Review by DragonKnight007

Reviewed: 10/14/02 | Updated: 10/14/02

I was a little disappointed with this WCW game..

WCW Backstage Assault had me a little disappointed it looked good on the outside but inside..

Gameplay - 5

The gameplay gets a little boring after the first few times the difficulty gets harder by which title you choose, but there is a lot of characters..they even added the women wrestlers/valets..but there was no ring which made me deduct a few points..and some of the people had the same exact moves which made me fall asleep.. thought the Flame Match was the best one of them all

Sound - 6

The sound was ok...the commentary though sounded like it was a huge repeat over and over again though, but overall it was ok. The only thing I thought was bad was the sound effects you could barely hear the effects of the moves...

Graphics - 3

The graphics were pretty bad in the wrestling mode they looked like 2D characters which made it bad and they made all the characters alike, for ex. Torrie Wilson looks like Major Gunns and they messed up on Goldbergs tattoo..and the background looked like it was finger painted..

Replay Value - 5

The replay is mediocre because the storyline is good for about 1 or 2 days if you get addicted to it..Then you probably will get sick of this game for a little bit and the CAW mode is not really that is really basic
because there is no special way of doing things you just choose a head and a body and your done..

Story - 4

There is no storyline in this game thus making it like a Tournament style game..for a title at have to be 7-10 people to be the number 1 Contender and you are graded on your moves by getting points for your variety of moves, for ex. if you hit an Aerial attack and a weapon attack you get a lot of points, but if you repeat an attack more than 3 times in a row they deduct points..Then they total your score after you win the title..

Would I recommend buying this game?

Not unless you like 2 player action only and 3 types of matches..It is fun for awhile then it's possible that you wont play it anymore..but if you collect WCW Games add this one to your collection..I would recommend WCW Mayhem though.

Overall - 4

This game is what some people call 'ok' or horrible. This game supposedly didn't reach my standards..They could have made better voices for wrestlers..and a ring,and maybe a career mode instead of a Belt Tournament type of match..Those are my recommendations for this game other than, this game is disappointing and I don't recommend buying it.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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