Where can I find power berry?

  1. please tell me what is the effect of power berry and where can I find them?

    User Info: bejoy

    bejoy - 8 years ago

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  1. It says that power berry help you not tired to quick
    There are many power berry you can find :
    1 : Win 1001 medals in the horse racing. Then exchange it by talking to mayor
    2 : Fish in the beach (but it takes a long time)
    3 : In the mine near Hot Springs. Dig it with hoe
    4 : In the Winter Mine
    5 : Buy from TV Shopping Network for 5000G
    6 : Win the swimming Festival
    7 : Try to cut the Cedar Tree in the Mother's Hill. The tree will ask u not to cut it. Accept it. And it will give u power berry
    8 : Grow more than 90 flowers. When Anna comes, tell her to pick as much as she wants to
    9 : Give your crops to the Goddess for 5 days continuously
    10 : Outside the Winter Mine at the corner. press X

    Special Berry
    Throw 3 cucumbers to the lake in Mother's Hill while standing between 2 trees on the left lake. Kappa will give you a berry

    User Info: defairytale

    defairytale - 8 years ago 2 0

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