What trip means?

  1. In your ultimate walkthrough,what is the meaning of this "trip"?is this reffering to the walk from farm to the mine?or the hot spring to the mine?also,what do you mean by half-trip?

    User Info: axl_the_duke

    axl_the_duke - 8 months ago


  1. Sorry about this being late but maybe someone still wants an answer. A trip: "Without Basket (enter, dig up 1st floor inner tiles, exit, repeat until you hit 50 fatigue; you're after the 10G bonuses)" OR "With Basket (do not collect Copper; only Silver or better; each trip takes between 50 and 90 stamina; deposit ores in hen house bin)" Remember, the outer edges inside the cave room yield nothing.

    If you do not yet have a basket, a half-trip would mean to dig up half the inner tiles rather than the whole floor.

    If you DO have a basket, a half-trip would probably mean getting to the first floor that would yield silver ore or better then digging up half that floor tossing copper or and rocks on the ground as you go.

    I see he wrote hot springs after making two trips for example: "...6:40AM to 7:10AM - trip 1
    7:10AM to 7:40AM - trip 2
    8:00AM to 9:00AM - hot springs visit 1..."

    so 1 trip must just mean clearing out the first floor or the first silver floor (maybe the 3rd floor down? not sure) of the mine.

    User Info: Blue_Raspberry

    Blue_Raspberry - 5 months ago 0 0

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