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Reviewed: 07/19/10

Not a classic, but worth the play time

Hello, hello, hello. Because the Harry Potter series is so popular, I can only imagine that anyone reading my review would know at least a little about the game through the book and/or the movie. However, just by the off chance that someone may have no idea who what where when why or how Harry Potter is, I'll treat it as if it had simply been a game that came out.


They're not too great by today's standards, but because I've been playing other PlayStation games lately, I can honestly say that they're pretty good. Maybe not revolutionary, but good. For the most part, everything's pretty clean looking and you can tell what everything is, but being PS1 graphics, nothing is very detailed.


It's nothing I'd listen to just because I want to, but it does keep you in the magical wizards and witches, ghosts flying around, potion making, spell casting, enchanted plant mood. While wondering Hogwarts, the school in which Harry attends to learn how to be a wizard, you get a nice slow magical type music. In other areas where there is more action such as a boss battle or perhaps playing Quidditch (a game played once or twice in the game), there's a more upbeat music playing, however, none of it is actually memorable. While I played it, I found myself humming it occasionally, but now that I've finished the game, I can't say I remember much of it.


Assuming you've never read the book or seen the movie, the main character is Harry Potter who finds out on his tenth (or eleventh; I don't quite remember which) birthday that he's actually a wizard. He lives with his aunt, uncle, and cousin - all of which he can't stand. He gets a letter inviting him to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He gets all his supplies and such, attends school, but eventually gets caught up in much more than he could've ever imagined.


The gameplay is pretty simple. This is where I put the most emphasis on my reviews, and Harry Potter wasn't all too bad honestly. It's a fun game, but nothing great. You learn different spells throughout the game (although, not too many). Your main spell is the Flipendo knockback jinx. It's an attack spell, which is used by simply pressing or holding down the X button. Holding the X button will make it stronger, but it's not absolutely necessary except for few parts. Other spells are more interactive, but all are activated by using the X button near certain objects, enemies, or areas. There's no jump button, but I seem to recall another game fairly similar in which people really love (-cough- Legend of Zelda). Should you happen to run up to a ledge, Harry will jump automatically and you can control how far forward (to an extent), left, or right you want to go. The same applies to climbing ledges assuming they're not too high. Just run up to them, and he'll climb them on his own. Pretty simple gameplay, right?


Overall, I'd say Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is a decent game for a really good movie/book series. Like I've said throughout the review, it's not the best game in the world, but it's worth playing if you're into fantasy action/adventure games like The Legend of Zelda. It's a pretty short game too, so don't expect to play it for hours every day for a week or even a month. The books are long, the movies are long, but the games are short. Funny, isn't it? Happy gaming!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (US, 11/15/01)

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