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Though Keiji Inafune intended for Mega Man X5 to be the end of the series, Zero's ending in this game can be considered the true finale. Capcom never officially stated when Zero's ending takes place, allowing any further sequels to canonically occur before it happens.

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The Black Armor for Zero was supposed to be unlockable without the use of cheats, where Nightmare Zero is supposed to be defeated when X's rank is PA (by collecting at least 5,000 Nightmare Souls, which makes Nightmare Zero's rank to go up to level 4); however the game has a design flaw preventing this from happening. Collecting at least 3,000 souls unlocks the access to Gate's lab, which means Nightmare Zero and High Max are now inaccessible, and thus both the Black Armor and Zero are also inaccessible. The only way to gain X and Zero's secret armors within the same game save is via the use of a cheating device.

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