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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Ghidrah

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/27/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version; 1.1
    Title: Syphon Filter 3
    Producer: 989 Studios
    For: Sony Playstation
    MS Word
    Created: 11/24/01
    Revision Date: 6/26/14
    By: Ghidrah
    EMaul: Ghidrah1@hotmail.com
    If anyone wishes to use this on their site, I would like to know. I don't
    have a problem with its use by others on Gaming forums or FAQ sites, or
    being copied for personal use. I'd like to know if it's to be used on a
    site, just so I could drop by to ensure it hasn't been altered.
    This is a very old game series, 13 yrs old; SF1 and 2 came out in 1999 and
    2000 before LCD and Plasma TVs were in common use I think. I'm guessing the
    eras game coding was set up for CRT TVs maybe, I don't know. For some reason
    old games like Tomb Raider, Silent Hill and Resident Evil can't or won't
    allow for brightness adjustments on LCD TVs, (mine) at any rate. For the
    most part I can't play any of them because the screen is so dark I can't see
    the world no matter what I do. SF is that way too but for the most part not
    as bad as the other PS1 games.
    However, many aspects of the SF1, 2 and 3 worlds are so indistinct that I
    can't see them when the PC is standing beside them and I'm less than 3 feet
    from the TV. Like barrels in the warehouse on the Waterfront mission. So if
    you're using an LCD TV be prepared to work harder than you should need to,
    to navigate the SF world when it's too dark to see what you're doing.
    SF3 is not a stealth game by any stretch of the imagination; it's built to
    force confrontation. In general any attempt to ghost is prevented, however I
    take every opportunity offered, no mater how slim to slick the game.
    I guess I came back to SF because I hadn't played it in so very long and was
    sort of bored with the Xbox and PC games I'd been playing for so long. I
    guess I began the rewrite because I decided my own SF3 guide was so
    ambiguous it begged for clarity. Lastly the 2nd go round on the 1.1 version
    was to improve on kill and ammo conservation, which is why it took 4 months
    to complete instead of a couple 3 weeks.
    Table of Contents
    01. Walkthrough, Missions
    02. Revision
    03. Standing Offer
    04. Introduction to the Syphon Filter Universe
    05. Controllers
    06. Weapons
    07. in Game Warfare Insights
    08. Orientation
    09. Contractions
    10. Walkthrough
    11. Mission ammo use and kill totals
    12. Cheats/Arenas by Level
    13. Game oddities/glitches
    Only the weps and ammo used and the BGs removed by the mission PC, (playable
    character) will be counted at the end of each mission and then totaled in
    Stats. I've added a "C" to the BGs that are constant in all scenarios.
    Subsections for each mission are at the beginning of the mission
    01. Hotel Fukushima
    02. Costa Rican Plantation
    03. C-5 Galaxy Transport
    04. Pugari Gold Mine
    05. Pugari Complex
    06. Kabul Afghanistan
    07. SS. Lorelei
    08. Aztec Ruins
    09. Waterfront
    10. Docks Final Assault
    11. Convoy
    12. The Beast
    13. Australian Outback
    14. St. George Australia
    15. Paradise Ridge
    16. Militia Compound
    17. Underground Bunker
    18. Senate Building
    19. DC Subway
    02. Revision
    Ya'at'eeh, bags of mostly water! I haven't played SF3 for so long, (at least
    10 yrs) that I forgot pretty much all of it. This rewrite is for a "HARD
    MODE" game, with a more in-depth description on dealing with the AI, (BGs).
    The normal guide made it sound so simple, many of the normal mode maneuvers
    still work in hard mode, and many don't. The current task is a conservation
    of (ammo and movement) PC health, (Gabe, Lian, Teresa and Lawrence) and
    minimizing as many BG kills as possible.
    Most missions do not allow for ghosting, the game isn't set up for it like
    stealth games, SF in general is meant for tons of proper killin'. But I
    spent time and effort figuring out when and where stealth or a somewhat
    reasonable facsimile of it would work. The requirements of some maneuvers
    may keep some from attempting the ghost; it's much easier and faster to vent
    a BG than it is to ghost or slick him.
    SF3 can be very insulting to the IQ when BGs appear out of nowhere,
    especially when they appear from behind while you're in a room with no EP/XP
    at your 6 or from above when there are no openings in the ceiling. Anyway,
    like everyone else I have a preferred route and actions taken and here it is.
    So to make it perfectly clear, the stats listed at the end of 19 missions
    are the best I've accomplished in many, many runs. 14 of the 19 have been
    worked down to the point that the number of BGs is constant due to the route
    and measures taken when played. To date the 5 remaining missions, [1-8-11-15
    and 16] still throw different numbers of BGs at me regardless of what I do.
    Aztec ruins is on the list because at the very end of the mission there can
    be, albeit rarely a BG standing about 10 feet off the armor crate in the
    temple area between the 1st 2 cells and the courtyard.
    The ammo counts are due to repeated restarts to ensure accuracy. When
    playing for the hell of it my ammo use can rise to 4 rounds per mission over
    those listed but rarely over 4, always due to misses on active BGs and the
    lack of restarts.
    03. Standing offer
    As in the other guides I've written, anyone who has a valid and verifiable
    addition or improvement, (minus cheat or shark code) to the guide will have
    the addition or improvement added to the guide and credit will be given to
    the individual or group supplying the info.
    04. Introduction to the Syphon Filter Universe
    There are 3 games in the Syphon Filter series. SF1 in 1999, SF2 in 2000 and
    Syphon Filter 3, debuted late in October 2001. I don't know for sure if the
    release of Syphon Filter 3 had been held back because of the attack on the
    World Trade Center or not, but, many movies and such slated for release in
    the early fall of 01 had been shelved for a later date or scrapped entirely.
    I'm glad SF3 made it to the store shelves.
    The Syphon Filter story isn't a complicated one; however, it does trace a
    convoluted path across most of the globe. It involves many governments, with
    covert groups of upper echelon military and politicos vying for control of a
    devastating contagion capable of being formulated to eliminate any specific
    genetic group.
    Spanning the SF series are our heroes, Gabe Logan and Lian Xing gut one
    radical Syphon Filter operation after another, eliminating everyone in their
    way to the truth. No one is above the law as far as they're concerned,
    especially their own government officials. Unfortunately for Gabe and Lian,
    someone very high and removed from the dirty job of acquiring the Virus is
    actually in control and pulling all the strings.
    In Syphon Filter 1, Gabe and Lian virtually destroy all of Erich Rhoemer's
    known operation.
    In Syphon Filter 2 Gabe, an infected Lian, Teresa and Lawrence secretly
    formulate a rough plan to draw out the spooks in charge of moving the virus.
    Syphon Filter 3 starts out with Lian, Gabe and Lawrence at Teresa's grave.
    They're being watched by someone. Later, Gabe, Lian and Lawrence are
    questioned by Vince Hadden in a Congressional fact-finding committee hearing
    of one (read: witch hunt).
    05. Controllers
    I use the default set up, I set music to -0- and alternate (Remember Zoom).
    06. Weapons
    There're too many weapons in the game to waste the space on an already large
    guide. If you bought the game new and didn't toss the Weapons guide, you
    have it to reference. If it's rented or borrowed and the weapons guide is
    missing, all you have to do is access the game menu and highlight "WEAPONS";
    the info for all the weps you've acquired during said mission are there. The
    game has added a few new ones for your killing pleasure, but for the most
    part, I stick with the tried and true weps that moved me through the first
    two game installments. The end game stats show my preferences.
    Finally, I know why I never found the Biz and Maks; they're in the mini
    games section, which, to date I haven't played, but I may in the future.
    (Advanced Communication Device), ACD display and Menu
    Become adept in using the "ACD MENU", (Map, Weapons, Objectives, etc.). The
    OPS menu has all the items and info important to you while in-mission.
    Quite often you'll be under heavy fire, get lost or run out of ammo for the
    weapon in hand or have a need to switch to a more appropriate weapon.
    Pressing "SELECT", (Quick Menu) and scrolling left or right, (L2/R2) will
    get you to the weapon of choice quickly, if there aren't too many weps to
    choose from. However, if you choose "Select" while under fire your PC will
    continue to take damage. Pressing "START" to (pause) the game and then going
    to "WEAPONS" of the OPS menu stops all action. Pressing "START" frees you up
    to relax and think things through before making decisions.
    Operations Menu:
    Unless you've played the game a million times it pays to keep an eye on the
    MAP. One can easily get disoriented in a dark and convoluted game field,
    even after being thoroughly familiar with the layout. I get turned around
    and head in the wrong direction.
    The name speaks for itself; the game supplies 26 different tools however
    only a handful have a place in this guide. There're many anomalies regarding
    weps; Targeting, Fire rate and Damage quotient.
    This line is important to keep an eye on because it lets you know what tasks
    you must complete before freeing yourself from the mission. (NEW) Objectives
    may be added to the list as you progress into a mission. After playing the
    game 5 or 6 times, you should have all those things memorized and you won't
    need it as much, if at all.
    Rarely ever go there; to moi, they're not as important as Objectives. This
    list mostly tells you what not to do, so, if you get confused by something
    that you think shouldn't matter, check it out.
    I rarely ever use this OPS menu option, you pretty much get all the info you
    need at the beginning of each mission. If you answer the incoming calls
    during a mission you get all the up dates.
    I have "SOUND FX" and "VOICE OVER" set to max and "MUSIC" set to -0- the
    rest is default.
    In this line, you can do all the things the game allows, (for me not much)
    to enhance the game controls, sound and visuals to your liking. I still
    really like "Select a Mission", it helps when you want to experiment to see
    if it'll work. I like being able to play favorite levels. Most important to
    the mini game and two player arenas fans is CHEATS, This line will appear as
    you collect the secrets/bonus missions during in-game play, (more on that
    later in the guide.)
    Hard Mode Game;
    This guide is for a hard mode game, frankly as far as I can tell there're
    only 2 obvious differences between a normal and hard mode game. In a hard
    mode game there is no head shot indicator and in general there appears to be
    more BGs. In my experience, the normal mode head shot indicator/icon, fails
    almost as often as a bad shot without it, the only thing I can see is when
    it works it allows one to set up much faster when you're mission is dark or
    for a distance shot. As for the BGs they aren't any tougher to kill than
    normal mode BGs, just more of them. If Gabe's armor is lighter or weaker I
    can't tell.
    Weps and ammo;
    You absorb weps and or ammo as you run through downed BGs until the max ammo
    capacity for the wep is achieved. This is a good thing only when you force
    much gunplay and the ammo acquired is useful. Not so good if you rely on
    (Select) "Quick Weps Inventory" to switch tools. The more weps you pick up
    the longer it takes to reach the appropriate tool and exit, and under duress
    it becomes easier to select the wrong wep.
    Auto targeting;
    When a BG is within a 20 degree angle of your 12:00 and inside a virtual 60
    to 80 foot radius from any mission PC you'll see the PCs weps arm rise up to
    target the intruder. If the angle becomes greater than 20 or the distance
    too great or too close (auto target) is useless.
    (R1) targeting;
    You must be careful to press and hold (R1), wait for the icon to lock onto a
    target then press or tap (Square) if you press or tap (Square) too quickly
    after or simultaneously with (R1) your shots may not land. Quite often even
    when you are careful your shots won't land if you're too close to an enemy
    or your PC or target is too close to another object that protrudes, e.g.,
    wall corner, tree, chair, column, railing another NPC, etc. The TI will
    remain much larger than it should be, (unfocused maybe) on the object, all
    ammo fired will be wasted. This appears to happen most often when all shots
    are critical due to swarming, (multiple NPCs). Often (R1) fails to locate
    BGs at your 6.
    If a BG is using trees and or bushes for cover they can shoot at and kill
    the PC, conversely the PC can't taze or hit them with gunfire.
    The SR is pretty much useless as a distance wep; BGs often target and fire
    on you with iron sights before they become visible to the SR scope.
    Non-scoped distance aiming;
    A decent alignment trick for non scoped distance shots; use the vertical and
    horizontal lines around the perimeter of the TI (targeting icon). Slide the
    left or right side horizontal line up or down along the side of the head so
    that it lines up with the middle of a head then slide left or right so the
    icon's center dot is at center mass.
    TT, (Tap Taze):
    Tap taze is a technique I use when and wherever possible to pass by BGs
    without killing them. To tap taze a nearby or somewhat distant BG, run
    toward or at a slight angle away from the BG while (AUTO TARGET) maintains
    lock then press (Square) for 1 to 2 seconds and release. This prevents the
    BG from firing "at" Gabe while he's being tazed and for a couple secs
    afterward allowing Gabe to close in on or continue to move away from said
    BG. Tapping (Square) only works while the BG is within an approximate 20
    degree angle from your PCs 12, as the angle increases (AUTO TARGET) can't
    locate. As the angle increases you must then rely on (R1) for target lock,
    this works especially well when strafing or drifting to or from cover.
    Drift or Drifting:
    A tactic I use to avoid fire from the enemy. Drift is a combination of
    running forward and strafing at the same time. To drift one must press and
    hold (Forward) and (L2) or (R2) while running, the angle is approximately 45
    degrees it allows you to maintain LOS on an object or target while exiting
    or running to cover.
    A technique used while targeting and or looking for targets; from cover, to
    lean out left or right then back to cover for a quick look about. A tactic
    used to minimize discovery and target locked by BGs. You may still be
    discovered, but not take fire on your PC.
    For the most part don't waste your time rolling; it's only worth it when the
    (Head shot) sign is over your PC's head or the danger meter is near or at
    max. Rolling slows your PC down and keeps it in the field of fire longer
    than running straight will. This approach works fine for the most part
    unless there's a fire storm from multiple shooters at various positions.
    Lastly this guide will give you a route and suggest what, I believe, is the
    best conservative solution for route and actions in the current mission.
    However, it's up to you if and when and how to follow. For some, in the
    least, it can be taken as a general route and warning to hostiles. Knowing
    the knee-jerk reactions of players to a new game, ammo may become scarce to
    some, so if there are any caches close to the route given I'll mention them.
    Some levels are littered with ammo/weps and armor crates and some are as
    barren of them as the desert you may be working in. If the route and actions
    are followed as given, you'll not run out of ammo often if at all.
    08. Orientation
    When viewing the game "RADAR/Compass" notice the arrow, this arrow is N,
    change Gabe's direction and it swings around like a compass. The in-game
    "MAP" is different; no matter which direction Gabe may be facing N is always
    at the top. If in the guide, I refer to a cardinal direction point, it is
    related to this orientation.
    The PC's world; the 2nd mode and very import one for in field orientation.
    The 3D clock method comes in handy for IDing possible targets and objective
    locations. Visualize clock #1, a 12 hour clock around your PC and your PC is
    always facing 12:00. For example, regardless of the Radar or Map an object
    may appear directly to Gabe's right, at his 3:00 or directly behind him at
    his 6. Clock #1 is your PC's horizon. Clock #2 circles above and below your
    PC designating elevation and 12:00 is always directly above your PCs head.
    The 1st # is horizon the 2nd is elevation. So 3:00/1:00 is directly to your
    right and 30 degrees above the ground regardless of the distance to the
    I've created the BG constant, (hence BGC) the "C" designator informs you of
    an NPC that appears every time you play a mission, any NPC without the "C"
    is a BG that may or may not appear at any given run on a mission.
    Don't be afraid to use the in-game map. It's very helpful when learning the
    game or when having to remember where many of your objectives are.
    With Gabe I'm almost always using the Taser, but for most targets in my
    guide as soon as they appear on the field radar/compass and or begin
    shooting, I go for the old (R1) and square buttons to locate and remove
    09. Contractions
    The most commonly used terms used in the guide.
    Anti Government Militia= "AGM/s"
    Bad Guy/s/Gorilla/s= "BG/s",
    Bad Guy/s Constant= "BGC",
    Body Shot= "BS",
    Bulkhead= "Bkhd",
    Clockwise= "Cw",
    Computer/s= "Pile/s",
    Counter Clockwise= "CCw",
    Creep Scope and Scan= "CSS",
    Crossbow= "CB",
    Doorway= "Drwy",
    Double Tap Square= "2TS",
    Drop Point= "DP",
    East= "E",
    Entry Point= "EP",
    Exit Point= "XP",
    Hallway= "Hlwy",
    Headshot= "HS",
    Headtaze= "HT",
    Heat Signature= "HSig",
    Infrared Sniper Rifle= "IRSR",
    Jungle Barrier Wall= "JBW",
    Line of Sight= "LOS",
    Left Trigger= "(L1)",
    Man/Men in Black= "MIB/s",
    Man/Men in Black/Constant= "MIBC/s",
    Normal Vision= "NV",
    North= "N",
    Passageway= "Pswy",
    Patrolling Bad Guy/s= "PBG/s",
    Peek-a-Boo= "PaB",
    Peek-a-Boo Shoot/Shot= "PBS",
    Playable Character/s= "PC/s",
    Port Side= "PS",
    Port Water Tight Door= "P/WTD",
    Pull the 45= "Pt45",
    Pull the Falcon= "PtF",
    Pull the Grenade= "PtG",
    Pull the Gas Grenade= "PtGG",
    Pull the HK' "PtHK",
    Pull the Knife= "PtK",
    Pull the, (silenced 9mm) Pistol= "PtP",
    Pull the Spyder= "PtS",
    Pull the Taser= "PtT",
    Right Trigger= "(R1)",
    Shotgun= "SG",
    Single Tap Square= "1TS",
    Sniper Rifle= "SR",
    South= "S",
    Starboard Side= "SS",
    Starboard Water Tight Door "S/WTD",
    Stationary Bad Guy/s= "SBG/s",
    Tap Taze= "TT",
    Take/Took a Knee= "TaK",
    Target Icon= "TI",
    Tree Sniper/s, AKA Tree Rat/s= "TR/s",
    Triple Tap= "3TS",
    Walkway= "Wkwy",
    Water Tight Doorway/s= "WTD/s",
    West= "W",
    (Playing in Hard Mode)
    10. Walkthrough
    01. Hotel Fukushima,
    01a. Rm. 413, 4th floor and stairwell
    01b. Bottom floor to Lobby
    Welcome to the Hotel California,
    Such a lovely place,
    Such a lovely face,
    Plenty of room at the Hotel California,
    Any time of the year,
    You can find it here.
    No ... wait ...  it's the Hotel Fukushima we're at, it's Japan we're in,
    yes, California not.
    (Sorry 13 yrs ago, I don't know what to say)
    If you stop at the front desk in the lobby for 413s room key, Gabe will
    unlock the door instead of kicking it in; it took Mr. Thicky 13 yrs to
    discover that bit.
    The game starts off with Lian dropping Gabe off at the entrance to the
    Hotel. She then gives instructions to Gabe after entering the Lobby. Get
    Gabe to the elevator and up to the 4th floor of the Hotel. Threaten to kill
    the bellhop if he doesn't clam up. Once free from the cut scene, you have
    some free time; there are no time constraints on this level, so you can
    explore this floor if you like. There isn't much to see, in the mean time,
    you'll also be looking for Rm. 413. Once in Rm. 413, Lian will slap some
    more info onto Gabe's virtual lap. Load Gabe up with his toys of
    destruction, making sure to have him wash his hands before and after using
    them. "You don't know where they've been!"
    (Cut scene)
    01a. Rm. 413, 4th floor and stairwell
    Gabe has a nice view from his suite, huh? Armed with the sniper rifle,
    (hence SR) position him to the right of his suites window far enough to
    require (L1/L2) to see the room Shi Hao is in and the room to the right with
    the lone BGC. Max scope and place the targeting icon, (hence TI) just right
    of center mass on the BGC, (beaters) chest when standing erect then back off
    to 1/2 to 2/3 magnification. When Shi Hao eventually walks into the TI, send
    one; swing right to the lone BGC and send another.
    If you move quickly enough, and pop BGC#3 in the room to the right, quite
    often BG#4 arrives too late or not at all, in either case the prisoner runs
    free. If you aren't fast enough BG#4 will enter the scene and also fire on
    the prisoner forcing you to swing back into the 1st room. If the prisoner
    survives you'll hear "Got it" from Gabe.
    "Got it" from Gabe or any mission Playable Character, (hence PC) means you
    acquired one of the bonus mini games, in this case its "Military Base". The
    BGs at the building across the street go down with 1 round BSs from the SR
    giving you some wiggle room. In general, (regarding multiple targets) I like
    to keep the SR scoped to 1/2; it gives me the best Peek-a-Boo Shot, (hence
    PBS) targeting action. I track faster and have enough magnification for BSs
    without keeping Gabe's own nubbin hade in the open for longer than
    If you're going for both mini games then once you hear "got it" you must
    switch to the Taser for the rest of the BGs across the way, I'm sure that
    means everyone across the street not the entire mission. Even though, I use
    the Taser for all the remaining BGs. How anybody figured out the switching
    to Taser thing is beyond my bone hade, unless it came in an official game
    Regardless of what wep you're using sidestep right past the window ASAP.
    You're going to go through tonza hostiles from across the street, from five
    to 7 at a time. My advice is to maintain cover and use the (L1/L2) PBS
    approach to stay healthy; (R1) keeps Gabe in LOS too long. Work from left to
    right, top to bottom; i.e., Take a knee, (hence TaK) start at the top left
    of the roof, work your way across then down 1 floor and repeat. Use the wall
    to the right of the window for cover to limit the BGs Gabe is exposed to
    when multiple BGs are spread out across the floor. With practice you can
    exit the room with full or almost complete armor. No one has armor across
    the street so don't rush it, you have all day; see the sights, have a soda.
    If you're going for the 2nd mini remember it takes 3 seconds to taze a BG,
    so do your targeting adjustments from cover, extending Gabe's exposure time
    to realign for a missed shot will get you hurtin-fer-certin when this is
    over. Also keep an eye on Gabe's danger meter, when the red line reaches 75%
    count on a round smacking into him, remember you can always readjust for
    target from cover for the next PaB. To date, between 20 and 24 BGs ocifers
    included, (sic) can appear across the street after Shi Hao and his 2 BGs are
    down, I often get 21 to 22 BGs. I'm avoiding the detail on the removal of
    the 20 something BGs because they appear at any window on the top 3 floors
    along with the roof. The order of appearance and location are random.
    Once Shi-Hao and all the lieutenants have been removed, objective completed.
    Because of what follows, I go out of my way to complete this area with at
    least 9/10ths armor left,
    If you went with the Taser for the rest of the BGs you may or may not hear
    "Got it", I don't always hear it, regardless I check to see if "CHEATS"
    added the mini.
    (Cut scene)
    Now I taze my way off the 4th floor, how "YOU" play this section out will
    depend on the weps used. For example, the Taser is slow but tried and true
    unless there are 3 or more BGs firing simultaneously and Gabe has -0- cover.
    TaK helps, (smaller target).
    It takes three seconds to smoke, (incapacitate) a BG and 5 to 6 seconds to
    set him on fire, both expose Gabe to damage. However the greater the
    distance from the shooter the more time Gabe has before taking a round.
    Most times there's no need to PaB unless the BG has armor and or a modicum
    of cover, also a side bene, the Taser prevents the target from firing on
    Gabe, he will likely spasm fire but never at your PC. I like the Taser and
    use it tons and it is a renewable -0- ammo use wep. Otherwise choose your
    wep and roll.
    If you search the whole 4th floor you're going to come up against 9 to 10
    bad guys (hence forth known as BGs). We're going to trim that down a bit, my
    method puts a severe hurting on Gabe but he survives to the bottom floor
    60+% of the time. Most failures occur due to exiting rm. 413 with armor
    below 75% and rolling into stairwell BGs instead of past them.
    Go to Map, learn the layout of the 4th floor then exit 413 to Hlwy#1 and
    taze BGC#1. From this point to the 4th floor XP, have Gabe TaK prior to each
    BG removal, (minus the stairwell). Taze BGC#1, at the corner then run to and
    stop just before the 1st door on your right in Hlwy#2. TaK and taze BGC#2
    and almost always BG#3 from the elevator area then run toward the stairwell
    and 4th floor XP. BGCS#4 and 5 will appear from the stairwell, continue
    running for the XP while you drift slightly left of center in Hlwy#2 TT,(tap
    taze)  BGC#4 1 time before he rolls to the table, then on ignore him.
    I have 2 options for you for what follows, option 1 is fast, daring, -0-
    kills and Gabe suffers major damage, maybe flashing at the bottom floor.
    Option 2 is much slower, safer and Gabe has 5 or more kills. The stairwell
    BGCs are pretty regular regarding number and rough positioning within a
    platform or flight.
    Regardless of the option used, once you enter the stairwell an excellent
    armor saving tactic is to strafe/drift down a flight of stairs to the next
    platform to orient Gabe to the next flight and any lurkers around the
    corners. If you're tazing your way down, don't stop to admire your work,
    (hear scream, move out). 1 BGC is running up to meet Gabe, he'll stop inches
    from him negating any, R1, L1 or auto target defense, if you're removing
    them you have to catch him early or run or roll past, TaK then (R1/S).
    I have seen as few as 5 BGs on the stairwell and as many as 10, few appear
    in exactly the same spot, platform or flight of stairs from previous
    missions but almost all face up stairs.
    Also maybe 25% of the time BGC#3 does not appear at the elevator area with
    BGC#2 leaving you with 2 BGs on the 4th. Maybe 15 to 20% of the time BGCs#2
    and 3 don't show and or they flake at the elevator area long enough for Gabe
    to exit the 4th with 1 BG.
    Option 1;
    Ignore BGC#4 behind the table, BGC#5 who previously ditched into Hlwy#5,
    (Gabe's right), has reappeared, maybe TT once for a short sec. Run left of
    #5, roll into the stairwell and do not stop for 2 flights, sometimes one or
    both BGs follow Gabe past the 1st platform down. You'll survive this much
    better if you know where most of the BGs will be positioned on the stairs.
    Once BGC#6 has settled down strafe to the right, his left then run down the
    stairs, roll left and run around the corner to the next platform. Most are
    always facing up stairs and all are heavy hitters with SGs and Falcons.
    From this point on you must keep running, strafing and drifting to the left
    or right of each BG as they are confronted, roll as you pass them and come
    up facing the end of the left inside corner of the stairwell wall.
    EXTENDING HIS EXPOSURE TIME. Gabe will take 2 to 3 hits on the way. I almost
    always lose all armor; however, I have entered the bottom floor with no
    armor and 75% health remaining and survived to the armored kidnapper BG.
    With optimum possibilities you can reach the bottom floor with 1 BG removed.
    Option 2;
    Much slower and safer, I often complete the stairwell with no damage to
    armor which makes the beginning of the bottom floor so much easier to
    Ignore BGC#4 behind the table, BGC#5 who previously ditched into Hlwy#5,
    (Gabe's right), has reappeared, maybe TT once for a short sec. Run left of
    #5, roll into the stairwell and do not stop for 2 flights, sometimes one or
    both BGs follow Gabe past the 1st platform down. If you're lucky BGC#3 may
    not show up from the elevator area and you'll only have 2 BGs to down on the
    4th. Sometimes neither show up to dance leaving only 1 BG.
    Hit the stairs and keep moving; strafe to the right down each flight and use
    (R1/S) targeting on all the BGs. Expect to see from 5 to 10 BGs in the
    stairwell. There's the runner, 2 kneelers and the rest just hanging around
    waiting to be tazed. Creeping takes far too long. The average run has 5 BGs
    to cook. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, it's a...
    (Cut scene)
    New objective, the daughter of Japan's ambassador to China has been taken
    hostage. Save the female. Gabe must mow through a few BGs before he gets to
    the next set of stairs.
    Both options continue from here.
    01b. Bottom floor to Lobby
    As you round the corner from Hlwy#1 to Hlwy#2, (R1/S) BGC#1 standing beside
    the metal shelves. Remain along the right side of Hlwy#2, BGC#2 will appear
    from Hlwy#3, begin your roll about 3 to 4 feet from the inside corner and
    roll tight right around it into Hlwy#3. Come up running and roll tight right
    around the 2nd inside corner for cover from BGC#3 with the SG. At this point
    I'm usually down to 1/4 health. BGC#4 appears at the intersection of Hlwys#1
    and 2 but doesn't follow if you don't expose Gabe to him. Move deep into the
    corner and look into Hlwy#5, locate SBGC#5 at the head of the stairs then
    (L1/S). Run directly at #5's position and roll as Gabe exposes himself to
    BGs#3 and 4.
    Run down the stairs, bear left to the wall then stop before the corner.
    BGC#6 may or may not appear from Hlwy#6 and rush past the corner you've
    stopped at. If so, wait for him to pass by the corner before you run to the
    Laundry room EP. A hostage will be about 1/2 way along the Hlwy and BGC#7
    will be kneeling at the far left corner of it, so roll past him into the
    Laundry room and circle its perimeter Cw to the XP to Hlwy#7.
    If you saved the terrorist/prisoner at the beginning of the mission via rm.
    413 he will be hiding behind a closed door in the room on Hlwy#5 to the
    right of the stairs. Said room has a vest in it if you're hurting. Be aware,
    if you decide to take advantage of the vest, you'll be greeted by at least 3
    BGs when exiting the door. I avoid the room even if I'm flashing with 25%
    When you exit the Laundry room to Hlwy#7 Gabe will call in his discovery,
    (diplomats daughter) then make tracks to and up the stairs. TaK once you're
    at the top of the stairs (L1/S) BGC#8 for an ambush HS then run over him for
    his armor. He'll call out the other BGs when he drops but it won't matter.
    You need to be decent at (L1), (manual targeting) in a Hard mode game. If
    you let BGC#8 get to the top of the 2nd set of stairs before you take him,
    BGC#9 SGs the girl. If you wait til the girl drops to her knees BGCs #10 and
    11 show up. If you try to remove any of them then they kill her, if you sit
    and watch they'll walk off with her. All equal failure.
    Run up the middle left of the 2nd set of stairs in Hlwy#9. Stop at the top
    to taze BGC#9 guarding the girl. TaK at the top of the stairs; (R1/S)
    BGCs#10 and 11 once they show up from Hlwy#10.
    Take note for some reason if I get too close to the wall on the right Gabe
    seems to target said wall instead of BGCs#10 and 11 after they are in full
    view. 2nd if I'm at right middle of the stairs Gabe will target BGC#10 as he
    appears but not hold it forcing me to (R1) twice, Gabe almost always
    collects a round. Left middle works so far.
    If you lose up to 1/2 your armor take advantage of the vest in the storage
    room between the 2 flights of stairs before you free the girl.
    As soon as you're done speaking to the girl BGC#12 will advance from the
    stairs, (R1/S) him as he begins to fire on Gabe. Move to the right side of
    the kitchen EP, TaK then PaB; locate BGCs#13 and 14 then PBS both. Quickly
    enter the kitchen, turn left and strafe right to the kitchen intersection
    then take a couple 3 steps into the other half for an (R1/S) on BGC#15. You
    should be deep enough into the 2nd half to cover Gabe's 6:00 long enough to
    (R1/S) BGC#16 who just entered from your EP and passed by the girl.
    If you go too deep into the 2nd half of the kitchen the girl will follow
    Gabe and #16 will already be in the kitchen close to where #14 stood.
    Move to the XP, BGC #17 and possibly #18 are waiting to either side of the
    XP. Head up the stairs, to the Main floor and a hallway for BGC#19 at its
    end. Spread some electrical love his way.
    (Cut Scene)
    The woman is stashed behind the desk.
    OK, this is the last set of BGs. I hope they don't do Karaoke; it might
    force me to taze them longer than usual. Turn back down the hall and take
    your first right (Hotel staff on his knees), strafe left into the corner for
    BGC#20 near the end of the counter. Sidestep right a few feet and taze
    BGC#21 near the picture then right a few more feet for BGC#22. Should Gabe
    leave his key on the desk or take it as a memento? I don't know. Jump the
    desk and exit the level.
    When outside and in the van, Lian tells Gabe about Secretary of State
    Vincent Hadden's fact-finding committee, and that people are being called to
    answer questions.
    41-49 BGs removed this mission,
    2/SR, 38-46/Taser,
    END OF LEVEL 1, Hotel Fukushima,
    (Playing in Hard Mode)
    Only the BGs interacted with or killed will be counted and numbered.
    It's a 1st; I completed this mission with only 14 kills.
    02. Costa Rican Plantation
    02a. Start to turret nest #1
    02b. Turret nests #2 thru 4 and test sample kits in Building #1
    02c. Plant samples #2 and 3; extraction
     FMV, Gabe is answering questions from Hadden, and he relates the Plantation
    incident to Big Vinnie. The mission begins in-country with Gabe separated
    from Lian.
    I use the knife, Taser and a grenade to eliminate BGs for the entire
    mission, in an effort to minimize ammo use and noise, (when BG call outs,
    seizure firing and screams may alert nearby BGs).
    The locations of one or all of the 3 plant samples changes with each new run
    of the mission. So far all samples are taken from planting areas not on
    I make an effort to minimize BG kills by the mission PC whenever possible,
    in the case of CRP I allow Lian to eliminate as many BGs as possible til the
    2 split at the beginning of the village. I assist via distracting the BGs
    with mini tazing.
    02a. Start to turret nest #1
    Gabe appears in the jungle. BGC#1, (for "Bad Gorilla") is unaware of Gabe's
    presence; he paces back and forth in front of him. Press "START" and go to
    Map, the mission area kinda looks like a big pot with a big honkin knobby
    end on the handle. Look NNW to where the knob constricts to the handle, exit
    Map, turn right and run the perimeter CCw to the NNW corner and TaK. You
    never see BGC#1 but BGC#2 is S of Gabe at his 12:00. Shoulder the SR and
    scope #2; notice his left to right sway, watch him for a bit to learn the
    rhythm of his movement. Notice as the BG turns his head left the rifle rises
    with a sort of glitter, flash or twinkle as it swings to the BGs right, this
    is your tell.
    His movement will appear somewhat different with the naked eye, but the sway
    of his wep is counter to his head movement. Creep around the corner of the
    jungle barrier wall, (hence JBW) and sidestep right along it to the large
    fern about 5 feet from the tree for cover.
    The success of both maneuvers relies on your position behind the fern and
    exact timing of your move from the fern to the tree for cover. If you have
    issues with option 1, 2nd option may satisfy.
    Option 1;
    From the ferns, there is one long fern that bows out toward BGC#2; you want
    to position Gabe so that he, the long fern and #2 line up straight. An extra
    alignment aid is to 180, there's a dark patch at Gabe's 12 on the JBW, the
    larger dark patch has 2 small white patches; you want to be 90 degrees off
    the right patch. From this position you can stand for a better look at #2,
    scope the SR to reacquire #2s and his movement, do not lean to the right/W,
    left GOOD right BAD. Back up to the JBW then turn Gabe toward the tree while
    maintaining LOS on #2.
    The tree is about 5 feet away. While still holding (X), as #2 begins to turn
    his head to the left, turn Gabe right to parallel the JBW. You need to
    quickly press (O). Gabe will complete a forward roll and come up to a crouch
    beside the tree. Face the BG to reacquire his sway then as he begins turning
    left again turn and creep along the JBW til you have eyes on Lian.
    Option 2 begins with Gabe in position at the ferns, maintain crouch through
    the entire maneuver.
    Option 2;
    Once you attain cover from the BG via the fern, stand unnoticed, scope the
    SR and reacquire #2s movements. Turn to face the gap between the tree and
    JBW. As #2 begins to turn his head left, press forward to run, ASAP tap (O)
    to begin a roll then release forward and press and hold (X) to come to a
    stop in the crouch. This position provides cover from #2 via the tree; when
    #2 looks away again creep along the JBW until you have eyes on Lian.
    You will know the maneuver was successful because #2 maintains position. If
    #2 repositions after your move, even if you have no danger meter flash
    you've been ID'd.
    While moving from the standing position usually works, I am ID'd more often
    than with the crouched roll. Remember positioning behind the fern is crucial
    to a successful move.
    Both options continue from here.
    Once you hook up with Lian, she'll drag you to a tree at the 6 of auto
    turret nest#1 and frag it for you. Once done, the act is akin to ringing the
    dinner bell for a pack of hungry, slobbering Dobermans. The BGs pop out of
    the woodwork and commence to firing. Hold position, quickly PtT and distract
    BGC#3 at the nest's 10:00 with 1 second (R1/S) taps ASAP, you don't want him
    tossing grenades at you. Lian will circle the nest CCw and remove him. Run
    to the turrets 5:00 and begin (R1/S) taps on BGC#4 until she drops him. When
    he drops run CCw around the nest to the tree #4 was near and hold. BGC#5
    arrives; follow the same technique on him to give Lian time to remove him.
    Take the vest near the nest if you need it.
    The (R1/S) taps allow you a close up of the BG as the Taser connects, the
    close up will show you when he begins bleeding from wounds inflicted by
    Lian, which means he's ready to drop.
    02b. Turret nests #2 thru 4 and test sample kits in Building #1
    Follow Lian's icon on your RADAR to the next stop. I hate Tree Snipers don't
    you, (hence known as TRs for "Tree Rats"). Once you have LOS on the TR run
    to the camouflage post closest to the tree, TaK then press and hold (R1);
    Lian will circle the tree Cw for a firing position albeit a usually lousy
    one and begin firing on the TR. If all rounds are still bouncing off the
    tree after 10 seconds, assist Lian, with 1 to 2 second (R1/S) taps to
    distract the TR. Sometimes Lian takes him quick more often it takes forever.
    You'll know when she makes contact when you have blood sign from the
    TR/BGC#6 or he hit the ground. Follow Lian to turret nests#2 and 3, frag
    them and catch up to her.
    If you go to Map after fragging nest#3 you'll be at the lower S/W corner of
    the pot, there's an HK-5 you don't need behind a tree at the corner.
    I hope she appreciates all the fragging things Gabe does for her. Follow to
    the next... (Cut scene), Ellis will never have to shave or get another
    haircut for the rest of his death. There are grenades and a vest at either
    end of the fence if Gabe took fire or you blow at tossing grenades. Pick
    them up after you run to Ellis to complete the objective.
    (Cut scene)
    New objectives
    Lian is instructed to locate the labs and save any scientists. Gabe is
    ordered to find a comp and send the village position for demo.
    Often BGC#7 and BG#8 appear together from both sides of turret nest#4, if so
    #8 runs to Lian's 3:00, she'll deal with him. #7 remains at the nests 5:00
    so just toss the grenade; he'll get caught in the blast. If only #7 appears
    the results are the same, frag it and him.
    If #8 was a no-show he usually appears at the nest's 10:00 when Lian heads
    out. Stay close to Lian, everyone's gunning for her til you separate.
    Odd thing, I notice this too often to ignore. All you have to do to destroy
    the nest is target the sandbags at the nests 6:00 toss it and wait for the
    "checkpoint". However if I press "SELECT" or "START" for a wep switch
    directly after tossing the grenade it will kill #7 but not destroy nest#4
    and no "checkpoint". So, hold off on the weps change til later, that way you
    can keep pace with Lian.
    Also you might consider a "SAVE and QUIT" here, if you Biork anything after
    the test sample kit (Check point) you'll return to it but the BG that almost
    always shows up may not, or will just ignore Gabe.
    "The Village Idiots", if you search them out, you'll find 7 and as few as 5,
    3 TRs and 4 ground pounders, but why would you want to. Maybe we ignore all
    of them with the old run and roll trick.
    Follow Lian to turret nest#4; if #8 shows leave him to Lian. Sidestep left
    from the tree, TaK, target and Frag turret#4. Follow Lian ASAP after the
    "Checkpoint", it's time to weave your way to and through the BGs hanging
    around the edge of the village. Follow Lian up hill and Cw around the nest;
    she usually removes #8 if he shows up but has been known to ignore him. You
    want to stay as close to Lian as possible to draw fire from any of the BGs
    in the area. Follow Lian W straight to the EP of building#1, you might take
    a round on the way. Everyone is gunning for Lian but she dodges all once
    she's past nest#4. Follow her into building#1, roll if your danger meter
    The village spreads E to W, if you tap UP on the "D" pad; you get objective
    data and their locations, if known. For orientation sake, N, S, E & W and
    visualize the map as a clock.
    You've passed by up to 7 BGs between turret nest#4 and rm#1.
    Til this rewrite I never followed Lian and always wondered where she
    disappeared to; if like me you always wondered where she goes, dog her
    through building#1 til you're forced to stop by a barrier.
    Hold in rm#1, Lian will continue through the building to complete her part
    of the mission, you can watch her radar icon fade. Recon the rm; locate the
    stacked crates to your 1:00 and go to Map. You have 1 objective in rm#2 N/W
    of you, exit Map and creep to the left of the XP. You can locate the
    objective from the XP.
    Option 1;
    Stand and run straight to the table/test sample kit, take the kit then
    strafe right to the wall, crouch and then creep back to your EP.
    Option 2;
    Creep through the XP, stay tight right to and along the wall to the corner
    then stand, strafe left to the table. Grab the kit and strafe right back to
    the wall, crouch and then creep back to your EP.
    Normally, if you enter rm#2 and explore you'll find a BG at the leading edge
    of the 2nd half of the rm. S of you. This forces you to remove him before
    you can access the test kits. If you go directly for the crate, (creep or
    run, works most times) so far the BG shows up late 50% or not at all 20%. If
    you run straight to the table, take the kit, strafe to the right then roll
    to the wall and come up to crouch, he rarely sees Gabe when he does show let
    alone get a shot off.
    At this point there's only 1 reason to go any deeper into the building, the
    itchy scab known as curiosity. If the BG is there you'll have to drop him.
    At this time you have no reason to suspect it exists til you find it, but
    there's a mine detector in S/W half of room#2. In short time the game is
    going to be mean to you and meaner still later on if you don't take the
    detector that you (currently) have no reason to look for. There're a couple
    troublesome facts that crop up from this point in the mission because of my
    decision to lower the kill count and not go for the BG in rm#2 and or the
    mine detector.
    1. Kill the BG in rm#2, take or don't take the detector and the area around
    the EPs of buildings#1 and 2 are clear of BGs.
    2. The game punishes you for avoiding the BG in rm#2 by retaining 1 to 3 BGs
    around the 2 EPs upon your exit.
    2a; Avoid the BG kill but take the mine detector, you have 1 BG opposite the
    E side buildings W EP. You can easily slick the 1 BG and enter rm#1 via the
    S EP of the E side building.
    2b; Avoid killing the BG and don't take the detector, up to 3 BGs appear
    outside, 2 PBGs and a TR. You can still slick the BGs and make it into rm#1
    of the E side building via the S EP of building#2 but it takes much longer
    and you must move back and forth beside the XP of building#1 til PBGC#9 goes
    into creep mode.
    Where the game gets meaner still is it won't let Gabe grub for the mines.
    You're either forced to go back to the detector and meet many more BGs or
    you trial and error a route through the field like I did. I justify this,
    (trial and error) as grubbing for the mines the old fashion way once he's
    been notified. So before working out the no kill BG in rm#2 trick it was a
    matter of take your pick, grab the detector or follow the route I brained.
    With the new no kill tactic you still have a choice but it's a bit difficult
    and slow.
    Building #2, possible plant sample #1, freeing 2 females from slave beater
    Go for the detector or not, kill the BG if he's there or not, if you choose
    to go for the detector, use the darker shadowed route to it then return to
    rm#1 and its EP. Slide toward the EP, stop about 4 feet from the edge and
    swing your camera around for a look outside. PBGC#9 is at your 11:00, hang
    and watch his N to S patrol route, eventually he drops to crouch. When he
    turns and begins to creep S exit rm#1 and creep E toward the S EP of
    building#2. Do a quick scan then enter rm#1 and creep E along the S wall for
    cover from #9 and the TR. Locate the EP to rm#2, use the crate closest to
    the EP for cover and recon rm#2. Locate SBGC#10 S of the EP in rm#2 and taze
    Creep E into rm#2, stay left and tight to the wall. As you approach the
    corner BGC#11 will appear ahead and unalarmed. Creep to his 6, PtK and
    remove him. Stay tight to the wall and creep the perimeter of the room Cw.
    Stop before the wide opening to room#3 and swing your camera around for a
    look into rm#3 and locate PBGC#12 patrolling to the far E end of it.
    There're 5 pairs of columns in rm#3, from this position you'll need the SR
    to see all but the 2 columns furthest E. Numbered from W to E locate N side
    columns #3 and 4 at the E end of the room, from this position they appear
    close together providing a narrow gap/firing line between them.
    Between columns #3 and 4 is a crate that will conceal #12. You want Gabe
    positioned 1/2 way between the corner and the wall post to his left; this
    will provide the widest gap between the 2 target columns in rm. #3. PtT,
    maintain cover til he's walking away from your position then (L1/R2). Target
    the gap between columns 3 and 4, just above the crate, taze #12 as he's
    appears between the columns. Locate the EP to room#4 in rm#3 then circle to
    it CCw, hold about 8 feet to the right of the EP. Once BGC#13 exits rm#4
    enter it; use the comp then exit. Head E and outside for the chopper, once
    outside PtG, move deep enough into the area to have a good view of the
    chopper then frag it and return to room#3. Creep along the S wall to the W
    wall past room#4 then sidestep right/N to the S corner of room#3 and 2 at
    the wide opening. Hold at the corner and look for BGC#14 who replaced BGC#11
    who was knifed.
    #14 paces a couple steps back and forth along a crate to and from the XP to
    rm#1 he spends about 7 to 9 seconds moving in and facing each direction,
    more than enough time to enter and take cover.
    Pay close attention to #14 as he turns and heads for rm#1 if he rolls and or
    drops to crouch on the way retreat back to the corner ASAP and hold. #14
    looks back and or turns back toward rm#3 shortly after making the stop. If
    he remains in the crouch wait for him to head for rm#1 before you move to
    the middle of the S side of the crate in rm#2 for cover. Otherwise wait for
    him to walk back toward rm#1 again to gain cover at the crate.
    Once at the crate only reposition Gabe behind the crate when BGC#14 is
    walking toward or going into rm#1, odds are he'll see movement and the
    danger meter will respond. He may or may not fire on Gabe but you can figure
    the maneuver is toast; he will alter his routine to the point that you
    likely won't make it into rm#1.
    When at the N side of the crate in rm#1 always position Gabe to the corner
    farthest away from #14s approach, if it's from rm#2 be at the N/W corner of
    the crate, if from rm#1 returning to rm#2 be at the N/E corner otherwise
    he'll see Gabe and fire on him.
    As soon as BGC#14 turns and begins to walk toward rm#1, sidestep right past
    the corner then run along the wall for about 12 feet, from this position
    begin creeping along the wall to the corner. Bear left around the corner and
    seek cover from #14 at the S side of the crate. You should see the Radar
    icon from BGC#15 entering room#1 as you take position, if not swing your
    camera about to see the edge of his elbow to know when he's at the XP .
    There is a sweet spot behind the crate that gives you LOS on the XP from
    rm#2 and cover from BGC#14, this spot also gives you a very narrow LOS on
    the forearm/elbow of BGC#15 in rm#1 when he is at the side of the XP. Your
    task is to target the edge of the XP forearm high and to taze #15 when he's
    there and when #14 is walking away from it.
    If you look at Radar just after taking cover at the crate in rm#2 you can
    fix the position of BGC#13 in rm#3. As you taze #15, #13 relocates near to
    your previous position in rm#3, (Gabe at hold waiting for BGC#14 to
    reposition). Apparently this puts him close enough to put eyes on the rm#2
    XP to rm#1, too often the danger meter blips and or undirected fire can be
    heard as you approach the XP and long before #14 can see you even if he's
    facing the doorway, unless he has eyes in the back of his head that see
    through walls. Not that that hasn't occurred before too.
    If the 2 BGs don't line up for you wait til #14 enters rm#1 for the 1st time
    then sidestep left and (L1/L2/S) #15 when he returns to the edge of the XP,
    then, quickly sidestep back to the crate.
    BGC#14 has a couple 3 patrol styles;
    1. He'll walk back and forth a couple to a thousand times along the crate
    then enter rm#1 and allow you to exit rm#2.
    2. He'll walk back and forth a couple to a thousand times along the crate
    then drop to creep mode, do the back and forth some more then creep or walk
    back into rm#1 and allowing you to exit rm#2.
    3. He'll walk back and forth a couple to a thousand times along the crate
    then go into creep mode and never leave rm#2, however he does remain in the
    crouch and adds a 2nd stop to a somewhat extended route that allows Gabe the
    time required to exit rm#2. It's the rarest and most successful exit option.
    To date if while at the end of his stop in rm#1 BGC#14 is facing rm#2 he
    will continue to do so forever and I don't know why. You have 3 options;
    taze him and add another kill, try running to and rolling through the XP
    before he has a chance to stop and 180 or restart the mission. To date after
    restart from a previous "SAVE POINT", #14 has continued to face rm#2 while
    at stop in rm#1.
    When the timing is right taze #15; eventually if undisturbed #14 will follow
    one of the patterns mentioned above allowing you to exit rm#2 for room#1.
    Ensure #14 is past the XP/EP and in room#1 before you rise and run 2/3rds
    the distance to it, if any part of his body is visible from your position
    behind the crate as you move from it #14 will 180 and fire on Gabe. Creep
    the rest of the way into rm#1 and take cover behind the crate closest to the
    XP. When #14 exits the room; swing your camera through the EP to put eyes on
    him. He can be crafty, 180 and return to rm#1 pronto catching you while your
    back is turned. Follow his pattern for a circuit or 2 then make your move to
    exit rm#1.
    Once #14 exits rm#1 180 and run rm#1 CCw to the W XP. Just before the XP 180
    and quickly swing your camera around for a look N and E. If there's a BG
    along the N exterior wall sidestep N to (R1/S) him before he can rush and or
    fire on Gabe (with the new maneuvers there hasn't been a BG at the wall).
    Check Radar for other BGs N and E of your position as you creep around the
    XP to the N wall, if clear run to the S side of the small house and recon
    from the S/E corner of it. If it's clear N and E, (rarely), odds are high a
    BG is N of the house and will appear W of it in a few. Creep to the E side
    of the house and recon the surrounding area.
    There can be 1 to 3 BGs patrolling and or sniping in the area N and E of
    building#2, also if it isn't on fire one of the planting patches has a plant
    sample waiting to be taken. Usually there's a BG and or TR, this time I have
    1 PBG moving to the W of the small house as I swing around to the E side of
    it. The more time spent around the small house, the greater the odds a TR
    will appear E of Gabe.
    While watching PBG#16 from the E side of the house slide N along the house
    for a sec and check the plant patches N and W of the house for one not on
    fire. This time the N/W patch contains a sample. Slide back to the N/E
    corner, #16 patrols back and forth N to S between the inside corner of
    building#1 W and N to the W side of the small house. Eventually he goes to
    crouch then his patrol takes him between buildings#1 and 2, back to the
    inside corner of building#1 and then eventually due W of the small house.
    When #16 positions due W of the house stand and swing Gabe right but still
    have eyes on the edge of the house to know when #16 begins heading S in the
    crouch. ASAP run N along the house then straight to the non burning patch of
    plants for a sample. Take the sample, 180 and beat feet back to the N/E
    corner of the house.
    30% of the time there's 2 BGs near the house and the above will not be
    possible. 50% of the time #16 patrols an "L" shaped area along the W and N
    sides of the house killing any chance of the above occurring.
    Some or all of the plant samples may be in different planting areas. I
    believe some may change locations with every new mission run. To date, what
    you can count on is that the samples will always be in a section of plants
    not on fire. The miserable cretins are hiding the samples in plain site
    under camouflage netting; this could be a drag. There are so many of these
    patches throughout the mission area.
    When Gabe reaches the N/E corner of the small house odds are high a TR will
    be E of you. Use the trees and roll to maintain cover long enough to
    distance Gabe from the TR. Remember to regularly test the area ahead for BGs
    with (R1). Continue E we gotta find the rest of those bloody things and we
    ain't gonna do it sittin on our Keisters. As you approach the fence, Gabe
    hears BGC#17 beating and berating a female slave worker.
    I want to pistol-whip the PoS before I cap him, but the game won't let me,
    so ... I'll creep his 6 and make him bleed ... A LOT! PtK circle #17 to his
    5:00 then creep to his 6, stand and slice.
    I don't know why but the game won't allow Gabe to slash #17 from the crouch,
    try it and he kills the woman and Gabe. I mad slashed at him like no
    tomorrow for zilch.
    02c. Plant samples #2 and 3; extraction
    Don't you just love it when people are grateful for your assistance? Just
    for that, I'm going to help her friend, too. OOH! Gabe said "GOT IT"; I
    wonder what that was all about. Maybe the second lady gave her telephone
    number; you know in case he's ever down Guatemala way, you know, "Call me!"
    Hubba! Hubba!
    You get "Rhoemer's Labs" for freeing the 2 ladies. 10 to 20% of the time the
    2nd woman, "Amiga" pretty name sorta, she sounds friendly; anyway she's
    there but invisible, walk toward her position to receive her verbal albeit
    ethereal thank you.
    The 2 women are at the southern bulge at the maps 12:00. If you're hurting,
    there's a vest mixed in with the crates to the N of the NPCs. Returning to
    the mission, PtT and continue E, usually when I pass the end of the
    camouflage netting Radar lights up with a TR/BG#18, taze#18, (he wasn't
    there for me this time). As I close in on the path intersection where the
    pot handle and pot connect, I drift S to the JBW then hold and TaK at the W
    side of the mini hill crest. Remain in the crouch and press (R1) as BGC#19
    appears from the S press and hold (Square) for 3 secs. Taze #19 before he
    fires a round alerting everyone in the area. Turret nest#1 always has a BGC
    in it, use the tree for cover from the nest and move tight to it.
    Just S of the intersection there is always the TR/BGC#20. Up to 6 BGs have
    swarmed the area using the old tactics. Remain in the crouch, move tight to
    the tree and locate the TR/BGC#20 S of your position. (L1/S) #20 then face
    the nest and slowly back away from the tree about 2 to 3 feet then hold. If
    there is a PBG near the TRs position he'll show in a couple 10 seconds, he
    may be a no-show til you're on the move and or move off to the E far enough
    to be out of play. Watch the moves of the nest BGC, most times he remains in
    a crouch and moves back and forth E to W.
    Move to and crouch tight to the tree and hold position, til the nest BGC
    begins heading E then stand and run out and around the JBW then W along the
    wall. About 10 feet from the corner of the JBW roll to a crouch and continue
    up hill. Orient Gabe S/E and continue to sidestep along the JBW up hill. The
    PBG usually near the TR may see you and advance if he's around, certainly
    the PBGC near the top of the hill will. Avoid the S/E PBG if possible and
    taze PBGC#21 near the top of the hill. It appears we have a TR at nest#2
    this time, taze #22 and move toward the tree, stop about 10 feet off the
    tree for cover. BGC#23 appears and rushes Gabe CCw around the nest, try and
    taze him before he can fire on Gabe.
    On this run plant sample#2 was in the patch between nest#2 and 3 which blows
    chunks. You must clear the TR and PBG before going for sample#2. Nest#3 has
    a BGC; you may hear and or see undirected fire from him but no danger meter
    activity until you vamos. I hate that Gabe is forced to stand from the radio
    call even when holding "X" down. ASAP press and hold (R2/Down) to strafe
    away  and exit pronto toward the S JBW then circle back to nest#2 for cover.
    Sample#2 was between Nests#1 and 2; TR/BGC#24, near nest#3 was removed but
    PBGC#25 was absent.
    Creep toward and CCw around the tree to the N side of the nest; there're
    usually 3 BGs around nest#3, a TR and 2 on the ground, one of them is in
    nest#3. You're far enough away from nest#3 to be invisible; look toward
    nest#3. If you don't see the wep glitter from the TR, micro tap "UP" and or
    (R2) to move W a smidge til you see the glitter then (R1/S) TR/BGC#24. Creep
    W between the nest and tree to the JBW to avoid any BGs to your 6. Creep to
    the edge of the JBW and swing you camera around to put eyes on PBGC#25, hold
    til he is walking away, (toward the TR tree) then sidestep out from cover to
    (R1/S) PBGC#25.
    PBG#25 was missing from the side of nest#3.
    If the sample patch is between nest#2 and 3 go for it now. Circle the tree
    and nest#2 Cw to the JBW then S, when the target patch is due W, face it,
    stand and look to Radar. The BG in the nest paces back and forth N and S
    when he begins heading to the N/W corner of the nest run straight to the N/E
    corner of the target patch, enter and take the sample. Begin fast tapping
    "X" to get out of the radio call then press and hold (R2/DOWN) to strafe
    E/N/E away from the patch and the BG as he returns to the S/E corner of
    (Cut scene)
    While trying to skedaddle from the patch; a message from Lian comes, telling
    Gabe Rhoemer is on the move, nice timing.
    Return to the N side of nest#2 then creep between the nest and tree to the
    JBW, creep around the JBW and continue W along it. When you have the tree
    between Gabe and nest#3 stop, creep toward nest#3 using the tree for cover.
    The BGC creeps and or walks S/E to N/W in the nest, sometimes only halfway
    across sometimes all the way and does it in 2 stops, (the best option). But,
    it can be done with the halfway option too. Stand against the tree and face
    W, run when he begins heading S/E, run tight right around the JBW then roll
    toward the tree that's close to the barrier.
    You should be at the bottom of the pots 6:00, due S. Creep along the JBW to
    the 2nd tree and continue testing down range for BGs (R1), locate and taze
    the TR/PBGC#26 if he's there, if not, strafe S to the JBW then continue W
    and approach the planting area E of the mission exit, if one of the patches
    or a significant part of a patch is not set ablaze check it after you taze
    BG#27. If the sample is there, you'll use the E approach to the tunnel
    entrance, in our lucky case it is.
    To date the 3rd sample has either been E of or N of the tunnel entrance.
    It's at the E patch this time so there's no need to pass through both mine
    fields for sample#3.
    Go to Map, there's a huge blobby obstacle NNE/1:00 of the tunnel entrance.
    You can take the long route around the obstacle and meet up with up to 6
    more BGs or you can use the mine detector or my (should be method of mine
    grubbing, using the combat knife) to traverse one or both mine fields to the
    3rd sample if it was N of the tunnel. I'll give both accounts, it's a 50/50
    toss up, the 3rd sample is N of the tunnel.
    Strafe to the S JBW then begin running W up hill to the side of the tunnel.
    (Cut scene)
    Mujari calls and tells Gabe the area leading to the exit has been mined.
    Option 1, (3rd sample E of tunnel entrance)
    At the side of the tunnel sidestep N to where Gabe's right shoulder is flush
    to the corner of the tunnel then take 3 creep steps N past the corner. Face
    W, align your compass arrow to the E end of the E/W latitudinal line. You're
    Facing due W, now offset the arrow up so that it is partially unaligned and
    above the E/W latitudinal line. Creep W til Gabe has the leading edge of the
    tunnel entrance at his 9:00. Face the tunnel and enter to end the mission.
    Option 2, (3rd sample N of tunnel entrance)
    At the side of the tunnel sidestep N to where Gabe's right shoulder is flush
    to the corner of the tunnel then take 3 creep steps N past the corner. Fact
    W, align your compass arrow to the E end of the E/W latitudinal line. You're
    Facing due W, now offset the arrow up so that it is partially unaligned and
    above the E/W latitudinal line. Creep W until Gabe has the leading edge of
    the tunnel entrance at his 9:00 then turn and face the tunnel. Sidestep W
    til he is just E of the middle of the tunnel then 180. You may begin taking
    fire as you near the middle of the tunnel entrance, (R1/S) TR/BG#27, the
    closer of 2 TRs.
    Face due N, (there's a big tree pretty much at your 12:00). Creep forward 3
    steps, stop, face due W and take 1 step forward, then face due N again.
    Adjust Gabe so that he is looking a couple feet to the right of the big tree
    then continue N til the tree is at Gabe's 9:00. Face due W then locate the
    next tree at your 1:00. Creep straight to the S side of the tree then face
    N; sidestep W then creep into the patch for sample#3. I haven't been able to
    acquire the sample without alerting TR/BG#28 of my presence. Quickly take
    the sample then retreat to the tree then retrace your steps back to the big
    tree. Retrace your steps back to the tunnel entrance and exit.
    (Cut scene)
    Logan gets orders to proceed to the extraction point, but ignores them and
    instead goes after our buddy, Rhoemer.
    14 BGs removed this mission; it's usually 15 to 17.
    2/K, 4/Grenades, 11 Tazed,
    END OF LEVEL 02, Costa Rican Plantation
    (Playing in Hard Mode)
    03. C-5 Galaxy Transport
    The 3rd level commences with Gabe talking to Hadden about his decision to
    go after Rhoemer. The FMV ends with Gabe chasing the C-5 in a jeep - tres
    Drift left and taze BGC#1, run through #1 and circle around BGC#2, creep his
    6, PtK and slash him.Taze, (R1/S) the two BGCs and head forward to the
    bulkhead. What do we have here? ABS armor helmet, what the heck does ABS
    stand for, Antilock Braking System??? Locate the EP in the bulkhead and move
    forward into the next section of cargo bay. Charge into the forward bay and
    taze the next BGC of his evilness ASAP!
    I had always approached the cockpit ladder from the port side of the forward
    cargo bay assuming Rhoemer would chunk Gabe on his way aft. On this rewrite
    I tried things different; when I used the center aisle Gabe rolled to port
    to avoid contact with Rhoemer, when the BGC descended the ladder Gabe was in
    his usual port side position with cover. When I tried the starboard side
    aisle Gabe maintained position and was LOS with the BGC as he approached the
    ladder. Hmmm, that works for me.
    Strafe to the starboard bulkhead as you run forward; Rhoemer will make his
    appearance, all in a huff, quickly tap "X" to get rid of him. Apparently, he
    hired all his BGs from K-Marts discounted, discount shelf and they're all
    "XX" irregular irregulars. TaK, (R1/S) the BGC as he exposes himself at the
    top of ladder. "The PERV, the dirty perv"! Quickly run up the ladder, strafe
    right into the cockpit, run straight to the lever, pull it then 180 and exit
    with a roll down the ladder. If you're hurting from your bungle in the
    jungle, (flashing RED) there's a vest and two boxes of the ever-lovin UAS-12
    I think your chances of entering and exiting the cockpit unharmed is
    relative to how fast you can drop the ladder descending BG and run up to the
    cockpit. The copilot has a sort of ritual; if you're interested, sit on the
    ladder out of sight and watch. At 1st you don't see him, then he looks over
    the back of his seat then he leaves the seat to fire on Gabe if he's in the
    cockpit, if not, the copilot eventually takes a firing position behind his
    seat and waits for Gabe.
    Tapping "DOWN" to 180 doesn't seem to be reliable on my controller so I turn
    left then book. More often than not I enter and exit without a shot being
    Not sure if it's my game or all are troubled by this but stay away from the
    sides of the ladder, Gabe seems to get caught on the ladder posts.
    Back in the forward cargo bay, locate and shoulder the AUS-12. Now, make
    your way back to the aft cargo bay, where you started this short and
    possibly very painful mission. Rhoemer is anxiously awaiting your return and
    hopes to blow your kittens right off your ... you know what! Once Gabe is
    between the forward and aft bulkheads you get a checkpoint. Good thing too,
    if done wrong what follows will get ugly. Run aft through the center aisle,
    Rhoemer will run back and forth in front of the jeep.
    As Gabe reaches the jeep Rhoemer is standing to the right of it, looking to
    port and appears oblivious to Gabe's approach. Run right up to him and send
    the 1st round into his armor. From there run toward him and fire the next
    round before he has a chance to recover. Repeated and done correctly Rhoemer
    will fly after the 6th round is sent.
    Remain at least 4 to 5 feet from Rhoemer after the 1st round is sent or
    he'll end run Gabe. Do not come within 6 feet of the caution line at the
    cargo door; stop within and at the edge of dark deck area, otherwise Rhoemer
    will end run Gabe. Ensure you just tap "SQUARE" to avoid a double fire
    wasting rounds, Rhoemer flies at 6. Rhoemer is just as handy with the AUS as
    Gabe is and he's faster at end running you if you give him the slightest
    opportunity than Chance.
    Hmmm Gabe said "GOT IT" again, once Rhoemer was out the door, do you think
    Rhoemer and he have something going???
    Completing the hidden objective gets you the mini game "Missile Silo".
    4 BGs removed this mission,
    1/K, 3/Taser, 6/UAS,
    END OF LEVEL 03, C-5 Galaxy Transport
    (Playing in Hard Mode)
    04. Pugari Gold Mine
    04a. Pie hole to bridge
    04b. Hide slaves, free compatriot and plant charge
    Level 04 starts out with Lawrence Mujari sitting in on the Hadden
    investigation explaining his involvement with the agency. As he progresses
    with his monolog, the scene switches to his drop into the Pugari mining
    You can play with Mujari's chute and change direction just like Gabe's chute
    in SF2. If you forget the game for a few and just play with the chute and
    land almost anywhere however most of them are deadly. Turn and head W you'll
    see a high and narrow area with a guard walking it. It took me a few tries
    to figure out the chute, but I made it to the guy on the high ledge at
    Pugari. Smoke the Boer and snag the M79 for your killing pleasure. Take
    note, the only item you need in this area is the explosives ESE of the
    default LZ on the tip of the crane boom. You don't need to kill anyone at
    the pit to acquire the explosives all can be ignored, unless you have a need
    to remove everyone and grab all the items in the pit.
    I know it blows like a fart in the face, (reeking of pre-knowledge) but if
    you're like me and trying to minimize kills then you might consider the CB.
    It's near the bottom of the pit not far from the explosives crate and not
    out of your way enough to matter.
    04a. Pie hole to bridge
    Once you land on the boom crouch and back up a few steps, Larry is facing E
    locate, go to Map. The nearest objective is the explosives at your 1:00 exit
    Map. Look to your 1:00, it must be the crate is on the top ledge; there are
    no others in that direction below. There's PBGC#1 patrolling on the top
    ledge to Mujari's 2:00. Watch the BGs patrol route, when he turns away from
    his closest approach to Mujari, (near the target crate) quickly stand and
    run to the jump point. ASAP run to the target crate for the explosives then
    180, (DO NOT ALTER YOUR DIRECTION FROM THE 180) and run straight at the
    scallop shaped cut into the ledge. Larry will drop to a very narrow ledge
    below, 180 then run off said ledge to the one below that.
    Run S/W along the pit wall and drop again to the ledge below. You may even
    land of the CB crate, take the CB, 180 and then beat feet for the pit
    opening. You'll see PBGC#2, walking toward the crane, as you head straight
    for the right side of the pie hole, (tunnel entrance to the pit).
    OK, if you haven't noticed yet, to the N of the boom is a big hole in the
    wall of the excavation. Enter the Esophagus please. If you switch to MAP,
    you may detect a similarity to the digestive tract, pie hole, esophagus,
    stomach and intestinal tract.
    Quickly move to the middle area of the stacked crates to jump and hang.
    PBGC#3 will appear then turn and walk away, as he does, climb up, over and
    roll off the crates to the ground. Follow #3 to the 4th row of stacked
    crates once he walks behind them hoist and hang. Swing your camera about to
    put eyes on him; he'll repeat his route again, as he begins to walk around
    the 4th row of stacked crates climb up and over them. Roll off the crates,
    do not run off it'll alert him. On the ground beat feet to the boulders with
    the warning sign. There are three Boers in the stomach. Try not to shoot
    anything; PBGC#4 will be walking to Larry's right, swing left around the 
    Locate the next big lone potato looking boulder in front of you as you drift
    left to cave the wall. Take cover behind the potato and keep an eye on all 3
    PBGs. Locate the next potato N between Larry and the XP; shortly, there will
    be a moment when all 3 are facing away from Larry when it occurs be ready to
    run to the next potato for cover. #4 will head back to the boulders with the
    warning sign leaving only 2 to watch, when the next opportunity arises be
    ready to run to the XP. While waiting, shoulder the CB.
    Locate and pass through sphincter#2 and into the Duodenum, (upper intestinal
    tract) when clear. Run along the right wall to the corner of the next big
    room, stop and PaB the next room to the right. Locate PBGCs#5 and 6, strafe
    left into the room, (R1/1TS) #5 and repeat for #6. Free the two slaves and
    go to Map, locate the next objective and evacuate the Duodenum. Creep to the
    trams, (ore carts) and PaB, PBGC#7 is irritating the Jejunum, hold til he
    turns away then run right into the Ileum, cecum and ascending colon. You'll
    see PBGC#8 ahead in the tunnel system; follow him into the next tunnel,
    (R1/1TS) #8. PBGC#9 may be visible on the bridge run to him, when you hear
    Mujari say "Wait here something, something trouble" (R1/1TS) #9.
    PtP and sidle up to one side of the tunnel, creep toward the bridge then PaB
    left and right.
    With the old tactic, BGCs#10 thru 14 would appear quickly with no prodding.
    With the new maneuvers, (CB usage) the BGs appear randomly and in singles
    instead of pairs. Most times I end up running back to the slave workers then
    return to the bridge to find another BG at one of the side tunnels. Use the
    9 on the 1st 4 then CB the 5th.
    04b. Hide slaves, free compatriot and plant charge
    When complete Larry will escort the 2 slaves to a hidey then receive a call
    for help. Pass through the Transverse and descending colons, good, both are
    clear of obstructions. Now at the rectal sphincter if we stretch it and push
    through a bit, we can see our obstruction. I think Lawrence could remove it
    with scalpel-like precision - yup, but no! Shoulder the CB, run toward
    SBGC#15 with his back to Larry, Stop 3/4s of the way to him then strafe to
    the right side of the tunnel, (L1). Locate the Dejesus icon but not the
    person creep a step or 2 closer for a target. Quickly target BGC#16 then
    (L1/1TS) #16, #15 will beat feet deep into the room for his demise by
    Quickly 180 to ensure no one is running up your 6 with an SG.
    If clear 180 and back step a couple feet then left to the tunnel wall for
    cover and hold for the duration. Larry's buddy will handle the 3 to 4 BGs
    that swarm the area by his lonesome. Larry will then be magically
    transported to his compatriot where they'll have tea and speak of hot
    crossed buns. Now this stinks, food traveling in reverse, I thought that
    only happened from stomach to mouth.
    The number of BGs rarely differs from one play thru to another; so far on
    this and the last 3 runs I have removed 4 and incapacitated 6.
    Make your way back to the Duodenum to set your Pepto-Bismol bomb, I CB 3
    more BGs on the way back to the bridge, BGC#17 is crouched where I dropped
    off the 2 workers, I sidestep up grade along the right side of the tunnel
    til I see his legs then I PaB and inch right til I have a piece of his body
    then (L1/R2/1TS). I then 180 and creep toward the intersection stopping
    about 3 feet from it then swing camera around for a look up tunnel.
    BGC#18 creeps toward the bridge 5 or 6 feet and holds facing the bridge for
    a few secs, then creeps back the same distance and faces this end of the
    tunnel for an equal time. Quick PaB and inch left toward the intersection
    while #18 is moving and looking toward the bridge strafe left and (R1/1TS).
    PBGC#19 charges Larry from the far end of the bridge and was a thorn in my
    side using the SR or 9, he doesn't do crazy acrobatics but I had a hard time
    putting him down before he redecorates Larry. The CB solves all issues.
    ASAP run toward the bridge, as you near the bridge press (R1); when you have
    LOS, (1TS) to drop #19. Go to Map locate the site to plant the charge then
    run to it. Once the charge is set 2 more BGs appear and they set the charge
    off by shooting it, clever. We're gonna need to flush this whole mess and
    purge from both ends yah! Well, that didn't work! It appears that we've
    ruptured the duodenal lining and we'll have to escape through the colostomy
    4 BGs removed this mission, 9 CB'd and alive.
    4/9mm, 9/CB,
    END OF LEVEL 04, Pugari Gold Mine
    (Playing in Hard Mode)
    05. Pugari Complex
    This is one of the shorter levels, truly an extension of the Gold Mine. I
    don't know why they put a save point where they did.
    Run to the tram, flip the switch and climb aboard. TaK to avoid head slaps
    like no tomorrow. Woo-Hoo! What an enema-ated ride, I didn't think crap
    could move that fast, Its tres fun watching Mr. Stupid try to get away from
    the tram by running in front of it. As the tram passes the last support beam
    and the end of the track becomes visible stand up and release all buttons.
    The tram dumps Larry into an even deeper pit, the camera auto switches
    perspectives from the BG at the bottom of the pit looking up then to
    Mujari's as he comes to a stop at the base of the pit wall. ASAP (1TS) to
    drop SBGC#1, no damage to Larry, Larry likes! And we're all out of bolts.
    I worked out a way to knife the BG but Larry looses at best 1/2 his armor in
    the act. ASAP press and hold (Forward), tap (X) to roll then begin tapping
    (Square) as you come up. As cool as the move is it ain't worth the loss in
    So, Lawrence has more than cleaned himself out with that dangerously
    explosive purgative concoction. I don't know where the hell we are here ...
    what's this, oh, a gall stone. Hmmm, I guess it passed, too.
    Get Lawrence moving W, up and out of the bowel. Did I say bowel? I meant to
    say bowl or pit. Ahead to the left, there's a building. Enter it and speak
    to Foreman Jones. Just like a Boer. Ventilate the scuz; he needs some airing
    out ... or maybe not.
    Let Forman Jones live and you get another goodie at the end of the mission,
    if not. Oh look BIG TRUCK! Let Jones live and you have a clear run up the
    ramp to the next area, kill Jones and you have an earth hauler and 3 angry
    BGs waiting to sing off key.
    Let Jones live and get the truck out of the building, Okie-dokie; back to
    the westward running thing. Up and out of the second bowl, if you explore
    the area beside the ramp you'll find an M79 you don't need. Peek into the
    first big enclosed area rm#1 with a hauler at the far eastern end and locate
    2 PBGCs, #2 and 3. #2 on the ground and #3 on the wall above the hauler,
    both BGCs patrol back and forth N/S into and out of the room. To Larry's
    right are a bunch of crates, stay glued to the wall on the right, as you
    proceed into the room, use the crates for cover and make your way to the XP.
    1 to 2 more BGs may appear up on the walls surrounding the area with the
    hauler. If so you'll be forced to clear the room before you can try to exit.
    If you receive any damage there's a vest to the driver's side rear of the
    On this run only #2 and 3 in the hauler room. Follow the routes of PBGCs#2
    and 3 1 time to learn their extent then move to the XP of room#1. As #2
    exits rm#2 and #3 returns up above. Move into the XP enough to recon room#2,
    you should see PBGC#4, if he is walking toward the XP return to room#1, take
    cover and hold for another cycle of PBGCs#2 and 3. If he is walking away
    from the XP creep W into room#2, seek cover from#2 and 4 within the crates.
    Recon the walls and the area around the crates from cover, the walls are
    clear but BGC#5 is close by S/W of you near the crates. #5 has limited
    movement left to right and take note that PBGC#4 patrols deep into the
    smaller rm#3 S of your position. Also note that he turns to his left when
    heading back into rm#2.
    PBGC#4 patrols a major portion of the ground area. Maintain cover against
    the N side of the crates til PBGC#4 is almost ready to turn S; sidestep W to
    the wall then head S toward and behind #5. Maintain creep into and to the S
    end of rm#3, as PBGC#4 turns back to rm#2 creep the perimeter of rm#3 CCw to
    the XP and exit.
    Hold at the base of the 1st flight to use the wall for cover, lean left into
    the stairwell and look down to the base of the 2nd flight of stairs. In a
    moment PBGCs#6 and then #7 will appear, ensure you put eyes on both so your
    Radar will follow their route pattern.
    To date only 2 PBGs appear to Mujari walking the lower floor below while
    he's in the stairwell. However it's worth mentioning, a 3rd PBG often
    appears in the room below after Mujari is creeping across the grated Wkwy.
    Also as a warning their patrol routes are different enough each time to keep
    you on your toes. Lastly more times than I care to remember Radar will show
    1 or both BGs at the left side of Radar, (which should make them visible to
    you) but they are not. Be careful.
    It also appears one of the PBGCs faces the stairwell and sidesteps into
    view, immediately IDing Larry and ruining the mission.
    The best I can offer here is for you to move out when both PBGs are moving
    away from Mujari's Radar icon, both are stopped or any combination of the 2.
    Creep down the 2nd flight of stairs, head S across the room and past
    machine#1, drift W for cover behind machine#2 and on solid flooring. Creep
    to the opposite side of the solid floor, (near the XP) then do a quick PaB
    left toward machine#1. Hang there til a PBG appears then walks away. Creep
    to Machine#1 then up onto the solid flooring to discover a new objective not
    mentioned in the list. Pull the lever, take a call then move to the edge of
    the solid floor for a PaB toward the XP and down to the floor below.
    Locate the PBGs, ensure none are heading toward Larry then beat feet to the
    XP and up the stairs. Once at ground level, find the RED buildings with the
    big "P" and Pugari written on them.
    (Cut scene)
    Lawrence's comrade is in trouble; get a move on and hep 'im. Smith gets his
    butt shot out of the second floor and bites the big Apple.
    Ready Larry to run, press and hold (UP), as soon as Larry is free you want
    to be running to the left side of the buildings EP. 2 BGCs will rush out the
    EP as you reach the building and run by Larry, strafe right to the EP then
    up the stairs. Roll if your danger meter alerts you to weps fire. Quite
    often I complete the task without armor damage and the 2 BGs never follow.
    No worries if you take damage on the way up; the rest of the mission is a
    breeze. Get Lawrence upstairs to the comp and push the letter his friend
    told him to (PSST, it's a "W"). Boers appear on the roofs, chasing down
    Lawrence's other compatriot.
    Let his friend deal with them, he's a better shot than Larry. All the bad
    guys are horizontal when you get outside along with your fallen amigo. An
    elevator starts up with 3 to 4 more Boers. Head left to the corner of the
    big building and let Mujari's friend handle them.
    (Cut scene)
    Lawrence rides the Lift down to find the infected workers. To his sorrow,
    they are all dead.
    As a cap to this level, Lawrence moves back to the inquiry and tells Hadden
    to whom the virus was given.
    -0- BGs removed this mission, 1 CB'd and alive.
    END OF LEVEL 05 Pugari; Complex
    (Playing in Hard Mode)
    06. Kabul, Afghanistan
    06a. Snipers 1 thru 4
    06b. Snipers 5, 6 and tunnels to Map
    06c. Sniper#7, set charges extraction
    FMV, Lian starts this level out again with Hadden, explaining her first
    contact with Gabe Logan. The scene segue's into her standing in a back alley
    in Kabul. What we want to do is take out the snipers so as to make our
    journey through town less adventurous. (Read: dangerous, notice they both
    end in Rous - coincidence? I think not!)
    To acquire the mini game "Kabul" none of the BGs in the mission can get
    excited til all 7 snipers are down, at which point as S#7 hits the floor you
    will hear Lian state, "Got it". No 2nd rounds on a target; even though the
    danger meter remains inactive and the background music doesn't change, (if
    you have it on) you blew it.
    (Glitch) To date as of the beginning of this rewrite (6/26/14), in countless
    attempts through the 1st room of the Kabul mission I have ghosted the BG
    near my original S#1 4 times and acquired the IRSR, the rest of the time I
    was gunned down as I attempt the grab. If I ignore the "S" gear I can cross
    the room albeit convolutedly 60% and better (sometimes), other times there's
    no way the game lets me into the room let alone through it. 30% of the time
    I make it through the room the hidden BG runs out into the room, when that
    happens you can forget the mini game. I can find no rationale to account for
    why the BG behind the wall activates when he does than when he doesn't. So,
    I decided to work a new route.
    (7/9/14), I tried to access S#1, (original S#1) and his gear via the
    alternate route described below. BG#1 still stands and walks to or creeps to
    the end of the low wall then runs to the edge of the Hlwy. So, the game
    doesn't want you to have S#1s gear without killing BG#1 and or ruining your
    attempt on the mini game. So as long as you don't enter the room S#1 is in
    there's no fear of activating the hidden BG and or wrecking your chances on
    the mini. I'm bummed I no longer get to slice the (original) S#2 but that's
    good, I was starting to like it.
    So here's the newer, happier, calmer route for S#1, 2 and 3, it's a bit
    longer than the original route but not much.
    Go to Map once free from the cut scene, the map shows 4 major N/S alleyways
    and 3 E/W alleyways and what looks like a village square N/E of N/S #1.
    Facing E in E/W alley#1 creep to N/S#1; pick a side of the alley to move
    along then head N. Halfway up the alley you come across a building with a
    lit interior, creep to and or look into the 1st floor from across the alley,
    there's an SBGC behind a partially blown out wall. The BGC switches position
    from crouch to standing every few seconds.
    Option 1
    Remain in the crouch throughout the maneuver. Move to the building the BGC
    is in, creep N past the EP and stop between the EP and the window. The BGC
    sways back and forth looking from left to right, face N and as he begins
    turning to the left tap (Triangle) to roll past the window. Continue N to
    the shallow corner of the building then look E for the village square.
    Locate the N corner of the building due E of your position then creep across
    the alley to the corner.
    Option 2
    Remain in the crouch throughout the maneuver. Creep N along the building til
    your parallel to the buildings EP, there's an SBGC behind a partially blown
    out wall. The BGC switches position from crouch to standing every few
    seconds. The BG sways back and forth looking from left to right, face N and
    as he begins turning to the left tap (Triangle) to roll past the window.
    Continue N to the N corner of the building and look E to the village square.
    Both options continue from here.
    Locate the bus and the PBGC patrolling on top of it. When the PBGC heads
    away from Lian, strafe N across the alley to the building and under the
    awning. Recon the area and begin creeping E to the last awning pole. From
    this position you should be able to put eyes on PBGC#2 at the E end of the
    bus and detect movement above the awning on the 2nd floor of the building at
    your 2:00/2:00. BGC#3 on the 2nd floor overlooks the bus, so we take him
    1st, take your time setting up the (L1/1TS) shot, you'll know when you're on
    target when it distorts as the edge of his head swings into the TI. So,
    BGC#3 was a sniper, (S#1), swing your sights to the PBGC on the bus, again,
    take your time setting up it's easy to waste ammo at this distance.
    I set the TI on top of the wall at the E end of the bus then micro tap left
    or right so that the bottom vertical TI arrow is at the PBGs center mass as
    he stops and turns back at the end of the bus. Again you know you're on
    target when the TI distorts as his head enters it, send 1. So PBGC#2 is S#2
    and is down. Creep to the end of the building, recon 360 then head for the
    bus. Clear the N side of the bus, then climb up at the tire, snatch the IRSR
    and go to Map.
    For ID purposes it appears that all snipers have armor, wear black tops,
    camou pants, black balaclavas and shoulder IRSRs. So far the 1st 3 are
    stationed at least one floor above ground.
    You're facing S at N/S#2, there're 2 EPs S of you, drop down into N/S#2 and
    head for the nearest EP. Quick PaB into the W EP to locate BGC#4/S#3; target
    his head, remember snipers wear armor, (L1/R2/1TS).
    I know it's a pain, but you need to fast tap your PaBs on S#3 he seems to
    bag me way too easy when I'm a fraction of a sec too long.
    The IRSR highlights a BG big time but doesn't allow me to distinguish his
    head movements to know when to lean for the PBS. It's harder to set the TI
    with the 9 but you know when he's turning away.
    A decent alignment trick for non scoped weps on distance shots; use the
    vertical and horizontal lines around the perimeter of the TI. Slide the left
    or right side horizontal line up or down along the side of the head so that
    it lines up with center mass then slide left or right so the icon's center
    dot is at center of mass.
    Back away from the EP, move to the alleys E wall and creep S. Locate a hole
    in said wall. Creep to the left of the opening to avoid detection and then
    swing your camera for a look inside. PBGC#5, Afghan Militia or Russians ...
    I don't know. The room is cluttered with crates and believe it or not you
    can ghost this guy. Follow his pattern; he turns away from Lian in just the
    right places for you to follow his 6 to the XP. Enter the room once he turns
    away from your EP, stay close but do not touch him, he'll bolt. As he turns
    right and heads for the S wall past the XP break left for it.
    Option 2;
    Remain against the W side of the lockers, let him pass W of you then creep
    out the XP and right to the corner.
    Make a tight right around the XP and along the wall into the corner of N/S
    alley#3 and E/W alley#2. Stop in the corner, 180 and recon both alleyways
    with IR. A heat signature, (hence HSig) appears N at your 1:00/2:00, at the
    end of N/S alley#3. He's in a blown out section of tower or something and
    doesn't see Lian, scope him for HS then look to Radar, if #5 is returning
    hold off til he is at the far side of the room then send 1 to remove
    S#4/BGC#6. Go to Map, we're getting close, the secret Soviet weapon is E of
    Lian; there appears to be an EP E along the N side of the buildings past the
    06b. Snipers 5, 6 and tunnels to Map
    Slide along the wall E to the corner of the building with the awning then
    face W, look to the XP. Wait for #5 to appear in the XP coming from or
    heading W. If he's coming from W, once he turns S, sidestep N along the
    building til camera provides a 6:00 view E of Lian. As #5 reappears in the
    XP and turns W 180 and creep along the N side of the building and under the
    awning; go straight for the 2nd building's EP.
    A nice trick for locating BGs and in particular snipers is to scan an area
    with IR while tapping (L2) or (R2). Anyone near a window, doorway or blown
    out section of wall will fluoresce, (HSig).
    Not sure how the BG in the building N of Lian gets into it, there's no EP.
    If you dawdle and or move to far N into E/W alley#2 the BG activates before
    Lian can move passed his LOS and fires on her ruining your chance at the
    mini game. Sometimes he activates regardless of what you do, when this
    occurs wait for the PBG in the previous room to be walking W from Lian to
    cross the alley to the left of the window the BG shoots from, then along it.
    This cuts his firing line down and prevents him from putting eyes on Lian if
    he does activate.
    Prior to entering the 2nd unit along E/W alley#2 you may or may not notice a
    bright flash or flutter, HSig from one of the 2 balconies at the S end of
    N/S alley#4, if you do, you can creep left to the corner of the alley for an
    early shot on S#5/BGC#7 from balcony#2 to the N. Otherwise, creep and clear
    your way through the rooms to the small room full of rubble and missing
    ceiling. Still no secret wep it must be upstairs. Climb the debris, jump and
    hang from the left side of the opening for a look around. Crap another
    sniper, he doesn't completely enter the room nor does he/she/it see Lian
    hanging, so when it turns away hoist up and creep right to the corner.
    S#5 often sees Lian and fires on her when she hangs from the right side of
    the opening.
    I have 2 ways to deal with S#5 close quarters, one faster and safer than the
    1. PtP (L1) and target the edge of the EP head high for HS then (1TS) when
    his noggin appears.
    2. PtK and look to the right side of the XP; the wall is a couple shades
    darker for the 1st 4 feet from the edge of the EP. Inch toward the XP and
    stop at the light/dark line on the wall and hold for the BG to return.
    Follow the BG outside as he turns away from the XP. Creep to him, do not
    run, you must slash him before he begins to turn back to the XP. I'm
    beginning to like the Knife, even though it doesn't happen in the game, my
    rational is this; when possible, a covert operator would prevent a BG from
    dropping to the floor and making noise, you can't do that from a distance.
    It also conserves ammo.
    Take your pick from the options above. Creep into the next room if not
    already there, take his stuff and locate the crate. So the AUG is the secret
    prototype wep? Drop off the building and head N across N/S alley#4 to the
    wall with the blown out 2nd fl. Crap again, another black top and mask on a
    2nd fl. PtP and send 1 to S#6/BGC#8 for HS.
    I'm strongly suggesting you (SAVE) at this point for what's coming up next
    in the tunnels. If you try saving at the troop movement map thinking like I
    did that if you fail you can restart (all new like) from it you're wrong. If
    you save here I believe you are far enough away from whatever it is that
    causes the SBG in connector room#2 to turn and face the center of the room
    after a restart or "SAVE" from the troop movement "Checkpoint".
    There's a crate in the blown out unit to the N of S#6, check it out. A vest
    and I can't figure out how to get to S#6 for his junk, I feel like I've been
    robbed. Anyway go to Map, there's a room to the S, you're current position
    is in the buildings between N/S alleys#3&4. Notice there's an opening on the
    W side of N/S alley#3 and the room has a black circle in it. Go to the room
    for a look see. It's a hole in the floor, shoulder the superman gun and scan
    below the room's floor from safety. The room is lit and PBGC#9 enters the
    room from a tunnel.
    Track him, his route is long enough to check the room out and pop back up if
    needed, let him live. Drop through the hole as PBG#1 enters the tunnel and
    go to Map. Moe look, bunches of tunnels, an E/W route to Gregorov's troop
    movements and a "Weapons Cache". Hop back out to wait and see if the PBG
    returns. As he exits the room for the 2nd time, drop down and follow him
    from room#1 into tunnel#1. As you enter connector room#1 locate the dark
    rough cut tunnel, (tunnel#2), break left for tunnel#2 and keep to its left
    wall as you creep along it. Look down and locate the 2 whitish stains on the
    floor along the left wall, stop and hold between them. This position covers
    Lian from both ends of the tunnel.
    Shoulder the AUG and look W, connector room#2 with 2 BGCs, PBGC#10 and
    SBGC#11 take note that #11 is facing away from the center of the room and
    #10 patrols the room Cw. PBGC#10 walks into the opening of tunnel#2 a couple
    steps then exits and continues around the room. From your position, once he
    begins to exit tunnel#2 begin your creep into connector room#2. Follow at
    his 6 to 7:00 to tunnel#3 leading to Gregorov's map and break left into it.
    Creep through tunnel#3 to ensure room#2 is clear. Locate the wall map, snap
    a pic then creep to the left of the EP and hold. Swing your camera about to
    get a sliver view through tunnel#3 into connector room#2 without exposing
    Lian to PBGC#10 as he approaches.
    06c. Sniper#7, set charges extraction
    You'll see his approach, as soon as he vanishes to Lian's left creep into
    the tunnel. Go hard left into connector room#2; come to a stop at least 5
    feet off the 6 of the SBGC; ensure that PBGC#10 has past by Lian's 3:00 then
    cut across the room to the left of the tunnel#2 XP. Enter tunnel#2 just
    after PBGC#10 returns to connector room#2. Continue to the spot between the
    2 whitish stains and hold. Go to Map; confirm your position and the location
    of tunnel#4 and the middle room, (room#3). 3 rooms E that line up N/S; you
    want the middle room next. Wait for PBGC#9 to pass by the EP then follow
    him, break left into tunnel#4 and continue to room#3.
    Do not go anywhere near the weapons cache in room#3, swing wide around it to
    the middle of the table before you press triangle to climb up and out. Do
    not prematurely set the charges on the weapons cache!
    At ground level creep the perimeter wall CCw, to the N corner, stop, face N
    and go to Map. E/W alley#3 is at your 12:00 and the Bus, (Extraction Point)
    is to your 7:00. Exit Map, crouch and strafe left to the right side of the
    window, shoulder the IRSR and scan the alley. A blip appears on your radar
    at 12:00; continue to PaB until you locate his HSig. BGC#12 is standing at
    the 2nd fl. balcony at your 12:00/1:00. Scoping him in IR doesn't help and
    it's too dark for NS. Scope him with the AUG. Aha! He's facing away but at
    this distance you can make out camou pants, a dark top, an SR and he's on
    the 2nd fl. Good enough for government work! And there's an EP to the
    building below. Scan the rest of the area with the AUG for GPs and locate
    Now a well trained sniper would never risk ID or close quarters combat for
    the thrill of it. As far as I can tell, the BGC behind the busted up column
    N/E of Lian should be in the crouch position when you 1st scope him with the
    AUG. If you make your move out of the building successfully, (no gunfire
    from the BG or S#7 or danger meter activation) the BGC can be standing when
    you enter S#7's building but I prefer him to remain in the crouch.
    SBG#13 is NNE of your position, it looks like he's kneeling behind a busted
    up column. He slowly turns his head left to right, creep to your XP without
    exposing Lian to the E or W, then scope SBGC#13 again. Time your move into
    the street when he begins turning his head to his left. Sidestep left/N
    straight across the street and then to and through the EP below S#7. Scope
    #13 again and he should still be kneeling. Recon the room, there's a hole in
    the floor against the N wall and the stairs to the 2nd floor have been
    wrecked. S#7 is directly above you so creep to the E wall of the room then N
    along it to the stairwell opening.
    Stand, orient to the opening then hop up and hang; swing your camera around
    to get a look into the 2nd floor. S#7/BGC#12 has his back to the window and
    does not look toward Lian's position, skooch E tight to the wall then hoist
    up. Creep along the E wall to the S wall then along the S wall toward S#7.
    About 6 feet from S#7 look to the wall between Gabe and the window. There is
    a darker greenish stain, (on my TV), continue to and stop left of the middle
    of the stain and stand. Face S#7 and press (L1) for a close up on his head,
    you'll see his head gear sway left to right. Wait for S#7 to turn away from
    Lian to slash him.
    If you disturbed no one to this point in the mission you'll hear Lian say
    "Got it".
    For some reason I have been unable to successfully attack S#7 at the stop
    point from the crouch or advancing from that point while in the crouch. S#7
    is either alerted before his death and or fires on Lian while dying and
    ruining my chance at the mini game.
    Now as you know SF3 can play pretty dirty when you least expect it, so
    "WARNING" as soon as you activate the timer on the weps cache Mr. From out
    of no where suddenly shows up firing away at Lian. You can prep to defend or
    pretend to be surprised then scramble to "PAUSE" or run for it. Either way
    Lian will likely take damage. If you're lucky you can get out of the hole
    with 50% armor.
    Return to the 1st floor
    Use the AUG to check on the kneeler beside the column, he may be standing
    exit the building when clear. Backtrack W about 20 to 30 feet then cross the
    street and head back to the building with the hole in the floor. Once you're
    in the building swing back to the side of the hole and scan room#3 with the
    AUG, locate and ensure PBGC#9 exits the room then drop down. Face the
    weapons cache with the table to your left and set the charge. ASAP turn left
    and climb onto the table, turn right and hoist up as close to the right edge
    of the opening in the floor above as possible. Strafe to the right then 180
    and exit the room to E/W alley#3 pronto. Head W and stay tight left along
    the buildings. Move too far out into the alley and you'll likely take fire
    from the BG hiding in the room with columns to the E.
    Continue W at a run along E/W alley#3, the bus should be appear at your
    11:00 in a moment. Run around the front of the bus to the tire leaning
    against it and climb up onto the bus. At some point along said run the
    charge detonates and you get a thank you call from Gabe. When complete move
    to the Extraction Point on the bus for the Evac call. Too many mortar rounds
    going off around the LZ, Lian must clear the LZ.
    Commence the final objective. PtP creep to the rear of the bus for HS on
    BGC#14, hey, looks to me like #14 was holding and firing an M79 above his
    head not a mortar. 180, PtK and run off the right side of the bus, rush
    BGC#15 for a slashing then shoulder the AUG, same thing with #2, an M79.
    Still hearing thumps, scan the sky above and locate tracers rising from the
    2nd floor room where S#1/BGC#3 hid. Target BGC#16 for HS then send 1; it
    looked to me like #16 was firing another M79. I still hear thumping, run to
    the middle of the square and scan, locate more tracers rising from the S/E;
    stop about 30 feet from the building and target the 2nd floor. Locate BGC#17
    and give him another well deserved hole in his head.
    11 BG removed this mission,
    1/IRSR, 2/AUG, 3/K, 5/9mm,
    END OF LEVEL 06, Kabul, Afghanistan
    (Playing in Hard Mode)
    07. SS. Lorelei
    07a. Plant charges 1 thru 3
    07b. Plant fake charge, Captain's quarters and Conference room
    07c. Back to C/C/H and extraction
    Lorelei starts with Lian and Gabe being accused by Hadden of all types of
    crimes against the state and humanity.
    The SS. Lorelei is moored bow W and stern to E, starboard is N and port S.
    For continuity sake I'll use usual N/S/E and W along with clock orientation
    for objects relative to Gabe's facing position for the non nautical and
    simple minds among us and occasionally throw in nautical referencing terms
    for those who grok.
    Take note that the attempt at stealth for the 1st part of the mission
    requires you to make -0- mistakes that would necessitate a restart from the
    1st 3 "Checkpoints". To punish you for the mistake the area BGs reset
    differently preventing Gabe from exiting the area covertly.
    07a. Plant charges 1 thru 3
    Gabe begins in the #3 deck, central cargo hold of the SS. Lorelei. After
    receiving instructions from Maggie Powers, go to Map. Run through your
    objectives via Map to discover you need to plant a bomb in the 3 cargo
    holds, from Gabe's current position, (facing N) in the center hold he has
    one at his 7:00. Locate the holds XP at 2:00 then exit Map. Face W and drop
    off the containers to the deck creep forward and circle the container in
    front of you CCw W. At the corner of the container swing your camera S for a
    covert look at your target and SBGC#1 crouching beside it. Of course a BG is
    sitting on the target. Face N, creep to the container ahead and in the dark
    then W to the bulkhead, (hence Bkhd). Creep S along the Bkhd to the corner
    and set the charge.
    I know they're Jerry's kids.
    Backtrack to a position of cover then head for the XP. Creep toward the left
    side of the XP. PBG#2 is on patrol in the Pswy, let him pass by then follow
    his 6 along deck#3 (central) C/N/S Pswy to (hence Starboard Side) SS/E/W
    Pswy, follow him W toward the SS/WTD#3, (hence Water Tight Door) then break
    away toward the WTD as he walks to SS. As you approach the Drwy you'll see
    PBGC#3 approaching from the far end of the Pswy, creep E past C/N/S Pswy and
    hold in the dark corner of WTD#4. PBGCs#2&3 nearly meet then walk away from
    each other.
    In creep mode follow PBGC#3 ASAP, stay to his 6 to the end of his route then
    pass through SS/WTD#1 into the (Forward) F/N/S Pswy. Use the SR to verify
    SBGC#4 at the port side, (hence PS) end of the Pswy, #4 is facing away from
    Gabe's position. Creep S to the intersection of the F/N/S and F/E/W Pswys
    and receive a (cut scene). Enter the F/E/W Pswy; creep past SBGC#5 and
    through the EP into the F/C/H, (forward cargo hold). Continue forward along
    the Bkhd to and then around the crates while keeping an eye on the PBG#6 on
    the overhead Wkwy. Locate and plant the 2nd charge on target, then return to
    the F/E/W Pswy.
    Creep back to the F/N/S Pswy, stay tight left to the Bkhd, creep S/PS past
    SBGC#4 then E into PS/E/W Pswy. Creep through PS/WTD#1 then run Aft/E to
    PSWTD#3. As you approach the port section of the C/N/S Pswy you should see
    PBGC#7 at the far E end of it and hopefully walking away from Gab's
    position. Approach the intersection; locate the EP to the A/C/H, (aft cargo
    hold) and enter.
    (Cut Scene)
    2 BGs talking orders and reminders to kill junk on sight
    Head right to the crates and locate the niche against the Bkhd for cover
    then go to Map; your target is in the N/E corner of the hold and like the
    previous 2 holds your EP is the XP. Back out of the niche and creep N along
    the crates to the corner then PaB the area. SBGC#8 is E and there are more
    crates N of him. Maintain cover and back step W toward the EP to put
    distance between you for added cover but remain dark. Strafe left at a run
    about 10 to 15 feet then head for the middle of the crates at your 11:00. At
    the crates sidestep left/N toward the corner; adjust your camera for a look
    E along the crates.
    PBGC#9 is or will be approaching from the target area, whoda thunk! He's on
    your radar now so you can slide right for added cover incase he gets close.
    It just so happens he turns S and begins walking toward #8, discreetly
    follow #9. There are 2 big honkin crates abutting at the N/E corner of the
    hold, #9 walks CCw around them, which is good for Gabe. Creep to the target
    and set the charge.
    I suggest doing a "SAVE & QUIT" here, #9 is walking away and there're no BGs
    between him and the XP that can be turned around after a Checkpoint like the
    mid and forward holds or Kabul near Gregorov's map.
    Be aware you'll likely be disoriented when you return from the "SAVE & QUIT"
    just remember to head W when you're free. If you take too long reorienting
    from the save ASAP move to the E side of the container closest to Gabe for
    cover from #9.
    I also have issue with the upcoming results from setting the fake charge.
    07b. plant fake charge, Captain's quarters and Conference room
    Follow PBGC#9, when he turns left toward #8 break right and head for the
    crates you previously used to cover Gabe from both BGs. Once #9 turns E and
    passes by #8 make a run for the left side of the XP, ensure the coast is
    clear then exit the aft hold. Go S to the PS/E/W Pswy then Aft/E into it. As
    you approach PS/WTD#4 you'll see PBGC#7 patrolling the Pswy, hold to the
    left of the WTD, he'll approach and stop at WTD but not pass through then
    he'll continue on his patrol. Follow his 6 to the far end of his route and
    hold til he moves off again. Pass through WTD#6 and left to the corner of
    the (aft) A/N/S Pswy.
    Swing your camera for a covert look into the Pswy and discover PBGC#10
    patrolling the length of it. Backtrack through WTD#6 for cover, #10 comes
    awful close to the PS/E/W. Go to Map, locate the EP to the aft section of
    the ship then exit Map. Return to A/N/S Pswy when #10 turns away, cross to
    the Aft/E side of said Pswy and follow his 6, discover SBGC#11 at the far SS
    end of the Pswy, I believe #10 covers Gabe from #11.
    Break right into the EP, locate the lift and ride it up to the Engine Room
    deck. This must be kinda sorta the Engine Room; it's a big engine/motor,
    although I never saw an ER with only one main, maybe there's another ER
    starboard side. Go to Map, it looks like you're supposed to plant a fake
    charge on the platform aft of the main.
    Here's where my two fold issues with the following maneuver begins:
    1. Includes my attempt to increase the stealth quotient by lowering the kill
    and ammo count.
    2. As for the mini game, my own, albeit old "CHEATS" list has saving the
    cook as being the req, whereas the cheats list from Gamefaqs includes the
    engineer as well. So I was confused, but after beginning a "NEW" game on a
    different Memory card with no prior SF3 data, saves and settings, I can say
    without a doubt that the engineer is not required in "Normal" or "Hard"
    I have 2 tactics, both stink of foreknowledge, both keep BGC#12 (the
    engineer) alive and one keeps him oblivious. We're now at the beginning of
    all the forced kills. BGC#13 rushes the ER and can't be lured from position
    with curiosity like some BGs. If he gets a glimpse of Gabe he may go
    gangbusters and or alert the engineer, then you have both firing on Gabe.
    Option 1;
    OK, so creep to and up the platform to where the (Plant Fake Charge) icon
    appears; swing the camera around to put eyes on the engineer. Notice his
    posture, the direction he's more or less facing and that he's sort of calmly
    swaying from left to right, maybe he's listening to a Sarah Mclachlan CD or
    some other touchy feely, singy songy ... never mind. Anyway, ensure you are
    square to the railing before planting the charge. ASAP after planting the
    fake charge press and hold (R2) to strafe right and off of the platform, as
    soon as Gabe touches the deck also press and hold (Down) on the "D" pad to
    quickly pull him aft to the armor crate. From this position; use PaBs and
    (R2) micro taps for smidge sidesteps til you catch a glimpse of #13's head.
    From beside the armor crate I face the ladder/platform and back Gabe up to
    the railing, I then slide right/W to where the railing becomes much
    brighter. I then begin the targeting process, aim, lean to the right, adjust
    along the railing and check again until I have LOS, a sliver of #13
    kneeling. Then I look for the tell tail light tan color of his face as he
    looks to the right and hold on it til he swings back again. You get blood
    sign when you hit home.
    #13 alternates between standing and crouching every 5 to 7 secs at the head
    of the ladder. Remember PaBs until you have LOS on a piece of his head then
    send it. If your danger meter flares at all "YOU BLEW IT"! Return to the
    platform for a covert check on the engineer, if he isn't swaying and facing
    away, (in La-la land) "YOU BLEW IT"! If all's good, stay tight left/N on the
    ladder and back step/creep up ladder to put eyes on the engineer. Track his
    left to right swaying motion, when you have it 180. As the engineer sways to
    the left stand and run up the ladder and into the ladderwell deep enough to
    regain cover.
    If the engineer is facing the platform or kneeling, restart via the PS/PS2s
    "Soft Restart" option, (tap the power button) you'll return to the aft cargo
    hold just after setting the charge.
    Option 2;
    OK, so creep to and up the platform to where the (Plant Fake Charge) icon
    appears; swing the camera around to put eyes on the engineer. Notice his
    posture, the direction he's more or less facing and that he's sort of calmly
    swaying from left to right. Ensure you are square to the railing before
    planting the charge. ASAP after planting the fake charge 180 and run up the
    right side of the ladder, BGC#13 will appear from the deck above. Stay to
    his right, roll as he appears and then run up the 2nd flight as you come out
    of the roll. I survive with 80% armor and better 90% of the time.
    The down side is you have both BGs firing on Gabe, the upside, 1 less kill.
    Both options continue from here.
    Creep up to the #2deck then go to Map, looks a bit like the lower #3deck,
    PaB the Pswy from the WTD then enter the #2deck A/N/S Pswy. Drift left/W to
    the bulkhead and proceed to the corner of the intersecting Pswy. Just as you
    ready Gabe to move from the corner you get a (Cut Scene). A slob of a cook
    has a convo with greasy schmuck (MIB) regarding the Capt's food. ASAP strafe
    left/W into the A/E/W Pswy then turn and run til you see the SS/A/N Pswy,
    hide there, as the slob passes by exit and follow his 6 into the
    galley/cafeteria. He's another one of Jerry's kids so creep past him to the
    dumber waiter, access it, you end up 2 decks above the main deck, the 02
    deck and in the Capt's quarters.
    There, now both the engineer and cook are alive, that should qualify for the
    mini game either way.
    The easiest way to take the Capt/BGC#14 is with the Taser, but that makes
    him scream like a little sissy and of course PBGC#15 comes running. Another
    quick easy way to take him, (if you have difficulty tracking for HS with the
    9) is with a BS from the SR you don't have to scope it at this distance.
    Get moving once you free Gabe from the cut scene. Gabe receives new orders
    to eliminate the Capt. and to locate the "Shipping Manifest". Head to the
    left of the XP and discover the Capt. is coming to you. Hold for HS, I let
    him walk deep into the room for cover purposes then send one before he turns
    around and heads back toward his desk.
    I suggest you do a "SAVE & QUIT" now for what will likely happen later in
    the Conference room. Success requires muy tight moves, if you try a restart
    from the video evidence acquisition in the VHWR room the BGs will never
    respond correctly and you'll be forced to kill both to exit. I know exactly
    what must occur and still screw the pooch acquiring the evidence and or
    exiting the room.
    Grab the manifest off the low table, there's nothing left to do here so
    creep out of the quarters and PaB the Pswys. PBGC#15 approaches from the 02
    decks F/E/W Pswy, move back into the room and left of the EP. Watch him
    patrol the mid N/S Pswy then turn left into A/E/W Pswy, exit and follow.
    Looks like he patrols the area CCw; go E to the edge of the P/N/S Pswy and
    PaB. SBGC#16 is facing Gabe's position, (you can't lure this one away
    either), if he begins firing it'll call #15 to you and then he'll duck into
    the ladder niche.
    I have 2 options for this situation, one removes him, the other TTs him.
    Option 1; (remove SBGC#16)
    Your best bet is to TaK and (L1/L2/1TS) PBS to take him quiet with an HS or
    an SR BS. Continue S to the XP and down, creep and PaB your way down the
    ladderwell for a surprise.
    Option 2; (bypass #16 with TT)
    SBGC#16 is crouching and facing Gabe's position, stand, PtT and strafe left
    about 3 feet into the Pswy. Try to TT #16 as or before he can rise up for a
    count of 2 then release and rush his position; follow #16 toward the ladder
    niche to ensure auto target and TT #16 again before he can take cover in the
    ladder niche. If you caught him release on the count of 2 then run past the
    niche along the right Bkhd; Swing hard left just before you come parallel to
    the XP so you can run directly at the center of the XP and roll into and
    through it. Creep down and PaB your way down the ladderwell for a surprise.
    Why, I don't know, but moving through said XP is a real P.I.T.A.! The above
    maneuver is the only way I can reliably get through with -0- damage from
    Both options continue from here.
    PBGC#17 is approaching from the 01 deck Pswy ahead, creep back up the ladder
    to the dark spot and hold in it. #17 will enter the ladderwell and face the
    bulkhead like the naughty boy that he is. Stay tight right, creep past him
    and bear right into 01 decks PS/A/E/W Pswy.
    As you creep out and to the right of the ladderwell EP you'll see SBGC#18
    facing Gabe's position about 3/4s along the 01 deck PS/A/E/W Pswy. There may
    be another SBG to Gabe's 4:00 in the truncated A/N/S Pswy and fortunately
    facing away from him, (he was present this run). The SBG is there maybe 20
    to 30% of the time. From this position you should still be able to see #18
    but he can't see Gabe, if not tap (L2) until you can. PtP, target and
    (L1/1TS) #18 for HS; creep to the corner of the intersecting Pswy and decide
    which wep you'll use to remove PBGC#19.
    1. With the new maneuvers the SBG that may or may not be at Gabe's 4:00 in
    the 01 deck A/N/S Pswy has nothing to do with BGC#19 showing at the end of
    the PS/A/E/W Pswy. The issue with #19 is you won't know, (show, no show) for
    sure, til you get to your firing position and ready Gabe to send a round.
    2. If you have difficulty dropping BGC#19 with the 9 then try the SR for a
    BS. Preset the scope to 3/4s for faster targeting.
    3. If you're using the 9 set the bottom of the TI rectangle at the top of
    the Bkhd paneling at the end of the Pswy then swing it left 1/3rd the
    distance of the width of the Pswy and hold for #19.
    4. In an effort to cut ammo use I tried tazing BG#21, the problem with that
    is BG#20 rarely ever takes his eyes off the VHWR, (video hardware room)
    making it too dangerous to access the data and or escape undamaged without
    killing #20.
    I have 2 options for entering the conference room; removing #19 or not and 2
    options for once you're inside the room. It's a 50/50 toss up on whether #17
    will enter the conference room after Gabe enters and #19 stops at the EP.
    Option 1; (remove #19 with SR or 9)
    Once BGC#18 is down, shoulder the SR if you have difficulty taking #19 down
    with the 9, in either case, creep around the corner into the PS/A/E/W Pswy
    then stand and run. Locate and stop beside the black box on the right side
    Bkhd, target the end of the Pswy and hold. If #19 shows drop him before he
    turns and faces Gabe, if he doesn't show within 6 secs run to the EP. 3 feet
    from it drop to creep mode; enter the room and creep to the VHWR room EP.
    You'll see BG#21 through the cased opening left of the room's EP. Turn left
    and face the EP square, sidestep right into the EP. Keep tapping (R2) and
    adjusting camera til you can see the face of #21, watch his head sway left
    to right, notice his left arm sways along with his head.
    If you remain this deep into the room #21 may see Gabe as you PaB to line up
    for the shot. If you move too far left, (conference room) BG#20 reacts
    differently, by facing the VHWR room's cased opening at the ends of his
    patrol route.
    Tap (L2) to inch back toward the middle of the EP just enough to still see
    his hand move back and forth. As his hand begins to swing away press and
    hold (L1) and begin quick PaB adjustments for HS, when satisfied send 1 as
    #21 turns away. Quickly press and hold (O) then (Forward/Right) to roll into
    the room and toward the shelf, this action provides the most consistent
    cover from one or both BGs in the room. Come up into the crouch, creep past
    the gray column to the Bkhd and face W; tap (R2) to sidestep away from the
    column to the left side of the cased opening for a look into the conference
    BG#20 gets all kinds of excited and moves about the room, he'll then pace
    back and forth N to S along the W end of the room. To date, if you take #21
    correctly #20 rarely faces the VHWR room directly. Keep an eye on #20 so as
    not to expose Gabe.
    Strafe to the video recorder and access it when #20 begins walking or
    creeping to the S side of the room. Press and hold (L2) and begin fast
    tapping (X) when forced into the convo with Teresa, when freed hold (X) to
    crouch as you strafe/sidestep toward the column. When secure creep back
    toward the cased opening to locate #20, if successful #20 will still look
    away from the VHWR room at the ends of his route, if not you blew it and
    will be forced to run out the room. When you have #20s moves down; creep to
    the VHWR's EP. I prefer he be in creep mode and heading N from the S side of
    the conference table to exit the room clean. Strafe left to the EP then
    run/roll to the conference room EP, creep out of the room to the PS/A/E/W
    To date following this procedure BG#17 is a no show or is so late to the
    party that I'm out of the room and creeping around the corner to the 01 deck
    A/N/S Pswy before he gets excited and begins to send lead.
    Option 2; (not removing #19 and #17 does not enter the room)
    Once SBGC#18 is down sidestep around the corner then stand and run, drift
    left and when you pass the black Bkhd box on the right run straight for the
    right side of the conference room EP. Begin a roll halfway between the black
    box and EP, come up in the crouch and slide off the Bkhd and into the
    conference room. ASAP creep left around the EP and hold against the Bkhd,
    you're going to wait and see if #17 enters the room. #17 shows about 5 secs
    after #19 stops at the EP, this time, he's a no show. Sidestep left toward
    the EP for LOS on #19, he sways like everyone, watch his eyes, you must wait
    til they disappear to the right before you sidestep left past the EP.
    To date when #19 is allowed to live it's a 50/50 toss up on whether #17 also
    enters the room. If he doesn't appear after 5 or 6 secs then he's a no show.
    From this point on in option 2, follow option 1 from the VHWR room EP to
    exiting the conference room.
    Option 3; (not removing #19 and #17 does enter the room)
    Once SBGC#18 is down sidestep around the corner then stand and run, drift
    left and when you pass the black Bkhd box on the right run straight for the
    right side of the conference room EP. Begin a roll halfway between the box
    and EP, come up in the crouch and slide off the Bkhd into the conference
    room. ASAP creep left around the EP and hold against the Bkhd, you're going
    to wait and see if #17 enters the room. #17 shows about 5 secs after #19
    stops at the EP, this time he does show up. Wait for#17 to turn right and
    head for the VHWR room. Sidestep left toward the EP for LOS on #19, he sways
    like everyone, watch his eyes, you must wait til they disappear before you
    sidestep left past the EP.
    Creep to the VHWR room EP. You'll see BG#21 through the cased opening to the
    left of the room's EP. Standing in the VHWR EP, turn left and face the EP
    square, sidestep right a bit past center of the EP then begin a fast tap of
    (R2) to adjust for HS on SBGC#21. When satisfied, (L1/R2/1TS); quickly press
    (Forward/O) to roll into the room and toward the video shelving for cover.
    You want to do this ASAP so that #17 is approaching or just making the turn
    along the table at the far/W end of the room; it seems to keep both BGs a
    bit calmer than when he's near the E end.
    Quickly creep past the gray column to the Bkhd and face W, tap (R2) to
    sidestep away from the column to the left side of the cased opening for a
    look into the conference room. BGs#17 and 20 get a bit excited at 1st but
    calm down in a few secs. Everything is good if neither BG faces the VHWR
    room at the end of their routes. This part could take some considerable time
    to work out; for the 2 BGs to head in the correct directions nearly
    simultaneously. To date I've found 3 that work more often than not, allowing
    Gabe the time to exit the room unnoticed.
    1. Both BGs walk and or creep toward the N/W side of the room.
    2. BG#20 begins to creep or walk to the N or S side of the room from the
    VHWR room cased opening and #17 walks and or creeps to the N/W or S/W side
    of the room and faces the Bkhd.
    When any of the above 2 scenarios appears, maintain the crouch then sidestep
    right to the video evidence. Stand and press (Triangle) to acquire the
    evidence then begin to fast tap (X) to get out of the inappropriately placed
    cut scene ASAP. Press and Hold (L2) after you begin fast tapping (X).
    As far as I can tell if you press and hold (L2) or (R2) before you begin
    fast tapping (X) the odds of Gabe not sidestepping directly N or S goes up
    drastically. Gabe must be facing due W at the video recorder otherwise he'll
    remain in view of one or both BGs by sidestepping toward the E Bkhd instead
    of the N or S Bkhds.
    Now you're back to the waiting game again, you want either option from above
    list to occur. At the onset of the scenario; strafe left to the VHWR room EP
    then run toward the conference room EP, halfway to the EP complete the
    maneuver with a roll it. Come up from the roll in the crouch and creep into
    the PS/A/E/W Pswy.
    All options continue from here.
    07c. back to C/C/H and extraction
    Exit the big room and head forward/W to the corner, PaB, clear, run to the
    next corner. PaB the next corner looks like a crate at the far end of the
    SS/A/E/W Pswy, run to it for a look see. At the crate BGC#22 appears at your
    XP, creep past the corner of the A/N/S Pswy toward #22 then taze him.
    Oddity, if you take #22 with the 9 or SR at the armor crate all remains
    quiet, if you elect to save ammo and take #23 from the crate with the Taser
    a BG rushes Gabe from the A/N/S Pswy. If you elect to use the Taser on #22;
    creep into the SS/A/E/W Pswy for cover from the A/N/S Pswy. The rushing BG
    never appears.
    If you're clever you pretty much kissed stealth Ta-Ta in the Capt. Quarters.
    "There ain't No Mo Stealth". And I hate the following bit because there's no
    way to get past it unscathed. It's a mad dash of mostly tap tazing to get
    through the BGs and limit the killing. We're only going to remove the BGs
    that prevent Gabe from progressing to the F/C/H and C/C/H, (Forward and
    Central Cargo Holds).
    Creep the ladderwell, PaB the #2 deck A/N/S Pswy from the EP then enter the
    Pswy; go to Map, you're back on the galley deck. Run forward to the Bkhd
    then strafe left, stop before the corner of the intersection then PaB the
    A/E/W Pswy. Be patient BGC#23 will be along shortly. You can't see the far
    end of the Pswy from this position, so run along the right side of the A/E/W
    Pswy to the truncated Pswy on the right. Take cover at the corner and keep
    your eye on the A/N/S Pswy#1, #23 will show in a sec when he does step into
    the A/E/W Pswy and begin TTing him. Stay to his left Gabe's right and
    approach only a couple 5 steps at a time; you want to be about 15 feet from
    #23 when he begins running into the A/E/W Pswy.
    If you're any further away from #23 he'll get too far into the A/E/W Pswy
    before you pass by him, this puts too much damage on Gabe.
    From now to the C/C/H it's a gauntlet of meat grinders, I hold onto my
    trusty Taser and make the best of it which isn't much; they'd be coming out
    of the woodwork if there was any wood.
    So far I count 23 BGs as of the mad charger. "Do not" release (Forward) once
    you begin TTing #23, you want to automatically begin running when you
    release (Square). Once you pass by #23, "Do not" attempt to TT him again,
    take a roll to and around the corner toward BGC#24.
    Once #23 shows up run forward 5 or 6 steps and TT #23, hold (Forward) the
    entire time. Preferably you want #23 to be 10 feet into the A/E/W Pswy when
    you pass him, this will keep him off your back once you're around the
    corner. After you pass by #23 roll to and run around the corner toward
    BGC#24 in A/N/S Pswy#1. TT BGC#24, roll to his right, Gabe's left, try not
    to flop around the WTD, you'll take way too much damage. Come up running,
    bear right into the PS/E/W Pswy to avoid BGCs#23 thru 25. Run past PS/WTD#6
    then strafe left to the Bkhd as you pass by the WTD#5 to also avoid BGC#26.
    TaK, and press (R1) to lock onto #26 as he passes by WTD#4, when BGC#26
    steps into WTD#4 for the 2nd time taze him.
    180 and swing the camera about for a look between WTD#5 and 6 for BGCs#23-
    25. Odds are high you'll have 3 BGs stretched out along the PS/E/W Pswy.
    Ensure #25 at WTD#5 is on Radar before you 180 back to face WTD#4. BGC#25
    stops at WTD#5 then walks to the PS/Bkhd for a bit and then returns to
    WTD#5. As he begins walking back to the Bkhd run forward/W along the PS/Bkhd
    then to and roll through WTD#4. Roll to the right through the Drwy for cover
    from the BGs on your 6.
    Sidestep forward/W to the corner of the PS/E/W and C/N/S Pswy, taze BGC#27
    at the SS end of C/N/S Pswy. Run N to the SS/E/W Pswy to activate BGC#28 if
    he isn't already there, begin TTing him once he enters the middle of the
    C/N/S Pswy. Drift left toward the Bkhd to avoid fire from a pursuing BG at
    your 6, roll as you pass by #28 then head W into the SSE/W Pswy. Run
    forward/W past SS/WTD#3 then strafe left to the Bkhd. Taze BGC#29 at WTD#2,
    (if you use (R1) you'll likely see BGC#30 near the Bkhd). #30 will take
    position in WTD#2, taze him then 180; swing camera about for a look Aft/E
    for any BGs that may have followed. 180 and run to WTD#1, once past WTD#1
    face S, move to the Bkhd for cover from your 6 then sidestep right/W to the
    corner of F/N/S Pswy#2.
    At the Bkhd PaB around the corner and locate BGC#31 midway along the #2 deck
    F/N/S Pswy#2, taze #31. Run S toward the F/E/W Pswy, turn right just before
    you get to it then strafe left just past the corner of the intersection then
    forward until the of the forward end of F/E/W Pswy becomes visible. If BG#32
    appears taze him, if he does show it's from the niche on the right.
    With the current rewrite #32 shows maybe 50% of the time. Most often only
    BGCs#33 and 34 appear at the far end of the F/E/W Pswy. Maybe 10% of the
    time 4 BGs appear from the right end of F/N/S Pswy instead of just #33 and
    34. You won't know til your heading for the XP, (SS/WTD).
    If #35 was in the above Pswy you may see him again, he somehow appears
    through the Bkhd nearly 2 decks above the #3 deck. He is also able to fire
    on Gabe and Gabe can fire back.
    SBGC#36 in the F/C/H can be removed and can be slicked without any damage to
    Gabe, I prefer to slick him.
    Go to Map and see that you're forward of and above the #3 deck forward cargo
    hold, creep to the XP and PaB the hold. Locate SBGC#36 below the Wkwy, stand
    and strafe right onto the Wkwy then beat feet to the ladder, circle the hold
    Cw to the XP, #36 will follow Gabe around the containers and creates but may
    never fire a round. Keep moving, exit the hold, run E toward the F/N/S Pswy
    then N to the SS/E/W Pswy; approach WTD#1 from the side, BGC#37 will appear
    in WTD#2 then run back to the SS Bkhd. You can run up to left of WTD#2 and
    hold without damage from your 6 or #37.
    You can taze #37 or you can run past him, take some damage but survive to
    the C/C/H. I opt for the run, BGC#38 further along is easy to ignore.
    Enter the cargo hold and receive another transmission from Maggie.
    When you're free from the cut scene Gabe is standing on some crates with his
    back to the Bkhd. Maggie is trying to get the crane operational but she has
    BGs swarming from both sides of the gantry, you have to protect her from the
    The issue for me is the left side of the crane, (Gabe's right) the crate
    Gabe is on is offset to the right side of the crane. The BGs that hunker
    down on the left side are wicked hard to get at from his current position.
    What I do is sidestep to the right and stop at the edge of the crate; this
    improves LOS on that side. The next step in protecting Maggie is to
    eliminate the BGs from the left side of the crane before they can get close
    and burrow in like a tick, even if it means letting the BG on the right go a
    bit longer. BGs 39 thru 44 advance on the crane cabin and are removed. Do
    the MIBs fast and only 6 show.
    16 BGs removed this mission, it can be up to 18 if #32 appears and you opt
    to remove #37.
    3/9mm, 13/Tazed,
    END OF LEVEL 07, SS. Lorelei
    (Playing in Hard Mode)
    08. Aztec Ruins
    08a. Lab, 1st computer, 1st scientist
    08b. Scientist#2, comp#2, Dr. Elsa in the temple and column room
    08c. Last comp, artifact, free 4 remaining scientists
    Mission 08; Begins with Lian giving info to Hadden on her first assignment
    with Gabe in the Costa Rican Plantation incident. This version of the story
    begins shortly after Lian and Gabe reach the village, Lian splits off from
    Gabe and they go in different directions to complete all the objectives of
    the operation.
    08a. Lab, 1st comp, 1st scientist
    Lian appears to begin this phase of the operation in a sewer or aqueduct,
    there're 2 tunnels leading away from the current room and PBGC#1 is heading
    W up ramp from her position. Lian must be hunting bear carrying the UAS-12.
    Stow the UAS and PtK; creep W to the left of the tunnel opening and hold. Go
    to Map, crap! No recon on the tunnels, at least the Radar/Compass is
    working. PBGC#1 is now returning to the room, and passes by Lian for the N
    tunnel, creep W up ramp to the next room and PaB. PBGC#2 is patrolling E to
    W at the S end of the room, there're a couple columns at the N end of the
    room and a shallow pit between them and PBGC#2. The ceiling above the pit is
    missing and appears to be your route out of the room.
    PBGC#2's route covers about 3/4s of the E/W width of the room. At the W end
    of the room he turns S for a couple steps to the S wall then E along the
    wall to the E wall and finally a couple steps N to the beginning of his
    Your only issue will be the pit, if you get too close to it while in the
    creep Lian will waste precious time attempting to climb down into it; you do
    not need to get close to it to succeed.
    When PBGC#2 heads W the 1st time, creep into the room and use the nearest
    column for cover. Wait for #2 to return to the beginning of his route,
    follow him once he turns W. Creep Cw around the column and along the pit, as
    you bear right around the S/E corner of the pit the PBG will be heading S.
    Creep W 2/3rds of the length of the pit then quickly press (Triangle) and
    then (UP) on the "D" pad to hoist up one level. You're in a lit room with
    some stacked crates in a corner and 2 tunnels, one of which is blocked. Pass
    through the short W tunnel to enter a small room with a much larger room W
    of it. The larger room has a Falcon ammo crate and an XP to the N. Grab the
    Falcon on your way out.
    Creep N to an intersection with an E/W tunnel, PaB the intersection and
    locate PBGC#3 approaching from the W. There're narrow Pswys at both ends and
    a pit to the E. Creep S a few feet then E, as #3 begins heading W creep E
    past the pit into the E/W tunnel, quickly discern the room has another pit
    and a PBG walking around it. 180 and retreat to the small pit; drop and hang
    from the pit til PBGC#3 passes by heading W. Hoist up and follow his 6 to
    the W end of his route then enter the Pswy as he turns away. Creep to the
    end of the Pswy and PaB the short and narrow N/S tunnel. PBGC#4 is to the N;
    he advances on the intersection then 180s and heads N again before reaching
    your position.
    As soon as he 180s creep S, a 1/3rd of the way to the end of the tunnel then
    stand and run; roll through the EP into the next E/W tunnel. This is wider
    and more like a room with openings on the right that allow you to look down
    into a much larger room 1 level below. Look down into the room, locate
    scientist#1 a computer and an EP to the E. Continue W to and through the XP
    to another N/S tunnel. There's an intersection halfway along the tunnel,
    creep the left side and PaB. SBGC#5, at the top of a ramp or stairs;
    backtrack S 10 feet then run past #5. He'll yelp and run down the ramp, as
    he flees face W then side step S and stop before the corner. Swing the
    camera about for LOS on #5 and the intersection and below.
    Keep track of #5's non LOS movement on Radar, he'll head down the ramp and
    hopefully TaK for a bit then he may head out to the intersection below or
    head back up the ramp a bit for another knee. Eventually he'll go into creep
    mode and head toward the N/S tunnel intersection past the ramp. Once he goes
    into creep mode you have your means to proceed. When Radar shows him moving
    toward the intersection from the base of the stairs, run down the stairs
    then roll and come up to crouch at the flood light. Creep left past the
    flood light to and along the wall just short of the intersection and #5;
    don't pass his 7:00. #5 will then creep N to the other side of the
    intersection and face away from Lian long enough for you to creep into the
    intersection and head S.
    Sometimes, (rarely) BG#6 needs a bit more encouragement to go to the creep
    mode; you might have to send the Taser toward him when he retreats to the
    bottom of the stairs or to the intersection. He faces up the stairs when at
    the base til he turns to walk away. This prevents you from getting close
    enough to him to pass on his left and then E when he's walking to the
    intersection where he then turns and faces the stairs again.
    Halfway to the next tunnel stand and run toward the corner. Roll into and
    around the corner of the E/W tunnel then come up in the crouch; you'll see 
    PBGC#6 heading E. Follow him S into a larger room/tunnel. Break E to the
    crates; tight to the tunnel wall and hold. PBGC#7 patrols E/W at the E end
    of the area, and SBGC#8 can be seen through a hole in the tunnel ceiling
    above the crates. SBGC#8 faces away and you have stacked crates giving you
    access to the level above. Wait for #6 to exit and #7 to be heading E to
    stand; locate the gaps between the 2nd and 3rd crates then creep to the
    narrow gap between them. The next time #7 passes E of Gabe climb the stacked
    crates, face N and hoist up behind #8.
    Crouch ASAP and sidestep left away from #8 and the hole. Recon your
    surroundings then creep W along the wall then S to the ledge. PaB the area
    below then drop down to ground level. There's an ammo box with UAS rounds,
    180 and creep along the left wall for cover to the opposite end of this
    opened corridor and to the (Checkpoint).
    I recommend saving at this Checkpoint due to possible problems incurred in
    the upcoming Lab#1. If you are killed before you complete your objectives
    everything that normally occurs with Gabe's interactions with the BGs will
    cease, you will be deprived of the event when the checkpoint restarts. You
    restart from the scientist Checkpoint.
    Creep to the end of the tunnel and look left. !!!Yikes!!! This area is full
    of BGCs, 5 of them, BGCs#10 thru 14 and they're all facing away from Lian's
    position. These are your options:
    1. Try shooting or tazing all of them while they're flittering about.
    2. Take advantage of the explosive barrels the Idiotas have placed all
    around themselves; the Falcon works well on barrels.
    "I'm going with the barrels, Monty!"
    At the end of the tunnel look left and see the buttress about 4 feet from
    the tunnel. Face left and creep to the buttress, sidestep left into the wall
    behind the buttress then PtF. You'll be just far enough left to need (R2) to
    target the end barrel on the right, the 1st BG on the right is beside it.
    (L1/R2/1TS) the barrel, everyone that's still alive will move to cover. A
    couple secs after the 3 remaining BGs will come out for a look see; the 2nd
    BG on the left, (past the Lab EP) will shoot the 1st barrel on the left and
    kill the 1st BG on the left. That removes 3 BGs, the remaining 2, BGs#12 and
    13 head for cover again. ASAP, press "START", go to Weps, PtT, exit and TaK.
    It's a toss up which of the 2 BGs crawls out from cover 1st, you want to fry
    #12, on the right side of the tunnel. You have decent cover from #13 at the
    far end, probably can't see him even if he appears 1st. To get #12 you may
    need to back step til (R1) can grab him. (R1/S) #12 when he crawls out; set
    him on fire if you like.
    A nice trick to keep #13 behind the buttress and off Lian is to repress and
    hold (R1) immediately after tazing #12; as long as you're holding (R1) #13
    will remain under cover. If you took any damage in the process of removing
    BG#12, run into the short rough cut side tunnel for the vest, just maintain
    your hold on (R1) and your good to go.
    (R1/S) #12 when he appears; remove him from the tunnel. ASAP release,
    repress and hold (R1) then run toward and into the Lab, #13 will remain
    behind the buttress until you release (R1). Go to the Pile and access it,
    when complete press "SELECT", go to Weps, PtF and exit. Kill the Pile then
    PtT, run to and into the EP arch, sidestep E toward the tunnel just enough
    to see a piece of #13. Only PaB #13 between and at the end of salvos,
    otherwise he'll vent Lian, with a head shot every time. PaB #13, adjust for
    a body taze then (L1/R2/S) him between salvos.
    #13 has a habit of ducking back behind the buttress, not always maybe 50% or
    less of the time. If he does this the odds are good he'll vent Lian the next
    time you release (L1) and begin to PaB again. The best way I found to
    counter this maneuver is to quickly release (L1) and press (R1) then
    sidestep into the tunnel. Once situated release (R1) then as #13 begins to
    emerge from behind the buttress (R1/S).
    A 2nd sneaky tactic from #13, he hides behind the buttress and never comes
    back out to play. This will force you to creep N and E a bit to acquire his
    boot using (R2); taze his boot.
    (Cut Scene)
    BGs#14 and 15 from the next intersecting E/W tunnel abandon a kneeling
    scientist and rush to your position.
    BGCs#14 and 15 are on their way; begin by holding (Forward) and fast tapping
    "X" to escape the (cut scene); when free you'll bolt like a greyhound out of
    the gate; retreat to the lab with haste. You'll see #14 and 15 enter the N
    end of the tunnel and crossing to the E side. As you race to and enter the
    Lab you should now have both on Radar.
    For all this to work you want the straightest and shortest route possible to
    the lab EP and then to the scientist. Again, BGs#14 and 15 are advancing
    quickly along the tunnel making their way to the N side of the Lab's EP.
    Their serpentine moves give you more time to act than if they didn't do it.
    They'll be rubbing shoulders when they stop, but only for a short time. I've
    never had the prescience of mind to time the interval from a full stop to
    #15 bolting back to the scientist in the next tunnel and executing him. I
    guesstimate, 6 to 8 secs at most. So you need to get to Mr. Peabody and tell
    him to scoot pronto Tonto.
    Also, tap "X" even if the scientist is invisible, it happens far too often
    not to mention.
    Cut hard left around the side of the EP into the lab, run CCw around table#1
    then straight to the corner of the crate where the scientist is cowering.
    ASAP begin fast tapping "X" on your way to the crate to get out of the cut
    scene pronto, 3 more BGs rush toward the lab's EP once the scientist
    objective is complete. Press "LEFT" on the "D" pad before the scene ends.
    You'll be turning left as you exit the scientist cut scene, ASAP press "UP"
    on the "D" pad and head straight for the EP/XP. Now you can see 2 of the 3
    BGs joining the crowd at the Lab's EP; BG#16 enters the lab and sort of
    snakes his way around the tables toward the back of the room. Oh well, so
    stealth is down the tubes again yah!
    Remember you're still on a time restraint, BGs #16 thru 18 advanced on the
    lab EP, normally #16 and 17 enter the lab while 18 covers the exit, with the
    ongoing maneuver, #17 remains in the tunnel along with BGs# 14, 15 and 18.
    You must keep moving and force 1 of the 4 to accidentally shoot the barrel
    beside the EP. This will kill all 4 of them and will prevent BG#15 from
    killing scientist#2.
    The next and last most important thing in this maneuver is to get #17 moving
    ASAP, the way we do this is by scaring the living crap out of him. Run
    straight at #17 who TaK in line with the EP, he'll see Gabe coming, panic
    and run N past the barrel. When #17 bolts from position; strafe to the right
    away from the EP. ASAP after the explosion reverse direction and strafe
    left/N to the EP and then out into the tunnel for cover from BG#16 in the
    lab. If you took serious damage, (less than 1/4 armor left) in the lab
    maneuver remember the vest in the short rough cut tunnel S of the lab EP.
    08b. Scientist#2, Dr. Elsa in the temple, comps. #2 thru 6
    Head N then W into the E/W tunnel locate scientist#2; pass by the hole in
    the wall on your right and free scientist#2, EWW; he's still on his knees.
    Don't ask what he's been subjected to, it's too embarrassing.
    Continue W, locate the EP, PtF, target and kill pile#2 from the tunnel.
    Return to the hole in the wall, enter and follow to the fork. Go right at
    the fork, its closer to your target area, (the hidden opening across the
    courtyard). Walk to and up the ramp for a (Checkpoint).
    I suggest you use the (Save and Quit) option here, a similar situation to
    the previous (Lab) event is coming up. If you use the upcoming Checkpoint at
    the steps to the temple courtyard just prior to freeing Weissinger as a
    restart point, the chaos erupts before you climb off the steps and the 2 BGs
    with the Dr. are gone.
    Remain inside the tunnel leading to the courtyard; locate the currently
    standing PBGC#20 at Lian's 12:00 on the far side of the courtyard. To muffle
    his scream and or the sound of the wep you use, you must commence the attack
    as a jet begins to fly overhead, (when your controller begins rumbling). Use
    (L1/S) to taze #20. This courtyard is pact full of BGs, beat feet N to the
    downed BG the next time a jet begins flying over then head E into the stone
    structure; don't stop til you get the (Cut scene). 180 and locate the EP to
    Lian's right, there's a teargas launcher in it, I take it to lower my kill
    Exit and continue E, ignore the whiney scientists and head S to the next
    intersection and courtyard. Notice the armor crate; hold off on the vest for
    now, yours should still be full or close to it. Walk toward the temple steps
    for recon.
    (Cut Scene)
    Overhear a convo, two BGs and Dr. Elsa Weissinger.
    Run out and to the left into the courtyard; stay tight to the temple wall,
    continue past the crates and into the structure the people are in. Once
    you're in the structure run E toward the big square column but stop at the
    side of the wall about 3 feet before the corner where it opens up into the
    larger room. Press (R1) as BGC#21 appears running from the left then
    (Square), count to 3 then release and repress (R1), press (Square), when
    BGC#22 appears Cw from around the brick/stone column for a count of 3.
    Quickly reposition deeper into the room behind the column for cover.
    BGCs#23 thru 26 are out yonder about the courtyard, Take your time and
    eliminate them, #23 and 24 are on the ground, mid courtyard and BGC#25 and
    26 are on the building roofs, #25 to your right over the steps you
    previously ran down and #26 E of your current position on the roof of the
    structure you're currently in. Use the column for cover and PBS the ground
    BGs. Slide right; PaB over the steps to your 1:00/2:00, locate and taze the
    BG over the steps. Sidestep out S from the structures perimeter columns to
    taze the last BG above and E of you.
    You must remove all BGs from the courtyard before Weissinger will talk and
    walk. Pt45 and kill Pile#3. Even if you're flashing red, leave the armor
    alone, you might need it later on. PtT, run from the room the Dr. was in
    toward the opening in the wall with the fallen column; Creep to and stay to
    the right of the hole; locate BGC#27 pacing ahead of and to the right of the
    downed column. To get him moving you may have to PaB to get him on Radar,
    taze him as he walks away from you toward the base of the broken column.
    Creep to the break in the wall to the right of the column and climb onto the
    damaged wall, face the busted wall then swing your camera about to put eyes
    on BGC#28.
    Select the launcher then target close to his boots and send it. Once the
    cloud dissipates climb into the room, remain against the column and busted
    wall then stand. If BGC#29 doesn't appear on Radar, sidestep right a smidge
    to locate him across the column against the busted wall. Eventually he'll
    begin his patrol, follow it once visually to learn its parameter. As he
    walks toward the break in the column back step along the perimeter wall and
    stop before exposing Lian to #29. 180 and creep the shortest route out of
    the room when #29 begins walking back to the break in the wall. Creep to the
    end of the short corridor, quickly clear the area ahead then take cover
    around one of the corners.
    More jailed scientists and a couple crates staggered about past the first
    opening; on the right is a small room with BGC#30 who exits shortly after
    you arrive at the side of the EP. He stops and faces away from Lian; the
    crate in the room has grenades; (I don't use them). Creep S, when the tunnel
    opening is at your 9:00 creep into it; continue past the tree and out into
    the opened corridor. Creep E and stay tight to the right. Turn S and locate
    the opening. PaB the room; locate BGCs#31 and 32 and the PBG's route. Looks
    like a 2fer to me, shoulder the launcher and creep just to the left of the
    EP. Hold target about 3 feet to the left of the SBG, as soon as the PBG
    appears from the left of the EP send it.
    Do not attempt to kill the comps near the rooms EP, if so you're likely to
    hear as not an exclamation from the BG outside hiding up high behind the big
    tree; then on your return he'll fire on Lian.
    Creep onto the EP's threshold then PaB the room left and right of the EP.
    Move deeper into the room for LOS on the S tunnel to clear it. Pt45 then
    junk Piles#4, 5 and 6 from inside the room. Shoulder the launcher and head
    S; once you pass into the tunnel BGC#33 runs up your 6 from outside,
    (R1/1TS); you might take a hit if you weren't prepared. The 1st EP on the
    right; a room with a crate full of explosives grab them.
    08c. Last comp, artifact, free 4 remaining scientists
    Enter the 2nd EP on the right and pass through the short and narrow side
    tunnel to the other side. Turn left, approach the left side of the EP at the
    end and taze the SBGC#34. There's a vest in the tunnel, if you have any
    damage replace it now. The Virus Sample and the last Pile is in the room
    Pt45, kill the pile then PtT and enter the room. Take the sample then strafe
    to the right side of the EP/XP; BGC#35 charges the room from the tunnel but
    stops before entering. He 180s then walks back and passes the tunnel EP,
    returns then does it all over again. Follow him into the tunnel EP next
    When #35 stops past the EP, break right into the short tunnel then right
    again into the area where the explosives room is. Locate and enter the EP on
    the left at the end of the tunnel. Free Dr. Freid, drop down into the hole
    and retrieve the artifact. Climb up and out, creep CCw to the EP and prep
    for SBGC#36 to the right of the opening. Shoulder the launcher, gas #36
    outside the room then enter the tunnel.
    SBGC#37 in the small room with the explosives crate appears in the room
    after you drop down through the hole in the floor. SBGC#36 outside the small
    room Freid was in activates once you take the artifact.
    #36 is pretty much always at the EP unless you restart from the artifact
    checkpoint then it's a toss up whether he or #37 will be present. If you
    come too close to the EP #36 may lunge into the opening so fast that you're
    going to take damage before you can neutralize him so don't come too close
    to or too far to the left. The latter 2 of the next 3 BGs after him are the
    same in that they are in position unless a restart is used.
    Option 1,
    BG#35 will still be on Radar, pass by #36 and drift left to the tunnel wall,
    stop to the left side of the short tunnel EP and swing camera about for LOS
    to the other end. Hold for #35 to appear then 180, creep forward to the
    explosives room EP and swing camera about to have LOS on BGC#37 in the room.
    Quickly retreat to the short tunnel to Gabe's left for cover, wait for #37
    to reenter the explosives room to creep out and past the explosives room.
    Continue into the 3 Piles room and take cover to the left of the EP, #37
    will return and again reenter the small room. As he does, 180 for the
    shortest route back outside.
    Option 2,
    This hasn't occurred with the current maneuvers but did in the past with the
    previous tactic. If BGC#37 is facing the explosives room EP when you swing
    the camera to look in take a few steps back then beat feet to and through
    the 3 pile room. Drift to the right ASAP upon entering the 3 Pile room and
    do not run into the floor safe. Ensure you go into a roll about 5 feet from
    the XP and come up in a crouch, otherwise the BG hiding up high in the ruins
    will take pot shots at Gabe.
    If you scared the BG hiding up high on the wall behind the tree, once you're
    outside and anywhere within 4 feet from the N end corner of the N/S open
    corridor you'll be fired upon. Nice of him to let you know he still cares.
    If he's firing on Lian wait for him to end a burst to run W to cover;
    otherwise creep along the left side of the corridor.
    Continue to creep through the tunnels til you're able to put eyes on cell#4
    just before entering the tunnel the cells are in. PaB the EP, BG#30 who you
    let live earlier is still there to the right of the EP and should still be
    facing the same direction. Although there are times when he's done a 180 and
    is facing the grenade room, by the time I return.
    Creep to the left side of the tunnel you're in then use whatever route
    required to creep past his 6. Creep N past BG#30 and around the crates to
    cell#1, set the charge then creep N to avoid the blast. #30 has miraculously
    maintained position but may be facing 180 from before, creep S past him to
    cell#2 and set the charge on it. Stand, turn N then run into the previous
    tunnel at your 2:00 just before the charge blows. #30 will now run back in
    the room with the grenades. Ensure #30 is facing away then return to the 2nd
    cell and free the scientist. PaB the tunnel from the EP, PBG#38 is in the
    tunnel patrolling near the crates. Shoulder the launcher, (R1/S) him as he
    stops at the N end of his patrol.
    PtT and watch the movement of BG#30 in the grenade room on Radar, roll past
    the EP and continue back to cell#1, as he begins walking back to the rear of
    the room. Free the scientist, then 180 and drift N to and behind the crate
    in the room. BG#39 will appear in a moment walking to the N. Creep to the XP
    after PBG#39 walks past the EP to the N, when #39 returns walking S exit the
    cell and creep N. If he doesn't appear heading N past the cell in a couple
    to 5 seconds; creep past the EP to peer past the crates to locate and put
    him on Radar. He's probably in the crouch and creeping S. Hold tight, he'll
    either return or go even deeper into the tunnel, if he's walking deeper into
    the tunnel, exit and head N.
    In either case, creep along the S side of the E/W tunnel to the edge of the
    column room then swing your camera about to scan the room. BG#29 will be S/E
    of you then he'll walk over to the column N/E of him for a sec then either
    cross the room to the column E of his position or head back to his original
    position. In either case you want to creep and roll N to the N side of the
    standing column near the break in the wall. #29 will eventually retrace his
    route past the 2 columns back to the S/W corner of the room. Head for the
    busted column when #29 is blocked from view by the 2 columns S of Gabe,
    climb the busted column and return to the courtyard.
    Pass into the plane of the busted wall and you activate all the BGs hanging
    around the courtyard.
    I'm going to make my run along the S wall W. 20 feet from the steps I drift
    right just enough to run between the structure and the column at the left
    side of the steps. I'm going with the Taser, if anything shows I'm going for
    the (in my way) BG only. Continue along the left up the steps, if nobodies
    home stop at the corner to the right of the empty crate to recon the area
    50/50 a BG is inside the structure and at the intersection, this time he is
    not. Just as likely, another BG is on station in the cell#1&2 area and this
    time is not.
    About the intersection SBG if there, PtK, stay tight to the left wall and
    creep toward the SBG, 20 feet from him move only when he's turned away. I
    can sneak past him and as I do he vanishes. Sometimes he'll give a yelp and
    then disappear.
    Creep through and clear both rooms, set the charges on the doors to both
    cells then set both free. When the last scientist is free, the level is
    A final FMV beginning with Lian and Hadden and ending with Gabe and Maggie
    Powers who are on the Waterfront mission in Ireland.
    13 removed this mission, 6 gassed and alive.
    2/Falcon, 4/ charges, 5/TGas, 6/45, 11/Taser,
    END OF LEVEL 08, Aztec Ruins
    (Playing in Hard Mode)
    09. Waterfront
    09a. Setting charges on trucks#1 and 2
    Remember if you're going for the "Waterfront" bonus mission, it is a "TIMED"
    mission, so remember to use (START) to (PAUSE) for a break in action and
    weps changes. I suggest playing the mission enough times prior to your
    attempt for the mini.
    09a. Setting charges on trucks#1 and 2
    Begin by fast tapping (X) to exit the (cut scene) ASAP. As you free up from
    the (cut scene), press and hold (X) and (L2) to crouch and sidestep left for
    cover behind and at the S/W corner of the concrete base of gantry tower#3.
    Press "START"; go to Weps, PtP and exit. Maggie and her mate book, (run
    off). Remain in the crouch, 3 BGs converge N of your location and may begin
    firing. PaB left, there're explosive barrels beside the lone container near
    tower#1 at your 11:00. (L1), PaB to adjust then (L1/L2/1TS) one of the
    barrels. ASAP press "START"; go to Weps, PtT then exit. If you're fast
    (R1/S) BGC#2, the left most BG; if not, (2T/R1) to locate BGC#2 then taze
    I'd hold off on the armor until later unless you're flashing.
    Maintain position and watch BGC#3 patrol E, he walks and stops about 20 feet
    from pier#2, stand and run N along pier#1, press and hold (R1) begin a
    series of TTs as you turn E then drift N/N/E past the crates for cover. Run
    N into the alley along the W side to Maggie.
    (Cut scene)
    You'll be going for truck#1 while Maggie occupies the sniper on the tower
    Keep an eye on Maggie's Radar icon, she has a problem getting stuck along
    the S side of the fence, this leaves Gabe hanging when he's done setting the
    charge. The BG normally occupied with Maggie now spends all his free time on
    Gabe. If Maggie isn't following Gabe circle back to un-stick her.
    Continue N at a run, climb the driver side front of truck#1 and plant the
    charge on top then press "START", go to Weps, PtP and exit. 180, (turn S),
    run off the truck past the BG then right/W past the fence, follow Maggie
    into the building; (you'll take some rounds on the way from the sniper not
    the BG).
    (Cut Scene)
    180 to face W, strafe left then follow Maggie, ASAP locate the red/brown
    barrels W of you, target 1 and send 1. You'll blow the doors off the
    building and kill BGC#3 that was tossing the grenades from cover at the N/W
    corner of the room. Run, follow Maggie to and through the new XP and she
    deserts you.
    You're likely going to take considerable damage on your way to truck#2, if I
    try shooting BGs on the way, I don't make it.
    The game can be mean with the variables it has to throw at you to and from
    truck#2. You can improve your position a bit by keeping an eye on Radar and
    run to the passenger side of the truck instead of climbing up its 6.
    Approaching truck#2 from the passenger side provides cover and gives you
    time to decide what to do. If you're trying to keep the kill count down and
    you have at least 40% armor you may forego killing the BG who may be up on
    the ledge.
    I also think the sooner you get out of the warehouse the more time you have
    running to truck#2 before the BGs begin firing on Gabe. I've noticed, when I
    fast tap (X) to exit the cut scene, I make it around the corner of the fence
    toward the tunnel before taking fire; if I spend the time switching weps I
    almost always begin taking fire before I reach the fence corner.
    Don't target and or waste ammo on the BGs. Run S/W out of the building's XP
    to truck#2; when you pass by the corner of the fence at your 12 pay heed to
    the danger meter, begin rolling and running along the fence when it flashes.
    Still, you may take considerable damage on the way to plant the charge. Roll
    often and run straight along the right side of the tunnel. Continue to
    truck#2; keep an eye for blips on Rader and approach the passenger side of
    Maybe 50% of the time an SGBG is high on a ledge S/W of truck#2, you have to
    deal with him one way or another.
    As you head E from truck#2 "DO NOT USE (R1)" on the BGs E of Gabe, use auto
    target TT only. You need to keep moving, Maggie's boys don't last long in
    the engagement.
    Option 1, (-0- BGs 360 truck#2)
    ASAP climb truck#2, plant the charge then strafe left off the truck, (if any
    BGs drop from the building you'll have cover for a bit. Run E along the
    tunnel wall, when you see MI6 and IRA exchanging fire drift left/N to and
    along the fence. Do not dawdle; you need to take advantage of the
    distraction provided by MI6. When you reach the open gate drift right, S/E
    to avoid explosive barrels, run and roll often to minimize damage.
    Option 2, (1BG above truck on ledge)
    Climb the truck, plant the charge then strafe right/N ASAP, 180 and run E
    along the tunnel wall and fence. You'll take a couple rounds from the BG but
    you'll outdistance him quickly. Do not dawdle; you need to take advantage of
    the distraction provided by MI6. When you reach the open gate drift right,
    S/E to avoid explosive barrels, run and roll often to minimize damage.
    Option 3, (ledge BG present, 1+ BGs rushing your 6 or dropping from
    TaK; 180 and taze the BG/s advancing from the E. Climb the truck, plant the
    charge then strafe right/N ASAP, 180 and run E along the tunnel wall and
    fence. You'll take a couple rounds from the BG but you'll outdistance him
    quickly. Do not dawdle; you need to take advantage of the distraction
    provided by MI6. When you reach the open gate drift right, S/E to avoid
    explosive barrels, run and roll often to minimize damage.
    All options continue from here.
    09b. Protecting Russell to safe, setting charges on trucks#3 and 4
    Keep running til you get the cut scene and checkpoint.
    (Cut Scene and Checkpoint)
    Gabe will be directed to Maggie. By the time I get to the "Checkpoint" 60/40
    I'm flashing red on the health meter; at the best of times I still have 25%
    to 50% armor. Gabe will be directed to supply cover for Russell her
    locksmith. Before you follow him to the locked door, don't pass up your
    chance to pick up the vest you left near the container at the beginning of
    the mission. Once you have the vest follow Russell's Radar blip to the
    locked door. I prefer making my stand wedged into the N/E corner of the
    building and containers facing S/W opposite Russell and the locked door.
    Gabe's covered at his 3 and 6 high and low. Once Russell turns left toward
    the door the insects come out of the woodwork. You can usually expect 6 to 9
    BGs to bear down on Russell and Gabe once you've taken position. Their aim
    is to kill Russell and Gabe and drain your ammo and armor in the process
    before Russell can figure out the lock. Tazing all of them can be very
    difficult but doable.
    Arriving shortly after Russell gets to the door is a sort of benefit; the
    initial BGs have taken position and are focused on Russell not Gabe. My MO,
    Taze a path to my firing position then remove the ground BGs around Russell.
    I suppose there's a 1st time for everything, this afternoon I had only 2 1st
    wave BGs try to stop Russell at the door, #1 was removed from my Fav firing
    position, #2 had dropped down to the ground behind Russell, I tazed and held
    it on #2 for something like 15 to 20 secs then Russell bellowed he was done.
    I only almost wet myself.
    Something I discovered that I haven't had tons of time to test, but has
    worked far more times than not. The couple 3 times it didn't, (preventing
    more BGs from appearing) I think was due to the fact that the 2nd wave BGs
    were already approaching. I've been successful with 3 BGs, if there are more
    than 3 1st wave BGs, it takes too long to grab and hold the 4th before
    reinforcements begin moving.
    The cut scene in the safe room places Gabe in the middle of the room right
    in front of the window and inline with the EP and table, lousy positioning
    for a seasoned operative to take when the place is crawling with BGs.
    In the safe room, last time through Gabe was still outside the room and
    facing E when the cut scene began. When free from it I was still facing E
    forcing me to strafe right, normally Gabe is in the room and sort of facing
    Follow Russell into the building and up the stairs to the elevated Wkwy.
    Shortly after entering the safe room you get another cut scene. The best
    advice is strafe S and into the corner beside the window. ASAP (R1/S) for a
    3 count to remove BGC#1 then strafe right to the corner of the window and
    (R1/S) BGC#2 for a 3 count. ASAP turn right/N, strafe right to line up with
    the EP then (R1/S) BGC#3.
    I used to believe Russell was safe from #3 but he is not. With the new
    maneuver I often see him taking fire to his vest from #3 while I deal with
    #1 and 2.
    For the following maneuver to succeed you must move to cover before BGs#4
    and 5 can put eyes on Gabe, if your danger meter flashes and or one or both
    BGs fire on Gabe as they advance on the Wkwy it won't work. If you make it
    to cover before they see Gabe BG#5 approaches the room for a bit then 180s
    and walks away toward the stairs. He holds there for a few secs then walks
    back to the room to the right of the window. He'll do this whether either
    sees Gabe or not, but if neither sees Gabe, when #5 heads toward the stairs
    the 2nd time he's doing it in creep mode. You can't follow #5 when he's
    walking away but you can when he creeps.
    "Cut Scene"
    Russell books so that you can face the next 2 IRAs alone. You're back in
    front of the window again. Can Gabe be that stupid? Before the cut scene
    ends press and hold (Right) on the "D" pad (X) and (R2). As you're freed
    from the cut scene Gabe will rotate, crouch and sidestep to the right. ASAP
    release (Right), continue to sidestep past the window to the N/W corner of
    the room. 2 more IRAs appear in front of Gabe on the Wkwy, BG#4 is at the
    S/W corner of the Wkwy and #5 is to the right of the window. Maintain crouch
    and back step away from the window to the EP, stop beside the chair then
    swing the camera about to put eyes on a piece of BG#5s arm.
    As #5 begins walking away from the room, stand and (2T/R1) to switch targets
    from BG#5 to #4 then strafe left into the chair, ASAP press (R1/S) for 3
    secs then crouch and sidestep right to the EP before #5 can turn around. As
    #5 returns to the right of the window, creep N out of the room and W along
    the wall.
    Stop before reaching the corner and hold. #5 TaKs, then creeps back toward
    the stairs, follow his 6 and stop when he does at his 8. #5 will 180 and
    return to the room, as he creeps away head for the stairs. Take 1 step onto
    the stairs then stand and run down the stairs hook hard right around the
    railing then run the containers CCw to the E wall of the large room. Gabe
    may take damage from BGC#5 and 6 but he'll survive. Fortunately BGC#7
    somehow gets lost in the containers attempting to locate and follow Gabe
    around the containers so don't run into anything or stop.
    Drift and roll E to the wall as you past #6 continue running toward the 2nd
    half of the building and the corner ahead. Face E as you near the corner, as
    you pass the edge of the corner run E and to the right of BGC#8. TT #8 as
    you rush, he'll panic and run N/W of Gabe, as you run by #8 roll and come up
    running as close to the containers as you can for cover. Press (L2) when you
    come up from the roll to strafe left/N into the aisle between the
    Turn E again at the next corner and run to the E end of the building. PtP
    then creep W til you can make out the barrels at the N/E corner of the room.
    If your armor is not 100%, creep back to the armor crate and switch it out.
    Face W, sidestep S to the E side of the green container, ensure BGC#8 is not
    standing W of Gabe as you sidestep S target and send 1 into the barrels to
    make a new XP.
    I got a big surprise this aft while playing this section of the game. I
    found it by pure accident while creeping after BGC#5. This is related to the
    elevated Wkwys guardrail, the Wkwy has 2 long E/W guardrails and 1 short N/S
    guardrail that connects the 2 long ones. The 1st discovery was made where
    the rail from the stairs connects to the N/S rail. In construction terms
    this is called an inside corner or in this case an inside corner rail
    because it points to the interior area of the Wkwy. I was following BG#5, I
    slid along the rail to the inside corner then Gabe climbed down and hung
    from the Wkwy. I took advantage of this and ran CCw around the containers
    and discovered that BGCs#6 and 7 miss our play date.
    So this is pretty much cheating yah!
    I found a couple other spots, the 2nd and 3rd occur at and near the top of
    the stairs. The one at the top is much more difficult to complete, the time
    wasted in the attempt makes it too dangerous. The 3rd at the nosing of the
    top step is as easy to complete as the inside corner. All 3 glitch areas
    prevent BGs#6 and 7 from activating. Lastly there is one more, but it does
    not provide relief from the BGs. I found it while following Russell up the
    stairs; you can run through the railing from the 2nd tread from the bottom
    of the stairs. So BGs#6 and 7 activate when Gabe is somewhere near the
    bottom of the stairs.
    Run N and out the new opening; swing tight left and head W toward truck#3.
    Before planting the charge, locate the crate W of the truck, pick up the
    Spyder from it then PtS. Run to the truck climb it and quickly plant the
    charge. Drift right off the truck to and along the building then continue E
    to and along the fence to truck#4. Gabe is now running a lead gauntlet;
    there will be 3 to 4 BGs each spread out along the N and S fences. Do not
    waste any time and ammo on any of them, keep running and rolling til they
    stop. Then just keep running, you may be hurtin-fer-certin but odds are
    you'll survive with some armor hanging off.
    (NOTE) (9/27/14)
    I think Gabe's survival rate is much higher if I run along the S fence.
    Today I ran along the S side and rolled Gabe's butt off and made it to truck
    with close to 1/2 armor. The BGs like standing on the N side containers
    giving them more time on target.
    Continue running along the S fence and into the tunnel, you'll continue to
    take damage after you enter it but less than if you ran up the middle or N
    side of the street and tunnel. You'll see a crate against the tunnel wall;
    remember where it is for later. Continue running E to the last truck in the
    mission, quickly climb up and plant the charge, 180 ASAP then (RUN/ROLL) off
    the back of the truck. Remain in the trucks 6 footprint and run, you can
    stop at 4 secs on the clock. You'll hear "GOT IT" after the charge
    9 BGs removed this mission, only when the ledge BG at truck#2 is missing.
    3/9mm, 7/Taze,
    END OF LEVEL 09, Waterfront
    (Playing in Hard Mode)
    10. Docks Final Assault
    10a. BGs#1 thru 3, meet Nigel, connection point#2 in E side container yard
    10b. Connection point#3 to 5, removing Nigel
    Maggie has contacted Gabe and has him pairing up with another one of her
    crack agents, Nigel. Nigel knows where the last truck is and Nigel is a RFB.
    3 BGCs are rushing Gabe from the N, the best option I've found, (least
    damage and ammo use) is to TaK and use the Spyder. I regularly take the 3
    down with 1 round per BG. The other weps can do it, (the BGs aren't armored)
    but it takes many more hits per man and Gabe tends to take more damage. If
    Gabe is hurtin-fer-certin he won't tolerate more than one or 2 glancing hits
    before going down. The Spyder is a heavy hitting rapid fire machine pistol
    and your controller's (Square) button is quite sensitive. You must apply a
    quick delicate tap to ensure only 1 round is sent. Your timing is also
    10a. BGs#1 thru 3, meet Nigel, connection point#2 in E side container yard
    My method is this; I ensure the Spyder is in hand and TaK. All the BGCs are
    far enough away N to be invisible throughout the maneuver. Ignore the BGs
    and pay attention to Gabe's arm and the Spyder in his hand. When BGC#1 gets
    close enough, Gabe's arm will raise the Spyder to auto target #1. (1TS), the
    Spyder swings right and stops, (1TS), the Spyder swings right and stops,
    (1TS). I use the forefinger of my left hand to tap (Square) when the Spyder
    stops moving, you will have and see obvious blood sign from each BG, and may
    see a faint image of the middle and or right BGs buckling to the ground.
    Face N and go to Map, press up on the "D" pad and locate Nigel at your 11:00
    in the container yard to the N.
    If you hesitate too long between the 1st and 2nd shot the SF3 auto targeting
    system gets confused and will flicker back and forth between BGC#2 and
    BGC#3. Pay attention to the Spyder.
    PtT and head N, strafe left to the tunnels W wall, BGC#4 appears to your
    right at the edge of the container yard. If you're hurtin-fer-certin, (with
    no armor and flashing) taze #4 and take the armor then continue N. If you
    have at least 1/4 armor remaining, "DO NOT RUN INTO THE CRATES!" side step
    them and continue N along the fence then roll when the danger meter flashes.
    Drift right across the road once you pass by #4 to cut his fire line to the
    end of the fence. When you are parallel to the end of the fence break left
    across the road to the containers, you're going to take more damage, Gabe
    may even be flashing but with practice you'll survive to Nigel.
    (Cut Scene/Check Point)
    When released from the cut scene follow Nigel E, to the end of the fence but
    run CCw around the small container, in front of Gabe to avoid fire from the
    2 BGs that appear from your 6.
    The run through the container area is another lead slinging gauntlet, the
    best advice I can offer for what transpires is to know the general route,
    (where Nigel goes). Stay close to containers to cut BG LOS and stay just
    ahead of Nigel. Take off as soon as Nigel appears because he's a BG magnet.
    Engage the minimum number of BGs possible. The route I follow minimizes BG
    confrontation, if you follow Nigel and confront all BGs the number can go up
    to 16 or more excluding Nigel at the end.
    Roll out from behind the crate, Nigel will engage 2 BGs E of you; ignore
    all, run E and roll past Nigel between him and the fence for cover to the
    corner of the fence. From the corner of the fence run S along the fence to
    the armor crate, BGC#4 is no longer about. Take the armor, 180, locate Nigel
    standing at the corner of the containers, run E along the curved perimeter
    wall then cut N toward Nigel. Nigel at connection point 2, he'll be standing
    at the edge of a N/S aisle, to the left/W of Nigel is another N/S aisle, as
    you approach Nigel you'll hear him say, "Don't get lost". Continue N into
    the aisle W of Nigel, you'll pass by open area#1 on your right/E and a
    building on your left/W.
    10b. Connection point#3 to 5, removing Nigel
    Bear right/E at the N corner of the building, run the aisle between the
    containers and hook back S a smidge to put eyes on open area#2. Watch Nigel
    enter the area, 180 and wait for him to babble about fish then run and take
    the 1st right into a short "L" shaped aisle then strafe right out of it into
    open area#3. As you slide past the container press (Forward) to run N
    between BGC#3 and the container niche with the armor crate. Roll and cut
    hard left around the container for cover from #3, continue N to the red E/W
    aligned container, face W and taze BGC#4.
    180 and head back toward open area#3, locate BGC#3 and TT him til you see
    Nigel run past Gabe. 180 and follow Nigel through the narrow aisle and past
    BGCs#5 and 6, Nigel will stop in the narrow aisle near BGC#6, why, I don't
    know. Continue N past both, when you have LOS on BGC#7 TT him from between
    the containers til Nigel runs past Gabe then run past Nigel and W for the
    last truck. Nigel will follow.
    With the older maneuver 4 BGs including #7 could be lurking around open
    area#4, with the newest tactic they don't show til after Nigel and Gabe are
    1/4th to 1/3rd the distance to the truck. The one time Nigel got stuck there
    all I had to do was 180 and TT one of the BGs to get him moving.
    2 of the 3 BGs are usually hiding in niches at the N end of the containers W
    of the building corner. Once you begin running to the "Checkpoint", "DO NOT
    From here on you may need roll and serpentine, (zigzag) to the "Checkpoint".
    When you get to the truck, you find out that Nigel is the RFB when he tries
    to run Gabe down.
    (Cut scene)
    Gabe lets Maggie know the score.
    Head out after Nigel. Move to the middle of the right side of the road,
    you'll know when you're close, Nigel will begin firing on Gabe. As the truck
    becomes visible roll if needed to make the 6 of the truck with minimum to -
    0- damage. Crouch and sidestep left to the corner of the truck, Nigel is
    wearing armor and waiting for Gabe, remember to PaB between salvos and use
    ultra fast PaB for an (L1/L2/S) HS.
    The level ends with an FMV of the sinking of the SS. Lorelei.
    5BGs removed this mission,
    2/Taser, 3/Spyder,
    END OF LEVEL 10, Docks Final Assault
    (Playing in Hard Mode)
    11. Convoy
    11a. BGs#1 to 3, mortar fort
    11b. Barracade#1, bridge and IED
    11c. Ambush pass, Barracade#2
    The Convoy level is an odd one, like Docks Final Assault it kinda feels like
    a timed level. It's fast-paced and you aren't given the time to explore the
    surroundings to any extent. The truck, like Nigel, is always on your case to
    get back to the road to protect Ellis. If you dally even a tad too long, the
    truck and Ellis move on and Ellis dies. At one point, when the truck is
    sandwiched between to hills and under attack by hostiles, the truck may blow
    up. There is so much area to explore in this level and no opportunity to do
    so. I wonder if this level originally had an arena attached to it but was
    cancelled for whatever reason.
    Convoy begins with Gabe describing his involvement with the agency and
    Benton in Afghanistan.
    Don't waste ammo on BG#1 as you strafe to the right for cover behind the
    boulder the hit count is higher within 10 feet. The knife takes him out
    pronto but it has 2 issues; one is with Gabe, for some reason he tends to
    face and slash the boulder rather than #1. 2, BG#1 more often than not
    sidesteps the slash, ends up behind Gabe and empties a clip in him.
    As you strafe toward the boulder, assume you're approaching its 6; you need
    to stop at its 1:00 for cover from #1 and BGs#2 and 3 from across the road.
    Note the E side of the boulder is dark, shaded; it gets bright at the edge
    of 12:00. If you're between 1 and 12:00 you take early fire from #1, too
    close to 3:00 and fire from BGs#2 and 3.
    11a. BGs#1 to 3, mortar fort
    Ellis and Gabe are on point for Benton (mostly Gabe). Strafe right from your
    starting position, when the cut scene is complete; locate BG#1 rushing
    toward the road W/S/W of you. Once #1 is on the road press and hold (R1);
    continue to the boulder at your 3:00 for cover. Take position at the
    boulders 1:00 for cover and when you reacquire LOS on #1, at boulders 10 to
    11:00 (2TS) to drop him. Once he's down move to the boulder's 12:00 and prep
    for BGs#2 and 3. I continue with the 45; take a knee then PBS both BGs.
    Regarding the best wep for the job, military issue 45s should never be used
    for distance shots, however in the case of SF; it takes less ammo to remove
    BGs#2 and 3 with the 45 rounds to the head. I need to be about 3 feet from
    the TV to see the reddish blur of their heads; they keep moving so take your
    time and (L1/L2/1TS) #2 then (L1/R2/1TS) #3.
    ASAP run to and through the 3 BGs weps and ammo, you may need it later at
    the 2nd and last barricade. Ignore the m-16 crate behind the wall, you don't
    need it; follow the truck to the next stop. Watch Radar; drift left/S away
    from the truck as 1 to 2 new targets appear. Locate one of the trenches and
    drop in for cover then locate BGs#4 and 5 from the trench. I use the 45 for
    (L1/1TS) HSs on both. Be prepared for more whining from the truck and
    possible ID due to the D bag trucks intrusion. They were guarding a tunnel
    leading to the mortar crews that are sending rounds toward the truck. Run
    into the tunnel; as you move deeper into the tunnel you'll see BG#6 rushing
    the tunnel from the opposite end.
    Head for and roll to the crate to your left for cover. (L1/1TS) BG#6 for HS;
    run toward the tunnel's interior opening. Drop to crouch 20 feet from the
    opening, creep/drift left to it slowly. BGS#7 and 8 are hiding at your 12
    and 2:00, (L1) your 12 and wait for #7 to creep into view and stop then
    (1TS) for HS. Look right for #8, inch deeper into the fort til you put eyes
    on the top of his head then (L1/1TS) for HS. 9 is S of Gabe, 180 and begin
    PaB and inch up til his head is visible then (L1/1TS) for HS.
    Enter the area then take their stuff, hold off on the vest for a bit even if
    you're damaged. Keep an eye on Radar as you backtrack through the tunnel
    quickly take note of at least 1 BG who has taken position in the tunnel
    behind a crate. Retreat til he stops firing, move to the right or left side
    of the tunnel then forward a step at a time til you have his blip back on
    This next bit can be eazy-peazy or extremely trying on the patience most
    times I breeze through the 2 BGs; however, the usually successful wep
    glitter trick doesn't work here, (due to the crate I think). The trick that
    does is this, I have to sit within 3 feet of the TV; then begin quick PaBs.
    The BGs faces seem to show as a faint red blur on my screen, I guess the
    quick PaB maybe makes it easier to see 3 feet from the TV. (L1/1TS) each for
    HS then head back outside.
    Stop ASAP when you have Radar contact; Begin to PaB his location, look for
    the reddish blur that appears to be his head, adjust and send 1 to BG#10.
    You're good to go when the icon dissolves. Sidestep right to the wall then
    forward; BG#11 takes position behind the crates on the right, repeat the
    process. Now, if you have any armor damage at all return for the vest then
    grab their ammo on your way out. Once outside follow the truck to the next
    11b. Barracade#1, bridge and IED
    Radar shows 2 BGs inside a fenced area; strafe left/S to #12's 5:00 and
    target for HS ASAP, (Ellis is delicate and can't take any damage). If Ellis
    fails to remove #13 pronto, drop him. Wait for Ellis to blow the fence,
    enter and take the BGs stuff, the PK should be maxed at this point. If you
    have armor loss grab the vest from the crate then run to the opposite side
    of the barricade to blow a hole in it; follow the truck to the next stop.
    The bridge has 2 BGs, BG#14 is sniping from the hills to the far left/S of
    the bridge and #15 is guarding a charge planted below the bridge. Use cover
    to get close enough to the sniper to put eyes on his head, use the boulder
    for cover and (L1/1TS) for HS again with the 45.
    Head a smidge E of Ellis's icon, run to the S side of the E bridge abutment
    then creep W into the valley. Stop before the corner then swing your camera
    around to put eyes on #15. Watch him for a second, he walks toward the E
    abutment then 180s and begins to walk away again, (L1/L2/1TS) for HS when he
    comes to a stop. Complete, run to the trestle, climb up and disarm the
    charge. Jump off the beam to the S side of the bridge and PtK; run up the
    hill to the left side of the road.
    The old "Mine-in-the-road" ploy; shortly, 7 or more BGs may advance from all
    directions and at a manageable pace maybe 50% of the time. Look for Ellis,
    stay on the left side of the road and "FOLLOW" him to the mine in the middle
    of the road. "DO NOT TOUCH THE MINE"! Let Ellis reach the mine 1st, run past
    the mine about 10 feet then drift right to the right of the passenger side
    tire marks in the road.
    Take note, this next bit can be a tedious and frustrating beyond biting your
    tongue off. If the BGs gang up on Ellis, this can be as bad as the "Pass"
    confrontation following this horror show. However, when all the ducks line
    up its easy and fast.
    Allow Ellis to reach the mine 1st and BG#16 activates from the W end of the
    road instead of the E end, that and Ellis receives no damage from him. For a
    knife slash to succeed you must be directly in his path and slash within
    arms reach. Too early or late and he runs past Gabe.
    Take note of the dark E/W tire lines in the road, you want to be on the
    light colored ground just to the right/N of a vehicles passenger side tire
    line then you must run directly at BG#16 for a head on collision. A split
    second before you collide with 16 slash him, he'll stop and drop to the
    ground. If you're off to the left or right a smidge too much or slash too
    early or too late you will fail.
    I think taking #16 down puts less stress and lead on sissy boy giving you a
    couple seconds of leeway.
    You must be within touching distance for the slash to succeed.
    Run directly at #16 and slash him just before contact then locate the
    boulder close to your 1 to 2:00 it has bushes to its W, this is BG#18s
    firing position. At your 10 to 11:00 is a 2nd boulder, BGs#17s firing
    position. #17 stops 1st but #18 stops slightly further away. If you remove
    BG#17 after #18 you're more or less facing Ellis and the rest of the BGs
    when you complete your task.
    Run to #18s firing position, stop at the space between to bushes and hold.
    BG#18 will arrive shortly; slash #18 once he stops then tap (Down) to 180.
    Run to BG#17 and slash him from his 7 to 8:00. Press "START", enter Weps,
    Pt45 and exit; turn left/E and face BG#19, press and hold (R1) then run
    toward the mine. This will target BG#19 beside another boulder N of Ellis.
    Stop in the middle of the road (between the tire lines); about 10 feet W of
    the mine and TaK.
    (2TS) #19 then release and repress (R1) to switch targets to #20 or 21
    whoever shows 1st, it can be N or S of the truck. (2TS) on #20 or 21;
    release and repress (R1) to target the other BG, (2TS). Lastly BG#22, press
    and hold (R1), 22 will either run to the driver's side of the truck or rush
    the area from due S; if at the truck (R1/2TS) if from the S, let him close
    in then (R1/1TS), if he doesn't buckle send another, sometimes it takes 2
    rounds, not often.
    If you TaK in the middle of the road, between the 2 tire lines it seems the
    BG manning the post S of the road pretty much stays out of the fight. Only 7
    BGs appear on the scene, (sometimes only 6) since I've been using this
    tactic. Any other set of maneuvers, (no knife work or using an AR) and up to
    10 come out to play.
    11c. Ambush pass, Barracade#2
    The next stop is a most frustratingly difficult stop for me; no question I'm
    going down here probably many times. A narrow trench cut through a hill; the
    valley walls are high, vertical and prevent one from clearly targeting the
    BGs but not the BGs from you. Lastly Ellis spends his time playing musical
    thumbs with his mouth and ass. The only concession if you can call it that
    is that there is an armor crate on a ledge and a few damaged vests lying
    around at the other end of the pass if you can make it that far. When
    complete following the truck to the last stop.
    When complete continue W to the pass, (valley cut through a big honkin
    hill). When Ellis is done flapping his gums take position at the left
    leading edge of the pass; creep up slope along the edge of the road and stop
    when Gabe auto targets S#2 at the far end of the pass. TaK, press and hold
    (L1/R2); you can just make out the reddish head smears of the 2 Ss. Take
    your time and (L1/R2/1TS) S#1 then (L1/1TS) #2 for HS and "Checkpoint".
    Strafe right past the truck and watch Ellis and BG#25 sling lead. PtK, run
    to the side of #25 and slash him before he kills Ellis. Pt45, return to the
    front driver side fender of the truck when it stops; drop to crouch and
    creep to your 2:00, about 4 feet in front of the truck and TaK.
    The BGs swarm the pass in multiples with superior firing positions so keep
    an eye on Radar whenever there's a lull in action for a heads up on their
    arrival and locations. After the 1st exchange, manually reload every 2 BGs
    downed in case there're more than 7. Take note of Ellis cowering against the
    N wall of the pass for the entire exchange.
    Maintain and hold at this position, BGCs#26 thru 28 arrive W and up high N
    and S of the pass simultaneously, (R1/2TS) the 3. Release (R1), reload and
    repress, BGS#29 and 30 appear together on the same side on both sides of the
    pass, usually W of the truck. (R1) to target then (2TS), repeat the process
    on both then reload.
    BG#31 and 32 will arrive pronto. (R1/2TS); release and repeat. When
    complete, if your armor has any serious damage, less than 25% remaining,
    take the vest on the ledge, if 33% and better, take the 2 vests at the W end
    of the pass. You don't need any of the weps scattered about except one of
    the 3 IRSRs on the road take one then head out after the truck.
    The pass BGs usually appear in 2 to 3 waves and usually, 4, 3 or 3, 2, 2 or
    3, 3, 3 men per, although sometimes you get stragglers or early birds and
    end up being swamped.
    The blockade which comes next is similar regarding the BGs appearing in
    waves; however the 1st wave is usually 4 to 5 men, the 2nd, 3 to 4 and the
    3rd, 2 to 4. To date the most BGs to appear in total is 11 and as low as 8.
    The last stop is a blockaded highway over/underpass with fencing like the
    previous blockade. The BGs spread out ASAP N and S on the overpass, under
    and in front of it as you arrive. I'm almost always holding the 45, if not;
    I press "START", enter Weps and Pt45. I prefer the 2nd boulder near the
    light pole to left of the truck; it allows me to target all but 1 BG from
    cover. Take all using (L1/1TS) BSs, no head shots required; be quick and
    accurate and all will drop before Ellis bites it. There may be a lull in the
    action, you may think it's clear to blow the fence once the area is cleared
    but you'd be wrong.
    Hold position; sooner or later the 2nd or 3rd wave will appear. Sooner or
    later the fat Benson will sing telling you the opera is over. Set the charge
    to blow the fence.
    Gabe completes the level with an FMV, back with Hadden telling him of his
    initial affiliation with Lian and the mutual assistance in the city of
    40 BGs removed this mission,
    4/K, 48/45,
    END OF LEVEL 11, Convoy
    (Playing in Hard Mode)
    12. The Beast
    12a. BGs#1 thru 4,
    12b. BGs#6 thru 9, C4 crate, return to arch set charge and detonate
    The Beast is sort of a time-related level. The T-64 Gabe mentions to Benton
    and Lian in this and to Lian in one other mission is on its way to blow the
    truck up Gabe worked so hard to get wherever here is and as always, it's up
    to Gabe to get in its way. However I can't figure out when where or why it
    may or may not be timed. There's no bonus mission.
    The beginning of this mission takes much patience to complete; the 1st 4
    BGs, the runner, S#1 building on the left, archway BG and S#2 at the
    balustrade on the right are adjusting position every few seconds. Also take
    note that you pretty much have to expose Gabe to fire from S#1, (pre PaB) to
    remove him. Too often I PaB from cover; have good target and the rounds hit
    an invisible wall, I'm guessing it's the corner of the building wall 15 to
    16 feet to your 1:00. PAB is all you have for cover and 2 of the 4 have
    IRSRs it can get very frustrating to keep ammo use low and armor undamaged.
    (Cut scene)
    Gabe begins the Beast speaking to Benton while standing in front of the
    truck in a long straight street facing E.
    12a. BGs#1 thru 5,
    There're 4 visible BGs in front of Gabe, one is rushing to Gabe's position,
    2 are up on the buildings on either side of the street and 1 is on the Wkwy
    above the arch. Strafe right to the wall; press "START", go to Weps, Pt45 if
    you aren't holding and exit. I usually have 1 to 2 rounds remaining in the
    45; if empty I go with the PK. TaK, press and hold (L1/L2) then swing the TI
    left. Locate the left corner of the niche across the street; you need your
    TI about 10 feet left/W of the corner of the building and level with the
    bottom right side of the window. Holding these coordinates gives you
    reaction time to fire on BGC#1 when he runs past the wall corner. Send 1
    into the body of the BG to drop him as he runs into the TI.
    If you picked up an IRSR during the "Convoy" mission it'll make the
    following far easier and use up much less ammo. Shoulder the IRSR move tight
    to the S perimeter wall then orient Gabe due E back step W til you can see
    S#1 on the N side of the street near the arch without PaB. You'll know when
    you're good when he engages, ASAP (L1/1TS) S#1/BGC#2 for HS before he can do
    Gabe any damage. Adjust position and remove BGC#3 on the Wkwy above arch
    next. When complete go to Map to recon the area then exit, Pt45 or some
    other wep so you can use (L1/L2) PaB without IR. Move E to the corner of the
    building; maintain cover and swing camera about to locate S#2/BGC#4. S#2 is
    standing or kneeling in the railed 2nd floor Drwy, S side of the street and
    E of your position.
    He switches from a standing to a kneeling position and scans from left to
    right. Locate the Drwy niche about 10 feet E of Gabe, (It's really hard to
    make out on my LCD), stand, press (Forward) and roll into creep mode E along
    the wall toward S#2 when he is standing and is scanning to Gabe's right. The
    niche has green glass or paint on the door. Hold position in said niche,
    stand and locate the next niche another 10 feet E of Gabe. There's metal
    grating over the windows that protrude into the street. From this point you
    must make your move when S#2 is kneeling and scanning to Gabe's right. Stand
    and when S#2 is scanning right, strafe 1 step into the street then press
    (Forward/O) to roll into creep mode to the next niche and hold.
    Your danger meter may flare in the move, go to Map; remember the long
    shallow niche S side of the street W of the arch? That's your next position.
    Stand, (LI) and look up to S#2 in the balcony. You need to repeat your
    previous move to get by S#2 and into the niche E of Gabe. Strafe 1 step into
    the street, press (Forward/O), roll into creep mode and continue to and into
    the long shallow niche. Again your danger meter may flare. Creep along the S
    wall of the street to the arch wall then left, stopping 3 feet to the right
    of the arch opening; you'll need none of the weps or ammo dropped from or
    for this mission. From the right of the arch opening, PaB N/E, odds are
    you'll see S3#/BGC#5, PBS S#3.
    12b. BGs#6 thru 9, C4 crate, return to arch set charge and detonate
    Continue with the IRSR, when complete creep around the arch, stop just W of
    the 1/2 way point between the E and W sides. Locate and target S#4/BGC#6 far
    E on the S side roof. PtK, creep E and around the arch, stay tight to the
    wall and continue tight into the corner. Stand and 180, BGC#7 will drop from
    the arch Wkwy a few feet from Gabe, step to #7 and slash him. Creep back to
    the corner, Pt45 and look up to the arch. BGC#8 is LOS and facing E;
    (L1/1TS) for HS if possible.
    Not sure if HS is necessary for the kill but I aim for his head anyway.
    Go to Map get a general idea of the layout of the town square N/E of Gabe
    then exit and run E toward the square. Just before the corner comes up,
    you'll see the remains of a small blown structure at your 12.
    (Cut scene)
    Lian and Gabe chat about the weather and what they're going to do at the
    cast party after filming this scene.
    (Check Point)
    I'd like to say (L1) or (R1) and (1 or 2TS) with whatever wep and with -0-
    damage but that only happens once in a purple and green plaid moon. Odds are
    30+ to 1 Gabe takes at least 1 round more likely 2, possibly 3 even if you
    pull off a (1TS) HS. If so, bad odds follow he won't make it to the armor
    crate in the square especially if he looses 25% or more engaging #9. The
    safest bet is to 180 then run and roll zigzag W til he stops shooting. Head
    back in the creep shouldering the IRSR and take him long for a (1TS) HS.
    Ahead, BG#9 is rushing Gabe's position, if you're going to tough it out
    press "START", go to Weps and Pt45 if you aren't already holding it and take
    a knee. (L1/2TS) for body hits to eliminate him; hopefully you have less
    than 25% armor loss. Regardless of how you take #9 The next section is going
    to be rough, everyone is gunning for Gabe, any time you spend targeting BGs
    will only send more lead your way.
    This is my preference.
    The program remains the same for BGs 1 through 9; from here I diverge from
    the aforementioned path. If I'm toughing it out I prefer the 45 and to
    (L1/2TS) #9 to the body, (R1) can take 3 to 4. Complete, run straight to and
    past #9's position, once you're past the blown out structure on your left
    head straight for the EP to the room the C-4 is in. About 12 to 15 feet from
    the EP roll into it to minimize lead contact and remain in the crouch to the
    C-4 crate.  This is one of the rare missions where rolling more or less
    works. There can be at least 3 BGs gunning for Gabe once he's in the room.
    You're forced to stand at the C-4 crate to access it. Completed, strafe
    right to the armor crate for the vest, (hard mode warrants it). Tap down on
    the "D" pad to 180 and skedaddle.
    There will now be 3 BGs in the square as you attempt to exit, this is where
    the roll will make or break the mission. Keep tapping (O) and zigzag left
    and right as you head W. You're going to take severe damage on your way but
    this is survivable. You want to cut the line of fire as much as possible so
    steer your way to the S side of the thoroughfare; continue to roll and
    zigzag along the S face of the buildings until the BGs cease fire. From the
    cease fire run straight to and under the arch, (inventory/C-4/exit/Square)
    to plant the charge. Head W to the niche with the M-16 ammo crate. Enter
    Weps and arm with the transmitter; wait for Benton to whine about the tank
    coming. Shortly Big Boy will slip in under the arch, when he does tap
    (Square) BOOM HIM!
    8/BGs removed this mission,
    1/K, 1/C-4, 2/45, 5/SR,
    END OF LEVEL 12: The Beast
    (Playing in Hard Mode)
    13. Australian Outback
    13a. Sabotage Comms dish, remove BGs#7 thru 10 around tent#1
    13b. New objectives; locate and retrieve medical samples for virus antigen,
    extract to chopper.
    So, after playing through a number of times and changing things up a bit I
    decided for a complete do over from the old route. The new route is much
    shorter than and as covert as previous versions, uses less ammo and fewer
    kills. SF is not a stealth game, so the best I can offer is to use cover,
    keep moving and minimize the number of kills.
    Lian starts the outback level in the S/E corner of the camp behind tent#18
    facing N. She says her piece to Maggie and begins her run. Go to MAP as soon
    as you're free from the cut scene. There're 18 structures, (tents and
    platforms) in the camp, designated 1 to 18, grid lined from left to right
    and top to bottom. Take note of the greenish dots, (on my LCD TV anyway);
    press up or down on the "D" pad to learn the dots are objectives. At center
    camp E of tent#6 is a Radio Satellite dish. Mid camp W end is the Primary
    evidence for the viral genocide claim and Dr. Ruth Westheimer is in tent#1
    to the N of the viral evidence and she's giving all off duty a free lecture
    on female sexuality!
    OH The HORROR! (INVOLUNTARY SPASMS) the thought image alone may force me to
    pluck my eyes out and me broin.
    Actually it's Dr. Elsa Weissinger and she's being held captive as far as we
    can tell. I guess maybe she's had enough with Pharcom and Aramov.
    Tent#18 is N/N/W of Lian's starting position and should supply cover; let's
    hit the dish 1st, then W for the grave Pics, from the Pics we'll head N
    again to deal with Dr. Ruth ... I mean Elsa
     As always, maintain cover and "Just keep on swimming".
    Use MAP often for orientation adjustments.
    Head N/N/W to E side of tent#18, as you recon the area around tent#18 you
    soon realize there're a couple 3 BGs. Coming and going from the N and E,
    patrolling the E/W lane between tents 9 thru 15 and 16 thru 18 and a tower
    BG between tents 17 and 18. Note that they all seem to be organized to all
    be facing in different directions. Beat feet to the rear S/E corner of the
    tent and go to Map, due N of #18 we have tents# 9 thru 12, tents 9 and 10
    are closest to the dish and they have EPs. As PBGC#1 crosses E in front of
    tent#18 beat feet Cw around #18 and run N/N/W to and enter tent#10. Scan 360
    with eye and AUG; Hazmat suits#1 and 2/PBGC#3 and 4 approach from the N and
    PBGC#2 from the N/E.
    Hazmat#1 patrols between tents#6 and 9; hazmat#2 has a rectangular patrol
    from tent#7 S between tents#9 and 10, W to #14, N to #6 then E to #7. PBGC#2
    is back and forth N to S E of tent#10. Hold in tent#10, your set up is for
    hazmat#1/PBGC#3 to be exiting tent#9 just before hazmat#2/PBGC#4 passes
    between tents#9 and 10. As #4 passes by the EP exit and go straight for the
    5:00 of PBGC#3, as #3 begins turning toward tent#6 break right for the dish
    and access. 180 and run to and between tents#4 and 6 for cover, creep to the
    S/W corner of tent#4 and face the EP.
    Tap "DOWN" 2 times on the "D" pad to 360 Lian; most times this activates
    PBGC#5 and he magically appears at the W end of tent#4 when it doesn't you
    must run to and roll into the W end of tent#2. Roll into the tent to avoid
    alerting PBGC#6 who is exiting the E end of tent#2. Ignore the call and
    swing your camera S to watch PBGC#5 exit tent#4 then head E between tents#4
    and 2. Quickly run W, locate the 1st of 6 large pallets stacked with crates
    and tarped; take cover against the W side of pallet#1.
    Go to "Objectives" the call was to inform Lian of 4 BGs guarding Dr. Elsa.
    So far at tent#4 when #5 doesn't appear after the (2TD) on the "C" pad, if I
    run to the crates #5 appears and alerts everyone, I think I make it into
    tent#2 in just enough time to avoid the alert.
    There're 5 more large and loaded pallets staggered about between Lian and
    tent#1; hold at the W side of pallet#1 and face due W. pallet#2 at your
    11:00, #6 at your 12 and #3 at your 1:00, lastly pallets#4 and 5 line up
    correspondingly W of pallets#2 and 3.
    Scope the AUG, scan through the pallets N to S to locate PBGCs#7 and 8;
    watch the patrol routes of both for 1 circuit. #7 patrols a circular route N
    and #8 patrols a circular route pretty much in front of the tent#1 perimeter
    fence. Creep between pallets#2 and #3 then drift to the E side of pallet#5
    at your 1:00 and hold. Scope the AUG through pallet#5, locate PBGC#7 then
    PtK, as #7 turns and begins walking N roll out toward #7 from the pallet.
    From the roll creep up his 6, slash him and use the ditch to return to the E
    side of pallet#5. Locate PBGC#8 with eye or AUG; ensure you have the knife
    ready. As #8 turns from the perimeter fence and heads for pallet#6, creep to
    the N side of pallet#5. When PBGC#8 is about 8 feet from pallet#6, creep CCw
    around pallet#5, creep up his 7 and slash him before he exposes himself to
    SBGC#9 on the tower.
    If you prefer to remove PBGC#10 close up and without incident with the knife
    instead of the AUG, you need to do so prior to removing SBGC#9. If you
    remove BG#9 1st it upsets #10 regardless of the wep used or #10s position
    within the perimeter fence when accomplished. This makes #10s removal much
    more difficult and time consuming, you end up chasing him around the fence.
    If you remove BG#10 1st then it's a calm and quiet task.
    Shoulder the AUG and scope the perimeter fence EP from the N side of
    pallet#6, once PBGC#10 passes by the EP sling the AUG, PtK and creep back to
    the N side of pallet#5. Continue into the ditch then head for the N/E corner
    of the perimeter fence, creep along the fence to the EP, enter and stalk
    #10. Pull up to his 6 and slash; shoulder the AUG target #9 and send 1.
    13b. New objectives; locate and retrieve medical samples for virus antigen,
    extract to chopper.
    Another objective is down; last on the initial list is the picture evidence
    of the graves. Go to Map if you flaked to relocate the site then run S/S/E
    to it. Roll into the site and press (Triangle) for the pic as Lian stands
    then beat feet back to tent#1. Enter the fenced area and scope tent#1;
    you'll barely make out 1 figure at the far S/E end of the tent. Creep and
    scan as you go til you can verify the Dr., now book to the Dr. for your new
    objectives, fast tap out of the convo and exit tent#1 for the perimeter
    fence EP. Go to Map and locate your new objectives.
    Did you notice the long grayish looking thing in the Dr Elsa's right hand? I
    think she's packing heat, we'll see in a bit.
    The 3 items appear at different locations pretty much every time you play
    through the mission. So far I've found them in 8 different tents around the
    camp. Plan your route conservatively. This run, I have sample vials in
    tents#2, 3 and 17.
    Take note no route is easy or simple BGs may or may not appear in their
    usual places and routes; some destinations have multiple BGs patrolling
    about them and are mere canopies over platforms where the only cover
    provided are the crates you must access. I tend to run the perimeter of the
    camp to avoid contact as much as possible.
    Too bad SF doesn't let you slice open tents.
    If anybody dropped gear to your liking outside the fence scarf it, I don't
    Use the pallets between tents#1 and 2, for cover. Scan the area around
    tents#2, 4 and 6 from the crates then run to and roll into the W end EP of
    tent#2. Come out of the roll in a crouch; I discover PBGC#6 exiting the E
    end of it, enter a couple steps and recon S. Likely PBGC#5 is exiting the W
    end EP of tent#4, creep to the E end of the tent#2, when the opening is
    clear from all BGs including the tower grab the sample and exit the W end of
    the tent. Return to the perimeter fence then S to tent#3 enter and take the
    sample. Exit the E EP, run due S to the barrier wall then E til you reach
    the S side of tent#17. Enter the tent when clear, grab the sample and exit
    when clear. Retrace your route back to tent#1 with the goodies.
    Creep to the S/W corner of the perimeter fence and scan the fence's EP for
    BGs. Somewhere along the line you'll receive a transmission from Maggie;
    Elsa is hip deep in trouble, (that means trouble with a capital TROUB). Pass
    through the fence EP to the right of the tent EP then scan tent#1, keep
    moving toward the tent EP and scanning until BGCs#11 thru 13 can be seen.
    You should to be at or in the EP by now. (L1/1TS) SBGC#11 for HS, then
    quickly press "START", go to Weps, PtT and exit. Run into the tent and right
    for LOS on SBGCs#12 and 13; pick a BG and TT til both are downed by the Dr.
    (Cut scene)
    They decide to use the chopper behind the enclosure.
    What follows is kinda like a dance; you need to stay far enough away from
    the hill to prevent all 4 BGs from converging on the E side simultaneously,
    yet close enough to force the Dr. to engage the BGs. Done properly Elsa will
    remove all with a modicum of assistance from Lian via TT and subtle moves
    around and up the hill. It takes a bit of practice; there's no one way to do
    it right, the BGs appear from different areas with each scenario. The trick
    is to learn how close and where to position Lian to encourage the doc to
    180 and follow the Dr., stay close enough to see her roots, she really needs
    spa day. BGCs#14 and 15 will be targeting Elsa instead of Lian, follow her
    out and around the fence enclosure to the S/E corner of the fence. You'll
    see BGCs#16 and 17 on the hill near the chopper; TT the closest and begin
    moving toward the BG, stop forward movement when Elsa engages one of the BGs
    maintain TT til both are down. Move up hill til #18 and or 19 shows; begin
    TT on one of them while Elsa deals with the other. Maintain TT til both BGs
    are down then run to the chopper.
    If you hear the doc taking hits while Lian occupies one of the BGs you might
    want to begin switching back and forth between the 2 BGs til Elsa drops one.
    5 BGs removed this mission,
    2/AUG, 3/K,
    END OF LEVEL 13, Australian Outback
    (Playing in Hard Mode)
    14. St. George Australia
    14a. Victims#1 and 2
    14b. the removal of Cmdr. Silvers and his BG
    14c. Return to the truck/starting point then extraction
    Truly a continuation of level 13,
    You can complete the initial part of the mission with just 2 kills, (Cmdr.
    Silvers and his bodyguard); the mission is so much faster and easier when
    not setting up to kill everyone. You can complete the mission with or
    without using the SR but the margin for error on eliminating Silvers and his
    BG is weensy. Whether you're killing everyone or just Silvers and his BG
    most of the shots are taken from a distance great enough to produce tracking
    errors; (and SF3 ain't so hot on weps target consistency) if the kill isn't
    instantaneous a BG will call an alert and Silvers or his BG will kill the 2
    prisoners. The AR requires you to sweep a bit to ensure both go down.
    St. George starts out with Dr. Ruth having created a vaccine for the test
    victims en route, what a gal eh! She gives Lian a CD with some incriminating
    evidence against the Consortium and Mara Aramov.
    The main objective in this level is to vaccinate the natives and free them
    before Cmdr. Silvers kills them.
    Go to Map, N up, S down, see the N to S broken line, also see the map
    between the N to S broken line and western perimeter of the map oriented as
    a clock, N=12:00, etc., etc. This will help you maneuver to and from targets
    on the map to minimize travel and to avoid contact with all but intended
    Take the vest if you're hurting, (shouldn't be) if you require the use of an
    SR and didn't acquire one from the previous mission there is one in the bed
    of the truck. Head W to and then along the driver's side of the truck; drop
    to creep at the rear corner then swing around to the bed for the SR. Creep
    to the E edge of the tower and don't disturb BGC#1 on the tower; locate
    PBGC#2 and hold. His route is circular, S to and between some crates to your
    W and then N; the searchlight follows the same route but at a faster pace.
    The 2 repeat the route continuously unless disturbed. So PBGC#2 and light
    head N, when the light passes over the crates for the 2nd time.
    I don't know if it's my controller or the game, but if I get too close to
    the hill on Lian's left as she passes by the crates gets stuck and won't
    move. So stay close to the crates.
    Stand and run W to and past the left side of the smaller crates, once past
    the crates bear right; locate the whitish building at your 2:00 and the EP
    at its S face. Quickly enter the building before the light returns and meet
    Kinkajou, the 1st of 6 infected aborigines. Juice and free Kakapo then get
    ready to move out. Turn S to the EP then quickly go to Map. This hut sits at
    6:00 on the map and your next victim is due N. Exit Map, move to one side of
    the EP and PaB; PBGC#3 is patrolling nearby the hut that never sees Katydid
    exit, go figure. Allow #3 to pass then exit, head Cw around the hut then run
    N, look to the right of the 1st building you see, the 2nd building is dark
    and brown, its EP is at the N face.
    "Yubongu, really; hmmm ubangi drums too? I used to when I was much, much
    younger" then I went to work for Uncle Sam and my parents sold my set while
    I was away. Juice and free Yablonsky then face the EP.
    14b. Cmdr. Silvers and victims#3 thru 6
    Go to MAP and locate Cmdr. Silvers blip W of your position. Exit the hut;
    stay tight to it for cover and head W, (a BG will appear to Lian's 6).
    Between you and the Cmdr. is a building, stay to the right of it. When you
    get to its N/W corner, you'll see the Cmdr. two victims and a PBGC#4, creep
    forward to the crates and hold position in the crouch.
    In this case I suggest using "SELECT" to enter Weapons inventory, if you
    accidentally release (X) while pressing "START" and before you're completely
    in Weps Lian will likely stand as you exit and return and the mission
    objective will fail.
    Your choice of wep determines your strategy.
    If you're going to use the SR target center mass of the Cmdr's head,
    eventually #4 will pass behind Silvers, when he does send the round, both
    will drop.
    Follow the SR tactic with the K3G4 if you have it; the Teflon rounds solve
    the bone and spread issue; however there's still the issue of the extra
    If you choose the M16 this is what works consistently for me. Do to the
    distance to Silvers, the lack of a scope, standard issue rounds and the
    inherent spread of a 3 round burst; the margin for error is great enough to
    miss #4 as he passes behind Silvers. Target center mass on Silvers head,
    now, depending on the approach of #3, (if from Lian's left, target Silvers'
    left eye, if the approach is from Lian's right then target Silvers' right
    eye). Send the burst as #4 passes behind Silvers and gently sweep in the
    direction of his travel for no more than a foot. If you fail, you'll return
    to the last Checkpoint for another go eh!
    Approach Jalapeno and ... sorry the closest I can get is Sears-N-Roebuck ...
    I got nothin for Wubugwubuk. Administer the antidote and cut them free. Head
    N from the graves, pass the 1st hut on its W side for the next one in line.
    It's whitish and has a window and EP on its S side. Quickly enter the hut
    and meet Potyarre, juice and free him. Turn and face the N EP and exit, once
    out the door head E to the crates. Approach the crates and notice the mound
    with the smoke rising from it, the last victim is under the mound. There are
    two BGCs ahead and close by, BGC#5 on the tower and PBGC#6 patrolling to
    your right. Creep to and over the mound, drop down and enter Djakapurra's
    Hogan ... I got nothin for him either, juice and free him.
    14c. Return to the truck/starting point then extraction
    When complete, exit and head S at a run, move to and between the buildings
    for cover, keep your eye forward and on the radar for BGs. Pass to the right
    side of the 1st building and continue to drift right to the 2nd building, as
    you pass by the 1st building you'll see and pass PBGC#6 patrolling E. Just
    after passing the 2nd building turn E toward another whitish building and
    pass tight along its right/S side. PBGC#7 will be heading S, drift left and
    pass his on his 6.
    Another dark building appears ahead, round it Cw and head S to the large
    greenish crate. Drift left past the crate to the boulder, at this position
    Lian is now E of the broken N to S line on the map and about 50 yards from
    the truck. One last PBGC#8 is at Lian's 12:00 and heading W, continue S and
    drift E a smidge to remain outside his peripheral. At the driver side door
    of the truck Pt45, you'll get the icon, press to enter and receive the "Got
    it" from Lian.
    Lian books to the Chopper to find Dr. Ruth is gone, I think the guys back at
    the outback camp needed a refresher course. Not to worry though, you have
    the disc; the difficult part is how to keep it.
    I have 2 ways to deal with the final 5 BGs;
    Option 1 is much faster and -0- frustrating, Lian can receive about the same
    amount of damage as option 2 and uses one hundred percent more ammo.
    Option 2 where option 1 is over in about 8 seconds option 2 can last up to a
    minute; it requires a retreat and bit of running and rolling but -0- ammo
    Option 1,
    There were 5 BGs hogging the chopper now they're spreading out and heading
    down hill for Lian. If you didn't Pt45 back at the truck press "START", go
    to Weps and Pt45, without a doubt it's the best tool for the job. Take a
    knee ASAP then press and hold (R1). As soon as the 1st report is made; (2TS)
    then release and repress (R1), the icon swings to BG#10 and again (2TS).
    Repeat this action until all 5 are down. If #13 doesn't show himself, he's
    some distance behind the boulder at Lian's 12. Remain in the crouch and move
    up hill, use the boulder for cover and when #13 becomes visible and or
    begins firing (L1/1TS) for a BS.
    Lian will take some damage; the amount she receives is relative to your time
    on target, target switching skills and the order and area each appears from.
    BG#9 can appear from the far left or right and he's usually too far away to
    see then #10 often appears from the extreme opposite end of the area. 85% of
    the time and better I complete option 1 with 60%+ armor. The fastest method
    for removing the 5 BGs in hard mode is written above.
    Option 2;
    Press "START" go to Weps and PtT, exit then tap "Down" to 180. Run and roll
    down hill to the perimeter then head right. Continue for a couple secs then
    stop, kneel and press (R1) to target BGC#9 and (Square) to taze him. Release
    at the count of 3 then repress (R1), if the TI swings to #10, press
    (Square). Often the remaining 3 BGs don't pursue Lian as vigorously, its
    stalk time. Locate and home in on BGC#11. Once #11 is down, I creep back to
    starting point; test the area with (R1) on the way back. Stand and move up
    hill. #12 often appears at a distance or rushes in alone, (R1/S).
    Move to and use the boulder for cover, locate #13 then spring out and TT him
    as you charge his position. 5 feet from #13, press "START", go to Weps, PtK
    and exit. Run to #13 and slash him to end the mission.
    Lian takes maybe a smidge more damage than option 1 and it does take longer
    but -0- ammo.
    I prefer option 2 to minimize ammo use.
    The level ends with an FMV of Lian letting Maggie know that she has the disc
    and that she's heading to DC.
    7/BGs removed this mission,
    1/SR, 1/K, 4/Tazed,
    END OF LEVEL 14, St. George Australia
    (Playing in Hard Mode)
    15. Paradise Ridge
    15a. AGMs 1 thru 5, free agent DeMarco
    15b. Setting the beacon, the crash site, retrieving the beacon and back to
    the crash site
    15c. Cabins 1 thru 6 and the compound perimeter
    FMV, Gabe is being accused by Hadden of being the terrorist. Teresa appears,
    startling Hadden and his resolve. The FMV ends with Teresa giving evidence
    to corroborate Gabe's veracity.
    Teresa appears in Western Montana with the ATF and to her surprise, creepy
    Men in Black, (hence known as MIBs). Two agents are pinned down and need
    assistance, Teresa arrives to remove 2 Survivalists, (anti government
    militia hence known as AGM/s) 1 AGM per tower. Tower#1 is to the N/E of her
    position. Creep up the hill to and just past the lone tree to bring up
    AGMC#1 in tower#1 on Radar. Back up to the tree then scope and HS the AGM.
    AGMC#2 appears from the woods E of Teresa, use the tree for cover and let
    the MIBs remove #2.
    Tower#2 and AGMC#3 are N of tower#1. From the tree, locate the standing
    potato boulder in the depression N/E of Teresa, she can snipe AGM#2 from it.
    Run to the boulder; scope the SR and PBS #3; BSs work fine im PR. The MIBs
    will tear out after #3 is down, you'll hear AGMC#4 being dropped by the MIBs
    as they depart. Get the shotgun and ammo from the AGMs before leaving the
    area. Switch to MAP and notice that the level is kind of like a horse shoe
    made out of a small intestine. From tower#2 head E up the hill til you get a
    radio message from the ATF.
    (Cut scene)
    Agent Demarco is in trouble, Teresa will investigate.
    As the transmission ends note the new target registering E on Radar. Scope
    the SR, locate the target on a rocky outcrop and send 1 to AGMC#5. HSs are
    not required this mission for SR take downs. Continue E; once agent
    Demarco's icon appears so does another target to the N. Move, scope and
    locate AGMC#6. There's another huge boulder outcrop in the distance with a
    lone tree at the top and #6, who can be in front of or behind the tree. Move
    for a clear BS then send 1.
    If you don't locate and remove both AGMs, DeMarco will call out to Teresa
    telling her it's an ambush.
    AGMC#7, this is the only way I found that lets me get to the ledge without
    alerting #7.
    Begin your creep down into the depression for Demarco. Scope Demarco once
    you have LOS, he's on his knees, presented as a hostage and likely tied,
    smells like bait. Scan the area ahead, creep N to the tree line and circle
    the bowl, (depression) Cw in the creep. Continue to scan and move slowly til
    the business end of AGMC#7s wep appears beside the boulder. There're
    boulders and dead trees strewn about the bowl and to the N is a fault ledge
    where #7 is located.
    PtK, locate the downed tree W of DeMarco, creep to the N end of the tree and
    face N. Locate the fir tree at your 12 and creep to it. At the 1st bowed
    limb face N/W; your compass arrow will be between the 1 and 2:00 position.
    Ensure you maintain this orientation throughout the maneuver. Press
    (Forward) and (R2), to sidestep around the fir trees to the fault ledge then
    face the ledge and hoist up. Creep Cw wide around the boulder to #7s 6 then
    approach and slash. Run to and free Demarco.
    1st, the only way I can get to AGMC#7 is to face W to W/N/W and sidestep
    along the trees to the ledge, pretty much any northerly direction and #7
    bolts then fires on Teresa and Demarco.
    I suggest saving here, the event at the transmitter pole is awfully mean to
    the PC; if you die during your exit you'll return at the pole just after
    setting it and having sent the message. There'll be a time lag of a couple 3
    secs that give you the space to exit with less damage. I speak only for me,
    as much as I hate taking the damage; I hate being deprived of the event.
    15b. Setting the beacon, the crash site, retrieving the beacon and back to
    the crash site.
    Continue N up and over the boulders and ledges. You'll swing round to the
    N/W and meet 2 AGMs and 2 MIBs. There will be a 3rd AGM up on a boulder
    further to the N/W. You can try to save the 4 men, or you can say screw it,
    screw it is easier! Continue N/W to the power lines. You'll run down into a
    depression or bowl where the power lines cross from N/E to S/W. Run up the
    S/W side of the bowl and plant the Homing device on the 3rd pole.
    (Cut scene)
    Teresa calls in her objective
    ASAP tap out of the convo cut scene pronto and run the perimeter Cw to the
    bottom of the bowl and the 1st pole; run N from the pole into a lower
    shallow bowl then W up and over the low ridge toward the rising smoke. Take
    note of and remember the 3 lone trees at the W end of the low rise, in
    particular the S/W tree. The crash site is at the bottom of the large deep
    depression; meet up with Gabe.
    Planting the beacon on the 3rd pole somehow prevents the 2 to 3 AGMs from
    appearing around Teresa after she plants it. If you plant the beacon on the
    1st and 2nd pole the BGs deal severe damage to Teresa making it even more
    difficult a little later on. You're going to take more than enough damage in
    a minute, so why add more. You'll be returning for the transponder, save the
    Rolling for the most part is a waste of time in this mission. I can find no
    route through the area on the way back to the beacon that provides Teresa
    with any cover.
    (Cut scene)
    Gabe saves Teresa, tells her that the Sears MIBs (FBI) are really NSA MIBs,
    the worst kind. That they're after satellite data and they intend to kill
    the Oaktons and their kith. Gabe tells Teresa to scram but she says no way
    Hosay eh! Gabe forgets his lines because one of the MIBs he just shot and
    killed didn't fall down. With the scene blown everyone laughs and they break
    for lunch.
    The above isn't just for levity, it occurs all too often, this spot in the
    game is full of bugs. The last time through the mission the MIB remained
    standing, Teresa remained on her knees and Gabe continued firing away for
    over 5 minutes til I pressed "X" to force an end to the glitch.
    The MIBs that show up between the crash site and the homing device can be an
    extreme challenge, they sort of spread out in a semi circle and often come
    at Teresa from all sides, when the ones that do move from cover appear. They
    can see, shoot at and hit Teresa through the trees, but, she can not respond
    in kind, most or all shots are wasted. You're able to (R1) target them but
    you can't damage them. There's no sure fire simple method I've yet to find
    to eliminate them safely and with minimum ammo use. For me, the 45 works
    best, for damage, minimal ammo use and fire rate
    Teresa must now remove the Homing device from the pole, return there and get
    it. She will encounter 5 MIBs on her way to the beacon.
    Your armor should still be at 100%, so run through the armor to pick up the
    45s; you'll have a greater need for the armor on the way back.
    Teresa will be ambushed by 5 MIBs in the shallow depression you previously
    ran through between the crash site and the transmitter.
    I've tried removing the 5 MIBs, with some, albeit inconsistent success, in
    all cases Gabe takes severe damage and still had the 2 MIBs at the beacon
    who finish off what the previous 5 started. The thing with the new maneuver
    is the 2 AGMs and MIBs that used to appear at the beacon do not and so far I
    seem to be surviving more often.
    Circle the crash site bowl perimeter Cw, stay along the N perimeter through
    the shallow bowl til the power lines come into view. The MIBs will begin
    appearing along the S and E perimeter and begin firing on Gabe. Ignore the
    MIBs to Gabe's right; look for a MIB advancing from the power lines, if so
    target him and (R1/2TS). Most times I get to the beacon and remove it with
    some armor left, 1/4 sometimes more, just as often with no armor.
    The trick now is to figure out what kind of formation the shallow bowl MIBs
    have taken.
    Run E to the 1st accessible pole, take cover and look N/W into the shallow
    bowl for MIBs. If any of them are visible press "START", go to Weps,
    shoulder the SR and exit. (L1/1TS) any MIB you can target for HS and when
    done, Pt45. If no MIBs appear stand and run W/N/W toward the perimeter
    between the power lines and the shallow bowl the MIBs are in. As you
    approach the perimeter the MIBs will commence firing, at least 3 MIBs will
    be aligned along the S perimeter of the shallow bowl. Once you enter the
    bowl run toward the W rim of the bowl, (R1/2TS) the 2 to 3 MIBs ASAP. You
    probably won't kill all the MIBs in the bowl, head for the lone S/W tree at
    the W rim of the bowl and take cover from the remaining MIBs.
    From cover you need to 180 and take a step or 2 toward the crash site to
    activate the 2 AGMs then retreat back to the tree. Hold position til the 2
    AGMs have left the site then run down into the crash area, run through the
    armor then W up the rim toward the next confrontation.
    15c. Cabins 1 thru 6 and the compound perimeter
    While at the tree, you'll know how many MIBs you removed by how many Radar
    blips remain, 2 remained the last run. All the crap you just survived was to
    get you to and through what comes next with enough health and hopefully
    armor to get you through what comes after that. Confusing ... not so much,
    convoluted ... kinda.
    On more than one occasion 1 or both vests were gone when I returned to them.
    Pretty sure it's a glitch, it may have something to do with taking the 45s
    and not the vests, I don't know.
    This is where the fun begins, the game cheats, you must be up the hill far
    enough to activate everyone but you have no cover from the nearest AGMs.
    Someone screams, "There she is, shoot" something, something and then the
    fireworks erupt. Skedaddle E for a bit then return after everyone has run by
    your position. Run to the left side of the standing potato boulder, do a
    quick count on MIBs, and AGMs. You can't kill AGMs anymore; (R1) doesn't
    work; so don't (L1) any AGM unless it's with the crossbow. I figure as long
    as they're pissing at each other I got a chance to blow through the area
    with little to no damage. Git while the gittin's good, (while they're still
    shooting at each other).
    Once you begin your run, don't stop til the "Check Point" forces it. Climb
    the ledge then run and roll til you're standing near by the small cabin with
    the red roof. You're going to continue to pass by AGMs and MIBs to the
    compound, if you feel the need to shoot something, don't and you're going to
    be hurtin-fer-certin when you get there.
    Once you're beside the cabin, go to Map, see the S, then W then S again path
    through the area. Creep E to and behind cabin#1, it's the 1st of 3 cabins in
    a row. Creep S, and discover AGMC#8 with his back to you and crouching
    beside the low stone wall. Shoulder and scope the SR W of your position,
    there's a hill with a N/S down slope and past it a break in the fence. Creep
    S past the 2nd cabin, locate AGMC#9 between the 2nd and 3rd cabins. From the
    S/E corner of cabin#3, except for the break in the fence you're passage is
    blocked to the S and W by woods, fencing and the 2 AGMs.
    However cabin#4 W of the fence is a 2 story cabin and is in a sort of
    shallow bowl, the sloping hill E of the fence and shallow bowl after it
    should provide cover from AGMC#8 but not #9. Return to AGMC#9,
    (L1/R2/) and target one of the lower legs of #9, (1TS) and release all
    button. ASAP press "START", go to Weps, shoulder the CB and exit. The AGM
    will turn and face the direction the round came from, run Cw around cabin#3
    and head for the break in the fence. AGMC#8 will comment and #9 will turn
    and begin firing on Gabe. Roll as you approach the fence then run down to
    and roll to the N side of cabin#4. You're going to take hits from #9 so
    ASAP; (L1/R2/1TS) AGM#10 for BS then run or roll around cabin#4 to the W
    side for cover. Creep along cabin#4 to the S/W corner and recon, AGMC#11 is
    to your 10:00 and you have 2 more cabins S of your position.
    There's a tree between cabin#4 and 5, use it to disrupt AGMC#11s fire, run
    to the right of the tree and roll as you pass by it to the W side of
    cabin#5. Creep to the S/W corner of cabin#5 and PaB, E is clear, creep to
    the S gable and recon. You have a fault ledge, a break in the fence and
    cabin#6 beyond, creep to the break in the fence and take note of AGMC#12 at
    the S/E corner of cabin#6. Notice his sway from left to right, climb the
    ledge as he begins to swing to his right then creep W to the cabin for
    cover. Go to Map, it looks like you have dogleg E and up slope, so make a
    run for it.
    A naughty trick I discovered, you can get #12 to turn away from up slope by
    creeping CCw around cabin#6 to its S/W corner. Once he turns W creep back to
    the N/E corner of the house.
    Head E and up slope, stay close to the middle of the track and roll if or
    when you hear an AGM call out. The track sort of leads you S for a bit,
    remain on the high E side of the slope and look for the indicator showing
    the way to Oakton's compound. 3 MIBs will appear from your 3 to 6 as you
    turn E again for the Oaktons, avoid confronting them and roll up slope as
    often as needed to minimize damage. AGMs are scattering ahead from MIB
    gunfire, keep moving. Stay left and high of the AGMs, run past all and roll
    whenever the danger meter or (Head Shot) appears over Teresa.
    Let them all fight it out, keep running toward the compound til you get the
    (Checkpoint). If you switch to MAP, you'll see that you're almost at the end
    of the intestines. So don't chance a confrontation especially if you're low
    on armor, red and or flashing red on the health meter.
    Teresa ends the level explaining what her and Gabe's intensions were at the
    time of Paradise Ridge, that the FBI was really NSA and that they were going
    to massacre the Oaktons.
    After 10 runs through the crash site area, I'm averaging 60%/4MIBs,
    5/AGMs, 3-4/MIBs, total 10 removed this mission, 1AGM CB'd alive,
    1/K, 1/CB, 4/SR, 7-9/45,
    END OF LEVEL 15, Paradise Ridge
    (Playing in Hard Mode)
    16. Militia Compound
    16a. MIBs 1 thru 8
    16b. Plant tracker on Silvers, find and free agent Kelly, locate and
    retrieve disk, locate bunker entrance.
    (Cut scene)
    Teresa has made it into the compound and she is contacted by agent Kelly.
    Odd thing; the game just deciding to make MIB#3 tougher than #1 and 2. If
    you press (Square) or (R1/Sq) for MIBs #1 and 2 it can take 2 or more rounds
    to drop them, however, using (L1/Sq) for much easier BSs, (groin to neck)
    takes only 1 round each. However with MIB#3 it takes at least 2 rounds to
    the body to drop him from the front or rear. None of the MIBs are wearing
    armor and #3 is actually closer to Teresa than MIBs 1 and 2 were when
    dropped. If you're going to shoot#3, the only way to take him with 1 round
    is HS.
    Pt45 and strafe right to the building; run W along the building then stop
    and TaK about 5 feet from the corner. An AGM will yell for help, MIB#1 will
    shoot him then continue toward Teresa. (L1) W; target the fence between the
    fir tree on the right and the fence post to the left chest high for ambush.
    (1TS) when MIB#1 runs into. Stand PtK and run N to the corner of the
    building then strafe left/W toward the corner beside the dirt road and stop
    about 4 feet from the corner. Swing camera about to see MIB#2, he'll run to
    the barn's EP, look into the barn then return to his previous position or
    run down the dirt lane toward Teresa.
    Hold position if it's toward Teresa, he doesn't run far enough for LOS. As
    #3 runs back to the barn for the 2nd time run N along the building then to
    the 6 of #2, 10 feet from #2 roll and then creep the difference to #2's 6
    and slash him. Stand and drift N to the right of the EP. Wait for the MIBs
    and the AGMs to kill each other and then via Radar, watch MIBC#3 run around
    inside the barn and come to a stop.
    PaB the interior from the EP, there's a narrow Wkwy within jumping distance
    from the EP; there're a bunch of stalls below to the N and S sides of the
    barn. #3 will be to the N and just W of the Wkwy and (SHOULD) have his back
    to Teresa. If not it's because you were too slow removing #2 and drifting to
    the right side of the EP, if he's facing the EP you must PBS him from the
    EP. If he's facing away; face due W and creep left/S into the EP. Turn to
    Teresa's 2:00 toward #3's 6; ensure you have just enough space between her
    right side and the EP to avoid a ricochet off the EP. Run at the Wkwy #3 is
    on, Teresa will jump to it; ASAP crouch and creep #3's 6 then slash him.
    Search the upper barn for access to the rear half then locate the hole in
    the floor. Once in the lower section of the barn, 180 to face the beater
    then strafe right off the crates.
    In a normal mode game I can take both MIBs with 1 shot from the N/W corner
    of the crates I drop down to from the upper floor. However I can't get it to
    work on hard mode, the beater MIB swings down and out of frame just before
    the walker passes in front of him. Move position and you can fast tap 1
    round from the 9mm, 45 or HK but they can't make it through 2 skulls, the
    K3G4 has the round to do the job but it sends 2 or more rounds. In hard mode
    I can find only one spot in the lower barn where I can maintain cover and
    remove both MIBs with 1 SR round.
    Drop off the crate, shoulder the SR and run to the front of the stall with
    the trap door at your 12:00. Creep to the divider between the 2 stalls then
    Scope the SR and target the head of MIBC#4 beating the AGM a smidge right
    when he is standing upright, the left/W point of the TI should be in the
    beaters face; hold target. Send 1 as PMIBC#5 crosses in front of #4 and save
    Floyd. Nice guy Floyd, AMGC#2 a little talkie for me, he's going to have his
    people talk to mine and we'll do lunch some time. Replace your armor; you'll
    likely unintentionally grab the K3G4 with it. Run to and drop down the trap
    door into the tunnel; run toward but creep by Lt. Brown above the grating,
    he's talking to Cmdr. Silvers.
    Press on down the tunnel toward the intersection. As you near it you'll hear
    gunfire coming from the right; stop about 5 feet from the intersection and
    You can creep to the BG, you can roll to him or you can rush him. My best
    success, (least damage) comes with the rush. Stay back from the corner about
    4 feet, as soon as the leading edge of the BG appears at the corner rush and
    slash. I can take a round and or lose up to 50% armor at most.
    As MIBC#6 appears at the corner run to and slash him. Proceed to the end of
    this tunnel and climb up to the big outside. Turn W and run along the center
    of the lane, you'll be interrupted by a "Check Point".
    I have 2 ways to deal with the MIBs, both require speed and accuracy, one
    requires 1 round whereas the HK requires 7 to ensure success.
    Option 1
    Press "START" ASAP and go to Weps, shoulder the SR and exit.
    Strafe right to the fence then W along it, you'll hear MIBC#7 rousting
    AGMCs#3 and 4 around the corner of the fence. Strafe to the middle of the
    intersection, quickly scope the SR for (L1/1TS) HS and send it through both
    Option 2
    Press "START" ASAP and go to Weps, PtHK and exit. Drift left to the fence as
    you run to the corner, you'll hear MIBC#7 rousting AGMCs#3 and 4 around the
    corner of the fence. Stop just before the corner, (L1/R2) and target the
    head of MIBC#8 to your left then shoot and sweep right a couple feet to
    ensure you also have MIBC#7. #7 has a tendency to run back toward Teresa
    screwing a short sweep, it's safer to expend the extra rounds to ensure they
    both drop.
    If you reverse the sweep, (right to left) you tend to shoot one or both of
    the AGMs as they rise to scoot. I prefer option 1.
    Options 1 and 2 continue from here.
    16b. Plant tracker on Silvers, find and free agent Kelly, locate and
    retrieve disk, locate bunker entrance.
    Once you toast the MIBs, chase the AGMs down and talk to them, they cower to
    the right of the trailer. They go by the names Uriah and Peter.
    (Cut scene)
    The brothers tell Teresa where the Data disc is and where agent Kelly is.
    Turn N and enter the building on the right.
    (Cut scene)
    Teresa overhears Silvers and one of his MIBs discussing the location of the
    Data disc.
    As soon as the cut scene is over, run due E, climb the large container, 180
    and jump to the same level as Silvers, creep over to his position and plant
    a tracker on him. (He's thick as a brick eh!) Back away then hold position,
    he gets a call and books, remain on the upper Wkwy and follow his path
    through the building.
    (Cut scene)
    Gabe and Teresa confer over the bugging of Silvers.
    When free, proceed through the building, locate and head down the ramp on
    the other side then out of this section of the building. Follow the flow of
    the rooms til you exit the building down the exterior ramp. Look under the
    ramp, untie agent Kelly and hold under the ramp; allow agent Kelly to remove
    the 3 MIBs that rudely intrude in on your conversation. Drop down into the
    well and follow it to the room with AGMCs#5 and 6 George and Jeb. Hmmm,
    those names sound familiar; I guess I'll have to beat around the Bush's
    until it comes to mind. Once there, follow their instructions to avoid being
    shot, if you're not holding the 45 Pt45 while kneeling. Once Jeb says
    "George", Teresa is safe, stand and run the outside.
    For me this used to be one of the most frustrating areas in the game, too
    many things go wrong and I think too many glitches. Teresa is killed as
    often by the AMG next to her as by the MIBs. Adding insult to injury,
    Teresa's targeting fails to target, e.g., she won't turn to lock onto the
    next target while it packs her 6 with lead. 45% of the time when she does
    swing to target, you can empty clips into a MIB, 15 feet away and the only
    result will be Teresa and or Cletus the slack jawed throwback will die.
    In late Sept, out of frustration, (from constantly dieing and wasting ammo)
    I said screw it, I ran to the gate kicked it open and ran through the area
    without being shot at be the AGMs between the gate and data disc. Fancy
    that! I took many rounds from MIBs but the event showed that Teresa isn't
    forced to hang around for the entire show. "KILL ME NOW" for not trying it
    months earlier.
    With the new maneuver I'm usually forced to remove at least 1 MIB sometimes
    2, it depends on where the 1st 3 are between the tunnel XP and the gate. If
    no one drops into N/S alley#1 I can usually ignore the roof MIBs, however if
    a MIB is in the corner of the E/W and N/S alley#2 I roll into N/S alley#2,
    180 and(R1/2TS) him to prevent considerable damage to Teresa.
    ASAP after hearing "George", run past by both men in the room for the
    tunnel. Go to ground level then run S toward the intersection. (R1/2TS)
    MIBC#9 if he drops from the roof into the N/S alley then continue running
    toward the gate XP. If MIB#10 is in the corner of the E/W alley and N/S
    alley#2, roll to the gate, TaK, 180 and (R1/2TS) #10. 180 kick the gate open
    and run S along the buildings til you come to the perimeter fence. Run W
    then N along the red building until you locate the EP to the building. Once
    in the red building, turn right, enter the room with the deer head mounted
    on the wall and grab the Data out of it. Exit the room to outside and head
    right to the AGMs at the front of the alley.
    (Cut scene)
    Teresa talks to AGMCs#7 and 8, Abe and George. The 2 are pinned down by
    MIBCs#19 thru 21 in this area of the compound. Teresa will assist them in
    accessing the building that the Oaktons are hiding in.
    There's a gas tank E of you run past it to the stacked crates and scope the
    SR for MIBC#19 on the W side of the target building. He'll disappear past
    the ridge for cover, pop up to locate him then crouch and adjust targeting.
    Pop up and send 1 for HS. The 3 MIBs have armor. Creep CCw to the back/S
    side of the crates and scope the SR for MIBC#20 on the right side of the
    target building. MIBC#20 is usually cleverer than #19, so you must be
    patient because he's giving you a hard time. Be careful, MIBC#21 is at the
    opening to the barn's loft E of you.
    Once #20 is down creep Cw around the crates to the N side then scope the SR
    for MIBC#21, you may only locate his SRs muzzle, if so, adjust position and
    use (L1/L2) to put TI on target, you may have to stand for HS. (L1/L2/1TS)
    for HS, odds are he's prone. Follow the AGMs to the back of the red building
    the 2 MIBs were on; if Teresa's armor is damaged climb the roof for the
    vests. Let the AGMs enter the building ahead of Teresa. MIBCs#22 thru 24 are
    below; let the AGMs deal with them, 1 MIB may survive, if so lure him over
    to the surviving AGM.
    Abe and George dealt with all 3 this time.
    12/MIBs removed this mission
    3/45, 3/K, 5/SR,
    END OF LEVEL 16, Militia Compound
    (Playing in Hard Mode)
    17. Underground Bunker
    17a. MIBs 1 thru 7
    17b. MIBs#8 thru 19; 1st aid for Mrs. Oakton, to the elevator
    17c. MIBs #20 thru 26 and extraction
    (Cut scene)
    Teresa finds herself in the underground system of tunnels and in a room with
    the Oakton's son. He agrees to take Teresa to his mother.
    A big problem I have with the game is its weapons rating system, one of my
    main bugs relates to the games stats between the 45 and Falcon. The 45 rates
    2/3, the Falcon 3/2, the important 2nd number being the damage quotient,
    clearly game stats say the 45 provides more damage yet it takes 3 to 4
    rounds to drop the 1st target whereas only 2 from the Falcon. It doesn't add
    up, fire rate isn't an issue.
    As soon as the cut scene is complete, get the vest if you have any damage.
    In general, if this is your first run through this level, you want to follow
    Pusty. It will be very difficult; Teresa will incur much damage and probably
    die many times before you're familiar with the layout.
    Follow Gusty into the dark rough cut tunnel past the 3rd lit room; he'll
    stop for a moment to set a charge; continue deeper into the tunnel, if you
    stay beside him, you'll come under heavy fire. Continue into the tunnel past
    junior, bear left, bypass the dark blue tunnel and begin counting the
    ceiling lights; halfway between the 3rd and 4th are a couple side tunnels.
    Quickly enter the greenish lit tunnel on the left, locate and grab the
    Falcon. Press "START"; go to Weps, PtK then exit. Quickly return to Husky in
    the main tunnel. If you hear Lusty yell, "Help me out" during your return to
    the main tunnel, head left toward the ceiling light, he may already be
    cowering behind a crate.
    If you don't hear him wail, stop and hold just before reentering the main
    tunnel. Let him pass by you then follow him into the S tunnel. If he stops
    and informs you of supplies nearby which you should avail yourself of ignore 
    him and run into the S tunnel. Once Musty takes position behind the crate,
    move between him and the crate and slide right as far as possible then turn
    left/E, TaK and hold.
    The crate provides cover from #1. BGC#1 will send a round maybe more just
    before or as he drops to your level, he'll run to Rusty and face him to gun
    him down. ASAP as #1 comes to a stop, stand, run to and slash BGC#1. Press
    "START", go to Weps, shoulder the CB and exit. Turn S, TaK, press (R1) and
    creep forward. As Teresa raises her arm (1TS) and send a bolt into BGC#2.
    MIBCs#1 and 2 appear from a rock ledge S of your position, #1 drops off the
    ledge, #2 does not. There's a boulder or something I don't know, it's too
    dark to make out what's on the ledge. #2 may appear from both sides of the
    object (usually the right) and fire on Teresa if he has LOS.
    If you're on an LCD or plasma TV BGCs#3 and 4 could take some time, to ID
    and target for HS, be patient, #3 moves left to right and up and down. BGC#4
    is even harder to lock on for HS. Use the SR to target for a BS; scope it a
    bit then quick PaBs; max the scope and it brings the face and or body right
    up close making it easier.
    Shoulder the SR if you don't want to waste ammo and time, turn right/W then
    sidestep left/S along the wall past the crate, then begin PaB and sidestep
    one step at a time til you have LOS on MIBC#3, likely standing near a
    boulder and may begin firing on Teresa long before she has moved close
    enough for LOS; (L1/L2/1TS) for BS. 180 and PaB E sidestep one step at a
    time and locate MIBC#4 on the upper walkway then (L1/R2/1TS) to drop him
    with a BS. You can collect whatever ammo hits the ground but you don't need
    In an effort to minimize ammo use I've fallen into the pre-knowledge issue,
    I know MIBC#5 is around the corner near a crate, I also know I can remove
    him with no damage if I allow El Douche' a smidge of a head start. #5 is
    temporarily occupied with him, allowing Teresa in for the kill before he can
    defend. If you have issue with this come in later and take the damage as
    punishment for even considering it or drop him with the 9.
    Locate Justy standing near the entrance to a new tunnel; PtK and follow
    Pusty about 15 feet back, as he begins running left around the corner, stop
    for a sec, let MIBC#5 become occupied with Crusty, (usually with gun fire).
    Run toward the crate at your 2:00, then roll up to it; creep the rest of the
    way to the crate then climb onto it. Press (L1) to orient to BGC#5 then take
    a step and slash. PtF, catch up to Musty hiding behind the crates then
    follow him into the next area.
    (Cut scene)
    Further into the tunnel, Busty TaKs and tells Teresa to wait, that he's
    going get some IR goggles for her.
    You'll notice a ceiling light at some distance S of Teresa at her 12:00 turn
    left/E to her 9:00, TaK press and hold (R1).
    TaK, turn left a 1/4 turn, press and hold (R1) and wait for MIBCs#6 and 7 to
    rush Teresa. The flicker of wep glitter in the dark alerts you to their
    approach. (2TS) MIBC#6; release and repeat for MIBC#7. Crusty will be back
    shortly with the goggles and you'll be on your merry way again. Follow Dusty
    to the ascending tunnel, Teresa may spy an M-79 box on the way, get them if
    you like to carry a lot of crap, you won't use. Follow Musky over the
    elevated Wkwy, with tunnel lights, the IR goggles will cut out and Pusty
    will disappear left around a dogleg. It will become intolerably dark again
    just as you need them for BG removal.
    17b. MIBs#8 thru 19; 1st aid for Mrs. Oakton, to the elevator
    Why the IR goggles disappear makes no sense to me outside of
    punishment/grief code.
    Creep left and PaB as you move around the dogleg; locate MIBC#8, PtP then
    (L1/R2/1TS) #8. Continue to creep and PaB around and down the dogleg until
    you have LOS on MIBC#9, (L1/R2/1TS). Creep toward Lusty's Radar blip, he's
    leading you to 2 flights of stairs and to 2 new MIBs. MIBC#10 walks past the
    head of the top flight stairs, sees Teresa on the platform between flights,
    panics and runs off. Run to the left wall then up a couple 3 steps and TaK;
    #10 returns, creep up a step if needed to (L1/1TS) for HS.
    Creep up the left side of the 2nd flight stairs for a PaB right; locate
    MIBC#11 behind the crate, if you took #10 quick and quiet #11 has his back
    to you, creep his 6. Creep to the left of the crate he crouches behind and
    into the notch between the 2 crates then slash him. Take the vest if you
    have less than 1/2 armor then follow the kid through the door to Momma.
    (Cut scene)
    The three talk and decide to give Mum a shot to get her up and moving.
    Exit the berthing area to the room with the table and the vest box on top.
    There're 5 Pswys to this room, you've been in the N and N/E Pswys, so head
    W. At the end of the short Pswy W is a cage with an HK crate, you don't need
    it, head back to the table room and turn S. Run to the end of this tunnel,
    turn right and then right again to the small room. Kick open the door on the
    left, clear the room and get the First Aid Kit. Creep along the wall to the
    EP's door then face the wall squarely. Don't PaB past the door, MIBC#12 will
    begin firing. Back up to the shelving, square Teresa E then (L1). Continue
    to micro tap (L2) and recheck til you can see #12 through the side of the
    door using (L1).
    Level your TI for HS and set the TI's center dot on the 3rd pixel from the
    edge of the door then (L1/L2/1TS). PtF then return to the berthing area to
    give the medicine to Mrs. Oakton. While running through the short tunnel
    leading to the table room, you see MIBC#13 drop from the N/E duct in the
    table room then head to the berthing area. Run into the tunnel to the
    berthing area, strafe right at the dogleg then (L1/1TS) #13 for HS if Busty
    doesn't already have him bleeding when you have LOS.
    (Cut scene)
    Medicine given; the small group heads out to safety.
    Beat Mrs. Oakton out to the table room; position yourself to the W side of
    the N Pswy and face S. PtK, just after Mrs. Oakton enters the room MIBC#14
    drops from the N/W duct in front of Teresa, run his 6 and slash before he
    has a chance to run. Still facing S; MIBC#15 will drop from the S/W duct in
    front of Teresa, run to and slash #15 just before or as he kneels at his
    firing position. MIBC#16 may drop from the S/E duct or run from the S/E
    tunnel, I don't know, all I know is when he does appear I see him running N
    along the E wall of the room. 180 and rush #16; slash him as he takes his
    firing position. Krusty pretty much always takes care of MIBC#17 in the room
    with the comps.
    To date, if I don't kill #16, and follow Mrs. Oakton instead, I get the
    "Failure" notice. He must go after Rusty while he's dealing with #17 in the
    comp rm.
    When done with #16 follow Mrs. Oakton down the tunnel turn right, run about
    10 feet then 180; MIBC#18 drops out of the duct. Run to and slash him, he
    may bolt on you before, but he'll stop to fire on Mrs. Oakton, you can
    finish the job there. Follow Mrs. Oakton to the elevator, MIBC#19 appears at
    your 12, stops and begins firing on Mrs. Oakton; run past her to #19 and
    slash him. Wait for her and Gusty to access the elevator then ride it down
    with them.
    Dusty pretty much puts himself between Teresa and 2 of the 4 MIBs preventing
    Teresa from firing from cover. There will be four MIBs ahead, and I can't
    find a way to remove the 4 without taking some kind of damage and or failing
    to protect Mrs. Oakton's 6, (even though there're no MIBs to my 6). Ass wipe
    may get himself killed trying to make buddies with MIBC#22. The one way I've
    found that gets me through with least amount of damage and 2 rounds expended
    is to let Chutney take MIBC#20 then I CB MIBCS#21 and 23 Hopefully Rusty
    kills MIBC#22 or at least occupies him long enough for Teresa to slash him.
    17c. MIBs #20 thru 26 and extraction
    Exit the elevator at a run, swing right around the pest who is about to stop
    at position#1. Roll past him to the crate; remain in the crouch and creep
    around the crate to the perimeter wall then along the wall toward #20. As
    you approach #20 it often distracts him from Rusty long enough to die. Let
    Pusty pass by then stand and run 3/4s of the short "S" curve then begin to
    sidestep right along the tunnel wall til you have LOS on BGC#21. Shoulder
    the CB and (R1/1TS) #21.
    I found if I stop before the ceiling light a MIB magically appears from the
    elevator about 50% of the time.
    Look to Radar and watch the Oaktons, as Mrs. Oakton reaches Rusty, he
    charges the small area ahead of Teresa. Let the boy rush BGC#22, this
    maneuver will occupy #22 and eliminate damage to Teresa.
    ASAP run toward the tunnel ahead, locate MIBC#23, (the tunnel runner) then
    (R1/1TS) and send the final bolt. If you're targeting MIBC#22 instead of
    #23, tap (R1) 1 time to switch targets from #22 to #23 then (1TS). You'll be
    facing Crusty so if he's having a bad time rush to his aide. Hopefully El
    Douchy will remove #22 and save Teresa another kill, (80/20). From this
    point on stay with Mrs. Oakton til you're both in the big, "Meeting room"?
    Hang at the last row of benches close to the EP, 10 to 15% of the time 1 or
    2 MIBs rush the room while Nutsy is rigging the EP to blow.
    (Cut scene)
    Pusty decides to blow the EP to the room
    When Rusty blows the access tunnel Teresa will reposition to the middle of
    the room. TaK, face S press and hold, MIBCs#24 and 25 drop into the room in
    a pincer move via ceiling ducts, (R1/2TS) to remove #24 S of Teresa then
    (2TR1) to bypass MIBC#26 hiding in the duct, (2TS) to remove #25. To date
    MIB#26 holds fire if you don't target or engage him. Run to and climb up
    into the tunnel then run to the Oaktons to complete the mission.
    (Cut scene)
    Teresa contacts Gabe for EVAC.
    17/MIBs removed this mission, 4 MIBs CB'd and alive.
    2/SR, 4/CB, 4/9mm, 6/F, 7/K,
    END OF LEVEL 17, Underground Bunker
    (Playing in Hard Mode)
    All BGs in this mission are BGCs.
    If you follow the guide your kill total will vary by 1 and ammo total,
    excluding misses will vary from 0 to 4.
    18. Senate Building
    18a. BGs#1 thru 8, Men's rm., Security office, Ladies rm
    18b. Hadden's office, Senate Lobby, Subway
    (Cut scene)
    Gabe is talking to Lawrence and Lian over the ACD, two agents have been
    captured by the BGs and are being held. Viral bombs have been planted
    throughout the building and Gabe must find the disarm codes.
    Gabe is kneeling on the floor in Hlwy#1a, a short side Hlwy off Hlwy#1 and
    ready to move out as soon as the cut scene is complete. Go to Map, scan the
    floor layout, check objectives then exit.
    OK so I have a new approach to BGCs#1 thru 8, if the proper scenarios play
    out with BGs#1 and 2 both can be slicked. BGs#3 and 4 are way easy, 5 and 6
    are a real PITA and 7 and 8 can be overly frustrating too if #8 refuses to
    All the BGs in this mission are as unpredictable as they come; run, walk,
    crouch and roll, they're still for a few seconds at a time and then they're
    on the move again.
    The options that follow are directly related to the unpredictability of the
    1st 2 BGs.
    Option#1; (BGC#1 does not appear)
    Gabe appears in Hlwy#1a, face E and sidestep left, stop just before the
    corner to Hlwy#1 on the white floor tile, this provides cover and LOS E to
    the intersection of Hlwy#1 and 2. Swing your camera around to have a look at
    the intersection; BGC#1 does not appear at the intersection between Hlwy#1
    and Hlw#2. Stay tight right along the wall, creep toward the intersection
    and stop about 5 feet from the buttress then sidestep left a couple feet to
    the edge of the dark spot on the carpeting. #1 will appear from the right,
    stop at the corner and hold for a bit, ensure you move left enough to get
    him on Radar.
    Hold near the buttress for a bit incase BGC#2 rushes the intersection
    prematurely. #1 will then begin walking S away from the intersection in
    Hlwy#2, when he appears 1/2 way between Gabe and the outer edge of Gabe's
    Radar quickly creep E to the corner of the intersection. ASAP, stand and
    swing your camera around for a look S, #2 will be rushing your position
    while #1 continues walking away, hold til he runs past the corner of the
    intersection. Run S and drift E to the Hlwy wall, you might take a round or
    2, nothing significant if you roll when the danger meter flashes. Locate and
    run through the EP on your left to enter Hlwy#2a.
    Gabe appears in Hlwy#1a, face E and sidestep left, stop just before the
    corner to Hlwy#1 on the white floor tile, this provides cover and LOS E to
    the intersection of Hlwy#1 and 2. Swing your camera around to have a look at
    the intersection; if BGC#1 is there he should be rather calm with a short
    patrol. On the 2nd or 3rd lap of the route he'll begin creeping; he faces
    away from Gabe at both ends of the route. However, he has enough angle at
    the E end of the route to see Gabe if you attempt to creep or run toward the
    intersection. Hold til he stops at the N end of the route then run to it
    along the S Hlwy wall.
    Take the corner tight into Hlwy#2; BGC#2 will be rushing the intersection.
    Run S and drift E to the Hlwy wall, you might take a round or 2, nothing
    significant if you roll when the danger meter flashes. Locate and run
    through the EP on your left to enter Hlwy#2a.
    Both options continue from here.
    It's rare, 5 to 10% of the time, 1 to 2 BGs can rush to Hlwy#2a from the
    Senate Lobby end of Hlwy#2.
    Enter Hlwy#2a on the left, run E to the bathroom lobby then enter the Men's
    room on the left before you take any more rounds in the back. BGCs#3 and 4
    are whizzing and talking about a video game. 9mm in hand creep to the
    counter top hop up and creep directly under the vent above. Face W then
    stand and target the ceiling vent, quickly send 1 then jump and hoist up
    into the vent. The 2 BGs will snap and send much lead, count on -0- to 33%
    armor loss. Crawl through the duct til you drop into the Security rm.
    Most times I take no damage from either BG occasionally I receive up to 1/4
    armor loss.
    BGC#3 and 4 must have narrow urethras; they never stop peeing or never get
    started and never leave the bathroom until you disturb them.
    BGCs#5 and 6 outside the Security rm. are clever, they don't stay still long
    enough to get a bead on the head; they run, strafe, roll and kneel from the
    left and right of the XP. To make matters worse, they wear armor, so have
    patience, both can be taken with 1 round per. Your best bet is to do quick
    PaBs to learn the bugger's movements from hidden position via Radar then set
    up for ambush.
    Release the gates, take the K3G4 from the crate and move to the XP. Face E
    or W then strafe out into Hlwy#2a a couple feet; BGs#5 and 6 appear to
    either side of the XP in Hlwy#2a and from Hlwy#3; strafe back to the
    Security room and run to the side of the entrance for cover. Quickly (L1/L2)
    or (L1/R2) from the corner of the XP, then target the W or E side BG as he
    walks past the XP for a (1TS) HS. Quite often neither BG will take the bait,
    or the remaining BG will run E into the bathroom lobby area, and not return.
    If so run W into Hlwy#2a then to Hlwy#2, then N to the 1st niche to the left
    for cover. Target the EP to Hlwy#2a, eventually both or the remaining BG
    will emerge; odds are you'll take some damage from one or both but not much.
    When complete take only 1 vest if your armor is below 50% then head for the
    Ladies rm. Creep to the right side of the Ladies room EP, stand and strafe
    left past the EP then return to the right side of it. Strafe right to and
    round the corner when you see BGC#7 rushing the EP. Stop about 5 feet from
    the corner and watch #7, he'll return to the Ladies room then repeat the
    previous patrol. (L1/L2/1TS) #7 when he passes through the EP.
    BGC#8 will hang in the ladies rm Hlwy until you have him on Radar, you'll
    have to strafe left enough to turn and put eyes on him to activate. Once
    done he'll patrol back and forth into and out of the Ladies rm. eventually
    he'll crouch and creep out and face away from the EP and Gabe, allowing you
    to creep into the Ladies room.
    However rare, the occurrence, the game can set a trap for you in the Ladies
    rm. When a single BG exits the Ladies room and has no partner waiting in the
    EPs Hlwy, 2 BGs will be waiting for you as you enter the Lav.
    Note to date BGs#3 and 4 remain deep in the Men's room and haven't
    interfered, in the Ladies room maneuver.
    Locating the codes in Hadden's office, they can be in the desk drawer, in
    the picture frame on the desk or somewhere in the book shelf on the W wall
    left of the XP. Gabe will incur some damage from one or both BGs, but so far
    in the "Hard Mode" game what damage Gabe receives is minor and equals out
    with the ammo and kills count pretty much.
    18b. Hadden's office, Senate Lobby, Subway
    Locate and shoot the grill. Climb into the duct, enter Hadden's office,
    search for, grab and transmit the disarm code.
    Once you drop down into the office take a minute for this targeting
    tutorial. Walk over to the XP and look at the door, the door has a big
    honkin square top panel. You need to place the bottom line of your TI's
    rectangle flush to the bottom of the top panel and the left horizontal line
    protruding from the rectangle at the left edge of the door frame. Do this
    and the TI center dot will be center mass on #10s head as the door opens.
    It doesn't matter where the data is hidden in the office although the desk
    picture is the easiest position to react from.
    The data is in the picture; send the info then turn right, press (L1) then
    set the TI as previously mentioned in (NOTE) above. Send 1 into #10 after
    the door opens then run and roll out the door and into Hlwy#4b before #9 can
    target Gabe.
    The data is in the bookshelf; send the info, ASAP press and hold (DOWN) on
    the "D" pad then (R2) to strafe back and right/N to and along the desk to
    the side of the desk near the picture. (L1) and position your TI as
    mentioned in (NOTE) above, then send 1 into #10 after the door opens. ASAP
    run and roll out the XP and into Hlwy#4b before #9 can target Gabe.
    The data is in the desk drawer; send the info then press (R2) to strafe
    right/N behind and past the chair. Once past the chair release (R2) and
    press (Forward), stop beside the desk. Preferably stop at the middle to the
    N/W corner of it, for cover from BGC#9 when he lands on the desk. (L1) and
    position your TI as mentioned in (NOTE) above and send 1 to #10 after the
    door flies open. ASAP run and roll out the XP and into Hlwy#4b before #9 can
    target Gabe.
    All 3 options continue from here.
    Take their ammo and leave the room. The Lobby is where the agents are being
    held, you want to make your way there, go to MAP; the Senate Lobby is the
    large room in the S/W quadrant of the MAP. Creep to the edge of Hlwy#4, look
    both ways, (occasionally a BG charges Gabe from the E end Hlwy#4).  Run to
    the corner of Hlwys#3 and#4, PaB, odds are high a PBG, (maybe #8 or #11)
    will be patrolling the lavatory area S of your position. His patrol is long
    enough to allow Gabe to beat feet to Hlwy#2 without detection; head for the
    Lobby once you enter Hlwy#2.
    Once I have the Lobby EP at my 12, I creep to the right along the wall and
    stop about 5 feet from the opening; this gives LOS on the hostages and cover
    from the right. I then begin a PaB and sidestep left process for a clear
    (L1/L2/1TS) HS per on BGs 11 thru 13, 11 and 12 tend to run and or kneel so
    take time setting up and ambush shot. Next, I reposition for (L1/L2/1TS) HS
    on (balcony), BG#13, when complete, 2 more BGs will drop to the floor from
    the same direction as the first two or one will appear from the left, in all
    cases, (L1/L1/1TS) BGs#14 and 15. To date there will be 5 BGs in this room,
    the 2nd group of BGs play dirtier than the 1st. When complete, the hostages
    (Cut scene)
    Lawrence tells Gabe that Mara has highjacked a subway train.
    Switch out a damage vest and go to MAP, locate the corridor in the N/E
    quadrant of the Senate building that has a "DOT", this is the elevator to
    the basement and the DC Subway system. Go figure! So run toward the
    elevator, following the guide, Gabe will encounter the 1 BG in the lavatory
    area on the way to the elevator, sometime, (rarely) up to 4. Creep along the
    S wall of Hlwy#2a to the intersection; locate the PBG, if there decide
    whether to take cover or run to Hlwy#4. The PBGs patrol route is even longer
    than the previous one; he now walks into Hlwy#5. Once you're in Hlwy#4, do
    not stop, run to the end, enter the elevator and push the button. 2 or 3
    times out of 10 I've seen a BG stop about 40 + feet from the elevator.
    "Going DOWN Mr. Tyler?"
    Gabe needs as much healthy armor as possible to survive the 1st encounter on
    the train, so if you're very good, (fast and accurate), (I am not). 30/40%
    of the time BGC#16 appears from across the tracks, rushes to this side and
    sprays the elevator. He can wreck Gabe's armor in a sec.
    If #16 does appear from across the tracks, I use (L1/2Ts) for a body shot
    that takes him pretty fast, I still take some damage but it's minimal.
    ASAP after being freed from the cut scene with Mara, TaK, press and hold
    (L1) and look across the tracks for the tell tale weps glitter of BG#16,
    he's leaping over the tracks to the center platform. Once he stops advancing
    and before he strafes to Gabe's right target #16 for center body mass then
    (2TS). Remain in the crouch and do not change your firing position, release
    (L1) then tap "DOWN" twice to 360 Gabe. If BG#17 appears across the tracks,
    repeat the tactic used on #16. If #17 does appear from across the tracks,
    (not always), repeat the 360 after he's downed to see if #18 will appear.
    It's a 50/50 toss up whether #18 will show.
    If BG#17 does not show from the tracks he may after you remove BGs#18 and or
    #19, who are likely standing on this side of the tracks. As often as not,
    all 4 BGs are this side of the tracks and if so you'll save up to 3 rounds
    due to close up HSs.
    Option 2
    When you get to the Subway, Mara will blurt out about one more bomb before
    she enters the train. It's a 50/50 toss-up BG#16's little weps glitter
    appears from across the tracks, rushes toward Gabe and fires off a bunch of
    Mars rounds. If he does not appear from across the tracks, TaK and take 2
    steps out of the elevator. Face N/E and PaB right; continue to tap (R2) and
    PaB til you have LOS on BG#17. Adjust for HS and send 1, look back over the
    tracks, if #16 is advancing back step toward the elevator and prep for him,
    (L1/2TS) to drop #16. If he doesn't show remove BG#18, and repeat the
    process for #16, he usually appears after #18 drops. When you're done with
    #16, stalk and remove BG#19.
    From your position go to Map to see the depot area and where BGs may appear,
    exit and begin running across the tracks when clear of trains to your exit.
    This action will certainly call out the remaining BGs skulking about, not to
    worry Gabe takes control and enters the last train car, the same one Mara
    13 BGs removed this mission,
    END OF LEVEL 18, Senate Building
    (Playing in Hard Mode)
    All BGs in this mission are BGCs.
    19. DC Subway
    19a. BGs#1 thru 8
    19b. BGs#9 thru 24, hostages 1, 2 and 3
    19c. BGs#25 thru 28, Lt. Cooley and Aramov
    (Cut scene)
    Gabe is in the Last car of the subway train and speaking to Lawrence.
    There are 32 cars to this train. The 1st car is simple if you have finger
    dexterity, said by Mr. Hamfist, the 2 BGs blow through the doors together at
    the same time. As sad as it is to say the 9mm is the best wep for the 1st
    car, with a little practice more often than not, while kneeling, I can
    remove both BGs in 11 to 12 rounds, often Gabe's health is flashing but he
    lives, almost as often he has 10 to 20% armor remaining. I tried all weps
    multiple times; the K3G4 takes between 15 to 20, Mars 16 and the G18 23
    rounds. Add not entering Weps for the change and you're a little more ahead
    of the BGs before they enter the car.
    If Gabe's armor is lower than 25% at the beginning of the exchange, odds are
    he won't survive.
    Gabe's hit count is a bit higher when kneeling than standing, however
    neither position matters once the BGs begin to roll and go into a crouch. My
    best bet at taking them down in 11 rounds is with a 4, 5, 2 shot set tapping
    (R1) between each set of rounds.
    Lastly I have 2 options for Gabe depending on how bad his armor is at the
    beginning. Option 2 is more daring but saves 3 9mm rounds.
    Option 1;
    Fast tap (X) to exit the cut scene then press and hold (X) and (R1).
    Directly after the doors in front of Gabe begin to open, BGs#1 and 2 rush
    through from the next car. Both go into a roll as they approach the doors
    and end up in a crouch inside the car with Gabe and use the seating for
    cover. Commence firing a nanosecond after the doors begin sliding open; I
    have much success with a 4, 5, 2 tap sequence. (4TS) release and repress
    (R1), (5TS), release and repress (R1), (2TS). Both receive damage, most
    often BG#2 goes down with the 2nd 5 round volley.
    Option 2;
    When Gabe begins talking on his phone, press and hold (UP) and (R1) then
    begin fast tapping (X) to exit the cut scene. When free Gabe will rush the
    car doors, 2/3rds to the doors TaK, (4TS); release and repress (R1) then
    (4TS). Done right, 60% of the time both BGs crumble and Gabe still has some
    armor left. 20% they crumble and Gabe's health meter is flashing with less
    than 23% health remaining. 20% Gab is killed.
    Both options continue from here.
    Move into car#2 where you'll find the 1st of the 3 vests in this mission.
    PtK3G4 then head for the next car. Run to the doors to car#3, strafe left as
    you pass through the doors to the wall and TaK as the roof explodes. As BG#4
    begins to drop into the car press and hold (R1). Press (Square) for just
    under 1 second to remove #4 as he lands in the car. Release and repress (R1)
    to target BG#3 who's considerably closer to Gabe, press (Square) for just
    under 1 second to drop #3 after he lands in the car. They were holding
    Falcons take them.
    Ever since I've using the new maneuver I exit the car with no armor damage
    70% of the time, the rest of the time I have 40%+ armor left. I've taken
    both expending 8 rounds total.
    1st for this to work you must release (UP) ASAP after entering the car to
    strafe left, you must have distance between you and the seats on the left or
    it'll wreck the maneuver. 2nd you must TaK  and then press (R1), why I don't
    know, press too soon and the ammo use goes up because the rounds never hit
    #4, you need to see the TI light up and follow BG#4 to the deck. 3rd; to
    switch targets, you need nearly a full second from pressing (R1) to the tap
    of (Square). Most of the time BG#4 is targeted 1st, but not always.
    You must creep into car #5 far enough to have a portion of Gabe's body past
    the caution mark on the floor to drop BG#6 with 1 round.
    PtF, run through car#4, creep through the right side door to car#5 enough
    for a portion of Gabe to be past the threshold then TaK, press and hold
    (R1). BGs#5 and 6 break through the windows same side and at each end of the
    car, (R1/1TS) #5 then #6, (less damage, less ammo). #6 was holding a Falcon,
    grab the ammo. Car#7 has 2 vested BGs in the aisle behind turned over seats.
    One firing and the other tosses a grenade, don't get too close to the door;
    the grenade's explosive results transmit through them. Proceed through car#6
    til you see BGS#7 and 8 appear in car#7 then crouch and back step to the
    middle of the car.
    PtP, (L1) then pop-up and adjust for an HS on BG#7 to the left, be careful,
    he moves left to right. BG#8 often stands for a bit too long, wait for it to
    happen, take each with a (L1/1TS). Take their stuff; they were carrying
    Falcon and G18 ammo. PtF and continue on.
    The safest method I found for aisle blockades is to kneel, then pop-up for
    HS targeting adjustments then pop-up and go for the (1TS) for HS.
    (Cut scene)
    Lawrence informs Gabe that the BGs have taken hostages and that Gabe must
    free them.
    19b. BGs#9 thru 24, hostages 1, 2 and 3
    Car#8 has a vest and 9 is empty, #10 has 2 ceiling boomers dropping in at
    the far end of the car; take 2 steps into car#10 from the right side door,
    TaK then (R1/1TS) BG#9, repeat for #10 as each drops into the car. Grab the
    Falcon ammo and proceed to car#11. Car#11 is empty, but, it gives you a view
    of BGs#11 and 12 in car#12 with hostage#1. Run toward the doors til a BG
    yells, "Don't come any closer", you should be very near the leading edge of
    the 2 rows of seats close to car#12. Sidestep right enough to see both BGs
    through the right side doors window; this is your firing position.
    PtP, (L1) for HS on the right side BG just right of center mass when his
    head is turned to his left, (Gabe's right) then press and hold (L2), you
    should now be just left of center mass for HS on BG#11. Release (L2), (1TS),
    press and hold (L2) and (1TS) to drop BGs#12 and 11. When Car 12 is cleared,
    enter and free the woman. Take the deceased loser's weps with disdain.
    Car#13 has a vest, take it if Gabe's vest has any damage and then proceed to
    car#14's doors.
    (Cut scene)
    Aramov passes two of her vested BGs as she makes her way to the engine.
    I follow the previous mentioned blockade maneuver.
    Stay in #13 and snipe BGs#13 and 14 from there. Take what you need if
    anything and move on. The doors to cars#15 and 16 are open, but as you
    approach car#17, you'll see two more BGs with hostage#2.
    A helpful hint on barricade BGs, while in the crouch, target the BGs weps
    impact points on the doors then pop up for HS verification. I find that I'm
    on mark or so close I can adjust and fire before I TaK.
    Seconds after being notified not to come any closer BG#16 TaKs for cover
    behind hostage#2, so no (L1) 9mm HSs. I can take #16 with an HS but can't
    send enough 9s fast enough to drop #15 before he kills the hostage, so it's
    the Falcon.
    Once #16 TaKs press and hold (L1) to target the top right side of his head,
    (Gabe's right) then (L2) to ensure you have near center body mass on #15.
    When ready, (L1/1TS) #16 for HS then press and hold (L2) and (1TS) to drop
    #15. Enter car 17 and free the hostage.
    Car#18 has 2 BG ceiling boomers; take a step into the car, TaK then (R1/1TS)
    BG#17 and 18 as they land in the car. Advance into the car, taking the
    Falcon as you go. BGs#19 and 20 break through Car#20s windows at the other
    end, they're close enough together to let Gabe TaK and auto target them,
    collect the ammo. Car #22 has two ceiling boomers, enter the car, kneel then
    (R1/1TS) BGs#21 and 22. Car #24 has BGs#23 and 24 with the 3rd hostage;
    follow the same procedure as previous hostage tactic; the ungrateful GIT,
    why I oughta murderlize ya! Car #25 is empty and #26 has the 3rd and final
    19c. BGs#25 thru 28, Lt. Cooley and Aramov
    2 things;
    1. If you prefer to HS both BGs, hold for a bit #24, the kneeler, circles
    behind the hostage then stands again for a couple secs. If you target the
    right side of his head while standing, (Gabe's right) you'll be aligned with
    a left side HS on #23. Wait for #24 to stand again then send 1 to each.
    2. In the case of the politician don't move closer than the vertical hand
    rail at the side of the seat. Sometimes I need to sidestep right a smidge
    more than the seat and hand rail allow to target the head of the kneeler and
    chest of the standing BG.
    Car #27 has a sneaky set-up it appears empty as you enter it, but, about a
    quarter of the way in, BGs#25 and 26 break in through the windows from
    opposite ends of the car, effectively sandwiching Gabe in the middle. Like
    most, you tend to go after the one in front of Gabe, this is a mistake. Even
    though the BG is an easy hit, (no vest) the time needed to turn from #26 to
    #25, (who is vested) for an HS, gets Gabe killed even when he has a full
    vest. Once you here the crash of glass turn around, press and hold (L1) and
    quickly target the head of BG#25 then quickly (R1/1TS) #26. Gabe might take
    a few hits, but it will be minimal in comparison.
    Be prepared to take a knee when BG#25 enters the car, it's a 50/50 toss
    whether he kneels or stands.
    Car #29 has another set of ceiling boomer BGs, but, in this car, just back
    into car #28 and they'll blow themselves up, (don't know why, but who am I
    to look a gift horse in the mouth). Gabe will receive a message from
    Lawrence about an Aramov lackey trying to separate the train cars from the
    engine, (how the heck can he know this). Take the AUG from car #29, the
    (superman gun). Car #31 has Lt. Cooley and some explosives in it. Be sure to
    creep forward til the Lts icon appears then (L1), look into the window of
    the right side door you'll see the very top of his head. Target it then
    (L1/1TS) the Lt. Once Cooley is down enter car #32 and retrieve the
    demolitions Gabe needs to open the next set of subway car doors.
    (Cut scene)
    Gabe informs Lawrence of the Explosives and his intentions
    Once Gabe sets the explosives, turn about and book back to car #30, if
    you're in cars 31 or 32 your toast. When complete return to car #32 and
    proceed to the Engine, once there, Mara will threaten Gabe with the death of
    the last hostage. Have Gabe climb up and onto the Engine roof then run
    forward to the front of the cab. There is a fire at the right front section
    of the engine, stop beside it and shoulder the AUG; target Mara's head and
    fire to end the level. If you stop for some time before taking Mara, you can
    hear her list of insults and Cajoling. You will also hear Gabe say "Got it"!
    28/BGs removed this mission,
    1/AUG, 8/K3G4, 14/9mm, 17/Falcon,
    END OF LEVEL 19, DC Subway
    If you have completed your first run through the game Syphon Filter 3, what
    did you think of the game? Fast, slow, too easy, too hard? Were you
    wondering about the "GOT IT" from the playable characters in the game? When
    accessing the Main Menu, did you happen to notice while there that there was
    a new line in the options menu known as "CHEATS"? The cheats are arenas
    acquired by you in-game. They are the bonuses the game gives to the player
    for completing the hidden objectives as in Syphon Filter 2. 
    11. Mission ammo use and kill totals
    1/IRSR, 3/Spyd, 4/G, 5/C4, 5/TG, 5/AUG, 6/UAS, 8/K3G4, 15/CB, 18/SR, 26/K,
    25/F, 48-51/9mm, 66-68/45, 95/Taser,
    255-267, together, missions 1, 2 and 15 can provide up to 12 more kills.
    255 kills is a lot of death; however when I took the game up again in late
    June this year there were well over 400, in short time I had the kill count
    down to 400 and thought that was it. But, I kept at it, trying new things;
    in Sept I had it worked down to 350 with a considerable difference in weps
    and ammo use. Ammo and kill conservation kind of makes the game almost new
    again. There is a greater challenge to it like speeding is to other games
    that lend themselves to the method. It's difficult to know what will and
    won't work til you try it.
    12. Cheats/Arenas by Level
    (HARD MODE), same as SF2, at the game menu, highlight "NEW GAME", press and
    hold (L1), Up, Select, (R2), Square, Circle. While holding these 6 buttons
    down; tap "X". If you have done everything correctly, you'll here an odd
    "PING". From there, click "NEW GAME" and begin your game. The Words "PLAYING
    ON HARD DIFFICULTY" will appear at the bottom of the game screen once Gabe
    is free from the cut scene at the Hotel Fukushima
    Thanks to SYPHONTtm87 for bringing this one to my attention. Syphontm87 is
    the first one I know of to post this baby to the site GameFaqs.
    01. Mini game "Military Base", Hotel Fukushima, beginning of the action. You
    must save the prisoner across the street in the other building. There are
    two in the room with the prisoner and one in the room to the right. I max my
    scope and target center mass torso on the beater, hold target then reset
    scope to 1/2. The reset allows me to move the cross hairs quickly and
    accurately. As Shi Hao steps in front of the beater send 1. Swing right to
    center mass on the BG in the next room and send 1. Once Gabe has completed
    the objective he'll give you the "GOT IT" to signify compliance. When you
    enter (Options) "CHEATS" will now exist and Military Base will be the 1st
    bonus game.
    01.1, "Biathlon", (Special) mini game, Hotel Fukushima, once you have saved
    the prisoner in the building across the street, switch to the Taser, taze
    all the bad guys across the street, I don't always get a "GOT IT" from Gabe.
    Check cheats and it's there, this means you don't have to taze everyone in
    the Fuku.
    02. "Rhoemer's Labs", two player arena, Costa Rican Plantation, you will
    come across a female slave being beaten; kill the guard. When she is free,
    she'll ask Gabe to help her friend, do so, and the Labs are yours.
    03. "Missile Silo" two player, C-5 Galaxy Transport, You must let both
    pilots in the cockpit live. The faster you gain access to the lever, open
    the cargo door and leave the better your chances are to take -0- fire from
    the copilot. I have done this more than once without ever being seen by both
    let alone shot at. (Short level)
    05. "Bridge", mini game, Pugari Complex, Foreman Jones, in the building, let
    him live. This actually makes the beginning of the level easier than smoking
    him. You won't get a "GOT IT" from Lawrence and the mini doesn't appear til
    you've saved and begun the next mission, (Kabul). (Short level)
    06. "Kabul", (two player), Kabul Afghanistan, covertly remove the 7 snipers,
    e.g., (no danger meter activation, no 2nd tries on a wasted rounds). When
    you drop S#7, Lian says, "GOT IT". While you're at it, acquire the AUG after
    removing S#5, you might want it before you drop Lian into the tunnels. She
    can recon the tunnels from above and while in them for comforts sake.
    Contrary to what others believe you can take possession of it before all
    snipers are down.
    07. "SS. Lorelei", (two player), SS. Lorelei, You must let the ship's cook
    live. Once you hear the convo between him and the spook, you can run on
    ahead of him to get into the dumb waiter or you can hide in one of the
    niches along the hall and follow behind him, (incase you don't know where
    the Galley is). As long as you're in the crouch, you can sneak behind him; I
    think he's one of "Jerry's Kids" maybe going deaf too. OK so here's the
    skivvy, contrary to what others may believe, a live Engineer is not
    required. You never get a "Got it", but you receive Lorelei credit once Gabe
    is freed from the cut scene in the Captains Quarters.
    09. "Warehouse", mini game, Waterfront, maybe this seems harder than it is;
    because of its length, there isn't anything hard to find. I had my daughter
    time me on the mission a couple times; I did it in a tad over six minutes
    and still received "Got it" from Gabe. So I don't know about the GameFaqs
    "Cheats" list saying it must be done in 2 minutes. Unless there's some
    unknown/hidden aspect of the mission that must be done within 2 minutes of
    mission start, I don't know. All I know for sure is I received "Got it"
    after truck#4 popped and it took way longer than 2 minutes.
    One more thing, grab and shoulder the Spyder ASAP prior to setting the
    charge on truck#3; when you come off #3, the BGs are going to swarm Gabe
    like stink on you know what. You won't have the time or armor to change your
    mind en-route to truck#4.
    14. "Rhoemer's Fortress", mini game, St. George Australia, the rule is this,
    like Kabul you can't be seen by anyone, you must inject and free the 6
    infected Aussies and kill Cmdr. Silvers and his BG . It doesn't matter what
    order you visit the victims or what order you place Silvers and his personal
    BG in for removal. No danger meter activation, no BG alerts and no gun fire
    from BGs allowed. Once you complete the objectives return to the truck you
    may have taken the SR from, if you completed the level correctly, Lian says
    "GOT IT" when she touches the truck.
    16. "Izmailovo Park", (2 Player); Militia Compound;
    1. Save Floyd, save the two brothers and learn the location of the Data
    2. Save Floyd, cheat with foreknowledge and snatch the Data Disc.
    Near the beginning, enter the first barn, move to the back room and drop
    down to the lower level. There will be two MIBs and a prisoner named Floyd.
    Save Floyd by smoking the two MIBS before either can shoot him. Target the
    head of the MIB striking Floyd, as the roving MIB passes pop a 2fer.
    Further along the mission at ground level, 2 MIBs are holding two
    survivalists. You must save both prisoners from being fried by the MIBs, to
    learn the whereabouts of the Data Disc, you need another 2fer.
    By the time you save before going down to the bunker you have Izmailovo.
    Teresa doesn't give up a "GOT IT".
    17. "Mesa Verde", mini game, Underground Bunker, The bunker is a dark with
    twisting passageways. Nearly 1/2 the MIBs are invisible, so do the level a
    few times in order to memorize what rocks the buggers pop out from and how
    and when to stay ahead of Rusty. Other than that, the level isn't that
    difficult. It can be easily done in 13 minutes. I really took my time. I've
    done it in less than 10 minutes without stressing it but using much more
    ammo. Outside of the med kit for Mrs. Oakton there are no special items to
    pick up. I get the Falcon in the "GREEN" cave, 2 round BSs, it'll last you
    for the level. The CB, (R1/1TS) per MIB, at the end Teresa say "Got it".
    19. "Super Agent", "Select Level" and "End Level" options are collected at
    the end of DC Subway. Once you send the round to Mara Gabe says "Got it",
    and the options are now in "CHEATS". I believe the only requirement is to
    complete this level. There're are no time constraints, I stood above Mara
    and the hostage listening to Mara hurl insults and try to bribe you into
    laying down your weapon for 12 minutes. Take note, you can't use the "Select
    Level, or "End Level" cheats in a "Hard Mode" game, they only work in
    "Normal Mode".
    Make sure you get and shoulder the AUG by the time you get to the engine
    compartment. Mara will threaten you, jump Gabe up onto the engine's roof,
    run to the front beside the small fire and scope down for target on Mara's
    head; ruin her new 'do. The problem I have here is that the AUG can shoot
    through concrete, steel, soil and rock but won't punch a hole through bullet
    proof glass?
    Also you can shoot Mara's legs through the partition holding up the BP glass
    but I can't send enough AUG rounds fast enough to prevent her from killing
    the hostage.
    Lastly I've read from other posters and writers that there're extra minis to
    be acquired by playing the mini games. I never played them so I don't know.
    13. Game Oddities/Glitches
    Syphon Filter 3
    The first three levels with glitches were found by me on my lonesome, the
    rest of them have been tagged by the Meat Puppets of note.
    Level 06
    Kabul Afghanistan, Gabe has to protect the cluster boy Ellis from shooting
    himself, (apparently he isn't capable of shooting the bad guys to any degree
    which would save himself) this glitch is at the mine diffusing. Ellis kneels
    to disarm the mine and Gabe runs around killing all the BGs while Ellis
    farts around. So, to the passenger side of the truck, an Afghani soldier is
    standing there minding his own business checking out the scenery and quite
    active for a dead thing I'm sure. I didn't expect him to be there, he didn't
    target me, so I missed him at first. I creeped up to and ran around him,
    bumped him, I think we could have been friends. I stayed there til I heard
    firing from the distance and left him to himself, maybe next time.
    At the last checkpoint, as soon as you plant the charge to blow the fence
    and end the level, run over to Ellis and wait til you hear the explosion
    then put a round into Ellis's head for being a lousy shot. The game, even
    though it has "Mission Complete" at the top of the screen also has just
    below it "Mission failed, failed to keep Ellis alive". The game will restart
    at the moment just before you plug Ellis.
    Level 08
    Aztec Ruins, Lian frees one scientist from the second section of Ruins, when
    she enters the cell, the scientist is invisible, but still speaks his lines,
    "I was only doing my job"
    Level 15 Paradise Ridge:
    At the crash site, Gabe shoots the two MIBs but they don't fall til the end
    of the cut scene.
    Same as above, but in this scene, Gabe shoots the MIBs, they die and
    disappear, but Gabe continues shooting til you press Triangle
    Level 16
    Militia Compound: The Militia Compound seems to be plagued with glitches
    After talking to Jeb and George down in the well area, the three of you go
    out to battle the MIBs passed the ramp. If you move up into firing position
    at the ramp end of the alley before the two can climb out and begin the
    attack, kill the first two MIBs on your own, the first survivalist will
    continue down the alley to kill the one MIB on the roof. I followed right
    behind him and finish off the roof MIB for him the survivalist turned to the
    MIB that is usually beside the barrels and begin shooting dead airspace.
    Just after getting or not getting the Data disc from the deer head, exit the
    room and get the M-79. Stay close to the fence, move toward the two
    survivalists, but don't pass the doorway. Cap the MIB on the left side of
    the roof, move a tad more to the left and peek around the corner of the
    building. Inch over a little more each time until the 2nd MIB on the roof
    appears and remove him, (I like to blow him up with the M-79). Now approach
    the S's. They'll continue with the convo as if the two MIBs were still on
    the roof.
    Same situation, but I missed the second MIB with the M-79 and the two
    Survivalists ignored me, not saying a word. So, I M-79'd the Barn loft MIB,
    this got the two to run toward the Bunker access barn, where everything
    proceeded as normal
    Enter the final building with the two survivalists, one says I'll go right
    and he'll go left, you go up the middle. After you clear the room of the
    MIBs instead of going to the mattress, go back outside to the opening and
    hear them say their lines again.
    Glokkpod says:
    I switched my weapon right before I did a action like flipping a switch and
    my weapons hadn't switched yet and Gabe started running with no wep out with
    his hands looking like they were strapped to his sides and he swayed from
    side to side while running. This happened in Sf1 too. It was funny
    Syphon Filter 1
    Xaviorblazer78 says:
    On SF1 in the room with Mara holding Phagan at gunpoint I shot her and shot
    all the lights and a hole in the ground appeared. I jumped in and kept
    falling then the game froze
    Kharille says:
    SF1, there's a part in the caves where some guy chucks grenades at you from
    above, and you're supposed to run to some right side tunnel. Well,
    apparently if you role forward into the wall ahead you, you end up falling.
    Daygreen60 says:
    In the level where Lian is in Australia, at the end of the level one of the
    enemies gets stuck in the ground somehow and the level won't end til you
    kill him. I had to wait a few minutes til he surfaced and I could kill him.
    Very strange indeed!

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