Is there a way to save your deck?

  1. So we all know that you can only have 3 decks at a time but the question is, is there a way to save a deck? I know there is because when you're about to pick a deck to battle with your opponent, you can press Square for a list of deck like "Red Deck" that you used to have at the beginning. If there is, please do share this info because I'm getting tired of deleting and recreating decks over and over.

    User Info: GenGentaky

    GenGentaky - 4 years ago


  1. You are just have 3 original deck which able to edit, if you press O when on edit deck.
    if you press square button before battle, you'll see green highlight deck names, thats including your first deck and your CPU deck who is able to use in battle, if unlocked.
    Thus, you can't have more than three deck...

    User Info: XainasFZQ

    XainasFZQ - 4 years ago 0   0

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