Review by Link San

Reviewed: 05/10/04

Not as good as Mortal Kombat II


Mortal Kombat 3 is a game by Williams, the first two parts were fom Aklaim but for part number three Midway took over. Looking at its predecessors, Mortal Kombat 3 has made quite some improvements. In Mortal Kombat II there were twelve fighters, in part 3 there are 15. Also a new part in Mortal Kombat 3 is that you can perfrom combos, and I don’t mean the combos like in Mortal Kombat II, a combination of punches and kicks can be combined to cause a lot of damage now. New levels, new fighters, same boss but a different sub-boss. Kintaro stepped of the stage to make room for Motaro, a centaur. Even though Mortal Kombat 3 has made all of these improvements I think that the previous part was better. In this review I’ll take you through the storyline. gameplay, graphics&sound, life span and my final recommendation.

Storyline: 8/10

Like in every other Mortal Kombat, Earthrealm is in danger of being destroyed by the forces of Outworld. By winning the tournament Lui Kang stopped Shao Kahn and his army from taking controle of Earthrealm. But the Earth warriors were lured into another tournament in Outworld. When this plan of Shao Kahn failed as well he put his plan to action. The tournament was merely a distraction by the Dark Emperor to break the rules set forth by the Elder Gods. You are once again chosen to represent Earthrealm in Mortal Kombat.

Gameplay: 7/10

The gameplay in Mortal Kombat 3 is good but could be better, next to the combos and other fatalities, the run option is also new. When I first played Mortal Kombat 3 and experienced combos I was a little bit disapointed because for me combos were for games like Killer Instinct. But as I kept playing the game I found out that it just needed some getting used to.

Graphics&sound 10/10

The graphics of this game are simply amazing, the fatalities, combos, everything in this game lookes great. The backgrounds in this game are all new so its to bad you can’t compare the exact levels. The sound is good and clear, its only to bad that they didn’t keep the tune of Mortal Kombat II. The way the fighters sound when they get hit or deal damage themselves is also very well done.

Life span: 6/10

Like every other Mortal Kombat the life span concerning the story isn’t long. But if you want to know the ending of every fighter, Mortal Kombat keeps getting better and better with every sequal. And now that the game has combos its always fun to try and become an expert in dealing combat damage.

Final recommendation:

If you’re a Mortal Kombat fan like me it doesn’t really matter if the game is perfect. But for all others it might be a good idea to try this game out before buying, although I don’t expect a game that old can be very expensive. In my opinion Mortal Kombat 3 is not as good as Mortal Kombat II but its still a very good fighting game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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