How do I get wormmon?

  1. I have been playing this game for a while and I have not found a way to get wormmon. I went to steep road, talked to ken, but did not get wormmon. I then beat Megadramon and no wormmon. And then I beat Gigadramon, and still no wormmon. On all the faqs I have looked at, the closest they come to saying how to get him is from Ken in steep road, but whenever I talk to him, this is all he says, "I now know that life is worth more than just winning Card Battles. It's all thanks to you." How do I get wormmon?

    User Info: ChaoticOblivion

    ChaoticOblivion - 9 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. You able to get wormmon card by talking with ken. If you already have 3 partrner cards, then, you have no choice for reset your your game or you may trade wormmon card by trading it with your friend.

    User Info: XainasFZQ

    XainasFZQ - 4 years ago 1   0


  1. You just have to fight Ken and when you do that he will ask you to choose one of the Partner Card..There's Wormmon :D

    User Info: Orewa007

    Orewa007 - 9 years ago 0   0

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