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Debug Mode FAQ by Chad_

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 03/04/2003

*Tales of Destiny II        *
*Debug Feature Guide        *
*Date: 3/4/02 v1.5          *
*Author: Chad               *
*E-Mail: speed-bump@cox.net *
*Copyright 2003 (right?)    *

The guide is intended solely for personal use. You may NOT use this guide for 
a profit and you may NOT use this guide or parts of it as your own. Webmasters 
feel free to post this guide on your own site as long as you leave it in its 
original state.

Okay, sad times... I no longer have the game TOD2, so I wont be able to update
regularly. If anyone has anything they'd like to see on the guide, lets hope 
some nice soul contributes the information... Sorry.
Version History
v1.5 Update 3/4/03
	  -Added 207-901 Town maps, completely contributed by LavosSpawn
	  -Minor allignment changes, probably unnoticeable... I hope...

v1.4 Update 7/21/02 
        -Defined EL in 5B. Battle Menu
        -Added Info regarding Continue + features in 7. Other Notes
        -Changed E. Anomalies to F. Anomalies to make room for...
        -E. Event Flags. I've verified it.
        -Verified the extra valuables (Etapoke) are the supposed removed pocket
        station games in 4C. Craymel Ball Player (The debug room) Updated info.
        -8D. Battle Group List now goes to 1-200 & 949
        -8E. Town Map List now goes to 1-206 & 807

v1.3 Update 6/28/02
        -Major reformatting
        -Change to Cox.net E-mail (Don't you wish I made up my mind? :D)
        -Extended 8D. Battle Group List to 1-100 & 949
        -Extended 8E. Town Map List to 1-107 & 807

v1.2 Update 3/30/02
        -Added 8E. Town Map List (Just 3 for now)
        -Changed 5A. Field menu to Town Menu
        -Changed 4E. Other to Anomalies
        -Minor updates to 5A. Town Menu
        -Even more minor updates that I can't recall
        -My new Email updated

v1.1 Update 2/7/02 (Not much, this version)
       -Added 8D. Battle Group list (Thanks Rena)
       -Simplified 6. Extra Controls
       -Changed the Lists format around
       -Minor updates,
         4. The Debug Room
         4D. Dede
         7. Other Notes

v1.0 Original 1/6/02

1. Thanks
2. Introduction
3. The Code
4. The Debug Room
 A. Party Members
 B. Undine
 C. Craymel Ball Player
 D. Dede
 E. Event Flags
 F. Anomalies
5. Extra Menus
 A. Town Menu
 B. Battle Menu
6. Extra Controls
 A. Field Controls
 B. Map Controls/Map Detail
7. Other Notes (Read!)
8. Lists
 A. Field List
 B. Movie List
 C. Mini Game List
 D. Battle Group
 E. Town Map 
9. Things to Come (Hopefully)

1. Thanks
I give my thanks to:

-LavosSpawn for the rest of the Town Map lists

-Rena Chan Shuzhen(alucard_rpg@yahoo.com) for contributing much info.

-Namco Ltd. And Staff for making this great game.

-The many outstanding FAQ creators, for without FAQ's like theirs, I would have 
no example and be totally lost.

-Gamefaqs.com, for the information on how to make a FAQ, having a place on the 
web to display this guide, and many other things.

2. Introduction
This guide is designed to explain all the specifics of the debug feature for 
Tales of Destiny 2. A debug feature, in most cases is a special menu, room, 
control, or aspect the creators have placed in the game to test the game for any
 glitches or bugs that may have been overlooked. It is usually left in the game 
release, but is inaccessible by any normal means. Debug features are usually 
unlocked by use of a cheat device. Debug features are also confusing, often 
including menus of selections that don't even include words, but jumbled 
symbols. Tales of Destiny 2's debug room is well developed, and all of it, with 
a few exceptions, is in perfectly understandable English. Yet, there are still 
many things that need explaining.

3. The Code
Here's the code: 30132748 0003  (Note: Gameshark must be version 2.2 or up)

After the title screen comes up, press start. You'll notice none of the options 
are highlighted. Now press X, you'll be taken to the debug room.

4. The Debug Room
Here, you start in the middle of a small area, with two houses, A tree in the 
lower left corner, which takes up much of the screen, and stairs that lead to a 
path. You cannot go in either of the houses, or go down the path. The characters
 here are: Undine, Dede the Miacis, a Craymel ball player, Reid (lying down), 
Farah, Keele, Meredy, Ras, Chat, Max, and a Townsperson(?). Let's go into detail
 about the different options you can do here. Also notice that you start with 
the Sorcerer's ring, Freeze ring, and Inferian Map.

You can use the Sorcerers ring and the freeze ring here on the characters and 
they'll respond as if you walked up and talked to them normally. 
(Contributed by Rena Chan)

4A. Party Members
All of your possible party members are lined up on your right side. To have a 
character join your party, simply talk to them, then select "yes". The character 
sprite will fall on the ground, and you'll have them in your party. To have a 
character leave your party, talk to their character sprite (that's lying down) 
you can also remove Reid. The townsperson behind Max will give you the option to
 have your current main character changed into one of the characters from the 
Seyfert Trials. That is: an Eggbear, Little Keele, Little Meredy, and Shizel. If
 you talk to the townsperson after having your character changed, you'll change
 back to normal. You can only have six characters in your party at one time, and
 only four in battle like usual.

4B. Undine
If you talk to her, you get an option to select a craymel. You can only select 
one at a time, but you can repeat this until you get the normal greater 
craymels. I have tried, but there seems to be no way to get any of the supreme 
greater craymels (Rem, Shadow, Maxwell, or Sekundes), but you can get them 
through the game. You must have someone that has a craymel cage in your party to
 receive craymels. (I.E. Meredy or Keele)

4C. Craymel Ball Player
She's the one at the top of the stairs
Here's the menu:

1. Items, Cooking
 A. Give All Items(15)
 B. Learn Inferian Cooking
 C. Learn Celestian Cooking
 D. Learn Other Cooking
2. Set Monster Guide Flags
 A. Encounter All Monsters
 B. Examine All Monsters
 C. Set All Flags
 D. Clear All Flags
3. Call Auction menu
4. Call C.Cage Menu

1A. Give All Items(15)
Does what it says. It give you ALL the items, including some stuff impossible to 
get in the normal game. This gives you four new valuable items called Etapoke1, 
Etapoke2, Etapoke3, and Etapoke4, respectively. These are for the pocket station.
Each one has to do with a main character (I.E. Reid is on Etapoke1, Farah on 2,
etc.). I didn't have a chance to find out exactly what they consist of, as the 
PSX pocketstation I bought off my friend had no batteries. Who knows, maybe 
someone will write a FAQ about them.

1B. Learn Inferian Cooking
Teaches you all the cooking from Inferia

1C. Learn Celestian Cooking
Teaches you all the cooking from Celestia

1D. Learn Other Cooking
Teaches you all the "other" cooking recipes

2A.Encounter All Monsters
It acts like you've "seen" all the monsters. The monster guide is filled with all
 the monsters, but none of them show the items or "examined" information

2B. Examine All Monsters
Act's like you've used the spectacles on all the monsters. Shows the monster 
statistics and element information in the monster guide.

2C. Set All Flags
Shows everything about the monsters in the monster guide. Shows the items the 
monsters have along with the examined info.

2D. Clear All Flags
Clears all monster information from the monster guide.

3. Call Auction Menu
It calls a mock Auction menu to test if the auction menu is working. It only 
shows up if you have an item in the normal inventory. Nothing special.

4. Call C.Cage Menu
Activates the C.Cage menu to show that it's working properly.

4D. Dede
Dede (Max's Miacis) starts off at the bottom of the stairs, but will follow the 
character your controlling. When she get to your character, she'll say "Hiya ???
(??? is replaced with whatever character your controlling) then fall asleep. If 
you talk to her, she'll say "Restore!" and heal your party. 
(info submitted by Rena Chan. Thanks!)

4E. Event Flags
Here's how to set the event flags:
You have to be in the debug room. I hope your familiar with the controls, it 
isn't hard to find though.
-Press L2, See the red rectangle? That'll help you see where you are when 
there's a foreground layer in front of the main character. 
-Then press R2, which sets a no clipping mode (You can walk anywhere on the map).
-Walk into the tree, towards the base of the screen.
-Press R2 again, disabling clip mode.
-Now navigate (using the red rectangle as a guide for where your character is) 
to near the base of the screen, and walk around in the lower left area.
-This should pop up:

1:toe +1000
2:toe +100
3:toe +10
4:toe +1

These ARE event flags. Experiment with them, go nuts. I'm not making a list of 
oh say.... 15,000 or so events... Here's how they work:
-Go to a selection
-Press X
-The screen will pop up again. This is because it's cumulative. Keep on making
 selections if you want to add them up.
-After you think you've gone far enough, Press O. You'll exit the screen.
-Go to your menu, then exit. If you've gone far enough, it'll ask you to switch
 discs. You don't need to, just press X, then X again. (Override)
-Wander around using Town Map or just run around and check out what's going on 
in the world.

4F. Anomalies
These are some hidden text messages that I've found.

"OFF SWITCH 0-2048"
To find this message in the debug room turn off clipping (Described in section 
6A) and turn on the red square shadows to help see your character(also described
in 6A) and walk "into" the tree. After you're in the tree, turn clipping back 
on and walk around where the red shadow is around the middle of the tree, and 
slightly to the left. This message comes up, but so far I have not figured out 
its significance.

5. Extra Menus
The debug feature adds two extra menus, one for the field, and one in battle.

5A. Town Menu
Pressing start in a town, cave, dungeon, etc. brings up this menu. Here's what 
it looks like:

Town Map     0
Battle Group 0
Battle Map   0
Field        0
Movie        0
Mini Game    0
Chat         0

Left/Right          = Changes the number in increments of 1
Up/Down             = Changes selected option
X                   = Executes desired option (Dependent on the number)
Square + Left/Right = Changes the number in increments of 10

All the numbers can wrap around from 0 to the end number (ex. Press left when its
 set on 0 on the Town Map selection and it'll go to 902.)

Town Map
Town Map refers to the locations in towns, dungeons, caves, castles, etc. Any 
place works on any disc, even though there is no possibility of it existing on 
that disc anyway. For instance, you can go to the entrance of Shizel's Castle by
just setting the number to 807 and press X. Limit: 902. 

Battle Group
Refers to a group of enemies. Selecting a number and pressing X causes a battle. 
This works in conjunction with Battle Map. Limit: 949.

Battle Map
Selects the scenery for battle. Set the number like usual, and pressing X will 
put you in a battle with what ever is selected in the Battle Group. Limit: 115.

Warps you to a map. Note that some of these are cinemas. See "Lists" for a list 
of selections. Limit: 14.

Plays a game movie. Note that these are disc specific, and if you pick a number 
of a movie that's not in the disc, it'll just black out for a second.
See "Lists". Limit: 16.

Mini Game
Starts a mini game. I haven't thoroughly experimented with this, so I don't know 
how to get out of demo mode on the Dance Hall (its 0), or I don't know if 
there's a way to play craymel ball against the computer (3). See "Lists"
Limit: 7.

Supposedly initiates a game chat. The only ones that worked for me are 
265-343, which are the map hints. I would make a list for them but I don't know 
how to title them! Limit: 376.

Exits the game and goes to title screen.

5B. Battle Menu
To open this menu, in a battle, open the Battle Options menu. It is an invisible 
selection to the right of "Items". NOTE!!!: Once in this menu, you cannot exit 
it to the battle you were just in! If you press O in any selection other than 
"Exit" it will reset the battle to what ever is on the variables. Here's the 

1. RID Lv30 Manu
2. FAR Lv30 Auto
3. KEE Lv30 Auto
4. MER Lv30 Auto
Group ?
Map   ?
EL    ?

The first four rows are your battling party. The numbers are just that, the 
order. The three letters after that are the character. The number next to Lv are
the set level of your characters. The last part is how they are controlled. 
Lv Limit: 1-250

Changing these variables:
To change the character, simply press left or right.
To change the level, use the L2/R2 shoulder buttons.
To change the control method use the L1/R1 shoulder buttons.
Here are the character names:

RID: Reid             FOG: Max
FAR: Farah            KUM: Eggbear
KEE: Keele            C-Ke: Little Keele
MER: Meredy           C-Me: Little Meredy
RAC: Ras              SHI: Shizel
CHA: Chat

Group ?
You can change the variable by simply moving the cursor to it and pressing left 
or right. This selects the enemy group you fight when the battle restarts. Same 
variables as in the Battle Group on the Field Menu.

Map ?
Selects the map scenery for the battle when it resets. It has 4 extra map 
backgrounds than the Field Menu does, 116-119. (Info contributed by Rena Chan)

This changes the battle to a special battle, where if you put the cursor on this 
and press left/right it'll go through two other options, ON, and Stop.
When it is ON, and the battle resets, all enemies can be brought down to 1 HP,
but they will not die. Stop indicates that the enemies will just sit there and 
do nothing. It also has the effect of "ON".

Effects unknown

I now assume EL = Enemy Level, thanks to information given to me on the 
GameFAQ's Message Board. The higher the number the more difficult the enemies 
seem. Limit: 1-30

If you have the cursor on this option when you press O, you'll exit the battle 
and it'll be as if you won the battle. (I accidentally did this on the first 
Hyades, and he ran off like he got worked.)

6. Extra Controls
The debug feature activates some extra controls that aren't usually there...

6A. Field Controls
Here are the extra controls I have found that can be done in any town, cave or 

R2-toggles clipping on/off. Clipping is the aspect of an object or wall that 
will stop your character from moving beyond it. For short, toggle clipping off 
and you can walk right through walls. Quite important if you're going to use the
 Town Map feature, because sometimes you are placed on a wall...

L2-toggles a red shadow on/off. I'm not sure why this is here, but it helps for 
navigating behind stuff, like a tunnel. (Or the big tree in the debug room, with 
clipping off)

Select, w/ field menu opened-Changes character movement from your control to 
event control and back. A green menu background means that your character is 
under event control, blue background means your control. Example: Go to Field 
Map 25, Reid will move along the path by himself. Open the Field menu and notice 
the background is green. Now press select and it'll change blue. Reid will no 
longer be moving along the path, but stop. Now you can control him. If Reid is 
in an area or section in the game where the computer wouldn't normally control 
him to advance the story, and you change it green he'll just stand there. 

L1, w/ field menu opened-Changes character sprite size. There are just three 
sizes, small, medium, and large (it doesn't say that anywhere though...). Simply 
open the Field menu and press L1. All the sprites will change a size.

6B. Map Controls/Map Detail
The map seems to have changed a little...hmm...That's it! There's a new clock in 
the upper right corner, telling you the time of day (game time) on the map. 
Anyway, here's the controls for the map:

R2-Toggles time on and off. Tap it once and you'll see the clock in the corner 
stop. It'll stay stopped until you tap it again. That means it won't change to 
night if it's day and vice versa.

L2-Advances the time by one hour. It doesn't matter if you stopped time (R2) or 
it's still going, every time you press L2 the hour advances.

O-Speeds up movement on the map. It is also a no clipping button. As long as 
it's held down, you can run over mountains and water. 
(Stand on top of Mt. Farlos. Interesting.) 

Van Eltia
It's not a new control, but with this the Van Eltia starts off with all 
conversions done, but still empty cabins. You get all the map commands that are 
normally there.

7. Other Notes
Here are some important notes about the Debug feature:

*With the debug code activated, there are NO random encounters. but all the 
enemies you can see are still there to fight. (ex. shadow cave reapers)

*Apparently, if you lose in battle, it's no end game scene, you just show up in 
the same spot with all allies dead.

*With the debug code on, you can override the disc change menu. This leads to 
some very weird stuff. To override it, just press X, it'll say wrong disc, but 
press X again and it will continue like usual. One weird thing is playing the 
game from the beginning...on the 3rd disc. The voice acting is on the other 
disc, but since they used the same numbers for the different voice clips, It 
started off with Hyades for some of Reid's parts, and they were completely 
wrong. BTW, in order to play movies through the Field Menu that are on other 
discs that the first one, you will have to override the change disc menu.

*You CAN save the game with the stuff you've got from the debug features, stop 
using the code, reload the save and play normally. (random monsters, YAY!) It 
has no active effect left over though...meaning the only thing that stays is the
level you may have altered your characters to be, the characters you've 
selected, craymels, and items. Remember, there is no way out of the debug room 
unless you select a map, and that doesn't stay if you turn off the code. 

*To play the game normally, you must start the story line by going to Field Map 

*Nereid's Labyrinth is accessible by setting "Field" to 5 in the debug menu, 
which will take you to the Orbus barrier, on Celestia side. Nereid's Labyrinth 
is unlocked. However, you cannot access the "Hardcore" difficulty. Other than 
that, I do not know if it stays that way as if you were to play the game 

8. Lists
Here are a couple lists of the variables in the Menus:

8A. Fields
0.  Inferia         Land       (023,108)
1.  Inferia         Aifish     (115,168)
2.  Orbus Barrier   Van Eltia  (000,000) (Inferian side)
3.  Celestia        Land       (041,072)
4.  Celestia        Aifish     (215,175)
5.  Orbus Barrier   Van Eltia  (000,000) (Celestian side)
6.  Orbus Relay Pt. Van Eltia  (???,???) (Celestian Side)
7.  CINEMA: Aifish, Tunnel to Jini (Actually takes you there)
8.  CINEMA: Mt. Farlos, Bridge of Light
9.  CINEMA: Van Eltia, Destination: Balir Castle
10. CINEMA: Van Eltia, From Celestia, to Orbus Relay
11. CINEMA: Van Eltia, From Orbus Relay, To Inferia
12. CINEMA: Van Eltia, Surrounded by Inferian Ships
13. CINEMA: The Luishka Disaster
14. Mini game: Race around Celestia!

8B. Movies
(These aren't the real names of the movies, if they do have names for them... I 
just made them up depending on what I saw. You can access the cool Aibird Eltia
Conversion movie that cant normally be seen. I'd like to think they consciously
knew they put the movie on the wrong disc... but then again...)

Disc 1
0.  Game Introduction
1.  Galenos and Meredy (new game start)
2.  The Orbus Barrier Wave
3.  Bridge of Light

Disc 2
4.  Launch of Van Eltia
5.  The Van Eltia Cannon (Assault on Balir Castle)
6.  Shizel: To the Dark Matter
7.  Van Eltia: Conversion 1 (Stage 2: Aifish add-on)
8.  Van Eltia: Conversion 2 (Stage 3: Aibird add-on; Not normally accessible)
9.  Projection Room (Story of Seyfert)
10. Seyfert Observatory (Breaking the Seyfert Ring)
11. Unsuccessful Attack on the Dark Matter

Disc 3
12. Overhead shot of Balir Castle, in relation to the Seyfert Observatory
13. Firing of the Fringe Cannon (2nd attack on Dark Matter)
14. Collision imminent (Inferia & Celestia begin to collide)
15. Destruction of the Orbus Barrier
16. Taking off: Van Eltia's Final Stage

8C. Mini Game
Could someone tell me if there's a way to change the Dance hall to where you can
control a character, or change Craymel Ball to against the CPU?

0. Dance Hall (Demo by the Dance Master)
1. Abandoned Mine
2. The Craymel Express
3. Craymel Ball (2 player, weird characters)
4. River Rafting
5. Sea Battle
7. Carousel Sushi

8D. Battle Group (Many contributed by Rena Chan)
I find combinations 84-89 really cool, as they combine bosses with normal 
creatures you'd see everywhere in the game (From Nereid's Labyrinth).

0.   SwampThing
1.   Antler(4)
2.   Bandit, Striker, & Night Flyer
3.   Maxwell
4.   Celsius
5.   Gnome
6.   Undine
7.   Volt
8.   Sylph & Arms(2)
9.   Valkyrie
10.  Rassius
11.  Shadow & EmptyDoll(2)
12.  Shizel
13.  ????? (Hyades 1)
14.  Rem
15.  Efreet
16.  Hyades 2
17.  Sekundes
18.  Cress
19.  Cress & Arche
20.  Shizel {Nereid}
21.  Hyades 3
22.  Living Armor
23.  Guardian
24.  Monk(8)
25.  Shileska G.(8)
26.  Jungler
27.  Hershel & Zeibel (Seyfert egg bear battle)
28.  Spiral & Escargot(3)
29.  Birial Guard(4)
30.  Elementler(Water) & GraveKeeper(3)
31.  Elementler(Wind) & GraveKeeper(3)
32.  Elementler(Fire) & GraveKeeper(3)
33.  Elementler(Earth) & GraveKeeper(3)
34.  Elementler(Ice) & GraveKeeper(3)
35.  Elementler(Lightning) & GraveKeeper(3)
36.  Siren & Ghost(4)
37.  Egg Trader
38.  Fake
39.  Regulus {Nereid}
40.  Inferian G.
41.  Night Flyer(2) & Green Roper(2)
42.  Green Roper(2), Blood Sucker & Octoslime
43.  Green Roper(2), Night Flyer & Blood Sucker
44.  Night Flyer(2), Blood Sucker & Octoslime
45.  Green Roper(2) & Blood Sucker(2)
46.  Blood Sucker(2) & Octoslime(2)
47.  Green Roper(2) & Octoslime(2)
48.  Egg Bear
49.  Storm Claw(2) & Mist
50.  Chamballoon(4)
51.  Chamballoon(4)
52.  Chamballoon(4)
53.  Chamballoon(6)
54.  Chamballoon(7)
55.  Chamballoon(7)
56.  Chamballoon(8)
57.  Chamballoon(8)
58.  Chamballoon(8)
59.  Chamballoon(8)
60.  Storm Claw
61.  Guitaricle
62.  Storm Claw(2) & Mahogany(2)
63.  Mahogany(2) & Archer
64.  Mahogany(4)
65.  Snow Lobster(2), Medusa(2) & Red Sizzer
66.  Snow Lobster(2), Medusa(2) & Starfish
67.  Medusa(3), Snow Lobster(2) & Red Sizzer
68.  Mocking Plant(3) & Mahogany
69.  Minicoid(2) & Woods Worm(2)
70.  Mocking Plant(2) & Woods Worm(2)
71.  Minicoid(2), Woods Worm & Mahogany
72.  Mocking Plant(2) & Minicoid(2)
73.  Mocking Plant(3) & Mahogany
74.  Mocking Plant(2), Woods Worm & Mahogany
75.  Evil Needles(4) & Insect Plant
76.  Slime(2), Mad Eel & Crusher
77.  Kick Frog(3) & King Frog
78.  Slime(3) & Crusher
79.  Slime(2), King Frog & Kick Frog
80.  Slime(2) & Mad Eel(2)
81.  Kick Frog(2), King Frog & Mad Eel
82.  Kick Frog(3), King Frog & Crusher
83.  Slime(3) & Mad Eel(2)
84.  Voltic(2) & Undine  (What? COOL!)
85.  Elementler(Lightning) & Harpy
86.  Elementler(Fire) & Fire Cloud
87.  Elementler(Earth) & Stronghorn(2)
88.  Living Armor & Bigfoot (scary...)
89.  Hyades & Lakamar(2)
90.  Squire(2), Ranger & Sage
91.  Kraaken(2) & Toriton(2)
92.  Beast Ogre(2) & Fire Cloud
93.  Revenant(2), Metallicore & Mega Death
94.  Mythril Golem (2) & Sky Keeper
95.  Evil Ripper(2) & Tentacles(2)
96.  Wizard(2) & Duelist
97.  Phoenix(2) & Hellkite
98.  Hellkite(2) & Red Dragon
99.  Starfish(2) & Red Sizzer
100. Starfish(2) & Red Sizzer
101. Bandit(3)
102. Bandit(4)
103. Bandit(2) & Archer
104. Bandit(3) & Archer(2)
105. Sword Soldier(3)
106. Sword Soldier(2) & Witch
107. Sword Soldier(2) & Witch(2)
108. Sword Soldier(3) & Witch(2)
109. Mahogany
110. Mahogany(2) & Sprite
111. Mahogany(2) & Evil Needles(2)
112. Mahogany(2) & Red Hawk(2)
113. Beast Bear
114. Evil Needles(2)
115. Evil Needles
116. Rocky Hawk
117. Rocky Hawk(2)
118. Rocky Hawk(2)
119. Arrow Tail
120. Arrow Tail(2)
121. Arrow Tail(2) & Rocky Hawk
122. Arrow Tail(2) & Rocky Hawk(2)
123. Night Raid
124. Night Raid(2)
125. Night Raid(3)
126. Night Raid(2) & Rocky Hawk
127. Beast Bear(2)
128. Beast Bear(2) & Rocky Hawk
129. Beast Bear(2) & Rocky Hawk(2)
130. Red Sizzer(2)
131. Red Sizzer(2) & Harpy
132. Red Sizzer(2) & Harpy(2)
133. Sea Slug(2)
134. Sea Slug(2) & Harpy
135. Sea Slug(2) & Harpy(2)
136. Harpy(2)
137. Harpy(3)
138. Zombie(2)
139. Zombie(2) & Sprite
140. Zombie(3)
141. Zombie(2) & Sprite(2)
142. Sea Slug(2) & Sprite
143. Red Sizzer(2) & Sprite
144. Sprite(2)
145. Sprite
146. Sprite(2)
147. Sprite(2)
148. Slime
149. Slime(2) & Evil Needles
150. Slime(3)
151. Slime(2) & Sprite(2)
152. Brown Pot(2)
153. Brown Pot(2) & Sprite
154. Brown Pot(3)
155. Brown Pot(2) & Sprite(2)
156. Rock Golem(2) & Harpy
157. Rock Golem(2)
158. Rock Golem(2) & Rocky Hawk(2)
159. Rock Golem(2) & Harpy
160. Green Roper
161. Green Roper(2)
162. Green Roper(3)
163. Green Roper(2) & Sprite
164. Bandit(3) & Archer
165. Sword Soldier(2) & Witch(2)
166. Mahogany(2) & Sprite
167. Arrow Tail(2) & Rocky Hawk(2)
168. Night Raid(2) & Rocky Hawk(2)
169. Beast Bear(2) & Rocky Hawk(2)
170. Red Sizzer(2) & Harpy(2)
171. Sea Slug(2) & Harpy(2)
172. Zombie(2) & Voltic(2)
173. Slime(2) & Sprite(2)
174. Brown Pot(2) & Sprite(2)
175. Rock Golem(2) & Harpy(2)
176. Green Roper(2) & Voltic(2)
177. Bandit(2) & Archer(2)
178. Sword Soldier(2) & Witch(2)
179. Mahogany(3) & Sprite(3)
180. Arrow Tail(2) & Rocky Hawk
181. Night Raid(3) & Rocky Hawk(3)
182. Beast Bear(3) & Rocky Hawk(3)
183. Red Sizzer(3) & Harpy(3)
184. Sea Slug(3) & Harpy(3)
185. Zombie(3) & Voltic(3)
186. Slime(3) & Sprite(3)
187. Brown Pot(3) & Sprite(3)
188. Rock Golem(3) & Harpy(3)
189. Green Roper(3) & Voltic(3)
190. Striker(2)
191. Striker(3)
192. Striker(2) & Mage(2)
193. Striker(2), Thug(2) & Mage(2)
194. Thug(2)
195. Thug(3)
196. Thug(2) & Sorcerer(2)
197. Insect Plant & Evil Needles(3)
198. Mocking Plant(2) & Mahogany
199. Mocking Plant(2) & Evil Needles(4)
200. Insect Plant(2) & Forest Hawk(2)
949. GraveKeeper(3)
8E. Town Map (207-902 all contributed by LavosSpawn)
Some descriptions I put down are going to be vague, as some places are hard to 
describe, lacking characteristics. 

0.   Debug Room
1.   Far Away Village, Rasheans (Front display)
2.   South Rasheans
3.   Northwest Rasheans
4.   Northeast Rasheans
5.   South Rasheans (Past, Pre-disaster)
6.   Northwest Rasheans (Past, Pre-disaster)
7.   Northeast Rasheans (Past, Pre-disaster)
8.   South Rasheans (Past, Mid-disaster)
9.   Northwest Rasheans (Past, Mid-disaster)
10.  Northeast Rasheans (Past, Mid-disaster)
11.  South Rasheans (Past, Mid-disaster, Event Close-up)
12.  Elders House (Rasheans, Hole in wall)
13.  Elders House (Rasheans, Hole Boarded up)
14.  Farah's House (Rasheans)
15.  Elders House 2nd Story (Rasheans)
16.  Reid's House (Rasheans)
17.  Traveler's Shop (Rasheans)
18.  Reid's Basement (Rasheans)
19.  Keele's House (Rasheans, Past)
20.  Private House (Rasheans, Keele's old house)
21.  Keele's House 2nd story (Rasheans, Past)
22.  Cow Shed (Rasheans)
23.  Inside the Well (Rasheans, Past)
24.  Far Northeast bend (Rasheans Forest)
25.  Northeastern Path (Rasheans Forest, Where the game begins)
26.  Watch Tower (Rasheans Forest, Not Destroyed)
27.  Watch Tower (Rasheans Forest, Top, Event close-up)
28.  Watch Tower (Rasheans Forest, Destroyed)
29.  South Fork (Rasheans Forest)
30.  East Fork (Rasheans Forest)
31.  Northeastern Dead End (Rasheans Forest)
32.  East Bend (Rasheans Forest)
33.  West Bend (Rasheans Forest)
34.  Northwest Lake (Rasheans Forest)
35.  Crash Site (Rasheans Forest, Ship intact)
36.  Crash Site (Rasheans Forest, Destroyed)
37.  Bridge (Outside Rasheans, Event close-up)
38.  Regulus Dojo South
39.  Regulus Dojo Entrance
40.  Franco's Room (Regulus Dojo)
41.  Beginner's Room (Regulus Dojo)
42.  Advanced Room (Regulus Dojo)
43.  Great Dojo (Regulus Dojo)
44.  Great Hall (Regulus Dojo)
45.  Craymel Arts Room (Regulus Dojo)
46.  Inn Lobby (Regulus Dojo)
47.  Traveler's shop (Regulus Dojo)
48.  Inn 2nd floor (Regulus Dojo)
49.  Regulus Knoll Entrance
50.  First fork (Regulus Knoll)
51.  Elbow Path (Regulus Knoll)
52.  Second fork (Regulus Knoll)
53.  Camp Sight (Regulus Knoll)
54.  West area (Regulus Knoll)
55.  Outside tomb entrance (Regulus Knoll)
56.  Northwest Hall (Regulus Tomb)
57.  Eastern Double Elbow Turn (Regulus Tomb)
58.  Four-way (Regulus Tomb)
59.  Southern Treasure Hall (Regulus Tomb)
60.  Western Double Elbow Turn (Regulus Tomb)
61.  Bridge Hall (Regulus Tomb)
62.  Hairpin Hall (Regulus Tomb)
63.  West Hall (Regulus Tomb)
64.  Two Cave Fork (Regulus Tomb)
65.  Southeastern Treasure Hall (Regulus Tomb)
66.  Tomb Entrance (Regulus Tomb)
67.  Descending tunnel (Regulus Tomb)
68.  Underground Lake (Regulus Tomb)
69.  Treasure room (Regulus Tomb)
70.  Sealed Door (Regulus Tomb)
71.  Regulus Seal (Regulus Tomb)
72.  Rasheans River Pier, North Entrance
73.  Halfway point (Rasheans River Pier)
74.  Landslide Site (Rasheans River Pier)
75.  Landslide Site (Rasheans River Pier, Repaired)
76.  Library Fork (Mintche)
77.  Mintche Entrance
78.  Southeast Mintche
79.  Mintche Track (Crayball Arena)
80.  Mintche Port (Wooden Ship)
81.  Mintche Port (Van Eltia 1)
82.  Mintche Port (Van Eltia 2)
83.  Mintche Port (Van Eltia Final Form, Epilogue)
84.  Mintche Entrance (Epilogue)
85.  Southeast Mintche (Epilogue)
86.  Mintche University (Overview)
87.  Mintche Entrance (Overview)
88.  Mintche Sanctuary
89.  Student Store (Mintche)
90.  Reception Desk (Mintche University)
91.  Mintche Inn 2nd Floor
92.  Fire laboratory (Mintche University)
93.  Light Laboratory (Mintche University)
94.  Water Laboratory (Mintche University)
95.  Wind Laboratory (Mintche University)
96.  Light Laboratory (Mintche University, Destroyed)
97.  Mintche Inn Lobby
98.  Mintche Cafeteria
99.  1st Floor Hallway (Mintche University)
100. 2nd Floor Hallway (Mintche University)
101. 4th Floor Hallway (Mintche University)
102. Beginner Exam Room (Mintche University)
103. Intermediate Exam Room (Mintche University)
104. Advanced Exam Room (Mintche University)
105. Lecture Hall (Mintche University)
106. Library Reception (Mintche)
107. Library Stack Room (Mintche)
108. First Section (Mt. Mintche)
109. Campsite (Mt. Mintche, day)
110. Campsite (Mt. Mintche, night)
111. Second Section (Mt. Mintche)
112. Bridge (Mt. Mintche)
113. Mt. Mintche Observatory
114. Inferian/Celestian Map (Mt. Mintche Observatory)
115. Telescope View (Mt. Mintche Observatory, "What's Reid doing out there?")
116. Southwest Tunnels (Nostos Cave)
117. Southeast Tunnels (Nostos Cave, Low Tide)
118. Southeast Tunnels (Nostos Cave, Mid Tide)
119. Southeast Tunnels (Nostos Cave, High Tide)
120. Middle Section (Nostos Cave, Low Tide)
121. Middle Section (Nostos Cave, High Tide)
122. North Section (Nostos Cave, Low Tide)
123. Campsite (Nostos Cave, Fire Lit)
124. Eggbear Den (Nostos Cave)
125. Southeast Tunnels (Nostos Cave, Low Tide, Event Close-up)
126. Entrance (Nostos Cave)
127. Campsite (Nostos Cave, Eggbear Slaughter)
128. Campsite (Nostos Cave)
129. Northern Tunnel (Nostos Cave)
130. Morle Entrance
131. South Path (Morle)
132. Middle Path (Morle)
133. Middle Bend (Morle)
134. South Village (Morle)
135. North Village (Morle)
136. North Path (Morle)
137. North Turn (Morle)
138. Outside Mazet's House (Morle)
139. Inn, First Floor (Morle)
140. Inn, Second Floor "Lobby?" (Morle)
141. Inn, Third Floor (Morle)
142. Grocery Store (Morle)
143. Mazet's House (Morle)
144. Mazet's House, Second Floor (Morle)
145. Traveler's Shop (Morle)
146. Northwest Path (Morle Backwoods)
147. Northeast Section (Morle Backwoods)
148. Campsite (Morle Backwoods)
149. Southern Hairpin (Morle Backwoods)
150. Southern X-ing path (Morle Backwoods)
151. Southwest bottom (Morle Backwoods)
152. Mazet's Map (Morle)
153. Entrance (Forest of Temptation, referred to as FoT here on, Event Close-up)
154. Statue Room (FoT)
155. Campsite/Lower River (FoT)
156. Upper River (FoT)
157. Campsite (FoT, Fire Lit, Event Close-up)
158. East/West Path (FoT)
159. North/South Path (FoT)
160. North/East/West Path (FoT)
161. South/East/West Path (FoT)
162. North/South/East Path (FoT)
163. West/South Turn (FoT)
164. West/North Turn (FoT)
165. East/North Turn (FoT)
166. West Dead End (FoT)
167. North Dead End (FoT)
168. Four Way Path (FoT)
169. Spring of Life (FoT)
170. Deity of Creation (FoT)
171. Deity of ? (FoT)
172. Inferia City Entrance (Event)
173. South Central Section (Inferia City)
174. Southwest Section (Inferia City)
175. Southeast Section (Inferia City)
176. North Central Section (Inferia City)
177. Northeast Section (Inferia City)
178. Castle Gate (Inferia City)
179. Castle Entrance (Inferia City)
180. Outside Sanctuary (Inferia City, Event Close-up)
181. Playhouse (Inferia City, Before Play)
182. Playhouse (Inferia City, Play Set-up 1)
183. Playhouse (Inferia City, Play Set-up 2)
184. Playhouse (Inferia City, Play Set-up 3)
185. Playhouse (Inferia City, Play Set-up 4)
186. Playhouse (Inferia City, Play Set-up 5)
187. Playhouse Lobby (Inferia City)
188. Weapons Shop (Inferia City)
189. Hotel Lobby (Inferia City)
190. Hotel, Second Floor Hallway (Inferia City)
191. Hotel, Third Floor Hallway (Inferia City)
192. Hotel, Fourth Floor Hallway (Inferia City)
193. Observatory First Floor (Inferia City)
194. Observatory Second Floor (Inferia City)
195. Observatory Third Floor (Inferia City)
196. Observatory Fourth Floor (Inferia City)
197. Observatory Top (Inferia City)
198. Hotel Room Basic (Inferia City)
199. Battle Arena Reception Desk (Inferia City)
200. Arena Infirmary (Inferia City)
201. Arena Corridor (Inferia City)
202. Battle Arena (Inferia City)
203. Seyfert Sanctuary (Inferia City)
204. Item Shop (Inferia City)
205. Armor Shop (Inferia City)
206. Observatory Telescope (Inferia City)
207. East Building, First Floor
208. East Building, Underground Storeroom
209. Dungeon
210. Dungeon Event
211. Above Water Dungeon
212. Above Water Dungeon 2
213. Guard Station
214. Guest Room 1
215. Guest Room 2
216. West Building Corridor 2F
217. West Building Corridor 1F
218. Rooftop Garden
219. Kitchen
220. Audience Room
221. Princess Arende's Room
222. Inferia Castle Hallway
223. Inferia King's Bedroom
224. Port of Inferia
225. Port of Inferia 2 Pier for Barole
226. Port of Inferia 3, Van Eltia 2
227. Port of Inferia 3, Van Eltia 3
228. Angler
229. Ferry A
230. Ferry B
231. 2nd Class Cabin (Ferry)
232. First-Class Cabin (Ferry)
233. 2nd-Class Cabin 2 (Ferry)
234. Cafeteria (Ferry)
235. Corridor A (Ferry)
236. Corridor B (Ferry)
237. Corridor C (Ferry)
238. Barole 1
239. Barole 2
240. Barole 3
241. Barole 4
242. Barole Event Screen
243. Inn Bedroom (Barole)
244. Scaroni Grill
245. Scaroni
246. Barole Inn
247: Barole Bookstore
248: Barole General Store
249: Barole Jewelry Shop
250: Barole Weapon Shop
251: Barole Grocery
252: Barole Port
253: Barole Port
254: Barole Port 3
255: Barole Fish Market
256: Entrance to Chambard
257: Chambard 1
258: Chambard, City of Scorched Sand
259: Chambard 3
260: Chambard Item Shop
261: Chambard Inn
262: Chambard Inn Bedroom
263: Chambard Bistro (Arena)
264: Chambard Bistro (Arena)
265: Chambard Bistro (Hallway)
266: Chambard Bistro (Food Shop)
267: Weapon Shop
268: Clothes Shop
269: Undine Stream A
270: Undine Stream B
271: Undine Stream C
272: Undine Stream D
273: Undine Stream E
274: Undine Stream F
275: Undine Stream G
276: Sylph Cavern a
277: Sylph Cavern b
278: Sylph Cavern c
279: Sylph Cavern d
280: Sylph Cavern e
281: Sylph Cavern f
282: Sylph Cavern g
283: Sylph Cavern h
284: Sylph Cavern i
285: Sylph Cavern j
286: Sylph Cavern k
287: Sylph Cavern l
288: Sylph Cavern m
289: Sylph Cavern n
290: Sylph Cavern o
291: Sylph Cavern p
292: Sylph Cavern q
293: Sylph Cavern r
294: Sylph Cavern s
295: Sylph Cavern t
296: Efreet Gorge 01-1
297: Efreet Gorge
298: Efreet Gorge 02
299: Efreet Gorge 03
300: Efreet Gorge 04
301: Efreet Gorge 05 (Rest Area, Regular)
302: Efreet Gorge 05 (Rest Area, Camp)
303: Fire Craymel Valley 06
304: Efreet Gorge 07
305: Efreet Gorge 08
306: Efreet Gorge 09
307: Efreet Gorge 10
308: Farlos Sanctuary
309: Farlos Sanctuary 2
310: Farlos Sanctuary
311: Farlos Sanctuary 1
312: Fortune-teller's Room
313: Farlos Basement 01
314: Farlos Basement
315: Farlos Basement (Shrine outside)
316: Farlos Basement (Room 1)
317: Farlos Basement (Room 2)
318: Farlos Basement (Small Room)
319: Farlos Basement (Inside Shrine)
320: Mt. Farlos 1
321: Mt. Farlos 2
322: Mt. Farlos 3
323: Mt. Farlos 4
324: Mt. Farlos 5
325: Mt. Farlos 6
326: Mt. Farlos 7 
327: Mt. Farlos 8
328: Mt. Farlos 8b
329: Mt. Farlos 9
330: Mt. Farlos 9b
331: Mt. Farlos Entrance
332: Mt. Farlos 11
333: Mt. Farlos 12
334: Mt. Farlos 13a
335: Mt. Farlos 13b
336: Mt. Farlos Mountaintop
337: Mt. Farlos 15
338: Mt. Farlos 16
339: Mt. Farlos Additional Map 1
340: Mt. Farlos Additional Map 2
341: Mt. Farlos Additional Map 3
342: Stone Sanctum
343: Stone Sanctum (After Ceiling Collapse)
344: Stone Sanctum (Side View)
345: Cape Fortress
346: Cape Fortress
347: Celestia (Arrival)
348: Imen, City of Craymels
349: Imen 2
350: Imen 3
351: Imen 4
352: Imen 5
353: Imen 6
354: Imen 7
355: Imen 8
356: Imen 9
357: Imen 10
358: Imen 11
359: Imen 12
360: Imen
361: Imen Entrance (destroyed)
362: Alchemy Workshop
363: Weapons Workshop
364: Library
365: Galenos's Living Room
366: Galenos's House, Livingroom (destroyed)
367: Bedroom Men's
368: Galenos's House Bedroom 2 Women's
369: Alchemy Workshop & Guerudu : Imen
370: Imen Weapon Shop (destroyed)
371: Library (destroyed)
372: House A
373: Residence A (destroyed)
374: House B
375: House B (destroyed)
377: Imen Station
378: Luishka Village (Before Disaster)
379: Luishka Village (Before Disaster)
380: Luishka Village (Before Disaster)
381: Luishka Village (Destroyed)
382: Luishka Village (Destroyed)
383: Luishka Village (Destroyed)
384: Luishka Station
385: Luishka Station
386: 1F Hall 1
387: 1st Floor Living Room
388: 2nd Floor Hallway
389: 2nd Floor Bedroom 1
390: Basement Water Tank
391: Basement Laboratory
392: Drainage Vent (<Meredy 00 00 30>  Escape Route)
393: 1st Floor Hall 1
394: 1F Living Room
395: 2nd Floor Hallway
396: 2nd Floor Sleeping Quarters 1
397: Basement Water Tank
398: Basement Laboratory
399: Destroyed (Bedroom of Memories)
400: Peruti Harbor
401: Peruti (Right Side Cut)
402: Peruti (Leftside Cut)
403: Peruti
404: Peruti (During freeze)
405: Mountain Gear shop Front (During freeze)
406: Fish Store
407: Inn 1F Bar (During the Freeze)
408: Inn 1F Bar (After Thaw)
409: Inn 2F Guest Room Women
410: Inn 2F Guest Room Men
411: Mountain Gear Shop
412: Armor Shop
413: Neighbor 1
414: Neighbor 2
415: Inn 2F Women's Quarter (Night)
416: Port Peruti 1
417: Port Peruti 2
418: Port Peruti 3
419: Port Peruti Frozen
420: Tinnsia, City of Artisans
421: Tinnsia2
422: Tinnsia3
423: Tinnsia 4
424: Tinnsia5
425: Tinnsia 5
426: Passageway
427: Underground Storeroom
428: War Room
429: Infirmary
430: Front of Commander's Room
431: Commander's Room
432: Craymel Cannon Lab Craymel Cannon 1
433: Craymel Cannon Lab Craymel Cannon 2
434: Craymel Cannon Laboratory No Craymel Cannon
435: Map of Celestia
436: Tinnsia Dock (Transforming the Van Eltia)
437: Tinnsia Dock (Van Eltia Transformation Complete)
438: Guest Room
439: Corridor
440: Women's Room
441: Men's Quarter (Day)
442: Men's Quarter (Night)
443: Hotel Tinnsia
444: Elevator Bottom
445: Elevator Upper
446: Elevator Bottom (Night)
447: Elevator Top (Night)
448: Rooftop
449: Food Shop
450: Ship Chandler
451: Item Shop
452: Armor Shop
453: Carousel Sushi
454: Jini Daytime 1
455: Jini Daytime 2
456: Jini Nighttime 1
457: Jini Nighttime 2
458: Casino & Exchange
459: Auction Hall
460: Dance Front Desk
461: Inn
462: Inn Room
463: Bookstore
464: General Store
465: Chat's Hut
466: Entrance
467: Reception Room
468: Chat's Hut B3F-01
469: Chat's Hut B3F-02
470: Chat's Hut B3F-03
471: Chat's Hut B3F-04
472: Chat's Hut B3F-05
473: Chat's Hut B3F-06
474: Chat's Hut B3F-07
475: Chat's Hut B3F-08
476: Chat's Hut B3F-09
477: Chat's Hut B3F-10
478: Chat's Hut B3F-11
479: Chat's Hut B3F-12
480: Chat's Hut B3F-13
481: Chat's Hut B4F-01
482: Chat's Hut B4F-02
483: Chat's Hut B4F-03
484: Chat's Hut B4F-04
485: Chat's Hut B4F-05
486: Chat's Hut B4F-06
487: Chat's Hut B4F-07
488: Chat's Hut B4F-08
489: Chat's Hut B4F-09
490: Chat's Hut B4F-10
491: Chat's Hut B4F-11
492: Chat's Hut B4F-12
493: Chat's Hut B5F-01
494: Chat's Hut B5F-02
495: Chat's Hut B5F-03
496: Chat's Hut B5F-04
497: Chat's Hut B5F-05
498: Chat's Hut B5F-06
499: Chat's Hut B5F-07
500: Chat's Hut B5F-08
501: Chat's Hut B5F-09
502: Chat's Hut B5F-10
503: Chat's Hut B5F-11
504: Chat's Hut B5F-12
505: Chat's Hut B6F-01
506: Chat's Hut B6F-02
507: Chat's Hut B6F-03
508: Chat's Hut B6F-04
509: Chat's Hut B6F-05
510: Chat's Hut B6F-07
511: Chat's Hut B6F-08
512: Chat's Hut B6F-09
513: Chat's Hut B6F-10
514: Chat's Hut B6F-11
515: Chat's Hut B6F-12
516: Chat's Hut B6F-13
517: Chat's Hut B6F-14
518: Chat's Hut B7F-01
519: Chat's Hut B7F-02
520: Chat's Hut B7F-03
521: Chat's Hut B7F-04
522: Chat's Hut B7F-05
523: Chat's Hut B7F-06
524: Chat's Hut B7F-07
525: Chat's Hut B7F-08
526: Chat's Hut B7F-09
527: Chat's Hut B7F-10
528: Chat's Hut B7F-11
529: Chat's Hut B7F-12
530: Chat's Hut B8F-01
531: Chat's Hut B8F-04
532: Chat's Hut B8F-06
533: Chat's Hut B8F-07
534: Chat's Hut B8F-08
535: Chat's Hut B8F-09
536: Chat's Hut B8F-10
537: Chat's Hut B8F-11
538: Chat's Hut B8F-12
539: Chat's Hut B8F-13
540: Chat's Hut B8F-14
541: Chat's Hut B9F-01
542: Chat's Hut B9F-02
543: Chat's Hut B9F-03
544: Chat's Hut B9F-04
545: Chat's Hut B9F-05
546: Chat's Hut B9F-06
547: Chat's Hut B9F-07
548: Chat's Hut B9F-08
549: Chat's Hut B9F-09
550: Chat's Hut B9F-10
551: Chat's Hut B9F-11
552: Chat's Hut B9F-12
553: Chat's Hut B10F-01
554: Chat's Hut B10F-02
555: Chat's Hut B10F-03
556: Chat's Hut B10F-04
557: Chat's Hut B10F-05
558: Chat's Hut B10F-06
559: Chat's Hut B10F-07
560: Chat's Hut B10F-08
561: Chat's Hut B10F-09
562: Chat's Hut B10F-10
563: Chat's Hut B10F-11
564: Chat's Hut B10F-12
565: Chat's Hut B10F-13
566: Craymel Hot Spring
567: Reception Desk & Lounge
568: Men's Dressing Room
569: Hot Spring
570: Katz Village
571: Katz Village
572: Katz Village House
573: Katz Village Elder's House
574: Katz Village Storehouse
575: Mt. Celsius Entrance
576: Mt. Celsius 02
577: Mt. Celsius 03
578: Mt. Celsius 04
579: Mt. Celsius 05
580: Mt. Celsius 06
581: Mt. Celsius 007
582: Mt. Celsius (near the peak)14a
583: Mt. Celsius (near the peak) 14b
584: Mt. Celsius (near the peak) 14c
585: Mt. Celsius (near the peak) 15a
586: Mt. Celsius (near the peak) 15b
587: Mt. Celsius (near the peak) 15c
588: Mt. Celsius (near the peak) 15d
589: Mt. Celsius (peak)
590: Mine of Gnome
591: Mine of Gnome B1-1
592: Mine of Gnome B1-2
593: Mine of Gnome B1-3
594: Mine of Gnome
595: Mine of Gnome (Resting Area)
596: Mine of Gnome B2-6
597: Mine of Gnome B2-7
598: Mine of Gnome B2-8
599: Mine of Gnome B2-9
600: Mine of Gnome B2-10
601: Mine of Gnome B2-11
602: Mine of Gnome B3-13
603: Mine of Gnome B3-14
604: Mine of Gnome B3-15
605: Mine of Gnome B3-16
606: Mine of Gnome B3-17
607: Gnome Village Entrance
608: Full view of Gnome Village
609: Gnome's Village Greater Craymel
610: Earth Craymel Exit
611: Ruins of Volt Ground Level Entrance
612: Ruins of Volt, Deepest Recesses
613: Rest Point (Normal)
614: Rest Point (Camp)
615: Control Room (2F)
616: Electrical Current Puzzle Room
617: Central Room (1F)
618: Barrier Room 1
619: Barrier Room 2
620: Corridor 1F-00
621: Corridor 1F-01
622: Corridor 1F-02
623: Corridor 1F-03
624: Corridor 1F-04
625: Corridor 1F-05
626: Corridor 1F-06
627: Corridor 1F-07
628: Corridor 1F-08
629: Corridor 1F-09
630: Corridor 1F-10
631: Corridor 1F-11
632: Corridor 1F-12
633: Corridor 1F-13
634: Corridor 1F-14
635: Corridor 1F-15
636: Corridor 1F-16
637: Corridor 1F-17
638: Corridor 1F-18
639: Corridor 2F-00
640: Corridor 2F-01
641: Corridor 2F-02
642: Corridor 2F-03
643: Corridor 2F-04
644: Corridor 2F-05
645: Corridor 2F-06
646: Corridor 2F-R00
647: Corridor 2F-R01
648: Corridor 2F-R02
649: Corridor 2F-R03
650: Corridor 2F-R04
651: Corridor 2F-R05
652: Corridor 2F-R06
653: Corridor 2F-R07
654: Corridor 2F-R08
655: Shadow Cave Entrance
656: Shadow Cave a
657: Shadow Cave b
658: Shadow Cave c
659: Shadow Cave d
660: Shadow Cave e
661: Shadow Cave f
662: Shadow Cave g
663: Shadow Cave h
664: Shadow Cave i
665: Shadow Cave j
666: Shadow Cave k
667: Glimmer Spire 1F
668: Glimmer Spire 2F
669: Glimmer Spire 3F
675: Glimmer Spire 2F
676: Glimmer Spire 3F
677: Glimmer Spire 4F
678: Glimmer Spire 5F
679: Glimmer Spire 6F
680: Glimmer Spire 7F
681: Glimmer Spire 7F-2
683: Tomb of Aifread Stairs Room
684: Tomb of Aifread Main Hall
685: Tomb of Aifread Last Room
686: Tomb of Aifread Entrance Corridor
687: Tomb of Aifread Top
688: Tomb of Aifread Bottom
689: Tomb of Aifread Mummy Stairs
690: Tomb of Aifread Exit Corridor
691: Tomb of Aifread Coffin Room
692: Tomb of Aifread E Haunted House 00
693: Tomb of Aifread E Haunted House 01
694: Tomb of Aifread E Haunted House 02
695: Tomb of Aifread E Haunted House 03
696: Tomb of Aifread E Haunted House 04
697: Tomb of Aifread E Haunted House 05
698: Tomb of Aifread E Haunted House 06
699: Tomb of Aifread E Haunted House 07
700: Tomb of Aifread E Haunted House 08
701: Tomb of Aifread E Haunted House 09
702: Tomb of Aifread Haunted House of Hell 00
703: Tomb of Aifread Haunted House of Hell 01
704: Tomb of Aifread Haunted House of Hell 02
705: Tomb of Aifread Haunted House of Hell 03
706: Tomb of Aifread Haunted House of Hell 04
707: Tomb of Aifread Haunted House of Hell 05
708: Aifread's Hideout Cavern
709: Start Room
710: Goal Room
711: Aifread's Hideout Dice Dungeon (Operational)
712: Seyfert Garden (Entrance)
713: Seyfert Garden (Center)
714: Seyfert Garden (Trial Gate)
715: Projection Room
716: Sunken Ship Entrance 00
717: Sunken Ship 01
718: Sunken Ship 02
719: Sunken Ship 03
720: Sunken Ship 04
721: Sunken Ship 05
722: Sunken Ship 06a
723: Sunken Ship 06b
724: Sunken Ship 07
725: Sunken Ship 08
726: Sunken Ship 09
727: Sunken Ship 10
728: Sunken Ship 11
729: Sunken Ship 12
730: Sunken Ship 13
731: Sunken Ship 14
732: Sunken Ship 15
733: Sunken Ship 16
734: Sunken Ship 17
735: Sunken Ship 18
736: Sunken Ship 19
737: Sunken Ship 20
738: Nereid's Labyrinth 00
739: Nereid's Labyrinth 01
740: Nereid's Labyrinth 02
741: Nereid's Labyrinth 03
742: Nereid's Labyrinth 04
743: Nereid's Labyrinth 05
744: Nereid's Labyrinth 06
745: Nereid's Labyrinth 07
746: Nereid's Labyrinth 08
747: Nereid's Labyrinth 09
748: Nereid's Labyrinth 10
749: Nereid's Labyrinth 11
750: Nereid's Labyrinth 12
751: Nereid's Labyrinth 13
752: Nereid's Labyrinth 14
753: Nereid's Labyrinth 15
754: Nereid's Labyrinth 16
755: Nereid's Labyrinth 17
756: Underwater Cave 0
757: Underwater Cave 1
758: Underwater Cave 2
759: Underwater Cave 3
760: Balir Castle Pier
761: Van Eltia (Stage 1)
762: Van Eltia (Stage 2)
763: Balir Castle (Garden)
764: Balir Castle (Garden) Post-Destruction
765: Craymel Cannon
766: Craymel Cannon
767: Fringe Cannon
768: Fringe Cannon (Final Stage)
769: Balir Castle Garden (Ras Center)
770: Balir Castle Pier (Van Eltia 3rd)
771: Hallway 1F
772: Left Tower 1F
773: Left Tower 2F
774: Left Tower 3F
775: Hallway 2F
776: Hallway 3F
777: Inner Citadel
778: Right Tower Hallway 3F
779: Right Tower Hallway 2F
780: Right Tower Hallway 1F
781: Right Tower 3F
782: Throne
783: Right Tower 2F
784: Right Tower 1F
785: Hall
786: Small Room Hall 1
787: Small Room Hall 2
788: Small Room Hall 3
789: Small Room Hall 4
790: Small Room Hall 5
792: Inner Citadel Room 2
793: Inner Citadel Room 3
794: Inner Citadel Room 4
795: Right Tower Hidden Path 1
796: Right Tower Hidden Path 2
797: Right Tower Hidden Path 3
798: Right Tower Control Room
799: Left Tower Hidden Path 1
800: Left Tower Hidden Path 2
801: Left Tower Hidden Path 3
802: Control Room
803: Banquet Hall
804: In Front of Throne
805: Throne (destroyed)
806: Balir Castle Sideview
807: Shizel Castle
808: Shizel Castle Center of Bridgeway
809: Shizel Castle Bridgeway (Right) 2
810: Shizel Castle Bridgeway (Right) 3
811: Shizel Castle Bridgeway (Right) 4
812: Shizel Castle Floating Island (Key)
813: Shizel Castle Bridgeway (Bottom Right)
814: Shizel Castle Elevator (Top Right Level)
815: Shizel Castle Elevator (Mid Right Level)
816: Shizel Castle Elevator (Bottom Right Level)
817: Shizel Castle Bridgeway (Left)
818: Shizel Castle Elevator (Top Left Level)
819: Shizel Castle Elevator (Mid Left Level)
820: Shizel Castle Elevator (Bottom Left Level)
821: Shizel Castle Stairs (Landing)
822: p(CIZEL) Castle Stairs (Bottom)
823: Shizel Castle Front of Sekundes
824: Shizel Castle Path A
825: Shizel Castle Path B
826: p(CIZEL) Castle Path C
827: Shizel Castle Path D
828: Shizel Castle Path E
829: Shizel Castle Path F
830: Shizel Castle Path Guardian's Room
831: Shizel Castle Area 2 Craymel Pillar Room<END>
832: Shizel's Room Front Stairway
833: Shizel's Room
834: Shizel Castle Area A
835: p(CIZEL) Castle Puzzle Room Fire (B)
836: Shizel Castle Area C
837: Shizel Castle Puzzle Room D
838: p(CIZEL) Castle Puzzle Room E
839: p(CIZEL)Castle Puzzle Room F
840: Shizel Castle Earth Craymel Room
841: Shizel Castle Water Craymel Room
842: Shizel Castle Fire Craymel Room
843: Shizel Castle Wind Craymel Room
844: Shizel Castle Ice Craymel Room
845: Shizel Castle Lightning Craymel Room
846: Van Eltia Control Room Stage 1 Sea
847: Van Eltia Control Room Stage 1 Dock
848: Van Eltia Control Room Stage 2, 3 Ocean
849: Van Eltia Control Room Stage 2, 3 Dock
850: Van Eltia Control Room Stage 2, 3 World View
851: Storeroom A
852: Storeroom B
853: Storeroom C
854: Corridor A
855: Corridor B
856: Corridor C
857: Engine chat_pos:<BOXED><1F><05>
858: Stage 1 Deck
859: Stage 1 Deck
860: Stage 2 Deck
861: Stage 2 Deck
862: Stage 2 Deck
863: Stage 3 Deck
864: Stage 3 Deck
865: Stage 3 Deck
866: Viewing Deck
867: Viewing Deck
868: Observation Room
869: Plane
870: Aifish
871: Infirmary
872: Vending Machine Room
874: Empty Room
875: Warp Station
876: Game Room
877: Seyfert Observatory Entrance
878: Seyfert Observatory Observation Room
879: Seyfert Observatory Trial Gate
880: Seyfert Observatory Trial Room
881: Seyfert Observatory Dock 2
882: Seyfert Observatory Dock 3
883: Craymel Train
884: Engine Room
885: Engine Room Bottom
886: Seyfert Shrine
887: Trial Room
888: Seyfert Shrine, Trial Gate
889: Aifread's Platform Interior
890: Aifread's Transformation Dock (1)
891: Aifread's Transformation Dock (2)
892: Orbus Barrier
893: Orbus Barrier (After Ring Separation)
894: Orbus Relay Point Hidden Dome Pier
895: Ring Control Room
896: Ring Control Room (Left Side Close up)
897: Ring Control Room (Right Side Close-up)
898: General purpose Map Inferia Forest
899: General Map - Inferia Plains
900: General purpose Map Celestia Forest
901: General-purpose Map Celestia Plains

9. Things To Come
Okay, I've sold ToD2... So this guide won't be updated regularly...

I hope you (the reader) have found this guide to be helpful. Any 
questions/comments/suggestions/corrections (Whatever you wish to tell me) 
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