Why is Aquilamon a red C card?

  1. So ive been using a cheat to give me all of the cards cuz im lazy in collecting and i always want to make the jogress decks and somehow, making a sylphimon deck is near impossible without doing some hibby jibby with the color digivolution but it kinda breaks the dynamic as both tailmon PR and hawkmon PR are green PRs. And veemon PR is a red while wormmon PR is black which is an awesome synergy already as its a counter check of both green and blue. And because patamon PR is green while Armadimon PR is yellow makes yellow deck very borked and nigh unkillable(also while posting this it says i have an innapropriate word somewhere and i didnt even intend any inappropriate word in this). Thats just my piece. Its never meant to be a question that can be answered as the devs are the ones that made a boo boo on that.

    User Info: ASCIIgodEX

    ASCIIgodEX - 10 months ago

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