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Reviewed: 10/03/02 | Updated: 10/03/02

Backyard Wrestling Comes to Playstation

The only good way to review wrestling games is to break it down into catagories: Season/Story, Graphics, Sound, Unlockable wrestlers, CAW, and Modes. Now I am a fan of wrestling games in general and for me to give a score of a 4/10 to a game is rare. WCW Backstage Assault is one of those rare occasions.

Season/Story Mode- 2/10
Their really isn't a season or story mode in WCW Backstage Assualt but mainly the Hardcore Challenge which the only challenge part is the World title path. The game has two main modes to unlock wrestlers the Hardcore Challenge and the Hardcore Guantlet. Now Hardcore Challenge is relitively easily. Going through it two times will give you 16 new wrestlers. Now Hardcore Guantlet gives you five. So where's the rest? I'll answer that later in the review.

The graphics here are somewhat good, sometimes if you are a white created wrestler and your facing a black featured wrestler the created wrestler will be black. That's one graphical flaw. Another is that occasionally you'll not be able to see a wrestler's face because it will be scrambled around or look like there face is bloody. That's why graphics get a four.

Sound- 2/10
There isn't much sound in this game the wrestlers don't talk, the commentary though good can get repitive and even say things that has nothing to do with the match. So that's why there is a two in the sound departed.

Unlockable wrestlers-9/10
Now most of the roster in Backstage Assulat are hidden wrestlers within the game. The Hardcore Challenge and Hardcore Gauntlet modes give you a good number of them. Now some have to be unlocked by completing a task during a match. Like having to score a knockout with a briefcase. And two of the unlockable wrestlers can not be unlocked in the Hardcore Challenge and Guantlet modes. Instead the task to unlock those two is in the CAW mode. To unlock the last two wrestler you must go and change an existing wrestler's taunt and then taunt your oppenent in a match. So that's the highest rated part of the game.

CAW (Create a Wrestler)-3/10
In my opinion the CAW mode in Backstage Assualt is worse then on it's sucessor WCW Mayhem. The one thing that the CAW mode on Backstage Assualt had over Mayhem was the ablity to space in between the wrestlers frist and last names. But other then that the CAW mode leaves little to be desired. The only solid part about the CAW mode for Backstage Assualt is that you can edit an existing wrestler's attire into something completley different. That's why it gets a three.

Backstage Assault has four game modes: Hardcore Challenge, Hardcore Guantlet, Frist Blood, and Human Torch matches. I will break each one down from 1 to 5. 1 being the worst game mode, 5 being the best game mode.
Hardcore Challenge-2/5
It gets a two because as I said eariler there's hardly a challenge in it. The only exception is the World title path where you'll almost have to use a rematch after every match.
Hardcore Guantlet-5/5
I give Hardcore Gunatlet a 5 because it's the hardest mode of play in the game. It's hard because you have to defeat seven oppents without resting or getting stamina back. This can be hard if you using weak people. However it's easy if your using people like Goldberg. So because of the no rest between bout factor of Hardcore Guantlet I give a five.
Frist Blood Match-1/5
The reason for the 1/5 rating for the Frist Blood match is because since there are numerous weapons in each of the seven areas it's easy to make your oppent bleed. If you don't when the match in five minutes or less then it's because of the AI fighting back, but Frist Blood is still an easy match so it gets a 1.
Human Torch match-2/5
The only reason I gave the Human Torch match a 2 is because it can be very easily and done in about five seconds if you and you oppent are new a fire barrel and if you do an Irish whip most likely the oppent will catch on fire in about five seconds.

Other thoughts
The main problem with the game is because there's no ring you miss out on a lot of matches. Such as, Tag Team, Battle Royal, Three and Four way dances. And special matches like Cage.

Rent or Buy-
I always say rent before you buy. Now with me I bought it because I couldn't find it to rent. But always rent something before you buy it.

Now here's how I'm arriving at my final score.
Unlockable Wrestlers-9


Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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