PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File03/21/01JGuardiano131K
10 Golden Egg-Laying Chickens, 10 Medium Size Milk-Producing Cows (reproduced using the memory card duplication trick)
Save Game File06/25/07Amusekirt131K
45 Day to finish the game. Lots of animals. Has got everything, includes 6 King Fish and many others
Save Game File01/24/10Andre008131K
All gold animal. Year 3 Winter. All thanks JGuardiano and Amusekirt for save source and save exploit
Save Game File07/06/09sph82131K
Diary 1: All people love you. Diary 2: a perfect start.
Save Game File10/18/02Matchison131K
Massive money/hearts with your dog and horse. Very good save in the first winter. 10 chicks and 2 cows.

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