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Item List by Corona

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/24/2002

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            Tales of Destiny II Complete Item List: version 1.0
                             Date: 2/24/02
                 Author: Shelley (Gamefaqs userID: Corona)
        Email: Miang@Cox.rr.com (see notice below before emailing me) 
                             Copyright 2002

Website: I used to have a site about English and Japanese artbooks (I have ~150
right now), but Tripod took it down. I'm definitely putting up an improved 
version sometime in the future.

NOTE: Open this in WordPad. The alignment is all wrong in Notepad

Do not copy this FAQ or post it on any website claiming it as your own. You may
post this file without my permission only if it's unedited. Don't cut-and-paste
the information either, whether it is for your own FAQ or your website. 

Email: Feel free to email me with questions, corrections, or suggestions. BUT,
do not ask me any question that is already answered in any of the other TODII
FAQS (Hint: Press Ctrl + F to bring up a search box with the document open.) If
you ask, "How do I get __________" about a common item, I'll just delete your
message. Most likely, I won't even remember how to get the item off the top of
my head. Thanks.

Why I wrote this FAQ: I had a lot of trouble finding out which items I was
missing, so I decided to make it easier for others. Item lists on other FAQS
are incomplete, ordered differently than the menu screen, or in Japanese. This
is my first and only FAQ so far. I hope I did okay.

1) The List
2) Eterpoke Pocketstation Games
3) Cless + Arche Battle Strategy
4) Nereid's Labyrinth Guide/Strategy


What happens when you get all the items: Keele gets the "Curator" title. You 
can check your items through the "Collector's Book" item found in Racheans, in
the elder's house. I haven't confirmed this myself because I missed "Donies
Potpourri". I've listed the locations of some of the harder to find items.
The item list goes across rather than down, so if you're missing anything the
other items will be in different columns. This FAQ is completely spoiler-free
except for the name of one of the valuable items (spoiler for Disc 1) and the
Nereid's Labyrinth Guide.

I've marked off the items (the few that I know of so far) that can be missed
forever with an *. If you know of any others, please email me so I can mark 

*Also, if you save this file and the columns are all messy and ugly, open it in 
WordPad by right-clicking and selecting Send To > WordPad. 

1) The List:

Apple Gel              Bellebane                Elixir
Lavender               Lemon Gel                Melange Gel
Miracle Gel            Orange Gel               Pine Gel
Red Bellebane          Red Lavender             Red Sage
Red Savory             Sage                     Savory
Tuna Gel (3)           Banrea (6)               Colain's Pot (11)
Dried Peels (6)        Firewood Bug (6)         Goat Horn (6)
Snow Tomato (1)        Charm Bottle             Dark Bottle
Holy Bottle            Life Bottle              Miracle Charm (26)
Panacea Bottle         Rune Bottle              All-Divide
Bush Baby (2)          Button (7)               Crib Sheet (12)    
Donies Potpourri (4)*  Drama Script (8)         Earth Crystal
Earth Shard            Face Powder (9)          Fire Crystal
Fire Shard             Golden Choker (10)       Hourglass
Light Crystal          Light Shard              Losagna's Dress 
Shadow Crystal         Shadow Shard             Silver Cage
Snow Crystal           Snow Crystal             Spectacles
Uchiwa (5)             Volt Crystal             Volt Shard
Water Crystal          Water Shard              Wind Bell (6)
Wind Crystal           Wind Shard               Flare Bottle
Syrup Bottle

M. Monster drop- see Tan Yi Jiang's 'Monster Collection FAQ' for all the 
   information you need
1. Summit of Mt. Celsius after entering Disc 2-3 cooking contest
2. Doll in Luishika house after hearing about 7 treasures
3. Glimmer Spire, Disc 3
4. Begin this Barole SQ in Disc 1 before finishing Mt. Farlos (see other FAQS)
5. Talk to the Chamballoon girl after finishing Disc 1 and Disc 2-3 Chamballoon
6. Banrea SQ: Talk to Racheans Elder Disc 2-3, use clues to collect items, 
   then return.
7. Search fitting room in Chambard 'Bikini' in Disc 2-3?
8. Watch all 8 acts of Inferia City play, collect from stage
9. Put Farah in lead and search dresser in Farah's house
10. Search Inferia Castle dresser in Queen's room, Disc 3
11. Use shovel in Gnome Mines, on crack in a room west of upper floor lift,
    after hearing of 7 treasures
12. Buy from Mintche Port student, Disc 3?
26. Celestia (228, 120)

Bastard Sword          Dao Blade                Destroyer 
Earth Blade (M)        Eternal Sword (13)*      Excalibur
Flamberge (M)          Flame Sword              Ice Coffin (M)
Knight Saber           Last Fencer (25)         Long Sword
Nimble Rapier (M)      Ninja Sword (27)         Ogre Sword
Rapier                 Saber                    Saint Rapier (?)
Saw Saber              Shamsel                  Voltic Sword
Vorpal Sword           Arc Wind                 Demon Javelin
Dragger Lance          Flame Spear              Gungnir (14)
Long Spear             Ogre Lance               Partisan
Ranseur (M)            Short Lance              Short Spear
Trident                Bardis                   Battle Axe
Battle Pick            Crescent Axe             Francesca
Gaia Cleaver (14)      Hand Axe                 Strike Axe (M)
Mace                   Star Mace (M)            Deck Brush (15)
Halberd                Heavy Grave              Merenol (16)
Pole Axe               Saint Halberd            War Hammer
Crystal Rod            Gem Rod                  Holy Staff
Rod                    Ruby Wand                Skull Staff
Assault Dagger         Crystal Dagger (16)      Gladius
Gnome Pick             Hydra Dagger             Katar
Short Sword            Bear Claw                Bone Knuckles (M)
Chain Arms             Crystal Shell            Diamond Fist
Dragon Fang            Flare Arms               Ghost Shell
Iron Arms              Kaiser Fist (M)          Leather Arms
Mythril Arms           Needle Glove             Omni Weapon
Poison Thorn           Power Arms               Silver Knuckles
Venom                  Dragon Vein              Great Sword
Hero Cane (16)         Mystic Sword             Soul Eater
Steel Sword            Bird Whistle             Chirp Whistle
Eternia Melody         Memory Whistle           Pretty Whistle
Trumpet                Twinkle Flute            Whistle
Assault Shot           Grand Magnum (17)        Impulse Cannon (17)
Mega Launcher (17)     Photon Ray (17)          Plasma Cannon (17)
Big Bag                Chat Bag                 Luck Bag
Tote Bag               Wonder Bag (24)

13. Defeat Cress + Arche in HARD mode of Inferia City World Championships
    (after winning other championships) RESET if you lose, and do not play
    on Normal! You don't get a second chance. See below for a strategy
14. From Nereid's Labyrinth bosses (see below for Nereid's Labyrinth strategy)
16. Buy at Jinni auction house, in Jinni currency (sleep at inn until the 
    right item is sold)
17. Pay Tinnisia Hideout guy Gald until he stops asking for it, Disc 3. 
    You'll need about half a million Gald
24. Gunner (in Glimmer Spire or Nereid's Labyrinth) drops 4% of time
25. Go to Imen blacksmith after Zosimos tells of the Galaxy Stone's effect 
    on weapons, Disc 3
27. Inferia (141, 1)

Battlesuit             Chain Mail               Golden Armor
Hard Leather           Mumbane                  Mythril Plate
Plate Mail             Protector                Rare Plate
Reflect                Ring Mail                Silver Plate
Soft Leather           Splint Mail              Amber Cloak
Cloak                  Holy Cloak (28)          Mythril Mesh
Silk Cloak             Silver Cloak             Star Cloak (14)
White Cloak            Bloody Robe              Crystal Robe
Feather Robe           Misty Robe               Moon Robe
Robe                   Scale Robe               Spirit Robe
Apple Shield           Beam Shield              Blue Shield (14)
Buckler                Chaos Shield             Fine Shield
Kite Shield            Lid Shield               Omega Shield
Order Shield (M)       Rare Shield              Red Shield
Round Shield           Square Shield            Star Shield    
Storm Shield           Wooden Shield            Angel Bracelet (16)
Bracelet               Diamond Armlet (28)      Gold Bracelet
Iron Wrist             Lapis Bracelet           Mythril Bracelet
Star Bracelet (14)     Wristband                Cute Mitten
Kitchen Mitten         Lovely Mitten (M)        Pretty Mitten
Ahmet Helm             Cross Helm               Duel Helm
Golden Helm            Iron Helm                Leather Helm
Mythril Helm           Rare Helm (16)           Star Helm (14)
Aifread's Hat          Captain's Hat            Pirate's Hat
Arche Ribbon (13)*     Blue Ribbon              Magical Ribbon (16)
Pretty Ribbon          Ribbon                   Striped Ribbon
Tartan Ribbon          Circlet                  Cress' Bandana (13)*
Gold Circlet           Holy Circlet             Mythril Circlet
Star Circlet (14)

28. Inferia (76, 123)

EQUIP (Accessories): 51
Blue Talisman          Canceler (18)            Combo Command
Drain Charm            Freeze Charm             Heal Bracelet
Mental Bracelet        Pico Revenge (19)        Poison Charm
Stun Charm             Talisman                 Technical Ring
WakeUp Charm           Elven Boots              Jet Boots
Persha Boots (14)      Watercloud (30)          Aqua Cape
Cape                   Celesti Cape (28)        Elven Cape (20)
Flare Cape             Inferi Cape (28)         Leather Cape
Smash Cape (21)        Thief's Cape             Thunder Cape
Emerald Ring           Faerie Ring              Force Ring
Mental Ring            Protect Ring             Reflect Ring
Resist Ring            Resume Ring (16)         Reviverser (14)
Step Ring (22)         Reverse Doll             Sephira
Black Onyx             Magic Mist               Moon Crystal
Demon's Seal           Derris Emblem (29)       Extreme (28)
Holy Symbol            Krona Symbol (28)        Mystic Symbol
Rabbit's Foot          Warrior Symbol           Hyper Gauntlet (14)

18. Lesitia SQ: Remove Max by going to Tinnisia hideout, meet Lesitia in
    Peruti, Tinnisia, Cape Fortress, Luishika, then Jinni, get Max back
19. Go to Celestia (120, 128) south of Chat's Hut after getting the coordinates
    from the tree by the hut
20. Use Rune Bottle on Thief Cape 
21. Inferia City- talk to: old man in front of arena, man near hotel, soldier 
    in arena, old man again
22. Win Chamballoon game, Disc 2-3
23. Show enough lenses to Chambard/Tinnisia lens people. IC > CC > E > KS (50)
29. Defeat Sekundes, Disc 3
30. Chat's Hut B3, or steal from Siren boss

FOOD: 33
Amango                 Banana                   Bear Meat
Beet                   Black Satay              Bread
Cabbage                Carrot                   Cheese
Cucumber               Egg                      Kirima
Kiwi                   Konia                    Lemon
Lettuce                Milk                     Onion
Panyan                 Pasta                    Potato
Purple Satay (23)      Radish                   Red Satay
Rice                   Shrimp                   Squid
Strawberry             Tofu                     Tomato
Tuna                   Tusk Meat                Red Satay

23. Buy from Gnome Village in Gnome Mines ("It's tasty!")

Boarding Pass          Celesea Map              Celestia Map
Collector's Book       Dark Sphere              Freeze Ring
GPS                    Galaxy Stone             Inferia Map
Insea Map              Light Sphere             Manual
Miacis Badge           Monster Collection       Orz Earring
S.D.                   Seyfert Key              Sorcerer's Ring
Train Cage             WHIS

2) Eterpoke Pocketstation Minigames
     There are four additional items you can get only with a Gameshark.
(See http://www.cmgsccc.com/psx/index.php?multi=72 for codes). These were taken
out of the US release because Namco didn't feel like translating them (the same
reason they took out the chat sequences). Selecting the Eterpokes brings up a 
lot of Japanese text and a few options, so maybe they can be played? I'll check
and try to figure out what's going on when I get new batteries for my brother's 


3) Cless + Arche Battle Strategy

You can fight Cless in the World Championships at Inferia City Arena (after 
winning City and Nation championships). Arche will appear with him only on 
'Hard' or 'Hardcore' mode. This is easily the most difficult battle of the game
You can only fight him once, unless you reset, and he gives you Reid's best 
weapon when you beat him. 

Preparation: Be at least level 70. Master "Tuna Paella" with Reid. Get 15 
Reverse Dolls (auction off a Chaos Shield or Elixir at Jinni, then buy the 
Dolls there with your reward. To raise the auction price: save, raise reserve
price, sleep at inn, check, if it fails reset, repeat. 150-300K Jinni is a good
price for the Chaos Shield.) Set "Tuna Paella" on Auto-Cook before entering the

Battle: Equip the Reverse Doll, Faerie Ring, and Mumbane to protect (somewhat)
against Arche's spells. Whenever you die and a Reverse Doll breaks, equip 
another. Concentrate on killing Arche first, since she's easier. Neo Tempest 
Swarm and Omega Demon Chaos work well on her. If Cless tries to trap you with 
Sonic Blades, jump and use Tempest Strike to escape. After Arche dies, equip
the Golden Armor to protect from Cless' Rising Phoenix. I used 3 attacks + 
special skill combos on him because I don't know any better ones, but I don't
know if you can really avoid getting hit by him. It took me 13 Reverse Dolls, 
but I finally won.


4) Nereid's Labyrinth Guide/Strategy  (SPOILERS!!!- tells who the bosses are)

After beating the last boss, save over a _DIFFERENT_ file and replay your old
one. There will be a new dungeon, NL, on the Orbus Barrier below the Relay 
Point. This place is entirely random, meaning that you just have to wander 
around until you accidentally end up in the right place. (Yay!) There are 6
bosses on six floors, you cannot save at any time, and can only use items in
battle. Each character completes 1 floor by themselves (for 5 levels, no repeats), 
and you get 4 characters for the 6th-floor boss. 

Preparation: Stock up on items and food, and get the best equipment you can.
Maybe get some Reverse Dolls, but you probably won't need them unless your 
levels are low. Unequip all characters, and set up the craymels correctly for 
your first mage. 

After each boss, unequip the character you just used (to free up items for the 
other characters), and transfer the Craymels if you used Meredy. You can choose
to leave or continue if you step on the teleport, but you must start over next
time if you leave. 

Meredy: Equip Mystic Symbol, and fringe Shooting Star (Maxwell + Sekundes), 
  Heal (Undine + Sylph), and maybe Freeze Lancer or anything else. Keep using
  Shooting Star and do the Maxwell summon extension on the boss (cure TP 1st)
  to kill him quickly. See RChan's Craymel FAQ for the extension.
  Because she casts so slow, has such low HP, and can't attack directly, she 
  can't survive past the 2nd FL. 
Chat: Equip Jet Boots. Her controls are awkward, she has very low HP, and she 
  can't attack easily. She won't survive past the 2nd FL either. 
Keele: Same setup as Meredy but also equip Jet Boots. He's a lot better because
  he can attack much quicker. FL 1-3 should be no problem, maybe 4, but don't
  use him on 5 because the bosses will never let him cast a spell.
Max: Equip Jet Boots, and Canceler for the boss. (link elemental attack + 
  light/dark attack + elemental master) He should be fine on any level, but be
  sure to get one of his best weapons or you'll be spending 2 minutes on each
Reid: Use on FL 4 or 5.
Farah: Same as Reid.

1. Wind Elementaler - Meredy/Chat/Keele/Max
2. Fire Elementaler - Meredy/Chat/Keele/Max
3. Earth Elementaler- Keele/Max
   These guys have a powerful close-range combo attack but are extremely slow.
   Don't get near them- just run and use long-range attacks.
4. Living Armor - Max/Reid/Farah
   He takes a lot of damage off your characters, and I don't think you can 
   avoid his attacks. Just move in close and keep attacking him with combos. 
5. Hyades- Max/Reid/Farah
   First kill his helpers so they can't interrupt you with magic, then kill 
6. Nereid- Choose 4 characters (I chose Ried/Farah/Meredy/Keele)
   This battle will take a while and you'll use a lot of Life Bottles, but I 
   don't know of any real strategy for it. 


That's all

Thank you to: All the FAQ writers on Gamefaqs, especially for TOD II. I went 
back and got many of the items I missed based on that information (especially
the Aifish coordinates and items appearing in old dungeons). Namco for 
developing this game even though they cut the English version and added
embarrassingly-bad voice acting. Also the Gamefaqs message board users for tips 
on extensions.    

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