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FAQ by antseezee

Version: Final | Updated: 03/11/11

     _   _ ____    _    
    | \ | | __ )  / \   
    |  \| |  _ \ / _ \  
    | |\  | |_) / ___ \ 
    |_| \_|____/_/   \_\                   
                   ___ ___                             
                  /   |   \  ____   ____ ______________
                 /    ~    \/  _ \ /  _ \\____ \___   /
                 \    Y    (  <_> |  <_> )  |_> >    / 
                  \___|_  / \____/ \____/|   __/_____ \
                        \/               |__|        \/
                       For Sony Playstation
                           Version Final
                         By Chris Zawada
                         User: antseezee
                   E-mail: chris@z-wad.com
                   Website: www.z-wad.com
                         Created: 05/16/05
                       Last Update: 03/10/11
                    Copyright 2011 Chris Zawada 

Author's Note
A large sum of gamers have tried or played an arcade-based sports once during
their lifetime. Whether it be the infamous NFL Blitz series for the N64, or
even NBA Jam back on the old 16-bit systems, each of them added a nice flavor
unattainable in most modern sports games. Believe it or not, Eurocom decided to
excite basketball to a heightened sense, almost extremely physical. NBA Hoopz
is an attempt at a Blitz-like version of Basketball, except it's the first in
its series (well, you can count NBA Jam from the previous systems). Basically,
the game takes out the foul portion of the game (unless you excessively foul),
and adds a quicker jam-packed impact. Exciting dunks, unbelievable three
pointers, and gainful blocks are more prevalent. The biggest difference by far
is how arcade the game feels, ranging from the size of players to the
basketballs that light on fire from consecutive scored shots. This guide will
give you a brief overview as to how to maximize your potential as a Hoopz
player, a review of the teams, and a few brief strategies. Will you crunch the
basketball past the defending center, or whine like a baby after getting nudged
on the wrist?

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have 
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than 
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If 
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask. 
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me 
with what you want to know!

=03/10/11= vFinal
Final update.

=05/16/05= v1.0
Finished the FAQ. Probably overrated the game in a sense, but it was quite an
enjoyable title nonetheless.

=05/15/05= v1.0
Started the FAQ. Hoping to finish it by tonight, although it may take till
tomorrow to document a majority of in-game strategies.

          -    Table of Contents     -
          1) Introduction
          2) Game Basics
             > Controls
             > Special Moves
             > Game Modes
          3) Team Overviews
             > Profile of each w/ ratings
          4) Strategies
          5) Secrets
             > Codes
          6) Common Questions
          7) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
          8) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction          -
Arcade basketball games are a rarity. Ever since next-gen consoles, we've seen
the inspiration of titles such as NBA Street Volume #, or NBA Jam, however, NBA
Hoopz is just another remix of the same old stuff. Similar to any arcade
basketball game, the biggest difference is that Hoopz takes place with only
3-on-3 action. It tends to focus on the bigger stars of the game (even though
it has an official NBA license). The idea is to use funky moves, exciting
twistarounds, and physical gameplay to pummel the ball offensively, or reject
it defensively. While fouls are allowed, going excessive in such a category
results in a free throw for your opponent. Players can catch on fire if they
score a bunch of shots in a row, resulting in easier mobility and even an
increased sense of scoring.

Combine all of these elements with 3D graphics on a multiplatform release, and
you've got yourself a decent basketball game. Unfortunately, many strategic
elements are tossed out of the window, such as defensive placements, ball
movement, or what not. It comes down to more about holding down your turbo
button to rush into a lane, then pressing this button do a spiraling slam dunk.
That pretty much sums up the gameplay of NBA Hoopz. Either way, the ultimate
goal is to win an NBA championship with your smalltime club.


##### GAME INFO #####
Players: 1-6 (multitap option for Playstation)
Developer: Eurocom
Released: 2001
Rarity: fairly rare
Special Features: vibration function compatible, multitap compatible
ESRB: Everyone
Cover Art on box: 
- Shows Shaq holding a flaming basketball with both hands


- 2) Game Basics           -
The Playstation controller has always been a versatile accessory when it comes 
to most games. Its symmetric design works great for sports titles, since the
shoulder buttons provide easy access to specialty moves, and all of the icons
are in place for passing/running the ball.

/Game Controls/
             L2 - Hoopz function
             R2 - Turbo function
             L1 - Hoopz function
             R1 - Turbo function
TRIANGLE/SQUARE - Shoots ball, Block, or Jump
       X/CIRCLE - Passes (ground or air pass), Attempt Steal
          START - pause
       JOYSTICK - move character (if ANALOG is turned on)
    DIRECTIONAL - move character

- The Hoopz functions act like combo buttons. When you combine the Hoopz
buttons with another button (such as a direction + shooting), you may perform a
spinaround jump shot. These are usually effective for avoiding defender steals,
bypassing close coverage, or performing trick shots. The Turbo function acts
like a speed boost. When held down, your character runs at max speed. A stamina
bar on the character is visible while they're highlighted, and shows how much
turbo energy is left. It regenerates quickly. Shooting the ball is a standard,
and common knowledge is to let go of the bottom when your character reaches the
peak of their jump. Blocking the ball is usually only effective near the rim,
and you must make sure that you do not hit the ball as it approaches the rim,
otherwise it is goaltending (automatic awarded points). Passing the ball via
the ground can allow alternate passing routes, but puts in a risk of a
turnover. Air passing is quicker, but tougher to perform in traffic. The analog
stick is an option, along with vibrations.

/Specialty Offense Controls/
             L1 + R1 + R1 - Arm Hook & Spin Move
          L1 + R1 + Shoot - Hook Shot
  Hold L1 + Pass + Let Go - Give N' Go Pass
                  R1 + R1 - Spin Move while dribbling
               R1 + Shoot - Charged Shot
        Direction + Shoot - Performs fadeaway or leaning shot
                Tap R1/R2 - Clearing out
- The Arm Hook and Spin move is one way of getting around a pesky, close
proximity defender. It basically has your player dribble the ball around the
defender by wrapping his arm around. You can then do what you want after
bypassing this defender. The Hook Shot launches the ball from one arm at a side
angle, and is usually less blocked than a normal jump shot. The Give N' Go pass
is a pass to one player who immediately tosses it back to the original passer.
This is great for luring aggressive defenders off of the ball carrier. The spin
move is the easiest way to penetrate the lanes. Tap to zoom through the lane
and most of the time it's best to go for a layup/dunk. The Charged Shot is
basically a higher boosted jump shot, via holding down the turbo button as you
shoot. The fadeaways or leaning shots are self-explanatory, and are dependent
upon which direction you press while shooting the ball. The Clearing Out
maneuver has your player toss elbows around (the ball carrier), usually
knocking around local defenders. This is usually performed after snatching a
rebound, and you need some clearance to make the dunk.

/Specialty Defense Controls/
           L1/L2 - switches to closest defender to the ball
       R1 + Pass - Foul Steal
- You'll find that switching to the closest defender is often a necessary move.
It's not a smart idea to control your center as the opposing team makes their
way down the halfcourt. I always switch to my Point Guard in order to go for
manual steals. The Foul Steal is a risky, but well-worthy pushdown. Since fouls
are not really "called" in NBA Hoopz, you can knock other players down to the
ground using a Foul Steal. This is basically a powered shove that knocks the
player down. You will get called for a foul if you use it on a ball carrier,
regardless of the outcome. If 5 fouls are accumulated before the quarter ends,
then your opponent goes to the free throw line. This rarely happens during a
game since the quarters are so short. Try using the shove move as your
opponents get close to the three-point line. About 50% of the time the ball
carrier will drop the ball, giving you a chance to snatch it and score again.
Usually better dribblers possess the ball better and may not hand it over from
a foul steal.

/Game Modes/
One of the more positive aspects of NBA Hoopz is the fact that it does have
quite a decent amount of options to customize the game. Unfortunately, some of
the more common ones in modern games just aren't there. With no create a player
mode, I was partially disappointed. This section will describe those basic game

   >{- Quick Start -}<
   - Let's you pick two teams to duke it out. This is more of the less the
     exhibition mode in the game. You can earn Midway points after completing
     games by winning and/or answering trivia correctly. You can also test out
     any custom teams you have created.
   >{- Season -}<
   - By far the most commonly played mode, Season takes you through one year of
     the NBA franchises. Your ultimate goal is to lead your team to victory for
     the NBA Championship Title. Season is split up into four intervals (14,
     28, 56, or 82 games in a season). You cannot simulate games, so make sure
     the amount you select is the amount you want. Also, season mode is unlike
     modern franchise modes. You cannot exchange, trade, or pick up free
     agents. These functions can be done in the below game modes. As usual,
     playoffs are setup that determine who moves on, or who is eliminated.
   >{- Tournament -}<
   - Almost exact to the Playoffs. You get to pick a select amount of teams
     who duke it out in styled brackets until one team is left. You can select
     different intervals which determine a "Best of" series (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, or
     11 games). The ultimate winner is determined to be the Tournament
   >{- Customize -}<
   - The Customize section actually has several options you can choose from.
     While there is no create-a-player mode, you can edit a select amount of
     free agents into whoever you wish. This is the list of customizable
       >> TEAM - City name
                 Team name
                 Arena name
                 Jersey -> (Midway White, Predators White/Default, Bees
                            Away/Home, Sqwalkers Away/Home, Ribbon Away/Home,
                            Genie Away/Home, Key Away/Home, Bolts Away/Home,
                            Orca Away/Home, Bandits Away/Home, Beasts
                            Away/Home, Tower Away/Home, All NBA teams, Red,
                            Green, Purple, Dark Red, White, Yellow Blue,
                            Midway Black)
                 Logo -> Respective List of above NBA/made-up names
       >> PLAYER - Ability to edit small list (about 14) free agents
                   -> Number
                   -> Attributes
                   -> Privileges
                   -> Nick Name
                   -> Edit Name
                   PRIVILEGES (you can only check 2 out of 6):
                   + Stealth Turbo   = Hides your visible Turbo bar from
                                       opponents. This is more useful if you're
                                       facing human opponents, so they don't
                                       know when to expect your lane rush.
                   + Big Head        = Makes your character look goofy.
                   + Drone Big Heads = All opponents have big heads.
                   + Choose Hotspot  = Very useful ability. Let's you move a 
                                       small ball icon to one spot on the court
                                       where your player will almost ALWAYS
                                       make the shot from. It's just a matter
                                       of remembering where the hot spot is.
                   + Hide Attributes = Again, only useful against human
                                       opponents. Puts ?? marks in for your
                                       ##ed ratings.
                   + Choose Jersey   = Let's you pick a custom jersey for THIS
                                       player only.
                   + Height = Taller players are more likely to cause more
                              blocked shots. At the same time, it lowers their
                              overall speed.
                   + Weight = Heavier players are slower, but possess a higher
                              power rating, and become more influential inside
                              the paint.
                   + Power  = The player's momentum and ability to penetrate
                              closer to the basket. A higher rating is usually
                              better for Forwards, and second best for Centers.
                   + Speed  = The player's quickness on the basketball court.
                              This is a must-have skill for Point Guards who
                              move around frequently and also are quick
                              defenders. Speed is very useful, especially when
                              combined with Turbo speed.
                   + 2 PTRS = Accuracy of player hitting jumpshots inside the
                              3-point line. Most players by default have this
                              rating fairly high, however, all positions should
                              generally have this high to be effective.
                   + 3 PTRS = Accuracy of player hitting jumpshots outside the
                              3-point line. Most players rarely have this skill
                              high, but it's necessary for Point Guards, being
                              a secondary for Forwards. Ideally, a higher
                              3-point accuracy is rare, which is why it's best
                              to boost this rating on the best 3-PT shooter on
                              your team.
                   + STEAL  = Ability of player to successfully swipe the ball
                              away from a ball carrier. This is an almost
                              required skill for Point Guards, since they are
                              your quick defenders. Foul Steals can make up for
                              this, but this rating primarily affects the rate
                              your opponent will drop the ball from a steal
                   + BLOCK  = Ability of player to successfully tip the ball
                              on the opposing jumpshot of the ball carrier.
                              Also blocks shots of dunks, and increases ability
                              to snatch rebounds. This ability is boosted
                              partially by taller players. A center needs this
                              at all costs to be effective.
                   + DUNKS  = Ability of player to successfully drive to the
                              rim and slam the basketball into the basket.
                              Dunks are different from 2PTers as the player
                              comes in contact with the rim, as opposed to
                              jumping for a shot. Dunks are usually recommended
                              for Forwards and Centers, since both of these
                              guys will be receiving rebounds.
                   + DRIBBLE= Ability of a player to possess more control over
                              the basketball. Lessens the chance of a defender
                              stealing the ball. The Hoopz function also seems
                              to get boosted by players with increased
                              dribbling skills. This skill is necessary for
                              point guards who must minimize turnovers.
       >> TRANSFER PLAYERS - Let's you move players around without CPU
                             approval. Basically a roster organizer.
   >{- Options -}<
   - The Options menu let's you place the finishing touches on NBA Hoopz to
     master it completely. It's split into 3 sections - Game, Sound, and
     Controls. The Game section covers difficulty (Rookie, Veteran, Pro),
     Quarter Time (1:00 to 3:00 minutes), Camera View (Low or High), Turbo Bars
     (on/off), Tips (on/off), and Tag Mode (on/off).
   - You can alter the sound levels, volume amounts, or if you want the
     announcer on/off.
   - You can change between six different control schemes. Help various players
     get accustomed to the game easier.


- 3) Team Overviews        -
Teams in the NBA consist of two things - talent & boatloads of money. This
section will go over the default rostered teams in NBA Hoopz, explaining their
ratings (in my opinions), and the best combinations to use on the playing

   /Atlanta Hawks|
++ Offense: ****
++ Defense: ***
++ Overall: ***
[[ Recommended Combo: Jim Jackson =G=, Dikembe Mutombo =C=, Matt Maloney =F=

- This team has some great talent to mix and match for a combination, but not
each player you lock into the 3 slots can fit to perfection. Jackson and
Maloney are offensive beasts, both on the 3PT and local perimeters. Mutombo is
your tall man, mainly a blocking/defensive threat. Still, Maloney sucks as a
defender bringing down their overall rating. Their depth is not great.

   /Boston Celtics|
++ Offense: ***
++ Defense: **
++ Overall: **
[[ Recommended Combo: Kenny Anderson =G=, Antoine Walker =C=, Paul Pierce =F=

- Even back in the day, Pierce and Walker were one heck of a combo. Their
ratings aren't as great as you'd expect, precisely Pierce. Nonetheless, you'll
have to move Walker to the big man spot, because the Celtics have no defensive
centers worth starting in the lineup! Anderson is a great point guard, awesome
steal and speed abilities. Not a great 3PT shooting team.

   /Charlotte Hornets|
++ Offense: **
++ Defense: **
++ Overall: **
[[ Recommended Combo: David Wesley =G=, Elden Campbell =C=, Jamal Mashburn =F=

- Fairly worse than the Celtics. Hornets really have no superb offensive
threats, even though Wesley and Mashburn seem like capable point guards. Both
can score on a mediocre standard. Campbell is your big man up the middle with
blocking abilities, but don't expect much offensively. This team will struggle,
and the depth is somewhat on poor to their skills.

   /Chicago Bulls|
++ Offense: *
++ Defense: **
++ Overall: *
[[ Recommended Combo: Ron Artest =G=, Elton Brand =C=, Ron Mercer =F=

- Certainly one of the worst teams in the game, and this was before Artest
became a defensive beast. Elton Brand is the only legitimate and consistent
offensive threat, but also has defensive talent. Mercer and Artest are more
well-rounded overall, both offensive and defensively, giving a below average
team out on the field. Depth consists of premature talent. Couple good 3PT
shooters on the bench.

   /Cleveland Cavaliers|
++ Offense: **
++ Defense: *
++ Overall: *
[[ Recommended Combo: Wesley Person =G=, Zydrunas Ilgauskas =C=, 
                      Lamond Murray =F=

- Another fairly bad team. While they did have Andre Miller back then, he was
not rated as high as you'd expect. Ilgauskas is useless in my opinion, except
he's a great defender with a superb power rating. Person and Murray are both
decent shooters, but don't seem overwhelmingly powerful as some of the better
starters in the game.

   /Dallas Mavericks|
++ Offense: ****
++ Defense: ***
++ Overall: ****
[[ Recommended Combo: Steve Nash =G=, Christian Laettner =C=, Dirk Nowitzki =F=

- This is actually my favorite combo in the entire game, simply because it can
score from any point on the boards. The defense is above average, considering
Laettner and Nowitzki can do power blocking against opponents, but not too
fast. Nash is the X-factor as he can spray occasional 3PTers and pass it off
quite easily. Laettner is a beast at center, and you should make use of his
expansive 3PT shot.

   /Denver Nuggets|
++ Offense: ****
++ Defense: **
++ Overall: ***
[[ Recommended Combo: Nick Van Exel =G=, Raef Lafrentz =C=, Antonio McDyess =F=

- The speed this team possesses is awesome, especially between the offensive
duo of McDyess & Van Exel. Only problem is they suffer defensively, with
Lafrentz as their best defender. Because of this, they'll give up a fair amount
of points against most potent teams. There's offensive depth on the bench, but
no defensive depth whatsoever.

   /Detroit Pistons|
++ Offense: ***
++ Defense: ***
++ Overall: ***
[[ Recommended Combo: Jerry Stackhouse =G=, Ben Wallace =C=, 
                      Cedric Ceballos =F=

- Stackhouse and Ceballos make even better shooters than most starting
superstars in the game (Pierce/Walker). However, the defense isn't as superb as
the 2004 Pistons, as Ben Wallace seems to be nothing more than a mediocre
center. Because of this, you'll find this team average out to be a well-rounded
team. There's also depth at the guard position if you need help.

   /Golden State Warriors|
++ Offense: ***
++ Defense: ****
++ Overall: ***
[[ Recommended Combo: Mookie Blaylock =G=, Erick Dampier =C=, Chris Mullin =F=

- This team has a lot of mixed depth which can be switched in and out, but I
find this setup to be fairly odd. Blaylock is one of the best stealers in the
game, and also has shooting capabilities w/ speed, so getting him is a must.
Mullin has the size of a center, but extreme shooting capabilities. Combine
this with a poor center, who can only block (Dampier), and you've got yourself
a great defense. The offense can be lackluster, since most of the points will
come through Mullin. This means you'll have to pound the ball through via a
power game - but with no Shaq.

   /Houston Rockets|
++ Offense: ***
++ Defense: **
++ Overall: **
[[ Recommended Combo: Cuttino Mobley =G=, Hakeem Olajuwon =C=, 
                      Walt Williams =F=

- While Francis is a speedy defender, you simply need offensive potential for
this team to be out on the floor. Williams and Mobley can make either kind of
shots, although Olajuwon is primarily a dunker/blocker. This team doesn't
impress me, but it has capable depth in case your offensive isn't flowing

   /Indiana Pacers|
++ Offense: ***
++ Defense: **
++ Overall: **
[[ Recommended Combo: Reggie Miller =G=, Jermaine O'Neal =C=, Sam Perkins =F=

- Reggie...Reggie...Reggie. A clutch 3PT shooter, but a young O'Neal means his
rating isn't as boosted as you'd like. The only capable center on the team, but
also not much of a threat. Perkins is a great pusher/shooter, but the defense
is surprisingly lacking on this Pacers team. There's some available depth at
the guard position.

   /Los Angeles Clippers|
++ Offense: *
++ Defense: **
++ Overall: *
[[ Recommended Combo: Lamar Odom =G=, Michael Olowokandi =C=, Brian Skinner =F=

- I hate to say it, but the Clippers back then were horrible. Odom is an
offensive superstar, and can play at either G/F. However, there's hardly any
threats capable of scoring points - period. Olowokandi is a great blocker, and
Skinner too, but nobody can even mark in the green when it comes to three
pointers. This team is sadly enough too young with their lineup.

   /Los Angeles Lakers|
++ Offense: *****
++ Defense: ****
++ Overall: *****
[[ Recommended Combo: Kobe Bryant =G=, Shaquille O'Neal =C=, Horace Grant =F=

- What an amazing lineup. Bryant is a superb scorer with some defensive
capabilities, and Shaq can talk back. This beast is a great scorer, not a
shooter, but also a defensive stopper. Grant places the finishing touches by
being a capable forward (not a 3PTer) with some stealing capabilities. Wasn't
surprised that this Lakers team was more dominant on defense, but still one of
the top tier teams to play. This is why Shaq is on the cover of the game.

   /Miami Heat|
++ Offense: ***
++ Defense: *
++ Overall: **
[[ Recommended Combo: Tim Hardaway =G=, Alonzo Mourning =C=, Eddie Jones =F=

- Yikes. Probably one of the few teams with hardly any defense at all. Not even
the former Defensive Player of the Year, Mourning, has great ratings. This team
can score though, don't get me wrong. Almost every starter has a capable 70+
rating in the 2PTs, and mediocre 3PTs. Eddie Jones is the true MVP, with
Mourning and Hardaway as support.

   /Milwaukee Bucks|
++ Offense: ***
++ Defense: **
++ Overall: ***
[[ Recommended Combo: Ray Allen =G=, Glenn Robinson =C=, Tim Thomas =F=

- The Bucks have depth, and probably too varied to actually place in as
starters. Ray Allen isn't as dominating as he is now with Seattle, however,
Robinson is a great tall offensive threat (even shooting wise). Thomas is
nothing more than a mediocre forward. Lindsey Hunter, probably fits in better
at Guard, but Allen is a such a small player that it's hard to shift him around
without ruining the team's gameplan.

   /Minnesota Timberwolves|
++ Offense: **
++ Defense: ***
++ Overall: **
[[ Recommended Combo: Chauncey Billups =G=, Kevin Garnett =C=, 
                      Terrell Brandon =F=

- Garnett is such a talented center; almost to a certain degree of Shaq.
Brandon gets shifted Forward with his nice power and speed capabilities. The
young Billups can be looked at as a partial weakness, but does fairly good for
a defensive guard. Only problem is that this team's ratings when it comes to
offensive shooting is quite bad. You won't be scoring a lot, but neither will
your opponents...to an extent.

   /New Jersey Nets|
++ Offense: **
++ Defense: *
++ Overall: *
[[ Recommended Combo: Stephon Marbury =G=, Keith Vanhorn =C=, Kenyon Martin =F=

- Sadly enough, this Nets team looks pretty bad on paper. Vanhorn is a great
shooter, and could probably switch from forward to center. Martin and Marbury
are too young to represent their talent levels, which is why their ratings are
fairly deflated. The depth on this team is horrible too; so I would not expect
much coming from. Marbury and Martin also aren't up to par for defense; so
something's down - big time.

   /New York Knicks|
++ Offense: *****
++ Defense: ***
++ Overall: ****
[[ Recommended Combo: Allan Houston =G=, Larry Johnson =C=, 
                      Latrell Sprewell =F=

- One of the better offensively talented teams in the game, the Knicks have
Houston and Sprewell who shoot like amazing machines. Plus, both of them have
size. Johnson isn't the best defensive center, but he too has power and can
score. Honestly, I love the depth on this team. Glen Rice has a 95 & 90 in
shooting for 2PTs & 3PTs, but just not up to par defensively. If anything,
consider this team a run-up for the best team in the game.

   /Orlando Magic|
++ Offense: ***
++ Defense: ***
++ Overall: ***
[[ Recommended Combo: Grant Hill =G=, Bo Outlaw =C=, Tracy McGrady =F=

- Led by Grant Hill, this team has a well amount of explosive power both
offensively, and some spurts defensively. Unfortunately, none of them are
excellent 3PT shooters, but more of the less a penetration team. Has some
talent on the bench like Armstrong, but nothing worthy of showcasing. You might
get far, you might not with this team.

   /Philadelphia 76ers|
++ Offense: ***
++ Defense: ***
++ Overall: ***
[[ Recommended Combo: Allen Iverson =G=, Theo Ratliff =C=, Toni Kukoc =F=

- Almost identical to the Magic, except the 76ers have more spread out offense
throughout their lineup. Iverson is not as great as a stealer as you'd expect,
and Ratliff is limited offensively. Nonetheless, this team has some potential,
but no push to get them past the necessary building blocks phase.

   /Phoenix Suns|
++ Offense: ***
++ Defense: **
++ Overall: **
[[ Recommended Combo: Jason Kidd =G=, Tom Gugliotta =C=, Rex Chapman =F=

- I'm not sure what to expect from this team. They have a ton of future stars
in their lineup, but their ratings are nowhere near what you'd expect.
Gugliotta makes a great center as he's powerful, defensive, and even a decent
shooter. Chapman has an extreme 3PT rating you cannot overlook, but Kidd seems
like nothing more than an average point guard with stealing abilities. Other
than that, there is some depth you can interchange, but I like this combination
the best.

   /Portland Trail Blazers|
++ Offense: ****
++ Defense: *****
++ Overall: ****
[[ Recommended Combo: Scottie Pippen =G=, Shawn Kemp =C=, Rasheed Wallace =F=

- The lineup mentioned above isn't even close to the best. This team has
Pippen, Kemp (an amazingly rated centeR), plus Rasheed Wallace on the bench,
Arvydas Sabonis, and a bunch of other amazing could-be starters. The defensive
ratings on some of these players is outstanding, and they even possess speed.
The toughest part is deciding who to put in, since you'll be placing
compromises from speed to 3PT shooting. You'll have a fun time fooling around
with the Trail Blazers.

   /Sacramento Kings|
++ Offense: ***
++ Defense: **
++ Overall: ***
[[ Recommended Combo: Nick Anderson =G=, Vlade Divac =C=, Chris Webber =F=

- Another fairly mixed team. The Kings have future stars on their roster that
haven't quite peaked yet. Still, Anderson makes an amazing guard, and Divac is
the only decent center unless you count Webber up the middle. And by the way,
Webber can smoking score.

   /San Antonio Spurs|
++ Offense: **
++ Defense: *****
++ Overall: ***
[[ Recommended Combo: Derek Anderson =G=, David Robinson =C=, Tim Duncan =F=

- Not quite in championship state yet, the Spurs do have a great defense that
seems unstoppable at times. Robinson and Duncan can block a tremendous amount
of shots, with Anderson providing some stealing support. The weakness appears
to be in the offense, which struggles in the three-point area. Dunks and
penetration is their gameplan, but even the depth lacks scoring power.

   /Seattle Supersonics|
++ Offense: ****
++ Defense: ***
++ Overall: ****
[[ Recommended Combo: Gary Payton =G=, Patrick Ewing =C=, Ruben Patterson =F=

- The Supersonics are lucky to have Payton, who is a point guard beast. He can
shoot, he can score, and he can defend. Aside from that, Ewing is a great
blocker/up-close scorer. Their weakness is at the forward position, but not as
you'd think. Patterson is an awesome shooter, but suffers in the close power
game. Offensively they seem well fit, and the defense is above average. Not a
bad choice.

   /Toronto Raptors|
++ Offense: ****
++ Defense: ***
++ Overall: ***
[[ Recommended Combo: Mark Jackson =G=, Charles Oakley =C=, Vince Carter =F=

- Almost identical to the Supersonics, except Vince Carter is a great dunking
beast. Jackson and Oakley provide some cover support offensively, even though
this team is not as defensively based as you'd hope. On the positive side, they
do have mediocre depth if you want to switch, but the ratings are not as
propelled. Great backup point guard.

   /Utah Jazz|
++ Offense: ***
++ Defense: *****
++ Overall: ****
[[ Recommended Combo: John Stockton =G=, Greg Ostertag =C=, Karl Malone =F=

- Don't let the hall of fame names fool you. This team is not offensively
talented as a human player would want, however, their strength lies in a
physical defense. Almost three possible starting centers, a great backup for
Stockton, and an offense led by the penetration of Malone makes them a solid
choice. Too bad they didn't beat the Bulls in 98'.

   /Vancouver Grizzlies|
++ Offense: ***
++ Defense: ***
++ Overall: ***
[[ Recommended Combo: Mike Bibby =G=, Bryant Reeves =C=, 
                      Shareef Abdur-Rahim =F=

- Pretty much a well-rounded team led by Bibby and Abdur-Rahim. This small duo
can be quite explosive. Reeves is an above average defender, but the team lacks
any other capable centers. Other than that, you may score a decent amount of
points, or pull out an impressive zone defense. Nonetheless, it'll take some
practice to execute this team to perfection.

   /Washington Wizards|
++ Offense: ****
++ Defense: ***
++ Overall: ***
[[ Recommended Combo: Rod Strickland =G=, Juwon Howard =C=, Mitch Richmond =F=

- Strickland and Richmond make a great duo simply because they're great
shooters on the perimeter game. Not to mention, Strickland is a great defender,
Howard can do decent rebounds/blocks, and Richmond is there to finish up.
Honestly, the biggest weakness is a lack of depth, or dominant star players.
Most of these guys are great players, but not spectacular.


- 4) Strategies            -
Basketball is a game of engaging schemes combined with talented play, and
instincts overriding gameplans at certain moments. NBA Hoopz tends to feed off
of the more talented-based aspects, as the entire idea is to get your three
best players on the floor, and get the ball to the basket. This section will
describe a few brief strategies to enhance your gameplay aspects.

Offense in NBA Hoopz is primarily about using some of the preset controller
combinations, and also mixing it up to prevent the defense from becoming
over-aggressive. I truly have only three ways of attacking the rim. Each of
them has advantages and disadvantages.

   - The idea of driving through the lane means your player attempts to run
     straight towards the basket in an area called the lane (usually a solid
     color, rectangular area in from of the basket on the ground). Make use of
     the Turbo button and double tap it to do swish-style dribbles to bypass
     defenders. Make the final impact with a turbo charged shot when you're
     close to the rim. Most of the time your player will dunk it, but you'll
     also perform various layups. If a defender doesn't budge, simply rotate
     around him, and perform leaning layups. This is the most effective way to
     score in the game, simply because it's almost always guaranteed points.
     Centers can receive passes and pound through the lane as well.
   ~{ PICK N' ROLL }~
   - The Pick N' Roll rarely works, since it's based on what the defense gives
     you, but is highly effective in increasing your accuracy on jump shots.
     Basically, have your Point Guard run around a bit near the 3-point line,
     until the defender on top of you lays off. Now, run your Point Guard
     outside the circumference of the 3-point line, but past one of your
     teammates. The teammate will actually jam two defenders (the one on him,
     and the one that was chasing you) for a small amount of time. Now that
     you're open, you can shoot for the three and you'll receive increased
     in-game accuracy since no defenders are around you.
   ~{ GIVE N' GO }~
   - Probably the least used tactic by myself, but also fairly effective.
     Simply perform the Give N' Go combo controls (hold down the Hoopz button,
     pass, then let go of the Hoopz button), and you should receive the ball
     back quickly. No defenders will be around the player who has received the
     Give N' Go, meaning you'll get an open shot.
- On a side note, try to find the hot spot on each player on the floor,
especially from beyond the 3-point line. Take shots at the five key points on
the field, ranging from the far sides, the diagonals, and straight up. For
example, Christian Laettner has a hot shot on the south side of the screen,
from a diagonal angle.

Sadly enough, defense gets the short end of the stick in NBA Hoopz. Since this
is an arcade basketball game, more emphasis is placed on slam battering dunks.
Defense can only be summarized into two elements:

   - Rebounding
   - Foul Steals
- To rebound, try to control your Forward or Center, and simply press the
Triangle button to leap up after the ball hits the rim. If you do it too early,
you'll often Goaltend (and this happens quite often, don't worry). Better yet,
avoid doing manual blocks, unless you can charge up beforehand with the Turbo
button. It's better to allow the CPU to do automatic blocks for you, while you
concentrate on performing Foul Steals. Remember, five Foul Steals in a quarter,
and you'll let the other team go to the line. Simply constrain yourself and
only do it 4 times. Knock down the player who is most likely to hand it over
(either Forwards or Centers), but avoid doing it to Point Guards. They can
accumulate the Fouls and may not necessarily drop the ball when Foul Stealed.

- The CPU has a tendency to take a bunch of 3-point shots, especially if you
stay within close proximity. It will rarely pass to the open man, and does a
lot of driving to the rim itself. The AI also makes use of the quick pass
function (where the receiver jumps towards the rim). Try tapping the shoot
button on defense to make a defensive tip, or to intercept the pass.


- 5) Secrets                -
It's in usual fashion that most arcade basketball games provide a ton of
cheats, ranging from big heads, to different arenas, and even altered gameplay.
This section will explain those codes to expand the gameplay a tad. I'd like to


- for providing these cheat codes.

   ))))))))]]]]]]]] CHEAT MODE [[[[[[[[((((((((
   You'll notice before each game you play, a brief Midway segment appears
   where there are three small icons at the bottom of the screen. These icons
   can be changed by pressing the three buttons relaying left to right on your
   Sony Playstation controller, aka Square -> X -> Circle. The following list
   of codes has a #-#-#, relating to how many times you must press the above
   keys, and has a direction at the end which you must press to enable the
   cheat code. Be quick though, you'll have about 7-8 seconds to input the
   | Effect               | Code Input              |
   |Show FG %             | 0 <> 1 <> 1 Down        |
   |Home Uniform          | 0 <> 1 <> 4 Right       |
   |Beach Court           | 0 <> 2 <> 3 Left        |
   |Away Uniform          | 0 <> 2 <> 4 Right       |
   |Show Hotspot          | 1 <> 1 <> 0 Down        |
   |ABA Ball              | 1 <> 1 <> 1 Right       |
   |Granny Shots          | 1 <> 2 <> 1 Left        |
   |No Fouls              | 2 <> 2 <> 2 Right       |
   |Big Heads             | 3 <> 0 <> 0 Right       |
   |No Hotspots           | 3 <> 0 <> 1 Up          |
   |Infinite Turbo        | 3 <> 1 <> 2 Up          |
   |Street Court          | 3 <> 2 <> 0 Left        |
   |Tiny Heads            | 3 <> 3 <> 0 Left        |
   |No Goaltending        | 4 <> 4 <> 4 Left        |
   |Tiny Players          | 5 <> 4 <> 3 Left        |
   |Play as Dr. Atomic    | 5 <> 4 <> 4 Left        |


- 6) Common Questions      -

)) Gameplay ((

<< What would you rate this game? >>

- Probably a [6/10]. The great thing about NBA Hoopz is that it has a universal
feeling of always being replayable. While the game itself isn't overwhelmingly
impressive, and I would have appreciated a 5-on-5 mode, almost all of the
matches I've played came down to nailbiters. The short quarters allows for a
gamer to sit down and play through 5 straight games without getting bored. The
graphics are somewhat arcadish, bloated to a sense, and very polygonal, but it
exemplifies the attitude of the game. This isn't no walk in the park. You have
to perform fancy moves, bypass defenders, and slam the ball in the face of the
other team. For an arcade game, it also represents 3-point shooting quite well.
You'll rarely shoot over 50% from the 3-point arc, and sometimes being too
aggressive with one player can lead to your downfall. The season mode is quite
boring, with no franchise options, but it adds the element of wins versus
losses. Probably the biggest factor in purchasing this game is for multiplayer
fun, considering it is multitap compatible. It has a fairly recent roster too,
from 2001. Sadly enough, it's not a great basketball game per say, but more of
the less a fun mixup arcade wise.

<< Are there any other versions of this game? >>

- Yes, the same multiplatform releases on the Dreamcast and Playstation 2.
Obviously, the PS2 version is most likely the best, but the Dreamcast version
also has a few additions of its own. From what I hear though, most gamers were
not impressed by either of these games on the upgraded systems. Same gameplay,
same problems. There's also a GBC release, but let's not get into that.

<< What's the best team in the game? >>

- Lakers, Knicks, or the Trail Blazers is what is narrows down to. Obviously,
the Lakers with Shaq are pretty darn good, but they don't have the third
X-factor. The Knicks have a great scoring team, but lack somewhat on defense.
The Trail Blazers have the most interchangeable starting lineup in the game,
and almost 5 superstars you could easily sub in. It's just a matter of mixing
and matching.


- 7) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines  -
This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted 
by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO 
NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your 
own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website, 
either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on 
your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as 
its in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that, 
all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling 
FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time 
trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).

This is a list of the current known sites that host my FAQs:

- http://www.gamefaqs.com/
- http://www.ign.com/
- http://www.neoseeker.com/
- http://www.cheatcc.com/ 
- http://www.cheatplanet.com/


- 8) Proper Credit         -
I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ 

)) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life 
to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.

)) Gamewinners (( for providing the list of cheat codes for this game. Very
helpful, and adds an additional element to the gameplay.

)) Rootsecure.net (( for producing the ASCII art of this guide with their 
ASCII generator. Truly great stuff.

)) Premiere Video (( for having this game in their pre-owned section. While it 
wasn't worth the $5.99 price tag, it saved me a hassle of purchasing a copy on 

)) Midway (( for publishing this recreation of NBA Jam, but for modern systems.
Didn't turn out well, but it was probably worth the effort.

  "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
  "Freeeeeeddooommmmmmmmm!" - William Wallace (Braveheart)

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