Why does my chickens keep dying?

  1. Out of no where when i wake up im at the grave yard and they say my chicken died of an illness. how can you find out when they are sick

    User Info: patriciacollins

    patriciacollins - 9 months ago


  1. IIRC, the hen should be in different color than the others, more darker in shade.

    To make sure, pick up the hen and go to the tools menu by pressing the triangle and then check the hen by pressing the triangle button again

    User Info: Redlin

    Redlin - 9 months ago 0 0
  2. You can identified the sick one with:

    -The Icon of the Chickens in the pause menu.
    -They are do not move.

    So, fed your chicken properly for avoid the sickness.

    User Info: XainasFZQ

    XainasFZQ - 9 months ago 0 0
  3. Also make sure you keep them in side when it rains or they will be more likely to get sick

    User Info: drunkzombieslyr

    drunkzombieslyr - 5 months ago 0 0
  4. Your chickens must be at 0 hearts in order to get sick. Take care of them by putting them out on sunny days and bringing them in the night before it rains, and remember to feed them. It only takes about a season to get them to full hearts. Also don't let the stray dog near them, as every time he barks at them, they lose a heart.

    User Info: Yagaron21

    Yagaron21 - 3 months ago 0 0

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