Review by Dave 008 Bond

Reviewed: 02/26/01 | Updated: 02/26/01

It is a wrestling game without a ring. How wise of EA. (sarcasm)

Don't ask me why, but when I first heard of this game I was pretty interested. Maybe it was because I knew I would absolutely hate this game, because of the retarded concept. In case you don't know what it is, this game does not feauture a ring. Only poorly designed backstage areas. Isn't the lamest thing you have ever heard in your life? It takes the cake for stupid concepts. But there are many,many,many more reasons I gave this game a 2, and youll just have to read on.

Graphics 2.8/10
First I'll explain about these ''graphics''. They stink. Character designs are awful. They mostly concist of a huge triangle body, complete with midget arms and legs and CD sized head. I know very little about WCW wrestlers, but I saw immediatly how crapped up they are in this game. Hulk Hogan's shoulder is his longest part of his body, and Booker T looks like his pants are four sizes too small. Backgrounds of the backstage areas are terrible, they are blurry and you have to squint to see one clearly, and it really isn't worth the effort. Weapons don't look realistic. A trash can seems to almost be taller than Kevin Nash.

Sound 3.4/10
Perhaps the best part of the game. Commentary is better than in Acclaims games, because it actually is more than someone chanting ''the lights are on, but noones home.'' The problem though is the commentars show little effort in their work. They hardly ever seem to care about whats happening and sound like they are being forced to comment at gunpoint. Then there is the sound efforts. Let me tell you that these do not belong in a wrestling game. It just sound's so cartoony. We have never heard any cartoonish sound effects in a wrestling match, right?

Gameplay 1.4/10
The games weak point. Maybe no wrestling with no ring could work, but effort has to be put into it. Something this game lacks. The whole game feels rushed, and EA has buried what could have been better than WCW Mayhem. Anyway matches are horribly slow paced. The engine is similar to Wrestlemania 2000's, you can grapple, but you only have about two seconds to enter in the move, and the grapple almost never connects. But anyway the hardcore part of this game is corny in comparison to Smackdown 2 and No Mercy, which ironically features a wrestling game. The best of this game is that you can set a stick on fire and swing it at your opponents. This isn't awesome, but it may be the only thing in this game that doesn
't stink. This game features a Create A Wrestler, but in my opinion even WWF Warzones is better than this. You can create only a extrememly generic wrestler, with only the most boring moves. Overall, I don't know why EA even let this one survive one week of development (probably because they had finshed making the game five days earlier and it was already being sold)

Challenge 8/10
There is challenge, but you probably won't be interested in any of the modes.

Replay Value 1/10
It may not be completely horrible, but I guarrentee you will forget about the game very quickly.

Buy or Rent?
If you own Mayhem there is no reason to own this. Think of Mayhem without a ring. This is what the game is. Just ignore.

Overall 2.3/10

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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