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Reviewed: 11/29/03

Yipee, another frisbee when I take a trip to the beach!

Mortal Kombat 3 is (obviously) the third installment of the whole Midway series of Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat was originally an arcade game. Now it is being read and disgusted by our reading lasers in the consoles. Mortal Kombat is a 3rd person fighting game where (in like other fighting games) you beat the living crap out of the other. The first opponent to successfully drain the other's life meter completely for two full matches wins. Note that there can be a time limit in which the winner is the one who has the most health left after ''Time's Up.'' Continuing, the winner then gets his greatest moment to ''Finish Him/Her.'' Certain combos during the Finishing era can trigger what is called a Fatality. A Fatality is a gruesome and gory sight where the loser is tortured. Fatalities range from bones being crunched to arms being pulled off. Without further adue, I bring to you my review.

Graphics 2/10
The characters are just a glimpse of Mickey Mouse Gone Bad or any other Nintendo game. The frame-rate is horrible. You will be stunned to see a player pull off an uppercut starting with him ducking then instantly already finishing the uppercut. Same goes with punches, kicks, and even jumping. The backgrounds and fighting zones are almost completely still with a few exceptions of some paper flying in the wind. Majority of the fighting areas are non-interactive. The interactive areas are only so since you can uppercut the opponent through the roof.
The blood looks like ketchup....

Sound 1/10
I personally am not a fan of slow tempo loops, others may like it. But to me the slow tempo loops do NOT go along with short frame-rates and fast battles. It's like going 200 mph on a motorcycle and listening to Jazz at the same time.
There is also a ''narrator'' if you must. He states the Rounds, Characters Names, Wins, Losses, and Fatalities. Nevertheless, his voice is far from being ghoulish or devilish (as intended) plus becomes repetitive after your first fight.
The characters scream, yell, groan and react with similar sounds when hit or performing an attack. Each character most likely has 5 different attitude sounds which ALSO get repetitive! But the screams and yells are at least a little entertaining and give the sound section a point.

Gameplay 2/10
There is less than 10 characters (by my count) which you would think would be a downfall since you would think that would lower the spread of uniqness. The game has none. The only difference is the looks of the characters and each has 2 different special moves. Yipee... Combos, fatalities and the other new finishes are hard to pull off and yet there is too few. I don't know what else to say, the gameplay isn't too interesting and there definitely is no new sparks and flames whatsoever. Winning takes no skill at all.

Replayability 0/10
ZERO! You play each fighter once and it's over. There's nothing special about mastering this game since it plain out SUCKS!

Overall 2/10
Okay, there have been newer Mortal Kombats out since Number 3 such as Number 4 and Deadly Alliance (Have Not Played Yet) which are most likely better than this game. If you have this sell it to a 6-year old for a couple bucks or set it on fire for REAL entertainment.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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