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This game is disturbingly addictive. 10/06/02 acidfreeze30
Cluck...Moo... No, not your average sounds for a Playstation game. But, then again, this isn't an average game, this is a brilliant game, Harvest Moon 01/18/01 AMoerman
A game so addictive, I'm playing it 8 years later! 11/18/10 ArcaGrowlMewTwo
Great for those patient gamers... Very addictive. 11/29/00 Ashlon
BTN is a great game! When PROPERLY compared to N64, it's better! 11/29/02 Astrojulie
A very nice farm sim game, one that you'll play for a really long time. 12/19/00 ATadeo
Decent, Educational, Fun, Harvest Moon 05/10/01 BRavidel
This is a great game. 10/14/01 Bubba26
I Think I Found My Favorite Game! 06/09/02 christopherwayne2001
Not as complictated as it may seem 09/10/01 CTallman
A game that shares many of HarvestMoon 64's strong points, without the bugs... 09/29/01 dude767
A Legendary Name For A Horrible Game 09/27/01 HarvestMoonBETA87
One of the best games in the Harvest Moon series 06/04/02 HMManiac12
Seasons in Farming: Hours of Fun 03/01/03 HYD
Some good points, some bad, but improved 12/22/03 IQ(Mutant)
A Good Game if You're Patient Enough 06/21/01 Kupopo
This game could of been great. Sadly, it was the opposite. 06/09/01 ohnoitschris
It'll be an unforgivable crime to yourself if you don't play this game. 10/22/02 ProfessorMaeda
Back to nature is a blast! 09/18/01 slimjim25c
Slightly disapointing, but still good. 11/15/01 Special Ed
Good Name, Bad Game 04/17/01 Ultra39
This game gives a really bad rep for Harvest Moon 64 02/21/01 ViagraPolice121

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