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Embark on a Heroic Journey to Discover the Truth Behind an Enigmatic Stranger and the Ominous Message She Brings.

For years, life in the sleepy village of Rasheans was routine and peaceful -- that is, until the day a spacecraft crashed into a nearby forest leaving nothing but wreckage, a mysterious girl, and a desperate warning of catastrophe. Join Reid, Farah, and other valiant heroes as they set out to discover the origins of the stranded girl and the truth behind the fate of their worlds.

* Large Cast of Unique Personalities.
* Beautifully Animated Sequences.
* Control 1 character out of a party of 4 through magnificent 2D environments and 3D world maps.
* Hundreds of Powerful Spells, Enchanted Weapons, and Arcane Items.
* Master the "Tales of" Linear Motion Battle System; built around different striking techniques, real-time combos and spells.
* Discover a bunch of challenging mini games perfectly implemented to the story that will make the characters earn unique features.

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