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FAQ/Walkthrough by joshx42

Version: Final | Updated: 12/13/01

- Syphon Filter 3 Complete    Final Version
- joshx42@hotmail.com         Submitted 12/13/01
- This FAQ was written by:    Michael “JoshX42” Patneaude

                       .                      .
                       #                      #
                       #                 ## # # #
                       #                #     # ###
         ##  #  # ###  ###   ##  ###    #   # # #  ##   ##  ####
        #  # #  # #  # #  # #  # #  #  #### # # # #  # #    #  #
        #    #  # #  # #  # #  # #  #   #   # # # #  # #      #
         ##  #  # #  # #  # #  # #  #   #   # # # #### #     ###
           # #  # #  # #  # #  # #  #   #   # # # #    #       #
        #  # #  # #  # #  # #  # #  #   #   # # # #  # #       #
        #  # #  # #  # #  # #  # #  #   #   # # # #  # #    #  #
         ##   ### ###  #  #  ##  #  #   #   # # #  ##  #     ##
                # #                     #
                # #                     #
                " #                     #
                  #                     "

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction
-Revision History
-Authorized Websites

Part 2: Lists
-General Recap of Syphon Filter
-In-Depth Recap of Syphon Filter 2
-In-Depth Recap of Syphon Filter 3

Part 3: Walkthrough

Level 1: Hotel Fukashima
Level 2: Costa Rican Plantation
Level 3: C-5 Galaxy Transport
Level 4: Pugari Gold Mine
Level 5: Pugari Complex
Level 6: Kabul, Afghanistan
Level 7: S.S. Lorelei
Level 8: Aztec Ruins
Level 9: Waterfront
Level 10: Docks Final Assault
Level 11: Convoy
Level 12: The Beast
Level 13: Australian Outback
Level 14: St. George Australia
Level 15: Paradise Ridge
Level 16: Militia Compound
Level 17: Underground Bunker
Level 18: Senate Building
Level 19: DC Subway

Part 4: Unlocking Secrets

Part 5: Conclusion
-A Simple Warning
-Special Thanks To...
-Minigame Strategies
-Copyright by Author

Part 1: Introduction

FINALLY, after 18 months since SF2, Syphon Filter 3 has been released!  The 
main thing that annoys me about this game is the whole flashback ordeal.  I 
would definitely have preferred to have everything in the present like 
Syphon Filters 1 and 2.  Seven levels in the present really wasn’t enough.  
After seven days of work, I finally have the walkthrough up.  As a side 
note, if anybody reads this guide and would like to comment on the 
difficulty, please email me with your opinion.  I have to admit I find this 
game harder than the first two.  (Especially the sniper trench on Level 11: 
Convoy and the first half of Level 17: Underground Bunker.)

Revision History:

Version 1.0 (11-8-2001) Since I bought the game yesterday, I haven’t had the 
time to put up much because I’ve been doing nothing but playing it in my 
free time!  All I have up right now is the walkthrough to the first level, 
the introduction, the weapon and character lists, this revision history, and 
the updated-when line.

Version 1.1 (11-9-2001) All of Part 2 is now up, and my level 1 walkthrough 
has been revised so that it is clearer and easier to understand my 

Version 1.2 (11-10-2001) Levels 2, 3, and 4 are now up on my walkthrough.

Version 1.3 (11-11-2001) Corrected the fact that my Syphon Filter 1 recap 
was accidentally put in twice in this walkthrough, corrected numerous 
references that are now past tense having to do with this walkthrough’s 
progress, and added Levels 5, 6, 7, and 8.  So a fairly large update.

Version 1.4 (11-12-2001) Keeping with my new tradition of adding at least 
four levels a day, Levels 9, 10, 11, and 12 are up on the website.  The 
authorization section is also added, and a request section is now up as 

Version 1.5 (11-13-2001) GIGANTIC update.  All of the remaining seven levels 
have been added, the conclusion was also written, and the minigame 
strategies will come as soon as I have time for them, which will be 
Thursday.  I need the unlocking secrets section helped with, so everyone 
please send stuff if you want a section for it to appear here.

Version 1.6 (11-15-2001) Fairly small update, after what I did on Tuesday.  
Just some likely unnoticed revisions, like getting the MIL-15 in the first 
level and a good start on the Unlocking Secrets section.  (Do you have any 
idea how much I hate writing that section?) The walkthrough is done, so 
gobble it up, and PLEASE help me with the Unlocking Secrets section if you 
ever want this FAQ completely finished.  Added the small minigames 
strategies section as well.

Version 1.7 (11-16-2001) Removed the request and to-be-updated section, 
added minigame tips (thanks syphontm87!) and finished the Unlocking Secrets 
section.  Since I get my copy of MGS2 today, I can’t devote anymore time to 
this FAQ.  I was considering adding to the minigames section eventually but 
I knew I wanted to post the final update today, and now I’m considering 
writing an MGS2 faq, so goodbye guys, its been fun.  I get about 30 emails a 
day on average, and depending on if a question is asked and it is not like 
(oh, how do I save my game, or how do I use the cheat codes) then I will 
answer it.  Out of the 200 emails so far, (rounding down) that I got, well, 
about 80-100 were answered, so thanks for the mail and thanks for the 
compliments and legible questions.  This is my second fully completed FAQ, 
and it only took me a week (I never ended up finishing SF1’s FAQ) so I hope 
the other one, SF2, helped you as well.  You all rock.

Version 1.8 (11-25-01) Forget about the black box from last update, that was 
a mistake.  I think I now have the correct secrets, so even if I don’t, find 
‘em yourselves!  I would be both thrilled and disappointed if I heard that 
one of you just sat by you computer and console and glanced at my FAQ every 
few seconds, not exploring or anything else.  Due to EXTREMELY popular 
demand, I’ve inserted a recap of SF3’s storyline.  Finally, added ASCII art 
at the top.  Two more sites are allowed to post this FAQ.  Happy headshots! 
(Thanks to Gavin Schmitt for that little phrase.)

Version 1.9 (11-26-2001) Fixed the secret-in-Underground-Bunker error and 
added the secret’s credit to DC Subway.

Version 1.98 (12-03-01) My internet connection has been fixed, so I updated 
the secret section to actually complete the FAQ.

Version 1.99 (12-05-01) Sorry for any misleading secrets based on 
disinformation by fans that I may have given earlier.  I believe everything 
is finally fixed, and I won’t be updating anymore, except in case of a 
mistake.  JoshX42 out!

Final Version (12-13-01) Removed a paragraph that doesn’t fit with its 
section anymore and hopefully I won’t need to do anything else to this 


Only the websites listed below have been specifically authorized by me, 
JoshX42, to post this Syphon Filter 3 Complete FAQ/Walkthrough on their 

GameFAQs			www.gamefaqs.com
Neoseeker			www.neoseeker.com
PSXCodez			www.psxcodez.com
Cheat Code Central	        www.cheatcc.com
GameShark			www.gameshark.com
Syphon Filter Central	        www.syphonfiltercentral.com

Sorry, but I will not authorize this FAQ for posting on any other website.  
The first five have a good history of keeping other people’s FAQ’s updated, 
and are the only ones that can seem to update mine in a day or two at the 
most.  Syphon Filter Central is entirely devoted to Syphon Filter and of 
course can have this FAQ. GameFAQs will always, I repeat always have the 
latest version.

Part 2: Lists

Here are the weapon and character lists, and storyline recaps of the first 
two Syphon Filters.  Remember, the max rounds are the current clip plus the 
maximum spare rounds.  A couple statistics have been edited from what the 
manual says because it is my personal opinion that they are completely 
incorrect.  (They will say if they have been edited.)  The Fire Rate and 
Damage statistics are on a scale of 1-5.


1. 9mm Handgun

This weapon is uncommonly accurate for a sidearm, but its best performance 
is during close-range situations.

Fire Rate: 3
Damage: 2
Clip Size: 15
Max Rounds: 90

2. .45 Handgun

Developed for trench warfare in 1911, the .45’s double-action semi-auto 
design has remained virtually unchanged.  Legendary for its stopping power 
and nasty recoil, this weapon is a favorite among seasoned agents.

Fire Rate: 2
Damage: 4 (Edited)
Clip Size: 10
Max Rounds: 60

3. Falcon

The most impressive feature of this semi-automatic handgun is its long range 
hitting power, but this agile sidearm performs in tight battle situations as 
well.  The Falcon can use a variety of magnum rounds.

Fire Rate: 2 (Edited)
Damage: 4 (Edited)
Clip Size: 8
(Note: The manual said six but six doesn’t evenly go into forty, and I have 
already used a Falcon in the game with eight shots in the magazine.
Max Rounds: 40

	*Machine Pistols*

4. HK-5 Machine Pistol

This sub-machine gun delivers uncommon ferocity in a small package with low 
recoil.  Used by law enforcement, military personnel and enemy operatives 
worldwide, the HK-5 can be found in over twenty-three variants, including 
the silenced version.

Fire Rate: 4
Damage: 3
Clip Size: 32
Max Rounds: 192

5. BIZ-2 Machine Pistol

Everything about this compact weapon is designed for maximum firepower in 
very close quarters.  The side-mounted clip holds enough ammo to pin down a 
platoon while the small shoulder stock can be used to steady a longer shot 
if needed.

Fire Rate: 4
Damage: 3
Clip Size: 66
Max Rounds: 396

6. G-18 Machine Pistol

If you had a clip big enough, you could fire 3600 rounds from the G-18 in 
one minute.  But you have a thirty-three round clip that unleashes a 
half-second hailstorm of lead.  Take care to have plenty of clips on hand.

Fire Rate: 5
Damage: 2
Clip Size: 33
Max Rounds: 198

7. Spyder Skorpian

The specially designed high impact rounds sprayed from this compact machine 
gun are its most striking feature.  Each hit inflicts tremendous damage with 
a high fire rate.  The small clip size demands attention to reloading.

Fire Rate: 4
Damage: 5
Clip Size: 20
Max Rounds: 100

8. Mars Submachine Gun

The Mars is a folding, concealable submachine gun.  It is employed by 
federal agencies such as the Secret Service and ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and 

Fire Rate: 4
Damage: 4
Clip Size: 32
Max Rounds: 160

	*Assault Rifles*

9. PK-102 Assault Rifle

This is a variant of the Kalashnikov (one of the most widely used and 
modified designs in the world.) While a full-blown assault rifle, it’s 
compact, easy to conceal size makes it a favorite among hostile 

Fire Rate: 4
Damage: 2
Clip Size: 30
Max Rounds: 160

10. M-16 Assault Rifle

The M-16 is standard issue for the U.S. military but there is nothing 
standard about the weapon.  Firing a specially designed high-velocity round, 
the lightweight M-16 has developed into one of the finest military weapons 
ever made.

Fire Rate: 4
Damage: 2
Clip Size: 30
Max Rounds: 180

11. K3G4 Assault Rifle

Teflon coated bullets give this weapon maximum lethality against 
flak-jacketed troops.  And its high fire rate makes it dominant in almost 
any battle situation.

Fire Rate: 4
Damage: 4
Clip Size: 30
Max Rounds: 150

	*Sniper Rifles*

12. Silenced Sniper Rifle

The scope on this weapon is classified.  Using Optical Character Recognition 
technology, the scope can identify and classify human targets while 
registering the point of impact to specific body parts.  The zoom feature 
virtually guarantees one-shot accuracy.

Fire Rate: 2
Damage: 2
Clip Size: 10
Max Rounds: 30

13. Nightvision Rifle

Exceptional accuracy under zero light conditions makes this the most 
superior night weapon in the arsenal.  The SVDN nightscope with zoom is 
designed for ease of use against moving, stationary, or camouflaged targets. 
  The silencer keeps a properly positioned agent virtually undetectable.  
The nightvision scope is also very useful as a reconnaissance tool.

Fire Rate: 1
Damage: 3
Clip Size: 10
Max Rounds: 30

14. H11 Sniper Rifle

Combining long-range precision with an extreme full-auto fire rate makes the 
H11 a devastating sniper weapon.

Fire Rate: 5
Damage: 2 (Edited)
Clip Size: 50
Max Rounds: 300

15. Silenced AU300 or “AUG” Assault Rifle

The silenced “Armee Universal Gewehr” has seen heavy employment since 1977.  
The handle has been replaced with a Russian scope that penetrates most 
surfaces, and a gas operating system propels the 5.56mm bullets through 
almost any wall.  The AUG is often referred to as the “X-Ray gun.”

Fire Rate: 2
Damage: 4
Clip Size: 30
Max Rounds: 150


16. 12 Gauge Shotgun

This modified choke version maximizes hitting power while keeping collateral 
damage to a minimum and is used by police forces, DEA agents, and the Secret 
Service.  A 12 gauge is one of the most feared weapons around because it 
shreds anything within a range of up to about twenty-five yards.

Fire Rate: 2
Damage: 4
Clip Size: N/A
Max Rounds: 25

17. UAS-12 Rapid Fire Shotgun

Developed solely for military use, this gas-operated shotgun lays down a 
swath of close range punishment.  Pellet spread is large which can result in 
collateral damage.

Fire Rate: 4
Damage: 4
Clip Size: 12
Max Rounds: 12

18. MIL-15 Shotgun

Instead of firing pellets, this heavily modified weapon fires a small 
fragmentation round that explodes on contact.  WARNING: Do not use in close 
quarters or near innocents!

Fire Rate: 3
Damage: 5 (Edited)
Clip Size: 6
Max Rounds: 18

19. Maks Shotgun

This rapid-fire shotgun fires fine pellet particles that inflict enormous 
damage on an enemy.

Fire Rate: 4
Damage: 5
Clip Size: 10
Max Rounds: 10

	*Specialty Weapons*

20. Combat Knife

While the oldest and most basic skill an agent will ever use, the combat 
knife requires special skills to use effectively.  Its most important role 
is as a stealth weapon.  The agent must soundlessly sneak within striking 
range before attacking and use the knife with swift effiency before the 
victim can react in any way.  It is best to blindside the target when using 
the knife.

Fire Rate: N/A
Damage: 5
Clip Size: N/A
Max Rounds: N/A

21. Air Taser

Use this weapon during stealth ops where lethal force is necessary.  C02 
powered discharge lodges the electrode probe one inch deep into the target.  
The wire connecting the weapon to the probe carries 500,000 volts.  Press 
and hold the firing button after implantation to inflict severe burns.

Fire Rate: 1
Damage: 5
Clip Size: N/A
Max Rounds: Infinite

22. C4 Mine

More powerful than TNT and safer to handle, C4 is also called plastic 
explosive for its moldable putty-like properties.  C4 is standard issue for 
both military and hostile enemies alike.  Set the charge on the object you 
want to blow up by pressing the firing button.  Then move to a protected 
position and press the firing button to set off the charge.  Warning: The 
blast radius is large.

Fire Rate: N/A
Damage: 5
Clip Size: N/A
Max Rounds: N/A

23. Laser-Equipped Crossbow

This is the quietest weapon you can use.  Accuracy is excellent when used in 
manual aiming mode due to a laser sighting system.  The narcotic treated 
bolt gives the agent the option of not using lethal force by taking a body 
shot.  Head shots are fatal.

Fire Rate: 1
Damage: 5
Clip Size: N/A
Max Rounds: 5

24. Incendiary Grenade

This grenade has a kill radius of approximately three meters.  Upon 
detonation, an ammonium perchlorate cloud disperses and ignites instantly.  
Cooldown is almost instantaneous and collateral damage is minimal.

Fire Rate: 1
Damage: 5
Clip Size: N/A
Max Rounds: 10

25. Nerve Gas Grenade

The blast releases trace amounts of Soman nerve agent.  Enemies lose 
consciousness instantly with death following in about fifteen minutes if no 
antidote is injected into the victim.  Agents who walk into the area may be 
stunned briefly by the gas.  The gas dissipates rapidly, allowing agents to 
enter the area with no risk of fatality.

Fire Rate: 1
Damage: 5
Clip Size: N/A
Max Rounds: 10

26. M-79 Grenade Launcher

A favorite of Vietnam War forces, the “Blooper” delivers high explosive 
fragmentation grenades up to a range of three hundred meters.  Kill radius 
is about five meters.  This is a break-barreled weapon that must be 

Fire Rate: 1
Damage: 5
Clip Size: N/A
Max Rounds: 15


Covert Operative

Sex: Male
Age: 37
Birthplace: Camden, NJ
Nationality: American
Height: 6 ft. 3 in.
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black

Background: Logan leads a handful of agents trying to stop the Syphon Filter 
virus.  Formerly an operative for the ultra-secret Agency, Logan discovered 
his employers were deeply involved in development of the deadly virus and 
turned against them.  Now he is under investigation as a rogue agent, 
traitor and enemy to his country.

Present: Giving Senate testimony.  May be charged with traitorous acts.
1993-2000: Agency operative.
1987-1992: U.S. Army Special Operations.
1991: Served in Gulf War.
1991: Received Presidential Citation.
1989: Awarded Silver Star.
1987: Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, United States Army.

Intelligence Communications Expert

Sex: Female
Age: 31
Birthplace: Kashi, China
Nationality: Chinese
Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black

Background: Recruited from the Chinese MSS in 1996, Lian Xing joined the 
Agency aas Gabe Logan’s partner.  The Agency created a new identity for her 
and she now carries a U.S. citizenshipe.  Kidnapped to be used for testing, 
she wa one of the first exposed to the Syphon Filter virus and survived by 
receiving the antidote.  Lian Xing, as well as Gabe Logan and Lawrence 
Mujari, are now giving Congressional testimony.  Like Logan she has been 
branded a rogue agent, and possible traitor.

Present: Giving Senate testimony.  May be charged with traitorous acts.
1996-2000: Agency operative.
1989-1995: Chinese MSS Agent.

Freelance Bio-Chemical Expert

Sex: Male
Age: 39
Birthplace: Queenstown, South Africa
Nationality: South African
Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 210 lbs.
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black

Background: Mujari is a gifted pathologist who joined Gabe Logan and Lian 
Xing to stop the Syphon Filter virus.  While primarily a man of science, 
Mujari showed uncommon skill as an operative because of his military 
experience.  He began his Agency affiliation in 1984 as a freedom fighter.

Present: Giving Senate testimony.  May be charged with traitorous acts.
1987-2000: Freelance bio-chemical expert.
1986: Master of Science, Bio-Chemistry, Rhodes University.
1983-84: Soldier, African National Council, Agency operative.

Anti-Terrorist Operative, MI-6

Sex: Female
Age: 35
Birthplace: Plymouth, England
Nationality: British
Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black

Background: Powers is a British Secret Service agent attempting to monitor 
and disrupt contacts between dissident IRA splinter groups and foreign 
hostile organizations.  She heads a small covert team assigned to neutralize 
confirmed enemy operations.

1989-Present: Agent, MI-6.
1987-89: Research Assistant, MI-6.
1983-1987: Student Modern (Medieval) History, Oxford University.

Secretary of State

Sex: Male
Age: 59
Birthplace: Cheyenne, WY
Nationality: American
Height: 6 ft. 3 in.
Weight: 201 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: N/A

Background: Secretary of State Vincent Hadden is feared by Washington 
insiders who take great pains not to offend him.  Hadden is now personally 
questioning Gabe Logan, Lian Xing and Lawrence Mujari about their 
involvement in the Syphon Filter crisis.  He is a streetwise bureaucrat 
having risen through the ranks of the State Department to its top spot.

1975-Present: U.S. Department of State.
1964-1970: U.S. Marine Corps.
1963: Received B.A. Political Science, U.C. Berkeley.

Professional Assassin

Sex: Female
Age: 34
Birthplace: Novgorod, Russia
Nationality: Russian
Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
Weight: 139 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Auburn

Background: Aramov is an assassin who gained her reputation with the Russian 
Mafia.  She is involved in the profileration of the Syphon Filter virus.  
Aramov is a highly intelligent sociopath who is skilled in all types of 

1999-Present: Active conspirator in effort to market Syphon Filter to enemy 
1989-1999: Freelance assassin linked to Russian Mafia.
1986-1989: KGB operative.
1984-1986: Member of the Black Baton terrorist organization.


Right now I’m going to present to you a recap of Syphon Filters 1 and 2 so 
if you haven’t bought the first two and want to play this first for unknown 
(and most likely stupid) reasons, or haven’t played them in a long time and 
don’t want to again just to refresh the storyline in your memory (I beat 
them at least once every other week, SF1 nearly 100 times now and SF2 about 
30-50, so you should play them more!  They rock!).


Syphon Filter 1:

(In general)

Gabe Logan and Lian Xing went to Costa Rica, hoping to find Erich Rhoemer 
and take him out.  Rhoemer escaped, their informant “Ellis” was shot, and 
the place was torched.  Logan reported back to the Agency and was dispatched 
to D.C. (where he already was, actually) to stop Rhoemer from killing 
everyone in the city with his new viral weapon.  Gabe helped the Chemical 
and Biological Defense Command (CBDC) agents disarm the bombs, then 
proceeded to the park, where he killed Anton Girdeux and disarmed the final 
bomb.  Afterwards, Gabe went to the Pharcom Expo Center, discovered that 
Deputy Director Edward Benton was a mole working for the creators of the 
virus.  Gabe killed Benton, then chased Pharcom (the virus Syphon Filter 
creators) CEO Jonathan Phagan through the museum, past the security office, 
and all the way back down to the original starting point of the mission, 
where he found Mara Aramov and Phagan.  Gabe needed information from both of 
them, so he stopped Aramov while Phagan ended up escaping.  Gabe then went 
to Rhoemer’s base, where he assassinated his chief of security Vladimir 
Gabrek, disarmed his SS-23 ballistic missiles, and then listened to Lian be 
killed be Rhoemer.  After fending off an attack helicopter, he escaped the 
base and detonated his charges, leveling the base.  He then headed to 
Rhoemer’s stronghold to get the location of the deadly virus Syphon Filter’s 
labs from a captured Phagan.  Gabe eliminated Rhoemer’s research scientist 
team, gave all of the Syphon Filter test subjects a vaccine, then made his 
way to the catacombs and eventually found Phagan, who told him and his boss 
Thomas Markinson where the Syphon Filter labs were.  He also told Gabe alone 
that Lian was still alive, imprisoned in the catacombs.  Phagan led Gabe to 
her cell, fled, and then Gabe learned that Lian had been infected with 
Syphon Filter.  He and Lian escaped to the surface, where Aramov killed 
Phagan and told them that they needed to stop Rhoemer or Kazahkstan would be 
gone.  She choppered Gabe to the Syphon Filter labs, where then he planted 
markers on the viral bombs, found information about parts for an R-9 Devyaka 
nuclear missile that had shipped here. Lian then informed him that the 
so-called vaccine that Gabe gave those test subjects was in reality filled 
with potassium chloride, which in case the reader doesn’t know is what they 
use in lethal injections. Gabe got to the Warehouse 76 leading to the 
Missile Silo Access Tunnels, where he got to the descending elevator via the 
burning warehouse, then got eventually to the Missile Silo, where he 
discovered a completed R-9 Devyaka sitting, ready for launch.  Gabe got the 
access codes for the missile, then discovered Markinson, who had betrayed 
him and immediately admitted that Rhoemer had been working for him since 
Costa Rica and that he had wanted Syphon Filter for the Agency all along, 
but now Rhoemer was about to fire this missile that Markinson had every 
intention of stopping, for obvious purposes.  Rhoemer then head-shot 
Markinson from behind, and activated the missile.  Gabe hid behind a blast 
door, and headed to the control room with only three minutes before the 
missile detonated and wiped out half the country.  He managed to 
self-destruct the missile, and then Rhoemer challenged him with an M-79 
grenade launcher, but Gabe killed him with a gas grenade.  Escaping the 
silo, Gabe found Lian, and brought a CBDC team in to disarm the viral bombs, 
led by Lieutenant Jason Chance.  Neither Gabe or Lian knew what to make of 
this, and Lian said, “What has happened here?”  Gabe responded, “With 
Markinson dead, I don’t know if we’ll ever know.”  Credits roll.  
Afterwards, back in Agency headquarters, an unknown man, (you’ll find out 
who he is in Syphon Filter 2) is told something by Mara Aramov, and he tells 
her “Well done.”  The camera zooms out, and you can see boxes off Syphon 
Filter on his desk.  They didn’t have a To Be Continued… after that but I 
think they should have.

Syphon Filter 2:

(In depth)

Gabe Logan and Lian Xing are almost finished up at the Kazahkstan 
warehouses, and they have enlisted the help of ex-Agency operative Teresa 
Lipan as an escape point, since they now know that pretty much the rest of 
the Agency is helping with Syphon Filter.  Gabe and Lian have been branded 
fugitives, and all of the U.S.’s law enforcement and government agencies 
have been alerted to them as being the prime suspects behind the DC subway 
and park bombings.  (Yeah, right!  We stopped them!)  There are seemingly 
unrelated events going on in other parts of the world, most notably a 
Chinese revolution led by the rogue Shi-Hao who is taking over parts of 
China for currently unknown goals.
The media has been tipped about the aborted missile, and major political 
player Secretary of State Vince Hadden has personally assured the press that 
the missile was aborted by the Kazahkstan government via their own safety 
countermeasures.  The world is mostly restless from these events.  SVR 
troops are on their way to the warehouses. Eventually, Gabe, with the help 
of his CBDC team, managed to crack the mainframe with the Syphon Filter data 
disks.  Gabe sends team commander Jason Chance up to secure the helipad for 
the escape.  Soon after, Lian informs Gabe that an extra plane has come 
along with the transport, and it houses Agency special operations commander 
Dillon Morgan and Deputy Commander Falkan.  Lian orders the CBDC team to 
pull back, and is hit from behind and dragged into the plane.  Holding off 
the Agency men, Gabe runs to the runway as Syphon Filter Chief Researcher 
Dr. Elsa Weissinger confirms that Lian is the one infected with Syphon 
Filter.  Morgan orders the pilot to go because the SVR has arrived.  Gabe is 
unable to make it before the plane takes off, Lian kidnapped aboard the 
plane.  After consulting with SVR Director Uri Gregorov, an old friend of 
Lian Xing, Gabe and the CBDC team takes the C-130 transport and heads back 
to the United States, on their way to the Arizona desert where Teresa 
Lipan’s remote base is located.  But over the Colorado Rockies, their plane 
is attacked by an F-22 and shot down.  Gabe and CBDC escape, but the data 
disks remain inside the plane, so Gabe must find them.  Parachuting down to 
the ground, Gabe contacts Chance just as the Agency sends a few legions of 
troops to the mountains to kill the survivors.  He uses the transponder 
locator to find out the location of the plane, and escapes to the highway, 
where he is attacked by a flying-in-a–helicopter-armed–with-a-missile 
Michael Archer, losing six men in the process.  Over at McKenzie Air Force 
Base about thirty miles away, Morgan and Falkan drop Lian off in a room so 
Phase Two Syphon Filter can be extracted from her blood.  Lian kills the 
medic, escapes the room, then sneaks to an adjacent room where she sees a 
barely alive Phagan be extracted of infected blood by Dr. Weissinger, and 
then Morgan ends his life.  Lian gets to the locker room, finds equipment 
and contacts Teresa, then escapes the building to the outer perimeter.  At 
the highway, Gabe finds Chance, then gathers ammunition for the two of them. 
  They make it to another bridge, but Chance is forced to create a diversion 
for Gabe and is captured.  Gabe continues on to see Archer order a commander 
to detonate a bridge.  Gabe killed the commander, then manually went under 
the bridge and disarmed the bombs, then exited the tunnel to the next 
bridge.  There, he was attacked by Archer’s next couple missiles, so he 
jumped off the bridge onto a freight train as the bridge detonated.  Now in 
the outer perimeter, Lian disabled the F-22 plane and killed the Agency 
pilot so that Morgan would be unable to order the mountain bombed with nerve 
gas.  She sneaked over to another hangar, then overheard a conversation 
between Morgan, Falkan, Dr. Weissinger, and also Holman, a person who went 
to Agency training with Lian.  Afterwards, Lian captured and briefly 
interrogated Holman for what the Agency’s next move is, finding out that 
they were to go back to the Pharcom Expo Center to pick up some disks.  
Leaving Holman for dead, she continued on, created a diversion to get into 
the air control tower, then let the controller clear Falkan’s chopper for 
takeoff before disabling him and getting the coordinates of the freight 
train that Teresa informed her Gabe was on.  She went to the other side of 
the tower, then killed Falkan and stole his chopper, heading for the train.  
Gabe fought off Agency guards who Archer had inserted onto the train, then 
jumped off into Lian’s chopper as soon as he had chance.  She escorted him 
to the C-130’s crash site.  Going in, Gabe quickly headed to the tail’s 
wreckage, finding nothing but an empty data disk box.  He turned to see 
Archer, waving the disks at him.  Chasing Archer back to the insertion 
point, Gabe killed him with a headshot as he tried to escape, then retrieved 
the disks and got back in Lian’s chopper, where they headed to the Arizona 
desert, finding Teresa.  Lian informed Gabe where the Agency was going to be 
after they found out the data disks were heavily encrypted, and they 
realized Phagan must have had a set of access codes at his museum.  Going 
back to the Expo Center, Gabe outsmarted NSA, Army, and Agency operatives 
all the way to the main exhibit, where he used Lian to short-circuit the 
gates, trapping him in with Morgan, Teresa, and a bunch of Agency 
operatives.  Armed with a deadman switch linked to an explosive he had set 
up, Morgan was invulnerable so far.  Chasing Morgan, Gabe led Teresa to the 
bomb, where she disarmed it.  But Morgan set two more, so they continued 
their process of letting her defuse the bomb while Gabe protected her.  As 
Teresa got to the final bomb, she told Gabe that this was the final bomb 
because of the cellinoid.  Gabe trapped himself in with Morgan in the main 
room, where he evaded the operations commander for a minute, giving Teresa 
the time she needed to defuse the bomb.  When she did, Gabe attacked Morgan, 
killing him, and retrieving the encryption codes.  They left.  When they 
arrived in Arizona, they found out the data was incomplete, that they only 
had half of the data disks.  Lian immediately suggested they contact 
Gregorov, in case he had control of the other half.  At their meeting in 
Moscow, Mara Aramov attacked the disco club, killing the civilians as the 
place was overrun by unknown men.  Lian chased an unexplicably fleeing 
Gregorov out of the club and through the streets.  As they entered Volkov 
Park, Lian watched Aramov tell Gregorov to get in.  Instead, Gregorov ran, 
and Aramov tried unsuccessfully to kill him.  She left by limousine.  After 
a final chase to the end of Volkov Park, Lian zapped Gregorov with eighty 
thousand volts from a hand taser, knocking him unconscious.  She immediately 
realized that this was an impostor, not the real Gregorov.  SVR troops then 
showed up and escorted her to the headquarters, along with Gabe and Teresa, 
where the Deputy Director explained to them all about the situation.  How 
Gregorov had been captured and sent to Aljir Prison in Siberia, about how 
Shi-Hao would be the Agency’s buyer of Syphon Filter if they could get 
Lian’s infected blood with Phase Two Syphon Filter in it, and how Gregorov 
would be executed in 24 hours if they did nothing.  Lian immediately 
volunteered to go, since she had previously been held in the prison on a 
mission to Afghanistan when she was previously in the Chinese MSS.  After 
she got in, she sneaked to the power room, where she deactivated the power.  
Fortunately, the lack of electrical power stopped the execution from 
happening.  Unfortunately, however, before the base could switch to its 
backup lighting and cell door systems, the cell doors all opened, and all 
the prisoners began to riot, trying to escape.  Lian quickly got to the 
power room, and inexplicably, Mara Aramov was there, and she shot and killed 
the guards inside before leaving.  Filing this away for later 
interpretation, she escorted Gregorov out of Aljir Prison, attempting to not 
let any of her former cellmates die if she could help it.  After Gregorov 
handed over the rest of the data disks, Lian collapsed, where they took her 
back to Lawrence Mujari’s safe house in Virginia.  After stabilizing her and 
decrypting the complete data disks, Gabe put in a call to Lyle Stevens, 
Director of the Agency, at the Agency Bio-Lab in New York City.  He offered 
a deal: Lian’s vaccine for the disks.  Knowing they had no intention of 
paying, Gabe entered the Bio-Lab escorted by Agency security, where he met 
Stevens and Dr. Weissinger at the entrance.  As he had thought they would 
do, they broke the deal off immediately, knocking him out and bringing him 
to an interrogation room.  Stevens told Wessinger to stall Shi-Hao’s chief 
assistant in the sale so they would have time to get Lian’s location from 
Gabe and get the rest of the virus ready.  Gabe used his gas-emission 
hollowtooth to kill the interrogator and escape, then donned a disguise and 
made his way to weapons storage, where he retrieved his equipment and guns.  
He then rescued Ramirez, the assistant team leader of the Kazahkstan CBDC 
team, who told him that Chance was still alive, being held somewhere else in 
the base.  Gabe was unable to free Ramirez with his limited time, however.  
Gabe quickly forced a bureaucrat to escort him to the central data dump, 
then kill the bureaucrat and contacted Teresa at the parking garage to tell 
her to get ready for a data dump.  He was then attacked by guards.  His 
disguise blown, he killed the guards, left the feed running, and got to 
Chance’s holding cell, where he freed him and gave him Teresa’s location, 
telling him to free Ramirez and get to her chopper immediately.  Gabe found 
Dr. Weissinger and Shi-Hao’s assistants, and her stalling them like a good 
girl.  Gabe killed the assistants and forced the doctor to give him the 
vaccine, but she then kicked him in the leg, escaped, and set off the alarm. 
  Agency operatives with nearly impenetrable full-body armor then rushed all 
over the base and were also dispatched by Stevens to find Logan’s escape 
helicopter.  Gabe managed to get back to the weapons storage, where he found 
an M-79 grenade launcher that would penetrate the one-layer armor the guards 
were wearing, but not the two-layer that a few might have.  He then got back 
to Ramirez’s holding cell, where he found him shot in the head.  Swearing, 
Gabe quickly escaped the building, onto the streets.  He was then alerted 
that the NYPD had dispatched a SWAT team throughout the city in search of 
him.  Going the back way, Gabe quickly went down into a flaming building, 
activated the sprinklers, then killed the snipers that were a nuisance to 
him and continued towards the helicopter.  Finding a SWAT officer under 
heavy fire from Agency snipers, he decided to help her out and killed the 
snipers for her.  In gratitude, she decided to try and arrest him, but he 
managed to escape down to the basement, where he saw Stevens kill the 
officer.  As Stevens was about to attack him, the ground detonated and 
ripped a hole in the middle, and they both fell down into the sewers.  
Meeting Teresa, who had come to help, Gabe quickly found a switch to drain 
some sewage and open up a walkway, but Teresa decided to be wild and after 
finding Stevens, chased him up to the bottom floor of the parking garage.  
Gabe followed her, then attacked Steven’s bodyguards, killing him.  Teresa 
chased Stevens up another floor, losing him, but Gabe came up, saved her 
life, then took out four with grenade launchers.  Going up to the final 
floor, Teresa found Stevens, and chased him up the stairs to the 
second-to-highest floor, where Gabe cornered Stevens and shot him three 
times, killing him.  As they went up to the helicopter to leave New York, 
Teresa found the chopper running and drew her gun.  Chance stepped out, and 
suddenly pulled out a silenced HK-5.  Teresa fired, but Chance’s two-layered 
full-body armor protected him.  Chance returned fire, hitting Teresa twice 
in the chest and killing her.  Gabe drew his gun, and they spoke for a 
minute, Gabe putting together the whole story and realizing Chance is the 
one who got Lian captured in Kazahkstan.  Gabe suddenly pushed Chance away 
and sprinted for the chopper, grabbing the high-powered UAS-12 rapid fire 
shotgun inside.  As Chance followed him around to the other side of the 
chopper, Gabe stepped forward and fired.  The blast didn’t penetrate, but 
still knocked Chance back a foot.  Gabe kept firing, and Chance was knocked 
back into the rotor blades, dead.  Apologizing to Teresa’s corpse, Gabe 
somehow got back to Mujari’s house, where he administered the vaccine to 
Lian.  They buried Teresa, dead after only twenty-five years, and Gabe 
commented, “It’s not over yet.”  He was right.  No more than a mile away, 
Secretary of State Vince Hadden steps out of a helicopter with Mara Aramov 
behind him, as Aramov reveals that Hadden was the shadowy person controlling 
Stevens, Morgan, Weissinger, Markinson, and Benton, then reveals that he 
wanted Gabe to expose the Agency so that the presidential administration 
would be toppled and Hadden, as Secretary of State, would become president.  
As Hadden’s bodyguard asks him if he wants to take down Mujari’s place, 
Hadden says no and says he has something else in mind for Logan.  There 
should have been a To Be Concluded… here.

And now, a storyline summary of this game.  DO NOT READ if you haven’t 
completely finished Syphon Filter 3!

Syphon Filter 3:

(In depth)

Deciding to finish the former buyer of Syphon Filter, Gabe and Lian headed 
to Tokyo, Japan, to assassinate Shi-Hao.  Lian, driving the getaway vehicle, 
dropped Gabe off at the entrance to Hotel Fukashima.  Gabe ascended up the 
elevator, entered room 413, grabbed his gear, then fired a bullet into 
Shi-Hao’s head from across the street.  Taking out the five of his 
lieutenants, he drew his pistol, then descended the building into the 
basement, saving an ambassador’s daughter, then hid her and escaped the 
building.  Lian then informed Gabe that Secretary of State Vince Hadden had 
summoned them for testimony.  Logan was the first to testify, and he told 
Hadden all about his part of the Costa Rican mission, telling him about 
finding his ex-C.O. Ellis dead, and eventually ending with how he defied 
Benton’s seemingly pointless orders to stand down and not to pursue Rhoemer. 
  Gabe didn’t understand why Benton was so insistent that Rhoemer be left 
alone, because he didn’t know at the time that Rhoemer was working for the 
Agency.  Gabe had noticed that Rhoemer was wearing two-layered full body 
armor that the Agency owned and he would later face on traitorous Lieutenant 
Jason Chance, but thought nothing much of it.  Gabe forced Rhoemer off the
C-5 transport, but the terrorist had a parachute, and escaped.  Hadden then 
decided to suspend Logan’s testifying for now and called in Mujari, who 
described to him about his first skirmish with the Agency, where he tried to 
free the slave workers.  The mission had ended up unsuccessful, because he 
found the slaves dead, infected with an unknown virus that would later turn 
out to be Syphon Filter.  Calling in Lian Xing, Hadden asked her how her and 
Gabe first met.  She went into ridiculous detail about her mission in Kabul, 
Afghanistan, and how Gabe, an Army Special Forces operative at the time, 
saved her life, and about how she created a distraction so Gabe’s battered 
convoy could reach Kabul without getting blown off the roads from both the 
Soviets and Afghans.  Meanwhile, while she was testifying, Gabe had met up 
with MI6 operative Maggie Powers and her special forces team and had 
traveled to Dublin, Ireland, where he was attacking a ship that had received 
shipments of the Syphon Filter virus.  Planting three explosives on one end 
of the ship, Gabe killed the Captain of the vessel, the S.S. Lorelei, 
retrieved the videotape of the incriminating meeting, and stole the shipping 
manifest before escaping the ship right into the middle of an Irish Republic 
Army attack on Maggie’s MI6 team.  About then, Lian told Hadden about her 
part of the Costa Rican mission, about her first meeting with Dr. Elsa 
Weissinger and how she was the one who told Gabe about Rhoemer’s escape 
plans.  Gabe had then met up with Maggie, and with support from her team, 
proceeded to find all of the IRA’s trucks that contained shipments of Syphon 
Filter and planted explosives on all four of them, then detonated the bombs, 
destroying the trucks.  Receiving a communication that Maggie’s best agent, 
Nigel Cummings, was taking heavy sniper fire on the other side of the docks, 
Gabe fought his way through a tunnel, found Cummings, and covered both 
himself and Cummings as they searched for the final truck.  When they found 
it, Nigel told Gabe that he had received a directive from Maggie ordering 
him to bring the truck into MI6 HQ.  Letting Nigel leave with the truck, 
Maggie contacted Gabe and asked him if he had destroyed the last truck.  
Realizing that Nigel was an IRA double agent, he immediately pursued 
Cummings to the end of the docks and killed him, reclaiming the truck.  
Meeting up with Maggie, they both stare out towards the waters as the S.S. 
Lorelei exploded, sending the last of the Syphon Filter virus to the bottom 
of whatever lake or ocean they’re using in this game.  With Lian’s testimony 
finished, she and Gabe switch places.  Gabe goes back to Washington D.C. to 
finish his testimony, and Lian meets up with Maggie to finish dismantling 
the Syphon Filter operation.  When Gabe meets up with Hadden back in the 
Senate Hearings Chamber, Hadden orders him to tell what happened after Lian 
created the distraction for him, his C.O. Ellis, and Benton to enter Kabul.  
Gabe tells him about how the Afghans attacked their truck, and how they 
managed to fight off all of the snipers, infantrymen, and land mines so they 
could enter Kabul itself.  Immediately inside, Gabe noticed a Soviet tank 
and tried to fight it off himself.  Finding C4 explosives inside an Afghan 
rebel base in the city, he found a way to get close enough to the tank so it 
wouldn’t fire for fear of being blown to bits itself, then planted the C4 on 
the tank and ran like hell as the tank headed toward his convoy.  He 
detonated the explosives and stopped the tank.  Gabe then told Hadden about 
how a Soviet agent had showed up, which meant the Agency had been selling 
arms to the Soviets instead of the Afghans like the CIA and the rest of the 
United States Government.  This was where Gabe had learned about the Agency 
and been recruited into it by Benton.  As Gabe was testifying, Lian had been 
dispatched to Australia to dismantle the last of the Syphon Filter operation 
by kidnapping Dr. Elsa Weissinger and shutting down the site permanently.  
She disabled the comm dish, then after photographing the graveyard for the 
test subjects, found Weissinger and learned that Aramov had double-crossed 
Weissinger, and that there were more test subjects that were still alive, 
but infected with the final strain of the Syphon Filter virus, which Elsa 
did not yet have an antidote for.  Searching the base and gathering up the 
necessary materials, Lian evacuated Weissinger to the chopper and waited for 
her to finish the antidote and put it in a syringe before learning that 
Commander Silvers, an Agency operative, was about to execute all of the 
Aborigine test subjects.  Wanting revenge, Dr. Weissinger gave Lian a disk 
with all the data she had on the full Syphon Filter operation before 
returning to the chopper to wait for her.  Lian sneaked over to the other 
side of the small village St. George where the Aborigines were being held, 
then assassinated Silvers and gave all six of the Aborigines the antidote.  
Maggie then contacted Lian and told her that about five or so men were 
closing in on the escape chopper.  Stealing a truck back to the chopper, 
Lian killed the men, but did not find a Dr. Elsa Weissinger waiting in the 
chopper.  She lifted off and headed back to Washington.  As Gabe finished 
his testimony, Hadden accused him of committing perjury by lying to him, and 
that he was the one that killed Rhoemer, Benton, Jason Chance, and Teresa 
Lipan because they got in his way.  Things took a step for the spookier as 
Gabe proved Hadden by calling in Teresa Lipan, alive and well, and fully 
recovered from the gunshot wounds that Chance gave her.  As Gabe left, a 
surprised Hadden summoned Teresa to the stand, and asked her for some 
background data first.  Teresa began to tell him about her first and last 
mission for the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF.)  She told him about 
how she teamed up with some FBI agents on an attack on a militia’s compound 
who had in their possession stolen top-secret data from a downed satellite.  
When she reached the crash site, the FBI men murdered the militia chief and 
turned on her, but Agency operative Gabe Logan killed the FBI men, who in 
reality worked for the NSA.  He told her he’d stay in contact with her, 
because she wanted to save the militia chief Earl Oakton’s family, who the 
NSA had decided to execute because they were sure that they had the stolen 
satellite data, and headed towards the militia compound.  She waited until 
dark to go in, and by that time the NSA had arrived and was attacking the 
place.  She headed in, then fought her way to a small storage area, where 
Commander Silvers, who had been alive at the time, was commanding the 
operations of the NSA troops from there.  She snuck up behind him and 
planted a homing beacon on him without him knowing it, then hid behind a 
large crate until Silvers left.  Continuing on, Teresa quickly came to a 
small place under a ramp where she was hearing muffled sounds.  Finding her 
unit commander, Agent Kelly of the ATF, she freed him and fought off a few 
men with him, and then he left the compound, after unsuccessfully trying to 
persuade her to abandon her task and leave.  After that, she eventually 
entered a building where she found a (moose or deer, whatever) head on the 
wall.  Inspecting it closer, she found it contained the stolen satellite 
data.  She grabbed it, then left the building right into a sniper ambush of 
two militia men.  She killed the snipers with her grenade launcher, then 
teamed up with them and attacked a little place slightly underground and 
killed the men inside.  One of the militia men then informed her that Earl 
Oakton’s son Dusty had fled with his pregnant mother into the underground 
complex below the compound, and showed her the secret entrance.  Going in, 
she quickly found Dusty, who after she identified her objective, told her 
that his mother had gone into labor, and that the NSA was trying to get into 
the secure bunker that housed Debbie Oakton, Dusty’s mother.  Dusty then led 
Teresa through the dark tunnels to the bunker, where she killed the NSA men 
and entered the bunker, then found a Debbie Oakton that couldn’t run no 
matter what and wouldn’t be able to walk unless an injection from something 
in a first aid kit was given to her.  Searching the bunker, Teresa found the 
kit and gave her the injection just as the NSA penetrated the bunker.  Dusty 
found an M16 in the weapons storage, then backed up his family’s computer 
files as they protected Debbie Oakton all the way to the exit of the bunker, 
where Logan picked them up and flew them to safety.  (Logan can’t fly, so 
Lian or someone else must have.)  As Teresa finished the tale about her 
first mission, Hadden asked her what she had been doing since the incident 
with Jason Chance.  Teresa told him, with a satisfied tone, that she had 
been tracking Mara Aramov, and that the most interesting place she turned up 
had been Hadden’s own office.  Taken aback, Hadden shouted orders to the 
federal agents who then attempted to arrest him.  Gabe stepped in and stated 
that they now mostly knew who was behind the Agency.  Suddenly, Mara Aramov 
appeared inside the chamber with a G-18 machine gun, and opened fire, 
killing both the federal agents and Secretary of State Vince Hadden.  
Drawing his pistol, Gabe pursued her.  He now knew that Mara Aramov was 
pulling the strings of the Agency herself.  As her men attacked the Senate 
Building, Gabe freed the hostages that her men took as they began to plant 
viral bombs in the same DC subway that Gabe first met Aramov two years ago.  
Gabe then broke into Hadden’s office and retrieved the deactivation code for 
nearly all of the Syphon Filter viral bombs and gave it to the DC bomb 
squad, who used it to deactivate all of the bombs but one.  Chasing Aramov 
to the subway, he followed her onto a train packed with her men and holding 
the final bomb.  Moving down the train, he freed the three hostages her men 
had took, including a highly moronic Senator, and stopped as Lieutenant 
Cooley, one of Aramov’s men, began to plant bombs in one of the cars, trying 
to cut the train in half.  Killing Cooley, Gabe retrieved the rest of the 
explosives and planted them at the door to the final car.  Blowing the door 
open and a hole in the roof, he looked at the end of the final car to see 
Aramov holding the last hostage behind a layer of bulletproof glass.  
Climbing through the hole onto the train, Gabe took out his X-Ray AU300 
sniper rifle and wounded her, freeing the hostage.  Dragging her onto the 
top of the train (I wonder why) she told him to finish her, but Gabe elected 
to repeat his earlier mistake and kept her alive, but captured her instead.  
Later, at a meeting somewhere in the tropics, with Lian, Teresa, and 
Lawrence Mujari, Gabe received a call telling him, the new Director of the 
Agency, that Aramov had escaped from the hospital.  Afterwards, Aramov then 
took a vehicle down to the bottom of either a sea or a lake, where the S.S. 
Lorelei sank.  Aramov then retrieved one of the boxes of Syphon Filter, 
laughing at her triumph.  The trilogy is over.

Part 3: Walkthrough


Some terms you may not have heard of that you need to know to read this 
walkthrough are defined below.

Crouch-Walk: Holding the X button while moving around.

Crawl: Same as crouch-walk, just faster to say and write.

Hand-to-hand position: Hanging from a ledge.

Climb left or right: Push the left or right buttons on a ledge to move in 
that direction while in a hand-to-hand position.

Climb up: Pull yourself up to the ledge above you.

DAQ: Don’t ask questions, just do it!

Pop-out: An extremely useful technique in many shooters where you lean up 
against a wall, then activate manual aim.  While in it, press and hold the 
strafe button in the direction that the wall ends (this must be done on a 
corner for it to make a difference) and Logan’s body will shoot out around 
the corner suddenly, already in manual aim.  You can immediately shoot the 
guy, or if your aim is messed up and the guy is about to shoot you, just let 
go of the strafe button and Logan will move back behind the wall.  It is 
frequently used in shooters like the Syphon Filter Trilogy, Perfect Dark, 
Goldeneye 007, etc.

----Start of Walkthrough----

Level 1: Hotel Fukashima

After the opening cutscene, Gabe will step out of the van.  Looks different 
from previous Gabriel Logan, huh?  Gabe will have no guns or supplies yet, 
but don’t panic.  Walk forward up to the bellboy farthest from you to 
trigger a cutscene.  After it ends, walk forward.  Turn the corner to the 
left and run forward past that corner, and all the way to the end, where you 
will see a door on each wall.  Walk up to the one on the right.  It should 
say “Door 413” when you get close.  Kick it open and go inside.  Lian will 
contact you and say that your guns are in the bathtub inside the bathroom.  
Go inside and grab them, then go over to the window for a checkpoint.

Switch to your silenced sniper rifle and zoom in on the group of men across 
the street from you.  You will see one of them hitting another man who is 
kneeling.  This attacker also has on a lighter and utterly different coat 
then everybody else.  This is Shi-Hao.  Zoom in on his forehead and shoot 
him there.  Immediately headshot the uniformed person near him, and then the 
other hotel will break into chaos.  Guards will pop up from all over the 
other hotel and begin shooting you.  Your objective is to shoot the four 
other men who were uniformed in what looks like Uri Gregorov was wearing in 
Syphon Filter 2.  But to make them come out of their hiding spots, you’ll 
need to kill the normal guards one-by-one.  Do so, and try not to expend 
more than one bullet per guard.  You can also shoot them in the chest for a 
one-shot kill, the sniper rifle is that powerful.  After you have killed a 
certain amount of guards, a uniformed man will come out.  Kill him, then 
repeat the process three more times.  If you run out of rifle ammo you can 
use your silenced 9mm pistol.  Hopefully you’re a good shot with it.  When 
the four uniformed men are dead, Gabe will be informed by Lian that the 
hotel that he himself is in has be overrun by Shi-Hao’s men.  After the 
cutscene, reload your 9mm right after the checkpoint.

Head outside the room and quickly gun down the guard in the hallway.  Grab 
his Falcon and switch to it.  You have eight shots.  Look down the hallway 
and you will see a doorway with a green room behind.  Head towards it, 
shooting a fifty caliber Falcon bullet into the chest of the two men on the 
way, and grab their ammo.  This level is scarce of the stuff.  Once you 
reach the green room, you’ll discover that it is really a stairwell.  Head 
downwards and immediately around the corner, and shoot a Falcon bullet into 
your assailant’s chest.  Continue to descend the stairwell, quickly shooting 
anybody you see.  About 3 quarters down, you will come to a part where two 
HK-5 armed guards will be standing together.  So you don’t get hurt, stand 
back and use the pop-out technique (explained at the start of Part 3 for 
people who don’t read it all, which is most of us) on both of them, then 
grab their ammo.  The final guard is a great shot, so use the pop-out 
technique on him, too, then switch to the HK-5 machine gun and go out the 
open door for a checkpoint.

Turn left, that’s the direction to go in.  Your HK-5 is the gun of choice 
here, because you have great accuracy and can fire quick and controlled 
bursts at numerous people.  Gun down the first guard behind the shelf, and 
run forwards down to the end of the corridor, where you should see another 
few people to kill.  Continue on, and take the left turn at the fork ahead.  
Turn right, go to the white door on the right and kick it open.  You must 
have saved the hostage earlier for this to work.  He’ll be in there, so talk 
to him for a MIL15.  Go outside and you should see a short flight of stairs 
leading down.  Take it, go around the corner to left, and you’ll see two 
guards near a red-shirted woman hostage kneeling on the ground.  Take out 
the guards quickly, then pay no attention to the woman and push on.and head 
on, going through a washing room.  You’ll get a cutscene where the 
Ambassador’s daughter says “My father will have you both killed!” You, on 
the other hand, will get a checkpoint.

Run towards them, and the guard will spot you and try to retreat.  Gun down 
the flak-jacketed first guard with a headshot using your HK-5, then head up 
the stairs and take out the non-flak-jacketed other guard.  Run up to the 
woman and two more troops will come from around the corner.  They’re easy 
shots for the incredibly accurate HK-5.  After a cutscene, Gabe will now be 
escorting the VIP Hostage to safety.  Checkpoint.

Keep going forward in that direction, and switch to your Falcon pistol.  Go 
into the red-carpeted room and gun down the first guard, then run over to 
the other one and shoot him.  This gives you a good shot to take the third 
one.  Continue into the next hallway.  SHOOT THIS GUARD FAST BECAUSE HE HAS 
A FALCON AS WELL.  Run forward to the end of the corridor for a cutscene, 
where Gabe finds a hiding place for the woman.  (It may be behind a counter, 
but the police will be here soon anyway.)  Last checkpoint.

Go in the next hallway and Falcon the only guard on your side of the bar, 
then take out the next two across the room, strafe to the right, aim, and 
kill the third and final guard.  Climb over the bar (or use the gate switch 
to lift up part of the bar, then go through) and head right to end the 

Level 2: Costa Rican Plantation

Run absolutely straight forward (on a line) until you see a guard.  Blast 
him with your pistol and run past him, following Lian.  Follow her until you 
reach a gun turret.  You’ll get a cutscene and checkpoint.  (Fast, eh?)

Run just to the left of the explosion site and target lock and gun down the 
three guards there with your pistol.  Follow Lian to the left, past the 
lonely tree, and you’ll see a guard waiting in a tree.  Run forward while 
target locking and triple-tap him to the chest.  Keep moving forward past 
Lian until you get close to another gun turret.  After the cutscene, switch 
to your grenades and toss one in the nest.  When it detonates and fries the 
turret, you’ll get another checkpoint.

Follow Lian’s advice and use the tree for cover so that the extremely 
accurate sniper won’t be able to pull off a headshot.  You’ll quickly see 
another turret, so throw a grenade in, then switch back the 9mm handgun.  
Another checkpoint!

Go past the turret and run through the small field of bright green plants.  
Continue on until you catch up to Lian.  Follow her for a cutscene, then 
continue to follow her past the fence and into the execution area.  A bit to 
the left of the fire is Ellis’s corpse.  A checkpoint awaits.

Continue forward, following Lian until she tells Gabe to “get the turret.”  
Run forward and use your pistol one final time to kill the guard (I bet most 
readers have switched to their machine gun already!) and then switch to your 
grenades.  Toss one in to blow the gun up and get another checkpoint.

Switch to your silenced HK-5 and continue to follow Lian.  She will sort of 
disappear for the rest of the mission once you reach the small buildings, so 
don’t worry.  Instead, attack the men up in the trees and kill them.  Next, 
head to the leftmost building and go inside.  Pass through this room into 
the next one and turn to your right to see a green box.  Open it for a 

Turn left and open fire on the guard, killing him.  Run to his position and 
move around the crates so you can grab the Mine Detector.  Grabbing that 
will take a lot of the pressure off on me to explain the last part of this 
level.  Anyway, move back around the crates and continue on, taking out the 
next two guards.  DO NOT go out the end of this room or you will get lost.  
Instead, head all the way back to where I first told you to enter the 
leftmost building.  Proceed into the rightside building.  Pass through the 
first room and quickly take out the guard on the right using target lock.  
There’s a guard on the left, too, so go to him, kill him, and grab the box 
full of HK-5 ammo that is placed identically to where the Mine Detector was 
in the other building.  Continue on, and quickly headshot the soldier 
standing behind the green box.  A guard will come out from the room to the 
right and attack you, so take him out too.  The box is a flak jacket, so 
grab it if you need it, then proceed into the room where the guard came 
from.  Inside are two boxes and a computer.  The box closest to the entrance 
is M16 ammo and the other one holds shotgun shells.  After getting them, 
access the computer for a checkpoint.

Leave the room and head to the right, past the flak jacket box and out the 
door.  You’ll hear the hum of a helicopter.  Run up real close too it, then 
aim down at the ground and drop a grenade right next to the chopper.  Run 
back inside the building you just came from, and as the grenade blows and 
destroys the chopper you’ll get a checkpoint.

Return back to the area between the left and right buildings  There’ll be a 
couple guards on the way, so deal with them appropriately.  Once you reach 
the main area head forward, in the only direction you haven’t gone in yet.  
A guard will come running towards you.  Take him and continue.  To your 
right you’ll see those bright green plants again.  Stand in the middle of 
the non-burning part and draw a plant sample from the ground by pressing the 
action button for another checkpoint.

Continue forward, switching to your M-16 if you need to.  Go past the fence 
and you’ll get a new objective and a checkpoint.

Go to the right and kill the guard, then free the first slave and the one 
twenty yards away to get another checkpoint.

Head over to the crates, where shotgun shells and a flak jacket are stored 
if you need it.  Continue in the direction that you were going in before you 
first saw the slaves, and go past the burning field, shooting the next 
sniper.  There are a couple guards and a sniper to the right, so kill them 
and head to the right past where they were standing.  There will be a 
completely non-burning field of bright green plants in sight, go into into 
it and grab another plant sample for a checkpoint.

Up ahead are two guards, a sniper, and a burning field.  Kill them and go 
past the lifeless gun turret.  Continue on all the way up until another 
half-burning field, ignoring the path to the right, and grab the sample 
there for ANOTHER checkpoint!

Continue on past the half-burning field, and your Mine Detector will start 
to go off.  Use your radar in the lower left corner and head to the left of 
the clearing.  The final checkpoint is yours.

Run forward, hugging the side of the hill, past the left side of the mine 
all the way up to the brick wall.  Go to the right, hugging the wall so 
you’re in sight of the tunnel, then use your radar to go to the right of the 
final mine before entering the tunnel to complete the level.

(That’s gotta be the most checkpoints ever in any Syphon Filter level.)

Level 3: C-5 Galaxy Transport

This is a short and easily completed level.  I can do it in about forty-five 
seconds or better.  Switch to your preference of machine gun and run 
forward.  You’ll see a guard on the right.  Take him out and go around the 
box to the left, where another guard will pop up.  Shoot him as well, then 
head for the other side of the room.  Go into the alcove into the short and 
narrow hallway, then exit into the other room.  Run over to the bottom of 
the stairs, where Gabe will see Rhoemer flee and run towards the back of the 
airplane.  Ignore him.  Instead, focus your attention on the guard who 
appears at the top of the stairs.  Target lock and blast him, then turn to 
the three weapon crates.  Go to the one on the right and grab the UAS-12 
shotgun from the box, then grab the flak jacket from the middle one if you 
need it.  Equip the 45. automatic and head up the stairs to the top.  Run up 
to the pilots and wait for the co-pilot to pull out a gun.  Shoot him when 
he does for a cutscene.  Afterwards, go to the left side of the room and 
pull the switch there to open the cargo bay doors.  Equip your UAS-12 
shotgun, then head all the way back to the start of the plane, where you’ll 
see Rhoemer and an open cargo door.  Target lock Rhoemer, then start 
blasting him with the UAS-12, knocking him towards the edge.  Knock him over 
the edge and off the plane to end the level.

Level 4: Pugari Gold Mine

You play this level as Lawrence Mujari.  After the cutscene, parachute down 
to the narrow pipe and pump your 9mm into the guard.  Grabbing his gun, run 
and jump off the end and climb up onto the highest ledge.  Turn right, 
switch into manual aim, and quickly kill the next guard.  Move in that 
direction, passing the box.  Grab the man’s PK-102 assault rifle and head 
back to the box.  Standing next to it, a guard will pop up on the pipe you 
just jumped from.  Switch into manual aim so you can pop him quicker, and 
fire at his chest to kill him.  Reload, then open the box and grab the 
explosives inside for a checkpoint.

Run over to where you landed from your jump and words should pop out of the 
ground that say “Climb Down.”  Crawl over the ledge, and jump down to the 
tiny ledge first before jumping to the bottom so you don’t get killed.  Once 
you are on the bottom, a guard will be near you to the left, and guards will 
start to fire at you from all directions and various ledges.  Shoot the 
guard near you and roll forward, evading their shots.  You’ll see an 
entrance to a tunnel to the right of where you jumped down.  Run to the 
tunnel and head on in.  At first it will look like the tunnel is unpassable 
because of the crates, but you can just climb over the two to the right and 
kill the guard.  You should still be using your 9mm to save ammo in your 
PK-102.  After passing the next two crates, you’ll move past a sign that 
says CAUTION: BLASTING ZONE and shoot the guard in the back.  Head on past 
him, and switch to your PK-102.  Run to and target lock the two remaining 
guards while firing, and they should be down in no time.  Keep this machine 
gun out for the rest of the level.  Continue past the shed into the tunnel 
marked Mine 411 and head to the end into the large room, where you’ll see 
two slaves at the opposite side of the room.  Go over to them and two guards 
will attack from behind.  Run up to and kill them, then run back to the 
slaves for a cutscene and checkpoint.

Continue to the right of the green machine over to where the mine carts put 
next to each other are to reach a fork, left or right.  Turn left, switch to 
manual aim so you don’t have to move or expend a lot of ammunition, and take 
the guard down.  Now go past the mine carts into the next room.  You’ll see 
a guard on the opposite side.  Manual aim and kill him as well, then go over 
past the two crates to where he was standing.  Head down the corridor to 
reach a bridge, but DO NOT go onto it.  Instead, headshot the guard on it 
from behind, then position yourself so you can see to the right of the 
bridge.  Switch to manual aim and take out the left guard.  Quickly use the 
pop-out technique to nail the other one so you aren’t hit from behind, then 
position yourself so you can see to the left of the bridge.  Kill the next 
two using the pop-out technique, but the left guard will be immediately 
replaced.  Aim and kill him as well, then reload and cross the bridge, 
continuing to where you see a boulder blocking the path forward and another 
corridor to the left.  Run up to the fork for a cutscene and checkpoint.  
The slaves will have Mujari leave them here because they can find their way 
out on their own.

Head down the corridor as far as you can, all the way until you reach the 
end, where you’ll headshot a guard with your machine gun from behind. Right 
before going into the absolutely enormous room, stop.  On the far end you 
will see a guard escorting DeJesus.  Headshot him from afar and step back 
behind the wall so the snipers can’t hit you.  DeJesus will do most of the 
work here for you, killing the guys on the left side, leaving you two guards 
to kill at the most.  As you’re taking the remainder out, frequently turn 
around and look back at the corridor.  Doing this will prevent a guard from 
ever showing up that would likely nail you from behind if you didn’t look.  
Once all the snipers are dead, you’ll get a cutscene and checkpoint.

Go down the ramp back in the direction you came from, heading past the 
boulder and all the way to the bridge.  Headshot the guard there from behind 
and continue up to the mine carts.  Go back into the room where you 
originally met the two slaves and head to the middle of it.  Walk around and 
words will pop up from the ground that say Rig Explosives.  Press the action 
button to end the level.

Level 5: Pugari Complex

After the cutscene, turn, reload your PK-102, and run back towards the mine 
carts.  Flip the switch and Mujari will get on one.  Press and hold the 
crouch button so Mujari won’t bang into the pillars running horizontal on 
the ceiling.  As the cart moves, a guard will run out.  Target lock and 
blast him, then immediately let go of the target lock so the camera doesn’t 
turn.  Once you go past the next two pillars, and the second should look far 
darker, I believe, strafe to the right and roll off the cart before it 
crashes, then immediately position yourself halfway between the pillars and 
the mine cart.  The guard down the hill will launch a grenade, and the mine 
will collapse, but you’ll be safely out of reach, but fortunately not out of 
reach of a checkpoint.

Go over to the edge of the top of the hill and switch to manual aim.  
Headshot the guard at the bottom, then roll down the hill and grab his gun, 
which inconvienently happens to be a PK-102 instead of the M-79 he was 
firing.  Turn to the right and you’ll see a ramp leading upwards.  Run over 
to it and go up, then proceed onwards until you come to a large clearing 
with a building to the left.  Run over to the building and look in the 
window.  You will see Foreman Jones.  Head around to the other side of the 
building and go in the entrance.  Run over to the man who is Foreman Jones 
for a cutscene and checkpoint.

Quickly shoot the guy, then turn left and haul your *** outta there before 
the truck crashes into the building.  You’ll see a guard immediately 
outside, but the shock wave from the explosion usually kills him.  You will 
then see a few guards in the large clearing.  DO NOT go after them because 
it serves no purpose to kill them and you frequently get shot.  Instead, 
continue on past the building into the next part of the level.  You’ve 
reached a different-looking room with a truck on the far end, a guard in the 
middle, and a passageway to the right of the guard.  Aim and take out the 
guard, then run over to his position.  Ignore the truck unless you need the 
flak jacket in the box that sits behind it.  Pass through the passageway and 
two snipers and a guard will pop up.  Take out the guard first, then focus 
on the snipers.  Target lock and destroy them, then head over to the sign 
marked Bay 4.  To the left of it is a sign marked Bay 3.  Go to it and 
you’ll see an entrance to the left leading to a flight of stairs.  Go down 
the stairs into the power room.  Inside this room is a guard on each side, 
under the grating.  Neither have flak jackets, so target lock and kill them 
while running.  Look around and you’ll notice a flashing red switch behind a 
couple of mainframes.  Activate the switch for a checkpoint.

Proceed up the stairs out the other exit, and once you reach the top, you’ll 
see a large radio tower.  Go to the right of it to see a large building with 
two windows.  Smith will get shotgunned dead out of the building, giving you 
another objective in a cutscene.  The entrance to the building is a 
stairwell on the right side.  Ascend it to the top and go over to the 
computer on the right.  Access it for a checkpoint.

Descend the stairs to the bottom, and you’ll hear somebody shooting at 
somebody else.  You’ll see DeJesus gun down a couple of guards and go over 
to you for a cutscene.  Follow him over to the elevator and it will arrive 
by itself, with three flak-jacketed guards on it.  Position yourself to the 
left of the elevator and use the pop-out technique on them all.  Wait a 
second, and you’ll get a cutscene that signals the end of the level.

Level 6: Kabul, Afghanistan

There are tons of random and respawning guards on this level, so if it seems 
that I’m giving you very few guards, that’s because I’m just giving you the 
snipers and the ones that are always there.  Anyway, after the cutscene, 
you’ll see a path that leads to the left.  Ignore it and go past it to the 
end, then turn left and you’ll see a sniper.  You should have your silenced 
9mm handgun out.  Headshot the sniper for a checkpoint.

Run forward, and keep going until you see a hole in the wall to the right.  
Go through, turn left, and headshot the sniper for a checkpoint.

Turn right and head over to the next hole in the wall.  Making sure to stand 
back, fire and blow up the file cabinet.  The explosion will kill any guards 
in the room.  Head forwards out of the room and turn to the left.  Go down 
the street and turn to the right when you see a guy to the right of you on 
your radar.  Look upwards and you should be able to see the head of a 
sniper.  Fire once into it for a checkpoint.

Continue in that direction down the street, and go right at the fork, but 
note this location.  You’ll see a sniper in the first building to the right. 
  Headshot, get checkpoint.  Simple process.

A sniper will fire at you from the left.  Kill him as well for checkpoint 

Climb up the building just to the left of the one the sniper you just shot 
was standing on, then climb over to where the sniper was standing and grab 
the AU300 sniper rifle from the box for a checkpoint.

Climb down and run back to the fork in the location you just noted and head 
the other direction.  Pass through the archway and you’ll see a guard 
crawling to the left.  Headshot him and go to the left.  Continue on until 
an unseen guy appears on your radar.  Turn to the right, look up, and fire 
into the sniper head for another checkpoint.

Continue in the direction you were going and pass the flames to your right.  
You’ll see a bus to your left and a sniper in front of you.  Kill him for 
the final checkpoint triggered by a sniper death.

Switch to your PK-102 assault rifle and round the corner to the right.  Head 
down the street until you see a bright light coming from a lantern in a 
place on the right side of the street.  Head in and shoot the guard, then go 
out the hole in the wall and climb up to the next ledge.  Run forward into 
the lighted room and climb down into the hole.  Go down the next hole as 
well, then photograph the map on the wall for a checkpoint.

Turn to the right and head down the corridor until you reach the next room.  
Headshot the guard and shoot the extremely inaccurate guard on the left as 
well before turning left and proceeding down the next hallway.  Go until you 
reach the hallway branching to the left and go down it.  Shoot the guard and 
access the weapon cache for a checkpoint.

Turn around and stand at the end of the branch and shoot the guard that runs 
up, make sure to grab his gun, then turn left and RUN to the end of the 
hallway.  Climb up the crates one-by-one, not two and one, and run out into 
the street and wait for the bomb to explode that you put on the weapon 
cache.  Wait another second, and Lian will get a comm from Gabe that 
precedes a checkpoint.

Go to the left of the direction you were facing when you came out of the 
building you just left and run that way.  In essence, you are going back the 
same way you came.  You’ll arrive back at the fork you noted, so head to the 
right back in the direction you were coming from, to the left around the 
corner, and into the room where you blew up the file cabinet.  Leave that 
room and turn right, then run over to where the second sniper was and climb 
up onto the platform he was standing on.  Switch to your AU300 and you’ll 
get a the final checkpoint.

Roll off the opposite side of the bus down onto the ground and check your 
radar.  You should see four hostiles.  Using your AU300 that can shoot 
through walls, run to near each guard and shoot him in the head, in most 
cases through the wall.  When all four of the grenade-launchers are dead, 
the level will end.

Level 7: S.S. Lorelei

After the cutscene, turn to the left.  (The music in this level kicks ***, 
doesn’t it!) You’ll see a bright reddish light next to a closed door.  Jump 
off the crate and go over to that door.  Go over to the corner right to the 
left of the door and plant an explosive there for a checkpoint.  (Also 
extremely fast!  But this level isn’t as filled with checkpoints as the 
Costa Rican Plantation was.)

Go around to the other side of the large room to find an exit.  Go out of 
the room and turn left into the main hallway.  You’ll see a fork going in 
two directions, left and right.  Go left and proceed down the corridor.  
Take out the guard with your 9mm pistol and continue on.  Eventually you’ll 
come to a hallway that branches off to the right, and get a cutscene that 
features a guard standing next to the bottom of a ladder.  Headshot him from 
behind, grab his gun, and turn right into the next cargo hold.  You’ll see a 
fairly long flight of stairs on the other side of the room with a closed 
door at the top.  Run over to the left corner from the direction you are 
facing when you first enter this room, or in other words directly under the 
door.  Plant an explosive in that corner for the second checkpoint.

Leave the room the same way you came in and go back into the hallway, and go 
over to the main hallway, and you’ll come to a fork.  Left goes back the way 
you came, and right goes the way you haven’t gone yet.  So go right.  Kill 
all the guards with your 9mm from behind before you pass by them.  Soon 
you’ll come to a branch leading to the left.  Go into the final cargo room 
for a cutscene, which will show you the two guards inside.  This room looks 
identical to the room you started this level in.  Go over to the other side 
of the room, where the reddish light is, and headshot the first guard.  
Behind the only crate in the corner where you planted the explosive in the 
first room is the second guard.  Wait for him to come out to the left of the 
crate, and use the pop-out technique on him.  Grab their ammo, then go to 
the same corner as the first room and plant the final real bomb for a 

Leave the room and resume the direction you were going, in other words to 
the left.  Kill the guards you pass by, but more importantly keep an eye out 
for a easy-to-miss doorway and go through when you do.  Turn to the left and 
ascend the elevator.  You should still have your silenced 9mm handgun out.  
Continue on, ignoring the man labeled Engineer and going up the five step 
flight of stairs where words will pop up saying, Plant Decoy Here.  Press 
the action button and Gabe will plant a decoy bomb which’s purpose is likely 
to be in a easy-to-notice place and keep the guards busy until the real 
bombs go off.  You’ll get a checkpoint.

Go up the rest of the stairs and shoot the guard, then ascend and enter the 
next floor.  Run forward and you’ll get a cutscene involving a cook and a 
guard.  The guard has no purpose in your mission, so forget about him, and 
quickly headshot the cook.  Turn left and start down the next hallway.  
You’ll pass by a ladder on the right before coming to a hallway branching 
down to the right.  Go to the end of it and grab the Spyder machine gun from 
the box, then go back to the main hallway.  On the left wall is a door that 
leads into the kitchen.  Go inside.  Switch to the HK-5 machine gun, then 
turn left.  Go forward and into the actual cooking part of the kitchen, and 
go to the red wall at the end to find a dumbwaiter.  Press the action button 
to take it up into the captain’s quarters.   Pointless checkpoint time.

Run forward to the low-sitting table between the green chairs and grab the 
shipping manifest to get another checkpoint.

Turn right and go over to the door leading into the hallway.  Stand to the 
left of it and switch into a pop-out position so you can see outside.  The 
captain will round the corner and head towards his quarters.  Shoot a round 
or two into his head for a checkpoint, then quickly gun down the guard who 
sometimes asks if he’s all right.

Go outside into the hallway and turn left.  Run forward and around the 
corner to the right.  Go around the next corner as well, then proceed 
forward to the very end of this corridor and go right around the corner.  
Quickly hose the guard, (and I don’t mean that literally, innovative 
thinkers) then switch to your Spyder machine gun, (and don’t worry about 
using the ammo in this gun too quickly, for the people who like to save 
their good weapons, like me) since you lose your equipment at the end of 
this level.  Go past the ladder to the right and go through the open door to 
the left and down the stairs.  At the bottom, a guard will pop up to the 
immediate right of you and the far end of the hallway you’re currently 
facing.  Kill them both quickly and run forward until you get to the only 
door in this corridor, on the right.  It leads into a brown-walled meeting 
room with a blue-walled video recording room to the right.  There is a guard 
in each color room.  You start in the brown, so take him behind the desk and 
strafe to the right into the blue-walled room and kill the second guard.  
Right in front of the only window is the video evidence.  Grab it for a 

Leave the brown-walled room back into the hallway and go to the right around 
the corner.  Run to the very end of the this hallway, round the corner to 
the right, and run to the very end of this hallway.  Round this corner to 
the right, and you’ll see an open door.  A guard will step out.  Nail him, 
go through the door, reload, and descend the stairs.  When you reach the 
bottom, run forward to see the hallway you’ve already been in before 
branching off to the right.  Run down it, but this time don’t stop in the 
kitchen.  Run past that door to the end.  Checkpoint.

Now go left around the corner, then shoot the guards and proceed.  You’ll 
pass through an open door into a previously unexplored hallway.  Sometimes 
two guards come up from behind you, sometimes not.  Kill them if they do and 
continue on.  A guard will appear two hatches down, so take him out as well. 
  Past his position, the hallway will stop going forward and head to the 
right instead.  Go down that way and kill the two men who appear.  Turn left 
at the end and go through the door.  Two guards will appear a room ahead of 
you, and one behind you.  Target lock and fire into the two in front of you, 
then turn and take out the third before he can blink.  Do another 180 so 
you’re going the correct direction again and move forward until the hallway 
goes back to the left instead.  You’ll get a checkpoint.

Kill the guard and take the corridor to the right.  There are three guards 
at the end for you to kill, so do so.  You should still have your Spyder out 
hopefully, if you’re good at ammunition conservation.  Go down the hallway 
and keep going until you reach the next door on the left wall that leads to 
the final stairwell.  Descend it, and switch to your HK-5 machine gun.  The 
second-to-last checkpoint is yours.

Go through the door into the purplish-lit room and go down the stairs to the 
bottom.  Leave the room, ignoring the guard unless he sees you while you’re 
at the top of the stairs, and go to the left past the ladder into the both 
final and first hallway.  Go left down the corridor and round the corner to 
the right, pass through the doorway, then shoot the guard standing next to 
the next one.  Ignore any guards who come up from behind you and pass 
through the next doorway.  You should see a hallway to the right.  Go down 
it into the only room for a cutscene and the final checkpoint.

This oughta be difficult for rookies.  Maggie will sit in the crane control 
box up above, and two guards at a time will rush at her, left and right.  
While she’s working, headshot the guards one-by-one to give her cover.  
Don’t let her die.  When she finishes, the crane will be activated, and the 
level will be over.

Level 8: Aztec Ruins

At the start you’ll have a UAS-12 equipped and see a fork.  Take the left 
path, run up to the guard to decrease the range and fire a shell into his 
back.  Turn left into the room and kill the other guard, then switch to your 
Falcon.  Stand next to the small pit and jump up into the above room.  Turn 
right and go down the hallway.  In the next room, there’ll be a partially 
camouflaged ammo box on the left side of the doorway.  Open it and grab the 
Falcon bullets.  Go into the next hallway, and go down the narrow hallway to 
the next room.  Checkpoint.

Enter the room and turn left, then run towards the passageway.  A guard will 
run out.  Give him a Falcon bullet and continue inside.  Turn to the right 
at the fork and quickly fire into the guard before he shoots you with his 
45. automatic.  Go down that way and exit the room to the left, then run 
down to the very end of the hallway, paying no attention to the two arched 
windows on the left.  Checkpoint two.

Go through the archway and turn right, shoot the guard, then go down the 
stairs to the bottom.  Turn left at the fork and proceed that way until you 
reach the next guard standing next to five crates.  Kill him, then climb up 
onto the stack of two crates that are between the one crate and the other 
two.  Climb up above, then go around the hole and roll off the edge onto the 
ground.  Turn to the left, switch to your M16 assault rifle, and proceed 
onwards.  You’ll get another checkpoint.

Stop before you reach the end of this hallway and position yourself on the 
left side facing left.  Pop-out out into the next hallway and fire a couple 
times into the fuel tanks near you.  Aftet they detonate, concentrate your 
fire on the next tanks, and then the ones after that.  Each consecutive 
explosion will kill guards.  When they are all dead, you’ll get a cutscene.  
Switch out into manual aiming mode and wait for the guards to come around 
the corner.  When they do, headshot both of them with your M16.  Then switch 
back to the Falcon and run forward.  A hole on the right wall hides a flak 
jacket box if you need it.  More importantly, an entrance to another room is 
on the left wall.  Take it.  Run up to the computer and access it for a 

Before moving at all, push the firing button once, and the Falcon will 
discharge into the computer.  Reload, then turn to the right and go over to 
the scientist.  Checkpoint.

Three guards will run into the room, so hide behind the crates and switch to 
manual aim.  Shoot the first guard as he runs toward you then attack the 
other two and kill them.  Keeping the Falcon out, run back into the hallway 
and turn left.  Run forward and around the corner.  You’ll see a scientist.  
Run up to him for another checkpoint.

Turn to the left and go into the room on the right wall.  Shoot the 
computer, then leave and go back past where the scientist was standing.  Go 
into the tunnel to the left and run forward.  Once you pass the first four 
white rocks, you’ll notice a room to the left.  Go inside and go over to the 
box, then open it to get an H11 full-auto sniper rifle.  Checkpoint.

Switch to the H11 and continue up the ramp to the top of the tunnel.  After 
the cutscene, run up to the plants and aim to the left.  Headshot the guard, 
reload, and run to where he was standing.  Look towards the temple and 
headshot the guard on the floor of the building.  Then aim about forty-five 
degrees to the right and headshot the two men next to the tree.  Strafe a 
little to the right, then aim upwards.  On top of the temple will be the 
final guard in the clearing.  Take him out and then run to where the second 
guard you just killed was standing.  Run forward past the two cells for a 
comm, then round the corner to the right and grab the flak jacket from the 
box if you need it.  Switch to your 45. and attempt to head out to the 
clearing, and you’ll get a cutscene and checkpoint.

Run over to the left, where Dr. Wessinger is standing, and mercilessly 
attack the two guards and kill them, then run out into the clearing.  
There’s a guard to the right, left, and on top of the building.  Kill them 
all and head back to Elsa for a cutscene and checkpoint.

Fire a round into the computer, then head over to the other side of the 
clearing and go past the destroyed pillar inside.  Kill all the guards and 
down the narrow hallway to the next one.  Go left, passing by the cells, and 
go left the first chance you get.  Switch to the Falcon and run all of the 
way you can until you get to the room with the three computers, ignoring the 
grass clearing to the left on your way.  Once you reach the room described 
in the above sentence, shoot both guards inside and destroy all the 
computers.  Go down the next hallway and turn right into the first archway.  
Open the box inside and grab the explosives for a checkpoint.

Go in the second archway on the right wall, pass through the broken wall, 
and go left to the end, and into the next room.  Shoot the guard inside, and 
grab the flak jacket just outside if you need it.  Open the green box for a 

Shoot the final computer for a checkpoint.

Go outside the room, shoot the guard, and go all the way back to the 
hallway.  Turn right and go in the third archway to see Dr. Freid.  Run up 
to him for a checkpoint.

Jump down in the hole and grab the green artifact from the table for another 

Climb back up using the partly tall pillar, and run back to the room with 
the three destroyed computers.  Shoot the guard right outside the room 
first, though.  Now run outside back to the room with the second pair of 
cells, past the grass clearing.  Go to the left cell and plant an explosive 
for a checkpoint.

Run to the right over to the next cell while the first bomb is detonating, 
and plant an explosive there for another checkpoint.

While the second is detonating, go back to the first cell and talk to the 
scientist for a checkpoint.

Go to the second cell after shooting the guard and talk to the scientist 
there for another checkpoint.

Now go back past the broken pillar, past the clearing near where you met 
Elsa Weissinger, past the flak jacket box, back to the final two cells.  
Plant a bomb on the one on the right for a checkpoint.

While the first bomb is detonating, go to the cell on the left and plant a 
bomb there for another checkpoint.

Go into the first cell and talk to the scientist for the final checkpoint.

Go into the second cell, the cell on the left, and talk to the scientist 
there to end the level.

(I was wrong!  That’s BY FAR the most checkpoints in any Syphon Filter 

Level 9: Waterfront

Run forward towards the pillar and an IRA operative toting a flak jacket 
will pop up on the left side.  Headshot him and run around the pillar to the 
right, then turn right and take out the second guard.  Go past the next 
pillar and turn left to see Maggie standing a bit away from you.  Run up to 
her for a checkpoint.  Keep your HK-5 out.

Run forward into the battle zone and start rolling and strafing 
simultaneously to the right and forward.  If you do this, every shot the 
sniper fires will land right behind you.  Keep going forward, bypassing the 
turn to the left, and you’ll see a truck.  Once you reach the truck, the 
sniper’s gunfire will concentrate on Maggie and not you.  Climb onto the 
truck and plant an explosive for the second checkpoint.

Roll forward off the truck and over to the box on the left, then open it and 
grab the HK-5 ammo.  Turn around and run back to Maggie’s position, then 
take the turn to the left you previously bypassed.  The truck will blow.  
Roll to the end of the branching turn, and you’ll get a cutscene and a 
checkpoint.  You will likely get shot by the sniper 2+ times on your way 

Follow Maggie around the first turn around the crates, but ignore her on the 
second and go to the right of the red crate.  Run forward out in the open 
all the way to the wooden crates with horizontal holes in them.  A 
flak-jacketed guard will pop out.  Blast him and quickly shoot the fuel 
tanks behind him to detonate the door and give you a way out of the 
building.  Checkpoint.

Head out of the building through the destroyed door and go at a forty-five 
degree angle to the left and past the fence.  You’ll come to a fork, left 
and right.  Head right all the way over to the second truck.  Put a bomb on 
it for another checkpoint.

Turn around after you plant the explosive device and head back to the fork, 
where three of Maggie’s MI-6 operatives will be under mild fire from a 
couple guards.  Kill the guards and continue forward and on, in other words 
going to the left of the direction you were facing when your first came to 
the fork.  Run out into the large clearing for a cutscene.  Follow the man 
over to the large red crate and a flak-jacketed guard and a non-flak 
jacketed guard will pop up, one on top of the red crate and the jacketed one 
on top of the building.  Kill them both and head inside.  Go to the right of 
the first crates you come to and you’ll see Maggie.  Go up to her for a 
cutscene and checkpoint.

Follow Russell out of the building.  You’re back where you started the 
level.  Follow him to the left around the crates all the way over to the 
door.  Now, guards will come anywhere from right next to the door to all the 
way up onto the mountain.  Kill as many of them as you can, prioritizing by 
range, and once he opens the door, follow him inside the building and up the 
stairs.  Russell will run into the room.  Follow him inside.  You should 
still have some HK-5 ammunition left, so keep it out, and if not switch to 
the PK-102.  Checkpoint.

There will be two guards, none with flak jackets, outside the window, and 
another guard on the crate opposing the door.  Switch into manual aim and 
shoot them all, and then when Russell finishes you’ll get another 

Kill the two guards, then run out of the room and down the stairs to the 
bottom.  There’s a flak jacket in a box if you need it.  Once you grab it, 
two men will begin shooting at you from your right, so turn ninety degrees, 
run up, and blast the crap out of them.  Switch to your PK-102.  Turn left 
and run over to the unexplored part of this warehouse building, then stop 
when you reach the next room as a guard will run at you from the right.  
Shoot him, grab his ammo, then proceed to the opposite side of the room (and 
I mean on a diagonal line.)  Stand back and shoot the fuel tanks to blow the 
door, then run outside.   Turn to the left 90 degrees and run forward, 
ignoring the guard to the right, then turn the corner and head left again 
all the way over to the truck.  Plant a bomb on it for a checkpoint.

Roll forwards off the back of the truck and you’ll see two boxes.  The one 
to the left contains a Spyder machine gun, which you’ll want for about 80% 
of next level, so grab that, then grab the flak jacket in the box to the 
right if you need it and wait for the truck to detonate.  When it does, run 
past its remains forward, ignoring the branch to the right that takes you 
back to the warehouse you just left.  Return fire at the guards on the left, 
at least preventing them from shooting you, but DON’T STOP, and head forward 
into the tunnel.  Proceed until you reach the last truck, then climb on it 
and plant a bomb on it for the final checkpoint.

Roll forwards off the front of the truck and kill the two guards with your 
PK-102, and shoot the two that stand on the other side of the gate.  Wait 
for the truck to blow up and end the level.

Level 10: Docks Final Assault

Run forward out of the tunnel, shooting the two guards on the way.  A guard 
will attack from the right, so take him down and continue forward.  Run 
until the fence stops to your left and goes to the left.  Head over to where 
the fence changed direction and you’ll see Nigel Cummings, the 
under-heavy-fire agent.  Go up to him for a checkpoint.

Do a 180 and shoot the guard, then run over to where he was standing and 
grab the PK-102 ammunition.  Run over to where Cummings is standing and 
shoot the guard, then run across the road and head to the right of the large 
stack of two-thirds red and one-third green crates.  Nigel will follow you, 
safe from the sniper.  Switch to your Spyder machine gun.  Run forward to 
the big light shining, right behind the farthest stack of wooden crates, 
then wait for Nigel to catch up with you.  Go to the right of the crates and 
shoot the guard, then go to the left side and continue on.  Nigel will 
follow you.  You’ll have to do that and vice versa for the rest of this 
level.  (Or ninety-five percent)  Here, follow him, around the crates, shoot 
the guard, and follow him over to the building and to the right of the next 
set of two-thirds red and one-third green crates.  Follow him over to the 
pillar and shoot the guard to your left, then follow him past the entirely 
red crates as he makes a REALLY irritating quote.  He’ll stop to the right 
of the next passageway, so head in ahead of him, shoot the guard, and move 
out into the large clearing.  Stand in the middle and shoot all the guards 
that you can see, than follow Nigel to the red crate corner, around them, 
kill the two guards, and go through the narrow passageway into the final 
clearing.  Turn to the left and follow Nigel over to the final truck (what 
happened to the other truck they were talking about?) and watch a cutscene 
and comm that always cracks me up whenever I watch it.  I don’t know why, it 
just does.  I didn’t even understand it the first time until I checked my 
objectives.  Checkpoint, anyway.

Pursue the truck and Nigel, and when it comes into sight, shoot Nigel in the 
head a couple times to end the level.

(I always wanted to shoot him in the head since I first met him anyway.)

Level 11: Convoy

After the cutscene, target lock the man on the right and strafe over to him, 
firing your 45. until he’s dead.  Use the large boulder on the right for 
cover and pop-out both of the other guards for a checkpoint.

Run over to the truck and run with it on the left side, opposite Ellis.  
Soon the road in front of you will begin being bombed by mortars.  Turn to 
the left and head towards the unknown.  A guard will pop up to your right on 
a forty-five degree angle, so blast him manually with the 45. (pop-out if 
you need to.)  Now right to the left of where he is standing is a little 
tunnel leading underground.  Go inside for a checkpoint.

Continue along the tunnel, and behind the third crate a guard will come 
running towards you.  Kill him with manual aim and run past his corpse, but 
grabbing his gun.  Run forward to the end of the tunnel and turn right to 
see a guard.  Shoot him in the head and turn around to see another guard who 
will fire at you.  Kill him as well for a checkpoint.

There will be a guard behind each of the first two crates.  Shoot them from 
afar with your 45. and head forward out of the tunnel.  Checkpoint.

Turn ninety degrees to the left, then forty-five more, then run that way to 
the left of the barbed wire and chase after the truck until you come up to 
it.  Switch to your PK-102.  You’ll come immediately to two guards 
protecting a roadblock.  Headshot the man on the left first (you can barely 
see anything besides his head) and then target lock and blast the man on the 
right while running up to him.  Back up to the side of the truck as Ellis 
detonates an explosive through the first roadblock.  Go past it, grab the 
dead guard’s ammunition (make sure to that all the time if you can, because 
ammo is deadly scarce in this level) grab the flak jacket from the box if 
you need it, then run up to the second roadblock.  Plant a bomb there, back 
up to the truck, reload, and wait for the explosive device to go off.  When 
it does, you’ll get a checkpoint.

Proceed forward all the way to the bridge.  DO NOT go past the mine yet.  
Ellis will say he is under heavy sniper fire.  Roll off the bridge to the 
left (retreat back to the truck first so the drop isn’t too far for Gabriel 
Logan) and run to the bottom to see a guard.  Take him and turn to the left. 
  Run as far as you can into the unknown until you see sniper fire.  Keep 
going until you see the sniper and headshot him for a checkpoint.

Turn left and go back to the bridge.  Go underneath where the support 
pillars are and climb up onto the rock.  Use that to climb up onto the 
horizontal beam, then carefully walk or run across and defuse the explosive 
for a checkpoint.

Jump off to your left and run up the hill to the right to the top of the 
bridge for another checkpoint.  Ellis has already defused the mine.

Follow Ellis down the road and you’ll see another mine.  A guard will run at 
you two, so take him out and Ellis will begin to defuse the mine.  Guards 
will rush at him and you from all directions, so you need to manual aim the 
far ones while running around and killing the rest, while making dead sure 
to grab their ammunition.  When Ellis is done, face the road ahead of you.  

Ellis will contact you and inform you of heavy sniper fire from the valley.  
Use the labels and enemy gunfire to figure out where their heads are and 
headshot them both for a checkpoint.

Welcome to hell.  This is probably the hardest part of any Syphon Filter.  
After turning around and shooting a guard who’s trying to flank you alone, 
head into the valley.  About eight snipers total, four at a time, will open 
fire with their PK-102’s from above.  DO NOT STOP MOVING.  Run around and 
kill the ones closest to you while never reloading unless you absolutely 
have to and running towards the other snipers while firing.  Once all the 
snipers are dead, you’ll get a checkpoint.

Continue forward out of the valley and keep on going to the end of the road, 
where you’ll see the final roadblock.  Wait for the truck and Ellis to catch 
up with you.  When they do, you’ll get the final checkpoint.

Guards will appear, about three on the top of the archway and about four 
behind the roadblock, and a couple will respawn once.  Switch to your M16 
assault rifle to save ammo for your PK-102 and strafe, target lock, and open 
fire.  Try not to waste bullets, and use your 45. automatic handgun if you 
need to.  Once all the guys are dead, Benton will tell you to blow up the 
roadblock.  Run over to it and plant a bomb, then retreat to the side of the 
truck and wait for the explosive device to go off and end the level.

Level 12: The Beast

LISTEN TO MY DIRECTIONS DURING THIS LEVEL!  If you do not, and attack the 
tank on your own, it will fry you with one shot.  Run forward and attack the 
guards standing on opposing buildings from each other.  Go on to the archway 
and take out the man standing on top of it and the guy to the left.  Run 
through the archway and switch to your 45.  Take out the guy to the right 
and the snipers to the left and right, then do a 180 and after switching to 
your PK-102 assault rifle, attack and kill the other man on top of the 
archway as well.  Do another 180 and proceed to the town square, where Lian 
will contact you and you’ll get the level’s only checkpoint.

Run forward and shoot the guard, then turn right and headshot the guy behind 
the wrecked building.  Go to the other side of the building and grab the 
flak jacket box if you need it, then head in the direction that you were 
facing when you got the checkpoint.  Go over to the lighted but wrecked 
building, ignoring the other flak jacket box outside, then open the other 
box and grab the C4 explosives.  Run to the opposite site of the square, 
making to sure to snipe or regularly shoot all the guards you see.  Climb up 
to the ledge holding the other green box.  A guard will shoot at you, but 
ignore him until you grab the PK-102 ammo.  When you do, roll off the ledge, 
kill him, and run back over to where you got the explosives.  When the tank 
is positioned about in the middle of the square, run over to it, strafing to 
avoid the gun barrel if you need to.  Guards will snipe at you, so shoot 
them all and switch to your C4 explosives.  Using the firing button to do 
the trick, plant two on the right side of the tank, two on the left, and one 
on the front or back (or some similar configuration will also work) then 
take a few steps back from the rear end of the tank and wait.  Switch to 
your detonator.  In the SELECT menu it looks similar to your C4 explosives.  
The tank will take off suddenly, heading for your convoy.  Run back to about 
being parallel with the empty C4 explosives box, but a little closer to your 
convoy, about three Gabe Logan steps.  Do this very quickly, then activate 
the detonator using the firing button to end the level.

Level 13: Australian Outback

After the cutscene (don’t most of my levels start like that?) switch to your 
M16 assault rifle.  Proceed past the first tent and go forward until you 
reach the second.  Right before you get there, turn left and head that way.  
Past another couple tents, on a forty-five degree angle to the right you’ll 
see the communications dish.  Access it for a checkpoint.

Turn to the direction you were just going before you sabotaged the dish and 
kill all of the blue-suited scientists, then proceed past their tents to the 
unknown.  Keep going a little ways.  You’ll get a comm and a new objective 
(an easy one) but keep going forward and you’ll see flames.  To the left of 
the flames is a small ditch acting as graves.  Take a snapshot of it by 
pressing the action button for a checkpoint.

Turn ninety degrees to the right and run forward, then stop as you see a 
guard to the right on top of a tower.  Switch to your AU300 and snipe him, 
then run over to the tower and switch to your M16.  A guard will run at you, 
so headshot him, run to his position, and headshot the next one.  Go into 
the small compound, position yourself near the entrance, and switch back to 
the AU300.  On the other side of the building you can see the guard.  
Headshot him for a checkpoint.

Now switch back to your M16.  Head inside the building and go to the next 
room to find both Dr. Weissinger and a checkpoint waiting for you.

Leave the tent, then run through the yellow fence out of the building.  The 
scattered parts to the antidote are shown by the blue squares on your radar 
for you, so I’ll just give you a general location of where to go.  Run 
forward, on a direct and straight line, bypassing the small crates on your 
way, and enter the next tent.  Shoot the guard and grab the DNA Ligase from 
the other side for a checkpoint.

Leave the tent and turn ninety degrees right from the direction you were 
going in from when you ran to the tent.  Run forward, past the dish, 
bypassing all of the tents, and stop at the last one.  (Check on your map if 
you need to.)  Inside are the lysogenic inhibitor proteins.  Grab them for 
another checkpoint.

Exit the tent, turn to the left ninety degrees, and run all the way over to 
where to took the snapshot to complete the second objective.  Just to the 
left of the graves is another tent that holds the Syphon Filter RNA.  Go in 
and grab it.  Checkpoint time.

Turn to the right and run all the way back to Elsa Weissinger’s compound.  
There are three guards inside, however, so switch to your AU300 and take the 
first two out, then kill the third who runs up to them before you switch to 
the M16, head inside and back to Elsa, and get the level’s final checkpoint.

Run forward, following Elsa, and at the tent’s exit are two guards.  Elsa 
usually kills the one on the left for you, but you need to shoot the one on 
the right.  Run past the yellow fence and follow her around the corner to 
the right and over to the hill.  Four guards will stand in your way next to 
the chopper.  Run up to them and take them all out, then grab their ammo 
K3G4’S!) and run over to the chopper to end the level.

Level 14: St. George Australia

This level is supposed to be started off with pure stealth, but there is a 
path that bypasses all of the guards right over to Commander Silvers.  I 
prefer to bypass freeing any Aborgines until Silvers, is dead, so I can go 
searching without worrying about being seen.  After the cutscenes (why the 
hell did Elsa give Lian a disk?  She doesn’t sound sincere.) strafe to the 
right until you reach a not-at-all steep hill.  Stay at the bottom of it and 
run forward, until you’re about to run right into a building.  When that 
happens, strafe to the right a bit so you stay away from the guard on the 
left and continue forward past the flames and steam.  Keep going until you 
see the labels on the left and middle of your screen.  When you do, strafe 
to the right around the building, switch to the K3G4 and stay on the hill as 
you move toward the guards and hostages.  When you get parallel with being 
between the hostages, step forward a step and headshot the mobile guard, who 
is really Silvers.  (I know it’s the K3G4, but a headshot still works 
faster.) Then IMMEDIATELY target lock the non-moving guard and opening fire 
while closing in your range.  Once he is dead, you’ll get a checkpoint.

Give the antidote to the right Aborigine for a checkpoint.

Give the antidote to the left Aborigine for a checkpoint.

Turn left towards the way you just came from (the way you were going when 
you strafed right after seeing the labels) and run forwards past a partly 
red and light brown building, over to an all light-brown building where you 
can see two windows and a door.  Go inside the building and give the 
antidote to the Aborigine Potyarre for a checkpoint.

Switch to your M16 and leave the building.  To your left are some flames.  
Go over to them and turn left to see something slightly steaming.  Run up to 
it and go down inside by means of a ramp.  Inside is the Aborigine 
Djakapurra.  Give him the antidote as well.  Checkpoint.

Run out of the little underground pit and run forward up to the watchtower.  
Give the guard a bullet in the head and run over to the tower.  Reload if 
you need to and turn right.  Keep running forward, killing the guards until 
you come to a building that has an open doorway facing you.  Run in and give 
the Aborigine Yubongu the antidote for a checkpoint.

Head out of the building and turn to the left.  Run around the corner, and 
go to the next one.  You won’t see a door at first but there’s one on the 
opposite side.  Run in and give the Aborigine Kakkerlak the antidote for the 
nearly final checkpoint.

Leave the building and turn to the left.  You’ll get a comm.  Run forward, 
take out the sniper in the watchtower with a headshot, and go past it to the 
truck.  Go up to the driver’s window and steal the truck.  When you arrive 
back at the chopper, you’ll get the final checkpoint.

There are five guards standing in various locations around the chopper.  Use 
whatever weapons you want to.  Using target lock, take them all out to end 
the level.

(****, why did Weissinger have to escape!  I wanted to kill that *****!  
She’s gotta be the game’s most annoying person.  Send comments about the 
annoying person in a Syphon Filter game to my email address if you’d like 

Level 15: Paradise Ridge

Run past the two men and you’ll see a tower with a sniper at the top.  Aim 
and put a bullet in his head, then run forward to the boulder and headshot 
the second sniper for a checkpoint.

A guard will attack you from your right with a shotgun.  Quickly switch to 
your silenced HK-5 and blast him, then reload and run forward past the 
second tower.  Switch to your silenced sniper rifle.  Take a right down the 
path and pass the tree for a comm.  Look over about forty-five degrees to 
the right and you’ll see a sniper looking the other direction.  Headshot him 
and run forward to the top of the small hill.  Over to your left, look 
towards the highest up tree.  There will be a guard standing behind the 
tree.  Put a bullet in his head as well and switch back to your silenced 
HK-5.  Run to the right around the corner and down the hill over to a 
tied-up Agent DeMarco.  Free him for a checkpoint.

Run forward and around the boulders to the left, then open fire on the 
shotgunning guard and kill him.  Reload and proceed past his position by 
climbing up the tiny ledge.  Go on until you reach two black-suited men 
escorting two militia members.  Stand by the black-suited men and ignore the 
militia members.  Another militia member will try to free them.  Fortunately 
he is without a flak jacket, so shoot him, reload, and go on to the right 
and down the steep hill of where he was standing.  Keep going until you 
reach three thin pillars supporting the power lines.  Plant the homing 
beacon on the middle on for a checkpoint.

Two militia members will attack you instantly after the conclusion of the 
comm, so blast the first with your HK-5, then do a 180 and shoot the other 
one.  Turn back around and go past the pillars, continuing on.  Keep going 
around the corner of trees to the left, and go forward, where you’ll see 
smoke.  Proceed over to it and you’ll be at the crash site.  The true 
identities of the black-suited men will be revealed as Gabe Logan betrays 
his own comrades to save Teresa’s life.  You’ll get a cutscene and a 
checkpoint.  (Or maybe they’re NSA and he’s Agency?) I don’t know.

Turn forty-five degrees to the right and run over the wreckage back to the 
hill where you came from.  Use the map if you get lost.  After that, go back 
around the corner to the right and back over to the pillars, where you will 
be assaulted by three NSA operatives.  Kill ‘em all and retrieve the homing 
beacon from the center pillar for a checkpoint.

Now go down the hill for a second time, back to the crash site, killing any 
NSA operatives you see on the way.  From now on, you can’t kill militia 
operatives and your target lock won’t work for a crossbow shot.  So just 
evade them, then head up the hill to the right side of the wreckage for 
another checkpoint.

Ignore the militia men and over to the legion of boulders and head to the 
left, shooting the couple of NSA men.  Let the NSA men kill the militia men 
so they don’t get in your way.  Continue on down the hill all the way to the 
house with the steaming chimney.  Find the hole in the fence to the right.  

Go through, then go to the left and past the house before heading to the 
right over to the large light.  Go through the obvious hole in the fence and 
run around the house, then proceed past all the houses until the end.  At 
the end, climb up the short ledge and go through the hole in the fence, then 
proceed to the left up the steep hill and go as far up as you can, quickly 
going forty-five degrees to the right and past all of the short hills.  The 
NSA operatives will be shooting at you, but letters will appear out of the 
air and tell you what hill to go up that leads to the Oakton compound.  Do 
so, and once you reach the top of that steep hill, head to the right and 
ignore the three militia men while shooting dead the NSA sniper on top of 
the giant boulder to the right.  Run towards the two militia men, rolling 
and strafing to avoid their gunfire, then continue forward past the lone 
tree to the Oakton compound, and the level will end.

Level 16: Militia Compound

Run forward and turn the corner to the right when the cutscene ends.  A 
militia man will be shot by an NSA operative, who in turn should be shot by 
you.  Kill the next man as well and look inside the red building, killing 
any enemies you see but leaving the militia man alone.  Jump forward onto 
the bridge and strafe to the right, kill the NSA operative, and head forward 
into the next room.  Go to the opposite side for a checkpoint.

Around the crates to the right is a hole in the floor.  Jump down and 
headshot the interrogator you’ll see.  The militia man will be whacked by 
another NSA man.  Roll forward off the crates and shoot him in the head with 
your HK-5, leading him to death of course.  Go over to the rightmost stall 
on the rightside of the room and jump down into the hole.  Go down the 
passageway to the end of this corridor, turn the corner to the right and 
blast the guard, (I’m going to start calling them guards now because typing 
NSA operative every single time gets tiring) then continue to the end of the 
passageway.  Climb up out of the hole, then run around the corner to the 
left for a checkpoint.

Headshot both guards, grab their flak jackets if you need them, and don’t 
expect any militia men to survive unless you’re real fast (and who cares 
anyway?)  Go around the corner to the left and kick in the door.  Run 
inside.  You’ll get a cutscene and a checkpoint.

Quietly walk forward (the best you can) and once the guard passes the end of 
the first crate, climb up onto it and turn around, facing the ledge.  Take 
one step back and jump forward onto the ledge.  Make sure you jump where the 
label is or you won’t be able to climb up.  As soon as you’re up, crawl over 
to the left and plant the bug on Silvers, then crawl back over to the ledge 
and roll off the side.  IMMEDIATELY haul *** behind the left side of the 
crate.  Logan will contact Teresa.  Checkpoint.

Go in the direction that Silvers went in, remembering that there are no more 
guards in the room.  Once you reach the opposite side, go up the stairs and 
out the door.  Turn left and proceed down the yellow-floored hallway to the 
very end.  Turn right and go out the door, then turn right once more and go 
down the ramp to the bottom.  Head to the left over where the tiny trees 
are, and untie Agent Kelly for a checkpoint.

Three guards will rush at you two.  Leave none to Kelly, instead attack the 
two on the right and then the two on the left.  When they’re dead, you’ll 
get a cutscene and checkpoint.

Climb onto the circle-shaped thing and jump down onto the red bar, then down 
into the next room.  Turn and head down the tunnel until you reach the next 
room, where two militia members will confront.  Crouch down immediately and 
wait.  When they tell you to go, enter the next tunnel for a checkpoint.

Run up and exit the tunnel, then turn to the left and head over to the two 
trees, only shooting the people very close to them because everybody 
respawns here.  Once you’ve killed the first load, to the left of the oil 
tanks there’s a small red door.  Kick it open and run forward, ignoring 
everybody you see.  Run forward to the tree you see immediately after 
opening the door, then strafe left and go around to the right of the huge 
crate that sits next to the tree.  To the left of it is a building with an 
open door.  Head on in and turn right, going through the doorway.  Go over 
to the table with a chair and climb on top of it.  The satellite data is 
concealed in the moose head.  Grab it for the final checkpoint.

Turn to the left and go out the building’s other exit, and turn to the left 
again and grab the M-79 from the box.  Do a 180 and run over to the militia 
members for a cutscene.  Run out to the right and headshot the first sniper, 
then switch to your M-79 and fire a grenade into the second.  Run around to 
the other side of the building, then climb up onto the roof and fire a 
grenade into the third and final sniper sitting in the tall building 
opposing the one you’re on.  Switch back to your silenced HK-5, then head on 
down the stairs of the building and underground.  Run to the right and kill 
the two men there, and usually the two militia members will kill the third 
NSA operative for you.  After a quick conversation, reload your HK-5 and 
head over to the dirty mattress, then pull it away to conclude the level.

Level 17: Underground Bunker

After the cutscene, (I’m getting sick of saying that) follow Dusty down the 
ramps and into the tunnel.  He’ll plant an explosive device for some reason, 
so just wait for him to finish and follow him so the shock wave doesn’t hit 
you.  The explosion will wipe out your two pursuers.  Follow him until he 
stops and tells you about supplies.  Search around in the very near area 
(without going forward) if you want a Falcon, then run forward, , and you’ll 
see a few guards, one on the bottom and two on the top.  Dusty will follow 
you in, so quickly shoot them all, using the M-79 to nail the snipers if you 
want to, and then a checkpoint will be yours.

Follow Dusty around the corner and through the passageways until you reach a 
guard.  Shoot him, then resume following.  Dusty will stop quickly to bring 
you infrared goggles, and the second checkpoint is yours.

Switch to your M16 assault rifle and turn around.  Two highly accurate 
guards will run at you.  Evade and kill at the same time by running around 
with target lock on and you firing, and then when they’re dead Dusty will 
return to you with the much-needed goggles.  Once you’re in nightvision 
mode, grab the dropped M16’s and then follow Dusty along the dark 
passageways and across a bridge until you reach a spiraling path.  This will 
take a while.  Teresa will then remove her infrared goggles, and one guard 
will attack you and one Dusty.  Take out the one next to you first and then 
quickly concentrate your fire on the other before he kills Dusty Oakton.  
Afterwards, reload and follow him to the bottom of the spiral, and then up 
the stairs halfway for a cutscene.  Switch to your silenced HK-5 and attack 
the two guards at the top of the stairs.  When they’re dead, it’s checkpoint 

Grab their ammo and switch back to your M16.  There’s a flak jacket in the 
box there if you need it.  Follow Dusty through the door he opens, through 
the next door, and to the left and around the corners into the bunker.  The 
box on the table is another flak jacket.  Follow Dusty into the room to the 
left to find his mother, Debbie Oakton, for a cutscene and checkpoint.

Run back out of the room to where the table was, and continue going in the 
direction you’re facing over to a gated fence, kick open the door, and grab 
the HK-5 ammunition inside.  Head back to the room with the table, and 
position yourself in the direction that you were facing when you first saw 
the second flak jacket box.  Go into the tunnel that way, and at the end, 
turn to the right and go down the stairs.  There’s shotgun ammo in the 
alcove to the right if you want it.  Anyway, kick open the door to the left, 
go in, turn left again, and grab the first aid kit for a checkpoint.

Leave the room.  Shoot the guard at the bottom of the stairs with your M16.  
Haul *** back to the room where Debbie and Dusty Oakton are and help Dusty 
shoot the guards inside.  When they’re dead, you’ll get a cutscene and 

Escort her out of the room into the room with the table.  Dusty will run 
over to the room to the left to backup some unmentioned computer files.  
Leave him alone.  Instead, escort Debbie Oakton down the hallway you used 
when you were going to the stairs that led to the storage room, killing all 
the NSA operatives, and turn left at the exit of them.  Blast any guards you 
see and escort her over to the elevator to the left.  Get on.  Wait for 
Dusty to finish, then a checkpoint will occur.

Once Dusty gets on, the elevator will go down to the bottom.  Final 

Step off the elevator and run forward, past Debbie and Dusty, then shoot the 
guard there and wait for Debbie to catch up to the turn.  When she does, go 
around the corner and kill both NSA men, wait about five seconds for Debbie, 
then run to the end of the corridor and wait at the entrance to the room.  
When Debbie gets inside, go in and wait in the middle of the room, safely 
away from the explosion.  Dusty and Debbie will enter a secret passage 
behind the U.S. flag, and two final NSA operatives will enter the room.  
Spend the last of your fight on them, then enter the secret passage as well 
and go over to the ladder to end the level.

(I love this cutscene.  Die, you bastard!)

Level 18: Senate Building

(Note: All except the final three or four guards in this level have flak 

After the comm, (oh gee, I started different) turn the corner to the right 
and headshot the guard with your pistol.  Turn the corner and shoot the next 
man as well, then grab their ammunition and turn the corner to the left.  
Take the right turn and turn the corner to the left, then headshot the man 
and grab his MARS submachine gun.  Keep the 9mm handgun out for just another 
minute and go back into the main room, then enter the restroom on the 
opposite side of the room and headshot both guards before they can blink an 
eye.  (Since they don’t blink, that should be easy, but you get the point.)  
Shoot out the vent, climb up onto the sink and turn towards where the main 
room is, then climb up into the vent.  Go to the end and jump down, then 
grab the K3G4 from the box, switch to it, then access the computer to open 
the gates and get a checkpoint.

Do a 180 and leave the room, then turn right and blast the guard, then the 
one to the left.  Leave the main room back into the hallway, turn left, and 
proceed to the end of the corridor before reloading and going into the room 
to the right.  Inside is a guard standing on top of the platform to the 
right.  Blast him as multiple more guards jump down.  Shoot them both and 
grab their ammunition as a checkpoint occurs.

Switch to your G-18 machine pistol, leave the room, and run back down the 
hallway into the main room, otherwise known as the lobby.  After the comm, 
go into the other restroom, the women’s, then quickly headshot the men and 
grab their ammo.  There are grenades in the last toilet if you want them.  
Anyway, shoot out the vent, climb in, go to the end, and jump down inside 
dead Hadden’s office.  The cancellation code is either in a picture on his 
desk, the bookcase, or in his desk drawer.  After Gabe gives it to Mujari, 
you’ll get the second-to-last checkpoint.

Two guards will storm the room, one from the vent and one kicking open the 
door.  Kill them both (don’t bother to headshot, because they’re the only 
ones in the Senate Building except one other without flak jackets) and leave 
the room.  Go into the hallway and turn left for a comm.  Proceed to the end 
of the hallway, shooting the flak-jacketed guard, and take the elevator down 
to the subway.  Final checkpoint.

Wait for the train to cross the tracks, then shoot the guard on the other 
side, reload, then cross the next two train tracks yourself to end the 

Level 19: DC Subway

The final Syphon Filter level!  Have fun!  After the cutscene (tradition 
prevails once again) target lock and quickly blast the two guards who come 
in.  Go to the next car and grab the flak jacket from the box if you need 
it, then go to the next car and shoot the two men who drop down.  Go to the 
next car and past the next one, then kill the guard to your left who comes 
in then IMMEDIATELY shoot the next one because he has a Falcon handgun.  
Reload, then go to the next car and into the next one, then quickly headshot 
both of the men behind the torn-off train car seat.  Grab their ammo and go 
into the next car for a comm and the first checkpoint.

Go past the next two cars and shoot the two men who decide to pop into the 
third one.  Go into the next car and switch to your H11 sniper rifle.  All 
right.  I’m going to tell you the exact technique for freeing the three 
hostages on this train.  Step up close to the door, but not too close, and 
look through the left window.  Target the left man’s head and press and hold 
the firing button down, then immediately swing the crosshairs to the right 
and take down the second one.  If you’re really good, the technique takes 
about ten shots.  Don’t even consider wasting your H11 ammo for anything 
else, because you need to be that fast to free the hostages and this is the 
only gun that can do it.  After killing both captors, switch back to your 
G-18 and untie the hostage for a checkpoint.

(What a grateful hostage!  That’s a change from what usually happens.)

Go to the end of the next car to see Aramov retreating, firing her G-18.  
Two men with MARS submachine guns will attack you, so use the side of the 
car to do the pop-out technique and headshot them both.  Checkpoint.

Go past the next two and a half cars and take out your H11 once you see the 
hostage.  Use the technique explained above to free the hostages, then 
switch back to your G-18 and untie the hostage.

(He was grateful as well.  What a good guy.)

Proceed forward into the next car and shoot the two guards who jump down 
when the car explodes.  Kill ‘em both and grab their ammo, then go into the 
next car.  Switch to your K3G4 assault rifle and go past the next car and 
into the next, then attack the man on the left before attacking the man on 
the right.  Switch to the G-18, then go forward into the next car and blast 
the next two guys.  Go past the next car and free the Senator with your H11, 
then switch to the G-18 again and free him.  Checkpoint.

(This guy sounds just like a politician.  Figures.  They never show 
gratitude unless it serves them personally anyway.)

Go past the next two cars and into the third car, then quickly take out your 
K3G4 assault rifle and kill the man on the left before killing the 
far-more-deadly man on the right toting a Falcon and a flak jacket who 
unfortunately for him wanted to set up his position first.  Switch to your 
G-18, then go into the next car.  Pass it to the end and get out of the car 
immediately as it explodes.  Wait another couple seconds behind the video 
gaming safe but realistically only partial cover from the wall between the 
seats and the door, and the snipers will be killed by an explosion.  Gabe 
will get a comm from Mujari that results in a checkpoint.

Pass into the middle of the next car, then use the label to tell where the 
man is and headshot him with the G-18 for another checkpoint.

Grab the AU300 to the left (you must have this to beat the level) then go 
forward past the next car and a half and grab the box of explosives to the 
left.  Gabe’ll contact Mujari and tell him.  After the comm, plant the 
explosives at the sealed door and haul some serious *** back two cars, 
because that’s how powerful that bomb is.  There won’t be a timer, you’ll 
just be informed that the explosives are armed.  When it blows, equip the 
AU300 and run over to the remains.  Final checkpoint of the Syphon Filter 

You’ll see Mara Aramov holding the final hostage at the train’s final car.  
You can’t shoot her through the bulletproof glass, so walk forward and climb 
on top of the train.  Run to the end of the train, near the falling-off 
point, but not that far, then target lock Aramov to get the camera focused, 
then let go, switch into the AU300’s X-Ray manual aim, and put a bullet in 
her head to end the game.

(****!  He made the same mistake twice!  She escaped again!  And I don’t’ 
exactly see Gabe as a pen pusher, so I have to wonder what the name of the 
next game will be and what the plot will be like.)

----End of Walkthrough----

Part 4: Unlocking Secrets

	*Cheat Codes*

HARD Difficulty:

Highlight New Game, then press and simultaneously hold Up, Select, L1, R2, 
Square, Circle, and X, and you’ll enter the next menu.  Highlight one player 
and repeat to start the game on HARD difficulty.

(Has not personally been confirmed by me but has been by others so I’ll post 
it anyway.)

SUPER Agent:

To unlock the SUPER agent cheat, which makes each gun a one-hit-kill gun 
that goes right through flak jackets, beat the entire game once and save.

	*Unlocking Secret Arenas*

Instead of separating the two, I’ll just go through the levels in order and 
tell what each opens.

(Note: I have personally verified all of these, so you don’t have to worry 
about the reliability.)

Level 1: Hotel Fukashima

To unlock the Military Base level in minigames, you will need to save the 
hostage that Shi-Hao is slapping.  To do this, simply headshot Shi-Hao and 
let the uniformed man run into your crosshairs, then toast him before he can 
kill the hostage.

After you kill Shi-Hao, there is a way to unlock the final minigame 
Biathlon.  Take out your air taser.  You will need to kill all of the 
officers and guards with the air taser to unlock Biathlon.  Simply start 
frying an opponent, and when your DANGER meter rises to the top, just roll 
out of harm’s way and either try again or move on to the next guard.  
Practice, and it isn’t all that hard.

Level 2: Costa Rican Plantation

To unlock a two-player arena named Rhoemer’s Labs, simply complete the slave 

Level 3: C-5 Galaxy Transport

To unlock the Missile Silo in two-player, don’t kill the co-pilot.
I heard that speed was the key to getting this cheat and it isn’t.
(I just love disproving popular rumors!)

Level 5: Pugari Complex

Refrain from killing Foreman Jones and you will both unlock the Colorado 
Bridge and not get onslaughted by a truck and a few other guards.

Level 6: Kabul, Afghanistan

Kill all of the seven snipers without being detected, in other words without 
your danger meter ever appearing, to unlock an arena.

Level 7: S.S. Lorelei

Simply bypass the cook and head to the room with the dumbwaiter without 
letting him see you instead of killing him to unlock this level in 

Level 9: Waterfront

Beat the level as quickly as you can and you’ll likely unlock the Warehouse.

Level 14: St. George Australia

Complete 90% percent of the level without being seen (i.e. the entire level 
except for killing the last five guards at the chopper because it is 
impossible to not be seen there.  Use the sniper rifle for the full length 
of the 90%, (like at the first two Aborgines, kill the moving guard when 
he’s far away from the non-moving guard, and at the last one simply headshot 
with the rifle instead of using the AU300.  Lian will say ‘Got it” once she 
steals the truck, and Rhoemer’s Fortress will be yours in the minigames.

Level 16: Militia Compound

After getting the first checkpoint, drop down to the next room, take out 
your silenced HK-5, and run over to the rightmost stall on the left side.  
Quickly headshot the man, then the man behind him before he can kill the 
hostage, then talk to the hostage.  Drop into the tunnel, get out, 
checkpoint three, then turn the corner and headshot the two men there before 
they can kill either of the hostages, then go over to talk to the hostages 
to unlock the Izmailovo Park in multiplayer.

Level 19: DC Subway

Beat this level as fast as you can and you’ll likely be able to unlock the 
Mesa Verde Exhibit.


Part 5: Conclusion

IMO, Syphon Filter 3 is the second greatest game ever made, second only to 
MGS2. I don’t at all care how much you disagree with that, so don’t send 
email to my address commenting on that opinion.  I’ve been losing sleep over 
waiting for this game, and it was everything I’d expected it would be (it 
would’ve been more, but the Senate Building level was disappointing as it 
was too short.) I bought the game eight days ago, and I’ve beaten it three 
times by now.  This is the final update, because most of my free time for 
the next week or so will be spent playing Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of 
Liberty.  Farewell.

A Simple Warning:

Don’t you dare copy anything from this guide!  YOU GOT THAT?

Special Thanks To:

Beno Jange: For the great ASCII art at the top of this FAQ.

David Soleiman: For the hard difficulty cheat.  I forgot about this, so 
sorry I didn’t post that cheat earlier!

Jeff Flannery: For informing me about how saving the three men in Level 16 
opens up an arena.

Mike F: For informing me that simply completing the free-the-slaves 
objective in level 2 actually opens up a level.

Son123: (GameFAQs message board name) for telling me about the Level 10 
in-two-minutes cheat.

Syphontm87: (GameFAQs message board name)  For giving me some of the 
minigame tips and strategies to post.  Note: I hope you stay on the SF3 
board for a while longer, we need more people like you there!

Juan 128 922: (GameFAQs message board name) For telling me about the cheats 
on Level 6.
Minigame Strategies: Not too long, but just some simple pointers from an 
expert to a beginner or moderately a beginner that will help you all the way 
from the Trainee to the Commander difficulty.

Elimination: The easiest minigame to finish.  Just take your M16 out, and 
start taking down everybody you see.  Guards won’t appear until others are 
dead, so run around in circles around the level occasionally to see what you 
can find. Strafe and roll to dodge enemy bullets while you also fire in 
between.  Use headshots as much as you can, if you are really good at them.  
If not, just target lock, run towards them, (hopefully they’ll be in a 
clump) and open fire.

Assassin: Don’t take chances unless necessary. Guards are generally 
half-blind and won’t see to the right or left, only line-of-sight, so try to 
sneak up and get to behind them from the side, and don’t use small crates, 
because then they WILL see you.  It is pure welcome to hell on Commander, 
because you have only a knife and five guys to kill.

Biathlon: Utilize the zoom feature.  Try to get a general idea of the 
target’s path before you fire.  This is the third-easiest and hardesy 
minigame.  The middle, in other words.  In the harder difficulties where the 
targets move, especially Commander, try to conserve ammo by shooting the 
targets when one target is behind another target. You can destroy both of 
them with one shot and save a bullet, maybe even two or three if you’d 
missed.  If you are on a harder difficulty where the targets move, and you 
are on the last set of targets with about a minute on the clock, take your 
time to make sure you will hit the targets. You don’t want to use more ammo 
then you need to.  Time isn’t as important as not wasting ammo.  Don’t zoom 
in all the way, but still zoom in somewhat with the sniper rifle. If you hit 
a target, and you’re in too close, it’s going to be harder to find the 
others if you are zoomed in too much.

Thief: Don’t ever go near a guard unless you have to.  Take back roads, use 
ledges, and creep at least ten feet behind a guard if possible.  The way 
back is usually more difficult then the way there.  This is the hardest 
minigame because you can’t interact with guards in any way.  Just have 
patience, but still know when you need to take a risk.  Try to avoid 
standing behind crates and just run to the side of a guard.  Crates aren’t 
usually the best protection from enemy eyes.

Demolition: Use the M16 more then anything else.  The order of the bombs is 
unimportant, so don’t worry about it.  The height of the guards, (if they’re 
standing on a roof or something) makes them more important to kill then 
ground-level guards. Try to get in between the demolition expert and the 
guys that are shooting at him. If there are people on both sides, try 
running around the expert and firing at the bad guys at the same time.

Order of Difficulty IMO, From Easiest (1) to Hardest (5)

1. Elimination
2. Demolition
3. Biathlon
4. Assassin (Except on Commander, then it’s the hardest)
5. Thief

Copyright 2001, Written by Michael Patneaude, otherwise known as JoshX42.

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