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FAQ/Walkthrough by Sparty2004

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 01/17/02

HARRY POTTER - The Sorceror's Stone for Sony Playstation
Written By - Sparty2004
Email Addy - o0sparty_2004@yahoo.com
Started on - November 22nd, 2001
Last Updated on - January 17th, 2002
Finished on - ???

Version 1.0 -All sections completed except walkthrough
            -Walkthrough completed past Detention in Forbidden Forest
Version 2.0 -Walkthrough completed
Version 3.0 -Changed some little things in the walkthrough
            -Added the "Wanted Section"

1.) Introduction
2.) Controls
3.) Advanced Spells
4.) Walkthrough
5.) Every Flavor Bean Rewards
6.) Famous Witches & Wizards Cards
7.) Wanted Section
8.) Credits

   1.) Introduction
     There was nothing about the starry sky that night to suggest that 
strange and mysterious things would soon be happening. As unsuspecting 
muggles slept, a huge motorbike with a giant astride it tumbled down 
from the darkness. The giant, named Hagrid, left a blanket-wrapped 
bundle on the doorstep of Number 4, Privet Drive. Nestled in the bundle 
was a baby, Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived.
     For the next 11 years, Harry lived with his dreadful step-parents, 
the Dursleys. Until that fateful day when he recieved a letter inviting 
him to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hagrid took 
Harry to Diagon Alley, to purchase a most unusual list of school 
supplies. Soon after, Harry caught the Hogwarts Express from Platform 9 
and Three Quarters, and left the muggle world far behind.
     Harry sat beneath the Sorting Hat, hoping that he would not be 
chosen for Slytherin House over Gryffindor. "Not Slytherin, eh?" said 
the hat in his ear,"You could be great, it's all here in your head, and 
Slytherin will help you on your way to greatness. No? well, if you're 
sure, better be GRYFFINDOR!"

   2.) Controls
X - X
T - Triangle
S - Square
O - Circle
^ - D-Pad or left-analog stick up
< - D-Pad ot left-analog stick left
> - D-Pad or left-analog stick right
v - D-Pad or left analog-stick down
NOTE: This key will be used through the whole guide, so make sure you 
know what they are.

Menu Controls:
Highlight menu items           D-Button or left-analog stick ^/v
Cycle choices/Move sliders     D-Button or left-analog stick </>
Select/Go to next screen       X button
Return to previous screen      T Button

Adventure(Walking around) Controls:
X                         - Flipendo Knockback Jinx
S                         - Action/Talk to
T                         - Look around/Aim Flipendo(after learning)
D-Pad/left-analog stick   - Move around
L1                        - Lock onto target(if there is a sparkle above 
R2/L2                     - Rotate camera
Start                     - Pause game/View status screen

X                         - Accelerate/Catch Snitch(when catch screen 
D-Pad/Left analog-stick   - Fly

   3.) Advanced Spells
Wingardium Leviosa -T, S, X, O
                   -T, S, O, X

Incendio           -T, O, X, S, X, O
                   -S, O, S, O, T

Verdimillious      -T, O, S, T
                   -O, T, X, O, S
                   -S, X, O, X, O, T

Avifors            -T, S, T, X, O, X
                   -T, X, O, T, O, X, S
                   -T, O, S, X, S, T, S, X, O, X

     After the introduction, you will be in the Hogwarts Entrance Hall. 
Now, the only place to do anything is in the Gryffindor Tower, which is 
to the left at the top of the staircase. Go through the door to enter 
Gryffindor Tower. Walk down the stairs to your left, and walk up to the 
bookcase. Press the square button and you will walk through it. Pick up 
the Famous Witches & Wizards Card in the center of the room. Now, exit 
through the bookcase and walk up to the two boys, Fred and George 
Weasley. They explain about the Berite Bott's Every Flavor Beans. Now, 
turn around and exit through the archway which is past the desk. This 
will take you to the Charms Corridor.
  Rescuing Hedwig
     Walk around the corner to meet up with Ron Weasley. He will tell 
you about Hedwig and Draco Malfoy. Follow him through the door to meet 
Draco Malfoy. He will tell you his name and that you better not cross 
him...HAH!!! Run around the corner and Ron will teach you how to climb. 
Do what he says, and then run off the platform and through the door. Now 
he will teach you how to jump. Pick up the owl feather and jump across. 
Jump over to Ron and he will tell you he will meet up with you later. 
Jump across the rest of the bookcases, picking up the 2 feathers along 
the way. Collect the last feather in front of the door and it will 
unlock. Go through it.
     Now you will meet Nearly Headless Nick. He will show you how to 
look around. Now, you must climb and jump your way up to the doorway, 
making sure you collect all 5 of the feathers. You will see a Chocolate 
Frog near the top...pick it up if you need any health. Exit through the 
door to the Jinx Rooms. Here, Nearly Headless Nick will show you how to 
do the Flipendo Knockback Jinx. Hit the first snail with it to stun it, 
and hit it again to kill it while it is still stunned to earn 5 House 
points. Do this to the other 2 also, picking up the 2 owl feathers along 
the way. You should now have 15 House points.
     Go through the door and down the stairs to learn that the Flipendo 
Knockback Jinx can move blocks with a blue twinkle above them. Move it 
back with the Flipendo Knockback Jinx until it will not move anymore, 
which will net you 5 more House points. Press triangle to look around, 
aim at the web near the block you just moved, and shoot it with the 
Flipendo Knockback Jinx to score 5 more points. Climb the block, 
grabbing the feather, and climb onto the platform. Kill the rat running 
around on the ground by locking onto it and using a charged Flipendo. 
This will score 10 House points, for a total of 35. Grab the rest of the 
feathers and exit through the newly unlocked door.
     Walk up to Nearly Headless Nick and he will teach you the Charged 
Flipendo Knockback Jinx. Use this to move the block next to Nick all the 
way back, scoring you 5 more points. Climb up the filing cabinets on the 
side of the room and up onto the platform, grabbing the feather on the 
cabinet on your way up. Now, jump across the block you just moved and 
jump over to the other platform and grab the feather there. Before going 
to the door, use the Triangle button to look over above where Nearly 
Headless Nick is. Shoot the web-covered door with a Flipendo to gain 5 
House points. Now climb up to the door, grabbing the feather in front of 
it and go through this door.
     You will meet Neville Longbottom, and he will explain his 
predicament. Lock onto each book and shoot it down, to grab 5 House 
points each. Go through the new passageway Neville opens for you and you 
will see Hedwig. Fire a charged Flipendo at the cage and it will fall, 
and walk through the new path you just opened. Now, you will walk 
through the door and get a broomstick from Hedwig. Now you get to take 
flying lessons!!!
  Flying Lessons
     Go back to the room where you met Fred and George Weasley. Talk to 
the portrait next to where they were standing and then save your game 
using the red book. Now, run through the hallway until you find Ron 
again. He will tell you about his old owl, and then you will enter the 
flying lessons. You can end up with up to 90 House points combined. If 
you do not complete one of them, reset the game and try again, do not 
stop until you have 90 House points total, or you will not be able to 
unlock the Broom Closet. Try to get the Yellow bean on the pillar in the 
middle, too. Now, after this you will meet Hermione, who will tell you 
about Charms Class. Run up the hallway, collecting the Yellow beans 
along the way, and get the Yellow beans just outside the Charms Class 
door, which are on the bookcase.
  Charms Class
     When you open the second doorway, do not go anywhere until you read 
this, as this part is timed. You will have to jump from floating table 
to floating table, and you should collect those Yellow beans along the 
way. The first part is easy, it is just straight forward. But after 
that, it gets slightly harder, but all you have to do is jump from side 
to side to the next table that appears, and make sure you get the Yellow 
beans on each table. When you reach the end, you should have 23 Yellow 
beans. Now, walk through the timer and you will meet Professor Flitwick, 
the Charms Class teacher.
     Inside, you will learn the levitation spell, Wingardium Leviosa. 
All you do is press the button which his wand points to, and you must do 
this 3 times in a row. The first combonation is T, S, X, O. The second 
one is T, S, O, X. Now you will get to practice using the spell in the 
next room. All you do is levitate the hourglass onto the platform by 
turning to the object so it has a golden sparkle above it, and press X. 
Now, you can make it rise by holding X or drop it by pressing triangle. 
You can also move it with the D-Pad or analog stick. Maneuver it onto 
the platform and press triangle to drop it to unlock the door. You have 
now mastered Wingardium Leviosa, and scored 5 more House points!
  Nimbus 2000
     When you get back out into the hallway, get any Yellow beans you 
can find there, by now you should have 23 Yellow beans, and a maximum of 
105 House points. Go back to the Flying lesson room to get some more 
House points. If you can get all of the flies, you will get 10 more 
House points. Now, go back to Gryffindor Tower. You will see a candle on 
the floor almost right by where you enter. Turn to it and preform 
Wingardium Leviosa. Move it onto the desk by it and you will get 5 House 
points. Now, go up the 2 flights of stairs and through the unlocked door 
to get into the Great Foyer.
     Go to the bookcase on your left and press square by it. Grab the 
three Yellow beans and the Famous Witches & Wizards Card. Exit via the 
bookcase and walk down the stairs. Go up the stairs to your right and go 
through that bookcase the same way. In here, simply hit all the targets 
you can, looking at the bottom to see what you need to hit. Anything 
colored in is something you need to hit. When you do, you will get 
another Famous Witches & Wizards Card. Now, leave through the bookcase 
and go through the door to your right. Now, run all the way to the back 
of the room and climb on the table. Hop onto the platform, taking care 
not to get hit by the knights, and grab those 2 Yellow beans. Now, jump 
to the next 2 tables and grab those beans too, and then jump by the 
knight. Grab those beans and jump to the next table and then to the 
platform with the door on it. You should now have 34 Yellow beans.
     Go back down the stairs and up the stairs in front of you. Climb on 
top of the bookcase up there and grab those 3 beans, and then grab the 3 
beans from inside the door right next to you, being careful of the 
knights. Now, exit this Great Foyer through the door at the bottom of 
the steps. Go down the steps here and Malfoy will mock you. Go down the 
stairs and through the left door closest to the hourglasses. Grab all 
the beans in here and then you should have a total of 48 Yellow beans. 
Now, exit this room and go across to the locked door, and then go to the 
door next to that. This will lead you to a passage with more than enough 
beans. Grab 2 to make a total of 50 Yellow beans, and then head back to 
Gryffindor Tower. Go down the stairs just through the entrance to the 
tower and walk up to the portrait there. Talk to it and Harry will say 
the magic word to enter. Now, walk all the way back and you will see 
Fred and George. They will give you the password to the old baron 
portrait when you talk to them. Now, go back to the Main Entrance Hall, 
where Malfoy was, and go down the stairs. Turn left and look back, you 
will see a door. Go through it to get to the portrait. Talk to it and it 
will open, allowing Harry to climb in and get the...Nimbus 2000!!!!!
  Herbology Class
     After getting the Nimbus 2000, you will be in the Entrance Hall 
again. Levitate the hourglasses on top of the blocks and you will get 5 
House points each. Malfoy will challenge you to a duel. When he throws a 
wizard cracker, avoid being hit in midair and then run and pick it up. 
Wait until he begins to throw another one and then press X. This will 
throw the wizard cracker. After three hits, he will call in Crabbe and 
he will also begin using super wizard crackers. You must stay away from 
these, because they will explode when they hit the ground. Crabbe will 
be using wizard cracker, so use his wizard crackers to hit Malfoy three 
more times. Now, Malfoy will call in Goyle. Crabbe and Goyle will use 
wizard crackers, while Malfoy uses his super wizard crackers. Simply 
dodge all the ones that are thrown, and pick up a wizard cracker to use 
on Malfoy. Take your time, because the wizard crackers you pick up will 
not explode in your hand. Hit him three more times and you will win. 
Malfoy and his friends will retreat, leaving you free to go outside. 
Now, you will see all the House points totals.
     Now you will see Hagrid. He will introduce himself and tell you 
about Herbology Class. Now, once you are inside the door, DO NOT MOVE! 
This part is a bit complicated, so listen up. You will have to move all 
the pillars into the middle to make a path to get up to Herbology Class. 
There are also some beans in here. Do what I say and you will get them 
all and not be late for class. Turn the view using R2 or L2 so you can 
see the pillars. Now, run through the timer and run over to the left 
side of the little courtyard area. Do a Charged Flipendo Knockback Jinx 
to move it, it will go faster if you do. Get the first column in the 
middle(you will know when it is because you will receive some House 
points). Now, run toward the wall and hit back the column on your side 
into the middle. Grab the beans in the corners against the wall you are 
next to and then knock the last two columns into the middle. Run to the 
second column and climb up on top of it. Jump up across the columns you 
moved to get to Herbology Class.
     Now you will meet Professor Sprout. You will learn the Incendio 
spell. You do this the same you learned Wingardium Leviosa, by pressing 
the buttons as the wand points to it. The first sequence is T, O, X, S, 
X, O. The second one is S, O, S, O, T. Now you will get to learn how to 
use the Incendio spell next to wither a Bouncing Bulb. All you do is 
walk up to it and press X. Now, press the button indicated as the circle 
goes over it. You will earn 5 House points, and you will have mastered 
Incendio. Now, walk up to the young Ravenclaw and you will learn about 
Quidditch. Walk through the door behind him to learn how to play 
Quidditch. Madame Hooch will explain what to do. Do what she says in the 
time given and you will earn House points and a set of wings. Try to get 
Gold wings on all three trials. Do this by not missing any rings the 
Golden Snitch leaves. You will get 25 House points for each set of gold 
wings. Now you have just earned 75 House points for Gryffindor! Now you 
should have 100 House points total.
  The Fire Seeds
     Now, exit through the hallway that across the courtyard from you. 
You will meet Fred and George again and a Ravenclaw who explains about 
his lost kitten. Continue through the passage at the end of the hallway 
and you will find Ron again. He will talk to you about his Puffskein. 
Now, hit the Puffskein there with a Flipendo and he will follow you. 
Lead him to each of the three patches of bushes and he will eat them, 
leaving out one Blue bean each. You should now have a total of 17 Blue 
beans. Now, go to where the Chocolate Frog, which is to the right of the 
door you came in if you are looking at it, and grab it if you need it. 
Stand outside the alcove where the Chocolate Frog is/was, and look into 
it. Now, depending on how far away you are from it, you should see a 
discolored section on the wall to the right of it. If not, move back a 
little further. When you do see it, walk up to it and press square. You 
will enter through it and you will meet Nearly Headless Nick. He will 
tell you to collect the Every Flavor Beans without getting hit by the 
Bouncing Bulbs. If you do, you will lose some of the ones you've 
collected. Once you get all 20, you will receive a Famous Witches & 
Wizards Card. Now, once back where the Puffskein is, follow the only 
path you have not been down yet. You will now meet Hagrid, who will 
explain about the Fire Seeds.
     Walk past Hagrid and walk down the path in front of Hagrid's hut 
door. Follow this path until you meet a enemy in the path. Kill him with 
the Flipendo and you'll get a bean for your troubles. At the split, take 
the left path first and then kill the enemy there for another bean. 
Follow this path to get some more beans, and you will see another 
discolored wall. Press square next to it. You will have to grab more 
Every Flavor Beans. Once you have them all, you will win another Famous 
Witches & Wizards Card, bringing your total cards up to 5. Go back to 
the split and take the other path now. There are two discolored walls 
here. Take the one in the right wall(the one closer to you). Follow the 
path up to a stone structure with fairies flying around. Press triangle 
and look up. Shoot the card with a Flipendo to knock it down and then 
grab it. Follow the path to the passage at the end, picking up the 3 
Blue beans along the way. This will bring you out at the other 
discolored wall. Exit the area through the passage next to where you 
come out at. You will see the cloaked figure again and he will zap a 
gargoyle into life. Lokck onto it with R1 and wait until it is flying 
straight above you to zap it with a Flipendo Jinx. Continue this until 
it falls to the ground, and then use Wingardium Leviosa to levitate it 
back up onto the pillar it was on before to unlock the gate. Collect the 
beans it leaves behind and go through the newly unlocked gate.
     Follow the path, collecting the bean and jump across the lava. 
Climb up to the top of the little cliff and Walk up to the sleeping 
Puffskein. Hit it with a Flipendo to wake it up and it will follow you. 
Lead it back to the little air vent you passed on your way to the 
Puffskein and let it fall in. Climb onto the raised air vent next to it 
and it will float you up to the next platform. Hop up onto the tree 
stump and jump to one of the beans, and repeat to get the other one, 
bringing you to a total of 33 Blue beans. Run along the path to a 
platform you must climb up. Jump off ot get either the two beans, or the 
one, climb back up, and then jump for the other one(s). Run through the 
opening until you see another Puffskein. Make it follow you back to 
where you jumped from and let it fall into the vent. If it eats any 
bushes, it will not fit, so Flipendo it to make it lose some weight. Run 
back and repeat, except make it eat the bushes there until it will fit 
into the big vent in between the bushes. Float up the vent nearer to 
where you entered the clearing, and grab those two beans and pull the 
lever. Jump down and float up the other vent, hit the little capsule 
with a Flipendo and collect those beans, and go through the door. Now, 
you must jump from platform to platform QUICKLY because as soon as you 
touch them you only have about 2 seconds before they fall into the lava. 
Jump all the way across the path, and then you will see three platforms 
with beans on them. You only need to jump on one to get across, but jump 
onto a side one and jump along all three platforms to get the beans, and 
then jump to the other side. Folow the path, jump across some more 
platforms(which do not fall) and then you will see a potion. Do not 
drink this just yet. Wait until you come back in a few seconds. Continue 
jumping, picking up the Blue beans. You will comme up to the Fire Seeds, 
and you will see a green sparkle above them. Press X and you will use 
Incendio. Grab the seeds and retrace your steps, grabbing the potion 
along the way and drinking it. Return back to Hagrid.
     Now, you will see what you needed them for, hatching Norbert! Now, 
a new path will open up, so follow it. You will see a discolored wall 
after the first bean you find, so go through it. Collect all the beans 
and go back through the passage. You should have a total of 61 Blue 
Beans. You will see Ron, and he will lead you to the Quidditch Pitch. 
Neville will run up and complain about Malfoy and the Remembrall. Now 
you get to chase him through the woods and catch him. Press square when 
you are near him to bash into him. Do this until he has no energy left 
and he will give back the remembrall. Now you will get to play your 
first Quidditch match! Just fly through the hoops the Golden Snitch 
leaves, and you will get it. 
  Potions Class
     After that, you will go into a secret area that has been forgotten. 
Follow the only open path and you will see a Venomous Tentacular. First, 
lock onto each little pod and hit them with a Flipendo blast. When they 
are all gone, use Incendio on the plant and perform it. If you don't do 
it, the plant will send out more pods. If you do, you will score 5 
points for Gryffindor and some Blue beans. Follow the path and you will 
see a lever, pull it. Go back to the beginning of the path and follow 
the stone wall until you see Ron. Go through the door behind him and you 
will be in the Horklump Patch. Lock onto each one and use Wingardium 
Leviosa to lift it up. Push it far away and drop it, and then collect 
all the beans it leaves. Each one has 5 beans under it. You should 
collect them until you have all of the beans that you cn get(you will 
know this when you get awarder house points), and then follow the path 
just past them. This will lead you to the Sloth Brain. Now, head back to 
the exit to get a letter and meet Ron. You will be led to the Main 
Entrance Hall after seeing the House points totals. You should still be 
in the lead, but not by much. Now, go back to the area just before the 
Quidditch Pitch. Talk to Fred and George again to get the password. When 
you get to the area just before the Quidditch Pitch, there will be 
another discolored wall. Go through the wall and collect the beans 
again. You will get your 7th Famous Witches & Wizards Card. Now, go back 
to Hagrid's and take the first path you took in the forest, the one that 
leads to the split. Take the left split and go to the end, where there 
is a painting, and talk to the painting to get in. You will recieve your 
8th Famous Witches & Wizards Card. Return to the school.
     Go into the door on the left, the one where you got the last few 
Yellow beans. Follow the hallway and you will run into Snape. He will 
lead you to Potions Class. Enter the door, run through the next door, 
where you will see Fred and George again, and then enter the passage. Go 
down the stairs and up the stairs on the left to get to potions. You 
will learn how to mix a potion, just press the three buttons shown. 
Snape will tell you to get a jar of Fireflies, which is a trap. You will 
end up in a secret portion of the dungeons.
     In the first room, lock onto the first troll with R1, and pick up a 
Puffapod. Throw it at him when he stops over the drain. Repeat for the 
second troll and leave the room after collecting the Green beans they 
leave. Now, you will see Raymond and he will ask you to find his kitten. 
Just walk down the hallway to the left all the way to the end, avoiding 
any enemies by killing them with the Flipendo, and get break open all 
the boxes with the Flipendo. You will find a cat(usually the last one). 
Walk slowly back to the beginginng of the hallway, and get the cat in 
the light. Use Wingardium Leviosa to levitate the cat up to Raymond. He 
will give you your 9th Famous Witches & Wizards Card. Exit the room.
     Now, pull the lever in the room and go thorugh the unlocked door. 
In this room, unless you have extremely good timing, you can hit the 
cauldron in front of you with a Flipendo to make it stop. Jump onto the 
stopped one and hit the next cauldron. Jump on to and repeat until you 
get to the end. Pull the lever at the end and grab the frogs if you need 
them. Now, you can walk up the stairs and along the platform against the 
wall to get back. If you do this you will get 7 Green beans, for a total 
of 15 Green beans. Go thorugh the other door now, and pull the lever. Do 
not leave the room, however, because you will need a key in this room. 
Jump on the table to get some Green beans, and then use Wingardium 
Leviosa on the cage over the key. Now, you must set this down in the hay 
in the corner, where the light is shining, or the troll will wake up. 
Now, climb and jump from platform to platform until you get to the door. 
Go through it.
     In this room, you will see some more trolls. Run across the room to 
a Puffapod and dispose of them the same way you did before...throw the 
Puffapod at the troll when he is over the grate. Leave through the newly 
unlocked door. In the next room you will find the jar of Fireflies, and 
can return to Snape's class. He will tell you about your Defense Against 
the Dark Arts class.
  Defense Against The Dark Arts Class
     Run down the staircase and up the staircase in front of you to 
reach the class. This class is the hardest to get to on time. All you do 
is jump from book to book when they stop, but this can be extremely 
difficult. Grab the beans from the corners of the room, and then climb 
back up. Jump across the books when they stop to reach the alcove with 
the bean pod, hit this and grab the beans, then jump across the books 
again when they stop to reach the next half of the path. In here you 
must do the same thing again, but you must first jump to the platform 
with the bean pod, get the beans from it, and then wait for the books to 
stop again. You must be on the platform when they stop or else you will 
be too far away to jump to the class, and you must also wait for the 
second book to stop. Now you will learn a new spell, Verdimillous. The 
first sequence is T, O, S, T. The second one is O, T, X, O, S. The last 
one is S, X, O, X, O, T. Now you will get to use Verdimillious. Jump 
press X when the sparkle comes up, then jump across.
  Transfiguration Class
     Now, go down the stairs and stop at the bottom. Turn right and go 
down the passage you have not been down yet. Jump straight down and turn 
left. Jump onto the platform you see that is a circle, and turn to the 
middle of the room. Use Verdimillious and jump form sotne to stone 
quickly to get to the top. You will run out of time at the top and fall 
back down. Now, Do the same thing again, except only jump up to the 4th 
platform and jump to the platform with a door and a bean pod. Get the 
beans from it and go through the door. Go through the bookcase on the 
ground near you and do what Nearly Headless Nick says to get a Famous 
Witches & Wizards Card. Now, climb up the platforms in the wall and go 
through the bookcase to get another Famous Witches & Wizards Card. Jump 
down and go through the door now. Jump onto the vent and float up to the 
platform there. Climb up and do the same thing again, and then go 
through the bookcase to recieve your 12 Famous Witches & Wizards Card. 
Return back to the room from which you entered(the one with the 
Verdimillious blocks). Go through the other doorway now. Run up and talk 
to Nearly Headless Nick. He will tell you about the dark curses. Now, 
enter the other doorway in the room and follow what I say carefully, 
this part can be very confusing!
     If you need health, run up to the cauldron and mix the Wiggenweld 
potion and drink it, and then collect the two beans and exit through the 
passage. You will meet Peeves the Poltergeist and he will sing you a 
little song. Collect the beans form atop the bookcases and run up the 
stairs. Go through the door. Jump across the cauldron to the platform 
near it, and climb up and go through the door. Run down the hallway you 
come out by and hit the curse with a charged Flipendo. Run back and hop 
down form the cliff you are on. Collect the beans and move the Jinx 
block towards the cliff. Climb up and jump to the cliff and run past the 
door to a hallway. The floor here is extremely slippery, so be careful. 
Watch out for the plant things, whenever they line up they shoot fire. 
Go down the hallway, and go left, and then follow the hallway to the 
plant things. Once past them, go through the door. Run along the hallway 
adn hit the yellow curse. Go back to the door you passed up and go 
through it. Jump on the bookcase next to you for a bean and a frog, then 
jump to the floating bookcase and then to the other side. Run up the 
stairs and through the door.
     Jump across the cauldrons to the little alcove, and then run 
through the short hallway and jump across the cauldron and to the 
platform where the bean is. Grab the bean and go through the passage. 
Jump across the tables, and to the alcove on the other side. Jump to the 
side, where the knight is, and hit him with two charged Flipendos. Go 
through the passage in front of you. Jump across the tables and to the 
platform along the wall. Kill this knight and then climb the ledge that 
was behind him. Go through this passgeway and destroy the blue curse. 
Jump down to the bottom and kill the knight, and grab the beans form the 
pod. Run around the platform ad climb up to it. Jump to the table, which 
will rise up, and then jump to the table closer to the platform, and 
then jump onto the platform and go through the passageway. Climb on the 
bookcase and get the bean, get the bean in the corner, and then climb 
the ledge on the wall and jump over to the ledge above it. Collect the 
beans and go through the door. Kill the knight and collect all of the 
beans in the room and then exit through the door. You will find the last 
curse here. Destroy it, collect the beans, and head back to the cursed 
door by Nearly Headless Nick and go through it.
     Jump down and go through the left door. Talk to Fred and George to 
get the password, and then talk to the portrait near them to get the 
Quidditch Armor. Go back to the previous room, and go through the other 
door, and then go to Gryffindor Tower. Head up the stairs and through 
the newly unlocked door, adn then through the door to Transfiguration 
Class. To get through here, just jump from platform to platform quickly, 
because they fall soon after landing on them. Now you will learn 
Avifors. The first sequence is T, S, T, X, O, X. The second is T, X, O, 
T, O, X, S. The last one is T, O, S, X, S, T, S, X, O, X. Now you learn 
how to use the spell. Press X when facing the table to perform Avifors. 
Press the X button as it passes through the circle on the screen. Now, 
leave using the table.
  The Forbidden Corridor
     Use Avifors on the table in the Upper Castle area and use the table 
to go up. Jump over to the side with the unlocked door. Hedwig will drop 
a package off for you, adn Peeves will steal it. Use Avifors on the 
table here, and then through go through the bookcase. You will recieve a 
Famous Witches & Wizards Card. Now, use the tablet to get up to Peeves 
to race him. Just run across the roof beams, making sure to get every 
bean along the way. At the end, Peeves will give you the parcel, if you 
won, if not, he will give you another chance. The parcel is your 
Invisibility Cloak. Use the door and walk off the edge. Grab the frog if 
you need it and go through the door underneath the platform you were 
just on. You will have a run-in with Filch and Mrs. Norris. Go through 
the door and stop. Walk up to the corner and turn the view, and when 
Filch has his back turned,. Climb on top of the bookcase and jump to the 
one with the invisibility token on it. Jump to the bookcase with the key 
on it and then jump down and go through the door. Go through the door in 
the hallway and walk forward. You will hear a conversation between Snape 
adn Filch. Go through the bookcase and then run to the stack of books by 
the bookcase, climb on them, and then climb on the bookcase. Look over 
to the rafter with the invisibility token on it, and wait. When Mrs. 
Norris is in view, wait for her to turn around so that she will be 
facing away from you when she is walking. Jump across to the ledge on 
the wall and run up to the rafter. Keep a bit of distance behind Mrs. 
Norris, but as soon she she is away from the token, grab it, and then 
jumpdown to the bookcase with the key on it, grab it, and leave the 
room. Go through the door, and climb on the ledge, then jump to the 
ledge the inviibility token is on. Hop down to the bottom, grab the key, 
then climb back up the bookcase before you become visible. Get back onto 
the ledge where you got hte token, and wait for a new one to generate. 
Grab it, jump across to where Filch is, then go through the door. Go 
through the door at the end of the passage, and run up to the wall of 
the pillar, and STOP! Look around the corner, wait until no one is 
looking, then climb the bookcase with the invisibility token. Get it, 
grab the key off another bookcase, and go through the door. Go through 
the next two doors and you will find the Mirror of Erised.
  The Mountain Troll
     You will meet up with Ron, who will tell you about the Mountain 
Troll. Run down the passage, and save your game. This is important 
because you may need to start over a few times, you MUST get all of 
these beans coming up, while a troll is chasing you and you are running 
towards the screen. This is hard to do, especially on your first time. 
It would be too hard to tell you where to go. Just stay alert and be 
careful. Once you make it to the bathroom, you must hit the pipes with 
the Flipendo Jinx to keep from getting hit while Ron tries to hit the 
troll. The troll will fall to the ground and you will be back in the 
upper castle, and will receive a letter to play against Ravenclaw in 
  Dragon Tonic
     Now, you will be taken to Diagon Alley to buy some supplies for the 
Dragon Tonic. Hagrid will tell you to go to Gringott's for some buy. 
Head straight back and enter Gringott's. Head through the double doors, 
and turn left at the split. Run up to the goblin and he will tell you to 
run around and grab the papers. Do what he says, by running around the 
area, grabbing all the papers. He will let you in and explain the 
controls to you. When you make it to the end, DO NOT SAY NO! Say yes, 
because you must get every coin and gem in the vault to get a Famous 
Witches & Wizards Card. If you don't, you can not get 100% because you 
cannot come back. I cannot tell you what to do in the mines, because I 
do not know if the games are all the same. So, just be careful and you 
will probably need to take quite a few runs in order to get everything. 
When you get the Knut Famous Witches and Wizards Card, you should go 
outside Gringott's and save your game, and also after you get the Sickle 
Famous Witches and Wizards Card, this is in case you accidentally hit No 
when the goblin asks you want to try again, this way, you will not have 
to start all over. If you need help finding the hidden gems, when the 
game shows what is coming up next(when it shows an arrow with a coin 
on/near it), there will be a transparent gem behind it. If you get all 
the coins that the arrow shows, then the gem will flash with color, 
meaning the gems have been unlocked and can now be collected. Usually, 
the pattern of the coins will be the same as the gems(if some coins that 
unlock gems are in a spiral to the right, the gems will be in a spiral 
to the right).a There are 65 gems in the Knut Mine, 55 in the Sickle 
Mine, and 65 gems in the Galleon Mine. Take your time and make sure to 
get all three Famous Witches and Wizards Cards.
     Now, exit Gringott's and turn the view to Diagon Alley. Walk down 
the Alley and go into the first door on your left. This is the Magical 
Menagerie, where you will get the 3 Purple Toad Warts Hagrid needs. This 
part of your little quest for the ingredients probbly ranks as the 
second hardest of the three parts. All you do is look at the boxes until 
you see one jump(there are boxes on the top and bottom floor,, so you 
may need to go upstairs to find him), and once you do see a box jump, 
hit the box wiht a Flipendo and then quickly shoot a Flipendo at the 
toad to get a wart. Do this three times to get the three warts. Be 
careful about how many Flipendos you use, you will have to start over if 
you use too many. Return to Diagon Alley when you get them all.
     Face away from Gringott's and down the Alley and head to the first 
door on your right, Ollivander's. Head inside and you will be charged to 
get the three peacock feathers from the back room. This section is the 
hardest to finish, and may take a few trys. Inside one of the white 
boxes along the side walls is an Invisibility Token. Catch sight of the 
peacock and grab the  token. Run up behind the peacock and it will run 
away, you must try to stay on it's tail long enough to grab a feather. 
The last two are hard to get because the token does not regenerate. You 
must catch the peacock by surprise and run along on it's tail. It does 
follow a pattern, so learn the pattern, and then it will be easier to 
do. Head out to Diagon Alley when you are finished again and face away 
from Gringott's.
     Go to the second door on your left and enter the Eeylop's Owl 
Emporium. Here you will need to levitate the snacks on the table. Do 
this three times and then you will see the owl go to sleep and there 
will be a feather on the ground. Levitate the feather to your side of 
the wall and drop it. Pick it up yourself and go back out to Diagon 
Alley to meet up with Hagrid. Now you will give the Dragon Tonic to 
Norbert and he will be better. Malfoy will earn you a detention after 
you give the dragon to Ron's brother Charlie. You will now have to find 
a Unicorn in the Forbidden Forest.
  The Unicorn
     Walk forward through the path and you will come to a plant blocking 
the way forward, use Incendio on it and continue onward until you come 
to a tree. Use a Charged Flipendo on it and walk across it after it 
falls. After following the path, you come to some trolls. Dispose of 
these in the same way you have been, by using the Puffapods on them when 
they pause on the grating. Continue forward after killing the trolls and 
use Incendio on the fallen tree to clear a pathway across it. In the 
next area, kill the Venomous Tentacular and take the path behind it. 
Grab the beans and make a potion if you need. Go back and take the other 
path. Now, you will have to kill a turtle. When it turns with it's back 
to you, hit it with a Charged Flipendo while dodging the fire. Do this 
three times to kill it. Take the path it opens up and you will meet 
Malfoy a little down the path. Take the path next to where he was and 
save your game. Use Incendio on the plant blocking the path and follow 
it. Kill the turtle here, and go through the tree. Follow the path to a 
clearing, and you will see a cliff. Look off to the walls and you will 
spot a path. Follow it, kill the turtle, go through the tree, and follow 
the path to the end. Look up and you will see the last Famous Witches 
and Wizards Card. Hit it with a Flipendo, and return back to the 
clearing with the cliff. Walk over to the cliff and use Incendio. Climb 
the platforms on the cliff that are now accessible and go through the 
passage. You have found the Unicorn! You will see Voldemort drinking the 
blood of the Unicorn. Harry will pass out form the pain of his scar. 
Firenze comes to the rescue to save you.
  Through the Trapdoor
     Head back to the Upper Castle in Gryffindor Tower and talk to Fred 
and George(you should easily have 100 Red beans by now) and get the 
password. Use the table to go up and then jump over to the side with 
just one door(the unlocked one), and go through. Go through the door on 
the bottom and talk to the portrait here to get an upgrade to the 
Flipendo Knockback Jinx. Jump down to the lower part of the Upper 
Castle, and enter the door to the Forbidden Corridor. Save your game and 
head through the hole in the wall. You will meet up with Ron and 
Hermione and head through the door to Fluffy. All you do to get Fluffy 
to go to sleep is go to a side head, get kind of close and then back off 
because Fluffy will attack, and then run up and start playing the song. 
Do this to the side head, and then to the middle one. You will now drop 
down through the trapdoor and land in the Devil's Snare.
     The first thing you should do is look around for another alcove and 
run to it, this will prevent you from getting hurt. Now, look for the 
tentacle that is lighter than the others, hit that one with a Charged 
Flipendo. Another one will light up, do the same thing again, this will 
continues until all of them are destroyed. Now, run up to the middle, 
wait for the tentacle to come out, and run back to avoid being hit. Now, 
move forward and hit the tentacle with a Charged Flipendo. Continue this 
until you can use Incendio. Use it and the Devil's Snare will be killed.
     Now, in this room, you must play Quidditch, except it's only you 
and the Golden Snitch has been replaced by a key with wings. Catch it 
and you are done with this room. Run down the hallway and through the 
door. Now you are going to have to go through three chess boards. Start 
on the black sqaure and move up. Now move left and then left again and 
then down and you will go onto the next chess board. Start on the white 
square and move up, then diagonally down-right and then diagonally up-
left. For the last one, simply start on the white square and move 
diagonally up-left three times, and then diagonally down-right two times 
and you are finished with the chess boards. Run down this hallway and 
through the door at the end.
     Now, you move use Wingardium Leviosa to move the objects to either 
wall quickly, or the troll will wake up and kill you. This is actually 
quite easy, don't raise it up any higher, just move it and drop it. Next 
you must choose the correct knight. Watch the one that the knight is in 
the whole time, and then pick that one. Kill him by hitting him wiht two 
Charged Flipendos after he swings at you and drink the potion he leaves 
behind and run through the exit. Run through the hallway and exit 
through the door ar the end.
     You will see the cloaked figure again, and he will bring two 
knights to life. Dispose of them by hitting them each with two Charged 
Flipendos. Now he will bring two more alive. Kill the one on the left 
the same way as the first two, and ill the one on the right the same way 
as the knight in the last room. Now he will create a huge knight. To 
hurt him, get near him and then back of, and when he raises his weapon 
to swing, charge a Flipendo and fire it at him after his weapon hits the 
ground. On the second-to-last hit he can take, he will hit the ground 
twice, and on his last hit, he will hit the ground three times. After 
taking care of him, you will discover that the cloaked figure is not 
Snape, but is Professor Quirrell!!!. Run across the bridge, drink the 
potion, and enter the last chamber.
     Harry will see himself holding the Sorceror's Stone and it will 
appear in his pocket. Quirrell turns around and Voldemort talks to 
Harry! Now the final battle will begin. When Quirrell/Voldemort stops by 
a pillar, shoot a charged Flipendo at it and it will fall, causing 
damage. Repeat until there is a little cutscene with Voldemort talking 
to Harry. Then you will have to dodge the three little fireballs and 
then a fourth huge one. When Quirrell/Voldemort stops in front of the 
mirror so that he could look into it, get on the other side and shoot 
two Charged Flipendos at the mirrow before he moves. Do this until there 
is another cutscene with Quirrell/Voldemort grabbing hold of Harry. 
Repeatedly tap Square until the screen says press X. Press X to cause 
damage. Repeat until he dies. You have just beaten Harry Potter and the 
Sorceror's Stone...or have you?!?
     You get a new ending, and will end up playing Quidditch against 
Slytherin. After this, you should finish up the Quidditch option from 
the menu just after you choose your file in the beginning. You will face 
each team twice. After this, go back to your file. If you do not have 
100%, load the file again and if you have to play through the trapdoor 
section again, do so. You should now have 100%.

   5.) Every Flavor Bean Rewards
Earwax(Yellow) Every Flavor Beans Reward      - Nimbus 2000
Blueberry(Blue) Every Flavor Beans Reward     - Famous Witches & Wizards 
Troll Bogeys(Green) Every Flavor Beans Reward - Quidditch Armor
Chili Powder(Red) Every Flavor Beans Reward   - Flipendo Knockback Jinx 

   6.) Famous Witches & Wizards Cards
1.)  Gryffindor Tower- the bookcase by the Fat Lady portrait
2.)  Great Foyer- The bookcase on the level where the doorway to 
Gryffindor Tower is.
3.)  Great Foyer- The bookcase on the right of the main door at the top 
of the stairs.
4.)  Just outside Hogwart's, inside a discolored wall by the first 
Puffskein you meet.
5.)  At the split in the path by Hagrid's hut, there's a discolored wall 
along the left.
6.)  Just outside Gargoyle Gate, there are two discolored walls, take 
one and walk to the stone structure, look up, and Flipendo Jinx the 
Famous Witches & Wizards Card in the air.
7.)  Just outside the Quidditch Pitch entrance, there is a discolored 
wall, go inside.
8.)  You get this as a reward for getting all the Blue Every Flavor 
9.)  You get this for saving Raymond's cat.
10.) Go down the passage between Snape's and Quirrell's classes and use 
Verdimillious on the darkness. Jump to the 4th platform that shows up 
and jump to the door. Go through it and go through the bookcase on the 
11.) In the same room, climb the platforms in the wall to get to another 
bookcase, and go through it.
12.) Go through the door in the above room and make your way up the air 
vents and platforms to another bookcase and go through it.
13.) Get this on the upper floor of the upper castle, inthe bookcase 
near the entrance to the Portrait room.
14.) In Gringott's Bank, get all the special gems in the Knut Mine(You 
must get certain coins to find some of the gems, and this goes for the 
Sickle and the Galleon mines also).
15.) In Gringott's Bank, get all the special gems in the Sickle Mine.
16.) In Gringott's Bank, get all the special gems in the Galleon Mine.
17.) Follow this walkthrough from the very start of detention:

   7.) Wanted Section
Here I will list things I would like to know about the game, and if you 
know how to do anything listed here, please email me and I will give you 

-Get into the Broom Closet

If you know how, please email me at o0knux2004@hotmail.com  thanks!!!

   8.) Credits
Me                - For typing this guide
J.K. Rowling      - For creating Harry Potter
Harry Potter fans - For making Harry Potter popular and made into a 
video game
EA Games          - For all the great games they have made

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