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FAQ/Walkthrough by Kung Lee

Version: 1.16 | Updated: 06/13/01

                               	Tales of Eternia(JAP) Complete FAQ
                                by Kung Lee, 2001(kung_lee@hotmail.com)
Version 1.16(13/6/2001)
Copyright 2001 Kung Lee
*         The latest version of this FAQ always can be found at                                                *
*         1-http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/game/30093.html                                     *
*         2-http://www.neoseeker.com/Games/Products/PSX/taleseternia/index.html      *
*         3 -http://www.psxcodez.com/faqs/tales_of_eternia.shtml                                           *
*          Look for it there, don't E-mail me for it. I won't normally send it to anyone.            *
(This FAQ is best viewd, when saved in a Text only format(TXT). and should be
view on the WordPad with the width set to the line below.)(I can't believe I have to
say this in a FAQ! but hey, it's for your sake.)
(Plase use Ctrl-F to view & find information in this FAQ, many people have complain
about this. and this is the best way to find anything in it.)

Tales of Eternia, and all Tales series are copyrights of NAMCO LTD.

(1)           Technical Mumbo Jumbo
(2)	Game Information
(3)           Emulator Compatibilities
(4)           Story
(5)           Gameplay
                                -Battle System
                                -Technical Smash
                                -Character Status
		-Difficult Setting
                                -Crymel Gauge Commands
		-Spirit's Gauge and Vitality
		-Crymel Frynging Tutorial
(6)	Character Introduction
(7)         	Intro
(8)         	Walkthrough (Complete with optional quest)
(9)         	Ending
(10)         Specials List
                                -Crymel Mixing Effects
		-Boss/Enemies/Special Characters Spells & Skills
(11)         Game Data List
                                -Experience Required to Reach Level
                                -Food Ingredients
                                -Monster Data(256 Monsters)
                                -Meal Recipe
                                -All Character's Title
                                -Pocket Station Games
(12)         Extras/Secrets
		-Extra Dungeon
                                -Last Fencer
		-Combination skills(kyouryoukugi)
		-The Van Eltia(Ship)
		-The Rune Bottle
		-7 treasures of Celestia
		-Places in the world of Eternia
		-Extra Event(has no impact on story)
		-Boss Awards
		-Best Equipment for Party
                                -Status Boosting (using Items)
		-Non-useful items(or stuff that we don't know what it is use for)
		-In-Game Dialogues
		-Song Lyrics
		-Melnics Tutorial
		-Additional Information
(13)         Final Notes
                                -Rants Rants Rants
(14)         Version History

			       Technical Mumbo Jumbo
	This FAQ is for non-commercial use. Please do not abuse it. Writing a FAQ
is hard work and it takes time and effort. Any request send to me
(kung_lee@hotmail.com) concerning this game(& FAQ) should be subject:
"Tales of Eternia FAQ request" and  that includes those who wants to post/use
information from this FAQ
	I would grant you use of this FAQ provided that you met the following criteria.
- All Credits must not be altered.
- You must E-mail me for permission in advance. I will notify you back in a day or so.
	Since this FAQ is a "Complete" one, you can send suggestions to me if you
find any errors. I will try to update this FAQ as often as I can. This is my first FAQ and
there are going to be flaws. Information in this FAQ is constantly update and change
to make it more "Complete". If you read through an Older version, I suggest you go
through this FAQ again to make sure you don't miss the changes.(Bare with me, in
every update up until now. I've change more than 10-15 place in this FAQ in every
update and I can't keep track of all of it. So you're going to have to do the hard part

				Game Information
Type: RPG
Producer: Namco Limited
Character Design: Inomata Mutsumi
Story: Toyoda Jun
Music: Sakuraba Motoi
Release: 3/11/2000
Price: 5,800 yen

Game Rating: 74 %
Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 9
Story: 8
Sound: 6
Replay Value : 5
Play Length: 40+ hours

                  This is the 3rd installation of the series, the first was Tales of Phantasia
released in January 1996, for the Super Family Console Platform.  Using 48 Megabit
made it the best SFC game ever developed(On a side note, It was developed by
Tri-Ace, whom at the time was Wolf Team, a RPG team at Namco. Tri-Ace later
Developed Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile.). The game has huge success, great
reviews and thus the series began. The second installment was Tales of Destiny
released in 1997 using a modified engine of Phantasia. It was the first of the Tale
series to be released for the Playstation. It was the 1st Tales that got ported to the
	Seeing that Tales of Phantasia still has a strong base of fans, Namco
decided to ported the game to the Playstation using a Maxed-out version of the
Destiny's engine and released it in 23/12/1998 (5,800 yen). Namco took about two
years off to develop a new engine and release the long awaited sequel to the RPG
series that we've grown to love.
	Character design for Phantasia was Fujishima Kosuke, a very popular
Manga artist whose works include Ah! my goddess and Tokyo police woman duo,
both were eventually become OVA(Original Video Animation)s and TV anime
series(many of you may already have seen it.) Tales of Destiny was however done
by a different artist, Mutsumi Inomata (guess they couldn't handle Kosuke's Cost),
whose works now include 2 Anime series, Brain Powered(OVA) and The Continent
of Wind(OVA). Her Design now extends over to this game. Where Colorful graphics
now depicted once more at the hands of the master. The game now extends over 3
discs for more voice cast, more cutscences and excellent storyline true to the series.
(Dates might not be accurate. Because I don't remember it exactly)
	Story is still created by the ones who ploted TOD, Toyoda Jun
	As I'd told you before,Tales of Eternia has been built on a new engine,
compare this one to Phantasia or Destiny and you'll see that every aspect of the
game has improved. Sounds was the only thing that didn't make up to Phantasia's
standards(But then again, MANY games couldn't live up to Phantasia's standards).
The story is also refreshing and unique (The lack of Summons brings the game
down a little though). I can only say this, "Phantasia Fans, you won't be disapointed."
	Now you'd hope to see the game being ported to the states,don't you?
Even thoughTales of Destiny(English) had only minimal success,but  Namco has
decided it was worthwhile afterall to port Tales of Eternia over. It's slated to be released in October 2001as Tales of Destiny 2( they want to continue the name
here). But still you don't have to wait that long to have fun, Import the game and play!
This game requires low or no knowledge of Japanese to play and since you have
this FAQ. You can rest assured that you'll NOT miss ANY details of the game.

			          Emulator Compatibilities
	This section is for people who can't take their PSX on the road but still
wanted to play this great game. (People who bought the PSone shouldn't have
any trouble getting a LCD screen. PSone is design be portable in the first place.).

Initail Release: 14/10/2000
Developer: calb, Galtor, _Demo_
Homepage: http://www.epsxe.com
Current Version: 1.20
Price: Free
Progress: Last Updated 7/3/2001
Minimal System:
:	Pentium 200 MMX, 32 MB ram, a 3d Video board
OS: Windows 9x/Me, Windows 2000
Setup:	ePSXe version 1.01 with plugins
	Graphic  -Pete's Soft Driver
	Sound     -Pete's Midas Audio Driver
	and using the Bios version SCPH1001
Results:(98%) (as tested by Lugia249)(at the minimal 320x240 resolution)
	A little Graphical glitch when entering the battle scene, other than that It
	works fine. You'll need a good CPU to get a decent play out of it though.
	(My celeron 466 wasn't enougn. even though I use a Geforce as a video
	card) This Emu does have very good progress. Just keep an eye on them.
Note(1): 	You'll need to dump your PSX's Bios by using your Gameshark
Note(2): 	You can also Search the Web for it.

Ps Emu Pro
Initial Release: ???
Developer: Vision Thing(Duddiw, Kazzuya, Tratax)
Homepage: www.psemu.com
Current Version: 1.0.21b
Price: Free
Progress: Discontinued(DEAD!)
Minimal System:
	Pentium, 16 MB ram, 2x CD-Rom, Video card with 2MB VRAM
OS: Windows 9x/Me
	Graphic  -Pete's D3D Driver
	Sound     -Pete's Midas Audio Driver
	Bios 	 -SCPH1001
Results:(70%)(at 640x480 resolution)
	This Emulator is the start of many emulator projects. However this Emulator
	is Dead. Progress have stop since 1998. Since this thing was popular, it is
	put here for reference.
Note(1):		Don't even bother to try to use this Emu. Use ePSXe, it's a second
		generation Emulator based on this one. Has much better progress
Initial Release: 22/4/1999
Developer/Publisher: Bleem! Team(David,Randy)
Homepage: www.bleem.com/pc/
Current Version: 1.50b
Progress: Stalled(300 games compatible so far)
Minimal System:
	Pentium 233 MMX or higher  ,16MB RAM  3MB free hard disk space
	DirectX 6.1 or better, Sound card ,CD-ROM ,Internet connection for updates
	Full-featured 3D accelerator card required for D3D Enhanced! graphics.
Recommended System:
	Pentium II 300mhz or better ,32MB RAM, PCI Sound card
	20X or faster CD-ROM
	Full featured 3D accelerator card required for D3D Enhanced! graphics.

OS: Windows 9x, NT4
Results:(???%) haven't tested yet.
                til this date, I still can't get Bleem! to setup correctly on my machine.
Note(1):		This one was the 3D king until ePSXe shows up and it lacks the
		Compatibility VGS has. Since progress has stopped(I've read
		that Bleem! for the PC will not even be updated to version 1.6!
		(from 1.5b) until Bleemcast! for the Dreamcast is complete.),
		just skip it for now.

Connectix Virtual Game Station
Initial Release: ???(G3 Macintosh)
Developer/Publisher: Connectix
Homepage: http://www.connectix.com/
Current Version: 1.41(Win), 1.40(Mac)
Progress: Last Updated
Minimal System:
(Macintosh)	G3 Macintosh*  Mac OS system 8 or higher 10 MB ram
		3.5 MB HDD space
(Windows)	Pentium II 266,	32 MB ram
Recommended System:
(Windows)	Pentium III  75 MB HDD space
		Video card and sound card with DirectX 6.1-compatible drivers
		Windows 9x/Me
Results:(94%) (at 320 x200 resolution)
	Very Playable!(you may have to download a patch from PSXemu
	(http://www.psxemu.com/) to make it work.) In fact the walkthrough in this
	FAQ was done by playing on it!
Note(1): 	Sacraficed the 3D eye candy for sheer compatibility by running in
		pure software(with MMX). Don't expect the Graphic upgrade found in
		most Emu from this one. It does have better speed than ePSXe's.
Note(2):         	The VGS had demo versions that can't config joystick input or do
		any memory card saves. If you got that one then, Good luck! (you'll
		need it to try to complete this game in one swoop.)

These Emus aren't fully functional yet.

Initail Release: 27/12/1999
Developer: Roor
Homepage http://www.adripsx.psxem.com
Current Version: 00.12.01(DOS)
Price: Free
Progress: Last Updated 19/Aug/2000
OS: DOS, Windows 9x/Me, Windows 2000

Initail Release: Febuary 1999
Developer: ???
Homepage http://www.fpse.emusphere.com
Current Version: 0.08 build 1
Price: Free
OS: Windows 9x, Linux, AmigaOS

PSone Emu
Initail Release: 31/01/2001
Developer: 	D1Y
Homepage http://www.pcoe.psxemu.com
Current Version:  ???
Progress ???
Price: Free
OS: Windows 9x

Initail Release:
Developer: ???
Homepage http://www.emuhq.com/psmac
Current Version: ???
Progress Discontinued(DEAD!)
Price: Free
OS: Mac OS system 8 or above

Initail Release: September 2000
Developer: 	Nocomp, Shadow, Roor, Linuzappz, Nik3D
Homepage http://www.pcsx.emuforce.com
Current Version: 0.5.240 (Win 32), 0.6.300(Linux)
Progress Last updated 9/8/2000(Win32) ,2/13/2001(Linux)
Price: Free
OS: Windows 9x, Linux

Initail Release: August 3rd, 1998
Developer: (gone to work on the PS Emu Pro)
Current Version: 0.20f
Progress: Discontinued(DEAD!)
Price: Free
OS: Windows 9x, NT4

Initail Release: 20/09/1999
Developer: Linuzappz, SaD(lefted)
Homepage http://www.sope.sourceforge.net
Current Version: 0.04
Price: Free
Progress: Last Updated 19/Aug/2000
OS: Linux/Unix

As you can see, there's alot of these that comes by now and then. So Stay tune to
the Emulation scene for more.

                The game is set in the twin world of Inferia and Celestia where both is joined
together by a black sphere. The Main Characters are mainly from Inferia. Rid, Farah
and Keel. While another main character, Meredy and other 2 sub	characters (Fog &
Chat) are from Celestia. The game plot evolves around Meredy to discover who
she is and why she has come to Inferia. Traveling on, they set off to uncover mystic
ruins and summon lost ancient powers as the story unfolds.

                  The Best thing about this game is that it kept all the traditional RPG's
elements and didn't spoiled it(like all the latest Final Fantasy series did), while
adding a whole new features to the game. That kept Navigation easy(you'd
remember doing FF VII for the first time and trying to get to a spot but just can't get
use to the control method? or just trying to do a Meteria mixing for the first time.
Some of you might like it, Others don't.) New stuff , Like Frynging in this game is kept
simple and effective. But  what is the most distinctive of all about the game is it's
battle system.

/Battle System/

                 The Battle system is Unique that it's more of a StreetFighter style game
using miniature character duking it out on 2-D screen. Battles happens in real-time,
by doing so heats up the battles more than typical RPGs. You can Slash,Punch,
Thrust, Cast spells that will drive the opponent to the ground, or block and jump to
dodge incoming attacks.There are 2 main type of attacks, normal or special. Normal
is your character simply hitting the opponent with his/her weapon.
	Swordsman style characters are different because they can do 2 set of
normal attacks, Slash & Thrust by pressing the directional button with the attack
button, O.
	Special differs by character. Mages Cast spells when you select this
command. the X button is assign to special attacks but you'll have to map the attack
to the button first to use it. To block an attack, Press Square. Some attacks however
are unblockable. To jump just press L1 + up. selecting to select button in battle
enables you to select Auto, Semi-Auto and If you have the requiring Item - Manual
styles of control over your main character. You can order your comrades to attack
enemies with their specials, heal or use items to support you by press the Triangle
button for the Menu. Press R1 to select the Target enemy to which your controled
character will attack and Non controled character will be order to attack.

Simple Combinations:
Rid(3 hits)
Slash +Slash +Slash(up)

	L1+L2+R1+R2+start+select to Reset

Battle Screen:
	R1 + <- or -> to select targeted enemy
	L1 + up   to have your party jump
	L1 to turn your formation around(Forward -> Reverse)
	Triangle is the Menu button
	O is the Normal Attack button
	X is the Specal Skill Attack button
	Square is the Block button
	Start to pause
	Select to choose between Auto, Semi-Auto, Manual Control of the Main
	character (that you're controling)You can map additinal commands for
	other members's skills to L2 and R2 buttons.
*Escaping* You can escape by moving the character you control to any end of the battlefield and keep moving against the screen. An arrow with a bar comes up, and when the bar is filled. Your party will escape from that battle. No Gald & Exp will be gain from escaping.  You can equip "Magic Mist" to halves the time use to fill up the escape bar.

Town Screen:
	Triangle to bring up the Main Menu
		Select to Change between Auto,Semi-Auto, Manual
	-Character Status
	-Meal Recipe
	-Crymel Gauge
Dungeon Screen:
	L1 to shoot the Sorcerer's Ring
	R1 to shoot the Freeze Ring
	World Screen:
	O to enter places
	X to cancel
	L1 to rotate view to left
	R1 to rotate view to right
	Triangle to bring up the Main Menu(same menu as the Town screen)
	Square to bring up Accessory menu such as Camping, Ariel board, Van
	Eltia's aircraft, Van Eltia's submarine
	Select to have a character tells you what to do next.
	Start to Bring up/Close down Mini-World map & Compass


Battle Menu:
         Constist of 6 menus to choose from
                 	Assigns Skills & Spells. Enable/Disable Skills & Spells from this
                -Group Commands<9 Commands>-
                	Tell your group how to act.
                -Character Commands<16 Commands>-
                	Modify how other character behave.
                	Set how your character form themselves in battle.
                	Set Equipment for your character(*very important*) For Instance,
	if Rid is equiped with Ice Coffin(Ice) and the enemy is strong against ice.
	Changing weapon would be a good idea(What good will it do you to use
	Eternal Sword against Secondos,The Time Spirit?).Or if your character's
	Reverse doll is used. It would be better to have an option to be able to equip
	a new one,isn't it?
                -Use Items-
                	Use Items to assist in battles. a person can only use one item at
	a time.You can only stock up to 15 per item.Use it wisely. Battles can be
	LONG and Hard(try last boss-Chizel+Neried to see what I mean, 30 minutes
	least is what you'll need to fight her.)

-Character Commands-
	There're 16 ways of commands for characters to behave accordingly.
	(*Commands are modified from Devilking's version in the post*)
	1.Manual(Player controled).
	2.attack nearest enemy
	3.attack furthest enemy
	4.attack Targeted enemy
	5.attack enemy that have higher attack
	6.attack enemy that have higher defence
	7.attack the enemy that have the higher speed
	8.attack enemy that is low in HP
	9.attack the enemy with players that have the same enemy
	10.attack Targeted enemy and the others
	11.all other char will attack a different enemy from the Target
	12.attack the nearest enemy,com will everytime change the enemy
	13.attack enemy that are in the air
	14.attack enemy that is using magic
	15.attack enemy that have TP
	16.attack enemy during it was attack by another character

	There are 9 Orders you can select.
	(*Orders are modified from Devilking's version in the post*)
	1.Use the strongest attack regardless of  TP.
	2.Use no TP
	3.Defence when fighting for using recover spirit or magic
	4 Prepare for Attack(Tekiomukaeute)-Regulus Dojo Area(24,132)
	5 Concentrate on single enemy(Shyuusyuukougeki)-Morle Area(114,144)
	6 Attack Front enemy(<Maenotekionerae)-Shanbol Area(162,45)
	7 Attack enemy in the back-Farlos Church Area(100,100)
	8 Full Attack(Totsugekishiru)-Luishka Area(81,38)
	9 Use low TP skills(Komakaiwazaotsukae)-(130,118)
	*Orders with Co-ordinates must be acquired and can be got from these
	places as listed.
	(*Thanks to Gong Sniper for posting the translations*)

	You can set how often you character uses each Type of attack by setting
	the bar of these from 1(least use) to  5(most likely to use)
  Normal Attack
  Slash Skill
  Thrust Skill
  Normal Attack
  Fist Skill
  Kick Skill
  Normal Attack
  Offensive Spells
  Healing Spells
  Normal Attack
  Offensive Spells
  Healling Spells
  Normal Attack
  Offensive Skills
  Normal Attack
  Ofensive Skills

                 There are 3 formations to choose from
-Attack base- Fighters upfront, with Mages in the back. Good for claiming a fast
-Balance- Fighters are positioned front and back to protect the Mages in the middle.
This formation is for when you're surrounded.
-Defense base- Only Rid is positioned front and all Members are left in the back.
Good for Boss fights.You can still arrage the positions of the characters to fit your
You can also manage who you will put in the battle team here(bottom right command), remember you can only have 4 at a time in battle. So balance it wisely!
Note: press L1 to turn your formation around(Forward -> Reverse). It's essential in
boss battles where some boss do "travel" alot  across the screen.

/Technical Smash/
                Doing well in battles can earn you more than you know. Technical Smash
are when conditions when you've met the proper requirements, you'll recieve a
bonus according to the type of Technical smash you're able to do.
(??? means that I haven't figure it out yet)

Chain Smash
  Do 4 attacks in a row
  +2%Hit/10 Exp
Group Smash
  Use the whole group to attack
  +2% to Experience acquired
Combo Smash
  Do more than 20 Hits
  +10 Experience per hit
Ariel Smash
  Do an Air-Combo
  +2% to ???
Effective Smash
  Use spell against enemy's weakness
  +2-5% to ???
Summon Smash
  Use Summons to attack
  x2 to Smash bonus
High Speed Smash
  Hit more than 2 times in  2 seconds
  +1% to ???
No Damage Smash
  No damage to character(you'll know it when you get 100 points for your battle)
  +1% to getting Item

You'll also recieve extra experience according to this formula
Bonus Exp =(n x n/2) +n +1


#1 (8 hits)
Slash x3 +Jirisazame

#2 (9 hits)
Slash x3 + Kogahazan + Raijin Souhazan

#3 (28 hits)
Fuujinbakufuu + Slash(up) + Thrust + Senkuureppa +Shouurekkugeki

#4 (18 hits)
Slash x2 +Majinken +Houotenkuu + Majinken +Houotenkuu +Majinken

#1 (8 hits)
Punch x2 +Rengadan

#2 (5 hits)
Yousoushuugeki + Shouteiha +Soudou Shouteiha

#3 (36 hits)
Punch x2+Rengadan +Hienrentenkyaku +Sankamoushuukyaku

/Combination Combos/

#1 Rid +Farah (10 hits)
Rengadan(Farah) + Slash x2(Rid) + Kokahazan(Rid)

#2 Rid +Meredy(Keel) (33 hits)
(Rid)+(Rid)+(Rid)+(Rid)+Eruption(Meredy or Keel)+Slash(up) x2 (Rid) +(Rid)+(Rid)
Rock Break(Meredy or Keel)+Slash(up) x2 (Rid)+(Rid)+(Rid)

#3 Rid +Chat(999 hits)
 Fuujinfuubakusatsu(Rid) x2 + parali ball(Chat) +repeatedly do
(Fuujinfuubakusatsu(Rid) +when enemy is about to land use Picohan(Chat))
(* haven't tested this one yet, Taken from Tales of Eternian page
(http://www.talesofeternia.com/), Sorry but I still can't do more than 60 Combos)

(*Send me more on Combos! you'll be credited.)

/Character Status/
  Character turns Green
  Character is froze in an acward position
  Character turns Blue
  Character turns Black
#Life/TP Drained
  Character is surround by black bubbles
  Character is unconcious with little bird above character's head
  Yellow spark is shown above character's head. Character will go stunned after
  taking "1" hit.
  You can guess what status this is can't you? well this is the least likable status
  in the game isn't it? This is the status when character's life reaches zero.
(Equiping Reverse Doll prevent this status. however it will destroy the Reverse Doll.)

/Difficult Setting/
              Although the game is hard enough as it is, it still has more difficult setting for
those who need to torture themselves.

	You start with this. There is no easier mode.
	For example Bandit(NO.0) which has HP 900 in Normal mode will have
HP of 1,080 in Hard mode, about 1.2 times of Normal Mode. Some of the stats are
also increased.
*Mania* Available only when you beat the game.
	From the last example, Bandit(NO.0) will have HP 1,350 when in this
mode, about 1.5 times the HP of Normal mode.
*At Night,Enemies are usually stronger,especially in the woods. So if you still
find the game easy, just try fighting there when it's dark.

/Crymel Gauge Commands/

There are 3 commands in the C-Gauge system.
#1 Place Spirit.
	Place spirits that you require in the Gauge crystal of Meredy & Keel.
#2 Use Items.
	Use Spirit boosting items to raise spirit's gauge and experience.
#3 Frynging
	Press this command to get the spells available.
/Spirit's Gauge and Vitality/
	To summon a spirit you'll need to maximize the gauge that the spirit has.
When a spirit's gauge reaches 10, it's summon is available. only one spirit in each
crymel gauge will be full at any time. You can use items to raise the gauge but
rememeber when you raise one spirit's gauge, another may(will) go down.
	Vitality is a characteristic that you won't see often. Just know that it exist.
The only chance you'll get to see(know) one is in Efreet Gorge. Where Undine will
use her power to protect you from the heat, her vitality will show up here. When it
reaches zero, you'll take full damage from  the Fires there.

/Crymel Frynging Tutorial/
	To acquire spells, you must Frynge to get them. A spirit will always gives
you one initial spell. To get more spells(effects),mix 2 spirits to acquire them. Mixing
is spirit in meredy's gauge x spirit in keel's gauge.(x is mixing with)
for Example, You've got
Volt(Lv.15), Celsius(Lv.17), Efreet(Lv.22),Sylph(Lv.23),Gnome(Lv18),Undine(Lv.24)
if you put
Celsius  		- Left gauge
 Volt 			- Right gauge
You'll get Absolute(Celsius Lv.14 x Volt Lv.12)
(you can switch their places as long as they're place in opposites guage)
Now put Efreet in the opposite guage of Volt to get
Explode(Efreet Lv.15 x Volt Lv.9)
but you'll miss the Freeze guard effect you'll get from frynging Efreet with Celsius.
+Freeze Guard (Efreet Lv.10 x Celsius Lv.10)
Same goes for any other combinations found.
	Now that you've got the place settled. Press the Frynge command(3rd one)
to gain the spells you've mix. You'll also have to frynge for spells that comes with
the spirit as well(no mixing requred ) such as Freeze Luancher(Celsius).

			  Character Introduction
Rid Hershel
	178 cm, 62 kg
Type		-Swordsman/Cook
Age		-18 years old
Weapon	-Sword, Dagger, Spear, Axe, Helberd
	The main character, and the only swordsman in the group. As the leader
of the team(?) he is placed with heavy resposibilities. Loves to cook, and will learn
recipes along the way. Rid posess "Fibril" as called by Meredy,the power of the
Gods(Seyfert, god of Creation and Nereid,God of Destruction). As a swordsman,
he can use many weapons that come by and his range will varies. Mastering his
technique is most vital to surviving the game. TOE is much tougher than all other
Tales before it and Long Boss battles are common.

Farah Oersted
	161 cm, 46 kg
Age		-17 years old
Weapon	-Glove
Personality	-Hot headed,Short tempered
Type		-Fighter
Skill		-Marshal Art
Catch up line	-"Ikeru Ikeru"
	Rid's girlfriend, Hot headed  but always optimistic in most situations. She
is skilled in Marshal arts and can be deadly when properly used. Her combina-
tion is much easier to connect once mastered. Doing a group hit of up to 40+ isn't
hard  once you know her timing. She will be useful as a healer earlier in the game.

	157 cm, 45 kg
B-W-H		80-56-82
Pet		-Quickie
Type		-Crymel Crystal Weilder(Mage)
Age		-16 years old
Weapon	-Whistle
	Mysterious girl who crash lands near Racheans, Rid's home village. Speaks
"Melnics" the Language of Celestians. She has a pet by the name of "Quickie"whom
she always carries around. She's a Crymel crystal weilder, a mage which is most
useful as a backup for Rid's swords and Farah's Fist. Her HP isn't high so put her
in the back, out of harm's way. She's first listed and will be the one who will get most
of the summons before Keel. Her TP is also a little higher than his.

Keel Zeibel
	174 cm, 51 kg
Type		-Crymel Crystal Weilder(Mage)
Age		-17 years old
Weapon	-Staff, Mace
	Keel has left Rahean to study in Mintche, you'll get him early in the game.
His function is mostly as a back-up for Meredy. Since he is also a Crymel crystal
weilder. his use will be the same as Meredy. His HP is higher but a little slower
than Meredy's.

	146 cm, 38 kg
B-W-H		76-55-77
Type		-Pirate
Vehicle		-Van Eltia
Age		-12 years old
Weapon	-Bag
	The oddball of the group, her weapon is unique and her skill is too.She's
a pirate and there for she has a Steal skill. She's proud of her ancestral bloodline
decended from the famouse Pirate, Ifreed. Her ship, The Van Eltia is the most
useful vehicle found in the game. She doesn't like Quickie much as it annoys her.

	185 cm, 92 kg
Pet		-Dedechan(Merekiss)
Type		-Gunner
Age		-38 years old(probably lying)
Weapon	-Gun
	He loves ,even owns a Merekiss called" Dede chan". His guns are
unmatched although they do require time to charge up a shot. He has the most HP
and will definately be the first to reach 9,999.

Race(Rasis Fomalhaut)
	182 cm,76 kg
Type		-Senetus Knight of Inferia
Age		-25 years old
Weapon	-Saber
	He appears a Merchant as first, but hid his true intentions as Senetus
Knight of Inferia. He will be in your party for a very short period of time.He posesses
the same Fibril power that Rid has and can use some Light skills as well.(needless
to say, you'll never get a chance to use them)

		a girl and an old man is talking in a strange language in front of  a
pod-like ship.
Girl:(	)
OldMan:(	)
Girl:(	)
OldMan:(	)
Girl:(	)
	And the Pod flies up in to the sky.
OldMan:(	)

		      Walkthrough(Complete with optional quest)
Verson 1.00(this section has been update so many times. I decided to put up a
version line for it)

Racheans Forest:
Items:Spectacle,Wood shield, Apple Gummy 1,
Enemies: Kanbara Bear,Rocky Hawk

              A boy(Rid) walking to girl(Farah), who is on the top of a observation tower.
After some conversation. a bright light suddenly lit up. and jumping off to safety,
Rid and Farah found the observation tower smashed. Farah than rans off to see
what happens. Now you'll be able to control Rid.

<Rid> Lv.8 HP 560,TP 66
Attack(Slash,Thrust) 40, Defense 31, Magic 80,
Luck 10,Evade 100, Accuracy 100
Wears: Hand Axe(+75 Slash,+60 Thurst), Soft Leather(+2 Defense)
Title: Ryoushi

               Follow Farah down 2 screens to the screen with the Green Crystal. That's a
load crystal, if you save now. you will start from this screen(same goes for any load
crystal you'll find). There's a spectacle and a wood shield here. Take it.
	The Enemies here are strong to Electricity,so try not to use Raijinken. Now
take the right path to find a little blue animal. Follow it up the screen to find a crash
pod and a girl. You can go to the other path for an apple gummy. Farah is talking
to her,but can not understand what she says. Suddenly the Pod starts to glow and
blew up. Rid and Farah than takes the girl back to their village - Racheans.

Items: Apple Gummy 4, 500 Gald
Valuables: Collector's Book(Collector Zukan)
Lens: 2
Wonder chef's Recipe: Sandwich, Omlet Rice
Item Shop:
                -Apple Gummy(restore30% HP)                                                 	                  100 Gald
                -Penecea Bottle(cure Poison,)                                                     	  160 Gald
                -Life Bottle(Revive Downed Ally & Restore 10% HP)          		  400 Gald
                -Bread                                                                                                    	     60 Gald
                -Cheese                                                                                                 	     60 Gald
                -Lettuce                                                                                                  	     60 Gald
                -Long Sword(+70 Slash, +70 Thrust)                                          		  300 Gald
                -Whistle(+35 Attack, -3 Accuracy)                                               	  	  300 Gald
                -Soft Leather(+2 Defense)                                                             		  300 Gald
                -Cloak(+5 Defense)                                                                         		  200 Gald
                -Leather Helm(+1 Defense)                                          	                	  240 Gald
	-Pot Lid(Nabe no Futa)(+2 Defense, Fire)                                		  100 Gald

               Back at their village, they took the girl to see Kamulan,the village elder who
than thinks she will bring trouble to them if she stays. Arguing, the wall behinds them
at the back of the room burst apart. Reveiling a man in a blue outfit, who seems to
come for the girl. Farah and Rid than rushes to her aid.

Boss: ????(NO.110)
HP: 1,000, Exp
Strong against: Electricity25%
Attack: Fireball, Thunder blade, Spark Wave,
Gives: Life bottle100%, Orange Gummy100%
	He isn't hard if you keeps him cornered up and don't let him get out any
spells. Try icing him in Hard or Mania mode to get a better battle out of this.
*- (NO.xxx) where xxx is the number of the Monster in the Monster's book (found
later in the game) -*

                The village elder then drives them out. Farah than takes the girl home with
Rid following them in dismay. At Farah's home, They have a discussion. which gets
them no where but the word" Fibril"? from the girl. Farah than decides to take the
girl to see Keel who is studying in Mintche.

<Farah> Lv.9 HP 540, TP 82
Attack(Fist,Foot) 61, Defense 40, Magic  97, Luck 90, Evade 105, Accuracy 97
Skill: Shouteiha,Sazanka
Wear: Leather Arms(+60 Fist, +68 Foot,+2 Accuracy), Cloak(+5 Defense)
Title:  Fama

<????>Lv.8 HP 560,TP 66
Attack 27, Defense 37 ,Magic 103, Luck 50, Evade 72, Accuracy 78
Spell: Crive(Earth),Ice Needle(Ice),Lightning(Electricity)
Wear: Whistle(+35 Attack, -3 Accuracy), Cloak(+5 Defense)
Title: Traveling artist?

There's a lens in Rid's house and another one in the door of the windmill that is
abandoned at the village's entrance. You can get the Collector's book is in the
bookshelf in the 2nd floor of the elder's house and 500 Gald in the far corner of the
elder's house.  You can rest in Rid's House to recover lost HP, and resting indoors
cure ANY ailments.
                 In the game, there are  "Wonder Chef"s who will teaches you how to cook
food if you find him.The chef from a pink pig in the left house from Farah's house will
teach you how to make "sandwich"(#2 on cooklist)(Bread,Lettuce,Cheese). The chef
from the armor in the Item shop will teach you "Omlet Rice"(Rice with cooked egg)
(#11)( Rice,Egg(Tamago),Onion(Tamanegi)).
                 The person in front of the abandoned windmill will trade your equiped
weapon for
-Short Sword(+50 Slash,+40 Thurst,+30 Accuracy)
-Hand Axe(+75 Slash,+60 Thurst)
-Short Spear(+50 Slash,+85 Thurst)
	Just take any thing you like. you can trade as many times as you want(not
that it matters anyway) Talk to the village people reveals that you need to go west
from the town to get to Mintche.

Enemies: Archer,AroTail,Bandit,Kanbara Bear,Mahogani,Night Rid,Rocky Hawk,
Sword Soldier,Slime,Terror Needle
Enemies(Night): Zombie.Poasu,WIich

You can press Square and select Camping from the Menu to recover lost HP,
however camping outdoors won't recover TP. Nor will it cure any ailments you've
got. While crossing the bridge across the town. The party talked and finds out that
the girl's name is "Meredy"& her pet name is "Quicky" Unable to garner anymore
info about her because Meredy starts to spill words they can't understand.
Meredy then gets the title" Traveling Artist?" from the two.

Racheans Pier(31,122):
                 At the Racheans Pier, they found out that the bridge connecting Racheans
and Mintche is out because of a landslide.
	The worker clearing the debris tells them to get help from the Regulus Dojo.
As they walk out, one of the workers mentioned that Farah is "Cute" and one of them

Regulus Dojo(23,124):
Order: Prepare for Attack(Tekiomugaeute),Area behind Regulus dojo (24,131)
Items found: Apple Gummy,Leather Helm,Orange Gummy,Pot Lid(Nabe no Futa)
Valuables: Manual Book
Skills: Syukou -Healing-
Lens found: 2
Wonder chef Recipe: Meat Stew(NikuNabe)
Inn:	10 Gald
Weapon Shop:
	-Francheska(+110 Slash,+70 Thrust)                                                            400 Gald
	-Short Spear(+50 Slash,+85 Thrust)                                                              300 Gald
	-Short Sword(+50 Slash,+40 Thrust,+30 Accuracy)                                  200 Gald
	-Power Arms(+67 Fist, +75 Foot)                                                                    400 Gald
Item Shop:
	-Apple Gummy                                                 	                                                  100 Gald
	-Penecea Bottle                                                                                                  160 Gald
	-Life Bottle                                                                                                              400 Gald
	-Spectacle(reveal enemy stats)                                                                       50 Gald
	-Bear Meat(Bear no Niku)                                                                                150 Gald
	-Carrot(Ninjin)                                                                                                          50 Gald
	-Cabbage                                                               		                     60 Gald
Armor Shop:
	-Hard Leather(+4 Defense)				                  400 Gald
	-Robe(+12 Defense,+1 Evade)                     		                  300 Gald
	-Leather Helm                                                     		                  240 Gald
	-Wrist Band(+1 Defense)                                 		                  240 Gald
	-Wood Shield                                                      		                  200 Gald

	Kettle in 2nd floor of the Hotel is the wonderchef who will teach you Meat
Stew(Niku nabe)(#9)(Bear Meat(Bear no Niku),Carrot(Ninjin),Cabbage)
                 The Buiding beyond these stone steps is the Regulus Dojo. Once inside,
They mistaken Rid for a new applicant and test him. Rid beats them and Franco,
comes in rather please at Rid's "Strength". Rid is piss off and tells him that He isn't
applying for the Dojo. Farah then push Rid off to greet Franco. Seems that Farah is
a student at the Dojo. Farah explains to Franco that you need to get to Mintche.
Franco then ask Rid's name and if he wants to apply. Rid decided to decline the
offer.Franco, decides to teach Farah the "Syukou" skill - Healing - to help their
journey. As Franco is talking to Rid. Paolo(is the guy that was blushing at the Pier)
barges in offering to help them. Franco telling them that Paolo has studied at
Mintche,tells Paolo that he has to do something about the water in the river for them
to get through.

The 3rd room has a lens hidden in the Table on the right,
The 4th room has a lens hidden in a box on the left
You can ask the Guy in the Second room to train you (battle with 8 monks per round)
until you get 100 points perfect that is.Then he won't train you anymore.
The one on the right in the 3rd room will tell you how to choose
-Semi Auto-
Just choose"Manual" to get the Manual book.
	Paolo'room is the 4th room. Follow him in there and he will explain how
Mintche's Technique can be use to calm the Racheans River. He's practiced as a
Spirit Crystal Wielder.(A magic user) and by using his crymel gauge, he can use the
Water "Spirit" to clam the waters. There are spirits in all things. such as light,fire,wind,
or water. Rid still doesn't understands all of this.Paolo tells them that he will show
them how at the Racheans pier.

Racheans Pier(31,122):
                      Paolo will ask if you're ready. Answer yes. and he will utter something
alot like what Meredy is speaking. Meredy will then try to speak with him but Paolo
didn't understands her. As he leave, he blesses your party on Seyfert's behalf for
the journey. Farah then tells him that he's being nice as always and tells Rid that
Paolo is her Senior at the Dojo. after Paolo leaves, it's time for the first Mini-Game:


Lens:  1
Wonder chef Recipe: Hamburger
Inn: 20 Gald
Mini-Game: Quiz, Crymel Ball
Item Shop:
	-Apple Gummy                                                  			   	  100 Gald
	-Orange Gummy(restore 30%TP)                  		   	  200 Gald
	-Penecea Bottle                                                 		  	  160 Gald
	-Life Bottle                                                            		  	  400 Gald
	-Spectacle                                                          			    	     50 Gald
	-Long Sword                                              		          	  	  300 Gald
	-Francheska                                                        		  	  400 Gald
	-Long Spear(+66 Slash,+133 Thrust)           		  	  500 Gald
	-Rod(+40 Attack)                                                		  	  400 Gald
	-Ribbon(+2 Defense)                                        		  	  200 Gald
	-Mantle(+1 Defense)                                           		    	     30 Gald

Food Shop:
	-Bread     			                                                     	     60 Gald
	-Rice                                                     			                  	  100 Gald
	-Cheese                                                           			    	     60 Gald
	-Bear Meat(Bear no niku)                         			  	  150 Gald
	-Lettuce                                                                 		     	     60 Gald
	-Tomato                                                                		    	     80 Gald
	-Onion(Tamanegi)                                             		    	     50 Gald

	The Big Pink Flower in the Cafeteria is the wonderchef who will teach you
Hamburger(#1)(Bread,Bear Meat(Bear no niku),Lettuce) The Tree to theleft of the
stone steps that led into the field where two girls will introduce you to the Mini-Game
"Crymel Ball" has a lens.

-Crymel Ball-
Rules: 	Ball start as neutral. when ball rolls over a crystal(red/blue). It will be of that
color. Player can pick up crystal and press O to use it. But when your opponent
picks the same color. yours will change to an opposite one. Simple logic is same
color as ball = repel ball. different color = draws ball near. Player is given  a point
when ball rolls over the other player. first one who gets 3 points or has the most
points when time is over,wins. Extra round is executed when there is a draw. In this
case,Another ball will be added to the game. Making the game harder.
	I tell you- in this game, Defense is the best offense. just pick the same color
crystal as the ball and hit O when it's near.Corners are  Usually a good place to
stand. Given the size of the ball, Unless the opponent or you press to use a crystal.
Luckily it will  hit your opponent. 60 Seconds isn't that long. it'll be over before you
know it. You will have to fight 3 rounds to win the game,though.

	To the right of the Crymel game, there is a little scence about Katerin & Pier,
who are seems to be dating. Farah than ask Katerin about Pier. Katerin says that
Pier lives in Inferia City. but she's studying here and it's a long way from the capital to
Mintche. She then thank Farah for listening to her and walks off.
	At the university, the clerk greets them. Rid is abit tongue tied and Farah has
to answer for him. Farah ask to see Keel(Keel Zeibel). and lies that his father send
them there. The Clerk the look throught the files and says that Keel should now be in
the Light spirit Labotory. Then Meredy jumps on to the table and starts to dance,
Making the clerk very angry and they had to run away.

	The 1st room closest to the stair is the Light Spirit Labotory. Farah tries to
get Meredy to stay out of this because of the confusion  she'd cause ealier. Meredy
apparently doesn't understands. Farah and Rid then enter the room leaving Meredy
outside. While talking to the guy with the red hair who's standing near the spirit
machine,Sanc, Meredy will comes in and somehow causes the machines to go
haywire and blowsup. Principle Carlye will come in and throws them out of the room.
	Sanc then tells them that The languge Meredy's using is Melnics, the same
language the Spirit Machine uses. Judging by the Clothes she wears, she might be
an Imperial Spirit Crystal Wielder. Sanc don't know why one of them would be here.
Meredy doesn't understand what they're talking about, starts to shout. Farah then
ask Sanc where Keel is. Sanc tells them that Keel is now at the Mountain
Observatory. His theory about Some big disaster has cause troubles in the
university,so he has retreated there.
Meredy then gets the title"High level Spirit Mage?(Shyoureijyutsushi?)" from the two.

Dragon Rock Mountain(59,155):
Enemies: Arotail,Harpy,Rocky Hawk,Rock golem
Items: Orange Gummy, Saber, Apple Gummy, Pole Axe, 600 Gald
                          Just pull stones to their designated place to block the monsters from
comin out.

Mountain Observatory:
Items: Holy Bottle
Lens: 1
                          Upon entering, no one will be in...Then Keel comes in and sees them.
Farah tells him about Meredy and that she speaks Melnics. Keel is very interested
and drags Meredy to a dictonary and tries to translate her speech. After alot of effort,
he is able to understand very little bit of Meredy's speech. Meredy rans off to see a
picture of a Map of  Eternia.
	Keels then explains to you that the world of Eternia is divided into Celestia
above, and Inferia below and is divided by the Plane of Orbas. Meredy coming from
Celestia (they understand that much) causes some confusion, because according
to the old records, everyone from Celestia is violent, inhuman and consumes human
flesh. Meredy also manages to communicate to them about a massive explosion
which will come about if something is not done.
	After your story is told, Keel lets you look into his telescope and points out a
black object in the sky, moving closer to Inferia. That must be the reason Meredy
came to here, to  warn them about Inferia's destruction. They will have to go to Morle
to someone  who is an expert in Melnics, Before you leave the observatory, search
around to find a Lens near the bottom left corner.

<Keel Zeibel>
Level: same as Rid(is not a constistant one, so I can't write down a sure stats)
Wears: Rod(+40 Attack),Robe(+12 Defense, +1 Evade)
Skills: Aqua Edge(Water), Wind Cutter(Wind), Fireball(Fire)
Title: Gakushi

Mintche Mountain:
	While on the way down, Keel gets tired and they camp. He than tells you that
by proving that his theory of world collapse is true as with Meredy, a living proof. he
can reinstate in the university. Rid thinks that might be a selfish goal, but Keel insists
that he's just searching for the truth.

Nostos Cave(88,149):
Enemies: Poas,Zombie,Brown Pot,Green Roper,Red Gizard,Spector,Chesrang
Items: Panacea Bottle, Protector, Buckler, Orange Gummy 2, Battle Axe, Life Bottle,
Circlet, Rapier
Lens: 1
	-Apple Gummy                                                     		 	  100 Gald
	-Orange Gummy                                                  		 	  200 Gald
	-Penecea Bottle                                                  		 	  160 Gald
	-Life Bottle                                                             		 	  400 Gald
	-Holy Bottle(Reduce Encouter rate)			 	  200 Gald
	-Dark Bottle(Increase Encounter rate)			 	  200 Gald
	-Spectacle                                                              		   	     50 Gald

                        Upon entering the cave, a peddler walks out and  tells them of an
Eggbear out loose in the cave. It has kill one of the peddler. he than offers to sell you
some item.

Boss: Eggbear(No.76)
HP 3,200, 32 Exp, 90 Gald
Attack 130,Defense 120,Magic 50
Drops: Bear Meat(Bear no Niku)40%
Steal: Appple Gummy80%
	The Lens in hidden in the pile of wood at the back of the cave(from where the
bloodstains leads).

Enemies: Making Plant, Terrible Needle, MicroNid, MiniKite,Mage,Striker,Warbear,
Eggbear, Starfish(along the beach), Forest Hawk

Forest Village of Morle(125,157):
Order: Concentrate on single enemy(Shyuusyuukougeki),Northwest of Moruu, near
the beach where the forest meets the mountain(113,144)
Secret Screen Item: Poison Check, In the area surronds by mountain north of the
Undine Stream(150,144)
Items: Holy Bottle
Valuables: Monster Book(Monster Zukan), Oje earrings
Skills: Gedokokou -Cure Ailments-
Lens: 1
Wonder chef Recipe: Vegetable Salad(Yasai Salad), Fruit Juice
Inn: 30 Gald
Item Shop:
	-Apple Gummy                                                		                   	  100 Gald
	-Orange Gummy                                     	                                   	  200 Gald
	-Mix Gummy(Restore 30%of TP&HP) 		     	               1,000 Gald
	-Penecea Bottle                                                	      	   	  160 Gald
	-Life Bottle                                                     		       	  	  400 Gald
	-Holy Bottle						  	  200 Gald
	-Dark Bottle	 					 	  200 Gald
	-Spectacle                                                		                  	     50 Gald

Food Shop:
	-Bread                                                		                     	   	     60 Gald
	-Bear Meat(Bear no niku)               		                	  150 Gald
	-Cheese                                               		                   	     60 Gald
	-Lettuce                                              			                   	     60 Gald
	-Cabbage						  	     60 Gald
	-Carrot(Ninjin)						  	     50 Gald
	-Cucumber(Kyuri)					  	     50 Gald
	-Lemon							  	     60 Gald
	-Strawberry(Ichigo) 					  	     80 Gald
	-Kiruma Fruit 						  	     80 Gald

	Upon entering the Foodshop, you'll meet with a familiar face. Farah will ask
for her name. the old man will tell you it's Simone. Simone? Farah ask her. Isn't it,
Katerin? Katerin will hush you and tells you that she is traveling under a false name
and is trying to get to Inferia city to see you know who. She says goodbye to you
than rushes off.The Pumpkin in the far corner is the wonder chef who teaches
"Vegetable Salad(Yasai salad)"(#5)(Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber(Kyuuri))
	Go to The House at the end of the town. Going in, Keel greets Mazet and
tells him about Meredy and their troubles. After hearing their story,Mazet will give
the party the Oje earrings which suppose to make them "understands" each other.
but apparently, It isn't working as Meredy still spills out jibberish to them. Then
Meredy starts to look around for something and runs off. They quickly follow. But
before they leave, Mazet will tell Keel that he has to learn more, not from books.
	Seems that Meredy has run in to the backwoods of Morle Village

Morle Backwoods:
Enemies: Micronid,Minikite,Terror Needle, Woods Worm
Items: Knight Saber, Piyo Piyo Whistle, Iron Sallet
They finally catch up to her. Meredy is after Quickie,who has run off in here earlier.
But Quickie is in trouble, he's found himself a monster.You then have to aid him.
Boss: Insect Plant(NO.34)
HP: 8,800, 115 Exp,500 Gald,Earth
Strong against: Water50%,Earth30%
Weak against: Fire50%
Attacks: Running through enemies.
Gives: Kiruma Fruit25%,Lemon5%
Steal: Kiruma Fruit80%
	This boss is stupid and shouldin't pose a problem,provided that you've got
the Majin Senretpa skill. Keep focusing on him. Just pound in hits, he won't be avoid-
ing it. Soon He'll go down.Even in Hard mode, this thing is a piece of cake.
	Defeating the Insect plant, Keel will get mad at Meredy. Meredy than
appolagises, to the party's surprise. They can understands her now! On their way
back,Keel will demand to know why she is here.Meredy  tells you that she's here
because of the "Grand Fall". Grand Fall, will make Inferia and Celestia collide in a
big "Boom" Meredy says. In "Short Short" time, so she's trying to collect the "Great
Spirits" in Inferia. Collecting the Great spirits? Keel then brushes away that notion,
No Crymel gauge can do that! Meredy then show them her Celestian Crymel Gauge
which is capable of doing so.
	Keel suggest that Mazet might point them as to the location of the Great
spirits. But still won't co-operate with Meredy. Go back to see Mazzet. He hears
Meredy's story. and tells them that to the north of Morle, an area where the Water
spirit resides is somewhere along the river. Then he will give you The Inferia map
and teaches Farah a new skill- Gedokokou(TP 4),a cure skill. Before the party
leaves, Mazzet will tell Keel that.  Outside of Mazet's house, Meredy will tell you that
the man who's after her earlier was Hades,her uncle. Talk to Mazzet again to get
the Monster Book. The treasurebox upstairs has no treasure but contains the
Wonderchef who teaches Fruit juice(#4)(Kiruma Fruit, Lemon, Strawberry(Ichigo))

Undine Stream(151,126):
Enemies: ChesRang,King Frog,Kik Frog,Terror Needle,Crusher Tortoise,Red
Roper,Star Fish,Scorpion,Manticore
Items: Poison Check 2, Phaser Robe, Silk Cloak,Mace, Iron Wrist, Mix Gummy 2,
Cincuedia, Apple Cedar
Lens: 1
Before crossing the shallow parts heading to the second screen,(just above the 2
ray of lights) there is a hidden area
in the trees there, It reside in it a lens. Travel onward, until you see a hole behind
the waterfall. Go in,and Undine's voice
will talk with you. She says that she will have nothing to do with humans. Despite the
party saying about GrandFall & the fate of Eternia. Meredy will try to get her to enter
the gauge. But if the Great spirit isn't willing, it's of no use.Then she disappears.
                     The party decides to go on. Until they reach Undine's place. Undine
decides to use force to persuade them to Leave.
Boss: Undine(NO.24)
HP: 5500, 1360 Exp, Water
Attack100, Defense 268, Magic 50
Weak against: Electricity
Strong against: Wind30%,Earth30%,Fire30%,Ice30%,Water100%
Weak against: Electricity30%
Attacks: Spread Spell, Water Spear, Water wave
Gives: Talisman100, Mental Bangle100
	She has an invincible status when she's charging up her Water spear(an
aura of water blocks your attacks. Try getting your mage away from her. Her water
spear isn't dangerous because she has to charge it. But her water wave can do
multiples damage in front of her for about a distance. get Keel to use Fire balls or
Wind cutter(doesn't matter as long as  Meredy keeps pounding in Lightining.) Farah
should stay behind to assist you with items. Just keep her busy. eventually she'll be
down in notime. (just keep that Lifebottle handy). Level 20 should be enough even
in Hard mode. Mania might be a different game,though.
	Seeing that you're serious, she joins you. You'll be able to use the spell
"Spread" and summon her in combat, *When Frynge with Other spirits. She'll be
best off with Secondos, the Time spirit(Raise Dead)provide that her gauge is full.
Just read the Craymel Gauge section to get going. Next,Keel suggests that since
getting all the Great Spirits isn't going to be an easy task, They should try to report
the matter of the Great Fall to the king( who's in Inferia's Capital city southeast of
here). You'll have to go through Izanai forest to the southeast to get to the Capital.

Forest of Temptation(150,145):
Enemies: Ghoul, Spector, Skeleton, Syche Killer,Troll,Oak Jelly
-Part 1
Items: Iron Arms, Mix Gummy 2, Iron Wrist, Life Bottle 2, Holy Bottle, Liquor Bottle,
Flare Bottle, Pine Gummy 2, Misty Robe, Silk Cloak
Lens: 1
There is a screen to the right of the starting point  where there is 5 statues standing.
Search the Root blocking the path behind the middle statue for a lens. go back and
then go straight up to see 2 ghost wondering. These ghost, when touch does not
trigger fights. Instead cause you to be "Hurt". Avoid them, find 2 statues northwest
from the 5 statues and turn them right(Chaos, Destruction) The other two(Regularity,
Creation) can be found to the east, turn these two to face left.
Go back down, Meredy will follow quicky along. Follow her to the next section.
	As they camp, Keel will ask Meredy about Celestian technologies.He
doesn't believe that the Celestian has such an advance edge over the Inferian.
-Part 2
Items: Reverse Doll, Penecea Bottle, Lemon Gummy, Charm Bottle, Suishyoseki,
Orange Gummy 2,Rune Bottle,Bastard Sword, Miracle Gummy,400 Gald,765 Gald,
Ryokushoseki,Spectacle, Pine Gummy, Apple Gummy
	To get through the 2nd part of the forest. there're 5 statues blocking the way
out.You'll have to fight 5 "Jungler(NO. 247)"  to make the statues disappear.

Sub Boss: Jungler(247)
HP 5,400, 200 Exp, 100 gald
Attack 160, Defense 240, Magic 100
Weak against: Fire 50%
Attack: Slush Feather(throw multiples feather on to targets in front.)
Drop: Orange Gummy20%, Life Bottle20%

Inferia City(187,120):
Items:Pine Gummy 3, Weltas Daihon
Valuables: Josen Pass
Lens: 3
Wonder chef Recipe: Cream Stew, Fluffy Cake(Fuwafuwa cake)
Inn: 60 Gald
Weapon Shop:
	-Short Lance(+100 Slash,+220 Thurst,+5 Accuracy)	              1,920 Gald
	-Crecent Axe(+300 Slash,+140 Thrust)			              2,200 Gald
	-Heavy Grip(+220 Slash,+220 Thrust,-10)			              2,000 Gald
	-Poison Son(+118 Fist,+125 Foot,+7 Accuracy)		              1,440 Gald
	-Wegisbue(+160 Attack)				  	              1,640 Gald
Armor Shop:
	-Chainmail(+10 Defense)				              1,900 Gald
	-WhiteCloak(+8,Defense,+5 Evade)	 		              1,480 Gald
	-Circlet(+1 Defense,+4 Magic)				                  760 Gald
	-Iron Wrist(+3 Defense)					              1,320 Gald
	-Round shield(+9 Defense, +3 Evade)			              1,600 Gald
	-Leather Mantle(+3 Defense)				                  100 Gald
Item Shop:
	-Apple Gummy   		                                                   	  100 Gald
	-Orange Gummy                               			                  	  200 Gald
	-Mix Gummy				                              	              1,000 Gald
	-Penecea Bottle                       		                           	 	  160 Gald
	-Life Bottle                                                        		    	 	  400 Gald
	-Flare Bottle						 	  600 Gald
	-Holy Bottle						 	  200 Gald
	-Dark Bottle						 	  200 Gald
	-Spectacle       			                                                   	    50 Gald
Food Peddler:
	-Bread                                                   		                  	    60 Gald
	-Rice                                                       		               		  100 Gald
	-Cheese                                      		                            	   	    60 Gald
	-Egg(Tamago)						  	    50 Gald
	-Bear Meat(Bear no niku)       		                               		  150 Gald
	-Lettuce                                         		                          	 	    60 Gald
	-Tomato                                         		                          	  	    80 Gald
	-Onion(Tamanegi)                       		                       	  	    50 Gald
	-Cucumber(Kyuuri)					  	    50 Gald
	-Kiruma Fruit						  	    80 Gald
	-Lemon							  	    60 Gald
	Farah and Rid will say what a big city it is. Keel says Of course it's the Capital
city aferall! and then Meredy starts to dance.People will start gather around to see
her. Farah notices it and blocks them. Keels then warns Meredy not to attract too
much attention. Celestian has brought troubles to this world in the past. Keels says.
Meredy piss by that notion starts to say that it's silly. Farah agrees.Now Keel is angry
but decide to leave it at that.
	On the 2nd floor of the Inn, The wrongly place vase besides the man standing
in front of the window is the Wonderchef with the recipe for Cream Stew(#14)(Bear
Meat(Bear no Niku), Milk, Carrot(Ninjin), Potato, Onion(Tamanegi)) The Plant near
the entrance of the Theather is a Wonderchef who will teach  you how to make Fluffy
Cake(Fuwafuwa cake)(#6)(Egg (Tamago,Milk),Kiruma Fruit, Strawberry(Ichigo)) The
other plant in the Theater has a Lens.
	You can see a Play name "Weltas By" in the Royal Theater by paying
1st part		          10 Gald
2nd part	          50 Gald
3rd part		        200 Gald
4th part 		     1,000 Gald
5th part		     5,000 Gald
6th part		   20,000 Gald
7th part		100,000 Gald
Final part	500,000 Gald
	The next part of the play will only show up when you've seen the last one.
After watching all of them, there will be a book on the stage. Take it, it's the Weltas
By script(Weltas Daihon).
	You can compete in the Arena now for 5,000 and 10,000 Gald. But since
Rid has to do it alone, and you're probably not ready for it yet(Level recommened is
60+, Minimum Attack should be at least 900+). Just skip this until you're ready.
	At the gate of Inferia castle, the group tries to get an audience with the king,
but the guards just laugh at Keel's "Big" Matter. and drove them away. Outside the
castle walls, Meredy ask Keel what's he doing? Keel says that this is important and
he must speak with the king. Meredy then ask what is a king? Keel is piss and says
it's typical of Celestians to be this way. Meredy is angry. and Keel tells her that what
they're here for. To see the"King". Meredy says that Celestians don't have a "King".
	Seeing the argument will lead to nowhere, Farah then ask what to do next.
Keel says if he can show his evidence, the king will understands him. Perhaps more
evidence should be acquire before going in. They then try to use the Telescope at
The royal observatory. On the 4th floor, they're stopped by the observatory staff.
Keel then says that his matter is urgent. Celestia and Inferia is about to collide. The
staff laughs at the idea. Keel then show him the proofs. but the staff throw it away and
drives them out of the room.  After they're out, Zosimos comes in and asked what is
wrong, the staff says there's nothing then hurries to clean up keel's papers.
	Outside, Rid giveups hope and Farah is mad at him for doing so. Keel then
suggests that getting to Seyfert Ring might be of use. Geting permission to go there,
they must ask the Seyfert church  to do so. Farah then rushes them on.
	At Seyfert church, Keel request why He must go to Seyfert Ring and about
the matter of "Great fall". The priest than becomes mad and says that lying isn't
permitted in front of God. They rush out only to be taken in by Roin Ramoa, the head
of the palace guard.They're charge with crimes of treason against the kingdom and
sentenced to Death! Rid wish to breakthrough, but Keel thinks that they may have a
chance of gaining an audience with the king this way.
	At their execution (to die by drowning in a prison in front of the King.), Keel
tries to shout out his speech. The princess Arlendy is interested, but Roin says that
they're criminals and should be ignored. She turn to the queen who supports
Roin's opinion of the party.The Queen then order Roin to begin the execution. As the
water pours in,Keel tries to use Undine to escape. But guess the Great spirits don't
interfere in human's affairs. As Keel try to appolagize to everyone, Farah becomes
angry and says that there're still hope. The valves at the bottom of the prison well
may be the key. Rid take Farah's decision and decides to try it.  Rid was
unsuccessful but it doesn't matter anyway because every one(except Farah,who
was waiting for Rid) was brought up to see the King.
	The king tells them that he now know the seriousness of the matter as
brought up by Zosimos, the Royal researcher.Zosimos tells Keel that he read his
papers and want Keel to help. Keel follows Zosimos off. The Audience is over.
They're now guests at the castle.
	Roin comes over and tells them that their room is on the 2nd floor. The room
to the left is Arlendy's room. Go in and the princess will thank you and tells you that it
was hilarious. Rid's piss off, but Roin barges in and pushes you out of the room. Go
to your room on the floor below. Meredy is cheerful as always, Rid decides to take a
nap as Farah drags Meredy to the next room inspite of Meredy asking why she can't
sleep with Rid? Meanwhile Zosimos and Keel is busy collecting data.
	When they're up, Keel come in to see them. Princess Arlendy then comes in
and with Roin as protective of her as always. She began to chat with Meredy. Roin
breaks up their conversation and says they have to go.
	Before you go,the Drawer next  to where Rid was sleeping has a lens. As
you go to the palace entrance, You'll hear a conversation between Roin and the
Princess. (Sorry,I didn't get any of this) As they left,Keel says that Zosimos must be
up to something. Follow them in to the Grandhall(Right wing is the prison, Left wing
is Guest rooms, Kitchen, Middle buiding is the Grand Hall)
	The King then declare a state of National Disaster. then leaves it to
Zosimos. Zosimos than says that the Celestian is ploting to destroys Inferian by the
Means of Grandfall.The king order the knights to ready. Zosimos tells them that by
using the "Bridge of Light" they can enter Celestia to stop the Grandfall. After
everyone leaves,
Keel ask Zosimos's intentions. Zosimos tells them that the only way to mobilize the
kingdom is to give them false information to declare a war. Farah asks about the
Bridge of Light. Zosimos tells them that the Bridge was discovered by Baril 30 years
ago. Farah is excited that an Inferian has been to Celestia.Zosimos walks off. Roin
comes in and tells them to go away for they're not need-ed. As they're walked out to
the gates, Roin give them "Jousen Pass" as their reward. Rid is piss that he means
to tell them to go away. Farah then tells Roin that the GrandFall is not cause by
Celestian. Roin dumps that notion and says that she means to tell him that the king
is Wrong? so they have to run off.
	Outside Farah ask Meredy what to do next. She tell them that getting all
Great spirits should be the best idea. Farah then cheerfully say that the objective
now will be the Bridge of Light and The Great Spirits. Rid is fustrated at Farah's
over cheerful attitude. Since you now have the pass, you can travel overseas
now. So head over to Inferia's Port. Before you leave., you can now enter the
observatory 5th floor and above. At the papers south of the Telescope, is the Lens
hidden in this building.

Inferia Port(181,108):
Lens: 1
Wonder chef Recipe: Fish Stew(Sakana nabe)
	Anchor in the Marine shop is the Wonderchef who will teach you Fish Stew
(Sakana nabe)(#10 )(Squid(Iga),Makerel,Cabbage,Daikon) The barrels near the
ship on  the right has a lens. They then set their destination to Barole where the next
spirit should be. As they board the ship, Keel then stay behind saying that he has to
continue the work with Zosimos. Farah says she understands as it has always been
his dreams. The party then left Keel behind as they set sail.
	On board the ship, They're sad about Keel's decision. Meredy is sad that
Keel is now something like her enemy, but Farah comforts her by telling her that
Keel just wants to learn new things and is not going to fight her.

Barole Port(57,41):
Items: Kite Shield(must pay 4,000 Gald), Armet Helm(must pay 1,440 Gald), Mitsuiru
no Kakera
Wonder chef Recipe: Squid Ring(Iga Ring)
Food Shop:
	There are chests lying around at the port ,but if you want it,  You're going to
have to pay for it. (Kite Shield  4,000 Gald, helmet)Squid ring(Iga Ring)(#7)(Squid(Iga),
Cabbage,Lemon)  is the Recipe you'll get from the wonder chef in the bottommost

Enemies: Striker, Carnivorous Plant, Rogue, Battler, Sorceress, Heavy Lifter,
Plant Vitor, Phantom, Grizley, Hammer slo,Mage, Sorcerer

Items: 1,000 Gald, Shamseal, Elixir
Lens: 1
Wonderchef Recipe: Steak, Gratan
Inn: Barole no 	120 Gald
Weapon Shop:
	-Palshizan(+155 Slash, +260 Thrust, +10 Accuracy)	              2,960 Gald
	-Steal Sword(+330 Slash,+240 Thrust, -2 Evade, -20 Accuracy)     2,400 Gald
	-Knight Saber(+150 Slash,+130 Thrust)			              1,600 Gald
	-Needle Glove(+210 Fist, +160 Foot, +5 Accuracy)	              2,400 Gald
	-Mace(+110 Attack)					              1,200 Gald
	-Wigusbue(+160 Attack)					              1,640 Gald
	-Chain Mail(+10 Defense)1				              1,900 Gald
	-Misty Robe(+14 Defense)				              1,440 Gald
	-Armet Helm(+5 Defense)				              1,440 Gald
	-Bracelet(+5 Defense)					              3,360 Gald
	-Buckler(+4 Defense, +2 Evade)					 460 Gald
	-Round shield(+9 Defense, +3 Evade)			              1,600 Gald
Jewel Shop:	Anagachi
	-Magic Mist(Reduce Escape time by half)		              6,000 Gald
	-Poison Check						              6,000 Gald
	-Paralyze Check(Prevent Paralyze status)		            24,000 Gald
Item Shop: 	Yojinba
	-Apple Gummy   		     	                                                  100 Gald
	-Orange Gummy                               				                  200 Gald
	-Mix Gummy				                	              1,000 Gald
	-Penecea Bottle                       		                           	 	  160 Gald
	-Life Bottle                                                        		    	 	  400 Gald
	-Flare Bottle						 	  600 Gald
	-Liquor Bottle					              	              1,200 Gald
	-Holy Bottle						 	  200 Gald
	-Dark Bottle						 	  200 Gald
	-Spectacle       			                                                   	    50 Gald
Food Shop:
	-Bread								    60 Gald
	-Pasta								    60 Gald
	-Bear Meat(Bear no Niku)					  150 Gald
	-Milk								    50 Gald
	-Cheese							    60 Gald
	-Cabbage							    60 Gald
	-Potato								    50 Gald
	-Carrot(Ninjin)							    50 Gald
	-Lemon								    60 Gald
	-Kiruma Fruit							    80 Gald

	When you get to the town, you see a man beating up a boy and Farah
rushes to help him and tells the man off. After the man has been beaten up, he says
that the boy was actually a thief and Farah is very frustrated. The man starts threat-
ening her butRace comes in and threatens him with all sorts of legal punishments
(Code 87, Inferia Law?). Farah then gets the Title "Hotheaded"
	You treat Race to lunch at the tarvern, and learn that he is a travelling mer-
chant, which is why he has such good knowledge of the law. He also asks if Farah
has always been so short-tempered. Rid says yes, and proceeds to recount a
whole lot of past experiences, until Farah is pissed with him. Race then brings out
a valuable pot and reveals that he's been to the Wind Spirit cave and will lead you
there for 50,000 gold. Select the second option and he'll let you go with him for free.
	The Fountain in the Middle oftown has 1,000 Gald(Easy Money). The Drunk
at the top of the bar is another Wonder Chef who tells you how to make Steak(# 8)
(Bear Meat(Bear no Niku), Potato,Carrot(Ninjin)) The Golden Pot in the Jewel shop
has another Lens, and Wardrobe in 2nd floor of the inn is another Wonder Chef ,
who teaches you Grantan(#12).(Bast, Milk, Lobster(Ebi), Cheese).
	When you meet Race at the innlater, Meredy hugs Race and that same
light that Rid had when Meredy hugs him appears and Meredy says that he also
has "Fibril".
	Go to the town's Public library, and you'll get a scene. It's Katerin, she
appears to be researching. When she turns to see the party, Farah asked her about
how did her trip to the capital went. Rid says that He doesn't know about this but now
this is Barole and it's not the capital for certain. Katerin then hastely walks off. Now
Head down to the cave.

Level: Same as Rid
Wears: Saint Rapier, Robe(+12 Defense, +1 Evade), Circlet
Skills: Fuuraijinken(Wind Thunder God Sword)(TP 8)(Wind,Electricity), Akisazeme
(Autamn Falling Rain)(TP 12),Souryurengazan(TP 12),Souryuzankoken(TP 16),Light
Title: Tabinoshyonin

	You can now try to get Recipe #29 Vitamin Drink by Mastering Fruit Juice
(#4),Vegetable Salad(#5) and Steak(#8). Mastering is to put 5 stars on a person(Anyone).

Sylph Cavern(27,65):
Enemies: Bone Knight, Gas Cloud, Dyer Wolf, Mad Eel, Meredy Song Pot, WIllow
Wisp, Bland Vitor, Hornet, Phantom
Items: Storm shield, Mix Gummy 2, 1,800 Gald, Assult Dagger, Orange Gummy,
Lemon Gummy, Arc Wind, Needle Glove, Life Bottle, Mental Ring
Lens: 1
	When you reach the entrance of the cave, you'll notice there are inferian
guards guarding the cave. Luckily(?), Race seems to know them as they make way
for you to enter the cave.
	In the cave, you have to step on the holes when air is pouring out, to get
push up. Check the poles in the first part of the cave to get Reis to tie a rope
between them.  At the camping point, Race ask you if you're gathering the Great
spirits? and show you the Compus Key, You proceed to tell Race why you're trying
to gather the Great Spirits. Up ahead  you'll soon see a path with 3 routes to take,
Take the middle one will cause you to fall down, but leads you to a treasue box.
At the topright edge of the hole is a Lens.(where the Assult Dagger is) Go in deeper
until you meet Sylph, The Wind Spirit. He will test you as well.

Boss: Sylph(NO.47)
HP: 6,600, 1,929 Exp, Wind
Attack 170, Defense 200, Magic 80
Strong against: Water30%,Fire30%,Electricity10%,Ice10%, Wind100%
Weak against: Earth100%
Attack: Air Slash Spell, Sylph Arrow, Cyclone
Drops: Protect Ring100%, Life Bottle100%
	While he doesn't have any invincible moves, The fact that he's always
floats up in the air still poses a challenge. Pound this two minion(Hard mode or
above) first and you'll have a much easier time with him. Do not let him use spells.
Stay with short combos since after about the 4th hit, he will warp back into the air and
you'll have to hit him down again. Use jumping attacks and moves like Kogarenzan
to bring him down. His Airslash can do alot of damage to you if not  becareful. If
you're unlucky, He will cast Cyclone on you, For Major damage! Try to stay off it and
keep using Life bottles to Stay in shape. After beating him, he joins you along with
the spell"Air Slash".
* Mix him with Shadow, the Dark Spirit to get Cyclone -the most powerful wind spell

	 As you leave the cave, Race leaves your party and Keels comes to see
you. He then  enters your party again. Now, put Sylph in Keel's Gauge to get the
spell "Heal" to have 2 healing characters. (Keel will be the same level as Meredy)

New Menu Item: Aerial Board
                 Sylph will give you the Aerial Board. Accessible from the menu -Square
button at the worldscreen. With it, you can cross rivers, oceans but you can't go in to
forests. Next, go to Chambard-the Desert town, East of Barole.

	Now that you've got the Aerial board, you can travel to amost any place in
-The opening in the mountains north of Barole, lies a secret screen where a woman
  who sells only strawberries stands(52,25)
-An old soldier is mumbling some stuff at(150,101)at the cape north west of Inferia city.
-Go to the clearing northwast of the Island that's northwest of Chambard, to get the
  Order "Taenotokionerae" and a lens(161,45)
-In the Middle of the Largest Island at the northwest corner of the Map, Northwest of
  Barole. You'll find a Savory and a Lavender(18,12)
-Small Island south of the Fire Cave has a Liqour Bottle and a Life Bottle
-Midorinokakera, Ryoukushouseki is at (39,36), Clearing in the mountains west of
  Barole and a little west of the strawberry peddler.
-Order: Attack Enemies in the Back(Ushirunotekionerae) is at (100,100),In the middle
  of only forest in the Farlos Mountain area
- Cape south west of Barole, the only grass area that looks isolated from the rest.
  The center of it has a lens.(13,74) The cape is where you'll see 3 islands leading
  out from it.
-	At any Port City, you can take a Boat trip for
Barole <-> Inferia Capital
1st Class	1,020 Gald
2nd Class	900 Gald
Mintche <-> Inferia Capital
1st Class 	840 Gald
2nd Class 	720 Gald
	Take a 1st Class boat trip , You'll find a White Cloak, A savory and a scene
with Katerin who is also taking that boat? in the Cafeteria of the ship. This will end the
trip for you. Take the boat trip again, This time 2nd class, goin to the room on the right.
the jars on the top of the room has a lens. Go on to the Deck for an Armet Helm, a
Cresent Axe, a Chain mail, and a Wigesbue. You can't get in to the Cafeteria, though.
It's for 1st class passengers only. However the chest only has an apple gummy. and
the buffet above yeilds  Bear meat(Bear no Niku) 3, Lemon 2, Lettuce 2,Onion
* Taking the 1st class trip does has advantages. The Man in the room on the right in
the 2nd class section is a peddler and he sells:
	-Lemon Gummy						              2,500 Gald
	-Pine Gummy						              3,000 Gald
	-Miracle Gummy					              6,000 Gald
	-Liquor Bottle						              1,200 Gald
	-Suishoseki						              6,000 Gald
	-Poison Check						              6,000 Gald
	-Shepus Mantle						              2,400 Gald

Enemies: Dodo,Rogue, Tarantula
Items: Rune Bottle, Elven Boot,
Lens: 1
Wonderchef Recipe: Pescatore, Carbanara
Inn 240 Gold
Mini-Game: Shanballon, Cooking Contest(10,000 Gald)
Weapon shop: Heat Up
	-Dhao Blade(+295 Slash,+285 Thrust) 		                              4,400 Gald
	-Crescent Axe(+300 Slash,+140 Thrust)			              2,200 Gald
	-Halberd(+300 Slash,+300 Thrust, -5 Accuracy)		              3,800 Gald
	-Pretty Horagai(+200 Attack,+8 Luck)			              3,160 Gald
	-Gem Rod(+200 Attack)					              3,200 Gald
Armor shop: Hot Shot
	-Ring Mail(+13 Defense)		 			              3,500 Gald
	-Cross Helm(+10 Defense)	 			              3,600 Gald
	-Gold Crest(+2 Defense,+8 Magic)			              3,560 Gald
	-Kite Shield(+13 Defense,+5 Evade) 			              4,000 Gald
Item Shop: Running Water
	-Apple Gummy							  100 Gald
	-Orange Gummy 						  200 Gald
	-Mix Gummy 						              1,000 Gald
	-Penecea Bottle 						  160 Gald
	-Life Bottle 							  200 Gald
	-Flare Bottle 							  600 Gald
	-Liquor Bottle 						              1,200 Gald
	-Holy Bottle 							  200 Gald
	-Dark Bottle 							  200 Gald
	-Spectacle 							    50 Gald
Cloth Shop: Shesrul
	-White Cloak(+8 Defense, +5 Evade)			              1,480 Gald
	-Silk Cloak(+10 Defense,+1 Magic, +2 Luck)		              1,840 Gald
	-Feather Robe(+9Defense,+2 Luck, +2 Evade)		              1,560 Gald
	-Blue Ribbon(+5 Defense)				              2,800 Gald
 	-Leather Mantle(+3 Defense)  					  100 Gald
	-Kitchen Mitten(+5 Defense,+5 Evade, Fire)		              3,560 Gald
Food Shop: Shan
	-Bread 								    60 Gald
	-Pasta								    60 Gald
	-Rice								  100 Gald
	-Bear Meat(Bear no Niku)					  150 Gald
	-Squid(Iga)							    80 Gald
	-Lobster(Ebi)							    80 Gald
	-Cheese							    60 Gald
	-Egg(Tamago)							    50 Gald
	-Milk								    50 Gald
	-Makerel							  200 Gald
	-Tofu								    60 Gald
	-Pressed Vegetable(Konyac)					    60 Gald
Food Shop: Bal
	-Lettuce								    60 Gald
	-Cabbage							    60 Gald
	-Potato								    50 Gald
	-Cucumber(Kyuri)						    50 Gald
	-Carrot(Ninjin)							    50 Gald
	-Onion(Tamanegi)						    50 Gald
	-Tomato							    80 Gald
	-Bead								    60 Gald
	-Daikon								    60 Gald
	-Lemon								    60 Gald
	-Strawberry(Ichigo)						    80 Gald
	-Banana							    50 Gald
	-Kiwi								    80 Gald
	-Kiruma Fruit							    80 Gald

	Now  you should have about 19 lens, go to see Elene(remember her from
Destiny? She works for Oberon Corperation,remember?), the purple haired woman
in the corner at the top of the screen.She'll give you the Combo Command as a
reward for you finding over 10 lens. Go to Bristol Chambard. the Champange in the
reception section near the statue is the wonder chef. Who teaches you Pescatore
(#3)(Bast,Lobster(Ebi),Squid(Iga), Tomato). The Top bed in the Hotel is the Wonder
chef who will teach the Recipe, Carbanara(#13)(Bast, Egg(Tamago),Cheese,Milk,
Bear Meat(Bear no Niku)) to you.Go to the Fountain  with the horse statue to get a
lens. now that you have 20 lens, collect Inferi Mantle from Elene.
	Go inside the Cloth Shop, You'll meet with Katerin(again!). She's got in to
trouble with the store attendent, who tries to sell her a dress for 23,000 Gald!
(payable in 12 installment)(I'm guessing here.can any one tells me this?) Farah
helps Katerin by saying NO all the time to the store attendent. Katerin then thanks
Farah and leaves. Talk to the Ballon Master (the man doing Tai-ji chuan)at the
Beach to play the Mini-game: Shanballon

Controls: Same as battle screen
Item: Usawa
	Beat the game and talk to Ai, the girl near the shamballon master. She'll
give you the Usawa.

Efreet Gorge(221,76):
	This place is Hot! There's Lava everywhere, so you can't continue on.
Keel will ask Undine to cool down the place for them. Undine says she'll do what
she can and she'll shield you from fire damage but her ablility in this place is limited.
<Undine HP: 13,627>  Undine's HP will go down as long as you're in the cave.

Enemies: Ogre, Fire Bird, Garo, Iron Golem, Rafel, Drake,Baldic
Items: Venom, Sage, Lemon Gummy, Flare Mantle, Lavender, Cross Helm, Fight
Shield, Life Bottle, Blue Ribbon, Bracelet, Rune Bottle.Akanokakera
Valuables: Sorcerer's Ring
Lens: 1
	Traveling onward, Keel will be exhausted at the camppoint. and they'll have
to rest. You'll see a bunch of doors, which Keel tries to open but says that it'll be
trigger by a light mechanism.

Boss: Efreet(NO,51)
HP:24,000, Exp, Fire
Attack, Defense, Magic
Weak against: Water
Strong against: Wind,earth,Ice,Electricity, Fire100%
Attacks: Fireball, Eruption, Explode, Burning Fist
Drops: Black Onyx100%, Flare Bottle100%
	He will try and force your party to the wall with Burning fist. You can never
get pass him and that's a fact. But since he's weak to Undine's spell just have your
mage cast spread to push him back. Rid should chip in with Kokarenzan to help.
The Flames below him can be hazardous to your health if not careful.

	Losing to you, Efreet still doesn't feels like helping. So Undine has to force
him in. Undine will ask you whose gauge will it be? and push that arragant spirit in
to the gauge. Acquiring the 3 spirits, their powers brought Rem - the light spirit to
appear. Farah will ask Rem about the GrandFall. Rem will tell them that the
GrandFall is Human's doing and she will not interfere. Rem then gives you the
Sorcerers ring(Press L1 to shoot) and leaves. Keels tries to get her to explain why is
the GrandFall the working of Humans? but fails. as you leave Meredy will ask you to
Frynge for the Eruption spell. Arrage the Spirits, Remember that Frynging Efreet with
Undine will give you the Sharpness spell(eventually). and the Concentrate when
Frynge with Sylph. (Requires Efreet to be at least Level5). Just take your pick.
*To get Explode the best fire spell, you'll have to wait for Volt, the Electricity Spirit.
	Go back to open the 3 doors earlier with the sorcerer's ring. Shoot the
switch with the ring again and a monster will come out. kill it to get the treasue.
(Akanokakera,Rune Bottle,and a Lens)
	Reaching the Camppoint, Keel ask Meredy how can the GrandFall have
been caused by Humans? Meredy proceeds to say that it was Baril,who
mastermind the GrandFall. Keel than gets mad at Meredy and says this is all the
Celestian's Fault. Farah comes in to protect Meredy and says that this isn't her fault.
Rid than ask them to point out that Baril may be the same man who discovers the
bridge. Keel says that's outragous! to think that an Inferian can do that is.. Rid then
says that then why is Celestian is capable of doing that? and to know all of it they'll
have to go to the Bridge of Light first. Meredy thanks Rid. Rid says that He don't
know where the bridge of Light is so don't thank him. Keel then mumbles up the
name" Farlos Mountain" and tells them that He's seen the bridge of Light up there
from the Telescope. Rid is impressed, Meredy then thanks Keel who says that he's
only doing it to see for himself the truth.

-Machine in the Water Labotory in Mintche has a lens
-Level up before you go, It'll be easier for you that way(playing the game in Mania
mode does require alot of Leveling up).The best place for you to level up(and get
killed) is the crescent island norrh of Farlos Mountain.There's Angus Beak gives
1%Sage, Arachna that gives 20%Resist Ring, and Super Star that only appears at
night that  gives  7% Reverse Doll. you'll have a good chance to beat the super star
at night when you're above level 40(normal).
	Now go the Farlos Mountain, SouthWest from Shanbal. It's the Island with
the Highest mountain in Inferia.

Enemies:Lost Soul, Grappler, Shaman

Farlos Church(93,110):
Skills: Keiseikou -resurrection-
Lens: 1
Peddler: Traveler's Supplier
	-Apple Gummy 							  100 Gald
	-Orange Gummy 						  200 Gald
	-Penecea Bottle 						  160 Gald
	-Life Bottle 							  400 Gald
	-Holy Bottle 							  200 Gald
	-Dark Bottle 							  200 Gald
	-Spectacle 							    50 Gald
Fortune teller
	As they rest for the night, Keel ask Meredy about Celestia. Meredy tells him
that it's quite different like no wind blows there.Keel is having a hard time believing
Meredy's story. Rid seems to be tired and wants to get an early rest to go to
 Celestia. Before going out of the room, get the Lens in the Wardrobe first. as you
are about to go out of the church. The priest will teach Farah, Keiseikou -a
resurrection skill. The nun right to the exit will sell you items.

Farlos Mountain:
Lens: 1
Enemies: Violent Viper, Killer Bee, Falsha Horns,Plairy Hawk, Grapler, Kimera,
Wyvern, Feather Magic,
Items: Crystal Robe,Duel Helm, Ankh Shield,Flare Bottle,Apple Gummy,Orange
Gummy, Emerald Ring, Fight Symbol, Lemon Gummy, Trident, 2,600 Gald, Life
	As you go up the mountain, a landslide accur and Farah is seperated from
the group. The rest decide to stay on course and continue the path up the mountain
because Keel thinks that Farah is strong enough to take care of herself. While on
the way up, Keel notice something and Rid tells Keel that they should still be looking
for Farah, and Keel told Rid to look below to see that Race has accompanied
Farah up on a seperate path. They then agrees to meet up at the top.
	Pass the section with the falling rock, They camp. And Keel noticed that the
party is strangely quiet especially Rid. Rid throw away that notion, and they sets off.
now you'll reach a section where a cliff is needed to be scale. Luckily, Race has left
some ropes behind in his climb. Control Quickie, Meredy's pet to set the rope path.
Here's the command
-Release Rope!
-Climb up
and all the ropes should now be hanging down for you to climb up. Continue upward
to the Bridge of Light. Meet with Farah and Race. Now Keel will introduce himself to
Race and Tells the party thar Race is an Imperial Knight of the Kingdom. Shoot the
door with the Sorcerer's Ring(Press R1), the door will open.
	Keel and Meredy goes up to the plater and assemble the spirits, Bringing
Rem out. Of course this is the bridge of LIGHTafter all! Rem will activate the bridge
of light and vanished.
	Race will tell you to stop and tells them that the 2 head kinght of the
kingdom are Rasis and Roin. and Accuse Keel of being a spy and tells them that's
why he know where the bridge of Light is. Rid will ask him how can he knows where
they'll be? Race will tell them that the Compass key he showed them earlier is
actually the Seyfert Key. Farah ask Race if he know anything about the GrandFall's
cause and why hasn't he tries to stop it. Race says he will not act outside of the
King's orders and tries to stop you from using the bridge of light, in the name of
Rasis Falmahalt- Senatus Knight of Inferia Kingdom.
Boss: Race Falmahalt(NO.70)
HP: 4,408, 1,000 Exp
Strong against: Wind75%,Water75%,Fire75%,Earth75%
Attack 142,Defense 700, Magic 100
Attacks:Fuuraijinken(Wind Thunder God Sword), Akisazeme(Autamn Falling Rain), Souryurengazan, Souryuzankoken
Drops: Heal Bangle100%, Leather Mantle100%
	He's too stupid to bother and though he retains all of his attacks. he can't
hurt  you more than 100 per slash which is so lame. try him in Mania mode to see
how stupid he is(must be the most stupid boss in all of the game!)
	Race crumbles and the party enters the bridge of light just when the
soldiers arrived. The party shoots up into the sky towards Celestia.

----------------------------------------------End of Disc 1---------------------------------------------------------


Cape Fortress(34,63):
Items: Miracle Gummy
Lens: 1
	Meredy will tell them that the town of Imen is near.
Enemies: Grass Hopper,Pit Beast, Night Flyer,River Jingle,Rapid Rabbit,Pas Beatle
Since the wind doesn't blows, your precious Aerial board is not available.

Items: Stripe Ribbon, Orange Gummy
Valuables: Eter Poke 2,
Lens: 1
Wonderchef Recipe: Zarame Rice, Amanin Tofu
Weapon and Armor Shop: Paps Imen
	-Saw Saber(+355 Slash,+350 Thurst,+5 Accuracy) 	              8,000 Gald
	-War Hammer(+370 Slash,+370 Thurst,-10 Accuracy)	              9,000 Gald
	-Bardische(+410 Slash,+300 Thurst)			              8,400 Gald
	-Gradius(+)						              8,400 Gald
	-Silver Knuckle(+					              7,600 Gald
	-Ruby Wand(+						              7,200 Gald
	-Splint Mail(+						              8,000 Gald
	-Amber Cloak(+						              7,800 Gald
	-Crystal Robe(+						              4,200 Gald
	-Duel Helm(+						              5,000 Gald
	-Striped Ribbon(+					              5,200 Gald
	-Fine Shield(+						              6,000 Gald
Food Peddler: Fudou Imen
	-Bread					  			    60 Gald
	-Rice								  100 Gald
	-Cheese				  			    60 Gald
	-Milk					  			    50 Gald
	-Tusk Meat	  		 	  			    50 Gald
	-Lettuce					 			    60 Gald
	-Cabbage				 			    60 Gald
	-Cucumber				 			    50 Gald
	-Tomato				 			    80 Gald
	-Banana			 	 			    50 Gald
	-Kiwi					 			    80 Gald
	-Amango				 			    80 Gald
	-White Sode			 				    60 Gald
Item Peddler: Els Imen
	-Apple Gummy							  100 Gald
	-Orange Gummy						  200 Gald
	-Mix Gummy						              1,000 Gald
	-Lemon Gummy						              2,500 Gald
	-Penecea					   		 160 Gald
	-Life Bottle							  400 Gald
	-Flare Bottle							  600 Gald
	-Liquor Bottle						              1,200 Gald
	-Holy Bottle							  200 Gald
	-Dark Bottle							  200 Gald
	-Spectacle							    50 Gald
               at Imen, Meredy introduces you to Sagura,Brandat,Hamilto, the party will
went to Meredy's house to rest. At the Spirit pump in the middle of town, As you
speak to Lotte, Ponz will give Meredy the Eterpoke 2 The Funny Robot in the Living
Room of Meredy's House where Rid sleeps is the Wonder Chef with the Recipe for
Zarame Rice(#27)(Tusk Meat(Tusk no Niku),Tomato,Onion(Tamanegi),Rice,White
Sode).The glass table in the middle of the room has a lens.
	Talk to Farah in the Room upstairs, get the striped ribbon in this room and
go to the library, find Keel who has kept Meredy up all night translanting. After taking
Meredy back to her home to sleep. go back to the Library. Opened book in the
Library has the Amanin Tofu Recipe(#18)(Milk,Amango,Banana,White Sode)
	Go to the Blacksmith shop, Talk to Kukurol. Keel and Kukurol agrees to
work on weapons together and Keel is  very happy. Go to the Weapon shop talk to
Sagura to learn about Celestia and it's technology. Examine the Tube and Sagura
will tell you about the Train gauge. He'll sell it for 2,000 Gald. Go back to see Meredy.
She calls Galenosthrough some werid looking gadget called Elara who suggest
you see him in Luishka. As you go out of town, Hamilto will come and tells Meredy to
be careful. Rid and Farah then pulls Keel away from their conversation?

Imen Station(60,70):
	You learn from the train staff that you'll need fuel to operate the train.
Remember the train gauge? now this is when it comes in handy. go back Sagura in

Valuables: Train Guage
	Keel will ask about this Galenos person. Meredy says that Galenos is the
one who sends her to Inferia and that she is his apprentice. Meredy now get the title
"Spirit Engineer" Get the Train gauge for 2,000 Gald. Now that you have fuel, go
back to the station.

Imen Station(60,70):
               Now that you've got the Train Gauge you can now take the train to Luishka
Station. You'll have to play the Minigame: Spirit Train.

- Spirit Train-
Controls: O to drop bombs
	Try to drop bombs as the enemy enters the screen and keep an eye on the
tracks. when it is near, your bombs will hit it's target easily. when it's apart, you'll
have to time it slightly different.

Luishka Station(115,71):
Weapon Shop: Es Luishka
	-Great Sword						              6,600 Gald
	-Silver Knuckle						              7,600 Gald
	-Memory Whistle 					              8,000 Gald
	-Splint Mail 						              8,000 Gald
	-Amber Cloak 						              7,800 Gald
	-Crystal Robe 						              4,200 Gald
	-Duel Helm						              5,000 Gald
	-Striped Ribbon						              5,200 Gald
Item Shop: Tein Luishka
	-Apple Gummy							  100 Gald
	-Orange Gummy						  200 Gald
	-Mix Gummy						              1,000 Gald
	-Lemon Gummy					                              2,500 Gald
	-Pine Gummy						              3,000 Gald
	-Penecea Bottle						  160 Gald
	-Life Bottle							  400 Gald
	-Flare Bottle							  600 Gald
	-Liquor Bottle						              1,200 Gald
	-Holy Bottle							  200 Gald
	-Dark Bottle							  200 Gald
	-Spectacle							    50 Gald
Food Shop: Fudo Luishka
	-Rice								  100 Gald
	-Tusk meat							  150 Gald
	-Cabbage							    60 Gald
	-Potato								    50 Gald
	-Onion								    50 Gald
	-Tomato							    80 Gald
	-Bead								    60 Gald
	-Tofu								    60 Gald
	-Red Sode							    60 Gald
	-White Sode							    60 Gald
	-Black Sode							  100 Gald

Wonder chef Recipe: Nigari Ma-po, Hot Borscht
	They arrive in the town, surprise to see it destroyed. Meredy tells them that it
resulted from the use of the Ultimate light Magic(Kyoukouzyutu) and says Galenos
knows more about this than she does.
               Continue up the path to the house at the top of the town. Go to the bedroom
and the waste basket there will provide you with Nigari Mapo(#22)(Tofu,Tusk Meat
(Tusk no Niku),Red Sode, White Sode) recipe. You'll meet Galenos in the Lab to
the right sectionof the home. Galenos thanks you for helping to gather Inferia's Great
spirits. Keel ask Galenos about theGrand Fall.
	Galenos then proceed to explain about the Grand Fall. that it has been
started here by Baril with the Ultimate light Magic. Fibril is the power of the gods, and
Nereid, the god of Destruction is the cause of this. He goes on the explain that some
Inferian has this Fibirl in them. Keel and Farah turns to Rid, who make a hastely
retreat back. Galenos then askRid to go down for a clear inspection. Follow
Galenos back to the Lab.
	Farah and Meredy will go upstairs to sleep. Farah will ask Meredy about
her parents. Meredy says that her parents died. Farah appolagize but Meredy says
that she isn't lonely because she has Galenos, Keel, Rid,and Farah to keep her
company. and they went to sleep.
 	After examining Rid, Galenos tells them that he'll have to go to Orbas plane
to check out something to be sure. Galenos than tells them about Baril's Castle and
the only way to get there is to go to the town of Peruti to take a ship there. Peruti is
west of here. you'll have to go through the mountain to reach it. Before you leave, go
up the screen to the second screen from the town entrance. You'll see an odd
looking wooden box hidden amongst the ruins. It's wonder chef time! againand this
time is the Hot Borsht Recipe(#21)(Bead,Cabbage,Potato,Red Sode)
	Now go back to Luishka Station. Take the train to the Mine Station. Another
Minigame is in order. This time it's the Abandon Mine Minigame
-Abandon Mine-
Enemies: Hard Horns, Flying Soul
	Try to take them out when they enters the screen. you'll have a better chance
of doing so when the tracks come close together. If you fail. you'll have to take on 2
Hard Horns, and 3 Flying Souls which is not hard if you take my advice and trained
at the Crecent Island before(you could easily get level 35-40+ there)

Mine of Gnome:
Enemies: Gentalman,Jealous, River Jingle,Hard Horns, Blood Sucker, Roller Snail,
Fang Snail,Night Flyer,Tetra Tusk, Living Sword
Items: Gold Bracelet,Savory,Red Line Shied,Lemon Gummy, Rune Bottle, Miracle
Gummy, Belbane, Hourglass, Ruby wand, Gnome Pick,Rabbit Symbol,Bear Claw,
Ogre Lance, Mitril Crest, Couldron no Supu
Valuables: Wis
Lens: 1
	Enemies in here are more ground based and weak to electricity. Use
Senkusouhazan to get an upperhand in here. You can rest in the miner's locker
room to heal HP,TP Now search the locker, you'll find 3 options
-Shovel (to dig/clear debris)
-Dynamite (to blow up boulders)
-Key (to operate Lift)

	First select Dynamite to blast off the boulder blocking the path. Pull lever to
get Hourglass then selct shovel and clear the debris blocking the way ahead. Dig
on a crack before the treasure chest that holds a Pine gummy to get Couldron no
supu, one of 7 treasures of Celestia. (Do not open it! it'll poison your party.) Go back
and select Dynamite again to blow the rock near the lift. Go and take the Key to
operate the lift.
	After going down the lift, Keel decides to camp and everyone agrees
except Rid(who isn't tired one bit). now everyone is bored, Meredy suggest that they
play "Wis",a game popular in Imen.

- Wis-
	Unlike other minigames, this one is accessible anytime from the item menu.
<-,-> to select card
O to play card
X to pass
Square to quit game

	now that you've played(or not?) Wis, Meredy will give the card set to you.
Go down the hidden path below for a Gnome Pick. Go further and you'll see a
boulder blocking you again. This time you don't have to go all the way back to the
locker room to get the Dynamite. Before the boulder screen, there's a switch that
operates a coveyer belt. Using it will give you the Dynamite you need.
	Now you enters the Gnome village, Little Gnomes are excited that humans
have enterd their vilage. The party are fustrated and Keel tells them that they are
here to see the "Great" Spirit(Apparently these little gnomes aren't that "Great"). they
think for a while and leaves to inform the Head Gnome. Lower left corner of the
village there is a lens hidden. As usual, this one isn't going to co-operate easily.

Boss: Gnome(NO.59)
Element: Earth
HP: 16,160
Weak against: Wind
Strong against: Water,Fire,Ice,Electricity, Immune to Earth
Attacks: Crive Drive,Summon Gnome,Grow in size
Gives: Moon Crystal, Rune Bottle
	Little elves in the back will throw some nut at you once in a whille. So try and
end this quick. He will tries to ram you with his nose and plow you to the ground. He's
weak to Wind so use Sylph's spells to gain an advantage. His Summon Gnome is
stupid and if you train your character well, it'll do little damage. You can even win this
fight with only Rid alive! and using only Majinkens(when he's far) and
Senkusouhazan (when he's about to do Crive dive).Run away from his Growth attack
when he jumps up(he will appear in an opposite direction). The only thing to worry
about is his raming that gets over 15 hits and leaves you stunned.
	Downed him and Meredy will release Sylph and Efreet to talk to him. Gnome
will be surprise to see the two. Sylph says to Gnome that Undine is also here.
Meredy then release Undine to talk to Gnome. Undine tells him that Rid and the
party is serius about stopping the Grand Fall. Gnome understands and tells you
which gauge should he enters?
	Now if you place Gnome with Undine, You'll get Acid Rain when Undine's at
Level 10 and Gnome is at Level 5. When Placed with Sylph, you'll get a Mental
Check effect when Gnome is at Level 5 and Sylph is at Level 10. Efreet Level 12 and
Gnome Level 9 brings you Flame Wall. Also, since you have Gnome now you have
"Rock Break" his starting spell as well.
*He's Better off with Shadow Later(Give Grand Dusher)
	As you leave,Farah will ask Gnome to get you out of here. Gnome than
orders his crew to dig a path. Little Gnomes will burrow a way out for you(it's was
their entrance but the size was too small for you), So you can leave.

Enemies: Happy Snail, Grass Hopper, River Jingle

Chat Hut:
Enemies:Skull Warrior, Criminal, Cool Police,Living Sword,Shadow Servant, Murder
Items:Pine Gummy 3,Soul Eater, Gold shell, Penecea Bottle, Mithril Helm, Pretty
Robe, Blue Talisman,Lemon Gummy, Mix Gummy, Emerald ring, 4,000 Gald, Old
Lens: 1
Wonder chef Recipe: Mitsu Ramen
	As you enter the place, no one is home. Farah tries to look if anyone is
around, but found nothing.  As you leave the door opens. Rid and the party decide
to go in. Once inside, there still isn't a sign of anyone. Entering the living room,
Meredy is happy to see a couch and starts to jump on it. Sleeping gas comes out
knocks your party unconcious.
	Meredy is the first to awaken and goes outside to look around. She comes
in to wake everyone to find that they're deep underground. Rid is fustrated and
everyone decides to look for the way out, The Clock in the living room has the
wonder chef with  the recipe"Mitsu Ramen"(#15)(Banyamen,Cabbage,White Sode).
The Mask here sells you.
200 Gald -Apple Gummy
500 Gald -Apple Gummy 2, Orange Gummy 1
1,000 Gald -Orange Gummy 2, Life Bottle 1

B8: 	you'll see a hole in the center of the room, Meredy tries to have Quickie
enters it to see what is inside. bu he's too big.in the furthest room to the right, you'll
see a toy duck, which Meredy says she use to have one like it. Keel says that's Ch
ildish isn't it?(I may be wrong here) and Meredy gets mad. Take the Toy Duck and
go in to the furthest left room and have Meredy. start the Rulet machine. go back to
the hall and go the right. take the first door and you'll see a room with 5 lightbulbs.
select the middle one to start the rulet.  Lit all 5 bulbs and the arrow will randomize.
That is the direction the door can be open. you'll need to make the left door
accessible to get the windup key. Use both the windup key and the toy duck on the
hole in the hall and the door will open.
B7:  	Push the Armor blocking the first door on the right pathby going in from the
back to fall down  to get the Windup key. Push the Armor blocking the third door on
the left path to get the toyduck.
B6 	In the first room to the left (from the entrance) switch on the machine(Keel will
be angry that you're snooping around doing what you don't know a thing about). in
the 2nd room use shoot with the sorcerer's ring to find the real door(the one in front of
you) to get the toyduck and a Pretty Robe. Go back to the hall, shoot the wall on the
right to reveal a door.go through the first door and shoot the wall left of the door to
see the real one. go and get the windup key.
B5: 	In each room there are a Quiz, Correct answer will get you an item. Wrong or
no answer(not select in time) will enter you in to a battle with 2 Criminals and a
Murder. at the furthest room on the right,answer the first one to get Lemon Gummy
on the left path,1st room from the right - answer 3rd one to get Windup key
In middle room,answer first answer for Mix Gummy
In 3rd room, answer 2nd answer for Pine Gummy
In the 4th room, answer 3rd answer for the Toyduck.
B4:	Wardrobe in right path has the windup key
Refrigerator in left path always triggers a battle
Laundry shoot has the Toy Duck.
The oldbox below the cooking stove has a lens.
B3:	 Left path, place statue over switch to get Mitsukumo in the right path
get the Windup Key in the first room and put statue in the middle of the conveyer to
stop you from missing the door to get the Toy Duck.
B2:	Rotate the 3 portriats of the heroes of Tales of Destiny to match the
non-rotatable ones.
Stahn- Left
Philia- Upside down
Rutee- Left
get the Toyduck from the room on the right path and get the windup key from the
room on the left
B1:	 Toyduck is in the room to the right, push all barrels to get it
the crate above the vegetable box has a lens
put all the books in the leftroom back on to the shelves to get windup key.
put the duck in to the hole and the Guardian appears.

Boss: Guardian(NO.245)
HP 30,000, 3,000 Exp,210 Gald
Attack 200, Defense 800,Magic 100
Strong against: Electricity100%
Weak against: Water100%, Fire20%, Ice20%
Attacks: Power sword, Fire balls, Full slash, Charging strike
Drops: Rune Bottle100%, Pine Gummy100%
	Kill him any way you please. he's a piece of cake.
	When you come out , Chat will greet you and tells you that she's Ifreed's
granddaughter. Ifreed-the famous pirate in history. The party is surprise to know
that she's a girl. Chat is fustrated. She says that you're good to beat the dungeon? (I
don't know anything about this) As you're about to leave, Chat says that since she's
Ifreed's granddaughter, she has Ifreed's ship-The Van Eltia. She will allow
passage on her ship but she's in need of crews. You will have to be her crew for the
meantime. Being her crew, you'll have to call her "Captain" and answer "Aye Aye,
Sir!" as a response.

The Van Eltia:
New Menu Item: Van Eltia
Lens: 1
	She shows you the Van Eltia which is docked underground.
Take the lens from the engine. Follow her up to the Bridge and set sail for Peruti.
	While sailing, Chat ask about Quickie and acts childish about it.

	You soon hit Peruti's Icy port, and surprise to see her throwing away her
"Captain" act(apparently after being childish and everyone's watching has made
her realise that keeping this act isn't going to work?) Peruti is freezing and everyone
feels it, all except Meredy. Rid ask Keel what he thinks only to find out that he freezes
Enemies: Rapid Rabbit, Night Flyer
Items: Apple Gummy
Wonder chef Recipe: Ebichiriri, Shibu Sushi
Inn: 2,000 Gald
Weapon and Armor Shop: Es Peruti
	-Destroyer(+						            12,000 Gald
	-Demon Javelin(+					            12,000 Gald
	-Trident(+		 			   	              6,400 Gald
	-Crystal Shell(+400 Fist, +420 Foot, +5 Accuracy)		            12,000 Gald
	-Skull Staff(+380 Attack,+5 Magic,-10 Luck)		            11,200 Gald
	-Total Bag(+400 Attack)					            11,800 Gald
	-Plate Mail(+						            12,000 Gald
	-Bloody Robe(+14 Defense,+5 Evade, Dark) 	  	              8,800 Gald
	-Check Ribbon(	+					            10,000 Gald
	-Golden Bracelet(+				  	              9,600 Gald
	-Ankh Shield(+ 					  	              5,200 Gald
Fish shop: <CLOSED>
Item shop:
	-Apple Gummy					                                  100 Gald
	-Orange Gummy	      					  200 Gald
	-Mix Gummy						              1,000 Gald
	-Lemon	Gummy						              2,500 Gald
	-Pine Gummy						              3,000 Gald
	-Penecea Bottle						  160 Gald
	-Life Bottle							  400 Gald
Cloth shop:
	-Penecea Bottle						  160 Gald
	-Life Bottle							  400 Gald
	-Liquor Bottle						              1,200 Gald
	-Holy Bottle							  200 Gald
	-Dark Bottle							  200 Gald
	-Spectacle					 		    50 Gald
	-Frost Check(Prevent Frozen status)			            20,000 Gald

	The Stove in the fish shop is the wonder chef who has the recipe for
"Ebichiriri"(#19)(Lobster(Ebi),Tomato,Red Sode)  Now try and get Recipe #35,
Tuna Paella by Masterwing Squid Ring (#7), Ebichiriri (#19), and Zarame Rice (#27)
(put 5 star on any character).Try going in to the Fishshop and you'll see that it can't
open because of the weather.
	At the Hotel, you unfroze Keel and when you talk to Pink haired man, you
learn that this insane weather is the doing of the Ice Spirit-Celsius. You tell him that
you're going to take care of this.
	At the upper right corner, there's a little creature that looks like a cat. but
this is Celestia version of a cat call" Merekiss". Go upstairs to the 2nd room, to find
a ill-placed snowman(who doesn't melt) who is actually the wonder chef for the
recipe"Shibu Sushi"(#25)(Rice,Mackerel,Lobster(Ebi),Black Sode). When you enter
the cloth shop, the shopkeeper tells you that Gaston has already ordered cloths
suitable for snow travel for you(Gaston was the man with the pink hair).Talk to the
storekeeper and Rid will automatically(or forcibly) get his snowwares. Talk the
others to get them to change and then Choose these cloths for them.
Poncho - Farah(2nd option/lower left)/Left changer
Cape - Meredy(3rd option/right side)/middle changer
Over Mantle - Keel(1st option/top right)/right changer
	Before leaving buy a Frostcheck. It'll come in handy over the battle on
Mountain Celsius.

Mountain Celsius(28,96):
Enemies:Hunch Back,Ice Tiger, Snow Lobster, Gallow's Bird,Shadow Serveant,
Flying Soul,Big Foot, Terror
Items:Elixir 2, Aqua Mantle,Liquor Bottle 3, Frost Check,Rune Bottle,Silver Cloak,
Flare Bottle 2,Sage, Miracle Gummy,
Valuables: Freeze Ring
Battle Pick,Old Divide,Lavender,Hourglass
Lens: 1
	The snowstorm is so dense here. So, Meredy ask Efreet to help them get
through, Efreet then burns through the whole area with his flame. Some enemies in
the area has a Freezing attack that inflicts Freeze status upon you. Froze characters
will be opened to all kind of damages. You might face a gameover more sooner
than you think, so try to put a Frostcheck on atleast one character to make sure
you're not all effected by it. Equip a Flamebarge to get additional damages(better
than even the Destroyer!) Ahead, you'll see blocks of ice in your way. You'll have to
use the sorcerer's ring to melt it. and most of the time, Monsters will come out of it
2 Terror(NO.113)(10% Penecea Bottle)
2 Big Foot(NO.111)(Grand Roller, Freeze Lanucher)(7%Sage,8%Pine Gummy)
	Continue on to find 2 Iceslides up ahead, and 2 spots which when you walk
on, will collapse. The lower one has a lens. Continue further, you'll have to downed
a column of red ore to make a bridge to go through(this is done automatically).
	You'll find Celsius thinking to herself. Unable to get attention, Efreet tries to
talk to her. But only ends up making her nervous and attacks.

Boss: Celsius(NO.48)
HP: 33,333, 2,000 Exp, Ice
Attack 264, Defense 300, Magic 80
Strong against: Water50%,Earth50%,Wind50%,Electricity50%, Ice100%
Weak against: Fire20%
Attacks: Hyouhanpo(Phase through),Shishisenkou,Icicle Fall,Ice roar,
Freeze Launcher
Drops: Resist Ring100%, Frost Check100%
	Her Ice roar, if connect can be Major trouble for you. In Mania, It can take
away more than 3,000 HP in 3 hits. She's a close-range fighter and would attack
more with Shishisenkou or Ice roar more than spells. You can even have Rid just
use Majinkens to keep her at bay(this even works in Mania mode). Keep your
character alive and well always and this battle should be easy.
	Celsius is down and Gnome will talk to her instead of Efreet. She will
understands what's going on and will help you now. You'll get a Freeze ring
(Press L1 to shoot). She will ask which gauge to enter(as always isn't it?)
Nurse			Celsius Lv.10 x Undine Lv.1 (Best Choice right now)
Blizzard			Celsius Lv.12 x Sylph Lv.15
+Freeze Guard		Celsius Lv.10 x Efreet Lv.10
Resist			Celsius Lv.10 x Gnome Lv.7
*She'll be better off with Volt Later(Gives Absolute)
	Now Frynge to get Freeze Launcher. Take the Hourglass, Lavender,and
Elixir then leaves.

Peruti:(After snow melts)(34,101):
Lens: 2
Items: Mackerel Gummy
Valuables: Merekiss Badge, Celesti Map
Wonderchef Recipe: Hiya Piri Chinese
Shop: same except Food shop,2 Peddlers
Food shop:
	-Mackerel							  200 Gald
	-Lobster							    80 Gald
	-Squid(Iga)							    80 Gald
	-Pasta								    60 Gald
	-Tusk Meat(Tusk no Niku)					  150 Gald
	-Cheese							    60 Gald
	-Egg(Tamago)							    50 Gald
	-Milk								    50 Gald
	-Rice								  100 Gald
	-Banyamen							    60 Gald
	-Kiwi								    80 Gald
	-Amango							    80 Gald
	-Red Sode							    60 Gald
	-White Sode							    60 Gald
	-Black Sode							  100 Gald
Item Peddler:
	-Dark Bottle							  200 Gald
	-Holy Bottle							  200 Gald
	-Spectacle							    50 Gald
Bottle Peddler:
	-Penecea Bottle						  160 Gald
	-Life Bottle							  400 Gald
	-Liquor Bottle						              1,200 Gald

	Enter the town to see that it is restored. Gaston will invite you to his room in
the Hotel. Rid, with the mentioning of food quickly follows. When they're in Gaston's
room instead of food, Gaston offers them memberships of Shileska, an organization
built to destroy Baril. Farah agrees to join up. Gaston joyfully tells them that they're
dentified by the Merekiss badge that they wear. Meredy tells him that these people
aren't Celestians but are Infact Inferians. Gaston accepts that and goes on to say
that the Leader of Shileska is Fog. Keels then says that they're going to Tinnsia.
Gaston then pinn a Merekiss badge on Keel. After the discussion is over, Food is
brought in with Rid the most joyful of all.
	That night, Meredy recieves a call from Imen through her Elara Alarm and
asked Farah to go back to Imen before going ot Tinnsia. Farah agrees. Next
morning, Gaston is fustrated that you'll not be going with him. Keel ask how can they
get in now that they're not going with him? Gaston assures them that the badge is
enough proof and gives them a Celestia Mapfor directions.
	Go to the pond in the center of the town and inspect the Monk statue who is
the Wonderchef with the recipe Hiya Piri Chinese(#17)(Banyamen,Egg(Tamago),
Tusk Meat(Tusk no Niku),Cucumber(Kyuri),Red Sode). At the middle screen(with
the Hotel) you'll encounter 3 fellow who after introducing themselves to you runs off.
Near that is the Cargo containing crabs with a lens in it. At the port , you'll see a
woman, Rishtia painting the landscape picture of the ocean the tree near the
	Recipe #34, Spagetti Soup is now available by Mastering Pascatore (#3),
Hiya Piri Chinese(#17), and Hot Borscht (#21)
	You tells Chat that you want to go to Imen. Chat ask you can you steer the
<-,-> to steer
O is forward
X is Backward
Square is the Ship's Menu
	-Depart to land *appears when at shore,town
	-Dock at Town *appears when at town
                 Chat is also recruitable now. She will be in the Van Eltia's Engine room.

Level: Same as Rid's
Wears: Chat's Bag,Amber CloackIfreed's Hat,Pinyon
Skills: Picohan, Rob Item
Title: Captain

	Now you have Sea travel. you can now access these locations(Alot more
but I should only point out key ones. the other will be point out by co-ordinates later)

-Red Belbane, Red Lavender, (217,70) Below Tinnsia, there is 4-5 little islands that
  forms an arrow pointing in to the forest covered shores, follow that arrow and some
  where not far from that shore is the item screen.
-Lens,(60,126),Right of Seyfert Shrine. there is a stream that runs from a lake. above
it is a small passage through the mountain. the lens is there in the secret screen.
-4,000 Gald, (177,31), Lowerleft cove of the Big star-shaped Island above Tinnsia
-Order: Full Attack(Totsukekishiro), (81,38) In the Celesti map, you'll see a river at
the  top of the continent where Imen and Luishka is located that is exactly at the
middle  of the continent. go to where that river flows into the sea. the Left Cove from where  you see is the screen in which this order lies.
-Order: Use Low TP skills(Komakaiwazaotsukae), (131,116), East of Chat Hut, follow
  the river to end at an edge of a forest. Goin to the forest for this Order.
-Chat's Poihan Skill, (183,130), In Celesti map, you'll see strands of Islands link by
  shallow waters. the Bigest Island in the middle of  the strand is where Chat's skill is.

Lens: 1
	You'll see the town is wrecked, Meredy suddenly runs off. You went through
the town to find that Kukurol is dead, Lotte is lying on the ground. Meredy's house in
ruins. Go to the Library. At the Library, you'll see Sagura thrown out at you. And a
familliar face is harrassing Meredy and Ponz.

Boss: Hades(NO,225)
HP 45,000, Exp,Dark
Strong against:
Weak against: Holy
Attacks: Gas Aura, Grand Shake
	He's subceptible to Chat's Picohan. So use this to your advantage.

	After the battle, Meredy appolagizes to Keel for running off. Sagura saids
nothing and leaves. Ponz will ask for Lotte. At the weapon shop, Sagura moarn the
lost of Hamilto and Brandat. Keel and Rid than tries to explain to Sagura that this is
Baril's fault, because Hades is Baril's subordinate.Ponz will ask Sagura about
Lotte. Sagura looks at him and Rid walks out to moarn for the dead alone.
	Sagura and Ponz finally come to terms with the lost and the party sets off for
Tinnsia, west of Imen.  now go back and search the broken display case in the
weapon shop for a lens.

Items: Rune Bottle
Lens: 1
Minigame: Eating Contest
Wonder chef Recipe: Okoge Sandwich, Sweet Pafe
Inn Ai Tinnsia 	3,800 Gold
Food Shop: Fudou Tinnsia
	-Bread							                    60 Gald
	-Pasta						                                    60 Gald
	-Rice								  100 Gald
	-Tusk Meat							  150 Gald
	-Cheese							    60 Gald
	-Egg(Tamago)							    50 Gald
	-Milk								    50 Gald
	-Banyamen							    60 Gald
	-Kiwi								    80 Gald
	-Banana							    50 Gald
	-Amango							    80 Gald
	-White Sode							    60 Gald
	-Black Sode					                                  100 Gald
Weapon and Armor Shop: Es Tinnsia
	-Onibouchou(+500 Slash,+470 Thurst)			            20,000 Gald
	-Battle Pick(+					                            12,400 Gald
	-Qatar(+						            17,600 Gald
	-Dragon Fang(+470 Fist,+440 Foot,+10 Accuracy)		            18,800 Gald
	-Charge Rapier(+				                            17,600 Gald
	-Battle Suit(+22 Defense,-3 Evade)			            16,800 Gald
	-Pretty Mitten(+						            14,800 Gald
	-Paralyze Check(Prevent Paralyze Status)		            24,000 Gald
Item Shop: Tein Tinnsia
	-Apple Gummy							 100 Gald
	-Orange Gummy 						 200 Gald
	-Mixed Gummy 						              1,000 Gald
	-Lemon Gummy 					              2,500 Gald
	-Pine Gummy 						              3,000 Gald
	-Miracle Gummy 					              6,000 Gald
	-Penecea Bottle 						  160 Gald
	-Life Bottle 							  400 Gald
	-Flare Bottle 							  600 Gald
	-Liquor Bottle 						              1,200 Gald
	-Holy Bottle 							  200 Gald
	-Dark Bottle 							  200 Gald
	-Spectacle 							    50 Gald

Near the Gnome statue, Rishtia painting her painting again. The Gnome statue has
a lens. Elene is in Tein:Tinsha, the item shop. You should have more than 30 lens
by now so get the Celesti Mantle from her.

- Sushi eating Contest-
In this game, you'll contest against  the Mighty Kongman (from Tales of Destiny) to
beat him at eating. you'll have to pay 2,000 Gold to challange him.
White plate 100 points
Red plate 300 points
Yellow plate 800 points
O to eat
X to drink tea(Bring Bar down a little).
	Eat until your meter is more than half red, then drink some tea to bring it
back down. Try to get all the yellow plates, since those are worth 800 compare to
300, 100 for Red and White. Winning, will gain Rid the Title "Fast Eater".
	The statue of a Merekiss in Marine shop is actually the wonder chef with the
recipe for Okoge Sandwich(#16) (Rice,Tusk Meat(Tusk no Niku),Onion(Tamanegi),
Black Sode) The statue of a bird near the reception at the Hotel has the Recipe for
Sweet Pafe(#20)(Milk,Banana,Amango,Kiwi,White Sode)
	Now you can get Recipe #28,Fruit Sandwich by, Mastering Sandwich(#2),
 Amanin Tofu(#18) and Sweet Pafe(#20).and Recipe#30,Chikara Niku Udon by
Mastering Hamburger (#1), Mitsu Noodle Soup(#15) and Okoge Sandwich(#16).
	The boat at the farside of town is Shileska Headquater.

Shileska Headquater:
Lens: 1
	Once inside you'll be assulted.
Shileskahei(NO.234) x 8
HP 8,000 , 100 Exp, 100 Gald
Attack220, Defense 800, Magic 1000
Drops:Apple Gummy30%, Banyamen40%
Steal: White Sode100%
	Chat's Picohan comes in very handy in this battle of duking out at close
range. Chat,Farah and Rid are the main key to an easy battle. Keel is of better use
than Meredy in this one. Keep Keel's Attack bar at 5 and 1 on both spell bars.
	Beat all Shileskahei and Aira will come out to greet you. She says that this
routine is needed for their safety.She then shows you the Location of Baril's castle.
	 The party ask what the Shileska will do because Baril has a very powerful
Fibril. Aira then shows them the BIG spirit cannon they've got. The only problem is
it's too big to be of any use. Aira leads you to see Fog, the leader of Shileska.
Farah agrees to help them defeat Baril, and Keel comes up with an idea to solve
their problems. By using the Parasol developed by Galenos to collect the Great
Spirits, He should be able to modify a Spirit Cannon small enough to fit on to a ship
and still has the same firepower. However,The Lightining spirit:Volt is needed to
produce it. Keel will also has to stay behind to supervise the construction. Fog will
decides to accompany you in your quest for Volt. Before leaving, don't forget to
take the Lens in the chest in Fog's office.

Level: Same as Rid
Wears: Assut Shot, Pretty Robe, Gold Crest, Talisman
Skills: Burning Force
Title: Boss
	Fog will talk Chat into letting the Van Eltia be modified to fit the suppose
spirit cannon. Which Chat reluctantly agrees.Now go to the Ruin of Volt, southeast of

Ruin of Volt(32,150)::
Enemies:Air Slicer, Savage Beast, Falling rus, Venom, Mudman, Mist
Items:Paralyze Check,Pine Gummy 2, Big Bag, Pirate Hat, Old Divide, Penecea
Bottle,Voltec Sword,Holy Staff, Red sage, Rune Bottle, Thunder Mantle
Lens: 1
	Meredy tries to read the tablet at the front of the ruins but can't make sense
out of it. Meredy then says if Keel were here he would know. Fog isn't waiting and
breaks in barehanded. Everyone follows to see that Fog is a little "Welldone"by
traps inside. Fog gets Title"Goukaisan". Enemies in here have Paralyze attack.
Paralyze character are very likely to get stuned by a single hit. Remember that and
it's up to you to equip a Paralyze Check or not(I didn't).
	Use the Freeze ring to distincquish the fire to shut down the sparks.
	The First stone Tablet hid a lens. Go straight to the door and you'll come
into a room with 8 switches and 3 way out. Step on to a swich will present you with
numbers. To open each doors, Add up the numbers according to this formula.
Green door (14) = 5 + 6 + 3
	Push both switch and get the fuse in the furthest room. Don't forget to put out
the electric charge blocking the way from the first tablet.
White door (15) = 6 + 5 + 4
	Put out the Electric charge and put the fuel in to activate the tiles. walking on
tiles,moves the one you're standing on. Wrong one may get you there but drops
your HP to 1.
< Red door (17) = 11 + 2 + 4 may not be needed. using the Red one is ok anyway.
But you'll have to pay the HP penalty.>
	To cut the trip short, just pay up the HP penalty. The camping scene is
ahead anyway. At the campsite, Rid and Farah discuss Meredy's dedication to
stoping the GrandFall. Farah thinks it must be for saving mankind and that  is good
enough for her. Go to the right path, you'll see that the Floor has been charged with
Electric Current. Fog will try to get pass it bluntly. But will get himself fried instead.
	Go straight (Straight is the Control Room)and head right. Press the Blue and
Red switch, Leave the green one on. Go in the Blue door and get the Purple bulb
need for the control room. for The Green door. you must  leave the Blue and Red on
and press only the Green one.It has only a Thunder Mantle. Go back to the Control
room and put the bulb in. Go back to the room where there was electric currents all
over the floor. You'll see that it is now minimized. Push Center button for 1st line,
Right in the 2nd line and Left in the last line to open the door.
	Go in and see Volt, the Electricity Spirit's mumbling something about"Zero,
Set Zero,Set%"? Fog will go in and punch him. Earning a good old shock from Volt
and triggers him to attack.

Boss: Volt(NO.46)
HP: 54,321, 3,600 Exp, Electricity
Attack 218,Defense 508, Magic 160
Strong against: Wind,Earth,Fire,Ice,Light,Dark, Electricity100%
Weak against: Water
Attacks: Indignation, Lighning stream, Lightining ,Seperate Family
Drops: Holy Symbol100%, Rune Bottle100%
	Fog will begin the battle with only 1 HP, have him use a lemon gummy.
Have Rid keep him close to the wall with Kogarenzan. Have Meredy keep you alive
with nurse and down him with spread. Using Chat and Fog works well as he tends to
knock you unconcious with his attack. He might use Seperate Family to knock most
of your party Hp out. or worse. Do an Indignation spell at you. Since you have
trained well. He should be no problem for you right?(Level 43 can take him easily.)

	Volt probably has something wrong with him. Celsius says that you'll have
to reset him. Talk to Meredy to get the sequence you need. Start the machine in the
back. Press the 3 columns to stop the symbol to match the sequence. Fortunately, if
you get one right. It'll stay that way. After doing so, Meredy gets Volt in the gauge.
She back away to call all spirits out. Which brings Rem and Shadow to appear.
Rem and Shadow will join powers to give you the Excalibur Sword
(Slash +615,Thrust + 590, Luck +5) for getting all 6 spirits.
Frynge to get the "Thunder Blade" spell.
Paralyze guard 		Volt Lv10.x Undine Lv.10
Charge 			Volt Lv.5 x Sylph Lv.13
Explode 		Volt Lv.9 x Efreet Lv.15
Recover 		Volt Lv.6 x Gnome Lv.1
Absolute 		Volt Lv.12 x Celsius Lv.14
Go back to Tinnsia to see Keel.

	Fog left your party as you enter Shileska. Chat also leaves to help with the
Re-modeling. Keel is finished with the preperations and joins you. Aira then gives
you the Hotel ticket. Go and rest at the Hotel while the Spirit cannon is being
attached to the Van Eltia. (You can go to see this at the Marine shop) Giving the
ticket to the receptionist then head to the suite room(2nd option). Rid tells Keel that
he's now going to give 400% verses 100% of Baril's and goes to sleep. At night, Rid
is having nightmares about when his father died defending him and can't sleep. He
goes to the girl's room but Meredy isn't present. Go to the rooftop to see Meredy.

	The Spirit Cannon is readied and now it's time for the assult on Baril's
Castle. Before you go in, you get to play the Minigame: Ocean wars(similar to the
one in Destiny, only easier.)
-Ocean Wars-
Rules: Clear all enemy ships
O to charge and press again to release charge.
X to use charge to accelerate throttle
	The trick is to try to get more than one in a single shot. Rush past them and
quickly rotates to charge and fire at them.Your ship is too slow when chargeing up
so be careful. Get most ship out before they begin using mines and torpedoes.After
Clearing "Ocean wars" mini game. The Van Eltia Charges up and fires the spirit
cannon at Baril's Castle opening a way in.

Baril's Castle(222,21):
Enemies:Strong Horns, Skull Warrior, Garbadoil, Clay Golem,Spiral, Homskros,
Death, Coward Eel, Gitalkle,Eskalgo, Wit,Anger Lizard
Items:Pretty Ribbon, Mithril Arms,Dragona Lance, Silver Cloack, Lapis Brace,
Silver Plate, Black Oynx, Rare Shield, Scale Robe
Valuables: Seyfert Key
Lens: 2
Inn: 7,700 Gald
Weapon Shop:
	-Ice Coffin(+475 Slash, +460 Thurst)                                                        16,000 Gald
	-Mithril Arms(+515 Fist, +530 Foot)                                                           40,000 Gald
	-Big Bag(+480 Attack)                                                                                 19,000 Gald
	-Silver Cloak(+16 Defense, +7 Evade)                                                  33,600 Gald
	-Scale Robe(+22 Defense)                                                                       36,000 Gald
	-Lapis Brace(+11 Defense, +2 Magic, +2 Luck)                                  33,600 Gald
	-Sheep Mantle(+5 Defense, +5 Evade)                                                   2,400 Gald
Item Shop:
	-Apple Gummy                                                                                                    100 Gald
	-Orange Gummy                                                                                                 200 Gald
	-Mix Gummy                                                                                                      1,000 Gald
	-Lemon Gummy                                                                                               2,500 Gald
	-Pine Gummy                                                                                                    3,000 Gald
	-Penecea Bottle                                                                                                  160 Gald
	-Life Bottle                                                                                                             400 Gald
	-Liquor Bottle                                                                                                    1,200 Gald
	-Holy Bottle                                                                                                           200 Gald
	-Spectacle                                                                                                              50 Gald
	Fog goes on ahead. now go back to the Van Eltia to get Chat. The barrel at
the port has a lens. The Teleporter here does nothing important and should be
ignored. *Opening the teleporter will unleash monsters
(Coward Eel 2, Skull Warrior 2)
*On the 3rd floor go to the right wing of the castle.You'll see a campsite. From
Campsite, go down. Shoot the blue crystal with Freeze ring to have the robot move
out of the way. Get the white card. Go further to see a monster blocking the way.

Sub-Boss: Spiral(NO.248)
HP 42,000,1,000 Exp, 3,000 Gald
Attack230, Defense 400, Magic 100
Atttacks: Rock Break, Bashkal Spin, Eruption
Drops: Fairy Ring100% Orange Gummy100%
	He's nothing. just use normal tactics and nail him to the wall.

	Go down again to a lecture hall on the right. *along opening chest, you
might  find out that some of them are monsters.

Unique Monster: Fake (NO.244)
HP 10,000, 2,100 Exp, 1,050 Gald
Attack420,Magic 100
Strong against: all100%
Attacks: Distortion
Drops: Life Bottle100%
Steal: Pine Gummy50%
*always poisoned*
	Keep him busy and don't let him use" Distortion". Just have every other characters stay put and he'll eventually die of poisoning.
	You can choose to fight him or not and you can even run away from it.
But seeing that he is a *Unique* monster.I suggest you try him for fun. He will always
gives you an Elixir if he dies.To the topright of the hall is the point where you should
insert the card that you got earlier. Now go back by using the teleporter in this room.
You'll be back at  the campsite. shoot the red crystal with the sorcerer's ring.Go
through it. Along the way you'll get a lens from a box as well. At the top, check the
computer to go back to the left wing and shoot the red crystal again to gain entry in
to left wing's computer room. Check the computer here and input the code. Go back
to the Big door before before you reach the campsite.
	Go in and you'll see that Baril is dead in his chair. His wife, Chizel appears,
telling them that Baril has been dead for over 10 years. Meredy and Chizel seems to
know each other. Rid then ask what is then of the Grand Fall. Chizel tells them she
will continue it. Rid is furious and says what will become then of Eternia? As Chizel is
telling Rid that she will not stop the Grand Fall, Fog appears thinking that Chizel is
Baril and shoots her, which doesn't even dent her. Chizel zaps Fog and the
Shileskas with lightning and your party attacks.

Boss: Chizel(NO.85)
HP: 100,000,Exp
Strong against: Water,Wind,Fire,Earth,Ice,Electricity
Attacks:Eternal Infinity(All enemy HP reduce to 1),Fearful Flare, Meteor Strom, Black
Hole, Delay Indignation,
Sparkle, Fireball
Drops: Elc sea100%l, Reverse Doll100%
                   You can win this battle but it's not worth it. and She'll end it even before it is
over. She'll praise you for your strength. and ther rest of the dialogue would be the
same. Just let her kill you. Race will comes in and tells you to leave and use
Kyoukoheki to counter Chizel's Kyokouzyutsu. Your party will passout. When you
awake, you'll find that you're outside. Chizel has gone and now Race is dying. Race
will give you the Seyfert key and tells you to seek Galeno's help. He will then dies.

               On the way, Keel ask Meredy what is going on? Meredy tells you that Baril
and Chizel are Her parents.
	At Luishka, Galenos tells you that there are 2 types of Ultimate magic, Dark
of Nereid and Light of Seyfert. A person with Fibril can learn these skills. Rid has the
same type of Fibirl similiar to Race and can learn Ultimate Light magic
(Kyokouzyutsu)  to counter the Dark one that Chizel use. However 3 Trials must be
taken and the key to these test is the Seyfert key. Race has not yet complete his
training and was no match for Chizel's power. The Full one should be able to stop
Chizel. Rid decide to take the trials himself. Galenos will then accompany you back
to Tinnsia.

               You can now recrut Fog for your party. You can find Fog in his office back in
Shileska Headquater. Talk to the man behind the spirit cannon in Shileska and he'll
set up a weapon for Fog at a fee of 20,000 Gald Give him the money and go out for
a  while and come back. He'll have Fog's weapon ready for you. Aim for the
Plasma Canon for now. On the boat, Rid will use the Seyfert key to point out the
Seyfert shrine. It's light lead towards southeast around Peruti

	At the port, you'll see a pink merekiss, sleeping on the barrel. Fog will goin
and try to pet it. Meredy says that  a pink Merekiss is very rare. Instead of letting Fog
pet him, the Merekiss zaps Fog with lightning and run away. Fog seem to be joyful
anyway shake the ashes of his costume and laughs. He will learn Air Blade,
a level 1 skill At the next screen, you'll see a captain name Manha who will let you
play "Ocean Wars" again(He calls it "Around the Celestia").
now go around the cape to the back of Peruti, south of it lies the Seyfert Shrine.

Seyfert Shrine:
Lens: 1
SKill: Kyolouheki(Press O + X + Square when Rid's HP is low in Red)
	The first glass bulb on the right has a lens. Inside, Farah and Keel will try to
goin the door but can't pass though. Meredy then tries too but is prepelled across
the room. Only Rid can enters. The test place Rid as the Eggbear that was killed by
him in the Nostos cave. as he's coming out, some Eggtrader attacks and get killed
by  Rid. when he's at the spot where he kill this Eggbear. he faces himself and his
party<Keel & Rid> You can't win this one. the eggbear's too slow to even react to
Rid's skills. just lose. once the Eggbear is killed. Rid learns Kyolouheki. Once he
met with his party. Rid is still a little shock from having to be the Eggbear and was a
little afraid when he see his friends. On the Van Eltia, Rid use the Seyfert key to point
the next test.
	Seyfert Key points to Inferia to where the next test lies. Geting back to Inferia
would be a problem, But Chat suggests that she's read in one of Ifreed's book in
her house that there is a way. Keel ask how? but Chat says that she'll have to look it
up again to know for certain.

Item: Plasma Canon
	Now collect your cannon. Give him another 20,000 to work with. This time
you're aimming for the Grand Magnum.

Chat Hut:
Valuables: Gevius
	Chat pulls a lever bringing down a miniture monument of Ifreed. she says
the book tell her about this. Meredy reads it and says somethng about 204,98. Chat
says that a co-ordinate for a place in Celestia. She then gives you the Gevius.
	You're now equip with the most useful tool of the game, the Gevius. it
displays your current co-ordiante. Making traveling alot easier.
	Now with the Gevius, let's get the rest of the items.
-Seishyouseki,Aonokakera, (52,154)
-Murasakinokakera, Shishyouseki, (204,76)
-Amango, (72,48)
-Thunder Mantle, (187,15)
-Miracle Charm, (228,120)
-Rune Bottle, (227,162)
-Lobster(Ebi), (14,10)
	Now go to an Island south of Tinnsia.

Ifreed's Cave(204,98):
Enemies: Ramia,Shespin,Dragon Toss, Spirit,Triton
Items: Flame Sword, Hourglass
Lens: 2
	As your ship approaches, a Cave hidden is revealed. The Crate stacked
near where you go in has a lens. You'll have to play Sugoroku, where you'll have to
play a rulet to see how far you go. Landing in places brings monsters. Fake treasure
chest, Set back,or nothing. Once you finish the game, check the Ifreed statue to
open the door.The Ankor hanged on the right of the door has a lens. Chat operates
 Ifreed's tools and The Van Eltia is now being Re-modeled.

The Van Eltia:
Lens: 1
	The Wooden Barrel in the barhas a lens. Go down to see Chat is delighted
with the renovations. Check Ifreed statue to enable the Sub. now the Left Submarine
where Chat was adoring has a lens. Don't miss it.	The Van Eltia has now 2 rooms for
modeling useful facilities into  it. You should try and get an Item shop( Gald) and a
bedroom(Gald) by re-modeling at the Marine shop in Tinnsia. Now you have more
than 40 lens. Time to get an item from Elene, Get Extreme from her(an item for Keel).

Item: Grand Magnum
	Collect your gun and pay another 20,000 to get set for another one, the
Impulse Canon.

Items: Ceresea Map(10,000 Gald or 100 Jini), Hokushouseki
Lens: 3
Wonder chef Recipe: Syakunetu Curry, Piri Zyaga, Kara Oden
Inn: 5 Jini
	Apple Gummy 							  100 Gald
	Orange Gummy 						  200 Gald
	Mix Gummy 						              1,000 Gald
	Lemon Gummy 						              2,500 Gald
	Pine Gummy 						              3,000 Gald
	Miracle Gummy 					              6,000 Gald
	Penecea Bottle 							  160 Gald
	Life Bottle 							  400 Gald
	Flare Bottle    							  600 Gald
	Liquor Bottle 						              1,200 Gald
	Holy Bottle 							  200 Gald
	Dark Bottle 							  200 Gald
	Spectacle 							    50 Gald

	This City's shops only opens at night. So you'll have to wait until nightfall or
stay at the inn. As you enter the city, you  found 10 Jini The Frog in the Bookstore is
the wonder chef with Syakunetu Curry Recipe(#26)(Tusk Meat,Carrot,Potato,Rice,
Red Sode) Recipe for Piri Zyaga(#24)(Potato,Onion,Carrot,Red Sode) is at the
Auction Hall, The picture behind the curtain at the upperleft is the wonder chef who
has it. Get Kara Oden recipe(#23)(Egg,Daikon,Konyac,Red Sode) from Gaming
machine in the upperleft of the Casino. the Middle Slot Machine has a lens. The
Topright Table(with a man standing) of the Auction Hall has a lens.The topright
Heater in the Dancefloor also has a lens.
	Now it's time to get  #31-#33 to complete your recipe list.
#31 Ohako Stew, Mastering Meat Stew(#9), Fish Hot-pot(#10) and Kara Oden(#23).
#32 Potato Doria, Mastering Omlet Rice(#11), Gratan #12), Carbonara(#13)  and
Piri Zyaga(#24).
#33 Mapo Curry, Mastering Sweet Pafe(#20), Nigari Ma-po #22), Syakunetu Curry
(#26) and Zarame Rice (#27).
*While scavenging the ocean floor, you might notice the text  "Tales of Eternia"
engraved on the bed of the ocean at 167,81

Shadow Cave(5,12):
Enemies: MegaDeath, Dark Disaster, Crypt Keeper, Hunger Plant, Fear Flyer,
Items: Saint Halberd,765 Gald, Dream Check, Holy Crest, Scale Robe, Flame Arms
Lens: 1
	Enemies in the first section are Touch-based. Means that you don't mess
with them, they don't mess with you. Equiping Excalibur will be a Major advantage to
you. This is the best place to train for new levels as Enemies here isn't very hard.
Until your level reach 55 that is and then you should go to Maxwell's domain to
further your training. Once you reach another load crystal. you'll have to kill 4 batch
of monsters. the topleft one has a lens. once you kill all of them, go in the middle
cave to fight Shadow.

Boss: Shadow(No.73)
HP: 100,324, 32,768 Exp, Dark
Attack 460, Defense 420, Magic 62
Strong against: Water10%,Wind10%,Fire10%,Earth10%,Ice10%,Electricity10% , Dark100%
Weak against: Light50%
Attacks: Dark Force, Dark Lance, Burning Channel, Summon Demon,Dasherga Wonder, Shadow Slash
Drops: Fast Ring100%, Rune Bottle100%
 	He's got 2 Empty Doll as minions, but you only need to worry about him. Ice
 him and the other will go down as well. Empty Doll regenerate HP by 3,000 every
now and then, Making them very annoying. Shadow however isn't cheap and he's
got more trick up his sleeve than you know. He's very good in close range but takes
time to cast a spell. Use Rid to pound him and over and over to get him down. Most
likely all your character will go down, but keep Rid alive and you'll win anyway. Best
skill to use are Majinkens,and same old Kokarenzan. Majinkens will disturb his
spells. Kokarenzan to pound him. Make sure you equip Excalibur to be most
effective.Beat him and he will join with "Dark Force" Spell
Deep Mist -Shadow Lv.5 x Undine Lv.15
Cyclone -Shadow Lv.9 x Sylph Lv.20
Grand Dusher -Shadow Lv.9 x Gnome Lv.21
Barrier -Shadow Lv.5 x Volt Lv.10

Valuables: Eter Poke 3
	Talking to the left conductor at Luishka Station, he asks you to get his
"Ticket Puncher" back from the conductor at Imen Station. Agree to help him Ask the
conductor at Imen Station. He answers with an old Melnics word that even Meredy
does not understand (Remember this word).Go to the library in Imen and search a
dictionary for the word. You must choose the correct characters of the word
Gives you the meaning of Bonsai. Keel find the ticket punch from the fallen plant to
the right.Go back to the Luishka Station to give it back to the conductor to get
Eter Poke 3. Now go to all safe house and get all silvergauges.
#1 (57,112)
#2 153,164
#3 (167,111)
#4 (228,41)
#5 (3,150)

Ifreed's Pedestal(98,93):
Lens: 1
	The controls at the middle has a lens. Put in all the silvergauge you've
gathered in to their places.Then go back to the surface, where the Expedition Bridge
has appeared (99,92) The Van Eltia will be transported back to Inferia. Once back
on Inferia, now visit all Underwater Storages.
12,240 Gald, Savory, Mitsuiro no kakera, Dyer Brace, Murasaki no kakera, Holy Cloak
Sage,Aka no kakera, Hourglass, 8,415 Gald, Rune Bottle 2
Chat's Skill Kochihan
Nintouchizakura, Kiiro no Kakera, Rune Bottle 2, Lavender, 10,710 Gald
Midori no kakera,Ao no kakera 2, Elixir, Rune Bottle, 9,945 Gald, Belbane

Get all items you have access to,
-Tomato is at (186,33)
-Pine Gummy, Lemon Gummy is at (211,31)
-Flare Mantle is at (187,140)
-Rune Bottle is at (226,90)
-Rune Bottle is at (50,148)
-Kiruma Fruit is at (121,54)
-Tsuishouseki,Mizuirunokakera is at (183,90)
*Optionally, now if you play this game again (and had saved to get the star shown
on it). Neried's Librarynth is now present and accessible.*

Ifreed's Tomb(88,64):
Enemies: Empty Doll,Medusa, Storm Hawk, Revenant, Metalica,Bull frog,
Poison toad, Revenant, Spirit, Fake
Items: Mithril Brace 2, Old Divide, 13519 Gald, Elixir 2, Star shield,
Red Savory,Captain Hat, Rosania's Dress, Red Belbane, Moon Robe
Valuables: Light ball( Hikari no Tama)
Lens: 1
	Wooden box in the Oriental section has a lens(near the bridge where Kappa jumps up to attack you.)	Now you should try and get as much money as
you can to get  your ship modified at Tinnsia's Marine shop

Sunken Ship(34,2):
	Take a detour to the sunken ship at 34,2 for an extra dungeon.
Enemies: Frot Dragon, Shespin, Tan Turtle, Fake, Kraken, Mashkuashin, Superstar
Items:Cuty Mitten, Elixir, Pyohan, Twinkle Flute, Vopal Sword, Rare Plate,
10,655 Gald, 12,245 Gald, 15,365 Gald,14,325 Gald
Valuables: Insea Map
	Get the Key to open the door at the middle path from the 3rd room in the
right path. Open the Door go and get Pump room Key from the middle path. Don't
forget to press the switch at the statue. Go to the left path to the Pump room to flush
the water out. Go back to the middle room and go down. Along the way, Keel and
Chat will argue with one another. Keel says that Maybe this ship has been sanked
by Ifreed? Chat however says otherwise. Go down further to meet

Boss: Siren(NO.252)
HP: 52,000,Exp, Gald, Water
Attack, Defense, Magic
Strong against: Ice,Wind,Earth, Water100%
Weak against: Fire,Electricity
Attacks: Swollow+ Drop, Spread, Siren Song, Deep Phantom
Drops: Trident100%, Sefira,
Steal: Mizukumo(Water Boots??)100%
	Don't get too close or she'll swollow you. She isn't that tough(well compare
 with Shadow that you've faced and Maxwell you're going to face) but she's got
some unique move that makes this fight simply fustrating. She sit upon a monster-
rock and cannot be easily push back. The spirits above(5 of em) will be annoying
as they can be. They'll disturb your concentration on her so just get rid of them first.
Don't be afraid to use a few life bottles. It'll become common soon.
                After battling with her,Chat will tell her to release the souls of the sunken shipShe thanks you for freeing her spirits and slowly disappears. Chat says to
Keel now what do he think? Keel has given up and says "Aye Aye Sir" to Chat to end their argument.

Skill: Aqua spiral
	At the Gnome statue, you see another pink Merekiss. Keel tries to go see
but Fog pushes him out and says it'll scare him away. This Merekiss however plays
Catch-up with Fog, but once he catchup with it. it zaps him again. Keel ask him what
did he learn? Fog laughs and he learn Aqua spiral.

Chat Hut:
Item: Picohan Revenge
	Go back to Chat Hut, Chat will run to the miniture Ifreed monument she
drops at the tree. She says that it has been switch? Meredy reads it " 120,128" Chat
will erge you to go there. The place is just south of Chat Hut in the forest. Another
monument and Farah will find something else, Picohan Revenge! an item for Chat
that returns Picohans for any damages Chat recieves. Go back to Chat Hut, Inside,
Keel will read Ifreed's memo. and mummers something about SE.2298 and 88?
Meredy reads further and gives the info to Chat and turns out that it meant 208,98
which is Ifreed's Cave! go there

Ifreed's Cave:
Skill: Eternal Sorrow
	Inside, Chat will enter the Rulet section alone. You'll have to take a popquiz.
Use these answers to get through.
	Once Chat has pass the test. She'll learn Eternal Sorrow.

Farlos Mountain:
Lens: 1
	Go up the path to the bridge of light. Outside, where the load crystal is.
Behind the stonepile to the right of the load crystal is the lens. Since you have the
Seyfert key from Race, you can investigate behind the Priest in Farlos Church to
open up a hidden passage. Inside you'll meet the Force spirit, Maxwell. Before you
meet him, Train. I suggets you have levels far beyond 60+ to be sure. This place
isn't that hard and is the 2nd place you should continue your training from the
Shadow Cave and if you use this combination
Majinrenkazan	Rid
Cyclone	Meredy or Keel
Air Blade	Fog
Absolute	Keel or Meredy

	and put all skill other than these on hold. put piority to the Max(5) and you'll
almost get 100 points everytime of the battle. Now keep pounding in Majinrenkazan
to disrupt the enemies. The others will soon add up to their share of the battle. This
way you can train easily from Lv.50 -> Lv.xxx you need.

Secret Chamber:
Enemies: Needle Shell, Lady Bug,Stinger, Dinosour, Norturnal Fly, Fear Cloud
Items : 24,424 Gald, Gold Helm, Spirit Robe, Red Lavender
Boss: Maxwell(NO.55)
HP: 40,000, 34,002 Exp, Force
Strong against: Force30%
Attack 400,Defense 2100, Magic 145
Attacks: Distortion,Rock Break, Tracter Beam, Indignation, Cyclone
Drops: Fairy Ring100%, God Weapon100%
                 He's Hard, But not that hard. You'll almost certain to be KO'ed at least 2-3
times but if you use this strategy, you can win against him Maxwell,The Force Spirit.
has  2000 points of defense points which makes Rid, Chat, Farah seems useless.
Just have
Chat(Manual)- Do any Picohan skills to disrupt him from casting spells. Use Items
when others are badly injured.
Farah(Auto) - set her on using skills not Healing and she'll hit Maxwell when he's
Rid(Auto) -Set him on Slash skills and place him near the corner to have him
ambush Maxwell.
Fog(Auto) -Set him on Skills not regular hits, he's the main punisher for Maxwell in
this formula and with his HP. He won't go down too soon. Set him on Aqua Spiral
ONLY, since this is the best skill you have and the least time to charge a shot. He'll
get in about 1,200-2,100 a shot(300 a hit) and that will be the best you have to rely on.
                 Unfortunatly there's a problem. When you fight, you'll see magic circle
phasing left and right. After a while it'll fix on a character.  When it turns red. It'll throw
any character foolish enough to stand above it. that makes spell casting nearly
impossible. That 's why you shouldn't bother to bring Meredy or Keel, since he/she
takes too much time to cast any spells(for now).Keep you team apart. Heal when
nessesary and just distracts Maxwell all the time. Even though he teleports alot but
he won't survive for long.After he's down, he joins you(as always) allowing you to
use the spell "Meteor Swarm".
Cure -Maxwell Lv.1 x Wendine Lv.1
+Item Getter -Maxwell Lv.1x Sylph Lv.1
+Mental Supply -Maxwell Lv.1x Efreet Lv.1
+Life Up -Maxwell Lv.10x Celsius Lv.10
+Poison Guard -Maxwell Lv.10 x Shadow Lv.10
	Try to  put in an item shop for 300,000 Gald so you won't have to stray far, or
a Bedroom for 900,000 Gald so resting would be possible(Tinnsia's price if you use
Inferia port's service, the price will be different.) Now check Rid's Level, if his level is
high enough. and you're pretty confident about your ability. Go to the Arena in
Inferia's City.

Inferia City:
Enemies: Piker,Ranger,Sage,Kragen,Triton, Beast Ogre,Fear Cloud, Mithril Golem,
Revenant, Metalica, MegaDeath, Breeze Keeper,Evil Lihver, Terrible Tentacle,
Duelist, Wizard, Phoenix, HellKite, Red Dragon
Items: Eternal Sword, Arche's Ribbon(Hard or Mania), Arche's Broom(Mania)
Valuables: Eter Poke 1
Inn: 7,700 Gald
	 Here you'll have to beat all of the 3 tournaments (*First time means 1st time
you fight in this Arena, that means you'll get only one shot at the Leaf set or Master
Leaf set)
Tournament 1	5,000 Gald
-Piker x2, Ranger, Sage
-Kragen x2, Triton x2
-Beast Orge x2, Fear Cloud
Rewards: 15,000 Gald + 1 Set(1st time Leaf set, after that Gummy set)
Tournament 2	10,000 Gald
-Revenant x2, Metalica, MegaDeath
-Mithril Golem x2, Breeze Keeper
-Evil Lihver x2, Terrible Tentacle 2
Rewards: 30,000 Gald + Deluxe Set(1st time Deluxe Leaf set,  after that Deluxe
Gummy set)
Tournament 3	15,000 Gald *This one will be available once you beat the
other two.*
-Duelist, Wizard x2
-HellKite, Phoenix x2
-Hellkite x2, Red Dragon
Rewards: 60,000 Gald + 1 Master Gummy Set
	 Since you can't use any items in the Arena, you'll have to equip HP
restoring equipment instead(Holy symbol or the Healing Bangle).Beating the final
tournament, Rid will express his thanks to everyone(Keel,Farah,Merdy). As he
about  to leave,a voice came from the locked up door behind Rid stops him. And
Cless (The Hero of Tales of Phantasia) appears, Challeging Rid to see who is the
best. his battle will  differ depend on the setting you have on.

Normal Difficulty:
Boss: Cless(NO.230)
HP: 9,999
Attack  484, Defense 1,000,Magic 100
Strong against: all(90%)
(Netherworld Extinction Ascending Sword)(Enemy's HP to 1), Akisazeme
(Dimension Slash)
Drops: Cless's Bandana100%
               Cless is highly resistant to all spells including fire. That means your precious
Haotenku don't work on him and he's too dangerous to stay close to. With the
Meiouzanshouken skill that can end the fight easily, facing him head on is shear
stupidity. Use Majinkens to keep him busy than when he gets too near, use
Senkuusohazan to thrust at the front than the back of him to let you get pass him.
Run away to the other side and repeat the same strategy. Doing so, your Holy
symbol should heal you of any damage he inflicts. and your Mental Bangle ensures
that you don't run out of TP.when you get his HP down to about  2,000-3,000. He'll
use Meiouzanshouken on you. don't panic! just run away to heal yourself and repeat
the procedure. Eventually he'll go down, but not without a lot of effort on your part.
(*Note from Calvin Niu)Cless will always use a attack called Eternal Break if you
use Ryu'ko'ma'tso'a'zan the strongest move of Rid, the Eternal Break will cancel
Rid's move and kill Rid Instantly.

Hard -> Mania Difficulty:
Boss: Cless(NO.230) + Arche(NO.231)(remember her? the half-elf from TOP)
HP: 9,999 + 6,000, Exp, Gald
Attack 484 -Cless, 300 -Arche, Defense 1,000 -both, Magic 100 -both
Strong against: all(90%)
Attack:Cless: Same as above +, Eternal break
               Arche: Meteor Swarm, Fearful Flare,Cyclone, Freeze Lancer, Eruption,
Drops: Cless's Bandana100%, Arche's Ribbon100%
               Avoid confronting Cless at all cost.  Kill Arche first then use the same tactics
as above. Arche can fill in what Cless lacks, The ability to punish you when you're
far from them. She'll take away the time needed to Heal from you and puts you in an
easy position to get creamed by Cless. Finish her off, you'll find the battle much
easier(but still is damn hard).
	Losing to Cless(May be you're good enough?), You can still fight Cless by
apply to the new receptionist at the far-left of the screen.Winning the match, Cless
gives RId His Eternal Sword and Rid earn the title"	"! Now you can't fight him
again,even if you talk to the receptinist.
*If you fight in Mania mode, go back to your ship (don't let your party run around it.)
at the room where meredy normally be standing.Check the Green striped Pillar on
the far wall, You'll find a Deck broom(must be the one that was used by Stahn),
Get it. now you've found the 3rd treasure of Celestia! (1st being Legendary
Pot(Couldron no supu) and 2nd being the treasures of Ifreed.)*
	In front of the Arena, there is an old man who is looking for his "Grip Sword".
He will ask you to find it for him.Say yes to help him and ask the man in front of the
Armor shop. Then go back to the Arena to talk to the Middle Soldier standing in
front of the counter. He will give you the Grip Sword. After you've gotten his sword
back for him. he will give you the Eterpoke1 in return for your help.

[Side Event]        Stay at the Hotel. You'll now have to stay in the east room on the
3rd floor. As Rid went to sleep,Rid will hear that someone says ''give me the leg''.
Rid tries to wake up the others but his efforts are of no-use. At last he gives up and
went to bed shaking.Go back to the Hotel to stay again,the counter will tell you that
the all room is full and you'll just have to stay in the west room at 3 floor. Rid will try to
decline but Farah wants to stay and ask Rid would he do it? Say "Yes" and Rid will
reluctantly agrees to staying.Before Rid sleep,he hear that "someone'' says ''give
me the leg'' again. This time he succeeded in waking everyone up and they see a
cat in the middle of the room, and everyone was surprise that it can talk? Now Rid is
angry. At last,he know that that "someone''is just a cat. After that,leave the 4 floor
room,you will saw a ''servicers'' was very scared to close the window.Next morning,
go to ask the counter and the counter will tell you that the ''servicer'' you see has
die from felling out the window and the one you saw last night is a Ghost!

Seyfert Garden(169,19):
Skill: Kyokkou-ken
Enemies(Test): Terrible Needle, Night Lid,
                Go in and Keel will be excited at the Mechanism here. He'll try his hands on
the controls in the center of the room. Rid goes in ahead with Farah.
                Now you'll be tested as Keel, since you're a child now. Fighting any
monsters is not a good idea. Just run away when you enters a battle. You wake up
and go downstairs to eat with your parents(Gisro and Ramina). Rid calls you to go
outside and says Farah is waiting at the Regulus Knoll. go to the town entrance.
Noris, Farah's uncle will spot the both of you and ask you where you and Farah are
going? You mumble something to him and runs away. At the Regulus Knoll, Farah is
mad that they're late. You tell her that you were stalled by her uncle. Rid ask her
whether to go forth with the plan. Farah doesn't cares about the grownups and
shows them the key she took from her dad.You tell her that Regulus Knoll is offlimits
and is dangerous. Rid however went in ahead of you. Go left all the way to the
camppoint, you're mad at Rid for running off. Rid goes ahead anyway regardless of
your temper.
                Go left and enter the Knoll, Rid is searching the ground for something. You
chip in and help and found it. As you talk, Noris comes in for the both of you and go
deeper to find Farah. He finds himself in a room full of ores and he is engulf by a
group of black clouds.The test is now over and Rid is given the Kyokkou-ken skill.
                Come back to see Keel is still playing with the tools and as you talk, the
Machine is Activated and an explanation of the world is shown.
You can reactivate the machine to see the flic again.
                Go back and see that the Van Eltia is now surrounded by Inferian Battle
Ships.You're brought before the King again and He ask you about Race. You tell
him that Race has died. Arlendy collaspe and the Queen demand your execution.
The king tells them that an invasion is to be plan for Race's revenge. Roin is to
head this rade and Zosimos is to accompany him, as for you and your Celestians
are to be imprisoned in the dungeon of the castle.
                 As you try to figure a way out(Chat is mad as hell), Arlendy comes in. She
tells you she's in love with Race(I may be mistaken). Rid tells her that Race has tell
him to save Eternia. After hearing your story, Arlendy decide to let you out. At the
gate you're stop by the guards. Arlendy demands their way open. You're now free
to leave.
                Go back to Inferia Port to get the Van Eltia back(you won't be able to call it
from the Menu).

Inferia Port:
                A guard is guarding the ship. He won't let you in without a fight.
Enemies: Iferian Guard
On board, Rid use the Seyfert Key to point the next test. In Orbas Surface.Now you
can pay 800,000 at Inferia's Port to get a Gameroom (Ocean Wars) Go back to
Tinnsia to get the next weapon for Fog.
Item: Plasma Cannon
                Pay him 40,000 to get the Impulse Cannon and another 20,000 to have him
develope the Photon Eraser. Go to Cape Fortress for another Fog skill.
Skill: Rise Laser
                Here you'll see yet another pink Merekiss, and still it doesn't let Fog pet
him. After a little chasing, it decides to let Fog have it. Fog is a little down but quickly
gets back up to his normal self and he learns "Rise Laser".
Go to Seyfert Observation Station for the final test.

Seyfert Observation Station(Orbas Surface)(,):
Skill: Kyokouha
Enemies(Test): Virialhei
                Go up the Elevator to see the observation deck. Keel is excited again and
Meredy stays with him. Farah and you then go down for the test.
                Virial has rebeled against Baril, You're now Meredy in this test. Baril
decides to fight to stall time for Chizel and Meredy to escape. He and Hades should
buy enough time for them. He hugs you and leave. Go down and find out that the
path is blocked As Chizel is in your team, you'll have spells in this test.
X to use Spark wave .
v +X to use Cure
<-,->+ X to use Crive
^ + X to use Prism sword
If Meredy is down, you'll have to continue from the last battle again.)
Go back to the room and go out the right window. Go down
the shoot and face yet another bunch of rebels. Chizel tries to call Galenos in Imen
from the Elara, but  there is no answer. Activte the escape tunnel with the control to
the right and go down the shoot. face another batch of rebels and go to the town
               Hades is waiting, Chizel ask him what has become of Baril. Turns out that
Hades is a traitor and has sided with Virial. Meredy and Chizel is now taken hos-
tage to lure Baril out. Baril is angry and tells Virial to let them go. Meredy tries to
fight and get push down. Chizel pushes Virial out and Virial orders the soldier to
shoot. Baril shields Chizel with his body. Baril falls down and Chizel cries over his
body. The soldier shoots at Chizel.As she is dying, she unleashed her Fibril(Dark)
and The town of Luishka is destroyed.The test is over and Rid has learn
Kyokkouha(Press O+ X+ square to counter Eternal Infinity). Outside the test, Farah
is waiting for Rid. As he comes back, a shake is felt and they goes up to see Keel
and Meredy. Keel ask Rid to use the Seyfert Key on the machine.
                The Seyfert Ring is now broken. Go back to the Van Eltia and enter the ring.
Seeing a black energy is surrounding the place. You decides to shoot the spirit
cannon, both from Baril's Castle and the one in the Van Eltia. Galenos recieves your
signal and shoots.
---------------------------------------------------End of Disc 2----------------------------------------------------

Disc 3:
                You find yourself as a child in the event of your village destruction. Go down
and see Farah at the windmill. She blame herself for the destruction and of Her pa-
rent's death. Farah then disappears. Rid wakes up to find himself in Shileska
headquater with Farah by hisside. Go downstairs and see Keel and Galenos.
Galenos is happy to see you up and tells Keel to go with you and see Meredy in
Fog's office. Meredy is also happy to see you. Fog tells you Dedechan is getting
along very well with Quicky.Scouts will come in and report that the spirit cannon at
Baril's Castle is being invade by Inferia's troops. Aira is in command  of the guarding
unit and is now caught up in the fight. You'll have to go there. Galenos will
accompany you.

Baril's Castle():
                At Baril's Castle, you'll find that the inferians are battling something. It's
Hades! Hades has held Aira captive and is killing off Inferian's troops. Roin sees
the party and accuse them of conspirating with Celestians. He is baffled when your
party goes in after Hades.

Boss: Hades(NO.233)
HP: 130,000, 30,000 Exp, Dark
Attack 380, Defense 800, Magic 73
Strong aginst:Fire,Wind,Ice,Water,Earth,Electricity
Attacks: Spark Wave, Grand Shake, Grand Dusher
                Hades will warn meredy not to misuse her power, or she will end up the
same. He will then dies. The two armies will confer with one another and decided
to join forces. Roin and Fog will both be representatives from each sides. Fog will
still retain his humor and slaps off roin's hand as he try to shake his.
                Keel and Galenos will devise a way to destroy the black sphere, by
Frynging both world's Cremel together to power a Canon. Zosimos thinks the idea is
impossible but Keel and Galenos assures them that it can be done.After that,
Galenos wiill ask Rid to find some Riberves to use in the Frynging process.
Zosimos ask that the Ribeves is ores of Light in the legend? That reminds Farah of
something and she tells Rid that she know where to find some in Inferia.
                Once back in Inferia, Rid then ask Farah about the Riberves. Farah than
tells Rid that it's somewhere in Regulus Knoll near His hometown, Racheans.

Regulus Knoll(17,118):
Enemies: Red Pudding, Night Wing, Piker, Ranger, Sage,Duelist, Beast Ogre,
Medusa, Keep man, Flying Horrif, Vanflor, Jin,
Items: Mithril Plate, Elcseal, Flame Spear, Mithril Mesh, Kokushyouseki,
Shishyouseki, Mystic Symbol, Mithril Brace, Dyer Knuckle,
                 Once there, you'll find the door is locked. Rid then force his way in. After
some walk, they camp and then talk about the olddays.Continue to the room with
the glowing rocks. Undine will warn them of dangers. The path ahead is tricky.
Green light emitting means that TP is recharged. Red light means that TP is being
drained. At the end of the path, there will be a large door. Rem will come out to
defend this door.

Boss: Rem(NO.120)
HP: 100,000, 40,960 Exp, Light
Attack 500, Defense 740, Magic 110
Strong against: Fire30%,Ice30%,Water30%,Wind30%,Earth30%,Electricity30%,
Weak against: Dark30%
Attacks: Ray, Holy Spear
Drops: Reflect Ring100%, Rune Bottle100%
                Defeating her, She'll have to join you and with the Spell"Ray". Now you
have all 6 Spirits you need to complete this game!
Resurrection(Water) -Rem Lv.1 x Undine Lv.20
+Medical Plus -Rem Lv.10 x Sylpth Lv.10
Holy Lance(Light) -Rem Lv.15 x Efreet Lv.20
+LIfe Rescue -Rem Lv.10 x Gnome Lv.10
*Indignation(Electricity)-Rem Lv.10 x Volt Lv.15
Heal Weapon-Rem Lv.10 x Shadow Lv.10
Holy Lance(Light) -Rem Lv.20 x Maxwell Lv.15
                 Go in to collect the Riberves. Suddenly, Quickie will suddenly cry out. The
party turns to see some mysterious "Dark clouds" surrounding Meredy. Rem will try
and repel it from her, but with out much luck as it gathering once more. The party will
take her back to Farah's house..............
                 It seems that Meredy has the same potential her mother posesses and
Nereid was trying to take over her soul.

Baril's Castle(222,21):
                 Go to the Spirit Cannon and give the Ribaves ores to Aira. Galenos will ask
to accompany you to Seyfert Observation Station in Orbas Surface.
                Now talk to Zosimus,he will ask whether you know a weapon smith. You
then mention Sagura in Imen.

Item: Last Fencer
                Go to the Weapon Shop in Imen to see Zosimos there, having Sagura forge
a weapon out fo Riberves ores. Go in&Out of town for 5 times then go back to the
weapon shop.The weapon will be finish. It's the Lastfencer, which Zosimos will give
now give to you.This sword is the strongest sword you'll get(non-element) and you'll
need it to win over the battle over Secondos and Chizel.

Item: Photon Eraser
               Go to Shileska Headquater in Tinnsia and get the Photon Eraser(Pay up,
you will need to pay at least 3 times of 20,000 Gald to get it). Pay again to have him
develop the Mega Cruncher

Seyfert Observation Station():
               Galenos will start working to break the sphere. You'll see scenes as
-Aira and Roin in front of the Frynged spirit cannon.
-Chat made peace with Quickie.
-Keel and Meredy
-Rid and Farah
- 6 Spirits scene
Steer the Van Eltia through the Seyfert ring.
The Frynged Spirit cannon is readied.
The Black orb slowly crumbles to reveal "Chizel's Castle"

Chizel's Castle():
Enemies: Flying Horrif, Fire Warrior, Shespin, Owl Fish, Fake, Vander snatch,
Impulse,Thunder sword, Deadly Insect, Swepshing
Items: Seiryutou, Mitril Mesh, Large Bag, Demon seal, Mem Bine,Eternia M
                Go up the first Elevator and go up after getting the 4 chests. You'll get
Darkness orb(Yami no tama).
                Now that you have both the Darkness orb and the Light orb. You can
complete the quest to get you your well earned Aircraft Ablity. Goto the Relay
station. In the room with  Ifreed's statue, put both orbs in on each side of it. you'll
notice some shaking. Rid and Chat will decide to investigate. You'll find that your
ship is now "Upgraded". now a Darken,Military-like ship, the Van Eltia is extend with
"Aircraft" ability and 2 more spare rooms making a total of 4. Chat will also get the
title "Komigatsuki".
                Air access to the Glimmering Spire(Kirameki Tower) at 107,22  in Inferia is
now possible.The Glimmering Spire is sort of like the Tower of Daruga in Tales of
Destiny. But with a much smaller scale that the former.

Glimmering Spire(Kirameki Tower)(107,22):
Enemies: Gunner, Breeze Keeper,Sage, Antler, Liny Old, AC Roper, Medusa
Items: Aka no kakera, Rune Bottle,Lavender, Murasaki no kakera,Ao no kakera,
Mizuiro no kakera,Belbane, Mackerel Gummy, Kiiro no kakera, Midori no kakera,
Gold Armor, Beam shield, Sage,BC Rod, Elixir, Jet Boot, 19,125 Gald,
17,595 Gald, Savory
1st Floor make all spikes of the star light up
                After clearing the puzzle, Rid will hear a sound warning them to go back.
                But since Rid is the only one who hears this,
                he'll think it's his imagination and continue on.
2nd Floor freeze the air hole then light the torches.
3rd Floor shoot all crystals to light up
4th Floor Rid will hear the voice warning them to go back again, Others will not hear
                this and Keel says that if Rid is scared, he should leave.
                Move the invisible tiles to all 3 lights(R,G,B)
5th Floor Light up all 3 light bulbs(R,G,B)
Again Rid will hear that voice, this time Rid will ignore it.
6th Floor  light all the fire the same color and you'll see the tiles in the next floor.
7th Floor               Just walk across without getting send back
^start here
                 Moving straight up, you'll see a figure standing amongst some chests.
This is the Valkyrie, Rid challages her to a duel. She agrees to your challenge.

Boss: Valkyrie(NO.40)
HP: 35,000, 32,768 Exp
Attack 250, Defense 1,000, Magic 100
Strong against: Wind30%,Water30%,Earth30%,Fire70%,Light30%,Electricity30%,
Time30%,Ice30%,Dark70%, Force100%
Attacks: Majinken, Valkyria Strike, Valkyria Saber, Fireball, Wind Cutter, Throw
                She has a couple of fast moves which is annoying. But there's nothing to
worry about. Remember, you've iced Cless and he's Much tougher than this.
Valkyrie Saber is a 15-combination strike and will almost definately knock you
unconcious. Valkyrie Strike is a shorter combo but will be use more often. Fireball
and Wind Cutter is actually a sword technique that embues elemental power into her
weapon when she attacks. Throw sword is rarely used and isn't very damaging.

                 The Valkyrie then bestow upon you the right to use the S.D (Swordian).
Take all the Treasure before you go. Walk right out and head to the Celestia's
Underwater Storage #1 where you saw the Swordian.

Underwater Storage#1()
Valuables: S.D.
                  Pull it out and now you've access to the Summon -Destiny(Ice,Fire,Force,
Dark,Water). Available every 30 minutes of play(current) and by spending 200 TP,
you get to see the 5 former teams of Tales of Destiny doing damage in their own
-Stahn(Swordian: Dimlos)
-Rutee(Swordian: Atwight)
-Garr(Swordian: Igtinos)
-Philia throwing 3 of her bombs at the enemies.
-Leon(Swordian: Chatier)

Racheans( )
Valuables: Eter Poke 4
Items: Oshirui
Go back to Rahean and you'll find that Kamulan, the village elder is sick. He said
he knows what is to cure him, a medicine call "Howdybanri" which is made up of 3
ingredients but decline to tell you what or where to look for them. Go outside and
ask the oldman in front of the door of the cowhouse, the man in the fields, and the
man in the house near the field to know about them.
Go back to Farah's house and check out the Dressup Table to get Oshirui.
-Hoshikawa from Spirit Hot spring event.
-Yamatsuno from Falsha Horns in Farlos Mountain.
-Takigimushi from Auction hall in Jini.
Once you've got all ingredients, go back to Racheans and give all of them to the
old man in front of the cowhouse. He'll mix them for you to get Howdy banri. Give the
Medicine to Kamulan to recieve Eter Poke 4.
	Now go in to Racheans's forest.
Racehan Forest:
Lens: 1
	Where Meredy's Pod has landed. Behind the leftmost piece of the pod is a
lens hidden.

Item: kakomon
	Go to the port and talk to the student there. He will sell you his papers for
100,000 Gald.

item: Button
	Go to the Clothshop and check out the second dresser. Meredy will find
a button there.

-There's a lens at 159,131 above the forest of temptation.

Spirit Hotspring(Syourei Onsen)(208,108):
Skill: Pararai ball
Item: Hoshikawa
Lens: 2
	There's a lens in the tank out front. The spring is seperated into girl's and
boy's section. Upon entering the boy's section, Rid will see an Ifreed's monument.
Chat listens to Rid and Rid says he can get her in the boy side with no problem at
all. since she doesn't look much like a girl and she'll gett her Paraly Ball Skill
There is a lens in the cabinet besides a brush in the boy's section.
                 Take with you 15 Kiruma Fruit, Farah and Meredy will float the fruts in the
spring. They will slowly grow and you'll get Hoshikawa for the Eter Poke4 quest
go to Celestia for the rest.

Catmen's Village(Nekonin Village)(120,109):
Lens: 2
Food Shop:
	Purple Sode	                                                                                                  200 Gald

	Pots in the first house has a lens. In the house where Rid tries to sleep also
has a lens. This is the ONLY place in the game where you can buy the rare purple
sode(you'll have to buy one at a time however). It's a key ingredient for Recipe
#28- #35.

Skill: Dark Eraser
	Go to Luishka, with Fog in your party. At the top of the screen, Fog will tell
you that he once live here and starts to moarn about the past. A pink merekiss
comes up and starts to cuddle him. Farah and Rid tries to get him to see this but
he's too caught up. Soon Fog is annoyed and throws the Merekiss away. The
Merekiss, pissed and zaps Fog with lightning. Fog is stunned but delighted that he
is yet one step closer to petting one. He then learns Dark Eraser.

Item: Mega Cruncher
	 Go back to Tinnsia and Pay another load of cash(15 time at least) to get
Mega Cruncher.

Item: Canceller.
Skill: Elemental Master
Now get Fog out of your party, You'll have to do this without him.
You'll have to see Rushitia paints her portrait of the ocean at 5 places
1. Peruti(after snow melts), at the port right before the Van Eltia.( You've seen this)
2. Tinnsia, Gnome statue(You've seen this too)
3. Cape Fortress, on the right.
4. Luishka, outside of Meredy's old house
.Finally ,Jini.  Go into the Hotel You'll find (Sean,Millie and Gred) there.
Now go outside and go right a screen. Rushitia'll finish her painting there and gives
you the Canceller to give to the  Shileska's Leader(Which is Fog).Get  Fog back on
your team. go back to Jini. Here to find the last pink Merekiss. which Fog finally gets
to pet. as Keels comes in and says something, the Merekiss disappears. the party
think it's a god of some sort. and Fog learns Elemental Master

Item: Corona Symbol
                Now go to Tinnsia and see Elene, she'll give you the Corona symbol, an
Item to speeds up casting time.

you can see (Sean, Millie & Gred) at five different places.
(Remember them? they're the Infamous "Lens Hunter"(yeah,right) from Tales of
1.At Hotel in Jini(You already seen this)
2.At the volcano of the Efreet Spirit
3.At the screen with the 5 god statues in the Forest of Temptation.
4.At Sylph Cavern, where the guard post is.
5.At the theater of Inferia city(the end)
               Go back to Chizel's Castle go up the path , go down the first Elevator and
go down again and follow the stairs down to see a room covered with roots.
               You'll meet Secondos, who is actually the spirit of Dhaos banished in to this
relm, After explaning your situation to him, Secondos decides to  join you with the
spell "Distortion". Whoever he joins recieves the title "Master Cramel".
Raise Dead(Water) -Secondos Lv.1 x Undine Lv.20
+Mental Up -Secondos Lv.10 x Efreet Lv.10
Delay(Earth) -Secondos Lv.30 x Gnome Lv.20
Strangnition(Ice) -Secondos Lv.5 x Celsius Lv.30
Bloody Howling(Dark) -Secondos Lv.15 x Shadow Lv.20
+Dream Guard -Secondos Lv.10 x Rem Lv.10
*Shooting Star(Force) -Secondos Lv.20 x Maxwell Lv.20
Walk up to the spot where you meet him again. and you'll notice that Secondos is
calling you. He'll ask you to fight him. Answer "Yes" to fight.

Boss: Secondos(NO.115)
HP: 200,000, 60,000 Exp, Time
Attack 620, Defense 900, Magic 100
Strong against: Water 10%, Wind20%, Fire50%, Earth10%, Ice10%, Electricity10%
Dark20% , Force15%, Time20%
Weak against:  Light5%
Attacks: Dhaos Laser(shoots 2 weak beams than 1 fierce beam consecutively
 = 5,000 Damage to all in front of him in a stright line), Headorasacodo,
Dhaos Collaspe, Miracle Moment( Headorasacodo+Dhaos collapse+Dhaos
Spells: Rainbow Spin, Eternal storm, Gliding Wrap(WoW! look at the pretty spells!)
	He's Tough. but you can have Keel(or Meredy) cast "Indignation"(Volt,Lv.15
x Rem,Lv.15 for 52 TP)- The strongest Electrical spell on him when his HP is below
half and it'll damage him for over 30,000!(one time only) But that if you can keep keel
or meredy alive long enough to cast it.(It was Dhaos's downfall before, and it's still is
now) I was left with only Rid and have to use Houzetsenshou repeatedly and relying
on the Holy symbol to heal me. But that did work also. I'd must have gotten very
 	Maybe Mania would pose a better challenge. And Calvin Niu
(solea@earthlink.net) has reported that he'll be MUCH harder than even Regulus
(The secret dungeon Boss), since he isn't going to pause after being hit and he has
an enormous range of spells to play with you then. I'm going to have to try it and see
for myself.(He must have gotten a very hard time with Secondos.) Anyway, try to
keep all of your party alive and well. Disrupt his spells. Have Fog use any short
skills to keep him busy.(Just the same old tactics you should  do with any Boss
now.) Rely on items to keep your party going. He'll go down, eventually.
He than gives you the Daris Emblem(+100 Accuracy ) and rejoins you
	Head back up to the screen with the 6 pillars. You'll need to seal all 6 pillars
 with the correct spirit(don't worry, it'll be done automatically.)
Water: Get all blocks to enter the hole.
Wind: Move the lift to press the switch and go to the door.
Ice: Press L1 to shoot the clock. It will lit up with fire and starts to count down to none,
then push all Red stones into the Red hole,Blue goes into Blue. to get it done in time
just shoot the clock to see where the stones should goin. Then get out of the room
and move the stones close to the hole.
Fire: Get the Fireball to the last orb. The fireball can't get pass Walls and it will fade
if you don't get the next orb to pass it on.
Earth: Nothing too dificult here.Cross the beam of light towards the exit.
Electricity: Shoot the rotating colored prism with the Freeze ring(L1) to have it stop
on the correct color.

	After the Puzzle in any path, you'll meet a Sub-Boss blocking your way.
Boss: Elementaler(NO.249)
HP: 80,000, Exp, Gald,, Depends on what puzzle you're tackling
Attack, Defense, Magic
Strong against: it's Element
Attack: Punch+Kick and Laser beam in close range doing around 4,000 damage
                Wind(Wind Cutter,Cyclone)
               Earth(Earthquake,Grand Dusher)
               Electricity(Thunder Blade,)
	Keep your distance away from these guys. and try to make them go down
as they try to cast spells. Taking them out shouldn't be a difficult task.
Continues up to place the spirits to seal the Pillars(Gnome,Sylph,Volt,Efreet,
Celsius and Undine) Once you sealed all 6 pillars, The warp at the middle will be
functional. You can now go up to face Chizel.
	Chizel is waiting for you. Rid tells her to stop the GrandFall. Chizel will ignore
his threat and says that they have no chance of winning. Meredy will ask if she
knows Chizel, her mother. Chizel ask her who is this Chizel? Rid thinks about the
ones who had died and Meredy wiill come to terms  that the Old Chizel has died
and now lives only the enemy in front of her. Chizel will zaps Meredy down and now
you'll have to face her
Boss: Chizel(NO.85)
HP:100,000, 51,200 Exp, Dark
Attack300,  Magic 75
Strong against: Water10%,Wind10%, Fire10%, Earth10%, Ice10%, Electricity10%
Attack:Eternal Infinity(all enemy HP to 1),
Drops: Elixir100%, Reverse Doll100%
	Just Try to keep her from using her spells, which should be easy now that
you've beaten Secondos, Maxwell. A reverse doll isn't nessesary and should be
preserve for later. Her Eternal Infinity can be canceled now by pressing the Square,
O,X to use the Ultimate light wall skill. Try to keep everyone else's distance away
from her by using formation 3. After a lot of pounding( you may have to rely on Life
Bottles), She'll be down.
	Chizel, Downed but not out, yet will reveal the True form of the God of
Destruction, Neried. You'll have to do battle with her again in a much stronger form.
Luckily, you've managed to preserve most of your items, Didn't you?
Boss: Nereid(Transformed Chizel)(NO.232) + nereid(NO.235)
HP:300,000 + 300,000, Exp, Gald
Attack, Defense, Magic
Strong against: all(50%) ,Force(40%) - nereid(Transformed Chizel)
Attack:Eternal Infinity(all enemy HP to 1),Fearful Fare, Meteor swarm, Black Hole
	She's much tougher than the last form, and with more HP to waste as well.
This Battle could drag on as long as 5  to 40 minutes depending on your character
level and difficulty setting. Just keep your eyes on her, and make sure she doesn't
get a chance to use her spells! which is much more devastating than the last form.
Neried isn't there just for show but you'll only have to beat Chizel to win the battle.
Remember that.
	Warning! just before she dies, she'll use Eternal Infinity for the last time.
You must use Rid's  Infinite Revival(square+O+X) to counter her. Otherwise, it'll be a
	Beating Her, the Seyfert Ring is now safe. But suddenly, a vibration signals
that the Grandfall has not yet stopped. The land is begining to crumble. Rid decides
to destroy the black sphere. Keel stops him, saying that it'll accellerate the Grand
Fall even further. Meredy will try to bridge the sphere with her power.But  her power
is not enough, Rid walks up to help contain the sphere. Meredy thanks keel for
always being there for her. Keel hugs her and says he'll always be with her. The
black clouds floats from Chizel and covers Meredy, Meredy is again in danger of
being posess.
	 At the last moment, Chizel, wounded and deformed. Walks up to the sphere. Rid and Keel will try to block her from getting through. Chizel, however uses
her power  in place of the two and got sucked in. Meredy will callout to her mother,
but it was too late. The Sphere exploded destroying the Seyfert Ring and Orbas
surface is no more. Rid and Farah falls down toward Inferia. A mysterious force
glides them down gently to the place where it all started, The observation tower in
Racheans Forest...........

	Time has passed, Farah is preparing her lunch and has met up with Rid and
Chat at the Port. Once aboard,Chat powers the New Van Eltia's engine and the ship
roars up from Inferia towards the New planet now floating aside.

(Ending Credit)
Rid Hershel:
Farah Oersted:
Keel Zeibel
Roin Ramoa:

Produced by Namco


	(now you'll be offerd to save your game. save it in a different slot. the new
one will have a green star on it. it will bring up the extras in the game. Look for the
walkthrough for this part in the Extra/Secret section)

				Specials List

                Some skills also have elemental status. Becareful not to use them on
enemies that are resistant to them.
(*Skills translations are taken from Kain's FAQ.*)

Majinken(TP 4)
(Demon God Sword)
2 Slash,1 Thrust
Rid slashes a powerful wave traveling forward.
Raijinken(TP 4),Electricity
(Thunder God Sword)
1 Slash, 2 Thurst
Thrusting ahead, Rid charge up a Electricity into his weapon.
Jirisezeme(TP 7)
2 Slash, 5 Thrust
Rid Thrust Repeatedly in Spears of Light.
Kokahazan(TP 6)
(Tiger Fang Breaking Blade)
5 Slash, 2 Thrust
Rid slashes up than slam his weapon down in the air
*- When Meredy or Keel uses FireBall, Rid's Kokahazan will turn into Gurenkan -*
Senkuuretpa(TP 10),Light
9 Slash, 16 Thrust
*- When Meredy or Keel uses Cyclone, Rid's Senkuuretpa will turn into Dankuuken-*
Retkuuzan(TP 9),Wind
16 Slash, 8 Thrust
Majinken Souga(TP 8)
(Demon Blade - Twin Fang)
10 Slash, 3 Thrust, Majinken 48 times
Fuuraijinken(TP 8),Wind,Electricity
(Wind Thunder God Sword)
4 Slash, 10 Thrust, Raijinken 50 times
Akisazeme(TP 12)
(Autamn Falling Rain)
4 Slash, 13 Thrust, Jirisazeme 130 times
Kogarenzan(TP 10)
(Tiger Fang Consecutive Slash)
13 Slash, 4 Thrust, Kokahazan 150 times
Senkuushouretpa(TP 14),Light
5 Slash, 22 Thrust, Senkuuretpa 250 times
Shinkuretzan(TP 14),Wind
23 Slash, 4 Thrust, Retkuuzan 250 times
Raijinsohazan(TP 10),Electricity
7 Slash, 5 Thrust, Raijinken 16 times
Majinzenretha(TP 10)
(Demon Blade Thousand Ripping Wave)
5 Slash, 7 Thrust, Majinken 24 times, Sarisazeme 24 times
Kuuhazetshougeki(TP 15)
1 Slash, 14 Thurst, Raijinken 70 times, Jirisazeme 70 times
Majinrenkazan(TP 15)
(Demon Blade Consecutive Fang Slash)
13 Slash, 1 Thurst, Majinken 60 times, Majinken Souga 50 times
Senkuusouhazen(TP 20),Light
19 Slash, 14 Thrust, Senkuuretpa 80 times, Kokahazan 120 times
Shouuretkuugeki (TP 24)
14 Slash, 19 Thurst, Akisazeme 120 times, Retkuuzan 80 times
Haotenku(TP 40),Fire
22 Slash, 24 Thrust, Fuuraijinken 200 times, Kuuhazetshougeki 150 times
Rid jumps up and swoop down in flames shaped firebird.
+ Hou zetsen shou(TP 50)(Press Haotenku Repeatedly at exactly when Rid hit
pass the enemy. An enemy must be thrown by the move and no spell can be cast
at the time.)
Haotenku 250 times
Passing the enemy, Rid does a backward 180 degree turn rush back.
Fuujinbakufuu(Wind Blade ???? ????)(TP 40)
30 Slash, 30 Thrust
Charge up a circle of light on one enemy. Throws the enemy up in the air than slash
for damage.
+ Fuujinfuubakusatsu(TP 24)(Press Fuujinbakufuu at exactly when the enemy is
about to be thrown up from the last Fuujin)
The enemy is slashed for 18 times. Creating over 5,000 in damage!
+Moukorenkekiha(TP 40)
24 Slash, 20 Thrust, Kokahazan 250 times, Kogarenzan 200 times.
MoukorenKekiha 90 times.
Press the X buttom exactly when he slashes the eighth blade and when he lands.
It'll take alot of Luck to get this one right.
Kyokouheki (Press O and Square when HP is Low and Flashes in Red)
Get from clearing the Eggbear's story event in Seyfert Temple at in Celestia.
Kyokohan(Press O repeatedly after using Kyokoheki)
Get from clearing Young Keel's story event in Seyfert Dome at 169,19 in Inferia.
Kyokouha(Use to counter Eternal Finality that nereid uses, Press O + X + Square to
Get from clearing  Chizel's story event in Seyfert Shrine at  in Orbas Surface(Sky

                   The Combo Command Item can be use to execute skills without having to
assign them.(*Seems that Gong Sniper already had post some of this when I add
Where D is down, F is forward, B is backward, U is up, O is circle, X is cross

D , DF , F , O
D , DF , F , X
F , D , DF , X
F , D , DF , O
D , U , X
D , U , O
Majinken Souga
D , DF , F , O+X
D , DF , F , X+square
F , D , DF , X+square
F , D , DF , O+X
D , U , X+square
D , U , O+X
B , DB , D , DF , F , O
B , DB , D , DF , F , X
F , B , F , X
F , B , F , O
D , D , D , X
D , D , D , O
D , DB , B , DB , D , DF , F , square
D , DB , B , DB , D , DF , F , X
 D , DB , B , DB , D , DF , F , O

                   Farah's skills are almost non elemental. Except for her last skill,
Satsugekibukouken. Farah can do more hits than even Rid can. So using her is
the key to making combos. however her skills doesn't cover enough area as Rid's
so make sure you aim well.

Shouteha(TP 4)
2 Fist, 1 Foot
Sazanka(TP 6)
1 Fist, 2 Foot
Hienrenkyaku(TP 7)
4 Fist, 5 Foot
Rengadan(TP 8)
5 Fist, 2 Foot
Yousoushuugeki(TP 8)
4 Fist, 8 Foot, Hienrenkyaku 40 times.
Hiyouhonpo(TP 10)
15 Fist, 15 Foot
Farah phase through enemy
Gariuukuuha(TP 12)
8 Fist, 4 Foot, Rengadan 30 times, Shouteha 10 times.
*- While Meredy of Keel uses Heal, Farah's Gariukuuha will become Kairyuuken -*
Sankamoushuukiaku(TP 12)
11 Fist, 12 Foot, Sazanka 80 times, Yousoushuugeki 30 times.
Soudoushouteiha(TP 12)
10 Fist, 8 Foot, Shouteha 60 times, Gariuukuuha 30 times.
*- While Meredy or Keel uses Thunder Blade, Farah's Soudoushouteiha will turn in
to Raisenken -*
Hienrentenkyaku(TP 13)
9 Fist, 18 Foot, Hienrenkyaku 150 times.
Hachiyourenga(TP 18)
16 Fist, 8 Foot, Renkadan 150 times.
Yousourakubakushuu(TP 20)
22 Fist, 25 Foot, Sankamoushuukaiku 160 times, Hienrentenkyaku 100 times.
Shishisenkou(TP 20)
22 Fist, 14 Foot, Hachiyourenga 100 times, Soudoushouteiha 16 times.
Farah does a Burst of Dragon-like force up front
+Shikoubekusaijin(TP 50)
Shishisenkou 380 times
Satsugekibukouken(TP 60),Fire
30 Fist, 30 Foot, Shishisenkou 120 times, Yousourakubakushuu 120 times.

(this is put here by Michel Niu's request)
	Farah has the secret move of Den'sin'bo'ti (if I spell it right.)  You learn it by
putting Farah as the leader and fight over 300 fight(with high level of course) It takes
long time too charge that attack but it hit over ten-thousand. Another secret move of
Farah only can be activate after using Den'sin'bo'ti, when Den'sin'bo'ti was used the
enemy at front of you will be paralyzed and screen turn black, is you attack the
freezing enemy (only freezing enmey!!) by 2 normal attack then chain an anti air
attack like Hienrentenkyakuhten immediatly chain an on air attack like
Sankamoushuukiaku, without killing the enemey, before the screen regain it's color
Farah will be automaticall using Burning Dance of Fire Dragon

Syukou(TP 12)
Heal 1 Person
Regulus Dojo
Gedokukou(TP 4)
Cure Ailments 1 Person
Kaiseikou(TP 50)
Revive one Downed Ally
Farlos Church
*-While attacking upward, pressing attack in midair will cause Farah to use
Gariyusoenbu -*

(*Gong Sniper's Post also had this*)
D , DF , F , O
D , DF , F , X
F , B , F , O
F , D , DF , X
D , D , X
F , D , DF , O
D , DF , F , X+square
F , B , F , O+X
F , D , DF , X+square
D , D , X+square
Soudou Shouteiha
D , DF , F , O+X
D , D , square
F , D , DF , O+X
D , DB , B , DB , D , DF , F , O
D , U , X
B , DB , D , DF , F , X
D , DB , B , DB , D , DF , F , X

Picohan(TP 12) -Stun Enemies
 already have
Rob Item (TP 15) -Steal Items
already have
Poihan (TP 16) -High Chance of Poisoning
Found at 183,131 Celestia
Paralai Ball. (TP 16 + need to equip necklace) -Paralyze
goto Seirei Onsen (Inferia 208,108)
Kochihan (TP 20) -Freezes Enemies
foud at Inferia Underwater Storage 2 (121,122)
Eternal Sorrow (TP 60) -Keeps throwing Hammer  until no TP is left
Go back to Ifreed's Cave (Celestia 204,98) at the Rulet Room
use these answers to get Chat's Last skill.
1) 5
2) 6
3) 4
4) 4
5) 6
6) 3
7) 4
8) 1
9) 5
10) 6

D, DF, F, X
Rob Item
F, B, F, X
F, D, DF, X
Paralai Ball
B,DB, D, DF, F, X
D, D, X
Eternal Sorrow
D, DB, B, DB, D, DF,F, X

Burning Force (20 TP 20) -Level 1 Fire element 2Hits
already have
Air Blade (TP 24) -Level 1 Wind element 7Hits
Peruti, barrel at the Pier.
Aqua Spiral (TP 28) -Level 1 Water element 6Hits
Tinnsia, near the Gnome statue.
Rise Laser (TP 34) -Level 2 Holy element 8Hits
Cape Fortress, where you first came to Celestia.
Dark Laser (TP 40) -Level 2 Dark element 12Hits
Luishka, in a broken down house in the top-left of the town(about 2 screen from
town entrance)
Elemental Master (TP 72) -Level 3 Fire+Wind+Water+Force Element 13Hits
going to all place without Fog in your party in order to see Rishitia painting. when
you go to Jini(night), she will give you a canceller, Fog's Skill equipment. go back
and get Fog go left 1 screen(just look around)to see the last pickcat, now will let
Fog pet him. but will disappears this time and now he will has the Elemental Master

Burning Force
Air Blade
F, D, DF,X
Aqua Spiral
D, U, X
Rise Laser
B, DB, D, DF, F, X
Dark Laser
D, D, D, X
Elemental Master
D, DB, B, DB, D, DF, F, X

Burning Force
Press <Burning force> +O to explode shot after stopping it in midair.
Aqua Spiral
Press <Aqua spiral>  and press O rapidly when the blue bubble of water appears
to heal Fog.
(* thanks to Lugia249 for the Information*)

< Race>-
                 This guy isn't with you for long. but he's got skills too, hasn't he? so his skills
are put here to make the list complete.
Fuuraijinken(TP 8),Wind,Electricity
(Wind Thunder God Sword)
Akisazeme(TP 12)
(Autamn Falling Rain)
Souryurengazan(TP 12)
Souryuzankoken(TP 16),Light
                  There are no combo command  available when you met him, so I can't
make a command list of his skills.


                 Only Keel & Meredy can use spells. Most spells come from Frynging
Spirits together. While some spell is available, another won't be. That's what
Frynging is all about. Choose your spells wisely, then you can win most battles
easily. and remember every spell has an elemental property,so use them
(*) means that the spell is the most powerful of the line.
Aqua edge(TP4) Keel's Start spell
Spread(TP 9) Undine
A Gush of Water pour upwards.
Acid Rain(TP 10) Undine Lv.10 x Gnome Lv.5
Heal(TP 16) Undine Lv.1  x Sylph Lv.1
HP is restored to target.
Cure(TP 32) Undine Lv.15 x Maxwell Lv.1
Nurse(TP 42) UndineLv.10 x  Celsius Lv.1
4 nurse rushes from the door to heal the party.
Resurrection(TP 60) Undine Lv. x Rem Lv.1
*Raise Dead(TP 96) Undine Lv. x Secondos Lv.1

Concentrate(TP 6) Sylph Lv.6 x Efreet Lv.5
Wind Cutter(TP 7) Keel's Start spell
A disc of rotating wind slashes the enemy.
Air Slash(TP 12) Sylph
3 sharp discs of wind slashes the enemy.
*Cyclone(TP 44) Sylph Lv.20 x Shadow Lv.9

Sharpness(TP 6) Efreet Lv.5 x Undine Lv.7
Raise Attack by %.
Fire Ball(TP 7) Keel's Start spell
4 balls of fire hits the enemy.
Flame Wall(TP 12) Efreet x Gnome
Eruption(TP 18) Efreet
fireballs erupts from the ground and rains down on the enemies.
*Explode(TP 36) Efreet Lv.15 x Volt Lv.9
Stream of fire hits down from above creating a giant explosion.

Crive(TP ) Meredy's Start spell
Resist(TP ) Gnome x
Rock Break(TP) Gnome
*Grand Dusher(TP) Gnome Lv. 21x Shadow Lv. 9
Powerful Earth wave rips enemies and push them back.

Ice Needle(TP 6) Meredy's Start spell
Many Ice shard pierce through the enemy.
Resist(TP 6) Celsius Lv.10 x Gnome Lv.7
Reduce Damage from Elements by %.
Blizzard(TP 20) Celsius Lv.12 x Sylph Lv.15
A sudden snow storm accurs.
Frost Lancer(TP 21) Celsius
*Absolute(TP30) Celsius Lv.14 x Volt Lv.12
The Enemy is suddenly put in a block of ice at absolute tempreture.

Lightning(TP7) Meredy's Start spell
A small lightning hits the enemy
Recover(TP 10) Volt Lv.6 x Gnome Lv.1
Cure Ailments.
Charge(TP 10)Volt Lv.5 x Sylph Lv.13
TP is transfered from the caster.
Thunder Blade(TP 24) Volt
Varia ???
*Indignation(TP 52) Volt Lv.15 x Rem Lv.10

Deep Mist(TP 6) Shadow Lv.5 x Undine Lv.15
Down Accuracy by %.
Barrier(TP 6) Shadow Lv.5 x Volt Lv.10
Reduce Damage by %.
Dark Force(TP 32) Shadow
*Bloody Howling(TP 72)Shadow Lv.20 x Secondos Lv.15

Holy Bless ???
Ray(TP 30) Rem
*Holy Lance(TP 52)
Rem Lv.20 x Maxwell Lv.15 or Rem Lv.15 x Efreet Lv.20

Meteor Swarm(TP 60) Maxwell
*Shooting Star(TP 80) Maxwell Lv.20 x Secondos Lv.20
[When Maxwell's Bar is at Maximum, Casting Shooting Star will turn the caster into
Arche! (similar to the Groovy Arche game found in Tales of Phantasia)]

Stragnation(TP 16),Secondos Lv.5 x Celsius Lv.30
Recieved Damage is reduce.
*Distortion(TP 64) Secondos


                  Summons are instant spells that reqire no time to cast. But your gauge for
that spirit must be full first.

Undine(Water) TP 30
	Undine appears and  slams her trident to the ground.
	-Heals all party HP and damages all enemies.
Sylph(Wind) TP 40
	Sylph cause a whirlwind to throws up all enemies and slams 'em to the
Efreet(Fire) TP 50
	Efreet  Bust up ward. burning everything in sight.
Gnome(Earth) TP 60
	Little Elves appeared all over the field and Gnome gush up from the
	ground to attack the enemies.
	-Attack has Poison property.
Celsius(Ice) TP 70
	Celsius summons a giant wolf who blow away the enemy and when Celsius
	is on it's back, it's unleash a powerful blow.
	-Attack has Freezing property, blow enemy to the other side.
Volt(Electricity) TP 80
	Volt sprays lightning on to the enemies. Follows by a raid of little Volts
flooding the place. Enemies are stunned temporary.
	-Attack has Knocked down property
Shadow(Dark) TP 90
Rem(Light) TP 90
Maxwell(Force) TP
Secondos(Time) TP

                  This Summon is special because it has no gauge to cast but instead
depend on a real-time,in-game clock and will be accessible every 30 minutes of
current gameplay.

Destiny(Fire,Ice,Water,Force,Dark) TP 200

/Crymel Mixing Effects/

                   Frynging doesn't always results in spells. It can combine to make effects
for the holder as well. so what good is it? see for yourself.

+ Medical Plus
Sylph Lv.10 x Rem Lv.10
Heal Spell effect +5%
(means that all your healing spells are 5% stronger than usual.)
+ Item Getter
Sylph Lv.10 x Maxwell Lv.10
Technical Smash +2%
(adds 2% to any Techinical smash bonus recieves)
+ Mental Check
Gnome Lv.5 x Sylph Lv.10
Restore TP +1% periodically
+ Life Rescue
Gnome Lv.10 x Rem Lv.10
+ Mental Supply
Gnome Lv.20 x Maxwell Lv.20
Spells does 128 Percent Damage, 1/64 TP is restore every 64 seconds.
+ Frost Guard
Celsius Lv.10 x Efreet Lv.10
Immune to Frost Effect
+ Paralyze Guard
Volt Lv.10 x Undine Lv.10
Immune to Stun Effect
+ Heal Weapon
Rem Lv.10 x Shadow Lv.10
Hit to Restore HP
+ Mental UP
Secondos Lv.10 x Efreet Lv.10
When Level UP, +1 to TP
+ Drain Guard
Secondos Lv.10 x Rem Lv.5
Immune to HP/TP drain effect
+ Life UP
Maxwell Lv.10 x Celsius Lv.10
When Level UP, +2 to HP
+ Poison Guard
Maxwell Lv.10 x Shadow Lv.10
Immune to TP/HP Drain Effect

/Boss/Enemies/Special Characters Spells & Skills/
	These are the Skills/Spells that is use ONLY by the enemies,Boss, and
the characters you control for a short time. This means that you shouldn't waste your
time looking for a way to get it, even if it appears in the Voice sample.
Valkyrie Slash
Valkyrie Strike

Fearful Flare
Prism Sword
Plasma Wave

				Game Data Lists

/Experience Required to Reach Level/
8	Rid starts with this(and Rid is the lowest leveled starting character in the
9	1,074 Exp
10	1,500 Exp
15	5,513 Exp
20	14,108 Exp
25	29,561 Exp
30	54,521 Exp
35	92,014 Exp
40	145,439 Exp
45	218,572 Exp
50	315,562 Exp
55	440,935 Exp
60	599,590 Exp
65	796,803 Exp
70	1,038,223 Exp
75	1,329,876 Exp
80	1,678,161 Exp
85	?,???,??? Exp
90	?,???,??? Exp
95	?,???,??? Exp
100	?,???,??? Exp
250	??,???,???,??? Exp


                   To fight those villains in the Eternia world. you'll need more than your
bare hands to do so. You'll need.. Equipment! to extend your hopes to rid the world
of evil. And there's a lot to choose from.

---------|-	Swords: Use by Rid, Race
Saint Rapier(Sell for 100 Gald)
Slash 100,Thrust 200
Long Sword(Buy for 300 Gald in Racheans & Minche, Sell for 150 Gald)
Slash 70,Thrust 70
Dropped by Sword Soldier
Saber(Sell for 260 Gald)
Slash 105,Thrust 85, Accuracy 5
Rapier(Sell for 400 Gald)
Slash 80,Thrust 140, Accuracy 10
Knight Saber(Buy for 1,600 Gald, Sell for 800 Gald)
Slash 150,Thrust 130
Bastard Sword(Sell for 1,000 Gald)
Slash 180,Thrust 175
Shamseal(Sell for 1,500 Gald)
Slash  260, Thurst 200
Nimble Rapier(Sell for1,800 Gald)
Slash 200,Thrust 320, Accuracy 10
Flam Barge(Sell for 3,000 Gald)
Slash 320,Thrust 320,Fire
Saw Saber(Buy for 8,000 Gald, Sell for 4,000 Gald)
Slash 355,Thrust 350, Accuracy  5
Earth Blade(Sell for 5,000 Gald)
Slash 410,Thrust 405,Earth
Destroyer(Buy for 12,000 Gald, Sell for 6,000 Gald)
Slash 440, Thrust 440
Ice Coffin(Buy for 16,000 Gald, Sell for 8,000 Gald)
Slash 475, Thrust 460, Accuracy 15, Ice
Onibouchou(Buy for 20,000 Gald, Sell for 10,000 Gald)
Slash 500,Thrust 470
Voltage Sword(Sell for 20,000 Gald)
Slash 550,Thrust 565, Accuracy 10, Electricity
Flame Sword(Sell for 30,000 Gald)
Slash 610,Thrust 605, Accuracy 5, Fire
Vopal Sword(Sell for 60,000 Gald)
Slash 735,Thrust 710,Water
Nintouchazakura(Sell for 64,000 Gald)
Slash 740, Thrust 720, Accuracy 10
Excalibur(Sell for 80,000 Gald)
Slash 615,Thrust 590,5,Light
Given by Rem & Shadow, Volt Ruin
Last Fencer(Sell for 100,000 Gald)
Slash 765, Thrust 758,Luck 5, Evade 3,Accuracy 10
Given by Sagura,Aimen after Riberves quest.
Eternal Sword(Sell for100,000 Gald)
Slash 890.Thrust 850,Luck -2,Time
Given by Cless,Inferia City's Arena

---------->Spears: Use by Rid
Short Spear(Buy for 300 Gald, Sell for150 Gald)
Slash 50,Thrust 85
Long Spear(Buy for 500 Gald, Sell for250 Gald)
Slash 66, Thrust 130
Kolseska(Sell for 750 Gald)
Slash 80, Thrust 230
Short Lance(Buy for 1,920 Gald, Sell for 960Gald)
Slash 100, Thrust 220, Accuracy 5
Palshizan(Buy for 2,960 Gald,Sell for 1,480 Gald)
Slash 155, Thrust 260, Accuracy 10
Arc Wind(Sell for 1,600 Gald)
Slash 170, Thrust 320, Accuracy 5, Wind
Found in Sylph Cavern
Trident(Buy for 6,400 Gald, Sell for 3,200 Gald)
Slash 240, Thrust 400, Water
Ogre Lance(Sell for 4,800 Gald)
Slash 300, Thrust 450, Accuracy 5
Demon Javelin(Buy for 12,000 Gald, Sell for 6,000 Gald)
Slash 320, Thrust 520, Accuracy 5, Dark
Draknar Lance(Sell for 21,000 Gald)
Slash 400, Thrust 680
Flame Lance(Sell for 32,000 Gald)
Slash 500, Thrust 780, Fire
Gungnir(Odin's Spear)(Sell for 90,000 Gald)
Slash 600, Thrust 999, Accuracy 5
Acquired after beating Wind Elemental, Nereid's Libarynth

===\_|=	Axe: Use by Rid
Hand Axe(Sell for 160 Gald)
Slash 75, Thrust 60
Rid's Starting Weapon
Franchesca(Buy in Regulus Dojo for 400 Gald, Sell for 200 Gald)
Slash 110, Thrust 70
Battle Axe(Sell for 700 Gald)
Slash190,Thrust 60, Accuracy 5
Cresent Axe(Buy in Inferia City for 2,200 Gald, Sell for 1,100 Gald)
Slash 300,Thurst 140
Bardische(Buy in Imen for 8,400 Gald, Sell for 4,200 Gald
Slash 410, Thurst 300
Battle Pick(Buy in Tinnsia for 12,400 Gald, Sell for 6,200 Gald)
Slash 480, Thurst 200
Strike Axe(Sell for 18,000 Gald)
Slash 680, Thurst 320, Accuracy -5, Electricity
Drop by Falling Riz
Gaia Cleaver(Sell for 84.000 Gald)
Slash 999, Thurst 500, Accuracy -5, Earth
Acquired after beating Dark Elemental, Nereid's Libarynth

--i==-	Dagger: Use by Rid
Short Swords(Buy in Regulus Dojo for 200 Gald, Sell for 100 Gald)
Slash 50, Thrust 40, Accuracy  30
Cincuedia(Buy in Barole for 1,600 Gald, Sell for 800 Gald)
Slash 160, Thurst 170, Accuracy 30
Found in Undine stream
Assult Dagger(Sell for 1,600 Gald)
Slash 250, Thrust 260, Accuracy 30
Found in Sylph Cavern
Gradius(Buy in Imen for 8,400 Gald, Sell for 4,200 Gald)
Slash 320, Thrust 310,Accuracy 20
Gnome Pick(Sell for 5,000 Gald)
Slash 390, Thrust 360, Accuracy 30,Earth
Found in Gnome Cave
Kadal(Buy in Tinnsia for 17,600 Gald, Sell for 8,800 Gald)
Slash 450, Thrust 450,2, Accuracy 20
Kris Dagger(Buy in Jini for 9,800 Jini, Sell for 20,000 Gald)
Slash 650, Thrust 650, Accuracy 30

==IIDDDDD>Large Swords: Use by Rid
Steel Sword(Buy for 2,400 Gald, Sell for1,200 Gald)
Slash 330, Thrust 240, Evade -2, Accuracy -20
Great Sword(Sell for 3,300Gald)
Slash 390, Thrust 370, Evade -3, Accuracy -20
Soul Eater(Sell for 5,600Gald)
Slash 490, Thrust 430, Accuracy -30, Dark
Dragon Bane(Sell for 26,000Gald)
Slash 670, Thrust 650, Accuracy -30, Dark
Hanuman Shaft(Monkey God Staff)(Buy in Jini for 13,200 Jini, Sell for 33,000 Gald)
Slash 790, Thrust 740, Luck 5, Accuracy -20
Seiryotou(Sell for 75,000 Gald)
Slash 865, Thrust 840, Defense 5, Accuracy -10, Water
Found in Chizel's Castle
Last Defencer
Slash 765, Thrust 765,Luck 5, Evade 3,Accuracy 10
Acquired from ????

---------V-  Halberds: Use by Rid
Deck brush(Sell for 200 Gald)*
Slash 200, Thrust 200, Accuracy 30, Wind
Found in Van Eltia*one of 7 treasures of Celestia*
Pole Axe(Sell for 500 Gald)
Slash 120, Thrust 120, Accuracy -15
Found in Minche Mountain
Heavy Grip(Buy in Inferia City for 2,000 Gald, Sell for1,000Gald)
Slash 220, Thrust 220, Accuracy -10
Halberd(Buy in Chambard for 3,800 Gald, Sell for1,900 Gald)
Slash 300, Thrust 300, Accuracy -5
War Hammer(Buy in Imen for 9,000 Gald, Sell for 4,500 Gald)
Slash 370, Thrust 370, Accuracy -10
Melnil(Buy in Jini for 11,000 Jini, Sell for 20,000 Gald)
Slash 510,Thurst 515, Electricity
Saint Halberd(Sell for 30,000 Gald)
Slash 630, Thrust 630, Luck 8, Accuracy -15
Found in Shadow Cave

Knuckles: Use by Farah
Power Mits(Buy for 400 Gald, Sell for 200 Gald)
Fist 67, Foot 75, Accuracy 3
Leather Arms(Sell for 250 Gald)
Fist 60, Foot 68, Accuracy 2
Chain Arms(Sell for 340 Gald)
Fist 90, Foot 92, Accuracy 5
Iron Arms(Sell for 940 Gald)
Fist 180, Foot 165, Accuracy 2
Needle Glove(Buy for 2,400 Gald, Sell for 1,200 Gald)
Fist 210, Foot 180, Accuracy 5
Venom(Sell for 2,000 Gald)
Fist 240, Foot 215, Accuracy 3
Poison Son(Buy in Inferia City for 1,440 Gald, Sell for 720 Gald)
Fist 118, Foot 125, Accuracy 7
Dropped by Giant Spider
Shiver Knuckle (Buy for 7,600 Glad, Sell for3,800 Gald)
Fist 275, Foot 255, Accuracy 10
Bone Knuckle(Sell for 4,400 Gald)
Fist 300, Foot 295, Luck -6, Accuracy 2, Dark
Dropped by Hebisnig
Bear Claw(Sell for 4,800
Fist 325,Foot 320,Accuracy 8
Ghost Shell(Sell for 5,200 Gald)
Fist 365, Foot 350, Luck -10, Dark
Crystal Shell(Buy for 12,000 Gald, Sell for 6,000 Gald)
Fist 400, Foot 420, Accuracy 5
Dragon Fang(Buy for 18,600 Gald, Sell for 9,400 Gald)
Fist 470, Foot 440, Accuracy 10
Mithril Arms(Buy for 40,000 Gald, Sell for20,000 Gald)
Fist 515, Foot 530, Accuracy 5
Flare Arms(Sell for 33,000 Gald)
Fist 580, Foot 620, Accuracy 7, Fire
Dyer Knuckle(Sell for 70,000 Gald)
Fist 650, Foot 635, Accuracy 7
Kaiser Knuckle(Sell for 72,000 Gald)
Fist 760,Foot 725,Accuracy 10
Dropped by Rowcamal
God Weapon(Sell for 88,000 Gald)
Fist 800, Foot 805, Luck 10, Accuracy 7, Holy
Dropped by Maxwell,the Force spirit, Farlos Church

------o	Rod: Use by Keel
Rod(Buy for 400 Gald,Sell for 200 Gald)
Attack 40
Gem Rod(Buy for 3,200, Sell for 1,600 Gald)
Attack 200
Ruby Wand(7,200Sell for 3,600 Gald)
Attack 260
Skull Staff(11,200 Gald, Sell for 5,600 Gald)
Attack 380, Magic 5, Luck -10
Holy Staff(Sell for 16,800 Gald)
Attack 480, Luck 8, Holy
BC Rod(Sell for 37,500 Gald)
Attack 740
Found in Glimmering Spire, After beating Valkyrie

Mace: Use by Keel
Mace(Buy for 1,200 Gald,Sell for 600 Gald)
Attack 110
Star Mace(Sell for 28,000 Gald)
Attack 650, Magic 5, Luck 5, Force
Dropped by Beast Ogre

Whistle: Use by Meredy
Whistle(Buy for 300 Gald, Sell for150 Gald)
Attack 35, Accuracy -3
Piyo Piyo Whistle(Sell for 660 Gald)
Attack 100, Luck 5, Accuracy  -5
Wegisbue(Buy for 1,640, Sell for 820 Gald)
Attack 160
Purity Horagy(Buy for 3,000 Gald, Sell for 1,500 Gald)
Attack 200, Luck 8
Memory W(histle)(Buy for 8,000 Gald, Sell for 4,000 Gald)
Attack 300
Toshike kiratsupa(17,600, Sell for 8,600 Gald)
Attack 460
Twinkle F(lute)(Sell for 24,000 Gald)
Attack 580,Magic 3,Luck 8
Eternia M(edalliion)(Sell for 38,000 Gald)
Attack 750, Magic 5, Time

Gun: Use by Fog
Assult Shot(Sell for 11,000 Gald)
Attack 485
Plasma Cannon(Buy for 20,000 Gald, Sell for 15,000 Gald)
Attack 525,Electricity
Grand Magnum(Buy for 40,000 Gald, Sell for 20,000 Gald)
Attack 610
Impulse Cannon(Buy for 80,000 Gald, Sell for 26,000 Gald)
Attack 700
Photon Eraser(Buy for 160,000 Gald, Sell for 32,000 Gald)
Attack 840
Mega Cruncher(Buy for 320,000 Gald, Sell for74,000 Gald)
Attack 955

Bag: Use by Chat
Chat's Bag(Sell for 5,400 Gald)
Attack 315
Total Bag(Buy in Peruti for 11,800 Gald, Sell for 5,900 Gald)
Attack 400
Big Bag(Buy in Baril's Castle for 19,000 Gald, Sell for 9,500 Gald)
Attack 480
Found in Ruin of Volt
Large Bag(Sell for 46,000 Gald)
Attack 720, Luck 30
Wonder Bag(Sell for 58,000 Gald)
Attack 780, Luck 8
Dropped by Gunner in Glimmering Spire, Nereid's Libarynth

Helmet: Use by Rid,Fog
Leather Helm(Buy for 240 Gald, Sell for 120 Gald)
Defense 1
Iron Sallet(Sell for 500 Gald)
Defense 3
Armet Helm(Buy for 1,440 Gald,Sell for 720 Gald)
Defense 5
Cross Helm(Buy for 3,600 Gald, Sell for 1,800 Gald)
Defense 10
Duel Helm(Buy for 5,000, Sell for 2,500 Gald)
Defense 14
Mithril Helm(Sell for 4,200 Gald)
Defense 18, Magic 2
Rare Helm(Sell for 8,000 Gald)
Defense 20
Golden Helm(Sell for 22,000 Gald)
Defense 24, Evade 5
Star Helm(Sell for 32,000 Gald)
Defense 28, Luck 2, Evade 3

Baret: Use by Chat
Ifreed's Hat(Sell for4,400 Gald)
Defense 12
Pirate Hat(Sell for 8,700 Gald)
Defense 18, Evade 6
Captain Hat(Sell for19,800 Gald)
Defense 24, Evade12

Circlet: Use by Keel, Race
Circlet(Buy for 760 Gald,Sell for380 Gald)
Defense 1, Magic 4
Gold Crest(Buy for3,560 Gald,Sell for1,780 Gald)
Defense 2, Magic 8
Mithril Crest(Sell for 4,000 Gald)
Defense 3, Magic 12
Holy Crest(Sell for 28,000 Gald)
Defense 4, Magic 18, Luck 5
Star Circlet(Sell for 32,000 Gald)
Defense 5, Magic 24
Cless's Bandana (Cless no Bandana) Use only by Rid
Evade 20, Accuracy 10, Time
Dropped by Cless, Inferia City's Arena

Ribbon: Use by Farah, Meredy
Ribbon(Buy for 200 Gald,Sell for 100 Gald)
Defense 2
Blue Ribbon(Buy for 2,800 Gald, Sell for 1,400 Gald)
Defense 5
Stripe Ribbon(Buy for 5,200 Gald, Sell for 2,600 Gald)
Defense 9, Evade 5
Check Ribbon(Buy for 10,000 Gald, Sell for 5,000 Gald)
Defense 16, Evade 10
Pretty Ribbon(Sell for18,000 Gald)
Defense 20, Luck 5, Evade 5
Arche's Ribbon(Arche no Ribbon)(Sell for 1,000 Gald)
Luck 50, Water, Wind, Fire, Earth
Dropped by Arche, Inferia City's Arena

Armor: Use by Rid
Soft Leather(Buy for 300 Gald, Sell for 150 Gald)
Defense 2
Hard Leather(Buy for 400 Gald, Sell for 200 Gald)
Defense 4
Protector(Sell for 780 Gald)
Defense 7
Chain Mail(Buy for 1,900 Gald, Sell for 950 Gald)
Defense 10
Ring Mail(Buy for 3,500 Gald, Sell for 1,750 Gald)
Defense 13
Sprint Mail(Buy for 8,000, Sell for 4,000 Gald)
Defense 15
Plate Mail(Buy for 12,000 Gald, Sell for 6,000 Gald)
Defense 18, Evade -3
Battle Suit(Buy for 16,800 Gald, Sell for 8,400 Gald)
Defense 22,Evade -3
SIlver Plate(Sell for 18,000 Gald)
Defense 28,Evade -5
Reflects(Sell for 29,500 Gald)
Defense 35, Evade -3,
Mithril Plate(Sell for 30,000 Gald)
Defense 37, Evade -3
Rare Plate(Sell for 36,000 Gald)
Defense 38, Evade -5
Mam Bine(Sell for 68,000 Gald)
Defense 42, Earth, Electricity, Ice, Dark
Gold Armor(Sell for 80,000 Gald)
Defense 49, Water, Wind, Fire, Holy

Cloak: Use by Farah, Meredy, Chat
Cloak (Buy for 200 Gald,Sell for 100 Gald)
Defense 5
White Cloak(Buy for 1,480 Gald,Sell for 740 Gald)
Defense 8, Evade 5
Silk Cloak(Buy for 1,840 Gald, Sell for 920 Gald)
Defense 10, Magic 1, Luck 2
Amber Cloak(Buy for 7,800 Gald, Sell for 3,900 Gald)
Defense 10, Evade 10
Silver Cloak(Buy for 33,600 Gald, Sell for 16,800 Gald)
Defense 16, Evade 7
Holy Cloak(Sell for 26,000 Gald)
Defense 25, Luck 5
Mithril mesh(Sell for 30,000 Gald)
Defense 35, Magic 2, Evade 5
Star Cloak(Sell for 72,000 Gald)
Defense 40, Magic 3, ???

Robe: Use by Keel, Fog, Race
Robe(Buy for 300, Sell for1 50 Gald)
Defense 12, Evade 1
Feather Robe(Buy for 1,560 Gald, Sell for 780 Gald)
Defense 9, Luck 2, Evade 3
Misty Robe(Buy for 1,440 Gald, Sell for 720 Gald)
Defense 14
Crystal Robe(Buy for 4,200 Gald,Sell for 2,100 Gald)
Defense 12 , Evade 2
Purity Robe(Buy for 8,800 Gald,Sell for 4,400 Gald)
Defense 14, Evade 5, Dark
Scale Robe(Buy for 36,000 Gald, Sell for 18,000 Gald)
Defense 22
Moon Robe(Sell for 30,000 Gald)
Defense 28, Magic 3
Spirit Robe(Sell for 70,000 Gald)
Defense 34, Evade 5, All

Shield: Use by Rid
Pot Lid(Nabe no Futa)(Buy for 100 Gald, Sell for50 Gald)
Defense 2, Fire
Wood Shield(Sell for 100 Gald)
Defense 3, Evade 1
Buckler(Buy for 460 Gald, Sell for 230 Gald)
Defense 4, Evade 2
Apple Cedar(Sell for 400 Gald)
Luck 5, Evade 10
Storm Shield(Sell for 400 Gald)
Defense 6, Evade 3, Wind
Round Shield(Buy for 1,600 Gald, Sell for800 Gald)
Defense 9, Evade 3
Fight Shield(Sell for 1,200 Gald)
Defense 6, Evade 8, Fire
Kite Shield(Buy for 4,000 Gald, Sell for 2,000 Gald)
Defense 13, Evade 5
Ankh Shield(Buy for 5,200 Gald, Sell for 2,600 Gald)
Defense 10, Evade 4
Fine Shield(Buy for 6,000 Gald, Sell for 3,000 Gald)
Defense 18, Evade 8
R Line Shield(Sell for 8,000 Gald)
Defense 28, Evade 4
Order Shield(Runebottle->Chaos Shield)(Sell for 9,000 Gald)
Defense 26, Evade 10
Star Shield(Sell for 15,000 Gald)
Defense 30, Evade 10
Chaos Shield(Runebottle ->Order Shield)(Sell for 20,000 Gald)
Defense 40, Luck -5, Evade 2
Beam Shield(Sell for 25,000 Gald)
Defense 32, Evade 12
B Line Shield(Sell for 25,000 Gald)
Defense 12, Evade 32
Rare Shield(Sell for 30,000 Gald)
Defense 10, Luck 5, Evade 28

Bracelet: Use by Farah, Meredy, Keel, Chat, Fog, Race
Wrist Band(Buy for 240 Gald, Sell for 120 Gald)
Defense 1
Iron Wrist(Buy for 1,320 Gald, Sell for 660 Gald)
Defense 3
Bracelet(Buy for 3,360 Gald, Sell for 1,680 Gald)
Defense 5
Kitchen Mit(Buy for 3,560 Gald, Sell for 1,780 Gald)
Defense 5, Evade 5, Fire
Gold Brace(Buy for 9,600 Gald, Sell for 4,800 Gald)
Defense 8
Pretty Mitten(Buy for 14,800 Gald, Sell for 7,400 Gald)
Defense 9,Luck 10,Evade 2
Lapis Brace(Buy for 33,600 Gald, Sell for 16,800 Gald)
Defense 11,Magic 2,Luck 2
Lovely Mitten(Sell for 17,000 Gald)
Defense 12, Luck 3, Evade 5, Light, Dark
Diya Brace(Sell for18,000 Gald)
Defense 14
Cuty Mitten(Sell for 20,000 Gald)
Defense 15,Luck 5,Evade 5,Accuracy 5
Angel Brace(Sell for 22,000 Gald)
Defense 18,Luck 8
Mithril Brace(Sell for 22,000 Gald)
Defense 22,Magic 2
Star Brace(Sell for 30,000 Gald)
Defense 26

Mantle(Buy for30 Gald, Sell for 15 Gald)
+1 to Defense
Sheep Mantle(Buy for 2,400 Gald, Sell for 1,200 Gald)
+5 to Defense,+5 to Evade
Leather Mantle( Buy for 100 Gald, Sell for 50 Gald)
+3 to Defense
Aqua Mantle(Sell for 8,000 Gald),Water
Damage from Water is reduce 30%
Elven Mantle(Sell for 8,000 Gald)
+12 to Defense, +20 to Luck, +10 to Evade
Celesti Mantle(Runebottle ->Inferi Mantle)(Sell for 10,000 Gald),Earth, Ice, Electricity
Damage from Earth,Ice and Electricity is reduce.
Inferi Mantle(Runebottle ->Celesti Mantle)(Sell for 10,000 Gald),Water, Wind, Fire
Damage from Water,Wind and Fire is reduce.
Thunder Mantle(Sell for 8,000 Gald),Electricity, Wind
Damage from Electricity is reduce 30%
Flare Mantle(Sell for 8,000 Gald),Fire, Earth
Damage from Fire is reduce 30%
Smash Mantle
Raise Technical Smash Bonus

Elven Boots(Sell for 8,000 Gald)
Jet Boots(Sell for 12,000 Gald)
+8 to Defense, + 8 to Evade
Speeds up running
Persia Boots(Sell for 38,000 Gald),All
Damage from all Elements is reduce by 30%.
Water greeves(Mitsugumo)(Sell for 10,000 Gald),Water
Damage from Water is reduce by 50%.

Black Oynx(Runebottle ->Moon Crystal)(Sell for 16,000 Gald)
Increase HP by 30%.
Moon Crystal(Runebottle ->Black Oynx)(Sell for 18,000 Gald)
Increase TP by 30%.
Magic Mist(Buy for 6,000 Gald, Sell for 3,000 Gald)
Halves Escape time.

Talisman(Sell for 8,000 Gald)
Increase Defense by 5%.
Poison Check(Buy for 6,000 Gald, Sell for 3,000 Gald),Water
Make wearer immune to HP/TP drain.
Frost Check(Buy for 20,000 Gald, Sell for 10,000 Gald),Ice
Make wearer immune to Freeze symtom.
Paralyze Check(Buy for 24,000 Gald, Sell for 12,000 Gald),Electricity
Make wearer immune to Paralyze symtom.
Dream Check(Sell for 18,000 Gald),Dark
Make wearer immune to Stun symtom
Piyohan(Sell for 25,000 Gald)
Combo Command(Runebottle ->Stop Ring)(Sell for 6,000 Gald)
Execute skill using Fighting style like command.
Canceller(Sell for 30,000 Gald) Use only by Fog
Use to execute Skill simaltaniusly from Lv.1 to Lv.2 to Lv.3 in order. Significantly re-
duce casting time.
Picohan Revenge(Sell for 25,000 Gald) Use only by Chat
Take Hammer revenge when Chat's taken damage
BlueTalisman(Runebottle ->Fight Symbol)(Sell for 16,000 Gald)
Increase Defense by 10%
Technical Ring(Sell for 6,000 Gald)
Heal Bangle(Sell for 12,000 Gald)
Restore 8%HP After defeating an enemy
Mental Bangle(Sell for 12,000 Gald)
Restore 3%HP After defeating an enemy

Emerald Ring(Sell for 24,000 Gald)
Reduce TP usage to 2/3.
Step Ring(Runebottle ->Combo Command)(Sell for 6,000 Gald)
While guarding, wearer can jump backwards by pressing back+down.
Mental Ring(Sell for 20,000 Gald)
Restore 1%TP periodically
Fairy Ring(Sell for 48,000 Gald)
Restore TP periodically
Protect Ring(Runebottle-> Resist Ring)(Sell for 8,000 Gald)
Increase Attack by 10%
Force Ring(Runebottle->Reflect Ring)(Sell for 24,000 Gald)
Increase Attack by 20%
Resist Ring(Runebottle->Protect Ring)(Sell for 14,000 Gald)
Damage from all elements is reduce by 10%.
Reflect Ring(Runebottle->Force Ring)(Sell for 24,000 Gald)
Damage from all elements is reduce by 20%.
Riverviser(Sell for 32,000 Gald)
Auto Guard?
Rejyumu ring(Sell for 10 Gald)

Extreme(Sell for 26,000 Gald)
+300 to Attack, -200 to Defense, -20 to Evade,+20 to Accuracy
Corona Symbol(Sell for 40,000 Gald)
Halves Casting time
Demon Seal(Sell for 123 Gald)
Inflicts 2 Ailments onto wearer in battle, 2x to Experience recieves.
Daris Emblem(Sell for 100,000 Gald)
+100 to Accuracy
Mystic Symbol(Sell for 30,000 Gald)
Restore HP periodically
Holy Symbol(Sell for 20,000 Gald)
Restore 5% of HP periodically
Fight Symbol(Runebottle ->Blue Talisman)(Sell for 10,000 Gald)
Increase Attack by 10%
Rabbit Symbol(Sell for 10,000 Gald)
+30 to Luck

Reverse Doll(Runebottle ->Cefira)(Sell for 321 Gald)
Revives wearer with full HP,Reverse Doll is destroyed.
Cefira(Sell for 16,500 Gald)
Goddess Statue, Have good price. (May be Boost Gald receives???)

Gauntlet: Use by Rid
Hyper Gauntlet(H Gauntet)(Sell for 30.000 Gald)
+10 to Attack, +10 to Accuracy


HP/TP restoring items:
Apple Gummy(Runebottle ->Orange Gummy)(Buy for 100 Gald, Sell for50 Gald)
Restore 30% HP
Orange Gummy(Runebottle ->Apple Gummy)(Buy for 200 Gald, Sell for100 Gald)
Restore 30% TP
Lemon Gummy(Runebottle ->High Gummy)(Buy for2,500 Gald, Sell for1,250 Gald)
Restore 60% HP
High Gummy(Runebottle ->Lemon Gummy)(Buy for 3,000 Gald, Sell for1,500 Gald)
Restore 60% TP
Mix Gummy(Buy for 1,000 Gald, Sell for 500 Gald)
Restore 30% of HP & TP
Miracle Gummy(Buy for 6,000 Gald, Sell for3,000 Gald)
Restore 60% of HP & TP
Mackerel Gummy(Sell for 75 Gald)
Elixir(Sell for 10,000 Gald)
Fully recover HP & TP

Status increasing items:
Sage(Runebottle ->Savory)(Sell for 800 Gald)
Increase HP by 5%
Red Sage(Runebottle ->Red Savory)(Sell for 1,400 Gald)
Increase HP by 10%
Savory(Runebottle ->Sage)(Sell for 600 Gald)
Increase TP by 5%
Red Savory(Runebottle ->Red Sage)(Sell for 1,000 Gald)
Increase TP by 10%
Lavender(Runebottle ->Bellbane)(Sell for 800 Gald)
Increase Strength by 1
Red Lavender(Runebottle ->Red Bellbane)(Sell for1,450 Gald)
Increase Strength by 2
Belbane(Runebottle ->Lavender)(Sell for1,000 Gald)
Increase Agility by 1
Red Belbane(Runebottle ->Red Lavender)(Sell for 1,800 Gald)
Increase Agility by 2

Crymel Gauge items:
Blue Fragment(Ao no Kakera)(Sell for 500 Gald)
Increase Celsius's Gauge by 1 and Experience.
Red Fragment(Aka no Kakera)(Sell for 500 Gald)
Increase Efreet's Gauge by 1and Experience.
(Kuru no Kakera)(Sell for 500 Gald)
Increase 's Gauge by 1 and Experience.
Yellow Fragment(Kiiru no Kakera)(Sell for 500 Gald)
Increase Volt's Gauge by 1 and Experience.
White Fragment(Shiru no Kakera)(Sell for 500 Gald)
Increase Rem's Gauge by 1 and Experience.
Green Fragment(Midori no Kakera)(Sell for 500 Gald)
Increase Sylph's Gauge by 1 and Experience.
LightBlue Fragment(Mizuru no Kakera)(Sell for 500 Gald)
Increase Undine's Gauge by 1 and 83 Exp.
Purple Fragment(Murasaki no Kakera)(Sell for 500 Gald)
Increase Shadow's Gauge  by 1and Experience.
(Kishouseki)(Sell for 3,000 Gald)
Increase 's Gauge by 2 and Experience.
(Rakushouseki)(Sell for 3,000 Gald)
Increase 's Gauge by 2 and Experience.
(ShiShouseki)(Sell for 3,000 Gald)
Increase Volt's Gauge by 2 and Experience.
(Suishouseki)(Buy for 6,000 Gald, Sell for 3,000 Gald)
Increase Undine's Gauge by 2 and Experience.
(Seishouseki)(Sell for 3,000 Gald)
Increase 's Gauge  by 2 and Experience.
(Sakishouseki)(Sell for 3,000 Gald)
Increase 's Gauge by 2 and Experience.
(Hokushouseki)(Sell for 3,000 Gald)
Increase 's Gauge by 2 and Experience.
Iyokushouseki(Sell for 3,000 Gald)
Increase Sylph's Gauge by 2 and Experience.

Battle Items:
Old Divide(Sell for100 Gald)
Hourglass(Sell for 3,000 Gald)
Freezes Time and make most of the enemy stand still.
pay 1,000,000 to the vending machine in the Van Eltia's item shop to get this.
Spectacles(Buy for 50 Gald, Sell for 25 Gald)
Liquer Bottle(Buy for 1,200 Gald,Sell for 600 Gald)
Up 30%Defense but down 20% Attack
Flare Bottle(Buy for 600 Gald, Sell for 300 Gald)
Up 30% Attack but down 20% Defense
Penecea Bottle(Buy for 160 Gald, Sell for 80 Gald)
Cure Ailments
Life Bottle(Buy for 400 Gald, Sell for 200 Gald)
Revive KO'ed Allies

Charm Bottle(Runebottle ->Mystical Charm)(Sell for 1,250 Gald)
Up Charisma temporary by 3
Mystical Charm(Sell for 3,000 Gald)
Up Charisma temporary by 5
Dark Bottle(Runebottle ->Holy Bottle)(Buy for 200 Gald, Sell for100 Gald)
Increase Encounter Rate
Holy Bottle(Runebottle ->Dark Bottle)(Buy for 200 Gald, Sell for 100 Gald)
Decrease Encounter Rate
Rune Bottle(Sell for 2,400 Gald)
Improve items
pay 1,100,000 to the vending machine in the Van Eltia's item shop to get this.

Special items:
Horn(Yamotsuno)(Sell for 180 Gald)
	Drop by Falsha Horn in Farlos Mountain area.
Takigimushi(Sell for 100 Gald)
	Auction from Auction hall in Jini
Fuyu Tomato-*(Sell for 100 Gald)
Hoshikawa(Sell for 400 Gald)
	found by Farah after she floats15 Kiruma Fruit in the Spirit Hot spring(event).
Howdy Banri(Sell for 200 Gald)
	Gather all ingredients and have it mix in Racheans.
Button-*(Sell for 80 Gald)
	found by Meredy in the second changer.of Chambard's Clothshop.
FuShu Baby-*(Sell for 1,200 Gald)
Wind Ball-*(Sell for 400 Gald)
	Give to you by Kamulan in Racheans, after Uploading the Eter Poke4
Culdron no Supo-*(Sell for 300 Gald)
	found in Gnome Cave
Rozania's Dress-*(Sell for 800 Gald)
	found in Ifreed's Tomb
Doeniz no Bopuri-*
	Give to you by Ai, After beating the Chamballon minigame
	Bought from student at Mintche's Pier for 100,000 Gald
	found in Underwater Storage #1-#5 in Celestia
King no Shocker-*
	found in King Bedroom, on the Shelf opposite his bed.
Weltas Daikin-*
	found in Royal theater in Inferia City, After watching all 8 parts of the play
" Weltas By"

(-*) don't know how to use or what it is use for.
/Food Ingredients/

	There are 33 ingredients for you to choose from. Some are buyable some-
where and some are not easy to find.Try collecting all of them!
Armango(Buy for 80 Gald, Sell for 40 Gald)
Strawberry(Ichigo)(Buy for 80 Gald, Sell for 40 Gald)
	There's even a store that only sells this stuff! in Inferia at 52,25
Kiwi(Buy for 80 Gald, Sell for 40 Gald)
Cucumber(Kyuuri)(Buy for 50 Gald, Sell for 25 Gald)
Press Veggettable(Konyac)(Buy for 60 Gald, Sell for 30 Gald)
Tofu(Buy for 60 Gald, Sell for 30 Gald)
Kiruma Fruit(Buy for 80 Gald, Sell for 40 Gald)
Cabbage(Buy for 60 Gald, Sell for 30 Gald)
Lobster(Ebi)(Buy for 80 Gald, Sell for 40 Gald)
Squid(Iga)(Buy for 80 Gald, Sell for 40 Gald)
Potato(Buy for 50 Gald, Sell for 25 Gald)
Banana(Buy for 50 Gald,Sell for 25 Gald)
Bead(Buy for 60 Gald, Sell for 30 Gald)
Bread(Buy for 60 Gald, Sell for 30 Gald)
Milk(Buy for 50 Gald, Sell for 25 Gald)
Cheese(Buy for 60 Gald, Sell for 30 Gald)
Lettuce(Buy for 60 Gald, Sell for 30 Gald)
Lemon(Buy for 60 Gald, Sell for 30 Gald)
Rice(Buy for 100 Gald, Sell for 50 Gald)
Tomato(Buy for 80 Gald Sell for 40 Gald)
Tusk Meat(Tusk no Niku)(Buy for 150 Gald, Sell for 75 Gald)*
Onion(Tamanegi)(Buy for 50 Gald, Sell for 25 Gald)
Pasta(Buy for 60 Gald, Sell for 30 Gald)
Banyamen(Buy for 60 Gald, Sell for 30 Gald)
Bear Meat(Bear no Niku)(Buy for 150 Gald, Sell for 75 Gald)
Carrot(Ninjin)(Buy for 50 Gald, Sell for 25 Gald)
White Sode(Buy for 60 Gald, Sell for 30 Gald)*
Red Sode(Buy for 60 Gald, Sell for 30 Gald)*
Black Sode(Buy for 100 Gald, Sell for 50 Gald)*
Purple Sode(Buy for  200 Gald, Sell for 100 Gald)**
Mackerel(Buy for 200 Gald, Sell for 100 Gald)
Egg(Tamago)(Buy for 50 Gald, Sell for 25 Gald)
Daikon(Buy for 60 Gald, Sell for 30 Gald)
*-Only available in Celestia
**-Only available in Catmen's Village


Inferi Sea Map
	Get from Captian's desk in Sunken ship
Inferi Map
	Get from Mazet in Morle after finding Quickie.
Celesti Map
	Get from Gaston in Peruti(after snow melts)
Celesti Sea Map
	Buy from man in Jini for 10,000 Gald or 100 Jini
Freeze Ring-Press R1 to Shoot while in Game Screen
	Get from Celsius at Mountain Celsius
Sorcerer's Ring-Press L1 to Shoot while in Game Screen
	Get from Rem at Efreet Gorge
Eter Poke 1
	Complete Eter Poke 1 Quest.
Eter Poke 2
	Get from Ponz, the boy who's with Lotte at the spirit pump In Imen before
destruction of Imen
Eter Poke 3
	Complete Eter Poke 3 Quest.
Eter Poke 4
	Complete Eter Poke4 Quest.
Gevius -Display Co-ordinates on World screen
Manual Book(Manual Zukan)-Make available the Manual control option in battle
	Get from man in the 2nd room of Regulus Dojo
Josen Pass -Allow Party to travel using ships in Inferia.
	Recieve from Roin outside of Inferia's Castle
Oje Earring-Allow Rid,Farah,Keel to understand Celestia's Language(Not quite
	Get from Mazet in Morle
Mere kiss Badge
	Given by Gaston at Peruti(after snow melts) to certify you to Fog
Monster Book(Monster Zukan) (256 Monsters)
	Get from Mazet in Morle
Orb of Darkness(Yami no Tama)
Orb of Light (Hikari no Tama)
Train Fuel -Allow Party to travel using trains in Celestia.
	Buy from Sagura in Imen
Seyfert Key -Key to All of Seyfert Shrines.
	Recieve from Race who is dying
Swordian(S.D.) -Allow the use of the Summon- Destiny(TP 200)
	Get from Underwater Storage #1 after defeating Valkyrie at Shining Spire
Collector's Book(Collector Zukan)
	Get from bookshelf on desk in 2nd floor of Kamulan's house in Racheans

/Monster Data(256 Monsters)/

	Here is the list of the enemies you'll be facing. Most of these Info are taken
from the Monster's Book(Monster Zukan)

#000 Bandit
HP 900,10 Exp, 36 Gald
Attack 40, Defense 60, Magic 55
Weak against: Fire
Drops: Cheese 30%, Cheepus Mantle12%
Steal: Cheese 90%
Location: Racheans - Regulus Area
#001 Striker
HP 1,200, 27 Exp, 72 Gald
Attack 88, Defense 140, Magic 43
Weak against: Dark
Drops: Bread 35%,Apple Gummy 15%
Steal: Bread 90%
#002 Night Flyer
HP 3,333, 82 Exp, 312 Gald
Attack 202, Defense 290 , Magic 30
Strong against: Wind20%,Dark30%
Weak against: Fire10%,Light 50%
Drops: Apple Gummy 20%, Milk 12%
Steal: Milk 75%
#003 Sword Soldier
HP 780, 14 Exp, 63 Gald
Attack 80, Defense 110, Magic 50
Drops: Bread 40%, Long Sword 2%
Steal: Bread 95%
#004 Troll
HP 2,400, 36 Exp, 200 Gald
Attack 200, Defense 140, Magic 48
Strong against: Fire, Earth
Weak against: Water
Drops: Apple Gummy 15%, Savory1%
Steal: Apple Gummy 95%
Location: Nostos Cave - Forest of Temptation Area
#005 Witch
HP 450, 14 Exp, 72 Gald
Attack 63, Defense 22, Magic 12
Strong against: Ice
Weak against: Fire
Drops: Spectacle 25%, Pasta 45%
Steal: Pasta 95%
#006 Anger Lizard
HP 8,500, 212 Exp, 1,150 Gald
Attack 276, Defense 380, Magic 35
Weak against: Ice
Drops: Mix Gummy 12%, Bead 35%
#007 Mage
HP 850, 22 Exp, 80 Gald
Attack 77, Defense 80, Magic 50, Water
Drops: Lemon 35%, Apple Gummy15%
Steal: Lemon 90%
#008 Roller Snail
HP 3,200, 105 Exp, 620 Gald
Attack 214, Defense 250, Magic 70, Earth
Strong against: Earth30%
Drops: Life Bottle 15%, Holy Bottle 22%
Steal: Life Bottle 95%
Location: Cave of Gnome
#009 Terror Needle
HP 200, 10 Exp, 36 Gald
Attack 49, Defense 60, Magic 52
Drops: Penecea Bottle 3%
#010 Hunmasroa
HP 1,000, 21 Exp, 80 Gald
Attack 82, Defense 120, Magic 50
Drops: Spectacle 25%, Apple Gummy 12%
Steal: Spectacle 95%
#011 Aro Tail
HP 420, 12 Exp, 30 Gald
Attack 52, Defense 158, Magic 69
Drops: Apple Gummy 15%, Orange Gummy 8%
Steal: Apple Gummy 95%
#012 Making Plant
HP 1,500, 21 Exp, 82 Gald
Attack 82, Defense 120, Magic 35
Drops: Penecea Bottle 5%, Lettuce 30%
Steal: Penecea Bottle 95%
#013 Flying Soul
HP 3,800, 115 Exp, 840 Gald
Attack 178, Defense 286, Electricity
Drops: Mix Gummy 5%, Lemon Gummy 8%
Steal: Mix Gummy 35%
#014 Red Gizard
HP 500, 10 Exp, 36 Gald
Attack 65, Defense 180, Water
Strong against: Water30%
Drops: Lobster(Ebi) 50%, Spectacle 8%
Steal: Spectacle 95%
Location: Nostos Cave
#015 Mad Eel
HP 4,500, 54 Exp, 80 Gald
Attack 170, Defense 190, Magic 56, Earth
Strong against: Water 80%
Weak against: Electricity 30%
Drops: Penecea Bottle 12%, Kiruma Fruit 25%
Steal: Kiruma Fruit 80%
#016 Spector
HP 1,900, 36 Exp, 90 Gald
Attack 80, Defense 140
Drops: Life Bottle 8%, Spectacle 8%
Steal: Life Bottle 90%
#017 Night Light
HP 450, 12 Exp, 28 Gald
Attack 60, Defense 120, Magic 53
Drops: Apple Gummy 12%, Penecea Bottle 5%
Steal: Apple Gummy 95%
#018 Syche Killer
HP 1,800, 36 Exp, 140 Gald
Attack 140, Defense 135, Magic 40, Dark
Strong against: Ice20%,Dark100%
Weak against: Fire60%,Light100%
Drop: Dark Bottle 20%, Reverse Doll 10%
Steal: Reverse Doll 40%
#019 Inferian Guard
HP 5,000, 200 Exp, 300 Gald
Attack 280, Defense 400, Magic 100
Drops: Steel Sword 100%
#020 Kanbara Bear
HP 850, 16 Exp, 40 Gald
Attack 90, Defense 150, Magic 58
Drops:Bear Meat(Bear no Niku) 50%,Mackerel 15%
Steal: Mackerel 80%
#021 Happy Snail
HP 5,500,  115 Exp, 800 Gald
Attack 196, Defense 280
Drops: Tusk Meat(Tusk no Niku) 20%, Bone Knuckle 10%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 60%
#022 Buzz Beetle
HP 3,400, 92 Exp, 615 Gald
Attack 200, Defense260
Drops: Mix Gummy 8%, Penecea Bottle 8%
Steal: Mix Gummy 50%
#023 Battler
HP 3,400, 42 Exp, 200 Gald
Attack 130, Defense 150, Magic 46
Drops: Spectacle 35%, Bread 35%
Steal: Spectacle 95%
Location: Farlos Mountain
#024 Undine
HP 5,500, 1,360 Exp, Water
Attack 100, Defense 268, Magic 50
Strong against: Water100%,Wind30%,Fire30%,Earth30%,Ice30%
Weak against: Electricity30%
Drops: Talisman 100%, Mental Bangle 100%
Location: Undine Stream
#025 Poltic
HP 1,800, 85 Exp, 181 Gald
Attack 120, Defense 210, Magic 80
Strong against: Fire80%
Weak against: Water50%,Ice50%
Drops: Flare Bottle 12%
Steal: Flare Bottle 95%
#026 Scarlet Needle
HP 2,800, 58 Exp, 112 Gald
Attack 180, Defense 250
Drops: Penecea Bottle 25%
Steal: Penecea Bottle 80%
#027 Rocky Hawk
HP 580, 14 Exp, 36 Gald
Attack 45, Defense 80, Magic 73
Drops: Egg(Tamago) 30%
#028 Slime
HP 255, 10 Exp, 32 Gald
Attack 45, Defense 100, Magic 66
Strong against: Water50%
Weak against: Fire100%,Ice100%
Drops: Apple Gummy 15%, Pressed Vegetable(Konyac) 15%
Steal: Pressed Vegetable(Konyac) 90%
#029 King Frog
HP 1,500, 24 Exp, 80 Gald, Water
Attack 100, Defense 150, Magic 49
Strong against: Water 50%
Weak agaisnt: Electricity 50%
Drops: Apple Gummy15%, Orange Gummy 8%
Steal: Apple Gummy 90%
#030 Shesrag
HP 850, 21 Exp, 30 Gald, Water
Attack 95, Defense 120, Magic 65
Strong against: Water30%
Weak against: Electricity60%
Drops: Penecea Bottle 10%, Cucumber(Kyuuri) 28%
Steal: Penecea Bottle 80%
#031 Skeleton
HP 2,100, 36 Exp, 90 Gald, Dark
Attack 125, Defense 160, Magic 10
Strong against: Ice 30%, Light 100%, Dark100%
Weak against: Fire 30%
Drops: Carrot(Ninjin) 18%, Bastard Sword3%
Steal: Carrot(Ninjin) 90%
#032 Mahogani
HP 850, 16 Exp, 36 Gald, Earth
Attack 52, Defense 100, Magic 71
Strong against: Water 20%, Earth 50%
Weak against: Fire 50%
Drops: Apple Gummy 8%, Tomato 40%
Steal: Tomato 95%
#033 Shadow Servant
HP 2,400, 105 Exp, 860 Gald
Attack 195, Defense 260, Magic 25
Drops: Dark Bottle 8%, Apple Gummy 12%
Steal: Dark Bottle 60%
Location:Chat Hut
#034 Insect Plant
HP 8,800, 115 Exp, 500 Gald, Earth
Attack 70, Defense 10
Drops: Kiruma Fruit 25%, Lemon 10%
Steal: Kiruma Fruit 80%
Location: Morle,Back Woods
#035 Rabid Rabbit
HP 4,950, 92 Exp ,555 Gald
Attack 212, Defense 260
Drops: Carrot(Ninjin) 40%, Rabbit Symbol 3%
Steal: Carrot(Ninjin) 90%
#036 Dodo
HP 3,500, 58 Exp, 250 Gald
Attack 180, Defense 230
Drops: Egg(Tamago) 25%
Steal: Egg(Tamago) 80%
Location: Chambard
#037 Plant Biter
HP 3,500, 50 Exp, 128 Gald
Attack 160, Defense 180
Drops: Carrot(Ninjin) 35%,Orange Gummy 15%
Steal: Orange Gummy 40%
Location: Morle
#038 Violent Viper
HP 4,530, 82 Exp, 440 Gald
Attack 200, Defense 270
Drops: Apple Gummy 15%.Mix Gummy 10%
Steal: Mix Gummy 50%
#039 King Frog
HP 3,400, 32 Exp, 120 Gald
Attack 125, Defense 125, Magic 58
Strong against: Water50%
Weak against: Electricity50%
Drops: Apple Gummy 15%, Orange Gummy 8%
Steal: Orange Gummy 50%
#040 Valkyrie
HP 35,000, 32,768 Exp
Attack 250, Defense 1000, Magic 100
Strong against: Water30%,Wind30%,Fire70%,Earth30%,Ice30%,Electricity30%,
Location: 8th floor, Glimmering Spire
#041 Monk
HP 500, 8 Exp, 12 Gald
Attack 42, Defense 10, Magic 46
Location: Regulus Dojo
#042 Pit Beast
HP 6,000, 105 Exp, 615 Gald
Attack 200, Defense 290
Drops: Bead 25%, Orange Gummy 5%
Steal: Bead 80%
#043 Jin
HP 11,000, 625 Exp, 1,950 Gald
Attack 380, Defense 500, Magic 50
Strong against: Wind80%
Weak against: Fire50%
Drops: Flare Bottle 22%
Steal: Liquor Bottle 60%
#044 Brown Pot
HP 800, 12 Exp, 72 Gald
Attack 80, Defense 120
Drops: Penecea Bottle 15%, Liquor Bottle 3%
Steal: Penecea Bottle 80%
#045 Octo Slimy
HP 4,888, 68 Exp, 188 Gald
Attack 210, Defense 190, Magic 71
Strong against: Water50%
Drops: Squid(Iga) 50%
Steal: Apple Gummy 80%
#046 Volt
HP 54,321, 3,600 Exp, Electricity
Attack 218, Defense 508, Magic 160
Strong against: Wind, FIre, Earth, Ice, Electricity100%, Light, Dark
Weak against: Water100%
Drops: Holy Symbol 100%, Rune Bottle 100%
Location: Ruin of Volt
#047 Sylph
HP 6,600, 1,929 Exp, Wind
Attack 170, Defense 200, Magic 80
Strong against: Water30%,Wind100%,Fire30%,Ice10%,Electircity10%
Weak against: Earth 100%
Drops: Protect Ring 100%, Life Bottle 100%
Location: Sylph Cavern
#048 Celsius
HP 33,333, 2,000 Exp, Ice
Attack 264, Defense 300, Magic 80
Strong against: Water50%,Wind50%,Earth50%,Ice100%,Dark50%
Weak against: Fire20%
Drops: Resist Ring 100%, Freeze Check 100%
Location: Mountain Celcuis
#049 Ice Striker
HP 5,500, 105 Exp, 600 Gald, Ice
Attack 210, Defense 270
Strong against: Water30%,Wind30%,Ice70%
Weak against: Fire70%
Drops: White Sode 15%, Orange Gummy 10%
Steal: White Sode80%
Location: Mountain Celsius
#050 Woods Worm
HP 1,700, 24 Exp, 100 Gald
Attack 100, Defense 141,Magic 58
Drops: Apple Gummy 10%, Orange Gummy 8%
Steal: Apple Gummy 80%
#051 Efreet
HP 24,000, 2,723 Exp, Fire
Attack 200, Defense 360, Magic 50
Strong against: Wind10%,Fire100%,Earth10%,Ice10%,Electricity10%
Weak against: Water50%
Drops: Black Onyx 100%, Life Bottle 100%
Location: Efreet Gorge
#052 Crunsher Tortoise
HP 1,800
Drops: Apple Gummy 10%, Buckler 2%
Steal: Apple Gummy 90%
#053 Micro Needle
HP 2,200, 36 Exp, 90 Gald
Attack 110, Defense 150
Drops: Tofu 25%, Kolseska 8%
Steal: Tofu 90%
#054 Mini Guide
HP 600, 21 Exp, 50 Gald
Attack 90, Defense 90, Magic 67
Drops: Tofu 5%
Steal: Tofu 90%
#055 Maxwell
HP 40,000, 34,002 Exp, Force
Attack 400, Defense 2,100, Magic 145
Strong against: Force40%
Drops:  Fairy Ring 100%, God Weapon 100%
Steal: Elixir 100%
Location: Secret Dungeon inside Farlos Church
#056 Mist
HP 3,600, 181 Exp, 876 Gald
Attack 180, Defense 350, Magic 30
Drops: Liquor Bottle13%, Spectacle25%
Steal: Spectacle 90%
#057 Archer
HP 600, 14 Exp, 72 Gald
Attack 54, Defense 20, Magic 30
Drops: Bread 35%, Spectacle 50%
Steal: Bread 90%
#058 Hard Horn
HP 6,200, 115 Exp, 826 Gald
Attack 170, Defense 320
Drops: Apple Gummy 5%, Earth Blade 4%
Steal: Earth Blade 20%
Location: Cave of Gnome
#059 Gnome
HP 16,160, 1,000 Exp, 2 Gald, Earth
Attack 150, Defense 350, Magic 100
Strong against: Water70%,Fire70%,Earth100%,Ice70%,Electricity70%
Weak against: Wind10%
Drops: Moon Crystal 100%, Rune Bottle 100%
Location: Gnome Cave
#060 Aqua Spin
HP 3,500, 68 Exp, 180 Gald, Water
Attack 120, Defense 250
Drops: Mackerel 50%
Steal: Apple Gummy 90%
#061 Mudman
HP 7,500, 166 Exp, 1,128 Gald, Earth
Attack 300, Defense 410
Drops: Apple Gummy 15%, Potato 25%
Steal: Apple Gummy 90%
#062 Gentleman
HP 7,600, 145 Exp, 765 Gald, Earth
Attack 350
Drops: Orange Gummy 8%, Savory 1%
Steal: Savory 5%
Location: Baril's Castle
#063 Star Fish
HP 1,940, 27 Exp, 60 Gald,Water
Attack 96, Defense 124, Magic 72
Srong against: Water 30%
Drops: Apple Gummy 10%
#064 Seahorse
HP 4,400, 82 Exp, 580 Gald, Water
Attack 180, Defense 275
Drop: Apple Gummy 15%, Life Bottle 5%
Steal Apple Gummy 95%
#065 Rock Golem
HP 2,500,18 Exp, 60 Gald, Earth
Attack 75
Strong against: Fire 50%, Earth 80%, Electricity 50%
Weak against: Water 80%
Drops: Apple Gummy 30%, Tofu 13%
Steal: Tofu 80%
#066 Living Sword
HP 4,500,105 Exp, 555 Gald
Attack 165, Defense 320
Drops: Lemon Gummy 3%, White Sode 12%
Steal: Apple Gummy 80%
#067 Ghoul
HP 3,100, 42 Exp, 100 Gald
Attack 135, Defense 150
Drops: Apple Gummy 12% Potato 30%
Steal: Potato 80%
#068 Harpy
HP 650, 14 Exp, 66 Gald
Attack 83, Defense 120, Magic 20
Drops: Apple Gummy 15%, Spectacle 10%
#069 Zombie
HP 1,300, 14 Exp, 60 Gald
Attack 90, Defense 20
Drops: Apple Gummy 20%, Orange Gummy 5%
Steal: Apple Gummy 90%
#070 Race
HP 4,408, 1,000 Exp
Attack 142, Defense 700, Magic 100
Strong against:
Weak against:
Drops: Heal Bangle 100%, Leather Mantle 100%
Location: Bridge of Light, Mt. Farlos
#071 Manticore
HP 2,200, 32 Exp, 100 Gald
Attack 120, Defense 160
Drops: Apple Gummy 15%, Orange Gummy 10%
Steal: Apple Gummy 90%
#072 Medusa
HP 9,500, 657 Exp, 2,320 Gald
Attack 380, Defense 410, Magic 80
Drops: Penecea Bottle 18%, Rivaviser 1%
Steal: Penecea Bottle 90%
#073 Shadow
HP 100,324, 32,768 Exp
Attack 460, Defense 400, Magic 62
Drops: Force Ring100%, Runebottle 100%
Location: Shadow Cave
#074 Poltergeist
HP 2,500, 76 Exp, 190 Gald
Attack 150, Defense160
Drops: Apple Gummy15%, Orange Gummy 8%
Steal: Apple Gummy 95%
#075 Gitalkal
HP 6,500, 229 Exp, 1,723 Gald
Attack 220, Defense 340, Magic 52
Drops: Purple Sode 12%, Elixir 1%
#076 Eggbear
HP 3,200, 32 Exp, 90 Gald
Attack 130, Defense 120, Magic 50
Drops: Bear Meat40%
Steal:  Apple Gummy90%
Location: Morle
#077 Sorcerer
HP 1,200. 32 Exp, 100 Gald
Attack 60, Defense 120, Magic 20
Drops: Strawberry(Ichigo) 40%, Orange Gummy 8%
Steal: Strawberry(Ichgo) 80%
#078 Firebird
HP 1,800, 58 Exp, 128 Gald, Fire
Attack 100, Defense 140
Drops: Tomato 20%, Flamebue 12%
Steal: Tomato 95%
Location: Efreet Gorge
#079 Green Roper
HP 940, 16 Exp, 60 Gald
Attack 60, Defense188, Magic 72
Drops: Lettuce 35%, Life Bottle 3%
Steal: Lettuce 80%
#080 Egg Trader
HP 500
Attack 80, Defense 20
Location: Nostos Cave(Trial #1)
#081 GrassHopper
HP 6,500, 105 Exp, 540 Gald
Attack 240, Defense 250
Drops: Apple Gummy 15%, Banana 25%
Steal: Banana 80%
#082 Wyvern
HP 3,500, 82 Exp, 650 Gald, Fire
Attack 200, Defense 300, Magic 50
Drops: Apple Gummy 15%, Lemon Gummy 15%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 95%
#083 Feather Magic
HP 2,650, 82 Exp, 520 Gald, Wind
Attack 210, Defense 280, Magic 50
Drops: Apple Gummy 15%, Great Sword 13%
Steal: Apple Gummy 90%
#084 Culprit
HP 4,000, 75 Exp, 450 Gald
Attack 250, Defense 350, Magic 30
Drops: Orange Gummy 20%, Demon Javelin 8%
Steal: Tomato 80%
#085 Chizel
HP 100,000, 50,000 Exp, Dark
Attack 300, Magic 75
Strong against:
Weak against:
Drops: Elixir10%, Old Divide100%
Location: Beril's Castle, Chizel Castle
#086 Plant Sucker
HP 3,000, 82 Exp, 418 Gald, Water
Attack 210, Defense 240, Magic 78
Drops: Penecea Bottle 10%
Steal: Penecea Bottle 80%
#087 Skull Warrior
HP 9,000, 196 Exp, 822 Gald
Attack 360, Defense 420, Magic 77
Drops: Orange Gummy 15%, Mix Gummy 10%
#088 Giant Spider
HP 1,850, 36 Exp, 80 Gald, Water
Attack 133, Defense 150, Magic 77
Drops: Penecea Bottle, Poison Son
Steal: Penecea Bottle
Location: Morle Backwoods
#089 Storm Crow
HP 7,800, 233 Exp, 940 Gald
Attack 350, Defense 470, Magic 115
Drops: Egg(Tamago) 35%, Lemon Gummy 10%
Steal: Egg(Tamago) 75%
#090 Hornet
HP 900, 42 Exp, 120 Gald
Attack 210, Defense 170, Magic 52
Drops: Penecea Bottle 12%
Steal: Penecea Bottle 75%
#091 River Sickle
HP  2,950, 82 Exp, 450 Gald
Attack 170, Defense 260, Magic 64
Drops: Apple Gummy 15%, Black Sode 15%
Steal: Black Sode 75%
Location: Gnome Mine,
#092 Scorpion
HP 1,800, 32, 80
Attack 85, Defense 155
Drops: Penecea Bottle 8%
Steal:Penecea Bottle 75%
#093 Poaz
HP 580, 16, 40
Attack 50, Defense 40
Drops: Apple Gummy 15%, Orange Gummy 8%
#094 Kubitom
HP 5,000, 212, 1,150
Attack 500, Defense 500, 10
Drops: Konyac 25%, Lemon Gummy 13%
#095 Forikris
HP 5,000, 212, 755
Attack 400, Defense 450, 40
Drops: Orange Gummy 15%, Strike Axe 12%
#096 Snow Lobster
HP 4,800, 115, 740, Ice
Attack 250, Defense 240, 74
Drops: Lobster(Ebi )50%, Pine Gummy8%
Steal: White Sode 70%
Location: Mountain Celsius
#097 In Bivel
HP 5,000, 181, 950, Water
Attack 380, Defense 420, 50
Drops: Squid(Iga) 20%, Orange Gummy 12%
Steal: Apple Gummy 80%
#098 Tallman
HP 8,000, 181, 666
Attack 300, Defense 400, 83
Drops: Miracle Gummy 12%,  Purple Sode 9%
Steal: Purple Sode 40%
#099 Impulse
HP 6,000, 386, 1,870
Attack 300, Defense 380, 83
Drops: Lemon Gummy 10%, Rune Bottle 5%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 60%
#100 Needle Shell
HP 7,200, 595, 1,640
Attack 430, Defense 620
Drops: Penecea bottle 13%
Steal:Penecea bottle 75%
#101 Empty Doll
HP 60,000, Dark
Attack 200, Defense 400
Location: Dark Cave
#102 Fire Warrior
HP 13,400, 722, 2,600, Fire
Attack 440, Defense 450, 77
Drops: Chaos Shield12%, Red Sode15%
Steal: Red Sode80%
Location: Nereid's Libarynth
#103 Phantom Knight
HP 10,000, 510, 1,550
Attack 450, Defense 350
Drops: Rune Bottle15%, Order Shield 8%
Steal: Order Shield 35%
#104 Eraser
HP 4,100, 87 Exp, 563
Attack 250, Defense 380, 64
Drops: Red Sode 18%, Lemon Gummy 15%
Steal: Red Sode 75%
#105 Fire Flyer
HP 5,500, 264 Exp, 850
Attack 280, Defense 410, 83
Drops: Flare Bottle10%
Steal: Flare Bottle60%
#106 Escalgo
HP 5,140,  153 Exp, 643, Earth
Attack 250, Defense 350, 70
Drops: Orange Gummy 13%, Pine Gummy 7%
Steal: Milk 75%
#107 Heavy Lifter
HP 2,800, 33 Exp, 111
Attack 120, Defense 180, 50
Drops: Apple Gummy 12%, Bast 35%
Steal: Apple Gummy 75%
#108 Bald Head
HP 3,800, 94 Exp, 260
Attack 200, Defense 240, 20
Drops: Apple Gummy 5%, Orange Gummy 3%
Steal: Apple Gummy 90%
#109 Venom
HP 4,100, 166 Exp, 1,130
Attack 240, Defense 400
Drops: Penecea Bottle 10%, Tomato 20%
Steal: Penecea Bottle 75%
#110 ????
HP 1,000, 300 Exp, 800, Fire
Attack 110, Defense 20, 20
Strong against:
Weak against:
Drops: Life Bottle100%, Orange Gummy100%
Location: Racheans, Village Elder's house
#111 Big Feet
HP 8,000, 196 Exp,1,200, Ice
Attack 300, Defense 300, 80
Drops: Sage 7%, Pine Gummy 8%
Location: Mountain Celsius
#112 Fire Cloud
HP 4,800, 657, 1,200, Fire
Attack 350, Defense 300, 100
Drops: Bead 20%, Flare Mantle 2%
Steal: Flare Mantle 35%
#113 Terror
HP 5,000, 140, 500
Attack 280, Defense 400, Electricity
Drops: Penecea Bottle 10%
Steal: Penecea Bottle 80%
#114 Makuashin
HP 8,630,484 Exp, 1,200 Gald,Water
Attack 380, Defense 500, Magic 50
Drops: Lobster(Ebi) 35%, Apple Gummy 15%
Steal: Apple Gummy 95%
#115 Secondos
HP 200,000, 60,000 Exp
Attack 620, Defense 900, Magic100
Strong against: Electricity 1%
Weak against: Electricity (indignation)
Attacks: Dhaos Laser,
Location: Chizel's Castle
#116 Raucamel
HP 14,000, 791 Exp, 2,222 Gald
Attack 600, Defense 600, Magic 83
Drops: Miracle Gummy 15%, Kaiser Knuckle 20%
Steal: Kaiser Knuckle 35%
#117 Jealous
HP 4,500, 92 Exp, 510 Gald, Earth
Attack 230, Defense 290, Magic 56
Drops: Orange Gummy 18%, Amango 10%
Steal: Orange Gummy 30%
#118 Phantom
HP 3,200, 54 Exp, 140 Gald, Ice
Attack 170, Defense 120
Drops: Apple Gummy 5%, Orange Gummy 3%
Steal: Apple Gummy 90%
#119 Lost Soul
HP 4,500, 82 Exp, 480 Gald, Ice
Attack 240, Defense 275
Drops: Orange Gummy 12%, Pine Gummy 6%
Steal: Orange Gummy 30%
#120 Rem
HP 100,000, 40,960 Exp, Light
Attack 500, Defense 700, Magic 125
Drops: Reflect Ring 100%, Rune Bottle 100%
Location: Regulus Knoll
#121 Runner
HP 4,500, 166 Exp, 620 Gald
Attack 240, Defense 380, Magic 78
Drops: Lemon Gummy 13%, Miracle Gummy 4%
Steal: Banana 80%
#122 Rogue
HP 3,600, 58 Exp, 240 Gald
Attack 175, Defense 175
Drops: Spectacle 18%, Pine Gummy 5%
Steal: Spectacle 90%
Location: Regulus Knoll
#123 Ruter
HP 9,000, 537 Exp, 1,080
Attack 420, Defense 500
Drops: Spectacle 20%, Pine Gummy 13%
Steal: Pine Gummy 80%
Location: Regulus Knoll
#124 Slashker
HP 4,400, 76 Exp, 215
Attack 172, Defense 190
Drops: Spectacle 5%, Orange Gummy 3%
Steal: Spectacle 90%
#125 Duelist
HP 14,000, 566 Exp, 2,500
Attack 800, Defense 600, 96
Drops: Lemon Gummy 10%, Lavender 1%
Steal: Lavender 20%
Location: Regulus Knoll
#126 Biker
HP 10,000,  510 Exp, 1,155
Attack 420, Defense 400, 96
Drops: Spectacle 20%, Kiruma Fruit 13%
Steal: Kiruma Fruit 90%
Location: Regulus Knoll, Inferia City's Arena
#127 Ogre
HP 6,000,  85 Exp, 125
Attack 450, Defense 230, 68
Drops: Rice 25%, Lemon Gummy 8%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 35%
#128 Beast Ogre
HP 12,000,  625 Exp, 1,600
Attack 800, Defense 600, 68
Drops: Lemon Gummy 15%, Star Mace 10%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 50%
Location: Regulus Knoll
#129 Sorceress
HP 2,100, 54 Exp, 300
Attack 80, Defense 150, 40
Drops: Milk 50%, Charm Bottle 15%
Steal: Milk 75%
#130 Shaman
HP 3,000, 82 Exp, 530
Attack 180, Defense 250, 40
Drops: Spectacle 15%, Rune Bottle 5%
Steal: Spectacle 90%
#131 Damicon
HP 13,400, 756 Exp, 2,500
Attack 520, Defense 470, 50
Drops: Lemon Gummy 20%, Pine Gummy 13%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 70%
#132 Liny Old
HP 6,500, 458 Exp, 1,350
Attack 150, Defense 450, 100
Drops: Rune Bottle 18%
Steal: Rune Bottle 70%
#133 Wizard
HP 9,800, 620 Exp, 1,000
Attack 100, Defense 600, 200
Drops: Rune Bottle 25%, Savory 3%
#134 Coward Eel
HP 6,000, 196 Exp, 850
Attack 300, Defense 480, 64
Drops: Apple Gummy 20%, Red Sode 10%
#135 Killer Bee
HP 1,600, 94 Exp, 282
Attack 250, Defense 222, 52
Drops: Apple Gummy 15%, Lemon Gummy 5%
Steal: Apple Gummy 95%
#136 Tentacle Plant
HP 7,000, 127 Exp, 812
Attack 280, Defense 350, 75
Drops:Penecea Bottle 8%, Amango 25%
Steal: Amango 80%
#137 Stinger
HP 12,000, 625 Exp,1,600
Attack 450, Defense 500, 75
Drops: Penecea Bottle 8%, Lemon Gummy 15%
Steal: Penecea Bottle 80%
#138 Dyer Wolf
HP 3,000, 50 Exp, 120
Attack 150, Defense 161,53
Drops: Apple Gummy18%, Potato30%
Steal: Apple Gummy80%
#139 Hell Hound
HP 3,900, 74 Exp, 430
Attack 240, Defense 280, 53
Drops: Apple Gummy 15%, Orange Gummy 8%
Steal: Apple Gummy 90%
#140 Death
HP 6,000, 196 Exp, 1,422, Dark
Attack 300, Defense 380, 74
Drops: Orange Gummy 15%, Pine Gummy 8%
#141 Mega Death
HP 9,600, 458 Exp, 1,450, Dark
Attack 420, Defense 460, 80
Drops: Purple Sode 4%, Belbane 3%
Steal: Purple Sode 70%
Location: Shadow Cave
#142 Grizley
HP 4,500, 50 Exp,130
Attack 180, Defense 180, 58
Drops: Bear Meat(Bear no Niku) 38%, Orange Gummy 5%
Steal: Apple Gummy 90%
#143 Night Wing
HP 7,750, 595 Exp, 1,425
Attack 360, Defense 360, 52
Drops: Apple Gummy 20%, Orange Gummy 15%
Steal: Apple Gummy 90%
#144 Tetra Tusk
HP 3,500, 92 Exp,420
Attack 180, Defense 240, 40
Drops: Tusk Meat(Tusk no Niku) 50%, Protect Ring 8%
Steal: Protect Ring 20%
#145 Hunger Plant
HP 8,200, 386 Exp, 1,110
Attack 350, Defense 440
Drops: Lemon Gummy 10%, Tusk Meat(Tusk no Niku) 25%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 60%
#146 Lady Bug
HP 4,400, 566 Exp, 1,360
Attack 200, Defense 380
Drops: Penecea Bottle 15%, Tomato 20%
Steal: Tomato 90%
Location: Secret Chamber inside Farlos Church
#147 Nocturnal Fly
HP 8,000, 566 Exp 1,500
Attack 450, Defense 500, 52
Drops: Lemon Gummy 15%, Pine Gummy 8%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 70%
#148 Grappler
HP 4,800, 94 Exp, 350
Attack 220, Defense 300, 46
Drops: Spectacle 18%, Elven Cape 2%
Steal: Elven Cape 20%
#149 Metalica
HP 4,600,  537 Exp, 1,911
Attack 340, Defense 400, 80
Drops: Lemon Gummy 12%, Pine Gummy 6%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 60%
#150 Forest Hawk
HP 1,200,  32 Exp, 112
Attack 80, Defense 128, 65
Drops: Apple Gummy 10%, Orange Gummy 5%
Steal: Orange Gummy 95%
#151 Firy Hawk
HP 3,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Egg(Tamago) 40%, Apple Gummy 35%
Steal: Egg(Tamago) 95%
#152 Oak Jelly
HP 1,200, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Apple Gummy 22%, Orange Gummy 8%
Steal: Apple Gummy 70%
#153 Red Pudding
HP 3,800, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Lemon Gumy 20%, Orange Gummy 15%
Steal: Orange Gummy 80%
#154 Poison Toad
HP 4,320, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Lemon Gummy 8%, Pine Gummy 5%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 70%
Location: Crecent Island
#155 Bone Knight
HP 2,950, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Potato 18%, Nimble Rapier 10%
Steal: Nimble Rapier 50%
Location: Sylph Cavern
#156 Dragon Toss
HP 10,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Apple Gummy 15%, Protect Ring 10%
Steal: Apple Gummy 100%
Location: Regulus Knoll
#157  Oak Rot
HP 6,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Cabbage, Kiruma Fruit
Steal: Kiruma Fruit
#158 Toronto
HP 11,000, 158 Exp, 740 Gald, Earth
Attack 320, Defense 480, Magic 73
Strong against: Water 20%,Earth 30%
Weak against: Fire 50%
Drops: Apple Gummy 12%, Kiruma Fruit 35%
Steal: Kiruma Fruit 80%
Location: Crecent Island
#159 Dark Disaster
HP 7,500, 264 Exp, 950 Gald, Ice
Attack 280, Defense 600, Magic 70
Drops: Lemon Gummy 10%, Dark Bottle 3%
Steal: Dark Bottle 75%
#160  Carnivorous Plant
HP 7,500m 54 Exp, 211 Gald, Earth
Attack 120
Drops: Lemon Gummy 8%, Kiruma Fruit 15%
Steal: Kiruma Fruit 80%
#161 Heavy Plant
HP 12,000, 94 Exp, 450 Gald, Earth
Attack 120
Drops: Lemon Gummy 8%, Banana 5%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 50%
#162 Frost Hare
HP 6,500, 229 Exp, 1,320 Gald, Ice
Attack 350, Defense 450
Drops: Carrot(Ninjin) 25%, Pine Gummy 5%
Steal: Carrot(Ninjin) 80%
#163 Angus Beak
HP 8,000, 184 Exp, 710 Gald
Attack 410, Defense 450
Drops: Egg(Tamago) 20%, Sage 1%
Steal: Egg(Tamago) 70%
Location: Crecent Island
#164 Bull Frog
HP 8,400, 158 Exp,760 Gald, Water
Attack 360, Defense 398, Magic 58
Drops: Cucumber(Kyuuri) 25%, Pine Gummy 8%
Steal: Cucumber(Kyuuri) 80%
Location: Crecent Island, Ifreed's Tomb
#165 Hunch Back
HP 4,200, 166 Exp, 1,140 Gald
Attack 200, Defense 350
Drops: Lemon Gummy 10%, Pine Gummy 3%
Steal Lemon Gummy 60%
#166 Katolpon
HP 8,500, 386 Exp, 1,111Gald
Attack 330, Defense 480
Drops: Lemon Gummy 10%, Pine Gummy 8%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 60%
#167 Rafal
HP 4,500, 70 Exp, 150 Gald, Wind
Attack 100, Defense 180, Magic 100
Strong against: Wind50%
Drops: Orange Gummy 8%, Penecea Bottle 5%
Steal: Orange Gummy 60%
#168 Ice Warrior
HP 5,200, 115 Exp, 880 Gald
Attack 220, Defense 280, Magic 56
Strong against: Water30%,Wind30%,Ice80%
Drops: Orange Gummy 12%, Ice Coffin 4%
Steal: Orange Gummy 40%
Location: Mountain Celsius
#169  Melody Song Pot
HP 3,500, 18 Exp, 120 Gald
Attack 180, Defense 200
Drops: Life Bottle 10%
Steal: Life Bottle 50%
Location: Sylph Cavern
#170 Kraken
HP 11,200, 410 Exp, 1,444 Gald
Attack 400, Defense 340, Magic 71
Strong against: Water80%
Weak against: Electricity50%
Drops: Poison Check 8%,Squid(Iga) 20%
Steal: Poison Check 25%
#171 Savage Beast
HP 7,400, 196 Exp, 920 Gald
Attack 240, Defense 450
Drops: Carrot(Ninjin) 25%, Orange Gummy 18%
Steal: Carrot(Ninjin) 80%
#172 BanDasnatch
HP 12,000, 722 Exp, 2,120 Gald
Attack 420, Defense 550
Drops: Tomato 20%, Miracle Gummy 13%
Steal: Tomato 90%
#173 Tropicus Worm
HP 4,200, 58 Exp, 155 Gald
Attack 180, Defense 200, Magic 55
Drops: Apple Gummy 15%, Orange Gummy 8%
Location: Apple Gummy 90%
#174 Mountum
HP 8,350, 184 Exp, 810 Gald
Attack 400, Defense 470, Magic 58
Drops: Lemon Gummy 10%,Miracle Gummy 6%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 60%
#175 Tan Turtle
HP 9,800, 341 Exp, 1,360 Gald
Attack 300, Defense 400, Magic 32
Drops: Lemon Gummy 12%, BelBane 1%
Steal: Belbane 8%
#176 Spiriam
HP 12,000, 212 Exp, 1,430 Gald
Attack 350, Defense 450
Drops: Lemon Gummy 10%, Pine Gummy 3%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 60%
#177 Sarolisa
HP 4,000, 58 Exp, 175 Gald
Attack 181, Defense 220, Magic 67
Drops: Life Bottle 10%
Steal: Life Bottle 60%
#178 Willow Wisp
HP 1,800, 54 Exp, 260 Gald
Attack 120, Defense 150
Drops: Apple Gummy 10%, Lemon Gummy 5%
Steal: Apple Gummy 95%
#179 Hunter
HP 3,000, 76 Exp, 224 Gald
Attack 200, Defense 180, Magic 83
Drops: Spectacle 10%,Lemon Gummy 5%
Steal: Spectacle 90%
#180 Ranger
HP 8,500, 595 Exp, 1,775 Gald
Attack 400, Defense 480, Magic 83
Drops: Spectacle 35%, Pine Gummy 13%
Steal: Spectacle 80%
Location: Regulus Knoll
#181 Strong Horn
HP 7,600, 196 Exp, 1,420 Gald
Attack 200, Defense 400
Drops: Lemon Gummy 12%, Pretty Mitten 7%
#182 Antler
HP 10,500, 566 Exp, 2,100 Gald
Attack 300, Defense 500
Drops: Savory 1%, Miracle Gummy 8%
Steal: Miracle Gummy 80%
Location: Nereid's Libarynth
#183 Shesbin
HP 6,500, 293 Exp, 1,120 Gald, Water
Attack 360, Defense 410
Strong against: Water80%
Weak against: Fire30%, Electricity80%
Drop: Lemon Gummy 10%, Mackurel 25%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 60%
#184 Owl Fish
HP 8,000, 510 Exp, 1,875 Gald, Water
Attack 340, Defense 500
Drops: Pine Gummy 8%, Mackurel 25%
Steal: Pine Gummy 30%
Location: Crecent Island
#185 Swapshing
HP 11,200, 695 Exp, 2,440 Gald, Earth
Attack 480, Defense 500
Strong against: Earth 80%, Dark 80%
Weak against: Wind 50%, Light 50%
Drops: Lemon Gummy 10%, Pine Gummy 3%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 60%
#186 Clay Golem
HP 12,000, 293 Exp, 1,900 Gald, Earth
Attack 600
Strong against: Earth80%
Drops: Pine Gummy 12%, Miracle Gummy 6%
Location: Baril's Castle
#187 Tri-con
HP 500, 123 Exp, 456 Gald, Dark
Attack 80, Defense 20
Drops: Lavender 11%, Belbane 11%
#188 Evil Star
HP 5,345, 94 Exp, 347 Gald, Water
Attack 180, Defense 288, Magic 72
Strong against: Water30%
Drops: Apple Gummy 10%, Lemon Gummy 3%
Steal: Apple Gummy 60%
#189 Super Star
HP 8,800, 322 Exp, 1,232 Gald, Water
Attack 350, Defense 600, Magic 72
Strong against: Water30%
Drops: Pine Gummy 10%, Reverse Doll 10%
Steal: Pine Gummy 50%
Location: Crecent Island, Aifree's Tomb
#190 Float Dragon
HP 7,500, 246 Exp, 1,440 Gald, Water
Attack 280, Defense 520
Drops: Pine Gummy 10%, Miracle Gummy 5%
Steal: Miracle Gummy 25%
#191 Triton
HP 8,500, 322 Exp, 1,520 Gald, Water
Attack 400, Defense 480
Drops: Pine Gummy 10%, Miracle Gummy 5%
Steal: Pine Gummy 30%
Location: Crecent Island, Ifreed's Cave
#192 Iron Golem
HP 3,400, 94 Exp, 1,000 Gald, Earth
Attack 350, Defense120, Magic 300
Drop: Lemon Gummy 7%, Fight Shield 8%
Steal: Fight Shield 40%
Location: Efreet Gorge
#193 Mithril Golem
HP 11,100, 858 Exp, 6,000 Gald, Earth
Attack 800, Defense 500
Strong against: Water 50%, Wind 50%, Fire 50%, Earth 50%, Ice50%,
Light 50%, Dark50%
Weak against: Electricity100%
Drops: Lemon Gummy 15%, Miracle Gummy 8%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 90%
#194 Thunder Sword
HP 11,500, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Black Sode 15%, Dhao Blade 1%
Steal: Black Sode 60%
#195 Keepman
HP 5,400, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Orange Gummy 20%, Life Bottle 20%
Steal: Orange Gummy 50%
#196 Living Dead
HP 4,000, Exp
Drops: Orange Gummy, Lemon Gummy
Steal: Orange Gummy
#197 Fiend
HP 9,500, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Bast 15%, Pine Gummy 5%
#198 Bash Farlor
HP 10,800, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Attack: Long Horn Line
Drops: Orange Gummy 25%
Steal: Orange Gummy 50%
Location: Regulus Knoll
#199 Forest Keeper
HP 8,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Miracle Gummy10%. 30%
#200 Homsokris
HP 15,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Banyamen 15%, Lavender 1%
HP 11,500, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Pine Gummy 10%, Miracle Gummy 3%
Steal: Pine Gummy 30%
#202 Gore
HP 3,600, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Apple Gummy 10%, Lemon Gummy 5%
Steal: Apple Gummy 90%
#203 Chimera
HP 4,880, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Lemon Gummy 10%, Pine Gummy 3%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 60%
#204 Spirit
HP 7,200, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Pine Gummy 8%, Miracle Gummy 5%
Steal: Pine Gummy 40%
#205 Reptile
HP 2,900, Exp
Attack, Defense
Drops: Lemon Gummy 10%, Pine Gummy 3%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 60%
#206 Blip
HP 7,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Lemon Gummy 35%, Elixir 1%
Steal: Elixir 20%
#207 Druid
HP 3,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Lemon Gummy, Life Bottle
Steal:  Life Bottle
#208 Sage
HP 8,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops:Life Bottle 10%, Mix Gummy 3%
Steal: Life Bottle50%
#209 Phoenix
HP 11,800, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Mix Gummy 10%, Flare Bottle 15%
Steal: Flare Bottle 80%
Location: Inferia City's Arena,
#210 Glowz Bird
HP 4,200, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Spectacle 25%, Lemon Gummy 60%
Steal:  Spectacle 90%
#211 Red Roper
HP 1,600, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Apple Gummy 10%, Lemon Gummy 5%
Steal: Apple Gummy 75%
#212 AC Roper
HP 3,940, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Lemon Gummy 35%, Pine Gummy 8%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 95%
#213  Blue Roper
HP 5,540, Exp
Attack, Defense, Magic
Drops: Lemon Gummy, Liquor Bottle
Steal: Lemon Gummy
#214 Fire Bug
HP 6,800, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Lemon Gummy 35%, Flare Bottle 5%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 75%
#215 Deadly Insect
HP 12,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Penecea Bottle 10%, Miracle Gummy 6%
Steal: Penecea Bottle 80%
#216 Drake
HP 4,500, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Orange Gummy 13%, Lemon Gummy 5%
#217 HellKite
HP 11,200, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Sage 10%, Red Sage 8%
Location: Inferia City's Arena
#218 Tarantula
HP 3,800, Exp
Attack, Defense,Magic
Drops: Lemon Gummy 10%, Penecea Bottle 13%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 60%
Location: Crescent Island
#219 Arana
HP 6,850, Exp
Attack, Defense,Magic
Drops: Resist Ring 20%, Penecea Bottle 10%
Steal: Resist Ring 30%
Location: Crecent Island
#220 Murder
HP 4,200, Exp
Attack, Defense,Magic
Drops: Lemon Gummy 13%, Pine Gummy 10%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 60%
#221 Ramia
HP 10,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Life Bottle 12%, Belbane 1%
Steal: Life Bottle60 %
Location: Ifreed's Cave
#222 WarBear
HP 3,400, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Bear Meat(Bear no Niku) 20%
Steal: Apple Gummy 90%
Location: Morle
#223 Mirage Knight
HP 12,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Spells: Deep Mist, Fire Ball
Drops: Lemon Gummy18%, Piyohan 1%
Steal:  Lemon Gummy 95%
Location: Nereid Labyrinth
#224 Pirate
HP 3,500, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Squid(Iga) 20%, Mackurel 20%
Steal: Squid(Iga) 80%
#225 Hades
HP 45,000, Exp
Strong against:
Weak against:
Drops: Mental Bangle 100%, Egg(Tamago) 100%
Location: Imen's Library
#226 Flying Horrif
HP 6,900, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Pine Gummy 10%, Miracle Gummy 3%
Steal:  Pine Gummy 50%
Location: Nereid's Labyrinth, Regulus Knoll
#227 Crypt Keeper
HP 9,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Lemon Gummy 10%, Miracle Gummy 3%
Steal: Lemon Gummy 50%
#228 Living Armor
HP 8,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Location: Nereid's Labyrinth
#229 Birialhei
HP 600
Attack, Defense,
Location: Luishka (Trial 3)
#230 Cless
HP 9,999, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Attacks: Haoutenkuu,Majinken,
Drops: Cless's Bandana100%
Location: Inferia City's Arena
#231 Arche
HP 6,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Spells: Meteor Swarm, Black Hole
Drops: Arche's Ribbon100%
Location: Inferia City's Arema(Hard-Mania Mode)
#232 Nereid
HP 300,000, Exp
#233 Hades
HP 130,000, Exp
Location: Baril's Castle, Nereid's Labyrinth
#234 Shileskahei
HP 8,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Apple Gummy30%, Banyamen40%
Steal: White Sode100%
Location: Shileska, Tinnsia
#235 Nereid
HP 300,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,
#236 Falsha Horn
HP 5,200, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Yamatsuno 35%, Orange Gummy 10%
Steal: Yamatsuno 70%
Location: Farlos Mountain
#237 Criminal
HP 3,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Apple Gummy 25%, Orange Gummy 20%
Steal: Milk 80%
Location: Chat Hut
#238 Evil Rinver
HP 12,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Lemon Gummy 35%, Resist Ring 5%
Location: Neried's Libarynth
#239 Terible Tentacle
HP 11,600, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Kiwi15%, Mental Bangle 5%
Steal: Pine Gummy 95%
#240 Fang Snail
HP 7,650, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Drops: Banana 18%, Pine Gummy 10%
Steal: Banana 80%
#241 Red Dragon
HP 14,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,
Attacks: Heat Breath,
Drops: Lavender 5%
Steal: Lavender 15%
Location: Inferia City's Arena
#242 Bajil
HP 840
Attack, Defense,
Location: Nostos Cave(Trial 1)
#243 Chibel
HP 540
Attack, Defense, Magic
Location: Nostos Cave(Trial 1)
#244 Fake
HP 10,000, Exp
Attack, Defense, Magic
Spells: Distortion
Drops: Life Bottle 100%
Steal: Pine Gummy 50%
Location: Baril's Castle,
#245 Guardian
HP 30,000, Exp
Attack, Defense, Magic
Drops: Rune Bottle 100%, Pine Gummy 100%
Location: Chat Hut
#246 Gas Cloud
HP 1,600, Exp
Attack, Defense,Magic
Drops: Penecea Bottle 20%, Lemon Gummy 5%
Steal:Penecea Bottle 95%
#247 Jungler
HP 5,400, Exp
Attack, Defense,Magic
Attacks: Slash Feather
Drops: Orange Gummy 20%, Flare Bottle 20%
Location: Forest of Temptation
#248 Spiral
HP 45,000, Exp
Attack, Defense,Magic
Drops: Fairy Ring 100%, Orange Gummy 100%
Location: Baril's Castle
#249 Elementaler
HP 80,000, Exp
Attack, Defense, Magic
Drops: Pine Gummy 100%, Elixir 100%
Steal: Elixir 100%
Location: Nereid's Libarynth, Chizel Castle
#250 Shamballoon
HP 1
Drops: Cheese 1%, Lettuce 1%
Location: Chambard(Shamballon Minigame)
#251 Dinosaur
HP 14,800, 722 Exp, 2,100 Gald
Attack 520, Defense 540, Magic 100
Attacks: Heat Holder, Heat Breath
Drops: Life Bottle 15%, Elixir 1%
Steal: Elixir 11%
Location: Farlos Church's Secret Chamber, Regulus Knoll
#252 Siren
HP 52,000, 8,998 Exp, 3,000 Gald
Attack 280, Defense 800, Magic 70
Strong against:Water 90%, Wind 10%, Earth 10%, Ice 10%
Weak against: Fire 20%, Electricity20%
Attacks: Swollow+Spit,
Drops: Trident 100%,Cefira 100%
Steal: Water Boot(Mizugumo) 100%
Location: Sunken Ship
#253 Gunner
HP 10,000, 566 Exp, 3,100 Gald
Attack 400, Defense 500, Magic 100
Attacks: Air Blade,
Drops: Wonder Bag 4%, Miracle Gummy 15%
Steal: Wonder Bag 35%
Location: Neried Labyrinth, Glimmering Spire(Kirameki Tower)
#254 (Nereid)
HP 160,000, 63,000 Exp, Dark
Attack 500, Defense 900,Magic 100
Strong against: All 20%
Drops: Hourglass 70%, Reverse Doll 70%
Steal: Rune Bottle 20%
Location: Nereid's Lair
#255 Nereid
HP 240,000, Dark
Attack 380, Defense 300, Magic 50
Location: Nereid's Lair(Always floats above Regulus)

	Along the game you'll find Lens hidden in various places, these lens are
remnants from the Tales of Destiny game. Though they have no use by themselves.
You can collect them and trade them in for items at specific places.

-These are the items you'll get by talking to Elene in Chambard(Inferia) & Tinnsia
10 Combo Command
20 Inferi Cape
30 Celesti Cape
40 Extreme (Keel's Equipment)
50 Corona Symbol  (speeds up you cast time)
60 ''Lens Hunter'' name given to Rid

Lens 's Location:

#01.Racheans,the Vegetable boxes in the basement of Rid's house
#02.Racheans,the door of abandoned  windmill near entrance
#03.Regulus Dojo,the drawer in Paolo's room
#04.Regulus Dojo,the table near the second room's door
#05.Mintche,the tree by where you play Craymel Ball
#06 Mintche, In a wooden box at Keel's Mountain Observatory.
#07.Mintche,water elemental lab in the university
#08.Nostos Cave,wood pile near the end of the cave
#09.Morle,The Fireplace in Mazzet's house.
#10.Undine Stream,First screen, behind the big tree in the middle
#11.Forest of Temptation, Behind the middle statue of the five god statues.
#12.Inferia City,plant near the threater ticket booth
#13.Inferia City,royal guest room drawer on the 2nd floor, west wing of the castle
#14.Inferia City,Keel's papers in lower right corner in royal observatory
#15.Inferia Port,barrels
#16.on Ship in Inferia,vase in 2nd class room
#17.Barole Port,boxes under the tent.
#18.Barole,the golden vase in the accessory shop
#19 Sylph Cave,At the place where the assault dagger(treasure) is
#21.Chambard,2nd floor of Bristol Chambard, dining table
#22.Efreet Cave,Use the Sorcerer's ring to open a cave door, in the tresure box
#23 Farlos Church, in the Dresser
#24 Mt.Farlos,behind The stone piles near the load crystal in front of the bridge of
#25.Racheans Forest, The back of the left most piece of the pod,where Meredy's
ship crashs on Inferia
#26 GPS(14,74), above the Forest of Temptation
#27.Chambard,northwest of the town, there's a small Island with a hidden screen
where you learn a new command, The len's near the exit(161,45)
#28 Inferia Underwater Storage #3, in a chest
#.Ifreed's Tomb,The left path inside a donation box
#29 GPS(121,54),near the crecent island
#30.Spirit Hot Spring,the barrel at the entrance
#31.Spirit Hot Spring,men's room mirror

#32.Cape Fortress,the grass on the right side of the door.
#33.Imen,Meredy's house on the glass table
#34.Mine of Gnome,Lower left corner of Gnome Village
#35.Chat Hut, B4, on the stove in the left room
#36.Chat Hut,B1, the boxes in the water tank room where the duck doll is kept.
#37.Van Eltia(your ship),In the Engine
#38.Moutain.Celsius,Where the snow pile collapes
#39.Peruti(after snow melts),the cart containing crabs
#40.Peruti(after snow melts),the tree near the fountain.
#41 Imen(destroyed),display case in the weapon shop
#42 Tinnsia,Gnome statue
#43 Tinnsia,the chest in Fog's office
#44.Ruin of Volt,Check the stone tablet
#45 Port of Baril's Castle,In the barrel
#46.Baril's Castle,Treasure box in right secret room
#47.Seyfert shrine,The 1st glass bulb on the right at the entrance
#48.Ifreed's Cave,Boxes near the entrance
#49.Ifreed's Cave,The end of the stage with the pirate statues, the Blue Anchor
beside the entrance to the next screen
#50.Van Eltia,Barrel on the observation deck
#51.Van Eltia,In the left hand submarine
#53 GPS(60,126),southeast of Peruti
#54 Jini(night),the slot machine in the casino
#55 Jini(night),dance floor fire place
#56 Jini(night),right table of auction hall
#57.Ifreed's Hideout (Where you insert plugs),In the middle of the plug stands
#58.Shadow Cave,Top left ball of light near Shadow(Where the enemy is).
#59 Nekonin village,in the red house
#60 Nekonin village,the village entrance's 1st house

All of the Lens is now listed(53 of these are from Gong Sniper's Post in GameFAQ
message board.) and all the mistakes has been corrected.

/Meal Recipe/

	Creating Great Food is still a part of the Tales series of game. Now let's
try to find all 36 recipes around the world.
#1 Hamburger
Restores 15% HP
Bread, Bear Meat,Lettace
#2 Sandwich
Restore 30% HP
Racheans,House on  the left,Pink Pig
#3 Pescatore
Restore 60% HP
Chambard,bin on the 1st floor of Bistro Shanbol
#4 Fruit Punch
Restore 10% TP
Kiruma Fruit,Lemon,Strawberry
Morle,Mezzet's House,Chest
#5 Sour Salad
Restore 20% TP
Morle,Vegettable Shop,Pumpkin
#6 Fluffy Cake
Restore 60% TP
Egg,Milk,Kiruma Fruit,Strawberry
Inferia City,Royal Theater, Potted plant
#7 Squid ring
Restore 15% HP and cure poison
Barole,Port, Lowest Box
#8 Steak
Restore 15%  HP and cure paralysis
Bear Meat,Potato,Carrot
Barole,Bar,Drunkenman on the roof
#9 Meat Stew
Restore 15% HP and temperary boost ATK(Like Flare Bottle)
Bear Meat,Carrot,Cabbage
#10 Fish Stew
Restore 15% HP and boost DEF
Squid,Mackerel, Cabbage, Daikon
Inferia port,Marine Shop,Anchor
#11 Omlet Rice
Cure all ailments
Egg(Tamago), Rice, Onion(Tamanegi)
Racheans,Weapon Shop,Armor
#12 Graten
Restore 15% HP and boost Speed
Bast, Milk, Lobster,Cheese
#13 Carbonara
Restore 60% HP & 40%TP
Bast, Egg, Cheese, Milk, Bear Meat
#14 Cream Stew
Restore 60% HP and cure all ailments
Bear Meat, Milk, Carrot, Potato, Onion
Inferia City,Hotel, Vase
#15 Mitsu Ramen
Restore a little HP
Banyamen, Milk, Carrot, Potato, Onion
Chat Hut,Clock
#16 OkogeSandwich
Restore some HP
Rice, Tusk Meat, Onion, Black Sode
Tinnsia,Marine shop,Statue
#17 Hiya Piri Chinese
Restore Full HP
Banyamen, Egg, Tusk Meat, Cucumber,  Red Sode
Peruti(after snow melts),Statue
#18 Amanin Tofu
Restore a little TP
Milk, Amango, Banana, White Sode
Imen,Library,an Opened book
#19  Ebichiiri
Restore some TP
Lobster, Tomato, Red Sode
Peruti,Food shop,Stove
#20 Sweet Pafe
Restore Full TP
Milk, Banana, Amango, Kiwi, White Sode
Tinnsia,Hotel, Bird statue
#21 Hot Borscht
Restore Full HP
Bead, Cabbage, Potato, Red Sode
Luishka,House debri, a pile of rubish
#22 Nigari Mapo
Restore a little TP and boost DEF
Tofu, Tusk Meat, Red Sode, Black Sode
Luishka,Galenos home, Waste basket
#23 Kara Oden
Restore a little TP and boost DEF
Egg, Daikon, Konyak, Red Sode
Jini,Exchange shop,Game machine
#24 Piri Zyaga
Restore a little TP and boost ATK
Potato, Onion, Carrot, Red Sode
Jini,Auction Hall, Picture behind curtain
#25 Shibi Sushi
Restore a little TP and boost Luck
Rice ,Mackerel, Lobster, Black Sode
Peruti,Hotel,Snow man on 2nd floor
#26 Syakunetu Curry
Restore a little TP and boost Speed
Tusk Meat, Carrot, Potato, Rice, Red Sode
Jini,Bookstore, Frog
#27 Zarame Rice
Restore Full HP &TP
Tusk Meat, Tomato, Onion, Rice,White Sode
Imen,House which Farah stays the night,Toy Robot
#28 Fruit Sandwich
Restore Full HP and cure all aiiments for all
Bread, Strawberry, Kiwi, Milk, Purple Sode
Master Sandwich 2 times, Amanin Tofu 18 times and Sweet Pafe 20 times
<#28 Fruit Sandwich>
<Restore Full HP & TP to all>
<Bread,Strawberry, Kiwi, Milk, Purple sode>
<how to get: don't know yet?????>
(I seen this one in the official book. Still don't know how to get it.)
#29 Vitamin Drink
Restore Full TP and cure all ailments for all
Tusk Meat, Tomato, Lemon, Bead, Purple Sode
Master Fruit Juice(#4), Vegetable Salad(#5), and Steak(#8)
#30 Chikara Niku Udon
Restore HP to all
Banyamen, Rice, Bear Meat, Onion, Purple Sode
Master Hamburger(#1), Mitsu Ramen(#15), and Okage Sandwich(#16)
#31 Ohako Stew
Restore Full HP &TP and cure all ailments
Master Meat Stew(#9), Fish Stew (#10), and Kara Oden (#23)
#32 Potato Doria
+1 to HP
Potato,Bear Meat, RIce, Milk, Cheese, Purple Sode
Master Omlet Rice(#11), Graten(#12), Carbonara(#13), and Piri  Zyaga(#24)
#33 Mapo Curry
+1 to TP
Rice,Tusk Meat, Tomato, Kiruma Fruit, Tofu, Purple Sode
Master Sweet Pafe(#20), Nigari Ma-po(#22), Syakunetu Curry(#26), and Zarame
#34 Spaghetti Soup
Boost some HP ,ATK and Speed
Bast, Onion,Carrot,,Bear Meat,Purple Sode
Master Pescatore (#3), Hiya Piri Chinese (#17), and Hot Borscht (#21)
#35 Tuna Paella
Boost some HP ,ATK and DEF
Rice, Lobster,Squid,Mackerel, Purple Sode
Master Squid Ring (#7), Ebichiriri (#19) ,and Zarame Rice (#27)
#36 Dark Stew
Random Effects
Start with this recipe
/All character's Title/

	Like in the previous series, Tales of Eternia's Character still has Titles
available to them. and now has extended to a certain degree. Unfortunately, that's
just what it is.Only a Fancy title.

Rid Hershel:
Ryoshi-Start with this
Kenshi -Reaching Lv.10
Kenteu -Reaching Lv.30
Youjinhou -Reaching Lv.60
-Reaching Lv.99
Shinnoshuya-Beat Cless at the Arena.
Tales Sensei -Answering correctly to all 30 Questions in the first room of Mintche
 University(First round with Chelsea).
Tales Hakaze-Answering correctly to all 30 Questions in the 1st room of Mintche
University(2nd round with Glas).
Tales Otaku -Answering correctly to all 30 Questions in the 1st room of Mintche
University(3rd round with Clemente).
-Beat MiniGame: Rafting under these conditions, no more than 2 hits clear stage in
 under 1 Minute 5 Seconds
-Beat MiniGame: Cramel Ball
-MiniGame: Cramel Ball
-MiniGame: Cramel Ball
Fast Eater -Beat MiniGame: Sushi eating contest in Tinnsia against Mighty
Kaiser -Scoring more than 12,000 points in the MiniGame: "Ocean Wars".
-MiniGame: "Wis"
Item narigin -MiniGame: Item Auction,Sell an Item for 10,000 Jini.
Alpine no Kenshi -Clearing the Pocketstation Fencing Game"Tatakae! Rid" gotten
from Valuable"Eter Poke 1",
Explorer -Finding all of 7 treasures of Celestia.
Lens Hunter -Gather 60 Lens and talk to Elene in Chambard.

Farah Oersted:
Fama-Start with this
Kakutouka -Reaching Lv.10
Kungfu Master -Reaching Lv.30
Silent Assasin -Reaching Lv.60
-Reaching Lv.99
Hot Headed -Given from event with Race in Barole
Mitsuhoshi Cook-Win Cooking contest "Bristol Shanbal" for the 1st time
-Win Cooking contest "Bistol Shanbal" for the 2nd time
-Win Cooking contest "Bistol Shanbal" for the 3rd time
-Clearing the Pocketstation Rock,Paper,Scissors Game"Atsuchimui to Farah"
gotten from Valuable"Eter Poke 4",

Ikokunoshoujyo? -Start with this
Freelance(Freeter) -Reaching Lv.30
Syoukyoushi-Reaching Lv.60
-Reaching Lv.99
Travelling Artist?-Racheans, Bridge
High-Level Spirit Mage?- Mintche, After Hearing Keel's Explanation.
Spirit Engineer -Imen, Leaving to catch the train.
HotsuPoya -Minigame: Post Train,Stop to deliver the mails at all 4 stations in 3
BuriBuri Madonna -Minigame:"Damseltition"
Fling Dancer- Clearing the Pocketstation Dancing Game"Dancing Meredy" gotten
from Valuable"Eter Poke 2",
Crynmel Master -Get by having Secondos enter gauge when he joins (Only one
person can get this job, Keel or Meredy)

Keel Zeibel:
Gakushi -Start with this
Insei -Reaching Lv.10
Shuushi-Reaching Lv.30
Kyoujyu-Reaching Lv.60
-Reaching Lv.99
Doctor Mintche -Clearing the Pocketstation Quiz Game"Keel's Academy" gotten
from Valuable"Eter Poke 3",
Crynmel Master-Get by having Secondos enter gauge when he joins (Only one
person can get this job, Keel or Meredy)

Captain -Start with this
Pirate -Reaching Lv.20
Viking-Reaching Lv.40
Taikaimoku-Reaching Lv.60
-Reaching Lv.99
Mega nage Master-

Boss -Start with this
Teiou-Reaching Lv.30
Taimajin-Reaching Lv.60
-Reaching Lv.99
Cremel Shooter -

Race Fomalhaut:
Tabino shonin-Start with this

/Mini Games/

	During the course of the game, you can relax to play a rather funny handful
of mini-games around the world. some aren optional. some are not.

Location: Racheans River.
Rules:Steer the Raft faster and avoid all obsticles.
Controls: <-,-> -Steer Left & Right.
	O -Increase Speed.

Crymel Ball
Location: Mintche.
Rules: Down your Opponent life to nothing.
	The game works like this, the ball changes color constantly. Blue & Red.
	and has a period of which your character can manipulate it's course.
	You can do this by collecting crystals Blue & Red. when you press O you
	emits an aura around you in Colors that you collect.
	If the ball is the same color as you, it's pushed away. Yet if it's of the
	opposite color, it will be drawn towards you. Use that to your advantage.
Controls: Use Direction Button to control character.
	O -Release Power.

Ocean Wars
Location: Outside of Baril's Castle
Rules: Shoot all enemy ships while avoiding getting hit.
	Try getting a group of them with one shot(a scratch also count as a hit)
Controls: <-,-> -Steer Left & Right.
	O,Square -Charge power.
	Triangle - Shoot Cannon(Charge must be full).
	X -Dash(Charge must be full).
	L1 -Call upon backup.

Around the Celestia
Location: Peruti(After Snow melts),after playing Ocean Wars

Location: Jini.
Rules: Just keep the Spotlight on you

Spirit Train
Location: Imen station -> Luishka station.
Rules: Stop at all train station.
Controls: ^ to put on the breaks.
Awards: Meredy's Title" " for stoping at all 4 stations in under.

Train Pursuit
Location: Luishka station -> Imen station.
Rules:Bomb the enemy train before it gets to you.
	500 points to the Engine,100 points to each bogie you blow up.
	if you miss, you'll have to fight a battle.
	The bomb has a timer of 5 sec. So time your shot wisely.
Controls: O to drop bombs.

Location: Always available after Gnome story listed in the Valuables  of the Item
Menu. or play it in The Casino in Jini(night).
Controls: <-,-> to select cards.
	O to play cards.
Award: Rid 's Title" "

Kaiten Sushi(Sushi Eating Contest)
Location: Tinnsia. Kaiten Sushi restuarant
Rules: Eat as many dish as you can against Mighty Kongman
	Yellow 800 points
	Red     300 points
             	White  100 points
Controls: O to eat sushi
	X to drink tea to bring stomatch level down.
Award: Rid's Title"Fast Eater"

Tales Quiz
1st round
Chelsea Thorn(Tales of Destiny):
Mix Gummy and Rid's title ''Tales sensei''
2nd round
Klarth F. Lester(Tales of Phantasia):
Miracle Gummy and Rid's title ''Tales Hakaze"
3rd round
Clemente(Tales of Destiny/Thunder Swordian):
Combo Command and Rid's title ''Tales otaku''
(*Thanks to Aileron for info on this one)

Battle Tournament
Arithmetic Game
Spirit Fortunetelling
Dance Battle

/Pocket Station Games/

	This game supports the Pocketstation. and you can collect 4 mini-games
for it in the game.(My translation is sorta sloppy :)) Items that are use for
downloading the mini-games to the pocketstation unit are Eterpokes found through
out the game from sub-quests. these mini-games once beaten will yield a title, one
for each 4 main character and an item.(you can only get it once)
*Note* The Pocket Station never did make it to the US. Sony decided that it was
never worth it to bring it there.the unit zaps battery power too fast to be of any real
use. and production wasn't easy.(We did get some here in Thailand)

-Fight on! Rid(Tatakae! Rid)<Fencing>
Item: Eter Poke 1
How to get : After you have came back from Celestia, In Inferia City's Arena, There
will be an oldman who has lost his sword in front of the Arena. He will ask you to find
it for him. Try asking
-The man in front of the Armor shop
-The guard at the right in front of the castle
-The Soldier in the Arena's counter
after you've gotten his sword back for him. he will give you the Eter Poke1 in return
for your help.
Rule: There are 2 modes to this game but basically is you have to get rid to kill  the
*Skills map to buttons*
Kokahazan- Up
Majinken- Down
Haotenku- Left
Akisazeme- Right
(1) Quickness
Press according to skills shown on screen. 5 miss or too slow to press causes a
game over.
(2) Memory challenge
Press all skills that the computer has shown in correct order. Then wait for Rid to do
the attack.
If the sequence is not right, it will count as a miss.
Again 5 miss is a gameover.
Awarded "Alpine no Kenshi" title for killing 10 monsters and clearing the game

-Dancing Meredy<Dancing>
Item: Eter Poke 2
How to get: When you've first enter Imen, Go talk to Lotte, the girl in front of the Feed
Pump in Imen and Ponz ,the boy who's with her will give Meredy the Eter Poke2.
This is going to be the Easiest Eter Poke you'll get in the game. So just don't miss it.
Rule: While Meredy is dancing, there will be grids that slowy expands. When the
grid form a box, hit the confirm button.Scores are ranked by X(miss),OK,Good,Cool.
The better you did the more scores you get. If you miss too much. you'll get a
Awarded "Fling Dancer" title for scoring 1,000 points

-Keel's Academy(Quiz)
Item: Eter box 3
How to get: Go back to Luishka Station, Talk to the Conductor at the trainstation. He
will ask you to find his Ticket pucher(Kitsupu kiribasami). answer yes.
then go to Imen station to ask the Man stationed there. He will answer in Melnics.
then go to the Library in Imen. and put in the word you've got before. Here's the
Meredy & Keel will then find the Item near by in the broken plantpot. go back to
Luishka Station to get Eterpoke3 for your
Rule: Melnics Mania! In case you don't know "Melnics" is the language Celestian
use to speak, and the Language that cause so much fuss in the beginning of the
game.The objective is to test Keel's (Your!) ability to translate Melnics.
I have yet to play this game.(*sorry*)
Awarded "Doctor Mintche" title for winning

-Hey! Look that way, Farah(Atsuchimui to Farah)<Rock ,Paper,Scissors>
Item: Eter box 4
How to get: After you've gotten back from Celestia, go back to Racheans to find that
the Village Elder is sick. After talking to the townfolks reveals that the Medicine is
made up of  3 ingredients
Auctioned from Auction hall in Jini
20% chance of "Falsha Horns(No.236)" killed will drop this ,found in Farlos mount-
ain area
 Take 15 Kiruma Fruits to Spirit Hot Spring(Syourei Onsen). Farah will play with it
and have them float in the spring. The fruits pops to reveal "Hoshikawa"
All of these ingredients are in Celestia. when you;ve gotten all ingredients go back
to the man near the stable and he will mix
them for you(get Hoteibanri). Give the medicine to the Elder to be awarded
Rule: This is sort of like the Japanese version of "Rock,Paper,Scissors" where the
winner must try to predict which direction the loser will turn. If the loser doesn't turn
like the winner predicts. It's a miss. if the loser turns in the same direction, than he
scores.the one that get 3 scores first, wins but you have to go at it 3 rounds.
*While doing the <Rock,Paper,Scissors> thing*
Rock- Left
Scissors- Up
Paper- Right
*While guessing which direction Farah will turn*
Directions is same as directional pad.
Awarded " " title for winning.

/Extra Dungeon/
	at the end of the credit roll, you'll be ask if you want to save your game. This
save will enable you to take on extra thing hidden in the game.If you load it, it'll be as
if you start a new game. So save in a different slot. Now you can access hidden
stuff, load your previous save to see new difficulties enabled - Mania. Head to
Orbas Surface at (98,85).

Nereid's Labyrinth:
	You'll notice a black sphere near the Relay station. Enter it and you'll be
ask if you want to choose a character to play with(Rid,Farah,Keel,Next). Selecting
Next bring out the remaining choice(Before,Meredy,Chat,Fog). You'll have to clear
this dungeon using one character per level. The level here changes randomly each
time you leave the screen. Take that to your advantage. path that leads to the
teleport light(leads to boss) will either head from left to up,up to right, right to down,
down to left. Other paths just leads you back to the next random screen. This
dungeon is good for training at Level 75+ if you replay the game(You'll have access
to it in disk 2).

The First to Third boss is someone who you should be familliar with by now.
Boss: Elementaler(NO.249)
Element: From Wind,Fire,Earth in order
HP: 80,000, Exp
Strong against: It's element
Attack: Punch+Kick and Laser beam in close range doing around 4,000 damage
               Wind(Dark force,Cyclone)
Gives: Wind(Gungnil and Persia Boots)
             Fire( Star Circlet and Mystic Symbol)
             Earth(Star Helm and B Line Shield)
Just Keep your distance away from him, and keep landing in damages. and soon
the battle will be over.
Fight through All 3 Elementals, and finds your self a new boss at the end of the path.

Boss: Living Armor(NO,228)
HP: 8,000, Exp
Strong against: Wind(10%),Earth(10%),Ice(10%), Light(10%),Water(50%),Fire(50%),
Gives: Star Cloak and Star Bracelet

Boss: Hades(NO.233)
HP: 45,000, Exp
Strong against: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Electricity
Gives: Riverize and Gaia Clever

If you find the battles hard. Try using the Following Selections

Wind Element-Meredy, Kill the Harpy first thenkeep using Dark Force ,equip
jetboots to run away from boss/ Cyclone spell.

Fire Element
-Fog, Kill the Firegrand and keep using Aqua Spiral ,equip jetboots
to run from boss.(or just use Canceller+ Elemental Master to kill him).
-Keel, Kill the Firegrand and use Celsius's Ice spells(such as Freeze luncher) to
kill him. equip the Corona symbol and Jet boots to make things easier.

Earth Element
-Farah, Kill the 2 Strong Horn then use Shishisenkou special or
Satsugekibukouken on the Earth Element.

Living Armor:
-Chat, use Eternal Sorrow to finish it off.
I got this good combo that can deal 15000-20000 damage.The skills are is:
1)Hienrentenkyaku:a 3stage kick follow-up with a somersault kick (> or < X)
2)Yousourakubakushyuu:Farah jumps and do 2 fireballs then charge like a comet to
 the enemy (up X)
3)Rengadan:A 7hit rapid fist (down X)
4)Shishisenkou:You must access the Special version (X)
First do Hienrentenkyaku.Before she performs the somersault kick,
Quickly use Yousourakubakusyuu.Once she lands,perform Rengadan.
Before she does the 7th hit,use Shishisenkou(Special).
You can replace Shishisenkou with Satsugekibukouken but the damage is less.
(*thanks to Aileron for the strategies covered in this section)

-Rid use Houzetsenshou(Press X repeatedly after executing Haotenku).

	after that you'll have access to all characters again, but still no save and
items ability. Properly equip your 4 best character that you'll use.  Then walk up to
to see Regulus siting in a throne. It seem he is posess by Nereid. now you'll be ask
to send in your best team. pick the 4 characters you want. Then fight!

Boss: Regulus(NO.254) + Nereid(NO,255)
HP: 160,000 + 240,000
Strong against: all(25%)-Regulus
Defense:  900-Regulus
Attack: Meteor Swarm
Gives: nothing
	This guy is one of the toughest boss you'll face in the game so give him
everything you've got!
	Regulus fades to nothing and you can leave now, There's a light on
Regulus's seat, take it. It's a Hyper Gauntlet, an Item for Rid.

/Last Fencer/
               To get this fabulous sword, After you've get Riberves ores from Regulus
Knoll. Go to Baril's Castle, talk to Zosimos standing near the Spirit Canon. Than go
to Imen talk to him again in the weapon shop. Go in &out of town 5 times and go
back to the weapon shop to get the Last Fencer.Now you've got the strongest
Non-elemental sword of the Game!


	There are skills that shows a Anime Cut-in . These are the ones that have
been found.(I'll try to confirm it before putting it in. So if you suggest one in, it'll took
longer than you'd expect)

Hiou Zetsuen Shou
Conditon: successfully excecute Hiou Zetsuen Shou
(Press X after your Haotenku has throw an enemy into the air)
Fuujin Fuubakusatsu

Meredy & Keel:
Indignation(1time only)
Condition: use the spell on Secondos, when his Hp is less than 30,000. He will be
KO'ed in one hit.

Raise Dead(Mint Cut-in)

Karyu Enbu.
Use Tenketsu Bakutai, then on the stunned enemy do
punch x 2 -> Anti-air-> Aerial Skill.


-Elemental Master
Condition: successfully execute Elemental master.

/Combination skills(kyouryoukugi)/

	Using Rid's/Farah's skill with a certain spell can take that skill to a new
level! Try it and see.
FireBall(Meredy or Keel) + Kokahazan(Rid)
Cyclone(Meredy or Keel) + Senkuuretpa(Rid)
Heal(Meredy or Keel) + Gariukuuha(Farah)
Thunder Blade(Meredy or Keel) + Soudoushouteiha(Farah)
	This is all 4 of the Combination skills the game is reported to have.
(*Thanks to Kaze Yagami(yagami@pacific.net.sg) for infos on Combination skills
and Anime Cut-ins.)

/The Van Eltia (Ship)/

	As you progress in the game, you'll acquire a ship, the Van Eltia. Which is
Ifreed's Legacy pass on to his granddaughter, Chat. The Van Eltia will have 2
spare rooms ,after you get your first upgrade, The Sub. The Sub enables you to
travel underwater. Allowing you to access places in the world you can't normally
reach. that is where the upgrade path ends as the story goes. You'll have to tackle
the sidequest if you want some of the features in the game, Including the Hidden
Summon - Destiny.
	Go to the Room with Ifreed's statue in the Relay station in Orbas Surface
(Sky Plane). Selecting the statue, it reveals a location in inferia- that's the location
of Ifreed's Tomb.It's a little above the Ifreed's Symbol in the sea, in the middle of
the Crecent island, go inside the tomb. You'll have to solve the puzzle and get all
Ifreed's Costume to place on the statue in the middle of the room.

The path left is the Mustashe. Pull the Woman statue to the Lamp. It's neck will
lengthen and you'll be able to open the door
.The middle one is the Hat. When you reach the fire room, just use your freeze ring
to cool it down to get through.
The right path is the Shirt. When you see the Frankenstein, just use the freeze ring
to stun him. As for the Door with the Teeth
,Put a female character up front in control(Chat,Meredy,Farah), to get through.
Once you have all treasure, put all of it on the statue, It'll slide open to reveal the
Light Orb(Hikari no tama).
Now you have the light orb. You'll have to wait for the Final Dungeon - Chizel Castle
 to get the Dark Orb.
Once you have both orbs, go back to the Relay station to the Room with the statue.
There put both orbs in left and right of it. Rid and Chat will notice something and go
out to see the Brand new Van Eltia!
                   The Original Upgraded Van Eltia's got 2 spare rooms on the 2nd floor.
now at any dock you can fill these rooms with useful stores for a price. The Fully
Upgraded Van Eltia's got 4 rooms to spare! with 4 floors and 4 rooms.Now that's
enough for a bedroom, an Item shop, a game room and a Transfer room.
When you dock the Van Eltia at a dock, go to the Shiping Guild and talk to the Guy
at the desk. He will than ask if you want to remodel the rooms in your ship. say yes.
than select the rooms (#1 and #2 for the Original. and #1 - #4 for the Upgraded Ship
with Aircraft ability). than select what you want to do with the room in question.

The Shipping Guild in Tinnsia has this option.
1- Clear the room for 170,000 Gald.
2- Put in an Item Shop for 300,000 Gald.
(got most of the food exept the Purple sode and some veggies. You'll have to get
that from Chambard. You can buy some stuff at an outrageous price here too.)
3- Model it into a Bedroom for 900,000 Gald.
*4- Get Transfer Room! for 1,800,000 Gald. no need to go to Relay station no more!
( you can only go to places that appear in the worldmap that you've bought. For
example, You can't go to Jini with this thing.)

The Shipping Guild in Inferia's Port has this option
1-Clear the room for 170,000 Gald.
2-Make Informatory(Sick bay) for 1,000,000 Gald
3-put 300,000 Gald in to make a Bedroom.
4-Make a Game room(Ocean Wars) for 800,000 Gald

/7 Treasures of Celestia/

	Meredy mention something about 7 treasure of Celestia, which is
#1-The S.D.(swordian) in Celestial Underwater Storage #1
#2-An Armour
#3-A Deck Broom is located inside your ship,The Van Eltia. It's in the room near
 the place where Meredy is standing. Make sure your party isn't scattered all over
the ship and you'll find it. ( It must be the one stahn was using.)
#4-A Village inhabitted by non-humans,"Nekonin Village" is found at(,) and is
populated by cat-men.
#5-Couldran no Supu, A pot with the fart of a hero,found in the cave of earth.
you need to use the shovel to dig onto a crack of wall.
 It will poison your party or give you random effects when you open it.
#6-A special medicine,"Howdy Banri"
#7-The treasures of Ifreed,

/The Rune Bottle/

	As in all the Tales series, Rune bottles can still be used to transform items
into another one. Although the rules are a little different than last time around.
Ao no Kakera ->Seishouseki
Aka no Kakera ->Sekishouseki
Kiiru no Kakera ->Kishouseki
Kuru no Kakera ->Kokushouseki
Shiru no Kakera ->
Mizuru no Kakera ->Tsuishouseki
Midori no Kakera -> Ryokushouseki
Murasaki no Kakera -> Shishouseki
Mackerel ->Macro Gummy
Sage <-> Savory
Red Sage <-> Red Savory
Lavender <-> Belbane
Red Lavender <-> Red Belbane
Apple Gummy ->Lemon Gummy
Orange Gummy ->Pine Gummy
Pine Gummy<->Lemon Gummy
Mix Gummy ->Miracle Gummy
Miracle Gummy ->Elixir
Dark Bottle<->Holy Bottle
Penecea Bottle<->Life Bottle
Charm Bottle ->Miracle Charm
Combo Command<->Step Ring
Technical Ring -> Step Ring
Fight Symbol<-> Blue Talisman
Reverse Doll -> Cefira
Mental Bangle<->Heal Bangle
Mental Ring<->Holy Symbol
Protect Ring<->Resist Ring
Thunder Mantle ->Flare Mantle
Aqua Mantle ->Thunder Mantle
Fairy Ring <-> Mystic Symbol
Force Ring<-> Reflect Ring
Black Onyx<-> Moonstone
Sheeps Mantle -> Elven Mantle
Elven Mantle ->Smash Mantle
Chaos Shield<->Order Shield

Elixir 6,000 Jini
Angel Brace 3,400 Jini
Kishouseki 1,500 Jini
Kris Dagger 9,800 Jini
Kokushouseki 1,500 Jini
Shishouseki 1,500 Jini
Tsuishouseki 1,500 Jini
Seishouseki 1,500 Jini
Sekishouseki 1,500 Jini
Technical Ring 3,000 Jini
Hokushouseki 1,500 Jini
Hanuman Shaft 13,200 Jini
Magical Ribbon 2,600 Jini
Minnil 11,000 Jini
Reverse Doll 4,500 Jini
Reflect 7,880 Jini
Ryokushouseki 1,500 Jini
Rare Helm 5,620 Jini
Rijumu Ring 50,000 Jini

/Places in the world of Eternia/

	The Co-ordinates(GPS) where there is no title is the place you can enter in
the world map. But since it is just one screen with no exact name to put it. I decided to
just leave it that way.

World of Inferia:
Racheans ->22,105
Racheans Pier ->31,122
Regulus Dojo->23,124
Mintche Observatory->59,155
Mintche ->68,142
Nostos Cave ->88,149
Morle ->125,157
Undine Stream ->151,126
Forest of Temptation->50,145
Inferia City ->187,120
Inferia Port ->181,108
Barole ->50,39
Barole Port->57,41
Sylph Cavern ->27,65
Chambard ->188,59
Efreet Gorge ->221,76
Farlos Mountain ->93,110
Ifreed's Tomb ->Location given by Ifreed's Statue at the Relay station(88,63)
Glimmering Spire(Kirameki Tower) -> 107,22
Spirit Hot Spring(Seirei Onsen) -> 204,98
Seyfert Garden->166,18
Underwater Storage 1 -> 76,125
Underwater Storage 2 -> 121,122
Underwater Storage 3 -> 142,1
Underwater Storage 4 -> 225,131
Sunken Ship -> 34,3
Ifreed's Symbol ->99,92
<169,175> -Meredy's Picture
<62,90> -Map
Strawberry Shop->53,24
<18,12> -Savory,Lavender
<39,35> -Midori no Kakeru, Roukushousaki
<24,132> -Command" "
<50,148> -Rune Bottle
<161,45> -Command" "  ,a lens
<100,100> -Command" "
<114,144> -Command" "
<186,33> -Tomato
<211,31> -Pine Gummy, Lemon Gummy
<183,90> -Tsuisyousaki, Mitsuiri no Kakeru
<226,90> -Rune Bottle
<186,140> Flare Mantle
<13,74> a Lens
<150,101> Infromation from an old soldier
<159,131> -a Lens
<121,54>->Kirama Fruit
<150,144> Poison Check

World of Celestia:
Cape Fortress -> 34,63
Imen ->43,68
Imen Station ->60,70
Luishka Station ->127,72
Mine Station ->
Mine of Gnome ->113,109
Mt, Celsius ->28,96
Chat Hut ->106,112
Ifreed's Cave ->204,98
Tinnsia ->212 ,409
Jini ->66,152
Nekonin Village ->120,109
Ifreed UnderwaterDome ->98,92
Underwater Storage 1 -> 55,113
Underwater Storage 2 -> 153,165
Underwater Storage 3 -> 168,112
Underwater Storage 4 -> 228,42
Underwater Storage 5 -> 3,151
Shadow cave-> 5,12
Jini's underwater entrance -> 35,15

Orbas Surface(Sky world):
Orbas Relay Station -> 50,44
Seyfert Observation Station ->
Chizel's Castle(Final Dungeon) -> 110,10
Nereid's Labyrinth(Extra Dungeon) -> 44,60

/Extra Event(has no impact on story)/

Katerin & Pier Side Event:
-Minche, To the right of the Crymel game, there is a little scence about Katerin & Pier,
who are seems to be dating. Farah than ask Katerin about Pier. Katerin says that
Pier lives in Inferia City. but she's studying here and it's a long way from the capital to
Mintche. She then thank Farah for listening to her and walks off.

-Morle, Upon entering the Foodshop, you'll meet with a familiar face. Farah will ask
for her name. the old man will tell you it's Simone. Simone? Farah ask her. Isn't it,
Katerin? Katerin will hush you and tells you that she is traveling under a false name
and is trying to get to Inferia city to see you know who. She says goodbye to you
than rushes off.

-Barole, Go to the town's Public library, and you'll get a scene. It's Katerin, she
appears to be researching. When she turns to see the party, Farah asked her about
how did her trip to the capital went. Rid says that He doesn't know about this but now
this is Barole and it's not the capital for certain. Katerin then hastely walks off.

-Upon your first 1st Class boat trip , You'll find out that Katerin who is also taking that boat? in the Cafeteria of the ship.

-Chambard, Go inside the Cloth Shop, You'll meet with Katerin(again!). She's got in
to trouble with the store attendent, who tries to sell her a dress for 23,000 Gald!
(payable in 12 installment)(I'm guessing here.can any one tells me this?) Farah
helps Katerin by saying NO all the time to the store attendent. Katerin then thanks
Farah and leaves.

-Finally you will find Katerin & Pier in Barole at the Restaurant. Working to cover their
 traveling expenses.

Inferia City's Hotel Side Event:
-After you've gotten back from Celestia, Stay at Inferia City's Hotel. You'll now have to stay in the east room on the 3rd floor. As Rid went to sleep,Rid will hear that
someone says ''give me the leg''.Rid tries to wake up the others but his efforts are of
no-use. At last he gives up and went to bed shaking.
	Go back to the Hotel to stay again,the counter will tell you that the all room is
full and you'll just have to stay in the west room at 3 floor. Rid will try to decline but
Farah wants to stay and ask Rid would he do it? Say "Yes" and Rid will reluctantly
agrees to staying.Before Rid sleep,he hear that "someone'' says ''give me the leg''
again. This time he succeeded in waking everyone up and they see a cat in the
middle of the room, and everyone was surprise that it can talk? Now Rid is angry. At
last,he know that that "someone''is just a cat.
	After that,leave the 4 floor room,you will saw a ''servicers'' was very scared
to close the window.Next morning, go to ask the counter and the counter will tell you
that the ''servicer'' you see has die from felling out the window and the one you saw
last night is a Ghost!

3 Bandits Side Event:

/Boss Awards/
	Here's What you get for Beating All of the Boss
????:Life Bottle, Orange Gummy
Insect Plant: Lemon Gummy,Kiruma Fruit
Undine: Talisman, Mental Bangle
Sylph: Ring, Life Bottle
Efreet: Black Onyx, Flare Bottle
Race: Heal Bangle, Leather Mantle
Gnome: Moon Crystal, Rune Bottle
Celsius: Resist Ring, Frost Check
Shadow: Fast Ring, Rune Bottle
Volt: Holy Symbol, Rune Bottle
Chizel: Elc Jewel, Reverse Doll
Rem: Reflect Ring, Rune Bottle
Hades: Mental Bangle,Tamago
Siren: Trident, Sefira,Mizukumo(Water Boots??)
Maxwell: Fairy Ring, God Weapon
Valkyrie:  - Grant you access to pullout the Swordian in Celestia #1 Underwater
Cless: Cless's Bandana and gives you his eternal sword and the title " "
Arche: Arche's Ribbon
Regulus: - but there's a Hyper Gauntlet where he use to sit

/Best Equipment for Party/

	Wonder what is the best equipment for your character? Did you get the best
rig for your character? Think no more! just take a look to see the list.

(Weapon)Last Fencer
	Get by Beating Rem to get Ribeves in the story than talk to Zosimos at
the spirit cannon at Baril's castle. Head to Imen(destroyed) at the former weapon
shop. goin &out of town for 5 times. now head back to talk to Zosimos and the Last
Fencer will be yours!(one might think Eternal Sword is more powerful, it actually is
more powerful but is time element which means it does less damage to boss that
is Time based like Secondos. Last Fencer, however has no element and would do
the same damage to all + some luck as well. Eternal sword also decrease your
luck(chance of critical hit & find item) by -2)
(Head)Star Helm
(Body)Golden Armor
	in Chest behind Valkyrie
(* Note*: This is the best Armor in the tales series so far. If you've look at the
previous series- Tales of Phantasia,Tales of Destiny. You'll know what I mean.)
(Hand)B-Line Shield

(Weapon)BC Rod
	in Chest behind Valkyrie
(Head)Star Circlet
(Body)Spirit Robe

(Hand)Star Brace

(Weapon)God Weapon
Get by Beating Maxwell, which is NOT an easy task.
(Head)Magical Ribbon
(But in my opinion, I prefer Arche's Ribbon which gives 50 to luck but no additional
Defense. Get by beating Cless at Hard Level to Mania Level , He will be join by
(Body)Star Cloak
(Hand)Same as Keel

(Weapon)Eternia M(elody)
Found in Chizel's Castle.
(Head)Same as Farah
(Body)Same as Farah
(Hand)Same as Farah

(Weapon)Wonder Bag
Get from the extra dungeon"Nereid's Labyrinth"
or steal from Gunner in Glimmering Spire
(Head)Captain Hat
(Body)Same as Farah
(Hand)Same as Keel

(Weapon)Mega Cruncher
       Pay the Man in the Spirit Canon room in Shileska Headquater 20,000 Gald to
develop a gun for Fog(Fog must be in party). Progress through some events and
comeback to get the guns.
(Head)Same as Rid
(Body)Same as Keel
(Hand)Same as Keel

/Status Boosting(using Items)/
                Now that you've got the idea of what equipment you should aim for. Let's try
to maximize the Characters stats! As you already know that there are several stats
boosting items out there in the game. They confers to HP,TP,Agility,Strength that
you can boost. These items are Savory,Sage,Belbane,Lavender and there are
Red version which gives twice the effect (in Destiny, you can use Rune bottles on
these items to turn them into "red" versions of it. Sadly, Eternia's version has taken
a different route and rune bottles just switches between Sage<->Savory, Lavender
<->Belbane instead).
               Apart from collecting them from places. Some Monster also drop these
wonderful things. So without delaying any further. Here's the Locations and Names
of these walking gold mines(you'll have to try hard though to get any from them).

Sage(Increase HP by 5%)

Red Sage(Increase HP by 10%)
Hell Kite(No.217)
Weakness: Ice100%, Water30%
Location: Inferia Arena

Well, Bonapate! Go get yourself Maximum status.(It will take hard work. but I think
you can do it!)
/Non-useful items(or stuff that's only good for auctioning)/
	There are  11 items currently marked as worthless and has no useful
property discovered(besides auctioning it in Jini).

1	Weltas By Script(Weltas Daihon)
	-See all 8 parts of the Weltas By play at the Royal Theater in Inferia City.
	You'll find it on the stage afterwards.
2	Usawa
	-Clear the Chamballon Minigame in Chambard. Talk to girl name Ai near
	the Fountain close to where you play the game. she will give it to you.
3	Wind Ball
	-Clear PocketStation Minigame4(Look that way, Farah). Upload the results
	back in the game and go back to talk to Kamulan, the village elder. He will
	give you the Wind Ball.
4	Kacomon
	-Pay the Student at Mintche's port 100,000 Gald to get his papers.
5	King's Shoker
	-Search the Cabinet opposite of the  king's bed(where he is lying sick) in
	Inferia Castle to get this.
6	Rosania's Dress
	-Search the box next to where Ifreed's cloths is , in Ifreed's Tomb to get it.
7 	Oshirui
	-Search Farah's dressing drawer in her house in Racheans.
8	Bushu Biby
9	Button
	-Cloth shop in Peruti. After clearing the mini-game: Around the Celestia
10	Fuyu Tomato
11	Doeniz no Popuri
	In The item shop in Barole, talk to the boy. After clearing the Mini-game:

(*Item #1-#6's method of Requring has been tested. the rest are just speculations)


	Cheating is for Losers! Get over it. you don't have to cheat to win.and if you
do use it. you'll lose the fun of the game.(BTW, Cheats can make writing a
walkthrough easier though. but still no cheats is involve in the makings of this
Walkthrough) But since this must be a "Complete" FAQ. I am obligated to put it here.

GameShark Codes:

The play time does not increase
D0020420 0001
80020420 0000

Play time
8013FDA8 xxxx
8013FDAA xxxx

Max Gald
801405E0 E0FF
801405E2 05F5

Gald does not decrease
D0119F3E 004A
80119F3E 0040

Encounter Max
801405E8 E0FF
801405EA 05F5

Encounter none
801405E8 0000
801405EA 0000

8013FDAC xxxx
8013FDAE xxxx

Infinite all 15 item
8003C988 000F
8003C98A 2402
8003C98C 093C
8003C98E A2A2

When use,TP does not drop
D0035B2A 0082
80035B2A 0080
D006A806 0072
8006A806 0060
D007024E 0064
8007024E 0060

1Fight for Max Level
D0073926 1040
80073926 1400

1 fight for Spirit guage Max
D0073CFE 1040
80073CFE 1400

Use 1 time for Max technique.
8006DE50 1023
8006DE52 0042
8006DE54 270F
8006DE56 2442

Max Hits
801405EC E0FF
801405EE 05F5

Technical Smash 100%
D006DA50 019C
8006DA54 0064
D006DA50 019C
8006DA56 2410
D006DA50 019C
8006DA6C 0001
8004B9B4 0000

The number of lenses
30109DB5 00XX

Full Cooking list
80140AB0 000F

When use, item count does not drop.
D003E6BC 093C
8003E6C4 0000
D007478C 093C
80074794 0000

Map 100%
B0160002 00000000
80140810 FFFF
8014083C 03FF

Monster's Book Full
B07F0002 00000000
80149AC FFFF
80140AAA 03FF

When walking, HP does not drop
D0032726 00A3
80032726 00A0
D0032726 00A3
800559B4 0000

Undine's HP does not drop in Efreet Gorge
D0054CD0 3BC8
80054CD2 8443
D00D34B0 000A
80084E74 FFE9

Magic Max
8006DE50 1023
8006DE52 0042
8006DE54 270F
8006DE56 2442

Debug Mode
D00D34B0 0001
8013DED0 0003
In Newgame screen,Press L2 button
to get the option

Processing acceleration
D00D34B0 0001
80084E76 1400
D00D34B0 0002
80084E76 1440
press L2 to accellerate
R2 for normal speed

	Level	3013F47A 00xx
	Exp	8013F47C xxxx
		8013F47E xxxx

	These codes were never used. nor tested by the FAQ Author. I only put this
in to make the FAQ complete. Don't Ask me for support. I don't use these codes.
(*6 of these codes were from Gong Sniper's post. thanks! Gong Sniper.)
(*9 of these codes were taken from http://www20.freeweb.ne.jp/play/gameinfo/
though I did try to get the site's author approval in putting it here. even after several
mails, I still didn't recieve the reply. So I put the codes here with this notice.)

Saves Hack:
	Gamesharks isn't the only way to cheat now adays.Savegame editing is
now available. So, I'm planing to put some editing info here as well.

(Even now I've been unsuccessful in hacking any stats out of the game. This game
must place another check-up stat somewhere because it refuses to load the modified one everytime.)

	For Editing Saves from your PS(X or one). You'll need a Dexdrive,
Playsaver or any other way to get your saves into the computer.and you'll need an
editor. These codes were written to use with PSXedit
(http://moberg-dybdal.dk/psxge ) and I think that should be enough for start
(on the other had if you use an emu, you probably won't need a Dexdrive).

/In-game Dialogues/
	IF I have time, I will put it here

/Song Lyrics/

Flying (Game Opening version)
romanized provided by Kaze Yagami
copyright 2000,Namco LTD

Kisetsu hazure no BEACH SIDE
Yoru ni kakureta
Kimi no yokogao wa Nani wo mitsumeteru no?

Bokura wa nani hitotsu
Shiru koto nai mirai no tame ni
Te ni iretari nagedashitari shite
Hakanaku sasou yukue mezashite

Yumemiru you ni
Ochite yuku no kimi no naka e
Osorenaide kizutsuitara
Kitto setsunai yasashisa wo daiteru

Habadaki nagara
Ochite yuku no kimi no soba e
Nani mo nai asu ga kuru toki wa
Kimi ni deaeta kiseki mune ni daite

Flying (Full version)
copyright 2000,Namco LTD
Kisetsu hazure no BEACH SIDE
Yoru ni kakureta
Kimi no yokogao wo nani wo mitsumeteruno no?

Kitowa dannemo danine naniaga suwote
Dake toshitoyo kiru huwamu kiseyashi naito
Bokura wa nani hitotsu
Shiru koto nai mirai no tame ni
Te ni iretari nagedashitari shite
Hakanaku sasou yukue mazashite

Yumemiru you ni
Ochite yuku no kimi no naka e
Osorenaide kizutsuitara
Kitto setsunai yasashisa wo daiteru

Habadaki nagara
Ochite yuku no kimi no soba e
Nani mo nai asu gakuru toki wa
Kimi ni neiieta kiseki mune ni daite
Kimiwo shinji do hodo nime hiji wo kako kute
Hateshi kai nomo no supete keshi sari keito
Kitsu ika toki yuwamo
Tada ashirizuzu keru kotoni
Yasura gisa e ganji teta nante
Imiji asuo tori koete yuke o

Tabi tatsu narama
Asemo himo yorumo nakute
Kimino minu ine kateya
Hikoto kae nanu kawa mono ni waderu

Matsunete yukuyo
Kimi no airai supete motone
Yuneni mopi noki wo tootsu
Kimino mirai ashi tana eki ana kutemo

Habadaki nagara
Ochite yuku no kimi no soba e
Nani mo nai asu ga kuru toki wa
Kimi ni neieta kiseki mune nonakamu
Seiwo ni watashi nochi
Kare zuyoku kaga iite

/Melnics Tutorial/
	Melnics is the Language that the Celestian speaks and has a very big
impact upon Preliminary parts of the game. Why learn it? simple, you'll need to
brush up on your Melnics to get a good chance of going at the Mini-game
"Keel's Academy" in Eterpoke 4.

/Additional Information/
-Maximum Hit is 999
-Maximum Level is 250
-Best way to gain Levels is to COMBO as much as possible.(I've never really
succeed in getting more than 60 hits.
-Regulus is the ONLY boss thats never really goes down. He will ALWAYs be available for challenging.(Provided you trek through the Extra Dungeon again
beating all the Sub-boss.)
>Valkyrie was also suppose to be a summon? (at least it appeared so in the
sample) now how do we get her?
-Some spells/skills and Summons are just test clips and isn't really available in the
game. Don't bother looking for them.
>I've found Seven of the non-sense items. it's
Oshirui-Inside the cupboard in Farah's house at Racheanss
Kakomon-Buy from the student at Mintche harbour
Rosania's Dress -The item box inside Ifreed's Tomb(near Ifreed's clothes)
Weltas Daihon -See all 8 parts of the"Weltas By" play  in Inferia Royal Theater and
you'll find it on the stage.
King's Shoker -The shelf opposite of the king's bed Inferia Castle.
Usawa-Finish the Chamballon mini game, Talk to Ai(girl near the fountain) to get it.
Buttonfound by Meredy in the second changer.of Chambard's Clothshop.

Now,here's my specutlations of getting the rest of the non-sense items
Wind ball-After you upload minigame #4, talk to the village elder at Racheans
Doeniz no Popuri-In The item shop in Barole talk to the boy
Fuyu Tomato-???
Bushu Biby-???(seen it in Luishka, in the Living room of Meredy's old house)
Now, where to get these stuff? Are my speculations true?
(I don't have a Pocket station ,so I can't confirm the Windball thing.)

(*Thanks to Ken Yagami 's 3 answers to the questions above in this section)

				Final Notes
	My skill in japanese is very low. I can barely spell words written in Kata &
Hiragana with out a textbook!, let alone try to read it. So that means it you find any
errors(and I mean ERRORs), I appolagize and hope that you e-mail me telling me
what I'm wrong about and how to correct them. Please! e-mail me about it, your
contribution will be noted in this FAQ.  (Please Pound me with requirements. I need
suggestions to keep improving this FAQ. don't let me go just because this is my
1st FAQ.)

	This FAQ is written and maintain(?) by Kung Lee. You can contact the author
(Kung Lee) at the following e-mail address. kung_lee@hotmail.com.

These are the guys that had directly put something in.
(Numbers has grown  recently.)
*This section may change without being displayed in the Update section*

                -Zhou Tai An(kain@pacific.net.sg), is responsible for skill translations/
                -Aileron, for details about the item Picohan Revenge & Cefira & some
                  correction as well.
                -Hans Martin Wahyudi(lugia249@mail.com), for the Monster Data and
	 many other things that are too long to list.
                -Matt Beischel" (mjbeisch@syr.edu), for Checking and proofing  the entire
	FAQ by himself.  I had to let go of his version because I improve too much of
	my FAQ already.)
                -Calvin Niu(solea@earthlink.net), for making ask other ppl's opinion about
	 how hard boss battles
                  are(Secondos) and for Farah's additional skill.
                -Kaze Yagami(yagami@pacific.net.sg), for Many corrections and
                 improvements that I'd not thought of(Names, Song Lyrics,ETC).
	-Penny Chok(mira101@yahoo.com) for the full song lyrics & for
	 correcting the Sunken Ship scene story..
These guys have help me improve what I have overlooked.
	-Dimetric Houston(dhousto6@bellsouth.net), for sending suggestions
	  about Crymel Tutorial.
	-Ken Yap, for suggesting correct names for skills.
	-(Sorry I forgot your name) For asking about Spirit's Levels and Vitality.in the
	GameFaqs messageboard.
                -Fam. Wallimann(wallico@bluewin.ch) for helping me proof my spell list.
	-jesy (krystalklyr@yahoo.com) for trying to warn me to use spacebars
	instead of TABs.

	I couldn't have whip all of This up by myself. So Most info in this FAQ is
taken from here and there. I did do my job, though :)
*This section may change without being displayed in the Update section*

                 -Tales of Eternia FAQ/Walkthrough by Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg)
	  Taken Some Story line, Very Good Conversation coverage! and Kain,
	  you're one damn FAQ writing mania, aren't you? (try looking at ALL of his
	  FAQs on GameFAQs.com to see what I mean) how can you spend time
	  writing this one?(that's why I'm writing it for you)
                 -Tales of Eternia FAQ by Robert Broglia(broglia@wam.umd.edu).
	  Taken Some Recipe,Nice Starting Item list.and some other stuff that I can't
	   remember correctly. Your progress is getting stiff, Robert. I miss your FAQ.
                -Chaki's Tales of Eternia Page
                 This Web has great Walkthrough already complete. The walkthrough is a
                 bit short compare to what it could have been, but never the less it gives all
                 instructions to how to win the game(minus some story). Co-ordinates is also
                 present. not to mention Meal Recipes & Hidden Chat/Fog Skill locations.
                 Some Info in this FAQ is double-checked against this site's FAQ for faults &
                 some are taken to patch what is lacked of this FAQ(Such as Meal
                 Recipes). So hands up to Chaki! her web has speeds up this FAQ
               -Tales of Eternia:The GameFAQs message board
	 A LOT of info in here comes from these guys. Especially
	Gong Sniper, Devilking01,you were very resourceful
	Aileron, Lugia249 thanks for sending in about my errors.
	Thanks! I couldn't have done it with out your help.
	Game shark codes, Rune bottles, Auctioning, Monster data! this site has
	it all! unfortunately it's in Japanese. Alot of Info is checked/ taken from it
	though (I send an email about this but didn't recieve any response
                back but the update just can't wait for such a thing. I'll try again to get his/her
                approval.)(Not that I don't have most of these infos with me on hand but I did
                check most data against the site's. so I'm obligated to put it's credit here.)
                 the author e-mail address is (toshimi@i-kyushu.or.jp)

These are the guys I have to thank for(just can't overlook them).
	-Namco LTD, for releasing such a great game!
	-My Mom, for giving enough time from my store to do this(actually she didn't
	  mean to do that).
	-and Finally YOU for putting up with me and my "not so"complete FAQ. I
                  hope you enjoyed it as least as much as I have.(had a hell of a time writing

/Rants Rants Rants/

	This is My Rant section, Any non-related Quotes are put here. Any offensive
Quotes are also put here. You have been Warned. Don't Flame Me for it.
*This section may change without being displayed in the Update section*

-Man, does this thing takes TIME! it zaps me of over 100 hours worth of work!
 (3-4 hours everynight for 2 months!) just to release the first version. I'm beat! So
 everyone e-mail me for incorrectness & faults you can find in this FAQ. So that it will
 be complete sooner! Better yet, tell me what you like. May be I'll put it in for you.
(now over 210+ man-hours. 11/6/2001)

-Tales of Eternia is the hardest in the tales series that I've seen. Not to mention a
 contender for the Longest Boss battle. Next Tales should be more difficult if
 progress in this fashion, Hah?

-More RPG translation! Japanese shouldn't be the only language a gamer should
 know. Games like Arc the Lad 2 ,Tales of Phantasia and the Likes should be ported
to the states. I've seen too many good games gone down  unnoticed *Sob*Sob*
<My Best RPG game's collection is Wild Arms, Tales of  Phantasia, Tales of
Eternia, Suikoden II, and Arc the Lad 2. Others just don't cut it or I haven't play it.>

-Emulations Rulez! My playstation is now 3 years old and it's shape hasn't been the
 same since half a year ago. This walkthrough was done purely on an Emulator
 (Connectix Virtual Game Station). It was there when I need a playstation for the
 game. It wasn't perfect but it has done it's job. (I need to say that. Though I wish it
 had vibration features.)

-I've decided to delete the Square rants that was here. besides Square never listens
to us anyway(or.. nah!).(11/06/2001)

-Don't E-mail me about how lousy my english is. I'm not a native English user. I've
 never been abroad.This is the BEST I could do given that it's my 1st FAQ The
Quality of this FAQ WILL grow better as time goes on(didn't I prove this yet?). Stay
Tune for more!

-I 'm going to  make a new FAQ for the new version for the Ported version. Since it
has a new name, it might as well get a new FAQ. I will go through all changes and
mark them out for you(may took some time) A lot of it will be cut & paste from this
one,so just turn a blind eye for this one, er? CjayC.

-I did notice that TOE didn't make it well in Japan as it should have had.
Perhaps everyone there was expecting too much?(Ranked 13 in sales in 2000 for
552,009 copies(Preorders count much for this)).

-It is now official  that TOE would now be ported to the US as Tales of Destiny 2.
(Why Destiny 2? Eternia was fine by me.)Namco will use the same studio it has hired
to compose the opening theme for TOD to do TOE's opening theme as well. I hope
that this isn't true, the US TOD theme was so less than the original Deen's work on
the Japanese version.(20/05/2001)

-(This is kinda off topic) Working Designs has annouce the development of Arc the
Lad Collection. It'll feature Arc the Lad I - III + Monster Tournament + Making of
Arc the Lad Collection.(6 disc) in the 2nd Quater of 2001. When it's out I'm going to
delete this game's name from the rant above and get a FAQ going on it.(Still this
game has been cancelled at least 4 times now. Can't be sure yet.)

-(This is also off-topic) Dreamcast is now dead! I've been thinking of getting one
since last year, when the RPG stuff starts to pour on to it. Now Sega's decision has
decided for me.(I'd always wanted to try out Soul Calibur too.) I'm going to have to
aim for a PS2 instead(I was going to get it after getting a Dreamcast.).

-My site may never go up now. My Manga project has trippled to 12 projects now
 (curse me & my bright ideas),I'm having too much on my hands(though my drawing
 collections has doubled to 40+ drawings. but this isn't getting me anywhere).

				Version History
All updates will be noted here(except rants, credits & contributors)

0.01        Start Project,sent this version to Kain(Zhou Tai An(kain@pacific.net.sg))for
0.10        Complete 30% of skeletal design. add some weapon & item details. send
	this version to Robert Broglia
	(broglia@wam.umd.edu) to ask for co-operation for co-write a FAQ.
0.52        over 60% Completion.
                Put in a new design layout.(What do you think?)(only a bunch of people got
	to see this one)
                Add Game shark codes,Commands,Some Extra secrets,Monster Data,
	some more  walkthrough,Some info on the emulator compatibilities section
                and Stat boosting info.
                Revamp the Specials list with added commands for Chat/Farah/Rid/Fog.
                This Design is again sent to Kain for review.(4/2/2001)
0.80        85% Complete!(11/2/2001)
	Skeletal Walktrough is added(only boss battles)
                Meal Recipe& Pocket gamestation mini-game Data is double-checked
	against infos gain from Chaki's Website.
                <After getting her permission to do so>
                Kain's new FAQ is also up & was checked against for new information also.
0.85        Game played to check for faults.(24/2/2001)
	Revamp the Walktrough to make it more "through"
                Add Rants (not very important, Hah),Experience section
	Add Rune Bottle section.
	Add Melnics Tutorial section
                This Version is then Released on GameFAQs
1.00	The walkthrough is quite finish! Thanks to everyone for sending
	Map the FAQ to the 80 character wide limit.(27/2/2001)
	(I made an opps and post this one to GameFAQs too soon.
                 It was suppose to be 0.95 but got 1.00 written instead at the header
                 Most of the site who post this got version numbers from the Top.
	so I had to re-write this. Anyway this is GOOD enough to call it 1.00 right?)
1.05        Added Crymel Frynging Tutorial as requested.
                Added  Boss/Enemies/Special Characters Spells & Skills
                Added Non-useful items(Welgas daihan, Oshirui, ETC.).
                Correct a lot of names.
                Highest-Ranked skills has been renamed to Cut-ins in Extra/Secrets.
                Skills+Spells has been renamed to Combination skills in Extra/Secrets.
                Monster Data has been updated(1/3/2001)
                Update Song Lyrics(1/3/2001)
1.10        Add Some Ending description.
                Add Spirit's Gauge and Vitality(3/3/2001)
                Update and corrected Dropped items in Monster Data
                Boss battle updated & Corrected(Secondos, Regulus,Cless+Arche,Neried)
                Revamped the Emulator Compatibilities section.(6/3/2001)
1.15        Update Rune Bottle Information(10/4/2001)
                Found 7 useless Items now(though they can be "Auctioned" they still don't
                do anything else. which makes them rather" Useless"). The rest will be
                harder to find.
                Update Gameshark codes(24/4/2001)
                Add Auctioning section(25/4/2001)
                Update Equipment section(25/4/2001)
	Update Emulator section(26/4/2001)
                Replace most TABS with spacebars (28/5/2001)
                Update Rune Bottle section(2/5/2001)
                Update Monster Data(3/4/2001)
                Add escaping in the battle screen section (sorry I miss that)(7/5/2001)
	Update Full song Lyrics(Thanks to Penny Chok(mira101@yahoo.com))
                Decide to put this one up because of the long delays.
1.16        Aifreed is now name as Ifreed(7/6/2001)
	The FAQ's Title now changes to "Tales of Eternia(JAP) Complete FAQ"
                The lens list has been check to be "really" complete now.
                Update Additional Information(11/6/2001)
	this is an update dedicated to correcting the flaws I'd left in 1.15.

Yet to be Add:
                -Full Intro Dialogue.
                -Full Ending Credit list
                -Full Skills Translations.
                -Full Monster Data(Locations).
	-Full Song Translations.
	-Full Rune Bottle Section.
                -Full Minigame description
                -Full Story Dialogue.
	-Melnics Tutorial.
                -Cooking Contest
                -Eter Poke4 Quest in the walkthrough
                -Save Hacks Information.

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