Review by RMashudi

Reviewed: 03/12/01 | Updated: 03/12/01

This is Just an Average game

Game play: (Marks : 5)

This is just an average RPG Game, Why I said that average?
Because the game play is very very bad and the reasons I said very very bad is when you play in a dungeon and gained few level and after you finished that dungeon your level is back to normal and it make me disappointed because my hard work to gained few level is gone like that and it makes the game more harder because dungeon 1 is more easy than dungeon 2 and it happen every time but we must start with the normal condition and with more strong enemy. Then the Game location is make me boring with the designs like that only dungeon-dungeon and dungeon, No...................
Oh I hope in the next series it is repaired.
The good in this game is we can store our money in the bank and get the items. This game style is RPG Dungeon and Analog Control Compatible. When you save the game you only need 1 space of your memory.

Story : (Marks : 8)

The story is about the adventure of the hero in the Dragon Warrior IV. Torneko back again for safe the earth from the expansion of the evil. Hmmm...... the story is not bad it is nice to save the earth and help the other people. Not too much to say.

Audio / Video : (Marks : 8)

The audio is very cool and nice to hear it. The soundtrack is very complex with the game situations. The opening video is cool too and the ending is not bad. So this game multimedia is very cool and the pictures and characters designs is very fun and real.

Replayability : (Marks : 2)

When you have beaten the game is it very boring when you trying to play it again because the story is like that only interesting in first play. So for Replayability do not hope this game for it.

Buy / Rent :

I suggest you to rent or borrow it from your friend first and if you like it just buy it. So you can try the gameplay good or bad.

Final comment :

I rate this game with the final seven marks because all that elements in the game like Game play, Audio / Video, Story. The final comment of this game is average. All the reasons in here are show how bad this game and how cool this game. So just enjoy it. This game was made by Enix. ^_^

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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