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Reviewed: 01/19/02 | Updated: 01/19/02

Bad Company with a Bad Game

OK, This game was nowhere near my expectations. Give me a break. Let me review all parts of the game:

The Wrestlers: It looks like a bad artist took five seconds drawing each of them. I mean they didn't even do a good job on the women. Some of the outfits I can't even tell if it's clothing or paint. I am telling you the truth when I say when playing with Cpl. Cajun, His clothes were dripping off his body like wet paint.

The Selection menu: How many wrestlers does WCW have? Last time I checked, a lot more then ten. I respect having to unlock wrestlers and extra goodies but come on, I got about four wrestlers that have respectable move sets. I could only use Booker T, Goldberg, Diamond Dallas Page and Psycho Sid. If I was lucky, I could use Kevin Nash.

Fighting Places: This, they did a little better on in some cases. I admit ripping mirrors, sinks and other stuff off the wall was great. But come on, it seems if you miss your wrestler, it seemed to take ten or twenty seconds before I could swing my weapon again. I thought I could start in the ring but I see I should have brought WCW Mayhem for that.

Unlocking Wrestlers and other rewards: Give me a break. Who is going to want to waste time giving a created wrestler or a wrestler that is already there a specific taunt? Besides you have to ''Knock Out'' your opponent with a weapon because breaking the weapon on him won't work? I tell you, unlocking La Parka was extremely difficult. It took me about fifteen tries before I did it. I also sometimes had to rely on the weapons.

Create-A-Wrestler: Who gave WCW Backstage Assault the right to Create A Wrestler? Move Points were a joke meaning your wrestler could have five different moves with thirty or forty different combinations. Besides I did not like what they did. They allow six wrestlers to be created? This made me stick to the pre-packaged TV Guys.

Exhibition Menu: You are kidding me, This is it? I expect the exhibition menu to have tons of matches or at least settle for the number WWF War zone had. Four types just won't cut it.

Overall: I see this game was just as bad as some other WCW Video Games for other consoles. I thought Backstage Assault would at least be beating people up backstage ending with a referee's count. It's relying on weapons to unlock rewards that are useless because it's impossible to like playing this game. I suggest to stay away unless your are highly resistant to torture. WCW Thunder was not this bad.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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