve in your On-Hand Deck and a Digimon Card, you can't discard
   those Download Digivolve isn't it ? But Betamon can do that. Well that makes
   him a fool Digimon with the best deck.

* So, never use those cards !
  Is there any testing process before those BANDAI sell this game ?
  I know you've work very hard to make this game, be more careful next time.
* I wonder if you use all those bugs cards. Perhaps you'll receive "Perfect Misfire
  Failure" bonus experience :-) Unfortunately this is just my joke (not funny huh ?).
* And here is some tips from Cipto Adiguno<power_of_mars@yahoo.com> :
  MetalSeadramon Cards sometimes work for you, but mostly NOT.
  Special Digivolve also sometimes work for you (without any DP).
Option + Option  = Option 
Same Colour      = Option 
Fire + Option    = Fire
Darkness + Ice   = Fire
Darkness + Rare  = Fire
Ice + Option     = Ice
Nature + Darkness= Ice
Fire + Rare      = Ice
Nature + Option  = Nature
Fire + Ice       = Nature
Ice + Rare       = Nature
Darkness + Option= Darkness
Nature + Rare    = Darkness 
Fire + Nature    = Darkness 
Rare + Option    = Rare
Fire + Darkness  = Rare
Ice + Nature     = Rare

* And this is a nice chart for cards fusion that created by Eon Strife 
  <eon_strife@yahoo.com> :


How to read :
The type BETWEEN two types is the result of the fusion from the two types besides it. 
Can be read horizontally or vertically.

Example :
DFR -> Fire = Darkness + Rare

R -> Rare = Water + Nature

* Very nice isn't it ? Well don't forget, this fabulous contribution is from Eon Strife,
  NOT from me.


I write it by its numbers, so it will easier to read ;-)

AeroVeedramon = 013 + 083      SuperStarmon   = 038 + 145                 
Seraphimon    = 075 + 143      Omnimon II     = 006 + 039      
Vikemon       = 040 + 142      Omnimon I      = 002 + 037      
Puppetmon     = 115 + 147      Shakkoumon     = 082 + 151
MetalEtemon   = 116 + 150      Imperialdramon = 001 + 004
GranKuwagamon = 074 + 112      Magnadramon    = 075 + 077
Paildramon    = 012 + 117      MetalSeadramon = 042 + 043
VenomMyotismon= 110 + 111      Diaboromon     = 109 + 144
Valkyrimon    = 007 + 076      Rosemon        = 078 + 111

* Thanks to Cipto Adiguno and Fumiya Ando for SuperStarmon. See their e-mail
  address above.
  And others mail that help me with SuperStarmon, i only write the first mail
  that i received. Once again thanks a lot for your help.

You can get this all after defeat A (boss in Infinity Tower).
And pls remember, you only can have them 1 each (EXCEPT Apokarimon).

1. ROSEMON LURE:Discard all cards in opponent hand and DP slot.
   Defeat Rosemon in Beginner City once.
   Defeat Rosemon 10 times in a row (without leaving cafe).
3. SPEED SEVENS:1st attack, eat-up HP, power+200.
   Beat Pixymon from Steep Road, just once.
4. GRAND SEVENS:power add by amount of your HP.
   Fight Nanimon for several times. Nanimon never stay in one place.
5. MYSTIC SEVENS:disable opponent support&option effect,opponent AP to 0.
   Defeat Kari in Sky City Cafe, 6 times in a row.
6. DARK SEVENS:If opponent HP lower, opponent HP goes to 10.
   Beat Piedmon 5 times in a row. You can find him in Infinity Tower.
7. WILD SEVENS:triple attack power.
   Beat Imperialdramon 5 times in a row. He is in Flame City.
8. HOLY SEVENS:add HP by 1000.
   Beat Seraphimon 5 times in a row. He is in Sky City
9. REVERSE SEVENS : Move 10 cards from Offline Pile to Online Deck.
   Defaeat BKMetalGarurumon in Igloo City's Cafe, just once.
10.Apokarimon (this is the strongest Digimon Card)
   Beat Apokarimon at Infinity Tower's Battle Arena first. Than Apokarimon place is 
   random (thanks to Cipto Adiguno for remind me), but I found him so many times
   in Desert Island. Just check in every Cafe.
   Umm..it's not that easily to defeat this cutie, he's worth for 25 exp points. Lower
   than Betamon, but more difficult than Betamon. He..he...he..confused ? Go ask Bandai.

* If you ask me why I can't find XXX in X City ? Just keep playing, it means he/she
  not shown up yet. Ex : Rosemon (in Beginner City), she will available after you 
  defeated A in Infinity Tower. 


Okay, this is from Ronald Pascal(jack_van_burace@hotmail.com). And i didn't edited 
it at all. So here they are, Ronald Pascal presents :
1. You can get a card you want by fuse cards at fusion shop. It ONLY
   WORKS on digimon cards NOT option cards. When you fuse cards, the card that 
   would appear depends on the number of the cards ( I mean the POSITION of the 
   cards ) The higher position of a card of its type the better you get.
   Example :
   When you fuse Biyomon (30th position of its fire type) and Ikakkumon 
   (14th position of its ice type), it will have a result of Kuwagamon (22th 
   position of its nature type)
   So The result is the average position of the 1st and 2nd cards (Rounded 
   down). (30+14)/2=22

   Of  course there is an EXCEPTION for mutation or special fusion though
   Example :
   When you fuse Imperialdramon (1st position of its fire type) and 
   (1st position of its ice type) , it would result a HerculesKabuterimon 
   (6th position of its Nature type). Why is that ? Because THERE IS A LIMIT of 
   position you can get from cards fusion. You CAN'T GET the card BEYOND 
   this position. The only way to get these cards are Special fusion or get it 
   from defeation your opponent. Here is the limit of normal fusion.
   Fire : 3rd  position (WarGreymon)
   Ice : 3rd  position (MetalGarurumon)
   Nature : 6th position (HerculesKabuterimon)
   Dark : 5th position (Piedmon)
   Rare : 4th position (Shakkoumon)


Now if you're an advance players, i think you must know this.
Thanks for Ronald Pascal <jack_van_burace@hotmail.com> again.
He know so much, eh ? Do you work in Bandai ?
Thanks to him again guys !

1. Support Effect works depending on the the number of the cards and 
   the position of the cards . If  your card’s number & position is higher 
   than your enemy’s, your card will work first. If your card’s number or 
   position is same as your opponent’s , then the player who has the turn will use 
   the card first. When gamble, the game automatically calculates this number 
   & position . There is an exception for Cherrymon’s mist and Misty sevens 
   Example :
   - When you use small recovery(number 266) and your opponent uses Super 
     recovery(number 221), you will use your small recovery before your 
   - When the opponent uses Holy Sevens and you use Psychemon, you will 
     use your psychemon after your opponent uses Holy Sevens (Digimon cards 
     support effect always happen after Option Cards because all of the Digimon 
     cards’ number are higher than Option Cards).
   - When both you and your opponent use attack Chip or other option 
     cards, and 
     It is your turn now, you will use support effect first.
   - When you use Stingmon (Number 117) and your opponent use Zassomon 
     (Number 131) you will use Stingmon first then opponent uses Zassomon. 
     Why don’t the number apply to these support effect ? Because Zassomon is the 
     29th position of its type (dark type) and Stingmon is the 15th position of its 
     type (dark type). What I mean is 15th rank has higher position than 29th rank.


1. What are the best Option Cards?
IMO its Mystic Sevens. 
Mystic Sevens make your opponent quiet for 1 turn :-), nothing he/she can do.
I will exchange any cards of mine to have 4 Mystic Sevens.
Unfortunately it can't. BTW Betamon has four Mystic Sevens in his deck !
You only can have 1 sevens cards each and can't be traded.

2. I need to know about the result from fusion.
Never fusion in Flame or Sky City. Use Fusion in Wiseman Tower.
Just wait until you reach Wiseman Tower (that's Terra Area/3rd Map).
In Wiseman Tower, Andromon will tell you what will be the result.

3. Who should be my partner?
I choose HAWKMON.  But the other partners also great, each has their own 
advantages and weakness. No one stronger than the others. Choose which one
suits you.

4. You can counter Special Effect "Crash" with "counter X".
Only this way can stop crash. First Attack also ruined crash attack.

5. Maximum Save for this game 255 (What I mean is, com only notes until 255 saves. 
   And of course you can save the game for 256th times or more).    
   Maximum hours for this game 999 hours (I'm 104 hours already)
   Maximum partners exp. is 9999 for 99th lv.

6. If both player using same cards as support, the winner is player which in
   1st attack position. So 1st attack position using his/her support first.
   Ex : - If "Mystic Sevens" vs "Mystic Sevens", the winner is player which
          in 1st attack position.
        - When both player using 221-Super Recovery Floopy, 1st attack position
          using his support first.
   See "Support Effects Rules" Section to learn more about this.

7. If "Mystic Sevens" vs "Cherrymon Mist", the winner is player which
   in 1st attack position.
8. Strongest Cards :
   O attack is  U-Apokarimon        / Darkness                   (990)
                C-Greymon           / Fire                       (600)
                R-Agumon, Candlemon / Fire, Tentomon / Nature    (380)
   T attack is  U-Omnimon II        / Ice    			     (800)
                C-ExVeemon          / Fire			     (480)
 		    R-BKGatomon         / Darkness, Goburimon / Fire (300) 
   X attack is  U-GranKuwagamon     / Darkness                   (600)
   		    C-Fugamon           / Darkness			     (400)
                R-Goburimon         / Fire			     (300)
   Most HP is   U-Apokarimon        / Darkness			     (2750)
                C-Whamon            / Ice				     (1300)
   		    R-SnowGoburimon     / Ice				     (770)


Thanks so much for "Ronald Pascal" <jack_van_burace@hotmail.com>  for type this all. 
I only add some cards that he still missed. This is all (95%) his hardwork (typing so much), 
say thanks to him ok ?
And here they are :

0	Imperialdramon (1st Position)
1	Omnimon I
2	WarGreymon
3	Phoenixmon
4	Paildramon
5	Gigadramon
6	RealMetalGreymon
7	Garudamon
8	MasterTyrannomon
9	MetalGreymon
10	Vermilimon
11	Meteormon
12	ExVeemon
13	Aquilamon
14	Greymon
15	Apemon
16	Tyrannomon
17	Monchromon
18	Meramon
19	Centaruomon
20	Birdramon
21	Tankmon
22	RedVegiemon
23	Piddomon
24	Akatorimon
25	BomberNanimon
26	Flarerizamon
27	Agumon
28	Solarmon
29	Biyomon
30	Muchomon
31	Candlemon
32	D-Otamamon
33	Goburimon (34th position)
34	Vikemon ( 1st position)
35	Omnimon II
36	MetalSeadramon
37	MetalGarurumon
38	MarineAngemon
39	WereGarurumon
40	Zudomon
41	Panjyamon
42	MegaSeadramon
43	WaruSeadramon
44	Brachiomon
45	BlueMeramon
46	Garurumon
47	Ikkakumon
48	Dolphmon
49	Whamon
50	Seadramon
51	Gesomon
52	Frigimon
53	Gekomon
54	Coelamon
55	Mojyamon
56	Shellmon
57	Sorcerimon
58	IceDevimon
59	Hyogamon
60	Icemon
61	Gomamon
62	Gabumon
63	Betamon
64	Penguinmon
65	Gizamon
66	Otamamon
67	SnowAgumon
68	SnowGoburimon (35th position)
69	Valkyrimon (1st Position)
70	Seraphimon
71	Magnadramon
72	AeroVeedramon
73	Rosemon
74	HerculesKabuterimon
75	MagnaAngemon
76	Sylphymon
77	Angewomon
78	Lillymon
79	MegaKabuterimon
80	Piximon
81	Veedramon
82	Angemon
83	R-Gatomon
84	Togemon
85	Leomon
86	Kabuterimon
87	Airdramon
88	Unimon
89	Ninjamon
90	Kuwagamon
91	Drimogemon
92	Vegiemon
93	Kokatorimon
94	Yanmamon
95	J-Mojyamon
96	MoriShellmon
97	Tentomon
98	Palmon
99	Salamon
100   Elecmon
101	Gotsumon
102	Kunemon (34th position)
103	Apokarimon (1st position)
104	GranKuwagamon
105	Diaboromon
106	VenomMyotismon
107	Piedmon
108	Machinedramon
109	Infermon
110	LadyDevimon
111	Myotismon
112	Megadramon
113	SkullGreymon
114	Phantomon
115	WaruMonzaemon
116	Andromon
117	Stingmon
118	Wizardmon
119	Devidramon
120	Devimon
121	Tuskmon
122	Ogremon
123	Bakemon
124	Guardromon
125	Tekkamon
126	Gururumon
127	Soulmon
128	Fugamon
129	Saberdramon
130	Darkrizamon
131	Zassomon
132	DemiDevimon
133	BKGatomon
134	Kokuwamon
135	Tsukaimon
136	Dokunemmon
137	Aruraumon
138	Sharmamon (36th position)
139	Puppetmon (1st position)
140	SuperStarmon
141	MetalEtemon
142	Shakkoumon
143	Jijimon
144	Digitamamon
145	Vademon
146	Giromon
147	Monzaemon
148	MetalMamemon
149	Mamemon
150	Etemon
151	Ankylomon
152	Starmon
153	Thundermon
154	PlatinumSukamon
155	ShellNumemon
156	Nanimon
157	Numemon
158	Sukamon
159	Rockmon
160	Geremon	
161	NiseDrimogemon
162	ShimaUnimon
163	MudFrigimon
164	SandYanmamon
165	L-ToyAgumon
166	Hagurumon
167	ToyAgumon
168	ClearAgumon
169	Vi-Elecmon
170	Psychemon
171	ModokiBetamon (33th position)
172	Flamedramon
173	Magnamon
174	Baronmon
175	Veemon
176	Submarimon
177	Quetzalmon
178	Tylomon
179	Halsemon
180	Pegasusmon
181	Nefertimon
182	Hawkmon
183	Patamon
184	Gatomon
185	Raidramon
186	Shadramon
187	Wormmon
188	Shurimon
189	Digmon
190	Armadillomon
191	Golden Banana
192	Devil's Chip
193	Whistle
194	Giga Hand
195	Metallic Banana
196	Shining Mane
197	Mega Rec. Floppy
198	Mega Attack Chip
199	Dark Lord's Cape
200   Fake Sevens
201	Net Worm
202	Missile Pod
203	Shogun's Order
204	Beetle Diamond
205	Dark Bone
206	Red Digivice
207	Blue Digivice
208	Green Digivice
209	Black Digivice
210	Yellow Digivice
211	Pink Digivice
212	Another Dimension
213	UnInstall
214	Evil Program
215	Coliseum
216	Fire Altar
217	Ice Altar
218	Nature Altar
219	Darkness Altar
220	Rare Altar
221	Sup. Rec. Floppy
222	Mega Def. Disk 0
223	Mega Def. Disk T
224	Mega Def. Disk X
225	Heap of Junk
226	Beam Gun
227	Chain Saw
228	Metal Parts
229	Metal Armor
230	Mega Hand
231	Level Balancer
232	Level Manager
233	Level Booster
234	Armor Clash
235	Silver Ball
236	Coral Charm
237	Patch of Love
238	Mystery Egg
239	Miracle Ruby
240	Cyber Parts
241	Liquid Crystal
242	Deluxe Mushroom
243	Lucky Mushroom
244	Premium Steak
245	Short Lance
246	Med. Rec. Floppy
247	Digimon Analyzer
248	Training Manual
249	Circle Hitter
250	Triangle Hitter
251	Cross Hitter
252	Suka's Curse
253	Cherrymon's Mist
254	Hacking
255	Digimon Grave
256	Data Copy
257	Partner Finder
258	Fire Spot
259	Ice Crystal
260	Earth Charm
261	Black Gear
262	Stuffed Animal
263	Disrupt Ray
264	Attack Chip
265	High Speed Disk
266	Recovery Floppy
267	Attack Disk 0
268	Attack Disk T
269	Attack Disk X
270	Defense Disk 0
271	Defense Disk T
272	Defense Disk X
273	Digi-Garnet    	(Boost own AP* by 100)
274	Digi-Amethyst  	(Recover own HP by 200) 
275	Digi-Aquamarine	(KO'd Digimon revives with 100 HP, battle still lost)
276	Digi-Diamond   	(Draw 2 cards from online deck)
277	Digi-Emerald   	(Change own specialties to Nature)
278	Digi-Pearl     	(Change own specialties to Rare)
279	Digi-Ruby         (Change own specialties to Fire)
280	Digi-Sardnyx   	(Change own specialties to Darkness)
281	Digi-Sapphire  	(Change own specialties to Ice)
282	Digi-Opal         (Own attack becomes O)
283	Digi-Topaz     	(Own attack becomes T)
284	Digi-Turquoise 	(Own attack becomes X)
* AP = Attack Power
285	Wild Sevens    	(Own AP is tripled)		
286	Holy Sevens       (HP +1000)	
287	Dark Sevens    	(If opponent HP lower than own, opponent HP becomes 0)
288	Grand Sevens   	(Own AP is boosted by number of own HP)
289	Mystic Sevens  	(Opponent support & option effect voided, opponent AP 0)
290	Speed Sevens   	(1st Attack, Eat-up HP, AP +200)
291	Reverse Sevens 	(move own 10 cards from offline pile to online deck, than shuffle)
292	Rosemon's Lure 	(Opponent discards his hand and all cards in his DP slot)
293	Download Digivolve (Can digivolve into ANYTHING. Ignore DP, Specialties and lv.) 	
294	Armor Crush  Digivolve
295	Special Digivolve
296	Mutant Digivolve
297	Warp Digivolve
298	De-Armor Digivolve
299	Speed Digivolve
300	Digi-devolve


Okay, based on some memory cards and e-mails that I've received. There are 
various titles / nicknames.
You'll receive it AFTER DEFEAT BlackWarGreymon once. Yup, just once.
If you're not fast enough to see it. Don't worry, go to Players Room and
press O. See the last statistic!
And how do I know my specialty? From the colour of the title / nicknames.

1. LONELY RED WOLF/FIRE (that's me)
   W-666, L-0
   92 hours
   Receive cards-70, Cards given-0
   Mostly card win (specialties) : FIRE
2. BOMBER KING/FIRE ("Fumiya Ando"<fumiya_ando@yahoo.com>)
   (And so many people receive this title, FIRE is so famous, and for
   all Bomber King, try to fight Ronald Pascal, he is an Ice expert !)
   W-441, L-0
   54 hours
   Receive Card-998, Given Cards-562
   Mostly cards win (specialties) : FIRE
3. WILD HUNTER/NATURE (its me again)
   W-702, L-0
   97 hours
   Receive card-115, Cards given-0
   Mostly cards win (specialties): NATURE 
4. SCARLET MAGICIAN <insgnficnt@edsamail.com.ph>
   Read his guide in gamefaqs.
   Sounds cutie-cutie eh? :-)
5. CHEERFUL PIRATE/ICE ("Ronald Pascal"<jack_van_burace@hotmail.com>)
   W-313, L-18
   68 hours
   Received cards-55, Given cards-55
   Mostly card win (Specialties) : ICE
6. BLACK ASSASIN/DARKNESS(Cipto Adiguno<power _of_mars@yahoo.com>)
   W-311, L-7
   Mostly Card win: DARKNESS
   As a "Wild Hunter", i really want to fight this "Black Assasin".
   BTW the problem is "how"?. And IMHO this title is the coolest !
7. BLUE GUARDIAN/ICE ("Ronald Pascal"<jack_van_burace@hotmail.com>)
   (Changes from "Cheerful Pirate, see? it can change)
   W-348, L-19
   78 hours
   Received Cards-55, Given Cards-55
   Mostly card win (Specialties) : ICE * W-387,L-91

For anyone who send me your title / nickname for this game, don't
forget to write your stat. and most using cards (Fire, Ice etc.)

IMHO the title is based from what card specialty that you're win most.
Its Nature for me (But, hey I Hate Nature cause some bugs in it cards,
I don't know what I'm thinking right now, I hate it but still I use it a lot)
AND this CAN CHANGE anytime, i've seen my title change from Lonely Red
Wolf to Wild Hunter. Sigh...Lonely Red Wolf is better I think.
Ronald Pascal title also change, from Cheerful Pirates to Blue Guardian.

Thanks to <supremebangirasu@aol.com> and Erwin Pagan <digierwin@yahoo.com>. 
I've confirmed it, its correct.
* Digipart No.099 : Opponent uses same attack.
  To get Digiparts No.099, just win from GranKuwagamon in Step Road's Cafe
  5 times in a row (or you can try 6 times if he still not give it to you).
  And it works for me. If not works for you, i don't know what's wrong.
* Digipart No.114 : Drop opponent Top 4 DP Cards shown.
  And digiparts No.114 from Ken, defeat him 4 times straight. But I only need
  2 straight win from him to get this digipart. So I think it must be vary for
  each player.

Just mail me about anything that will help this guide.
This guide almost complete already. Thanks for everyone help.
And I won't update it again, unless there are some more important to add.
Contact me at Cybaster98@yahoo.com
I will 100% replay it (as long I'm still alive and your mail didn't lost).
But i won't replay hate mails, unless if you want an another hate mails 
replay. :-) And pls see the guide update in gamefaqs.com first, before you 
asking me.

You shouldn't use GS codes for this game. It will be boring to play this game
if you already have all cards. Anyway it wasn't so hard to play this game.
IF you use GS codes for this game, sigh...how shame you are. See Cipto Adiguno
<power_of_mars@yahoo.com> ? He still 10 years old and can play this without GS.

TRUST ME, never use those codes for this game or you'll end up boring in
just few hours. BTW you can end this game normally in 25 hours.
What i mean by END THE GAME doesn't mean collect all cards, but only until 
you reach BlackWarGreymon. 

And after I play this game, I'm still NOT interest to see Digimon movies.

If you're looking for another card games, try Monster Rancher Battle Cards.
Not as good as Digimon CB anyway.

And one more..I won't write complete card fusion. Only real king
of game will do that job :) BTW if you want Card XXX (insert any cards) see
the "Card Fusion Rules" section and "Special Cards" section.

My record for this game : 104 hours, 778W-0L.
I ALWAYS restart it everytime I loss, perhaps I loss at least 40 times
(correction from 30).
Not too good huh? Well you're right, I'm not that good with this game.


Pls don't angry if I didn't reply your e-mail. Since there is a mail from Mazlle
Muhammad, and it's not inside my INBOX but in BULKMAIL, and there are more than
one mail (9 mails from same person) and they're all EMPTY. 
It might happend to you when e-mail me (it lost or something).
But normally, I'll reply all of your mail.
I'm really sorry, it's not my fault, okay? This is because from those Yahoo dudes.

1. Add more cards (600 cards !), or is that too much? And where's Chimeiramon ?
2. Can use save game from the first game.
3. More character (add female pls) :)
4. No more bugs.
5. Open a competition to make the strongest deck. The winner deck will
   be available on the sequel (used by computer). Imposible, eh?
   So make it like this. Make one new opponent with blank deck, so I can
   input any decks from my (beloved) friends and test my skill and their
6. Make online gaming version for this game. I'm very sure that so many people
   will like it.
   But of course you (BANDAI) must delete those annoying bugs !
   And perhaps it can compete with "Magic The Gathering" Card Games. :-)
7. For PSX, PS2 very expensive in my country.
8. Add Antmon, Cocroachmon, Ratmon, Masquitomon. What specialties are they?
   Weird Specialties :-)
Fiiuuuuhhh..is that to much?


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