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  • Thrill Kill is infamous for being the first Playstation game to get an Adults Only (AO) rating under the ESRB. Most of this was due to the graphic violence, though some sexual aspects were also problematic. Since an AO rating directly impacts commercial viability -- most retailers of note won't carry those games and major consoles, including Playstation, refuse to publish them -- Thrill Kill had to be censored to reach a passable Mature (M) rating.

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  • Contagion, an industrial band from California, composed Thrill Kill's soundtrack with original music. After the game's cancellation, some tracks were instead released on their next album, Infectant (2000).

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  • On the strength of hype and a great E3 showing, Thrill Kill was set to release in late 1998. However, in August of that year, Electronic Arts purchased Westwood Studios, which included all assets of Virgin Interactive's Irvine, CA studio. It was later revealed by an EA employee that "the product doesn't meet our standards for subject matter and appropriate content," and they wouldn't sell the property for the same reason. However, despite their efforts, the completed game and its beta builds would all circulate as popular bootlegs.

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