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Reviewed: 07/18/02 | Updated: 07/18/02

X-men fan? Buy this.

Ok, if you've played the first X-men mutant academy game, you're probably not expecting this one to be, how do you say...'any good', but you'd be wrong. This game introduced a plethora of new characters (including The Juggernaut and Nightcrawler (no Colossus, or Omega Red though)), and moves, even new TYPES of moves. This game features combos, really, I'm not kidding, they're pretty nice too. It also introduces aerial combat, where the mutant who knocked their opponent into the air gets the opportunity to kick them around in the air. Ok, now the scores.

Gameplay 8/10:
Ok, it's still on a 2d plain, there's side to side, and up, that's why this loses marks. Also while there are quite a few moves and combos, it doesn't come close to Tekken, more like Street Fighter. Right now you're thinking, 'why 8/10?' well, I'll tell you. It's the X-men, and they do cool things. Yep...that's why. The combos are good, Wolverine is cool, and it's about as good as it could've been. If you're looking to feel like an X-man, check out Wolverine's revenge for ps2 when it's available, but if you want to pit 2 mutants against each other as realistically as possible, this is the game for you. There's also lots of stuff to unlock. Wolverine and Sabretooth's healing move isn't useless anymore, YAY. Everything's MUCH better than MA 1.

Music 7/10
Not amazing, not irritating. 'nuff said.

Controls 10/10
Smoooooooooooooth. You'll never have too much trouble getting any move down to a T, the transitions are nice. Also it's nice how certain characters have moves of the same button series. Wolverine has a lot of swipes across the 'd-pad' while Sabretooth has a lot of individual pushes, you dig?

Fun 9/10
The only un-fun part of this game is unlocking pool party, it's not worth it, so don't try. Let it come naturally, lest you be instilled with the rage of the Juggernaut and tear apart your house, of course you don't have his toughness so you'll probably hurt yourself quite badly, but even that wont be as aggravating as earning pool party.

Replay Value 10/10
This wont get any less fun, until the next installment of X-men comes out for the ps2. Trust me.

So my synopsis is this: This game is tailor-made for fans of the X-men. If you're not a fan of the X-men, you should check out a more generic fighting title, like Tekken.
If you kinda like the X-men though, this is still a buy. I can tell you this, do not rent this game. It is to be bought, or to be ignored.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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