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    FAQ/Walkthrough by David Newton

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/27/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Wong Chung Bang’s                         (c) 27/04/02
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                     |______________|                 v1.0
                      -= F. A. Q. =-
    (It’s meant to say ‘Syphon Filter 3’, if you couldn’t make it out) <¦-)
    I. Introduction
    This is the second Syphon Filter game I have made an FAQ for - the other 
    is the first game in the series. I may do one for Syphon Filter 2 in the 
    future, but I'll need to find a copy of the game first. This, in my 
    opinion, is the easiest of the three games, but does have its hard 
    moments - that's why I'm writing this!
    II. Game Walkthrough
    Mission 1 – Tokyo, Japan: Hotel Fukushima
    Agent: Gabe Logan
    Difficulty: Medium
    Checkpoints: 5
    This mission is harder than you'd expect for a first level. The enemies 
    are a lot more competent than they were in Georgia Street, the first 
    level of the first game. I'll explain the button combinations, controls 
    and so on for this level only. The buttons I am using are the default 
    (FMV sequence)
    (Radio call)
    Walk forward and talk to the clerk to get your keys (you don't actually 
    need them, but it would be polite...) Then go and talk to the bellhop at 
    the lifts to be shown to the upper floor.
    From here, walk forwards and turn left. Keep following the corridor 
    around until you reach Room 413 (it's on the right at the end of the 
    corridor). Open the door using the Use button (Triangle by default). If 
    you didn't get the keys, Gabe will break the lock open. Once inside, get 
    the equipment from the bathtub, again pressing Use. You'll now get a 
    You have to eliminate the sniper on the roof first. To do this, select 
    the weapon either by going to the Start menu and selecting it from 
    'Weapons', or hold down Select and press Left or Right until the sniper 
    rifle is selected. Aim by pressing L1, then zoom in with Triangle and 
    headshot him while he is standing still at the right-hand side. Release 
    L1, then press it again and headshot Shi-Hao (the one in the hat).
    Quickly roll to the right-hand side of the window. You're safe from the 
    guards shooting at you here, but you still need to eliminate the four 
    generals. Face the wall towards the building, then lean out by pressing 
    L2 while aiming. Don't stay out too long or you'll be shot - watch your 
    Danger meter. When it rises to maximum, you'll start being hit. And if 
    someone is aiming at your head the screen will flash. If this happens in 
    the game, you should try to roll - a headshot kills you instantly. 
    Headshot all the enemies you see until you find the generals (they wear 
    hats like Shi-Hao), and eliminate them one by one. Gabe says things to 
    confirm when you've shot a general.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Now you have to escape. Select your 9mm pistol in the same way as you 
    did the sniper rifle, then run to the door and quickly turn left to 
    shoot the guard. I usually lean out and aim (as explained for the 
    sniping section) for all guards in the game, apart from in situations 
    where you have to defend a target. However, it's your choice whether you 
    use L1 (manual aim) or R1 (auto aim). Later on in the game, guards have 
    flak jackets to defend themselves.
    After eliminating the guard, follow the corridor as it turns right. Two 
    more guards will run out from the corner ahead of you, so be ready for 
    them. Once they've been dealt with, run forwards and turn right to get 
    back to the elevators.
    (Radio call)
    You might want to switch to the Falcon weapon at this point. Keep going 
    past the elevators and turn left. There are two more guards. Eliminate 
    them and take their weapons. Another guard will appear behind you. 
    Follow the corridor around and you'll reach a stairway on the right, but 
    don't take it yet. A couple more guards will emerge from the stairway, 
    so take care of them.
    Go into the small room near the stairway, and take the flak jacket from 
    the box using Triangle if you need it (you can't pick it up if your 
    existing flak jacket is undamaged). Don't shoot the hostage. When you go 
    out of the room a few more guards will appear.
    Now equip the shotgun and run down the stairs. The easiest way to get 
    past this section is to use Auto Aim and fire at each guard as you pass 
    them - the shotgun can kill most enemies in a hit if they're not wearing 
    flak jackets. Strafe round corners to give you a better view of what's 
    (Radio call)
    *Checkpoint 2*
    You have to rescue a hostage now. Re-equip whatever weapon you want to 
    use, then lean around the corner to the left and headshot the waiting 
    guard. Halfway down the corridor, two guards appear in front of you and 
    one behind you. Keep going until you reach a T-junction, then turn right 
    and right again into a small room.
    There is a flak jacket in the box. Take it if you need it, then lean out 
    of the room and face back towards the T-junction. Eliminate the three 
    guards that have appeared, then go down the stairs beyond the junction 
    and turn left. Shoot the two guards here, but take care not to hit the 
    Go into the laundry area, and out the other door. You'll see the 
    kidnappers and the hostage.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    Run after them. On the stairs, shoot the guard who lags behind. There's 
    another flak jacket in the room halfway up the stairs. Climb the rest of 
    the stairs and shoot the other guard, then walk forwards slightly and 
    shoot the other two guards who run out. Talk to the hostage. Hmm, a 
    Terminator moment...
    (Radio call)
    *Checkpoint 4*
    When escorting a hostage, take care not to hit them. A guard will 
    approach you from the stairs, so eliminate him and run down the other 
    corridor. Enter the kitchen area and shoot the two guards (the hostage 
    will follow you). Once you're further in the room, two more guards 
    appear - one near the other exit, the other behind you. Use as much 
    cover as you can, and the lean-out technique if it helps. Once they're 
    dealt with, leave the kitchen area. Two guards are waiting round the 
    corners at the exit.
    Run into the upper corridor and eliminate the guard at the end. The 
    objective will now be complete.
    *Checkpoint 5*
    There's no point in having a checkpoint this late on, really. Just go 
    back down the corridor and turn right halfway along. You'll be back in 
    the lobby. Climb over the desk using Triangle, then eliminate the three 
    guards to end the mission.
    (FMV Sequence)
    *Mission Complete*
    Mission 2 - Costa Rican Rainforest: Rhoemer's Hidden Plantation
    Agent: Gabe Logan
    Difficulty: Easy
    Checkpoints: 14 (which is clearly ridiculous)
    This is an interesting mission, as you are playing through the intro 
    sequence of the first game. It’s a long mission, but there are a lot of 
    checkpoints on this level, making it easy to complete.
    (FMV sequence)
    (Radio call)
    Walk forwards and headshot the guard downhill and slightly to your left 
    (try to do this without being seen). Take his equipment and equip it if 
    you want. Bear in mind it’s not silenced. Head forwards and downhill to 
    find another guard - he's facing the other way, so again it's easy to 
    eliminate him unnoticed. Keep going and you'll meet Lian. Run with her 
    to the turret.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    You may meet some guards that throw grenades at this point - if one is 
    thrown, move as far away as possible immediately as they kill you 
    instantly. Protect Lian by shooting the guards that she doesn’t shoot 
    at. Leave the Flak Jacket for now, as you come back this way later on.
    Follow Lian up the hill, turning left. There is a guard up a tree, so 
    look out for him. As you approach the turret, you’ll get another cut-
    scene. Lob a grenade at the turret to get another Checkpoint.
    *Checkpoint 2*
    Now, keeping the wall to your right, roll to where Lian ran to in the 
    cut-scene. Hide behind the tree, then throw a grenade at the third 
    *Checkpoint 3*
    Don’t forget to re-select your weapon. Follow Lian, then when she stops 
    keep following the path. You’ll see a familiar scene (if you played the 
    original game). Run with Lian, take the grenades from next to the fence 
    then enter the camp.
    *Checkpoint 4*
    At this point, check your mission objectives to find out what Ellis was 
    doing. Follow Lian until she tells you to get the turret. There’s a 
    guard next to it, so throw a grenade between the two to eliminate them 
    *Checkpoint 5*
    Follow Lian up the hill. More guards come as you shoot them here, so 
    don’t worry about shooting them all. When you reach the buildings, enter 
    the one furthest on your right, then turn right and run down the 
    corridor. There’s a guard to the right as you enter the next room, then 
    a guard to the left slightly further on. Near the second guard is a 
    silenced HK-5 in a box.
    Once you’ve got the HK-5, lean out in the direction you were facing 
    before and headshot the guard. There’s a box on the crates which 
    contains a Flak Jacket, but when you get near it another guard appears 
    behind you.
    Take the flak jacket if you need it, then head towards the door off to 
    the side (it’s directly in front of you when you take the flak jacket). 
    This room contains an M-16, a shotgun and a computer. Use the computer 
    to upload the co-ordinates.
    *Checkpoint 6*
    Exit the room and turn right to keep going down the corridor. You’ll 
    reach a door leading outside. Stand just outside the door, where you can 
    hear the helicopter’s engine (if you go much further you’ll be shot by 
    guards on the roof) and throw a grenade at the helicopter.
    *Checkpoint 7*
    Now go all the way back to the entrance of the building. There are two 
    guards on the way, both on your right. Once out of the building, go into 
    the building opposite (strangely, the third building has no door).
    Go past the room with a single crate in it, then turn right to see the 
    sample transport kits on the table. Be careful here, as there’s a guard 
    slightly further on who’ll see you when you get close to them. Take the 
    *Checkpoint 8*
    There is a Mind Detector in a box in the corner where the guard was. 
    Take it, as you’ll need it later on. You don’t need to do this next 
    section, but it gives you an M-79.
    Go down the corridor past the hanging plants, and shoot the two guards. 
    You’ll reach an outdoor area. Go left past the building and shoot the 
    next guard, then walk forwards and shoot the guard on top of the next 
    building. Climb up to where he was, then open the box to get the M-79.
    Now go all the way back through the building to the entrance. You’ll 
    have to shoot a few guards along the way – one of them has a flak 
    jacket. Once at the entrance, head North along the path. Mind the guard 
    who pops up from behind the building.
    You’re looking for plants that are not burning. These are the ones that 
    you can take samples from. Around the corner there is a guard in a tree 
    – shoot him, then take a sample from the nearby plants by standing among 
    them and pressing Triangle.
    *Checkpoint 9*
    Continue down the path and you’ll reach another camp.
    *Checkpoint 10*
    Just shoot the guard beating the slave, then go over to both slaves to 
    complete this objective.
    *Checkpoint 11*
    There is a shotgun and also a flak jacket in boxes among the crates in 
    this area, as if you didn’t have enough equipment already. Take them if 
    needed, then head East. There is another guard in a tree a little 
    further on.
    You’ll reach a turret that you destroyed previously. About four guards 
    will emerge here, so keep moving and shoot them one by one. Take the 
    flak jacket, which you might need after that. Turn right to head South 
    and uphill.
    There are quite a few guards on the way – the shotgun might be a good 
    idea. At the top of the hill is another set of plants to sample.
    *Checkpoint 12*
    (Radio call)
    Now continue along the path and turn right to get back to the camp where 
    you found Ellis. There’s a flak jacket to the left of the entrance, and 
    another guard inside. Keep following the path and you’ll arrive at the 
    last field of plants to sample.
    *Checkpoint 13*
    Turn to the South and uphill to get a warning about a minefield.
    *Checkpoint 14*
    You don’t have to equip the Mine Detector to see the mines on your 
    radar. The best route is as follows: From the right side of the tree, 
    walk forwards and slightly to the right, then when you reach the next 
    ‘square’ of land (you’ll see what I mean), go directly towards the wall. 
    Follow the wall to the door.
    (Radio call)
    Just continue down the tunnel to end the mission.
    *Mission Complete*
    Mission 3 – Costa Rica: Rhoemer’s C-5 Galaxy Transport
    Agent: Gabe Logan
    Difficulty: Easy/Medium
    Checkpoints: 1
    *Unlockable Level*
    This is the first ‘boss’ level. Initially I found it quite confusing as 
    you have to ignore Rhoemer the first time he passes you – I spent a 
    while trying to shoot him.
    (FMV sequence)
    (Radio call)
    There’s a guard on the left immediately, so be ready. Walk to where he 
    was to get a short cut-scene, then shoot the guard on the right side of 
    the plane. Go through the corridor and shoot the guard in the next room, 
    then continue to meet Rhoemer. Ignore him for now, and instead shoot the 
    guard that comes down the stairs after him. Take the contents of the 
    boxes in the room: a UAS-12 (you’ll only be able to pick up one of them) 
    and a flak jacket. Go up the stairs into the cockpit.
    Quickly roll left, pull the cargo door switch, and roll out of the room 
    again before you’re shot. You can kill the co-pilot, but you won’t 
    unlock the level if you do. Return to the short corridor between the 
    ship sections.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    To defeat Rhoemer, repeatedly shoot him with the UAS-12 until he falls 
    out the cargo doors. You can return to the other room to get more UAS-12 
    ammo if you run out.
    *Mission complete*
    Mission 4 – Mpumalanga, South Africa: Pugari Gold Mine
    Agent: Lawrence Mujari
    Difficulty: Easy/Medium
    Checkpoints: 6
    This mission is the first part of Mujari’s mission, spread across two 
    game levels. It is easier than it seems as the level is quite large and 
    there are many guards, but the objectives aren’t too difficult to 
    complete. I hate the way that guards can alert other guards even after 
    they’re dead - watch out for this. If you hear ‘Terrorist’, you’ve been 
    (FMV Sequence)
    (Radio call)
    While parachuting, hold down the Up button to land faster. If you are 
    seen when you land a guard will warn the rest of them. The level is a 
    lot easier if you’re not seen at this point, so try and use your 
    silenced 9mm pistol. Shoot him as quickly as you can, then run forward 
    and press Use at the end of the platform to perform a superhuman leap 
    across the canyon. Pull yourself up and head to the right. Shoot the 
    guard then pick up the explosives from the box.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    To get down, head to where the marker that says ‘Climb down’ appears 
    (it’s the same place as where you jumped to). Walk towards it holding 
    down the X button and Mujari will climb down automatically. Repeat this 
    for the next ledge and head towards the tunnel on the North wall.
    *Checkpoint 2*
    Be careful as you approach the crates, as a guard is patrolling them. 
    Move to where you can just see him, then shoot him as he walks away.
    Further on, you’ll come to another open space. Headshot the guard 
    patrolling in front of you, then head around the rocks to the right. You 
    can dispose of the guards next to the building by shooting the barrels, 
    but you’ll be seen if you do. It’s best to headshot them when they’re 
    away from the barrels - this took me more than a few tries to get past 
    without being seen.
    Head into Mine 411 beyond the tunnel and turn right. There are two 
    guards here - headshot them both quickly before you’re seen. Go over to 
    the slaves to talk to them.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    You now have to get the slaves to safety. Head over to the rail track 
    and turn left to shoot the approaching guard. Don’t go this way, but 
    instead turn around and go the other way down the track (which ends). 
    You’ll go through a room with crates, and then a tunnel leading to a 
    bridge. Headshot the guard in the tunnel and go to the bridge - headshot 
    the guard on the bridge as well.
    At this point, Mujari will warn the slaves to wait. You have to pick off 
    guards from both sides of the bridge while they shoot at you. The best 
    way to do this is to stand with your back against a wall so that you 
    can’t be seen by either side, then lean out so you can only just see one 
    of the sides. A diagram might better explain this:
    |G   |   |   G|
    |G   |   |   G|     To shoot the guards, put your back against the wall
    |G   |   |   G|     and lean out (you should be facing right in this
    |____|   |____|     case).
         |   |
         |M  |          M = Mujari, G = Guard
         |   |
    Switch sides once you’ve cleared a side. You don’t need to use your 
    silenced pistol any more. Eventually, you’ll hear Mujari call the slaves 
    on, and you can then run over the bridge and down the tunnel.
    *Checkpoint 4*
    Head down the tunnel on the left. Turn right, then left and headshot the 
    guard. Continue to the end of the tunnel and headshot the guard 
    escorting Dejesus. Now shoot the rest of the guards around the cave, 
    covering Dejesus but also watching out for yourself, until you get a 
    *Checkpoint 5*
    Now go all the way back to Mine 411. There is now a guard where you left 
    the slaves, and guards just before and after the bridge. Go over to 
    where you get the “Rig explosives Here” indicator (roughly in the centre 
    of the mine) and press Triangle to end the first part of the mission.
    *Checkpoint 6*
    Strange place to have a checkpoint, as you don’t have to do anything 
    more here. Two guards will arrive, and one (which quite frankly needs to 
    get to an optician if he aims that badly) will shoot the explosives.
    *Mission complete*
    Mission 5 – Mpumalanga, South Africa: Pugari Complex
    Agent: Lawrence Mujari
    Difficulty: Medium
    Checkpoints: 4
    This is a continuation of the previous mission. Most of the mission 
    involves simple running and shooting.
    (Radio call)
    Don’t hang around or you’ll be squashed by falling rocks. Run forwards 
    and hit the switch to ride a mine cart. Duck while you’re on it to avoid 
    hitting your head on the roof beams, and shoot the guard who comes 
    running out of the tunnel (or just let the cart run him down). At the 
    end of the track a guard with a grenade launcher will destroy the cart 
    while you slide down the slope. As soon as you land, shoot him.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Take his gun and turn right. Go up the ramp and past the building (note 
    the mining vehicle on the right). There is an entrance to the building 
    at the opposite side from where you approach it, so enter and approach 
    Jones. After the conversation, it’s your choice whether to shoot him or 
    leave him.
    *Checkpoint 2*
    If you shoot him, the mining vehicle will start up, so get out of there 
    fast. Guards will now be all around the cave. It’s best to run away 
    rather than shoot them as you don’t have a lot of cover.
    Head up the ramp in the direction you were going. When up the ramp, turn 
    right to the platform with crates and head back towards the building 
    (but on the higher floor) to find a box with an M-79. Return to the top 
    of the ramp and continue.
    You’ll be in another area with a mining vehicle. Two guards appear on 
    your right (one on ground level and the other on the wall) and another 
    on the wall in front of you. Using the crates as cover, shoot them all. 
    There is a flak jacket in a box next to the mining vehicle. Head towards 
    the opening in the wall where the first guard came from.
    Guards surround you on the walls in this area. Shoot the ground level 
    guard and then use the crates on the right as cover (don’t go near any 
    groups of barrels). Once they’re all down, head towards the Bay 3 door 
    and turn left into the underground tunnel.
    When you’re down there, two guards will shoot from below you. Dispose of 
    them both, then look around for the transmitter power switch in the 
    corner. Activate it.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    Go out the other exit (check where you’re going with the map, as both 
    stairs look the same <¦-) ). When you’re out of the tunnel you get a 
    radio call.
    (Radio call)
    Now go to the right to get a cut-scene. Quickly shoot the two guards 
    that emerge from the building and run up the stairs. Use the computer on 
    the right to send the transmission.
    *Checkpoint 4*
    Guards drop down from the roof now. Get away from the window. Dejesus 
    will arrive to help. Run out of the building and meet up with him by the 
    dead soldier.
    Run over to the lift with Dejesus and shoot the three guards that come 
    up on the lift. The mission ends once you’ve taken down all three of 
    (FMV sequence)
    *Mission complete*
    Mission 6 – Kabul, Afghanistan: Shirpur District
    Agent: Lian Xing
    Difficulty: Medium/Hard
    Checkpoints: 12
    This mission has the largest map so far, and is a maze of buildings and 
    alleyways. Use your map frequently so that you don’t get lost. It’s 
    impossible to document where guards appear in this level as it seems 
    random at times. Always be ready to fire. The mission objective list is 
    also huge.
    Head left at the first opportunity, and go down this street. Shoot the 
    soldier in the third building on the left, then from inside this 
    building go on to the next building and climb up to the next floor. Go 
    through the hole in the wall, then drop down two floors on the other 
    side and photograph the map by pressing Triangle next to it.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Head down the tunnel and shoot the two guards at the junction in the 
    back if you can. Keep following the wires on the ceiling until you reach 
    another left turn. Shoot the guard here and plant the explosives on the 
    weapons cache. Another guard arrives, so dispose of him before 
    continuing along the tunnel. Quickly climb up the crates at the end and 
    get away from the opening before the explosion.
    (Radio call)
    *Checkpoint 2*
    Roll across to the opposite building and turn around. The first of the 
    seven snipers is on the upper floor of the building you just exited, so 
    pick him off.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    There are also more guards in the street. Head East (towards the 
    building with the three pillars) and pick up the flak jacket in the 
    corner of the map if you need it.
    Now go through the archway. There will be a sniper to the North who you 
    can shoot without him noticing you.
    *Checkpoint 4*
    Guards constantly appear all around you here. The building in front of 
    you has a flak jacket in it. Stay here as it provides good cover from 
    the remaining snipers. Face West (the high wall) and look upward, and 
    you should be able to see the head of the third sniper. You know what to 
    *Checkpoint 5*
    You can now turn around and shoot the fourth sniper - stay in the 
    building. He will be aiming from the wrecked corner of the upper floor 
    of a building across the street. Shoot the guard on the roof next to him 
    as well.
    *Checkpoint 6*
    Now go out of your cover and head down the street South, away from the 
    archway. After turning right at the end you’ll have a few more guards to 
    shoot - there are explosives nearby, so shoot them. Be careful of more 
    waiting guards - check your radar. Now turn left into the first building 
    with a canopy, and turn left again and through the doors. When you reach 
    the room with the burning barrel, turn left again and climb the rubble 
    to get into a higher room. One of the snipers’ gear will be here along 
    with the Russian prototype weapon - the AU300.
    *Checkpoint 7*
    You can safely roll down from here. Continue West past the building with 
    the canopy that you entered, and through the building ahead. The fifth 
    sniper is to your right just as you go outside again.
    *Checkpoint 8*
    The sixth sniper isn’t far away - head through the arch and immediately 
    turn left to see him shooting from a collapsed upper floor.
    *Checkpoint 9*
    Go through the small door, heading in the same direction as you were 
    going when you went through the archway, and use the rubble to climb up 
    to the upper floor. Go through the small door and shoot the last sniper.
    *Checkpoint 10*
    The extraction point is in front of you now. Climb down to the ground 
    and eliminate any guards that appear before climbing on top of the bus.
    *Checkpoint 11*
    The final objective is to eliminate the four soldiers shooting rocket-
    propelled grenades at the helicopter. It's easy to see where they are 
    because of the trails left by the grenades. Equip the AU300 so that you 
    can see through the walls and you should have no difficulty getting 
    them. Remember that you don’t have to stay on the bus.
    *Checkpoint 12*
    The landing zone is now clear.
    *Mission complete*
    Mission 7 – Dublin, Ireland: S.S. Lorelei 
    Agent: Gabe Logan
    Difficulty: Hard 
    Checkpoints: 13
    This is only the second mission in the game that doesn’t take place in 
    the past. It’s also very difficult due to the lack of flak jackets 
    (there are only two in the level that I know of). The mission seems easy 
    at first, but once you realise the length of the mission it becomes a 
    lot harder.
    (Radio call)
    There’s a guard in the crane above you, so take him out first. Then turn 
    around and shoot the guard behind you, before going over to the corner 
    and planting the explosives (you can see the location on your map).
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Now exit the hold, shooting the third guard on your way. Turn left when 
    you’re out, then you’ll reach a T-junction where you should turn left 
    again. Go through the door and a guard will come out and shoot at you. 
    Eliminate him and run forwards to the end of the corridor.
    Turn left again and you’ll see a cut-scene. Headshot the guard in front 
    of you, then the one in the corridor to your right, then go into the 
    second cargo hold, shoot the guard at the top of the stairs, and plant 
    the explosives in the location on the map.
    *Checkpoint 2*
    You now have to get to the aft cargo hold. Take the corridor on the 
    South side of the ship until you reach a corridor on the left. Go 
    through the door in this corridor and you’ll see another cut-scene.
    Here, simply shoot the guard and plant the explosives in the corner.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    Once the explosives are planted, the second guard starts shooting at 
    you, so quickly turn around and shoot him first. Exit the hold and turn 
    left, then left again. Shoot the guard waiting in the corridor, then 
    head to the end and turn left.
    There are two more guards here. Once they’re down, turn right into the 
    narrow corridor with the large ‘Keep Clear’ sign, and take the lift up. 
    In the engine room, shoot the engineer over at the other side (on the 
    right), then plant a decoy explosive on the smaller ‘Keep Clear’ sign in 
    the centre of the room.
    *Checkpoint 4*
    Turn around and shoot the guard who has arrived at the top of the 
    stairs. Run up the stairs and turn right, up more stairs and right again 
    to be on the next floor. Running right shows a cut-scene.
    *Checkpoint 5*
    You don’t have to shoot the cook. Instead, hide in the doorway and wait 
    until he’s turned the corner to his right (your left) then aim at him to 
    have him surrender. There’s a SPYDER in the corridor nearby. Once you 
    have it, continue down the corridor and go into the kitchen on your 
    left. Head towards the dumb waiter.
    (Radio call)
    Climb into the dumb waiter to be taken to the next floor.
    *Checkpoint 6*
    A very easy checkpoint here: take the shipping manifest on the coffee 
    *Checkpoint 7*
    Hide in the corner opposite the door, behind the cabinet. If the captain 
    sees you he’s harder to hit because he rolls around. You’ll get a 
    checkpoint once he’s down.
    *Checkpoint 8*
    Eliminate any guards still in the room. Exit the room and turn left, 
    then left again (you seem to be doing that a lot in this level) to find 
    grenades in a box. Turn around and follow the corridor without turning 
    off. When you have to turn right for the second time there’s a guard 
    waiting. Get to the stairs and go down them.
    Shoot the obvious guard ahead of you, but don’t run out yet because 
    there are still two guards on the right. Lean out to get them. Now go 
    towards where the first guard was. Another guard will walk out ahead of 
    you. Shoot him and turn right through the door.
    This part may de difficult as you have to shoot guards on all sides 
    quickly, without being shot yourself. There is one ahead of you, one on 
    your right and one attacks you from behind when you come in. The video 
    is in the recorder in the small area just off the room.
    *Checkpoint 9*
    Once you have the video you have to escape. Follow the corridor in the 
    direction you were heading until you reach a small room on the right, 
    which has a SPYDER in a box. Continue down the corridor and you’ll find 
    the first flak jacket in this level, but be careful as there’s a guard 
    in the corridor to the right.
    Go down the stairs to the lower floor. Unfortunately the stairs are now 
    blocked off so you have to take the long route. There’s nothing 
    difficult about this - just follow the obvious route on the map.
    *Checkpoint 10*
    Two guards are on the left at the first corner. Follow the corridor to 
    the left and then around to the right - when a guard appears in front of 
    you, one will attack you from the back as well. Get to the end of the 
    corridor and turn right to shoot the next two guards from the other end 
    of the corridor.
    Run to where the guards were and turn left. Further on is a tricky part 
    - two guards appear in front of you and one behind. Try rolling off to 
    one side rather than staying out in the open. When they’re down, keep 
    heading West.
    *Checkpoint 11*
    Turn left at the end of the corridor and eliminate yet another guard who 
    is running at you. Turn right again and shoot the three guards in the 
    corridor, then run down this corridor and turn right. Shoot the guard 
    and go down the stairs to the holds.
    *Checkpoint 12*
    There’s another flak jacket here, thankfully. Take it and go out on to 
    the walkway. There’s a guard below you. After you’ve dealt with him, go 
    down the stairs and into the corridor.
    At the T-junction, turn left. A little further on there’s another 
    “pincer attack” by two guards - one in front, one behind you. After 
    this, turn right and right again into the hold where you started.
    *Checkpoint 13*
    There is one more thing to take care of - cover Maggie as she activates 
    the crane to pick you up. It’s easy enough - just keep shooting the 
    guards that arrive alternately on the left and right and the mission 
    will end after a while.
    (FMV sequence)
    *Mission complete*
    Mission 8 – Costa Rican Rainforest: Aztec Ruins
    Agent: Lian Xing
    Difficulty: Medium/Hard
    Checkpoints: 26 (which is a bit of a joke, really)
    You’re back in the rainforest for Lian’s second mission, and it’s a long 
    one. It has its difficult moments, and also has no map, but it would be 
    a lot more challenging if it wasn’t for the huge number of checkpoints 
    in it.
    (FMV sequence)
    (Radio call)
    There’s a guard walking away from you at the start of the mission. 
    Follow him down the tunnel and headshot him. Lean out of the tunnel to 
    the left to take out another guard, then climb through the large hole in 
    the ceiling. From here, take the passage that isn’t blocked and you’ll 
    come to a room with a Falcon in a box. Take it and continue.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Lean around the corner to your left and headshot the guard, then quickly 
    turn around and eliminate the guard behind you. There’s a guard in the 
    room where the second guard emerged from (lean around the corner to the 
    right), but you can’t do anything here yet. Instead, turn around and go 
    down the corridor where you saw the first guard after the checkpoint. 
    There is a guard at the T-junction, on the right path. Take this path 
    through the passage with the windows and crates.
    (Radio call)
    *Checkpoint 2*
    There’s a guard just round the corner at the end of the wide passageway. 
    Continue heading East down the stairs. You’ll come to another T-
    junction. This time, turn left, then left again and headshot the guard. 
    At the end of this corridor you’ll find yourself in a mine-type room 
    with some crates. A guard emerges from your left as you enter. Deal with 
    him, then climb the crates and climb through the hole on to the roof.
    Roll down into the passageway. The corridor to your right is blocked, 
    but it has a box with a UAS-12. Take it if you want, then head down the 
    other corridor.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    At the end of the corridor, carefully lean out to the left. You’ll see 
    about four guards - take them out as quickly as possible. The easiest 
    way to do this is by shooting the nearby barrels. Once they’re all down, 
    two more guards will run into the room, so deal with them in the same 
    way. Try to keep away from the barrels yourself.
    Now go down the tunnel and into the room on your left. Use the computer 
    to download the virus model.
    *Checkpoint 4*
    The next checkpoint’s staring you in the face. Shoot the computer.
    *Checkpoint 5*
    Now talk to the scientist crouching in the corner. He’ll escape.
    *Checkpoint 6*
    Three guards will enter the room now, so be ready for them. Once they’re 
    down, head left out of the room. There’s another room on the left at the 
    end of the tunnel - talk to the scientist here.
    *Checkpoint 7*
    Now continue in the direction you were heading and shoot the computer in 
    the room to the right.
    *Checkpoint 8*
    Go back down the tunnel - you probably noticed the crude tunnel on your 
    right as you came in (it’s now on your left, of course). Walk down it 
    and turn left near the end to get into the lower small room.
    *Checkpoint 9*
    Take the H11 from the box and equip it. Head up the ramp.
    *Checkpoint 10*
    Try not to be noticed by the guards in this next section. You have to 
    pick them off one by one. First, shoot the one on your left. There are 
    two more to the right - one on a platform on the building, the other on 
    the roof (try using Auto Aim as it’s easier to notice him that way). 
    When you think it’s safe, roll out of the tunnel and take cover behind 
    the wrecked wall in front of you.
    Shoot the guard on top of the tunnel where you were originally. At this 
    point it might be easier to run away (turn left and go up the ramp to 
    the building). There are two scientists in cells here.
    (Radio call)
    You can’t do anything about the locked cells for now, but take the tear 
    gas launcher from the central cell. From here, turn left and go to the 
    end of the corridor. Turn right to enter another narrow tunnel.
    Take the much-needed flak jacket from the collapsed tunnel, then go out 
    the large door for another cut-scene.
    *Checkpoint 11*
    (Radio call)
    To save Elsa, walk over to the crates and aim over the lower crate - 
    it’s easy to headshot both guards quickly from here. Enter the building 
    and, using the pillars as cover, pick off the remaining guards around 
    the area. When you’ve got them all, go over and talk to Elsa.
    *Checkpoint 12*
    There’s also a computer in here to destroy.
    *Checkpoint 13*
    Go out of the building and head to the pillar that’s smashed through the 
    wall. There are three more guards on the other side of this obstacle - 
    it’s best to shoot them before you attempt to climb over it. Head down 
    the narrow tunnel from here and you’ll reach another cell area.
    The second cell on your right has a guard in it, along with a box of 
    grenades. Take them and go across the corridor through the opening.
    When you exit the building there’s a guard above you. Take him out by 
    going into the area with the grass on the left and shooting him from 
    there. When that’s done, continue along the obvious route. You’ll come 
    to another room. Shoot the two guards, then shoot the three computers.
    Now go down the corridor, but be careful as a guard will appear behind 
    you. The first room on the right has explosives in it, which you can use 
    to open the cells.
    *Checkpoint 14*
    Go to the room on the left at the end of the corridor (past the second 
    door on the right) and talk to the scientist.
    *Checkpoint 15*
    Now drop down to the lower tunnel and retrieve his artefact.
    *Checkpoint 16*
    There’s nothing else down here, so climb back out again using the 
    tallest stone block. A guard will be on your right when you exit the 
    room. Go back to the door mentioned earlier. The corridor leads to yet 
    another narrow tunnel. Follow it left and shoot the guard in the room on 
    the left. Take the virus sample...
    *Checkpoint 17*
    ..and shoot the computer.
    *Checkpoint 18*
    Take the flak jacket at the end of the tunnel. You now have to rescue 
    the scientists that were trapped earlier. Get out of this building, 
    through the outside area, into the next building, turn left, and use the 
    explosives on the door.
    *Checkpoint 19*
    You’re now given the objective “Run”. Do so. After the explosion, go 
    back to the cell and talk to the scientist.
    *Checkpoint 20*
    Go out of the cell, shoot the guard, run past the crates, and repeat the 
    process with the next cell. Plant the explosives...
    *Checkpoint 21*
    ..run to a safe distance, then talk to the scientist after the 
    *Checkpoint 22*
    Another guard will appear behind you. Deal with him, then turn left out 
    of the cell and follow the tunnel. Climb over the fallen pillar, run 
    through the outside area, turn right once inside the next building, and 
    shoot the guard. Head towards where he was and plant the explosives on 
    the third cell door.
    *Checkpoint 23*
    Retire to a safe distance, and once it’s all over talk to the scientist.
    *Checkpoint 24*
    You know what you’re doing by now. Go to the nearby next cell, light the 
    blue touch paper and retire...
    *Checkpoint 25*
    ..then talk to the scientist.
    *Checkpoint 26*
    That’s the mission over.
    *Mission complete*
    Mission 9 – Dublin, Ireland: Dockyards
    Agent: Gabe Logan
    Difficulty: Hard
    Checkpoints: 10
    *Unlockable level*
    This mission involves a lot of protecting, so expect to have to restart 
    a few times. There is an unlockable level available, but I don’t know 
    what condition causes it to unlock.
    After the cut-scene, shoot the flak jacketed guard in front of you. 
    Another guard arrives soon after. Turn right and then left between the 
    buildings to meet Maggie.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Run to the truck as she says. Roll to avoid being hit. Once you’re at 
    the truck, climb on to it and plant the explosives on the roof.
    *Checkpoint 2*
    Don’t forget to run away. There’s an HK-5 and a flak jacket in the area 
    behind the truck. Once it’s destroyed, follow Maggie into the warehouse.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    Shoot the barrels next to the door to escape - you don’t have to worry 
    about the guards at all.
    *Checkpoint 4*
    Run to the door - there’s a silenced sniper rifle near it. Run and roll 
    to your left, then turn right to reach the next truck (friendly agents 
    should start appearing about here). Plant the explosives and run back 
    the way you came.
    *Checkpoint 5*
    Head East past the warehouse you were trapped in. When you have an 
    opportunity to turn right, keep as close as you can to the fence on the 
    right (this prevents a cut-scene from starting). Take the MIL15 from the 
    box. Walk around for a bit and an agent will come and meet you. Run with 
    him to the warehouse entrance, go in and meet Russell at the other door.
    *Checkpoint 6*
    You’re now back where you started. Follow Russell to the door, and cover 
    him while he opens it - guards appear randomly. Use Auto Aim so that you 
    can shoot the guards quickly. When he’s opened the lock, run into the 
    building and up the ramp to reach the safe.
    *Checkpoint 7*
    You have to cover him again while he opens the safe - again, use Auto 
    Aim. Eventually, he’ll open it.
    *Checkpoint 8*
    Shoot the two guards at the window and get down the stairs. There’s a 
    flak jacket in a box in front of you. Eliminate the two guards to your 
    right and then turn left into another section of the warehouse. There 
    are also two guards here. Shoot the barrels to open the door and get 
    Turn left, then left again. Plant the explosives on the truck.
    *Checkpoint 9*
    There is a flak jacket and also a SPYDER behind the truck. You can now 
    turn around and run down the tunnel. The last truck is here, so plant 
    the explosives on it.
    *Checkpoint 10*
    After the countdown, the level ends.
    *Mission complete*
    Mission 10 – Dublin, Ireland: Upper Dockyards
    Agent: Gabe Logan
    Difficulty: Hard
    Checkpoints: 2
    This is another level which involves protecting another agent. This is 
    probably the shortest mission so far, with the exception of the C-5 
    Galaxy transport level.
    (Radio call)
    Two guards approach you as you start. Shoot them both, then go down the 
    tunnel and take the flak jacket and HK-5 from the boxes. Keep running to 
    the North, then at the first opportunity turn left to meet Nigel 
    Cummings, who has the worst fake accent since Dick Van Dyke.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    You now have to protect Nigel. Follow him and keep dodging and shooting 
    guards. Eventually he’ll tell you to run, so follow him to the crates (I 
    don’t know about you, but he’s beginning to irritate me).
    Follow him through the crates, making sure you always have ammo in your 
    weapon and you stay close behind him at all times - irritatingly he’ll 
    sometimes just stand around while being shot. Once you’re through the 
    crates, just run in a straight line. You’ll get a rather strange cut-
    *Checkpoint 2*
    Now all you have to do is run forwards and shoot Nigel Cummings. Which 
    you probably wanted to do in the first place anyway. <¦-)
    *Mission complete*
    Mission 11 – Kabul Desert Area, Afghanistan: Army Ranger Munitions Truck
    Agent: Gabe Logan
    Difficulty: Very Hard
    Checkpoints: 13
    I hate this level. It has a few of the hardest points in the game in it, 
    and involves protecting the truck and Ellis all the way through. 
    However, it does have a number of checkpoints which ease the difficulty 
    a little.
    (FMV sequence)
    After the cut-scene at the start of the level you are attacked 
    immediately. Quickly eliminate the guard running across the track in 
    front of you, then the two slightly to the left. This may take a few 
    tries, but fortunately you get a checkpoint for your trouble.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Don’t forget to take the guards’ PK-102s and equip them.
    Now that the truck is moving, walk just in front of it. When it reaches 
    the wall on the right it will stop. At this point, head to the left and 
    South across the rough terrain. Shoot the guard under the canopy and 
    enter the cave below it (the location of the cave is almost directly 
    South of the location of the mortars on the map).
    *Checkpoint 2*
    Follow the tunnel, and shoot the guard who runs towards you. At the 
    other end, poke your head out of the cave and retreat back in when the 
    firing starts. Using the cave as cover, pick off the three guards around 
    the walled area.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    Head back to the truck through the tunnel. There are now two guards in 
    the tunnel, using boxes as cover. At the other end you’ll be called.
    (Radio call)
    *Checkpoint 4*
    Shoot the guard who appears in front of you and quickly get back to the 
    road, heading West. Start shooting as soon as you see the guards - if 
    Ellis dies the mission is over. When they’re both down, go around the 
    roadblock to the far side and plant explosives on it, then stay back for 
    the explosion.
    *Checkpoint 5*
    Run with Ellis to the bridge. A sniper will start firing. You can’t hit 
    him from where you are, so roll off the bridge towards him to the South 
    and keep going until you can see him. Headshot him to take him out.
    *Checkpoint 6*
    (Radio call)
    Now get back to the bridge. Shoot the guard under the supports, then 
    climb on to the rock, then the left support. Defuse the explosives here.
    *Checkpoint 7*
    Walk up the slope back to the bridge and return to where Ellis is 
    *Checkpoint 8*
    When Ellis finds the mine you have to protect him again. Use Auto Aim 
    and keep moving. The .45 is a good weapon to use here even though it 
    doesn’t have a rapid-fire capability. Just keep shooting at the guards 
    until you get the next checkpoint. Whatever you do, don’t tread on the 
    *Checkpoint 9*
    Keep following Ellis. When you get to the valley, walk to where you can 
    only just see the snipers and headshot them both. Otherwise they’ll 
    headshot you.
    *Checkpoint 10*
    After the gentleness of the earlier missions, this part can come as a 
    bit of a shock. If don’t have a lot of armor left, consider restarting 
    the mission if you can’t get past it. You have to defend Ellis and shoot 
    down the snipers at the top of the valley. You also have to survive 
    yourself, of course. The best way is to stay close to Ellis and use auto 
    aim to take out the guards more quickly. Roll around to avoid being hit.
    My tactic is to use the M-16 and to switch targets often (release R1 
    then quickly hold it again). Never stop running. The difficulty of this 
    part may also be affected by how much damage Ellis has taken during the 
    earlier parts of the mission. I really had difficulty with it the first 
    time, but when I restarted and eventually got to here with full armor it 
    only took me a couple of tries to complete.
    *Checkpoint 11*
    Once that’s over the rest of the mission should be easy. Again, follow 
    Ellis and he’ll walk off the road.
    *Checkpoint 12*
    You have to defend Ellis again, but it’s nowhere near as bad this time. 
    The guards aim for Ellis rather than you, so you can afford to save what 
    little ammo you have and headshot them. Eventually, Ellis will tell you 
    to blow the fence, so plant the explosives and run.
    *Checkpoint 13*
    (FMV sequence)
    *Mission complete*
    Mission 12 – Kabul, Afghanistan: Square in Eastern part of city
    Agent: Gabe Logan
    Difficulty: Hard
    Checkpoints: 1
    It’s not very obvious what you have to do in this boss level, but once 
    you’ve got the idea it’s fairly easy to complete - at least it would be 
    if it wasn’t for the guards.
    You have to do this quickly if the truck has been damaged a lot during 
    the previous mission. Shoot the guard in front of you immediately when 
    you start, then the ones on the roof to the left and right. Roll 
    forwards and shoot the fourth guard who has appeared on the roof in 
    front of you.
    Run to the arch and eliminate the guard on the left roof, and also the 
    two guards on the right (one on the ground, another on the roof). 
    Yet another guard appears on the archway when you’ve gone through it. 
    Run forwards.
    (Radio call)
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Now quickly shoot the guard ahead of you and roll to the building ahead. 
    The pillars make good cover. Take the C-4 explosives. The tank will 
    arrive shortly - keep defending yourself. When the tank arrives, keep 
    away from the turret as it can kill you instantly if it shoots you. Try 
    and get close to it.
    Once you’re close to the tank you don’t need to worry about the turret. 
    Plant the C-4s in various locations around the base of the tank - it 
    doesn’t really matter where - then run away. The tank will head for your 
    truck - at this point quickly select the detonator and use it. The 
    mission will be complete if you planted the C-4s correctly.
    *Mission complete*
    Mission 13 – Tanami Desert, Australia: Consortium Viral Testing Compound
    Agent: Lian Xing
    Difficulty: Easy
    Checkpoints: 6
    This is a surprisingly easy level - you can afford to just run and roll 
    your way through, using the AU-300 to take out any guards from behind 
    safe cover.
    (Radio call)
    Have a look at the map to start off with, and take note of where the 
    primary locations are. I’ll guide you to the communications dish first. 
    Hide behind the left hand crate and headshot the approaching guard. 
    Another guard emerges from behind the tent on the right. (Try not to be 
    seen doing this, it makes the mission easier). Remember your AU-300 can 
    shoot through walls.
    Actually, I gave up on stealth after a while as a guard seems to see you 
    no matter how careful you are. Run to where the communications dish is 
    on the map, using the tents for cover. Use the keyboard on the dish.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Now run for cover, as guards in blue suits arrive at the scene. Go into 
    one of the nearby hangar-type buildings and out the other end.
    (Radio call)
    Run over to where the next primary objective (the photography) is. Press 
    Triangle where the ‘Take Photograph Here’ marker is to complete the 
    *Checkpoint 2*
    Now head North and slightly to the East to where Elsa Weissinger is 
    being held. Be careful of the sniper on the tower - eliminate him first, 
    then use the AU-300 to look through the wall slightly to the left to 
    take out the next guard. The two remaining should give you no trouble - 
    they’re round at the East side of the tent. After you’ve finished with 
    them, go in to the tent.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    This part of the mission is a simple round trip around the map, picking 
    up the compounds marked on your map. The directions in which to go are 
    also marked on your radar, so this part should give you no trouble. I’ll 
    detail the locations anyway. 
    The first is the DNA Ligase, in the northern hangar-type building (the 
    northernmost building on the map apart from the tent you just came 
    *Checkpoint 4*
    You should get the Synthetic Cytoplasm next. It is in the tent on the 
    South side of the map, near the centre horizontally.
    *Checkpoint 5*
    The third and final chemical to find is the DNA Polymerase. It’s in the 
    tent just South of Elsa’s tent.
    *Checkpoint 6*
    You now have to escort Elsa to the helicopter. Unlike all the other 
    targets you had to protect in the game, Elsa is a fast mover - half the 
    time you’ll be trying to keep up with her. The only slight difficulty 
    arises when you have to pick off the guards at the top of the hill, but 
    use the sniper rifle and you’ll be fine. Climb the hill to the 
    helicopter to end the mission.
    *Mission complete*
    Mission 14 – Australia: Yuendumu Village
    Agent: Lian Xing
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Checkpoints: 8
    I found finding the aborigines fairly difficult in this level - you 
    really have to search thoroughly. Otherwise, the mission is incredibly 
    straightforward, similar to the previous one. There are hardly any 
    guards around the level.
    (FMV sequence)
    After the cut-scene and the radio call, take the flak jacket if you need 
    it then head for the truck. Pick off the sniper on the tower, then the 
    guard patrolling beyond the truck. There is a silenced sniper rifle in 
    the back of the truck. Keep moving forwards towards ‘Assassinate 
    Commander Silvers’ on the map, paying attention to your radar.
    If you see an enemy, use the AU-300 through a wall to avoid being seen. 
    When you reach the execution site just headshot both guards quickly.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Now administer the antidote to the first aborigine...
    *Checkpoint 2*
    ..and the second.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    They’ll each give you a dodgily-voiced ‘Thank you’ and mince off (why 
    does everyone run so strangely in these games...?) You still have to 
    find the other four aborigines. It’s easier to describe their positions 
    on the map rather than give directions.
    __|____|____|____|_ .           Co-ordinates are given starting from
      |    |    |    |              the first full square at the top left
      |1,1 |2,1 |3,1 |              of the map, as shown by the diagram.
    __|____|____|____|_ . --> etc   Count horizontal squares first, then
      |    |    |    |              vertical squares downwards.
      |1,2 |2,2 |3,2 |
    __|____|____|____|_ .
      |    |    |    |
      .    . |  .    .
    To find the first of the remaining aborigines, go to square (3,3) wheer 
    there is a stone building. The aborigine is inside.
    *Checkpoint 4*
    The second is in a tunnel. The entrance to the tunnel is in square 
    *Checkpoint 5*
    The third aborigine can be found in square (6,7). The entrance to the 
    corrugated building is on the North side.
    *Checkpoint 6*
    Finally, head to square (7,8) near the South edge of the map. The second 
    aborigine is in a stone building - the door is on the South side.
    *Checkpoint 7*
    Remember the truck you saw earlier? Head back to it now and get in by 
    going to the cab and pressing Triangle.
    *Checkpoint 8*
    Switch to a rapid fire weapon and run around shooting the guards. Once 
    they’re all down the mission is over.
    (FMV sequence)
    *Mission complete*
    Mission 15 – Western Montana: Paradise Ridge
    Agent: Teresa Lipan
    Difficulty: Hard
    Checkpoints: 7
    The difficulty level comes back up here. The guards are now more 
    competent and there are more of them. However, the second section of the 
    level is fairly easy as all you have to do is constantly run away.
    (FMV sequence)
    Move forwards until you can see the first sniper - he’s on a high tower. 
    A soldier may come out from the right here, so be ready. The second 
    sniper is more difficult to see as he is on a lower tower to the left. 
    When they’re both down, you get the first checkpoint.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Head beyond the towers and uphill.
    (Radio call)
    *Checkpoint 2*
    You can just see a soldier on a roof if you move slightly forward - use 
    Auto Aim to get an idea of where he is. Headshot him then go downhill. 
    You’ll see DeMarco, but when you get closer soldiers emerge from all 
    sides. Run around and use a rapid fire weapon to take them all down 
    before untying DeMarco.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    Now climb up the rocky area and continue. You’ll meet a patrol coming 
    the other way. During the conversation you’ll be ambushed by a single 
    agent - shoot him then run in the direction he came from. Go downhill 
    and plant the homing device on the power lines.
    *Checkpoint 4*
    Two more guards emerge - run around and shoot them again. Keep going 
    along the route shown on the map to find the crash site. You’ll get a 
    long cut-scene here. After it, go back towards the power lines. (I 
    completely missed this objective the first time, it’s none too obvious 
    what to do).
    A number of guards with silenced HK-5s will appear. Use the same weapon 
    to shoot them. Remove the homing device from the power lines.
    *Checkpoint 5*
    Quickly roll off to one side and turn around to shoot the two guards who 
    have appeared, then go back to the crash site. Two militia members will 
    be here - annoyingly you can’t shoot them, but they can still shoot you. 
    They’ll run off after a while. Take the path beyond the crash site.
    *Checkpoint 6*
    Just run and roll through the next section - remember you can’t shoot 
    the militia members or you’ll fail the mission. When you reach the 
    house, go through the gap in the fence.
    *Checkpoint 7*
    Now just keep rolling, dodging and running away. You’ll eventually get 
    out of the village. Take the route marked ‘This way to the Oakton 
    compound’. Further on, three militia members will run out in front of 
    you. They’ll be distracted by the snipers, so run past them and you’ll 
    finally reach the compound.
    (FMV sequence)
    *Mission complete*
    Mission 16 – Paradise Ridge, Montana: Oakton Militia Compound
    Agent: Teresa Lipan
    Difficulty: Medium/Hard
    Checkpoints: 8
    On the second play through, this mission is a lot better than I 
    remembered it to be. It has some good set piece sections along with 
    simple running and shooting. The only problem is that you still can’t 
    shoot the militia members even though they can shoot you.
    (Radio call)
    I don’t think there’s any way to save the militia member who runs 
    towards you at the start. Shoot the soldier who shot him, then head 
    forwards and shoot the next one. Turn into the building and take out the 
    next two soldiers.
    You’ll jump across to the walkway automatically when you get near it. 
    Walk around the upper level and through the room with the crates.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    There is a hole leading down here. You’ll land on a crate. Shoot the two 
    guards - again, there is no way to save the hostage. There is another 
    hole downwards in the nearest section of the room to you on the right. 
    Drop down and follow the tunnel.
    As soon as you hear voices, stop. When the soldier finishes his 
    conversation (Silvers will say “I’m on my way now”) go forwards to the 
    grate and shoot him. Continue to the end of the tunnel and lean out 
    right to take out the next guard, then follow this route and climb up at 
    the end.
    *Checkpoint 2*
    Now lean out round the left corner and shoot both guards. Try and save 
    both of the militia members - you’ve just got a checkpoint, so if you 
    make a mistake just try again. Follow them as they run and you’ll learn 
    that the data is hidden in a deer head. Open the door on your left.
    (Radio call)
    *Checkpoint 3*
    Run forwards to the huge crate and climb up. Turn around and jump across 
    to the walkway using Triangle, then pull yourself up. Crouch-walk to 
    where Silvers is and plant the beacon as he talks on the radio. Now walk 
    back to the gap in the railings and lower yourself down by crouching as 
    you approach the edge.
    *Checkpoint 4*
    Pull yourself back up again. Run along the walkway in the same direction 
    as Silvers did, and go through the door at the end. You’ll be in a low 
    metal/wooden corridor. Follow it around to reach a ramp down. Kelly is 
    now directly below you - go down the ramp and around to where he is. 
    Untie him.
    *Checkpoint 5*
    Once you’ve shot the next two guards who appear, you get yet another 
    *Checkpoint 6*
    Drop down the well that you probably saw earlier. Head along the tunnel 
    and you’ll be stopped by two militia members. You have to hold X at the 
    spot marked on the ground. After the conversation head with them out the 
    other tunnel.
    *Checkpoint 7*
    You’re told to stay back, but charge through anyway. Shoot any guards in 
    the way as you run. Open the gate at the end then keep running forwards 
    through the next area. When you reach the fence turn right, then right 
    again and finally left.
    Go through the door into the building, then into the next room on the 
    right. The moose head mentioned is here. Climb on to the table to 
    collect the data from it.
    *Checkpoint 8*
    Go out the other door. Wait for the militia members to run out, then run 
    to the opposite long side of the low building. Roll all the time to 
    avoid being shot in the head by the sniper.
    Roll down the ramp and eliminate the soldier at the bottom, then turn 
    right and shoot the next guard. Quickly dodge the third guard’s shots 
    and turn right to eliminate him.
    Now all you have to do is pull the mattress in the corner away to reveal 
    the entrance. Obvious.
    *Mission complete*
    Mission 17 – Oakton Compound, Western Montana: Underground Bunkers
    Agent: Teresa Lipan
    Difficulty: Hard
    Checkpoints: 10
    *Unlockable level*
    This is another of the hardest missions in the game, and again it 
    involves protecting a target. This time it’s Dusty Oakton, who has no 
    weapon, but later on you have to protect Debbie Oakton, who has no 
    weapon AND moves incredibly slowly. And they both have the most 
    gratingly irritating voices since... well, since Nigel Cummings. Good 
    After the cut-scene in which you meet Dusty, take the flak jacket and 
    run after him. When he stops, keep running and turn right towards the 
    blue-lit tunnel. Roll through the crack and take the K3G4 from the box, 
    then return to the junction and turn right, ignoring the guards. You’ll 
    find Dusty again. Turn right into the tunnel after you get past him 
    (there is a crate in it).
    In this room, run around firing the K3G4 as it pierces the guards’ 
    armor. Make sure none reach Dusty. Eventually you’ll get a checkpoint 
    for your trouble, but it might take a few tries.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Follow Dusty as he runs. A guard comes towards you when you turn the 
    corner left in the tunnel. Shoot him quickly and continue. At the end of 
    the tunnel there’s a cut-scene.
    *Checkpoint 2*
    After the cut-scene, quickly turn around and shoot the two guards that 
    approach you from behind. Dusty will find the goggles and bring them to 
    *Checkpoint 3*
    There is an M-79 in this room - it’s easy to see the crate to your left 
    with the goggles. When you’ve got it, follow Dusty up the tunnel.
    Be careful when the view returns to normal, because soon after this 
    happens a guard runs towards you around the corner from the left. Finish 
    him quickly, then deal with the next guard lower down. Follow the U-
    shaped path and you’ll arrive at the bunker.
    You now have to shoot both guards in the room at the top of the stairs - 
    use the M-79 if you want to make things easier.
    *Checkpoint 4*
    There is a flak jacket in a box in this room. Pick it up then follow 
    Dusty the rest of the way into the bunker for another cut-scene.
    *Checkpoint 5*
    Now you have to find the first aid kit. Exit the room via the passage, 
    then turn left and go through the pipe. Turn right at the end, then 
    right again and open the door in the small room. The first aid kit is in 
    a box here. Take it.
    *Checkpoint 6*
    Lean out past the door and shoot the guard who has arrived. Quickly 
    return to where the Oaktons are.
    *Checkpoint 7*
    I know she can’t run, but does she have to move THAT slowly? Anyway, 
    stay ahead of her. Shoot the three guards who drop into the room with 
    the table in the centre (the box has a flak jacket if you need it). 
    After she walks through the pipe two guards drop into the passageway - 
    one at each end. Eliminate them both quickly before they have a chance 
    to fire.
    *Checkpoint 8*
    Once Debbie is in the lift, Dusty will join her. Get on and you’ll go 
    *Checkpoint 9*
    I was sort of hoping that would be the end of the mission... Anyway, the 
    next section isn’t nearly as hard as the first. Just head down the 
    tunnel ahead of Debbie, shooting any guards you find. When you get into 
    the large underground room watch out as two more guards come at you from 
    behind. Eliminate them both.
    *Checkpoint 10*
    Now run to the secret tunnel. There are two more guards behind you as 
    you turn the corner - take them out if you want, but it’s not necessary. 
    Run to the ladder.
    (Radio call)
    (FMV sequence)
    *Mission complete*
    Mission 18 – Washington, D.C.: Senate Hearings Building
    Agent: Gabe Logan
    Difficulty: Hard
    Checkpoints: 4
    Most, if not all, of the guards on this level have flak jackets. This is 
    sort of a blessing and a curse - it’s more difficult to eliminate them 
    as you can only aim at their heads, but if you pick up the guards’ flak 
    jackets you have a constant supply of armor if you are hurt. The guards 
    themselves are armed with G-18s which can reduce your armor to nothing 
    in about two seconds, so you have to aim fast.
    (Radio call)
    Walk forward and turn right. A guard will run out from around the 
    corner. He has a flak jacket, so headshot him. Lean out round the corner 
    to the right and headshot the next guard as he has a flak jacket as 
    well. Take their equipment and go through the first door on your left.
    Go into the men’s toilets (at the end on the left) and you’ll hear a 
    strange conversation between two guards. Carefully follow the passage 
    around and headshot them both while they’re distracted.
    Now shoot the vents in the ceiling, and climb up on to the sinks then 
    into the vents. Follow the vents around until you can drop out of them, 
    then take the K3G4 from the box and activate the control panel.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    The gates are now open. As you exit the room be careful as there are two 
    guards, one either side of you. Turn right, go through the door and 
    you’ll be back in the long corridor. Head left and down to the end.
    Look in to the room before you enter it, and shoot the guard on ground 
    level. Then edge forwards and take out the guard on the balcony. Soon 
    after you enter the room, three guards will drop down from the ceiling 
    one by one. Eliminate them all before they have a chance to shoot at 
    you, then you’ll get a cut-scene.
    *Checkpoint 2*
    Go out of the room and up the long corridor again. Take the door that 
    you entered previously.
    (Radio call)
    Go into the women’s toilets, opposite the men’s (not exactly 
    respectable, I know, but necessary). There are two guards in here, so 
    take them out quickly. Shoot the vents as before, then climb up and 
    follow them into the office.
    Examine the desk drawer in the office to get the cancellation code.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    Two guards will burst into the room - one comes from the vents and lands 
    on the table, the other takes the more traditional route of the door. 
    Eliminate them both as quickly as you can.
    (Radio call)
    Now you have to get to the lift. Go out of the office and turn left. At 
    the T-junction, lean out in both directions and shoot the waiting 
    guards. Turn left and run to the end of the corridor, then enter the 
    lift and press the button inside. You’ll meet Mara in a cut-scene.
    *Checkpoint 4*
    Don’t try to shoot the guards here - there are too many of them. Roll 
    forwards on to the subway line (try not to get run down) and climb up 
    the other side. In fact you can save time a bit by rolling to the right 
    edge of the platform, where there is a ramp, so you don’t have to waste 
    time climbing. Do the same for the second line (no ramp this time). Roll 
    towards Mara in the train to end the mission.
    Mission 19 – Washington, DC: Senate subway system
    Agent: Gabe Logan
    Difficulty: A complete joke
    Checkpoints: 9
    *Unlockable level*
    The last level of the game is disappointingly straightforward (literally 
    as well, as all you do is run in a straight line and shoot). The only 
    difficulty comes at the end where you meet Aramov.
    Again, most guards wear flak jackets so you have a limitless supply.
    (Radio call)
    Shoot the two guards that run towards you at the start, then head up the 
    train towards the engine. Take the flak jacket from the next compartment 
    and open the door at the end.
    Headshot the two guards who drop in before they have a chance to shoot 
    back. Continue for two compartments.
    Two more guards roll in. Shoot the one on your left first as he is 
    closer, then deal with the one on the right. Run through the next 
    compartment and open the door.
    Eliminate the two guards behind the overturned table then quickly roll 
    forward if a grenade has been thrown. You’ll get a radio call in the 
    next compartment.
    (Radio call)
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Take the flak jacket if you need it. Continue for another compartment, 
    then there’s another explosion. Again, headshot the two guards and 
    continue. (Strangely, I sometimes get bullet-holes appearing in thin air 
    In the next compartment, two guards will warn you not to come any 
    closer. Shoot them instead, then free the hostage.
    *Checkpoint 2*
    Keep going, and take the flak jacket if you need it. You’ll get a cut-
    scene here (annoyingly, your crosshair doesn’t appear immediately). 
    Stand still and headshot the two guards behind the tables.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    Continue through the next two compartments, then headshot the two guards 
    with the hostage. Free the hostage.
    *Checkpoint 4*
    There’s an explosion as soon as you continue - headshot the two guards 
    here (sounds familiar). Continue through the next compartment then shoot 
    the two guards who burst in ahead of you.
    *Checkpoint 5*
    There’s another safe compartment, then an explosion. Shoot the two 
    guards again. The last hostage is being held in the next compartment.
    *Checkpoint 6*
    Keep going. There’s a flak jacket two compartments down if you need it. 
    Past this, there’s a more difficult section where two guards burst in, 
    one either side of you. Headshot the first, then roll and turn to finish 
    the second one.
    Go another two compartments down. As soon as you see the explosion, 
    retreat this time as the guards stay on the roof. A second explosion 
    will finish the guards for you.
    (Radio call)
    *Checkpoint 7*
    Take the AU300 from the compartment where the explosion was (you need 
    this later on, so don’t waste all the ammo). Go forward one compartment 
    and headshot the Lieutenant as he approaches you from the next one.
    *Checkpoint 8*
    Don’t shoot the bomb. Take the explosives from the next compartment.
    (Radio call)
    Plant the explosives on the locked door, then run away - the explosives 
    have a surprisingly wide blast radius, so don’t stop running until you 
    hear the explosion.
    *Checkpoint 9*
    Go to the end of the train and you’ll see Mara and one more hostage. 
    Instead of trying to shoot her, climb up on to the roof of the train by 
    using the ledge above the door, then run along to the end and aim down 
    with the AU300. Shoot Mara when you see her.
    (End sequence)
    *Mission complete*
    That’s the end of the main game, but it’s not over yet - now do some 
    minigames or something. <¦-)
    III. Closing Words
    If you want to add anything to this guide, or know of anything that I’ve 
    missed, e-mail me at wongchungbang@hotmail.com. Questions and general 
    comments are also welcome. If you contribute anything useful you will be 
    mentioned in the ‘Contributors’ section.
    Planned for next version:
    Guide to mini-games.
    More locations of unlockable levels.
    More conditions for unlockable levels.
    Add text from mission briefings.
    Add weapons section.
    This file is Copyright (C) 2002 by David Newton (“Wong Chung Bang”). You 
    may freely print this file or download it for personal use only. If you 
    want to put this file on CD or any other media for profit, or to use 
    this guide as part of a web page, please obtain my permission first.

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