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by Andrew Testa

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Andrew Testa

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/03/14

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone FAQ/Walkthrough
  • PlayStation One Game Version
  • Written by Andrew Testa
  • Email Address: andrew.c.testa@gmail.com
  • Version 1.0 (10/24/14): Walkthrough Completed

This document is Copyright (c) 2014 Andrew Testa. All Rights Reserved.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is a 2001 video game published by Electronic Arts. Each platform has a different version of the game, and the PlayStation One version was developed by Argonaut. It is an Action Adventure/Platform game that very loosely follows the plot of the very famous book of the same name, the first in the series. The story chronicles Harry Potter's very first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, from his arrival, all the way to the spectacular final fight. Aside from the "bookends" of the game, the bulk of the game does not directly follow the storyline of the book. Instead, you mainly perform the daily tasks of a normal student, including attending classes, learning spells, flying on broomsticks, and beating up Malfoy, all in a day's work. :)

I highly recommend this game for Harry Potter fans. It is a good game to get your Harry Potter fix in, if you're craving more after the books, movies, and fanfiction. The game itself is not fantastic by any means, but it does possess that unique Harry Potter charm.


Game Info
  • Game Name: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (US)
  • Alternate Names: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (EU), Harry Potter to Kenja no Ishi (JP)
  • Genre: Action Adventure
  • Platform: PlayStation One (all versions are different)
  • Release Date: 15 November 2001
  • Mode: Single-player only
  • MetaCritic Score: 64 from 11 reviews
  • GameFAQs User Score: 3.37/5 from 227 votes
  • Length: About 5-7 Hours on a first playthrough (no 100%)


Harry Potter is an Action Adventure/Platform game through and through. Most of the time, you'll be exploring areas around Hogwarts while hoppin' from platform to platform and throwing spells at the various creatures that pollute the premise.



  • Description: You learn this spell at the very beginning of the game. You can use it to move objects and damage enemies. It is your go-to spell.
  • Taught: Beginning of Game
  • Color: Blue

Wingardium Leviosa

  • Description: This spell levitates objects. You can then "drop" the object whenever you like. It is mainly used to solve small puzzles.
  • Taught: By Professor Flitwick in Charms Class
  • Color: Yellow


  • Description: This spell puts things on fire. Like you had to guess?
  • Taught: By Professor Sprout in Herbology Class
  • Color: Red

Potion Brewing

  • Description: This is not a spell, but it is a lesson from your Potions Class. And if you've read the books, you know that Potions can do anything, like even stopper you from death!
  • Taught: By Professor Snape in Potions Class


  • Description: This spell turns darkness into platforms. It is not much of a Defense Against The Dark Arts, unless you are using it to run away from something dark.
  • Taught: By Professor Squirrel in the Defense Against the Dark Arts Class
  • Color: Dark


  • Description: A transfiguration spell which allows you to turn statues into living creatures. Great for de-hindering floating tables.
  • Taught: By Professor McGonagall in Transfiguration Class
  • Color: Orange


Quidditch is most popular sport for non-Muggles. It is very similar to soccer, but it has three goals instead of one, and the game only ends after the Seeker grabs the Golden Snitch. In the game, you play as Harry Potter, so your only job is to catch the Snitch. Nevertheless, this is the general overview of the sport, as outlined in the game:

  • The Quidditch Pitch has three goals at each end.
  • The Chasers throw the Quaffle and try to put it through the hoops to score.
  • Watch out for the Bludgers. These are charmed balls that can knock you off your broomstick.
  • Two Beaters on each team try to keep them away.
  • It's the Seeker's job to find and catch the Golden Snitch.
  • When the Snitch appears, it released Speed Rings that will help the Seeker fly faster.

The last two points are key: it is the Seekers' job to catch the Snitch, and the Snitch will leave Speed rings behind it. If you're worried about this being too hard, you should note that there will be several mandatory flying lessons before your first match. These lessons encompass all you have to learn to become an effective Seeker.

Introduction and Finding Hedwig in the Library

After the opening cinematic, you are now inside the castle and given a proper introduction to Hogwarts by Dumbledore. Head up the stairs and go down the right hall to enter the Gryffindor area. Inside this room, go down the stairs and talk to Fred and George. The twin brothers explain portraits to you, and how they will trade Earwax Beans for passwords. You should make an effort to go back to them when you find this bean.

Once you're done talking to Fred and George, enter through the open doorway to the right. In here, you'll find Ron near a door, and he'll give you the info on Draco stealing Hedwig. Enter the door next to him, and you'll find Draco sitting on a ledge. After the conversation with him, climb up the fallen bookcase, then jump down and enter the door that Ron just went through.

In this new area, remember to collect the feathers, for they are needed to unlock the door at the end of this area! There are only a few, and pretty hard to miss, but it's worth saying if you mistakenly think they are collectibles. So, follow Ron's lead and jump across the tops of the bookcases while collecting the few feathers.

At the end, collect the last feather near the door and the door unlocks. In this new room, you'll find Nearly Headless Nick (who, in the books, readily protests to the title) and a "tall" room. You need to climb up this room to get to the next area. It is all very straightforward, as there are platforms that loop around the room, going upward. This is just to cement your knowledge of climbing up and jumping, more than anything else. Remember to get those feathers so you can unlock the door at the top -- they are all plainly visible and right on the beaten path, but you need to collect all of them or the door will stay locked.

Note: the two platforms going up, next to the door, lead to nowhere. The developers probably intended to put a collectible there, but it did not make the final cut.

After entering the door at the top of the tall room, you'll get more tutorial text from Nearly Headless Nick. He explains the snails -- they are an enemy -- and how to defeat them. Simply charge up and fire a Flipendo at them; they do not chase you so they are simply moving targets. Defeat the two snails and collect the feathers to open the door.

In this new room, Nearly Headless Nick explains more core gameplay mechanics about Flipendo. Simply follow his directions and cast Flipendo three times on the block. This will slide the block across the room. Climb on top of the block, then jump up to the right to reach the upper area. Here, defeat the rat and grab the two feathers to unlock the door.

Here, you'll find a mysterious cloaked man, who simply walks off. Nearly Headless Nick is also here; he'll explain charged Flipendos. To move the block in this room, you'll need to hit it with three charged Flipendos. Once you've done that, climb the dressers on the side of the room to reach the upper platform. Jump on the newly-moved block and then jump again to reach the other side -- something you couldn't have done without moving the block with Flipendo. On the other side, grab the feather to unlock the door.

In this room, you'll meet Neville Longbottom. He explains the situation in this room: you must destroy these enemy Flying Books. Lock onto them with the R1 button, then fire a Flipendo to destroy them. Note that the Flipendo does not "home in" on the books, and because they are flying around in circles, you may not hit them. So, get relatively close and fire a Flipendo so you don't miss.

Destroy the two Flying Books; after that, Neville finds the lever that opens the secret doorway. Enter through the doorway, and you find the room with Hedwig. And just as Neville instructs, use a charged Flipendo to lower the bars that trap Hedwig. Curiously, though, in the cutscene he simply flies back to the bars and goes through the doorway here. Do the same -- go up the makeshift ramp and enter the next room.

Here, jump down to find Ron again. He explains that he opened the door behind Hedwig to let him out. Neville also introduces himself to Ron, and then Ron and Harry enter the hallway again. Out here, Hedwig drops a broomstick for you. Ron is really excited and tells you to go to your Flying lesson, taught by none other than Madam Hooch. Enter the door behind Ron to begin the Flying Lesson.

Flying Lesson

Madam Hooch explains Flying to you -- it's rather straightforward, but you press X to go forward, and you move with the directional pad. This might seem exceedingly simply, but the controls are slightly sluggish, especially when turning. To counteract this, you can slow down a bit when you turn -- that is, ease off the X button.

You must complete three lessons here. For each lesson, you need to fly through the rings in the air. It is worth noting that the rings actually start out the color pink, then expand, and then when they are full, they turn purple. You need to fly through the rings, but you don't need to be perfectly in the center -- that is, just hit the rings and it will register that you went through it.

Another important bit of information: you can see the following ring you need to pass -- the one after your current target. It will be the color pink and it will have not yet expanded. This is a crucial bit of information because it is imperative to quickly turn after you go through your current ring.

You get five points for simply completing the lesson and ten points each lesson for getting all of the rings. That means you can rake in 30 points if you get all the rings each lesson, instead of 15. It is not worth stressing over, however, and just try to get used to flying above all else.

The first lesson has 10 rings; the second, 20; and the third, 40. Obviously, you are timed for each lesson, but the time does not go up much for each lesson, even though you have to collect more rings. But do not be deterred, as in the later lessons, the rings are really close together, meaning you can go through five rings in the same distance as was one ring in the first lesson. You should also grab the Earwax Bean, which is on top of the pillar in the center of the area. It is probably best to do this in lesson two, as near the end, you will have to fly right past it.

The key to getting a perfect score is looking for the next ring, so that you know where to turn after going through the current ring. Also note that you do not need to wait for the ring to fully expand before you go through it. Finally, you can hit the outer part of the ring, or even go through it from the side, and it will register as complete.

After the lesson, you'll meet Hermione and Ron. Charms Class is about to start, and Hermione is positively ecstatic. But before following them to the classroom, grab the yellow beans in the circular area down the hall, and also save the game by interacting with the book in the center of this circular room. This will probably be the first time you save the game, so you might also consider making a second save file if you do not want to go through the introduction again. (Although most of this game's charm are the story and the characters, but that Flying can be frustrating!)

After saving, go down the hall. Before talking to Ron, climb up the bookcase on the right wall and grab the yellow beans here. After that, talk to Ron, who forgot his spellbook and runs off. Go through the door and the preface to the Charms Class begins.

Getting to Charms Class

Before you can learn in Charms Class, you need to get there first! This becomes a level in its own right, as the student here explains that it is timed. And to make matters more complicated, you should also collect all of the yellow beans during this part, or else they will be lost forever.

Enter the room behind the student to start your timed run. Go through the Hourglass to start the timer. For the first room, you need to jump on the tables. After jumping on a table, another table materializes in front of you. Jump over to this next table -- and during the jump, you should go through and thus collect the yellow bean. The tables will continue to materialize, and they are each a little higher, which allows you to reach the upper part of this room. And when you are on the upper part, simply race for the doorway to enter the next room -- no other yellow beans or secrets here.

In this new room, you have to do more of the same thing -- climb up on the table and jump from table to table, collecting the yellow beans along the way. The tables here are not, however, in a straight path, and instead make a zigzag. So, you'll need to turn at each table, and with the slightly sluggish controls, you may have some trouble. Just GO SLOW, as you should have a ton of time left to get to Charms Class. What hurts more than going slowly, is falling off and having to start over again. Thus, do not try to speed run it; go slowly, accurately jumping from floating table to floating table, and you'll reach the finish line.

Professor Flitwick introduces himself here, and then the class begins.

Charms Class

In this class, you learn the spell Wingardium Leviosa, which HP fans will know from the books and movies. Fortunately, it's much easier to learn in the game. To learn it, you simply need to press the button that Professor Flitwick's wand goes over, when the wand goes over it. They only trouble you may have is the timing when the wand hovers over the button, and the best advice here is to wait until the indicator is fully inside the button before pressing it. You need to do each sequence three times in succession.

The first sequence: Triangle, Square, X, Circle. The second sequence: Triangle, Square, Circle, X.

There are only two sequences, and they are both fairly simply to perform properly. After completing both sequences, Professor Flitwick exclaims that you've mastered Wingardium Leviosa, which was definitely a much easier feat than in the books!

Now you need to put the spell in practice. First, you need to levitate objects. And as Professor Flitwick explains, objects that can be charmed sparkle yellow. This is the same concept as Flipendo and blue, so try to keep track of the spells and corresponding colors. Flipendo = Blue; Wingardium Leviosa = Yellow. Got it? Good! :D

Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the hourglass. This will start the timed portion of this task, but do not fear, as you are given a ton of time to complete this very short task. All you have to do is hold X to raise the hourglass (this is "Levitate" button but it really raises the object) and then direct the object over to the pedestal. When it's over the sparkle, press the triangle button to drop down the hourglass onto the pedestal. You receive five points for completing the task.

Nimbus 2000

You can obtain the Nimbus 2000 at this point in the game if you find all the yellow beans and report to Fred and George. The remaining yellow beans are all throughout the inside of the castle, in areas that you've already explored. Just explore and enjoy the environment and you will find them. When you've collected all 50, head to Fred and George to get the password for the portrait; this portrait rewards you with the fabled Nimbus 2000.

Battle Against Malfoy

After exiting Herbology class, Hedwig drops a letter from Hagrid. He wants to meet you at the Castle Grounds. To get there, simply go down the halls in this area and go through the Gryffindor Tower doorway. Go up the steps and go through the Entrance Hall door, which is not on the top level of this room, but rather the middle level.

This is the very first area of the game. Malfoy's here, and he refuses to let you go outside to the Castle Grounds. You'll just need to "defeat" him first. And just how do you do this, you may ask? Well, it doesn't really involve hurting Malfoy directly, at least for now, unfortunately. Instead, all you need to go is cast Wingardium Leviosa on the two hourglasses, on either side of the door Malfoy is guarding, and drop each hourglass on the pedestals on either side of the door. You get five point for each successfully placed hourglass, and the door unlocks when you have put both hourglasses on their respective pedestals.

After that, the door behind Malfoy thrusts open, injuring him a bit but more embarrassing him than anything. He gets so mad, in fact, that you have a little boss fight against him. Yay for the freedom of interactive media!

  • Boss Name: Malfoy
  • Area: Entrance Hall
  • Difficulty: Easy/Medium
  • Phases: 3

Strategy: In this fight, you do not use any spells to hurt Malfoy. Instead, he will throw what looks like a scroll at you. Dodge the scroll, pick it up off the ground, and throw it back at him. This is the only way to hurt him. He will lose health if it hits him -- his health bar is on the bottom of the screen to gauge your progress.

At around 75% health, Malfoy summons Crabbe to help him. The battle gets a bit more difficult here. Both Malfoy and Crabbe throw scrolls at you. Malfoy's scroll is bigger and purple now, and you can't pick it up off the ground. Instead, Crabbe now has the throwable scroll. So, dodge Malfoy's scrolls and pick up Crabbe's scroll when he throws. Stay locked on to Malfoy and throw the scroll back at him.

At around 30% health, Malfoy summons Goyle now. Goyle also throws scrolls, so now you have to dodge THREE things. Thankfully, the trio tends to throw them in waves. Goyle has a scroll that explodes after a few seconds, so avoid it like the plague. Instead, dodge all the scrolls and pick up Crabbe's throwable scroll. When you have it, make sure you're locked onto Malfoy, and throw the scroll at him to lower his health.

Dodging is key to this fight. The best way to dodge is to simply strafe back and forth while making little circles. This dodging via circling is the key to victory through the game. And when Goyle arrives, be sure to avoid his side (the right side) of the area so you don't get hit with his exploding scroll.

So, here's the general summary: dodge all the scrolls and pick up the throwable scroll (the small one) and throw it at Malfoy. Malfoy has the small scroll at first, and then it's thrown by Crabbe for the rest of the fight. When Crabbe enters, he has the throwable scroll for the remainder of the fight. And when Goyle enters, he has a scroll that explodes after it's on the ground for a few seconds. In the end, you'll be dodging all three scrolls while throwing the small scroll at Malfoy. When Malfoy's health depletes fully, you win the battle.

After the fight, head through the door, then watch the loading screen, and then you'll get a current tally of house points. Slytherin has 77 points, so if you have more than that, Gryffindor will be in the lead! After the tally, you'll chat with Hagrid for a bit, and then you'll have to go to your Herbology class.

Getting to Herbology Class

This timed race is only one area, instead of two like last time. For this part, all you have to do is cast Flipendo on each of the blocks to line them up. The dirt will indicate which way the blocks need to slide. You need to get behind the block, on the other side of the dirt, and cast Flipendo to slide it over.

When you've done all the blocks, you will able to jump from block to block to reach the class. This is a little tougher than the last race because of the timer -- you need to do this relatively fast to complete it before time runs out.

At the finish line, you'll meet Professor Sprout, who is waiting for you so she can start Herbology.

Herbology Class

In Professor Sprout's class, you learn how to cast the Incendio spell. The teaching is done exactly the same way as in Professor Flitwick's Charms Class. Basically, you must press the sequence of buttons that Professor Sprout points to on the screen. The sequences are below. I recommend looking at them and tapping them on your controller for practice if you are having trouble completing the lesson.

The first sequence: Triangle, Circle, X, Square, X, Circle. The second sequence: Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle.

After completing the sequences, you'll need to practice the Incendio spell on a Bouncing Bulb. Walk up to the 'Bulb and get goin'! For this button minigame, there is a circle with button symbols on it, as well as a small circle on it. To complete this minigame, you must press the prompted button while it's over the small circle. This is not too difficult -- it's just more of the same button prompting as you've done before.

After withering the Bouncing Bulb, you will have mastered the Incendio spell! Now leave the classroom to start back up on Quidditch!

Quidditch Training

Outside the class, talk to the student with the broomstick to learn about Quidditch training and how they'll let anyone in now -- not exactly like the book, but it's a quick way to get you into the game (sorry, bad pun!). Behind the student, you'll find a door that leads to the Quidditch Training area.

You meet Madam Hooch again, who begins your Seeker training. The first lesson is identical to your previous lessons with her, except now the Snitch will generate the rings. So, simply follow the Snitch and go through the rings that it makes. If you go through all the rings before the time runs out, you'll receive 25 points for Gryffindor as well as Gold Wings.

For the second lesson, you need to go through 20 rings now, as well as catch the Snitch at the end. Simply go through the rings as you've done several times in the past now. The new part is catching the Snitch -- to do this, press X when it's near your hand on the bottom bar to catch it. You net 25 points and Gold Wings for a perfect completion.

In the third and final lesson, you need to go through 30 rings now and catch the Snitch, all the while competing against another Seeker. Don't be fulled by the "competition" part -- you shouldn't worry about the other Seeker. Simply go through the 30 rings now and catch the Snitch again. It's all the same as before except now with another Seeker on the screen and 10 extra rings. And again, you earn 25 points and Gold Wings for a perfect score.

Hagrid's Request

After the training, head down the outside hall to find Fred and George. They want a purple bean in exchange for the portrait password -- same as before, only purple now instead of yellow. Continue down the hall to find a student on top of a caged well. He states that his kitten is down there, and he has enlisted your help to get it back. Enter through the doorway in this area.

Outside, you find Ron. After a small chat, go right -- you'll be in the forest area now -- and enter the opening that leads to Hagrid's Hut. He welcomes you and then asks you to get him some Fire Seeds, which are deeper in the forest. Go down the path to the right of the 'hut, cast Flipendo on the enemy down the path to kill it, then walk down to find a student. The student warns you about a "huge monster," so save the game at the book and then enter through the opening in the castle wall. Here, you'll have another boss fight.

  • Boss Name: Gargoyle
  • Area: Outside, Near Gates Past Woods
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Phases: 2

Strategy: This is a much easier boss fight than your last with Malfoy. There is only one combat phases and things do not get any tougher when you lower the Gargoyle's health. Instead, the same strategy applies through the fight. Basically, you need to dodge the Gargoyle to avoid getting hit, and cast Flipendo to hurt it.

The best strategy is to walk backwards while doing this -- dodge the Gargoyle, backpedal, and fire a Flipendo at it. Charged Flipendos hurt it more, but do note that it can inadvertently dodge the Flipendo because, alas, it does not seek in on its target.

After fully depleting its health, you must prop it back up on the pillar. To do this, cast Wingardium Leviosa on the Gargoyle, levitate it upward, and then drop it on the right pillar, next to the gate. The Gargoyle pops out three purple beans as a reward.

Enter the gate to reach the Fire Seed Plant area.

Fire Seed Plant

Outside again, go left, grab the purple bean, and jump over the lava stream. Climb up the ledges to reach a new area; this one even has its own cutscene which shows the yellow enemies. Go right and over to the Yellow Bulb. Fire a Flipendo at it, then lead it back to blow hole in the ground. While it follows you, be sure not to let it get too close and hit you. And when you get to the hole, position yourself so that the Yellow Bulb plops right over the blow hole. Just as the music sounds, we've completed this little puzzle. You can now use the wind-blowing pipe, right next to the blow hole, to push yourself up to the upper area.

Follow the forest path and collect the three purple beans near the tree stump. You'll need to jump off the tree stump twice to get the three beans. Continue following the path, climb up the castle ledge, and then jump down, grabbing the purple beans along the way. Down here, go through the forest/castle path and cast Flipendo on another sleeping Yellow Bulb. Position yourself so he clogs up the blow hole, then use the wind-blowing pipe to push yourself up again. Blast the item near the door to collect several purple beans, then hop back down.

As you may have noticed, there was a blow hole a little ways back through the forest/castle textures. And there is also another sleeping Yellow Bulb. So, you know what to do by now: cast Flipendo on the Yellow Bulb, then lure it to the blow hole and position yourself so it supplants itself on the blow hole. After that, you'll be able to use the opposite wind-blowing pipe to reach the other upper area. Grab the two purple beans here, then use the lever to open the door on the other side.

Through the door, you'll find a stream of lava and green platforms. Since this game is a platformer, you should know what to do -- jump from platform to platform until you reach the end. The green platforms fall into the lava after standing on them for a few seconds, so you will have to be fast. After the initial lava stream platforms, follow the forest path and you will reach a small lava stream with three platforms, all of which have a purple bean on top of them. Simply jump on the platform, collect the bean, and then jump off to one side. Repeat this process two more times, being sure that you end up on the far side from where you started.

Follow the forest path to yet more lava streams. The platforms are yellow now, and they do not break when you stand on them. After a few platforms, I recommend drinking the potion to replenish your health, because you more than likely stepped in the lava at least once. At the end of the platforms, you'll find the Fire Seed Plant. You need to use Incendio on it; it's just like in class.

When you have the Fire Seed Plant, you need to backtrack all the way to Hagrid's Hut. The platforms in the lava have gone back up, so don't worry about that. When you return to Hagrid, a long sequence of cutscenes occur, which end with the birth of Norbert. Yay!

Finding the Remembrall

Back outside Hagrid's Hut, go down the forest path with the save point next to it. In the following area, you'll find Ron, who's excited about something he's found. Follow him into the Quidditch Pitch area, which turns out to be the amazing thing he's found. But aside from that, Neville comes running for help -- it seems his Remembrall got stolen by Malfoy, and he needs you to get it back. He leads you to Malfoy, who is on a broomstick.

This is another Quidditch practice part of the game, of sorts. You need to fly, to catch Malfoy of course, and you also need to "bash" him to lower his health. He flings red balls (Bludgers) behind him, so be sure that you don't get hit by them. You shouldn't have too much trouble catching up to him and bashing him repeatedly. He tends to take longer turns, whereas you can cut the turns tighter. When you've depleted his health fully, he'll give you back the Remembrall.

Harry gives the Remembrall back to Neville, and Professor McGonagall comes running out. Just like in the books, Professor McGonagall disproves of Harry chasing after Malfoy on a broomstick for the Remembrall, but she nonetheless tells you that you should try your hand in Quidditch. And this is very, very fortunate because we've done all this Quidditch training so far, and it would be disappointing if we weren't able to play.

After the series of cutscenes, we have our first Quidditch match!

First Quidditch Match Against Hufflepuff

Quidditch is fairly straightforward and very similar to your Seeker lessons with Madam Hooch. This is the general overview of the sport, as outlined in the game:

  • The Quidditch Pitch has three goals at each end.
  • The Chasers throw the Quaffle and try to put it through the hoops to score.
  • Watch out for the Bludgers. These are charmed balls that can knock you off your broomstick.
  • Two Beaters on each team try to keep them away.
  • It's the Seeker's job to find and catch the Golden Snitch.
  • When the Snitch appears, it released Speed Rings that will help the Seeker fly faster.

When you gain control of Harry, the Snitch will already be on the loose. You need to go through the Speed Rings until the meter on the bottom is full, and then grab the Snitch with the same minigame as before. It's basically all what you've been training for, thus far in the game. Simply go through all the Speed Rings until the meter if full -- do not worry about catching it right now -- and when it's full, you'll switch to the Catching minigame.

There is one new aspect, though, and that's the Bludgers. You need to avoid these red balls, which just zoom around the course. If one hits you, you lose health, and you have the same amount of health as in normal combat. So, try not to hit the Bludgers! They should not be too much of a problem if you are keeping on the Snitch and the rings.

When you catch the Snitch, the match ends and Gryffindor wins!

Forgotten Area (Alohomora!)

After the match, you meet Professor Snape, who is just as crummy to Harry as in the books. And he even grabs your book, just like in the books! After Snape leaves, Harry and Ron find a map and Ron uses the Alohomora magic words to open the rusty, locked door. The two of you rush into this "Forgotten Area."

Inside here, you can save your game at the save point in front of you, and you can also use the potion to restore your health, which might be low from the Quidditch match. Go down the path near the potion and you'll find a huge plant, which spawns smaller, jumping enemies. Use Flipendo on the small enemies -- be sure to target with R1 -- and then use Incendio on the big plant to destroy it.

Continue down the path, use the lever here, then head back to the area with the potion. Go through the now-unlocked Horklump Patch door. Here, use Wingardium Leviosa on the plants. Levitate them and drop them as far away from their holes as possible. After dropping them, immediately collect that purple beans that pop out around the hole.

Follow the linear pathway to another area. This area contains the Sloth brain on a tree stump. Backtrack to the first area now. Hermione sends you a message via Hedwig about going down to the dungeons, and Ron also chimes in, stating that Snape can start the class now because you found the Sloth brain. But first, follow Ron into the Dungeons, the entrance of which is through the door of the same name in the Main Entrance.

Taking the Dungeons to Potions Class

In the Dungeons, you can collect the Yellow Beans if you haven't already. Otherwise, follow the halls to Snape, who of course accuses you of stealing the Sloth brain. Nevertheless, he takes it and tells you to get to the Potions Class immediately.

In this new area, go into the Portraits Room. You'll find Fred and George, who want the 'Green Beans now. Before you can tackle that, you need to get to the Potions Class. Go through the entrance near Fred and George. This leads to a big room with four sets of stairs. The stairs to the left lead to the Potions Class. Hermione is waiting outside.

Potions Class

This plays out similar to the previous classes that you've had. Here, though, you need to mix a Wiggenweld potion. But it's the same type of minigame as before, only now you need to press sets of three buttons. There are also several sets, unlike before, but you will have more than enough time to succeed in your task. There's nothing more to it besides pressing the prompted buttons.


After successfully mixing the potion, Snape comments that you did poorly no matter how fast you were, and then he asks (demands?) you to get some Fireflies. In the adjacent room, you get blast by a spell and end up deeper in the dungeons, this time with trolls on the loose! Yes, there is more than one troll, unlike in the books and movies.

To defeat the trolls, wait for them to stand on top of the trapdoors on the ground. When they are on top of it, throw the white objects (they are eggs) at the trolls. They will fall through the trapdoor!


You'll find yourself in the sewer now -- remember before, when the student wanted you to get his cat? Well, this is the time. Follow the sewers while destroying the crates at each nook. In one of these crates, you will find the cat; the cat simply follows you, so don't worry about him. But what you do need to worry about are rats which pollute this area. A simple Flipendo kills them, but do not run into them or else you will get hurt. Even though there are rats in the crates, you will still want to blast open the crates because there are precious beans inside.

Follow the sewers back to the sewer drain overhead. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the cat to levitate it up to its owner. For your work, the student gives you a Wizard Card!

Through the unlocked door, pull the lever on the ground -- skip jumping on the cement platforms for now. After pulling the lever, head through the newly unlocked door on the ground level to reach the Cauldron room.

Since this room is so slimy, I still call it the sewers. There is a moat of green slime in front of you, with moving cauldrons in them. You need to use the cauldrons as platforms to get across to the other side. You should cast Flipendo on each cauldron, so it stops moving, and then jump on top of it. On the other side, pull the lever, which raises a cement platform in the previous room. Go back to said room, but walk on the right ledge while collecting the green beans. Back in the room with the cement platforms, take the door that leads to the Troll's Bedroom... oh my!

Troll's Bedroom

Ignore the lever to the left for now. Head into the room -- WALK -- and collect the green beans on the table. After that, cast Wingardium Leviosa on the cage in the center of the room. Drop it on the ground, then collect the Troll Key. Head back to the lever and pull it. This lever raises the final cement platform.

Head back to the cement platform room, and jump on all of the platforms to reach a door that leads back to the Firefly Room.

Firefly Room

There are more small trolls here. They can be defeated just as before -- grab the egg in the nook to the left, then throw the egg at the troll when it's on top of the trapdoor. After downing both of them, the door unlocks. Here, you will find the Firefly Jar on the ground. After collecting it, use the only unlocked door to reach the Potions Classroom again. Harry gives Snape the Firefly Jar, and then you're off to your last class.

Getting to the Defense Against The Dark Arts Class

The classroom door is opposite the Potions Classroom, so go down stairs and then up the stairs straight ahead of you. Now you have another timed race to class. This is the hardest one. There are three flying books in the center of the room. You'll need to use them as platforms to get to the other side. But! These flying books only level out for a very little bit, so you have to be pretty quick. Nevertheless, the flying book that you are standing on will stay level as long as you are standing on it.

Before getting across, grab the beans on the ground. Also, if you use Flipendo on the nook to the left, on the flying book level, more beans will appear. So, you will need to jump on the books and over to the beans in the nook, then fall down, grab the beans, and get on the books again, this time jumping to the other side and the second area of the timed race.

In the second area, you need to do the same thing as before. Wait for the flying books to level out before trying to jump on them. You can also Flipendo the object on the top of the pillar to spill some beans. Otherwise, use the flying books as platforms to get across to the finish line.

Defense Against The Dark Arts Class

Welcome to the Defense Against The Dark Arts Class, hosted by Professor Quirrel. You learn the spell Verdimillious in class today. So, don't ever tell your parents you didn't learn anything today at school! You learn the spell just like in the other classes -- by successfully completing the button-pressing sequences.

The first sequence: Triangle, Circle, Square, X. The second sequence: Circle, Triangle, X, Circle, Square. The third sequence: Square, X, Circle, X, Circle, Triangle.

After successfully completing the sequences, we need to practice the Verdimillious spell on the darkness. Casting the spell will make cement platforms appear -- quickly jump across them and enter the through the door on the other side to find Hermione, who wants to find the stolen objects. Go down the steps, then head through the opening to the right.

Dungeons and Curses

In this room, cast Verdimillious while on the ground to make the cement platforms again. QUICKLY jump up them and jump over to the first door that you see. In this new room, go up the stairs to find Nearly Headless Nick again. He states that you need to find four curses to get out of these wretched dungeons.

Go up the other stairs in this room and take the door to another room. Here, you'll probably want to save your game at the book. After that, you can use the cauldron to mix a healing potion. Then, climb up to the area with the two beans, collect them, and go inside the opening.

You find Peeves here, who makes fun of Harry. *shrugs* Anyway, climb on top of the bookcases and grab the beans, then climb up to the middle level. Here, go up the stairs; afterward, jump on the three floating cauldrons and finally jump into a little hall. Follow it down, then jump on another cauldron and over to the small platform with the beans. Go through the opening on this platform.

In this area, jump on the floating tables to cross the chasm. You'll notice you're at a room with an enemy knight and some bookcases with green beans. BUT! Do not jump down to the ground. Instead, gingerly fall onto the ledge right below your current position. Follow this ledge as it loops around, and climb up to grab some more beans. Go through the door near these beans.

You'll find an enemy Knight here. Simply use Flipendo to destroy it. Speaking of destroying and Flipendo, use Flipendo again on the blue sparkly object in this room; when you destroy it, it will burst open with green beans. After that, head through the only door in here to find the red curse. Use Flipendo to destroy it, then backtrack to the previous room. You can now jump down; use Flipendo to destroy the knight, collect the green beans on the bookcases, then enter through the opening close to the knight.

Here, jump on the floating tables, then jump on the ledge. Destroy the knight that's also on the ledge, then climb up to reach a doorway and a new area. In this room, cast Flipendo on the blue curse to destroy it. Two down, two to go!

Back to the previous room with the floating tables, drop down and destroy the knight with Flipendo, then climb up to the center level. Here, jump on the table floating above the lower level. It will levitate upward. At the top of its levitation, jump on the table on this level and then jump over to another doorway. This room is more of the same: jump on the ledge in front of you, then climb up again to reach the far hallway. Follow this down, jump across the two tables, then go into the next area. Here, jump on the cauldrons that lead to a door.

Through it, jump on the cauldron, then go left on a ledge. Climb up, go into the new area, and cast Flipendo on the green curse. Only one more now!

Back at the previous area, drop down and grab all the goodies. Then cast Flipendo on the block to move it. Use the block to reach the higher area, then follow the slippery hall to a door that leads to another slippery hall. Down this slippery hall, you'll find the yellow curse, which is the last one! Yay!

Getting to the Transfiguration Class

With the curses destroyed, you can now backtrack to the cursed door and it will be open. It's a long treck back. Through the now un-cursed door, destroy the objects on either side of the door to get several green beans. Then, jump down and take the right door, which leads back to the Castle. Follow the linear hall to reach the Entrance Hall. Go back to Gryffindor Tower, then take the Upper Castle door in this room. Here, you'll reach a room with beautiful stained glass and a statue of an owl in the middle. To the right of the owl, you will find the entrance to the Transfiguration Class door.

This is another timed race to class. This one is probably the most straightforward since the very first. You simply need to jump from wood platform to wood platform while collecting the red beans. There are two rooms in this timed race, but you should have more than enough time. At the finish line, you'll find Professor McGonagall, who welcomes you to the Transfiguration Class.

Transfiguration Class

Professor McGonagall touts this as the most difficult class, but you must perform the exact same minigame as the other classes to learn the spell, only this time the sequence is longer. So, get to that button pressing! This time we get to learn the Transfiguration spell Avifors. Yay!

The first sequence: Triangle, Square, Triangle, X, Circle, X. The second sequence: Triangle, X, Circle, Triangle, Circle, X, Square. The third sequence: Triangle, Circle, Square, X, Square, Triangle, Square, X, Circle, X.

It might seem daunting, but you've been doing these types of minigames for a long time, so you have already practiced how to do this, so to speak. When you've completed the sequences, we again must perform this spell in a real-life situation; specifically, we need to cast the Transfiguration spell on a statue.

The Avifors spell minigame is similar to the others. This time, though, there is only one button symbol, and it spins around the circle slightly faster. However, the symbol doesn't change, which is a definite plus. After completing the spell, the statue comes to life and you receive five points for your efforts. Use the floating table to exit the classroom.

Outside the classroom, talk to Fred and George to get the same info on beans, this time the red ones. After that, cast Avifors on the statue on the table in the center of the room. After a successful cast, the statue transfigures and flies away, which allows you to hop on and use the floating table to float up. Jump on the side without the bookcases and go through the door. In this room, Hedwig drops a parcel, but Peeves takes it.

Chasing/Racing Peeves

Cast Avifors on the statue on the table. After the statue transfigures, use the floating table to reach an upper level with a doorway. Through the door, you find Peeves, who basically wants to race you. This is a tough race. You need to run across all the wood beams, which means you'll be on catwalks through the race. Remember to collect all the red beans!

At first, you simply need to run along the beams. Then, you'll need to slide down them and jump across small gaps. After that, knights will appear at certain points, but you can ignore them if you're quick enough. And then, instead of a straight wood beam, you get wood platforms. After that, you'll need to use some ledges to get further. And finally, there will be falling wood platforms that you'll need to use.

Don't worry about racing him as much as completing the course. After successfully finishing, Peeves hands over your parcel, which contains the Invisibility Cloak.

Forbidden Corridor

Go inside the Upper Castle door, jump down, and go into the Forbidden Corridor door behind you. Here, you learn that you can't enter the Forbidden Corridor, but has that stopped you before? Enter through the door that he just entered, and walk down the hall. Jump up on the bookcase, wait for Filch to pass, then jump to the bookcase in front of you and grab the Invisibility Token.

This makes you invisible for only a short bit, so quickly jump down and go over to the bookcase in front of you. Climb on the stack of books, then onto the bookcase again. Jump across to the other bookcase and grab the key. Wait for the token to reappear, then hop down while invisible and go through the door.

Keep going through doors and grab the Invisibility Token again. You'll see Filch and Snape talking. After the conversation, Snape goes into a secret passage behind a bookcase. Follow him, and in this new room, jump up on the first bookcase, then on the ledge and then grab the Invisibility Token on the ceiling beam. Jump over to the bookcase and grab the key on top, then head for the locked door, unlock it, and go inside.

Again, more secret passages behind bookshelves. Jump across and grab the Invisibility Token on the ledge, then down to get the key, then back up, back to the ledge, and over to the locked door. Head through it, and in this new room, go down another hall and witness even more secret bookcasin'.

You know the drill by now: jump up on the bookcase, grab the Invisibility Token, then jump across to the opposite bookcase, grab the key, and then go through the door. You will now reach the Storeroom after all of this, which has a curious mirror inside.

Huge Troll

After the cutscene, Ron alerts you of the Troll in the bathroom. Follow him through the holes in the wall to the girls' bathroom. Here, you find the Troll. For now, you just have to run away from it. It has that opposite screen, so you have to run toward the screen while not getting caught by the troll.

Grab all the red beans, and do note that you will have to go across some thin catwalks and jump across some green chasms. After four screens of running, you reach a green door and another loading screen. And after that, you face the troll.

You simply need to use Flipendo on the toilets that the Troll throws at you. Get in view mode and fire Flipendos at the toilet tops that the troll throws. The trick is to get him to focus on you, because it's easier to destroy the toilets when they are about to hit you, instead of hit Ron. This is because they just get closer to you, so it's like hitting a baseball.

Second Quidditch Match Against Ravenclaw

You get a note telling you that you're to play in another Quidditch match as a Seeker again. This plays out exactly like the first match. If you need tips and tricks, see the first Quidditch match section.

After the match, Hagrid tells you that Norbert's sick, and the two of you head to Diagon Alley.

Diagon Alley, Forms, and Mine Carts

You need to buy some items for Hagrid, but first you need to go to Gringotts to get money. So head there; it'll look exactly like in the movies. Go through the double doors to the vault, then talk to the Goblin and tell him you want to get some Knuts.

You have to get some forms on the ground throughout this area. The trouble is that the halls are really slippery, but you have so much time, that you will have no problem grabbing all the forms. Just go slow and slide across with accuracy.

After that, we have the Mine Cart game. Follow the Goblin's directions and you should not have any trouble. The game even alerts you to hazards. It's all about quick reflexes, but do note that the game recycles track.

You have to repeat the forms/mine cart game twice more for Sickles and Galleons. Each time, you have to collect a few more scrolls and go a bit longer on the mine cart. Otherwise, they are identical gameplay-wise.

Shopping for Hagrid

After getting all three currencies, head back to Diagon Alley and go into each of the shops and collect the items.

For the toad, destroy the crates with Flipendo and then use Flipendo to stun the toad. The time resets when you get each wart.

For the Peacock, DO NOT use your wand on him. Instead, follow the shopkeeper's orders: sneak up on him so he drops his feather. You can sneak up on him easily by destroying the crates in the area until you get an Invisibility Token. From there, chase after the Peacock, staying really close, and you will fill the feather bar. Do this three times and you'll have the feathers.

For the Eagle Owl feathers, you must use Wingardium Leviosa on the treats and feed them to the owl in the center of the room. The problem is the birds circling the owl; you need to avoid them getting the treat! Levitate low and you should be fine. After feeding him a few treats, he'll drop the feather. Levitate it over to your area and collect it.

With all the items collected, talk to Hagrid in the alley (ha!) to head back to Hogwarts. After cutscenes and a storybook, we have another job...

Forbidden Forest and Unicorns

After the dialogue, head into the forest and use Incendio on the vines that block off a passage. Through it, use Flipendo on the tree to make a makebridge bridge to cross. Follow the path, collect the red bean, and go into the next area. Here, you'll find two trolls. Just as before, wait for them to stand on top of the small holes in the ground before throwing eggs at them.

Use Incendio on the vines in the next area, then enter the following area and use Incendio on the plant to get some red beans. After that, mix a potion at the cauldron if you need the health, then collect the red beans that circle the cauldron.

Follow the forest path to a turtle that literally poops out fire. Keep using Flipendo on it to kill it, and do the circle-dodge to avoid its fire poop. After defeating it, the passage opens up, and down the passage, you find Malfoy again.

After the chat with Malfoy, enter the next area, save the game, and use Incendio on the vines. Past them, you find another fire turtle; defeat it just like before. He opens a hole in a tree. Through it, you find Hagrid and Unicorn blood. Follow the blood through the forest -- you must go through another fire turtle area, some incendio vines, and up a cliff to the cave with the unicorn. After finding the unicorn, there is another storybook cutscene.

Back at Hagrid's Hut, he gives you his flute and you get to practice with it on the owl. Back outside, Hermione gives you more info about the Sorcerer's stone, which is your next destination. Head back to the castle and go through the Upper Castle door, then into the Forbidden Corridor. Go through the holes in the wall to find Ron and Hermione again. And inside you find...


This is not really a boss. You just need to play the flute near each of its three heads. You have to make all three fall asleep. It will hit you if you get too close! But use the flute near each head to get each to go to sleep, and then you can continue further.