What is the girls favourite item?

  1. What is the girls favourite item? to increase the love faster especially for

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    laicewie - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I mean especially for "Ann" and the other if u know
    Please give me answer as soon as possible.. Sir
    Coz i'm playing now...

    User Info: laicewie

    laicewie - 8 years ago

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  1. Here Are Somethings That Ann Love's,Like's,Dislike's And Hate's.

    LOVES: Spa-Boiled Eggs, Ice Cream, Chocolate Cake, Cake, Mushroom Rice,
    Bamboo Rice, Fried Rice, Curry, Salad, Sandwich, Grilled Fish, Cheese
    Fondue, Apple Pie, Salad, Sushi, Rice Omelet, Jewelry.

    LIKES: Popcorn, Cookies, Apple, Miso Soup, Pineapple, Sashimi,
    Relaxation Tea, Tomato Juice, Raisin Bread, Scrambled Egg, Boiled Egg,
    Pickles, Strawberry Jam, Pickled Turnips.

    DISLIKES: Branches, Lumber, Small Fish, Medium Fish, Blue & Green

    HATES: Ores, Weeds, Garbage, Chicken Feed, Fish Food, Fodder, Red

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  1. Ann's favorite items are:
    Spa-boiled eggs, bamboo shoots, and flowers
    dislikes: ores

    Here are all the other bachellorette's like and dislikes:
    1. Popuri (Summer 3)
    Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, flowers, cake
    Hates: ore(i think...)

    2. Karen (Fall 15)
    Likes: wine, Moon Drop Flower, truffles
    Hates: the other flowers

    3. Mary (Winter 20)
    Likes: Mushroom (poisonus one also), grasses, flowers
    Hates: still looking for it...

    4. Elli (Spring 16)
    Likes: all flowers
    Hates: ore

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  2. spa-boiled egss were the easiest for me. To make them, grab an egg from your chickens, go to the hot spring and go to it from the river side (not where the door is at. There should be a little opening on the upper side, where you can stand and toss an egg in.

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  3. I prefer use a girls present, it's make the girls like us much more.

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  4. In no particular order:

    Karen: Wine, popcorn and Moon Drop flowers only (Karen hates other flowers other than the aforementioned)
    Popuri: Spa-boiled eggs, baby chick named after her in one event
    Mary: Grass (blue, green and red), mushrooms (including the poisonous ones)
    Elli: Accessories (what else) and flowers
    Ann: Egg-related dishes (Omelets, Spa-boiled and boiled eggs)

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  5. When u distress to doing approach w/ karen, just give her sashimi
    all you need are just med fish and kitchen

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